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Samsung Soul review

 Review: April 2008  

Last updated March 2009

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The U900 Soul is Samsung's flagship phone of 2008.

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The Samsung U900 Soul is Samsung's flagship phone for 2008. Is it a triumph of marketing, or can the Soul really live up to the mega hype? Mobile Phones UK checks it out!

At first glance, you can tell that the Soul is something different from the usual Samsung slide design. We've watched the slide phone evolve over the past 4 years from the compact but definitely-not-thin D500 to the superslim D900 to the wow-that-really-is-thin U600 with its touchscreen controls that left some users unimpressed. More recently the Samsung G600 has been top of the bestseller lists. The reason why we're waffling on about the history of the slide phone is because it's obvious that the Soul is something quite different. Let's call it the next-generation slide phone. The photos here do it no justice at all - trust us, it looks much better in the flesh. The body is made from metal, giving it a high quality feel, like one of Nokia's premium handsets. We absolutely love the sleek, minimalist design and the way that the thumb rests securely on the base of the slide. The slide moves smoothly up to reveal a flat keypad. OK, so the keypad won't be to everyone's taste, but if you can handle a Motorola RAZR, you'll have no problems with this. The U900 is ultra-slim at 12.9mm thick, and is almost exactly the same size as the old Samsung D900.

The feature that truly sets the U900 apart from previous slide phones from Samsung is the touch-sensitive navigation keypad. Samsung's marketing blurb tell us that this is a "Magical touch interface". They were clearly out to lunch on that day. Folks, we'll let you into a secret: there's no such thing as magic. What we have here is a small touch-sensitive screen placed below the main LCD display. The touchscreen is icon-driven and the icons change according to the menu selected. It's very similar to the one used in the LG Venus and the Samsung E950. Like all touch-sensitive controls, this is a love-it or hate-it thing. We suggest that you give it a try and put it back on the shelf if you don't think you can live with it.

If the U900 is a flagship phone, you'd expect it to have top-end features and you wouldn't be wrong. It's the first Samsung phone to incorporate a 16 million colour display. It has fast 3G with download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps. It has a powerful camera, similar in quality to the G600's. Let's be clear about the camera. It isn't the best (try the Nokia N95 or Sony Ericsson K850i for the best camera phones), but it's a very good runner-up. We always get people complaining that their Samsung camera phones are rubbish, and our advice is: read the manual, and make sure that the settings are set to maximum resolution, because by default they aren't. The camera on the U900 is very good - so there! There's also a music player that can handle a wide range of formats, plus an FM radio, and the usual Bang & Olufsen power amplifier for high-fidelity audio. The headphone plugs into the charger socket, but you can buy a 3.5mm headphone adaptor for a few quid, or use a Bluetooth wireless headset.

One feature worth noting is the generous amount of internal memory (100 Mbytes), as well as the option to add a microSD memory card. Other standard features such as email, document viewer, Bluetooth, offline mode are all present. Just one gripe - it's triband, not quadband - which is inexcusable these days. Duh.

Now that we have accumulated a large collection of user reviews (see below), we're surprised to find that not everyone agrees with our review. We were anticipating complaints about the user interface (touchscreens always attract critics), the camera quality (Samsungs always get this - see above for advice on camera settings) and battery life (superslim phones tend to have shorter battery life than conventional phones). Surprisingly, none of these factors have really been complained about. The number one complaint about the U900 is that ringtones and calls are too quiet. But for every reviewer who has complained about the audio being too quiet, another has stepped in to say that they have no problems with volume! So what's going on here? Are there two kinds of U900 out there - one with loud ringtones and one with quiet ones? Or are there two kinds of users - ones who like their ringtones to be loud and others who aren't fussed? We don't know the answer to this, but what we can say is that a substantial minority of users think that this phone is too quiet, so take this into account before you buy. One of our users, Lauren, offers this tip for making the ringtone louder:

Thank you, Lauren! Hope that people find this helpful.

Apart from that, we can say that it really is a fabulous phone, and we love it to bits. We've reluctantly downgraded our rating from 5 stars to 4 stars. But really this is just to take into account popular opinion (this website is democratic after a fashion :)). For an upgrade to the Soul, check out the new Samsung Tocco Ultra, which extends the touchscreen controls to the entire screen.

