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Samsung UE32F4000 review

 Review: November 2013  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung UE32F4000 is the cheapest 32 inch Samsung TV available, but it makes too many cuts for us to recommend it.

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Best buy: Samsung UE32F4000 from Amazon Marketplace UK (£241.75)


The Samsung UE32F4000 is a cut-down version of the UE32F4500. It's the cheapest 32 inch Samsung TV, but it cuts the available features right to the core.

Design & looks

The UE32F4000 is a smart-looking TV with a glossy black narrow bezel around the edge of the screen. However it lacks the designer-style stand of the F4500 model and doesn't make such a good visual impression. 

Power consumption is extraordinarily low however, at just 31W, making this TV A+ rated for energy efficiency.

Picture quality

The picture quality of this entry-level TV isn't as bad as you might expect for the price. It's the same panel as the F4500 and is capable of producing super bright colours with plenty of contrast. It can also generate impressive black levels.

However, there are several areas where picture quality is compromised. The most obvious one is that this is not a full 1080p HD display. Instead it supports 720p HD at a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. That's common for cheap televisions, and at a screen size of 32 inches it's not as problematic as you might think.

Secondly, the dynamic range of the screen is poor, with shadow detail often lost. Thirdly, the Clear Motion Rate of 100Hz is barely sufficient to resolve fast motion, so if you watch a lot of sport or action movies, you'll probably notice motion blur.

But some or all of these shortcomings are also true of many of the more expensive 32 inch models on offer from Samsung. You could spend considerably more and not notice any real difference in picture quality.

Audio quality

Audio quality is surprisingly good for such a cheap TV. Although the speakers lacks bass and can sound tinny at times, most other flat panel TVs are the same, and the F4000 performs as well as most, apart from the very expensive sets.


There have been inevitable cost savings when it comes to connectivity. There's no Smart TV on this model, and no internet connectivity either. There are just 2 HDMI connections, which will quickly be used up by a digital TV box and a DVD or Blu-Ray player. That leaves none to connect a games console.

There are connections for supporting older devices, including a SCART and a composite AV connection, but these are best avoided as they lead to lower quality signals.

Conclusion - not the best entry-level TV

The F4000 model is certainly cheap, but it's not much cheaper than the significantly better Samsung UE32F4500 with Smart TV. The F4500 also includes more HDMI connections, has built-in Wi-Fi and a sexy-looking stand too. We'd definitely choose the F4500 instead.

Samsung UE32F4000 features include:

  • 32 inch LED-backlit screen
  • 1366 x 768 resolution
  • Wide Colour Enhancer Plus
  • 100 Clear Motion Rate
  • Game Mode
  • Audio: Digital Dolby Plus, Dolby Pulse, DTS Premium Audio, 10W x 2 sound output (RMS), 2 down firing speakers
  • Connectivity: HDMI x 2, USB x 1, headphone x 1, component in (Y/Pb/Pr) x 1, composite in (AV) x 1, digital audio out (optical) x 1, Scart x 1, RF In (Terrestrial / Cable input) x 1, CI slot
  • TM1240 Remote Controller
  • Energy efficiency class: A+
  • Typical power consumption: 30W
  • Size without stand (WxHxD): 737.9 x 435.8 (440.5) x 49.5 mm
  • Size with stand (WxHxD): 737.9 x 487 x 252.6 mm

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