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Samsung UE32J6300 review

 Review: August 2015  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung UE32J6300 is one of the best 32-inch TVs you can buy in 2015, and it's good value at under 400. We're impressed by its motion response and overall picture quality, and the Smart TV and wide range of connectivity options are excellent too. The curve makes it most suitable for a single person, or perhaps a couple, but definitely not a family.


Design & looks

The J6300 is Samsung's top-of-the-range 32-inch TV for 2015. Its unique selling point is that it's curved. Curved TVs are a love/hate thing. On the love side, they provide a more immersive experience, drawing you into the virtual world, and even providing a small 3D effect. On the negative side, they shut you out, unless you happen to be sitting directly in front of the screen, at just the right distance to appreciate the curve.

What does this mean? Paradoxically, curved TVs work best when they are exceptionally large - 60+ inches - so that the whole family can sit in the sweet spot - OR - when they are small and for personal use, when you can position yourself at the sweet spot and not worry about other people not being able to see. So, that's how we recommend using the 32-inch J6300 - as a TV or games monitor for one person. You could invite a friend to watch too, if they don't mind snuggling up close to you on the sofa.

That's all we have to say about the curve, for now. In other respects, the J6300 is fittingly premium in its design and style, with a narrow black and silver bezel and a curved V-shaped metallic stand. The TV isn't quite as slim as some models, thanks to its Direct LED backlighting, but it's hardly bulky. It's a very lightweight model too - perfect for moving about, if you ever need to.

We score the J6300 very highly for its design - provided you like the curve, and there aren't too many of you planning to watch it at the same time.

Picture quality

The J6300 scores very highly for its picture quality. It's a Full HD screen, and uses Direct LED backlighting to provide a good uniform lighting. Samsung's PSA panels have an excellent reputation for producing deep blacks with loads of contrast, and the J6300 lives up to our expectations here. Colours are accurate out of the box, and there are plenty of options for optimizing picture quality - although most people seem not to use these, and the default settings are good enough.

Motion accuracy is particularly good for a 32-inch screen. The screen is fast, and has excellent motion processing, making motion blur a thing of the past.

Another feature worth a mention is the Auto Depth Enhancer, which adjusts the image for the curved screen, adding depth to the experience. It's a subtle feature, but adds to the feeling of immersion.

Overall picture quality is top-rate, apart from just one thing. As with many of Samsung's screens, viewing angles are quite restricted. If you're sitting directly in front of the screen (which you ought to be to make the most of the curve), everything is good, but as you move off-centre, the colours and contrast fade quite quickly. If you're sitting at an angle of 45 degrees off-centre, not only does the curve shut you out, but the picture quality is markedly worse. This is another reason why the J6300 is best for solitary use.

Audio quality

The 32J6300 has better audio quality than some 32-inch TVs, but it's not outstanding. If you enjoy movies or games and don't want to put up with tinny sounds, it would be advisable to connect the audio output to some kind of speaker system.

Smart TV

The J6300 comes with Samsung's brand new Tizen-based Smart TV system, and enjoys the benefit of a quadcore processor for fast response times. Services available via Smart TV include streaming video services Netflix and Amazon, as well as catch-up TV from the BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, All 4 and Demand 5. Other apps include YouTube, a web browser, games, Skype, Facebook and Twitter. Be aware that not all of the Smart services were available at launch, and some of them are still filtering through.


For a 32-inch TV, connectivity is top-rate. A built-in Freeview tuner is included, with a 7-day electronic programme guide. There are 4 HDMI ports (including ARC compatibility), 3 USBs, an optical audio output, plus composite and component inputs, and a headphone socket. Wi-Fi and an ethernet connection are available for connecting to a network.

Other options include DLNA and screen mirroring for compatible smartphones and tablets.

Conclusion - highly recommended for one person

The 32-inch Samsung J6300 is an excellent TV. As we've stressed in this review, it makes most sense for a single person. If you sit at the sweet spot directly in front of the mid-point of the TV, the curve works its magic, and you'll enjoy outstanding picture quality. Off-centre, and things start to go awry, so we don't recommend this for a couple, and certainly not for family viewing.

We have to say that the TV is excellent value for money, being available for less than £400 at the time of this review, and that makes it a recommended buy.

Samsung UE32J6300 features include:

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UE32J6300 vs UE32S9AU?

Asked by Will from U.K. on 15th May 2016
Tempted to buy this tv but want to compare with another Samsung model, UE32S9AU, a series 9 model of this version. Could you possibly recommend which version to buy? Thanks.

Reply by S21 from UK on 15th May 2016
Hi Will, sorry but we're not familiar with that model.

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