Samsung Soul features include:

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Samsung Soul user reviews

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Average rating from 831 reviews:

Reviewed by Nick from United kingdom on 14th Feb 2015
I had always wanted one of these bad boys as I had a u600 (ultra edition 2) and then I managed to get my hands on one a few years ago. I had 2 of them 1 on T-Mobile 1 on Vodafone and I've purchased another one on O2
1. T-Mobile(black)
The T-Mobile handset was heavily branded with T-Mobile nonsence, the phone did freeze and switch off and eventually I got fed up and snapped it in half. But the phone booted up and started working!
2. Vodafone (u900v black )
This phone wasn't over loaded with Vodafone branding just turning the phone on that's it.
This one has been misplaced
3. O2 (black)
I have this phone and with the box and contents
This phone had some software $#!+ but I can remove it on O2 handsets!

Overall I like this phone, the thing that got me into this phone was the "Magical Touch" and the thin design also the bang and olefson speakers.
After this the s7730 came out and wasn't very popular.
Samsung soul is the way to go.
Oh did I mention i have a iPhone too.

Reviewed by james from uk on 14th Sep 2012
this phone was great in 2008 but now in 2012 its still not bad! lasted this long now with only a few problems with the phone which was that the volume is not high enough, ringtones were added to song playlist unable to move them or delete them and internet problems.
but still has great camera, not bad battery life, average memory.

Reviewed by scott from uk on 8th Jan 2012
useless camera and the audio didnt last long befor there was no sound and no camrea to boot all together well just an old piece of junk now

Reviewed by Moriah kim from Philippines on 3rd Jan 2012
Its not a year since i got this and its "ribbon" keeps on getting broken, ive already made it fixed like 3 times in less than one year. but over all its nice :3

Reviewed by gee from UK on 4th Jun 2011
for some reason my phone stopped vibrating! idk why, I always accidently send blank text. Anyone wanna tell me how i can fix this vibrating problem =[ ?

Reviewed by SONI (KENYA) from UK on 22nd Mar 2011

Reviewed by BABAZOOLAY from UK on 4th Mar 2011
this is the best phone evr OMG ARGGGGHHHHHHHHHH uh uh uhhhhh tony the kala

Reviewed by kazraj ahamed from UK on 21st Jan 2011
CAMERA FAILED error when opening the camera... Help me. www.facebook.com/kazrajahamed <------ message me.

Reviewed by Pete from UK on 6th Dec 2010
Pros Camera is great Phone looks great and is slim in pocket Rare enough - 2 years old and i'm still asked if it's new Interface very stylish and reasonably easy to use Just the right amount of features for me Cons Casing can't take knocks that well, and slide action doesn't feel solid Battery life is 2 days or so with light use Turns itself off occasionally When I answer a call it takes a few seconds for the sound to get loud enough OK button can be too easy to double tap sometimes Overall the design is great but the build quality lets it down... still 4/5 I don't plan on changing just yet

Reviewed by Martin from UK on 23rd Nov 2010
EXTREMELY POOR sound. What's the use of having a cell phone if you can't hear it ringing. Though i understand phones nowadays are made for kids to play

Reviewed by Pauline from UK on 10th Nov 2010
I love my Soul the camera is particularly good and I have taken many photos of my grandchildren. The only problem I am experiencing is that I don't seem able to upload my photos on to my PC. Is this a common problem? or am I not doing the right things!!!

Reviewed by bob from UK on 3rd Nov 2010
slow, easy to scratch and very quiet

Reviewed by ELAINE SNOWBALL from UK on 22nd Oct 2010

Reviewed by laura from UK on 27th Sep 2010
A brilliant phone! Loved it! It was sadly stolen. It had a lot of theme possibilities unlike my new Samsung Tocco-however this too is a great phone!

Reviewed by Stu from UK on 16th Sep 2010
Was hoping for so much more with this phone but was very disappointed. Upgraded from a Samsung g900 last month, which I quite liked. Reception on the u900 is very poor. The logic of some of the features makes no sense what so ever. It does make me wonder who they tested this design with before they released it to the public. My guess is it was a bunch of geeks that don't get out of the samsung office very often.

