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Samsung UE32F6400 review

 Review: June 2013  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: A good-looking LED television with outstanding Smart TV and premium looks, but picture quality could be better.



The Samsung UE32F6400 upgrades the UE32F5500 with 3D capability, but adds £100 to the price.

Design & looks

The UE32F6400 is an attractive, slimline TV. It looks very modern with a narrow, glossy bezel around the edge. The metallic quad stand completes the look, and allows you to swivel the TV left and right.

The F6400 comes with two remote controllers - a traditional controller and a new smart touch controller, which also enables voice control.

Picture quality

Although this is a Series 6 television, the picture quality isn't remarkably improved over the cheaper Series 5 models. Despite the high RRP of £599, the F6400 delivers something of a budget TV experience.

Let's start with the good. This is an LED-backlit LCD panel, and it's capable of delivering vivid colours and eye-poppingly bright images, if that's what you're looking for. It's sharp too, with a full HD 1080p resolution, so Blu-Ray disks will play at their best, and even upscaled DVDs show a little more detail than on an older TV.

Compared with the cheaper Series 5 models, the response rate here is faster - 200Hz instead of 100Hz - which helps to reduce motion blur in fast-moving scenes.

Yet at the same time, the dynamic range of the image isn't as good as it could be, with a cloudiness in darker scenes, and a loss of detail in dark areas within a brighter scene.

Viewing angles are also rather tight, which means that if you're sitting off-centre, you'll notice the brightness and colour start to fade noticeably - not ideal if there are several people watching the same TV, or if the TV is positioned at an angle to where you normally sit to watch.


One benefit of this model is that it's 3D-enabled. You'll need to pay extra for some 3D glasses though, as none are included in the sales package.

A word of warning here, however - the 200Hz response rate of the screen is the very minimum required for active shutter 3D. You may notice flickering in the glasses, or ghosting effects resulting from crosstalk. We'd really wouldn't recommend more than occasional 3D viewing on this model.

Audio quality

Audio quality is typical for a slimline TV, that's to say it's good enough for watching regular TV, but you'll notice a lack of depth and bass when watching any kind of action movie. Lack of punch in the speakers means that mid-range frequencies are reproduced well enough (e.g. for dialogue), but bass in particular is weak.

Smart TV

One of the best features of this TV is the outstandingly good Smart TV system. Samsung have revamped the system for 2013 and this latest version is very user-friendly, and the functionality has also been ramped up. First of all, the range of apps available through Samsung Apps has been updated to include catch-up TV via the BBC iPlayer, BBC Sport, ITV Player, the 4oD service from Channel 4, and Demand 5 from Channel 5. You'll also find staples like LoveFilm, Skype, Twitter and others.

Secondly, social media are fully integrated into the Smart TV system, so you can keep up with your facebook and twitter feeds and watch your friends' videos.

Even selecting programmes to watch has evolved, with the "S Recommendation" system suggesting programmes based on your viewing history. You may not ever need to scroll through listings again, as the system does its best to bring interesting programmes to your attention.


Connectivity is also excellent, with a Freeview HD tuner built in, plus built-in Wi-Fi, a generous 4 HDMI ports, 3 USBs and ethernet. A range of other connections are also included, making it possible to connect to most devices around the home, including wireless streaming of content from compatible tablets and smartphones.

Conclusion - over-priced

The F6400 isn't a bad TV. If we're sounding unduly negative, it's because of the price. With a RRP of £599, it's very expensive for a 32 inch TV. That wouldn't be a problem if it delivered a premium experience, but there's little to differentiate the picture quality of this TV from models costing much less. And although 3D is available as an option (glasses cost extra!), it's really not a good television for watching in 3D.

There are positives of course. It's a nice-looking TV with a premium feel that will look great in any home. The connectivity is top-notch and the Smart TV functions are simply outstanding.

If you're serious about picture quality, we'd urge you to consider the more expensive F6800. Otherwise, you might be better off saving yourself £100 and opting for the F5500 model instead.

Samsung UE32F6400 features include:

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Samsung UE32F6400 user reviews

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Average rating from 4 reviews:

Reviewed by sark lark from Guersey on 13th Mar 2015
This tv ticks all and everyone of the boxes. There is nothing wrong with the picture quality, I bought this set for 369 an absolute bargain in my mind well worth the tin.

Reviewed by Fred from Netherlands on 12th Feb 2015
The review above is not about UE32F6400, but about the UE32F6200. The 6400 has a 400hz clear motion rate, whereas the 6200 has the above mentioned 200hz clear motion rate!

Reviewed by Mch from South Korea on 3rd Jan 2014
Lovin' it

Reviewed by Mav from EU on 1st Aug 2013
i saw today this tv right next to the F5500 and the colors on F6400 were more accurate than the F5500 but the F5500 seemed to have a slight more contrast than the F6400.

The F6400 has 3D and a Samsung S-PVA 100 hz (120 in USA) panel while the Samsung F5300 has an AUO M-VA 50 Hz (60 Hz in USA) panel which might count for games and sports

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