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Samsung UE32F5000 review

 Review: June 2013  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung UE32F5000 is a bargain 32 inch TV that cuts a few corners but is excellent for the price. You'd need to spend a lot more to get anything better.



The Samsung UE32F5000 is the same as the UE32F5500, except that it has a square stand and is missing Smart TV and Wi-Fi. It also costs £100 less, so it's excellent value for money if you don't want Smart TV or already have it on your set-top box.

Read our detailed review of the Samsung UE32F5500 to find out more.

Samsung UE32F5000 features include:

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Samsung UE32F5000 user reviews

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Average rating from 10 reviews:

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 1st Feb 2017
Lol, came here looking for repair tips only to discover that these comments match my own experience with this TV. About 18 months after purchase the screen has gone blank. It can't do the Samsung brand name any good selling stuff like this. Back to my ancient TV for a bit.

Reviewed by Sue W from UK on 10th Sep 2016
This is the worst TV out there in terms of it not lasting very long! We bought this model just over 2 years ago and two of the LED backlight strips failed resulting in a blank screen no sound or picture and a flashing stand-by button - oh, and a £130 bill for the first one going!! The second strip went 3 months later and the TV repair centre fixed it for parts only which was good of them. Basically when we were sent the extended warranty in the post, we should have bought it and not chucked it out! the worry is that the TV repair centre said there are 5 strips in the back of and if 2 have failed, surely that means it's only a matter of time before the other 3 go! My advice is to stay away from this model and any similar.

Reviewed by chris from uk on 17th Nov 2015
Bought this tv 30 months ago no issues whatsoever it does lack a pc port though wich is very annoying when it has option for pc input in source menu>tools>inputs name/type

Reviewed by Mario from Croatia on 4th Sep 2015
Bought this model 24 MONTHS and 15 DAYS ago, screen went blank, just out of warranty. Sound is there, but there is not picture.
Samsung service (MR service, Zagreb) was told the cost would be 320, because they must change whole screen panel!!
Will NOT be buying anything from Samsung ever again.

Reviewed by s Hughes from England on 7th Aug 2015
Bought this model 15 MONTHS ago, two days ago screen went blank took it back to pc world, just out of warranty, was told the cost would be 95 plus parts and would take at least a week to repair. It would appear that this has happened to other people after 15 MONTHS. Is this tv programmed to fail just after the warranty has run out?
I am disgusted that I have had to buy a second tv in less than 18 months, needless to say it will not be a Samsung.

Reviewed by David from England on 15th Jun 2015
Same as the other two reviews. Bought this tv in April last year, and now 14 months later, the picture is gone, but sound is still there. Will NOT be buying anything from Samsung ever again.

Reviewed by fred oliver from england on 4th Jun 2015
Only had this tv for 14 months and picture has gone but sound still there. Sounds like a batch of these are having same problem. Currys not interested in complaint.

Reviewed by Dian Reilly from uk on 21st Dec 2014
Loved the TV but after 16 months the picture has gone. Only have sound. I expected more from Samsung and very disappointed.

Reviewed by David Redfern from uk on 21st Jun 2014
Had mine over a year and it is superb. Excels in every aspect. No more to say. Outstanding.

Reviewed by Alan from UK on 14th Jan 2014
This TV sports the superior SPVA panel and as such the black levels are better than that found on the F55OO.

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