Reviewed by shayne from UK on 10th Aug 2010
this fone is rubbish had it for a year and was the biggest mistake of my life. had to replace it more than twice. user interface is so s****. gonna replace it for the new samsung wave hopefully that will be much better.

Reviewed by Cooly from UK on 16th Jul 2010
I can't find the answering machine, miss's a lot of calls and can hardly hear someone calling me.

Reviewed by izzy from UK on 4th Jun 2010
i hate it its really tacky and old but its an alright phone :) i have had it for a week and its slippery so ive dropped it :P

Reviewed by AA from UK on 3rd Jun 2010
Samsung u900 is a nice phone with nice functins.its low sound promblem can be solved by music converting to high quality using Total Video Converter. Its 5 M P camera is great & it beat my digital camera. thank u samsung

Reviewed by gee from UK on 16th May 2010
I got this samsung soul last year sept 2009,its ringing tone was too low, i missed a lot of calls and text messages,but i managed to download ringtones that have higher pitch. Now the phone's volume and camera cannot work again. I noticed a passkey to vanilla write up on my screen before the problem started, pls. help cos' it was a good phone while it lasted.

Reviewed by michael from UK on 30th Apr 2010
this is the best ever phone trust me go out and get one!

Reviewed by Steph McClaren from UK on 19th Apr 2010
I was sadly disappointed with the Samsung Soul. It is a very quiet phone and I was always missing calls and texts. It's complicated to use, the user manual is useless offering very little guidance. I couldn't fathom out how to customize the ringtones and had to go on youtube for the answer. I have just renewed my 18 month contract and was glad to see the back of the Samsung Soul. It's not a phone I would recommend.

Reviewed by Roy Carter from UK on 16th Apr 2010
I got the SGH-U900 as a replacement for my earlier slide phone. I had to replace the handset within the first week, as it kept turning itself off. There also seems to be a firmware problem, because the digital zoom doesn't work; my wife got an identical phone at the same time, and hers has the same problem. There are several irritating features that make it a pain to use after the Nokia. For instance, when you want to create a text message, the cursor starts in the message window instead of the recipient window. It is extremely easy to send a blank text by accidentally brushing the touch screen. And when you have to repeatedly press a key to get a specific letter, you are offered a range of obscure characters before getting to, say, the number associated with that key.

Reviewed by David from UK on 9th Apr 2010
This is the worst phone i've ever had. I absolutely hate it. When I first got it, I thought it was going to be amazing. But dear me i've almost smashed it with a hammer so many times. The touchpad is awful, you press something, and it takes about 3 seconds for something to actually happen, i've found myself accidentally pressing the send button before my text is finished countless times, speaking of texts, it decides to randomly send blank ones out all the time. The internet is ridiculously bad, takes about a year to get on it and then it just goes off it. But the worst thing is possibly the camera. The picture quality is AWFUL. I just hate this phone so so much! Can't wait for my birthday in two weeks to get a new one. DO NOT GET THIS PHONE.

Reviewed by big j from UK on 8th Apr 2010
samsung u900 is a superb phone there is nothing to touch it for style it has it all

Reviewed by michael from UK on 3rd Apr 2010
I have had this phone for just over 14 months. O2 provided this phone as a free placement for my old Samsung which stopped working after two months. At first, this phone took a while to get used to but eventually I mastered the controls. Everything works perfectly, the only fault I could have found with the phone is the sound is very quiet which is bad news if you are in a crowded place and can't hear the person on the other end of the phone. About three months ago, I noticed my Samsung was slowing down and becoming slower to respond to my commands, at first I thought this was a memory issue so I deleted all my music and this had no effect, however I put the phone's responsiveness down to its age. Recently, the phone has now stopped registering when I slide the phone up or down and it stays locked. This has caused me a great inconvenience and I am looking to get the phone replaced. So if you do buy this phone make sure you change it after a year or so to prevent the phone from not responding to you sliding the phone up.

Reviewed by Wild from UK on 29th Mar 2010
Had phone for almost 2 years and have had no problem with it, however suddenly a few days ago the phone's screen just went blank, along with the touch screen. I left it for a while and it came back to normal, however as the day went on, it continued to do the same thing. I took out the back, battery and sim-card and put it in the oven at 40 Celsius for 15 minutes and when I put the battery and sim-card back in and it worked fine. The phone is very pretty, and has given me no other problems and doesn't let you down. Overall-- get the phone! :)

Reviewed by Alex from UK on 13th Mar 2010
Good Phone. Paint scratches easily. poor battery. pretty waterproof. touch a bit slow.

Reviewed by gareth clayton from UK on 3rd Mar 2010
iv had this phone 4 6months and had no probs with it. got a 4gig memory card in it (as 1 comment said u cnt get nomore than 2gig in it) and it works well..it do scratch easy thou but apart frm that its a gud phone..ohh and the ring volume is low and u do miss calls...lots ov web sites give free games 4 it u just got 2 find them.

Reviewed by ashley from UK on 2nd Mar 2010
this is a brilliant reliable phone, it is long lasting and lasted me 2 years, however towards the end of our time together the screen started to go dodgey and the speaker wouldnt work when i was in a call, i had to therefore put it on loudspeaker to hear anybody. all in all though i was impressed with the amount of time it lasted, although the camera was 5mp it didnt seem anything special.

Reviewed by depressed from UK on 2nd Mar 2010
after 6 months it went back for repair and came back as unable to repair due to moisture damage which isn;t covered under warranty ? Useless phone when you can't use it 6 months into a 2 year contract.

Reviewed by Shaz from UK on 24th Feb 2010
The best phone I have ever owned, I have had it over year and it is still working fine.

Reviewed by Finn Simonsen from UK on 22nd Feb 2010
Compared to my old Nokia the quality of sound is terrible with the U900 Soul. Even the startup tone is awful, scratchy and unpleasant. Called the Samsung support to ask why. The man on the phone went to pick up a Soul phone and agreed that it sounded quite awful, but could not tell why. When I was calling I could hear a lot of noise in the background from his colleges working. Nokia has a noise reduction feature, that cuts away all this kind of background noises. Samsung is out. Nokia is in.

Reviewed by Pete from UK on 19th Feb 2010
This phone was good when i got it, but now with the cold weather the phone doesn't work, the screen goes black and stays black untill you warm it back up, and even then it doesnt work. I wouldn't waste you'r money on this phone

Reviewed by Spec from UK on 9th Feb 2010
I have this phone for 20 days now and I realized from the begining that there must be something wrong with this phone.First, it is almost impossible to open the battery cover behind the phone, you will broke the nails trying to open it.Furthermore, once you put the phone card into the slot you can't get it out just like that,as the most of the card is inside the slot and just a small part is reachable.However there is no way I could get that out using fingers only so I had to use pliers. It seems that if I want a card out from now on I will have to use pliers.I do not find that normal. One other thing is also apparent, if you've been mainly a SMS user so far this phone is absolutely not appropriate as all SMS options are so unhandy and awkward to use. Typing is also an unhandy thing to do and wouldn't expect that some basic letter symbols wouldn't be in typing options (like 'and " the single and double quotation marks),touch screen is too small and too sensitive for use and there were lots of unwanted emails that I sent by accidently closing my finger to the centre of a touch screen. I read a lot of reviews here and there is one more thing I must agree with, the battery life is miserable. There is no way it could last more than two days in a case I haven't used the phone or I used it a bit.If I did type a little bit or did something else then one day and a half is maximum. Furthermore,once the battery got weak there is no "short time after" (like on my old Nokia) in which you can still use the phone for emergency, the phone simply turns off 5 or so minutes after the first "Battery low" warning. Whatever, after that first warning you can't use the phone efficiently no more.So does that mean I shall have to carry the charging unit with me all the time? I think that detail makes this phone partly usable only. I read in the reviews that people who have had this phone for some time had troubles with lots of other things on the phone like screen get blank,sound too weak during calls...well I've got this phone only for 20 days or so(and I rarely made or recieved calls yet myself just a SMS so far) so I can't remember for a sound quality yet but I do not feel comfortable listening about it at all. Overall,I wouldn't recommend this phone to anyone. So much so far we'll se what is next on the menu.I hope nothing.

Reviewed by Spec from UK on 9th Feb 2010
More than one reviewer has mentioned that it is possible to adjust the sensitivity of a touch panel not to be as sensitive as it is by default but I still haven't figured out how and where? Though under the general settings there is a "Display&light settings" tab that again has a "Touch Panel" tab inside of it but there is nothing within that tab that indicates the possibility to change anything regarding the sensitivity of a touch panel, there are only color options there available for change(Effect color/Icon color? So where else do I have to search?

Reviewed by Spec from UK on 9th Feb 2010
One of the most mentioned issues here was the problem with opening the battery cover which is solved now if you ask me and thanks to the two people here, first was Nikki on 25/05/2008 who suggested using palms which is very good method and it works but the most efficient method was given by Clare on 26/05/2008 who suggested using both thumbs, just place them above the Samsung title,left thumb on the left side ,right on the right side,push down and forward in the same time and the cover will simply detach.Thanks Clare thanks Nikki. PS: now just teach me how to take the SIM card out once it's in the slot.No way I can do that without the pliers in my case. Even that is possible only if I have moved the card a little bit out of the slot first to make it reachable for the pliers to get it.However, that operation is quite delicate to do as the main part of the card is inside the slot.So all I can(and know to) do is to push and push out(with the thumb)the visible smaller part of the card hoping it will move out a bit. It must be that the slot area is too air tight and there is no tolerance between the card size and the slot space or what?

Reviewed by Tom from Ireland from UK on 5th Feb 2010
not going to rant on about this phone and what it can do apart from say its the best phone i have ever had!! Cant fault it. Camera is brill and music system sound great> Tried 3 other phones in a month b4 getting this as o2 allowed me to sample 4 phones before i signed current contract. Top of the range nokia was pure rubbish compared to this samsung as was sony erikson. Do yourself a favour if getting a new hassle free phone and get the soul. First time i have ever left a reviw but feel this phone merits it.

Reviewed by Lynn R. from UK on 30th Jan 2010
I think I must have been very unlucky with this phone and only went for the upgraded model as loved the last one. Firstly, yes even on highest volume I am constantly missing calls, never had the problem before. In less than a year I am on the third handset due to texting problems ( I take great care of my phone so it is not mistreatment and yes it is on letters not numbers!!). I always use predictive text but after a few months small words such as can, not, be, at, and, next, etc, come up as numbers. My friends are used to receiving texts including seemingly random numbers, funny to them but very frustrating for me. No, it is not my SIM card as I got my son to put his card in my phone. He had the same problem yet both our SIM cards are fine in his Samsung phone. Sadly I have to wait several months for an upgrade but it won't be the same make! I am about to ring my provider and will more than likely be offered a 4th probably re-con handset. I have pleaded for a down grade, so disappointed with this model.

Reviewed by Bunny from UK on 29th Jan 2010
This is the worst phone I've ever had. I agree that the sound quality's poor, it scratches too easily and the camera's not all that. The worst thing I've encountered is that the phone has several faults with its display. The phone also keeps getting frozen up and won't display caller ID - the screen just goes blank! DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE. I'm on my 3rd replacement now and it's just as awful. Poor as...

Reviewed by samantha from UK on 28th Jan 2010
i love my phone its bril and i love everything about the phone

Reviewed by Aussie from UK on 27th Jan 2010
It is a pity you cant do a review on a phone after you subject it to normal wear and tear over 6 months. Then you would down grade your rating from 4 to 1 star Sure it has all the bells and whistles but its glitches on blank screen and turning off are so reknowned that you should revisit this review

Reviewed by Keith from UK on 27th Jan 2010
WE have 2 of these phones and they have great features and appear quite stylish however both keep turning off for no reason Maufacturer said liquid regression-you know the old excuse that is not covered under warranty. The only liquid these phones would have got was sweat and the big wide opening at the back allows easy access of these in its open position. Bad design fault Bad phone Avoid it

Reviewed by Michaela from UK on 27th Jan 2010
I like the phone and when it was working it was great. As in Toni's review, screen kept going blank, if i took battery out and put back in, screen would come on for a little while then go off again and nothing could make it come back on. If it hadn't had this problem, I would've given it a rating of 5 however ........

Reviewed by toni a from UK on 22nd Jan 2010
i have got a samsung and yes it is a good phone but the screen keeps gonig blank and every time i try to turn it one the screen is still black and olny comes on some times it crashs and goes blank grr it is a horriable phone they should have made sure it works proply

Reviewed by eddy from UK on 21st Jan 2010
nice phone . excellent features...easy to use . good camera. would recommend buying one ...if you dont mind a phone a bit too big and a little bulky too. was nice the size put me off . looks a bit old fashioned. quality feel tho . reliable phone .

Reviewed by jessica from UK on 19th Jan 2010
i got the samsung soul and yes it is a very nice phone an easy to use, sleek, good looking phone, unfortunatly 6 months after purchase the phones screen keeps going black and crashing, although you can still use the buttons, you just cant see what it is you doing, unless you turn it off then back on again every time you get a message. alot of my friends got the same phone after recomendation from myself and the same thing has happened to theres too, also when checking online about the problem alot of other people have had the same problems with it all in all i will not be getting the same phone again

Reviewed by dan from UK on 13th Jan 2010
I have had a samsung u900 soul for a couple of years and i set the camera to maximum quality but the photo that it takes is worse than my sony ericsson k800 which has only got a 3.2mp camera. and its the same with my new samsung tocco. and also you cant have themes on samsung phones. i also think that it is hard to move the files on your phone sometimes because it wont let you put them where you want to. with my sony ericsson k800 it is a lot easier to move files and wherever you want to move them. i just dont get it with samsungs because my sony ericsson is a lot easier to use and it has more features even though the phone is alot older.

Reviewed by isus williams from UK on 9th Jan 2010
good phone but should make the whole phone all together more simpler

Reviewed by matt d from UK on 7th Jan 2010
I got the samsung soul on contract. on pay as you go, its priced at around 225. I would not pay a tenner. I thought it was awful, samsung really let themselves down with this phone. if you want a samsung, i reccomend the tocco or the pixon.

Reviewed by Dizz from UK on 5th Jan 2010
Hey guys - just been reading the reviews to this phone - you people who have only had it for a few days, don't have it any longer before its too late!! I got this phone on contract - I've had my contract for 14 months and have had to have FIVE replacements. Finally when I was about to get my Sixth replacement Samsung U900 they've now sent me a new phone. You'll find that it turns its self off/you'll have no display, just lights on the keys/drops calls/switches off but vibrates for ages and ages e.c.t. I strongly advise against this phone. Also the battery doesn't last very long on it. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!!

Reviewed by miley.c from UK on 4th Jan 2010
great phone outstanding why are people complaining! its a great phone people are complaining like mad those people who are putting great coments are right in my point of view i have this and i am on this phone for 17 months now and no problems if i say if you want it go get i am postitive plus make sure you get it from a well known shop or there site don't get it on a bidding site or it probaly wont work and don't beleive these people who are saying bad reviews 5 stars from me!

Reviewed by Ali from UK on 3rd Jan 2010
I have had this phone for just over a year now, and the battery life (when fully charged) will last a day max. The touch screen is a cool extra, however I recommend not to use this phone in humid/wet conditions as mine got water trapped under the touch pad. Also is has now got quite slow, i use a memory card but messages will not save on this so you have to delete at the 200 mark. The camera and music player is good. There is also a great built in radio. I would say the grey colour is more wearable as the pink paint is more easily scratched. Hope this helps!

Reviewed by Ashley.T from UK on 3rd Jan 2010
i think it is a great phone anyone who hates it must be hollow headed, i write this review on January 3rd 2010.I went to go buy this phone recently and they say it is not in store on show yet they have a deal on that phone on there site i thought i dont care if it is old it is a GREAT PHONE! FIVE STARS!

Reviewed by Chloe Wilson from UK on 3rd Jan 2010
Hiya. I'm a fourteen year old girl. So i know what i like and i know what other teens and tweens want. i do like the phone. The flash on the camera is fantastic but the camera isnt so good. Now as you know most teens like to take pictures of themselfs. so i have about 400 pictures of me and my friends on this phone and quite frankly if the flash is on its two white, if the flash is off you would never guess there was people in the photo. messages appear on the phone very quickly which was what i liked best about it. i also love my music and i didnt feel like the volume was loud enough for my likings. i felt it was very quite. this was one thing that did put me off the phone abit. sometimes it does tend to cut off phone calls. that is really annoying especially if its your mum on the phone telling you off cos your rooms to messing or something. so yes this phone has got me grounded a couple of times. so all in all, i would give this phone 3 stars.

Reviewed by MEIYUN from UK on 27th Dec 2009
good phone

Reviewed by branko djurovic from UK on 23rd Dec 2009
good mobile, but to sensitive

Reviewed by Clare from UK on 21st Dec 2009
I've had a Samsung U900 (Soul) for over a year and on the whole it is a good phone, easy to use (after you get used to the touch screen) the only thing that lets it down is its battery life - especially over the last 6 months, I've replaced the battery twice but it doesn't seem to last any longer. The case scratches really easily, but saying that I have dropped it a few times and it hasn't broken.

Reviewed by Ioana - Romania from UK on 19th Dec 2009
well, i have this phone and i like it. the only bad things about it are the battery (i think it's not that good, after 1 year it keeps me only 2 days-maximum) and camera recording. photos are THE BEST, but videos,not that good. I love that i can make my own themes, i love the Magical touch interface. truly sets it apart from other phones. In the end, yes, i recomand it for people who want style and technology...

Reviewed by Aaron from UK on 17th Dec 2009
If alot of people think the ring and call volume is to quiet when the phone is fitted with a bang & olufsen amp. How can this be?

Reviewed by Jaxk9214 from UK on 17th Dec 2009
My phone has been a nightmare in the past few months. First of all, i wasn't able to send or recieve texts or calls, and now everything works... except the display... so i can't see what i'm doing.

Reviewed by Natalie Jenkins from UK on 14th Dec 2009
Ihave an sgh u900 my touch screen went blank i tried turnin my fone off and then on - it worked buuh sum weird thingcame up on the panel then it worked 4 5 seconds then went off agin!!! Helppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Jen from UK on 13th Dec 2009
Rubbish phone, really regret getting this on monthly contract. always loved sampsung phones. This was disappointing the touch pads no longer work, so you cant navigate through the phone. The phone lasted a year

Reviewed by tendyfish from UK on 13th Dec 2009
its end of 2009 i have this fone and it still kicks a**, i'm in love with his phone, best fone i've ever heard, perfect camera, robust 3g capabilities terrific multimedia player...i wont say more....very very very good fone!

Reviewed by emma from UK on 11th Dec 2009
love my mobile and thanks to the tip from laura.after 1 year i finally got better volume.and i had tried everything but just not what she had suggested.thanks laura.downside,samsung have had to replace my phone 3 times for the same fault..major problem with circuit board.besides that its a great phone x

Reviewed by Lis from UK on 10th Dec 2009
After using blackberry this phone missing some really good features such as copy/paste. Bit difficult to find the video option.

Reviewed by shazia from UK on 6th Dec 2009
phone dont make out going calls

Reviewed by peter wallace from UK on 2nd Dec 2009
i have a samsung soul which i think is the best fone ive owbned to date ,the only trouble ive had with it is that it doesnt receive video?apart from that its much easier to use than most sony erriccsons and when do get upgrade will be keeping this baby as just has such a very nice feel to it.

Reviewed by Zoe Heron from UK on 1st Dec 2009
I have had so many problems with this phone, when i first got it in 2008 I had to send it in for repair as every time I went into my call log it switched off and when I touched the touch screen once it would go crazy and start sending tens and tens of blank texts to my top contact. When I got it back it worked find, however now it keeps switching on and off and the screen is always going blurry. My boyfriends brother had trouble with his one, always switching off. I've had friends that have had problems with the vision of the screen and the buttons cracking. MY buttons have cracked and are not visible and it scuffs really easily. DO NOT GET THIS PHONE!

Reviewed by TIO from UK on 29th Nov 2009
i have bought it and i am very please with its spec.i think u soul 900 have its best performance for its best price.thank you for creating this phone.we'll wait for more samsung breakthrough

Reviewed by Casey Harris. from UK on 18th Nov 2009
My Samsung Soul just suddenly stopped working. When I switched it on it would show up a small blue screen with lots of writing on there, something to do with 'assertion failed' and some kind of pathway leading into system files. At the bottom it said press 0 for 2 secs or something. When I pressed 0 for 2 seconds it went into another screen that said 'UPLOAD to PC', this was displayed in a yellow bar. However now the phone does not do anything. when I switch it on all I see is the opening screen which shows 'SAMSUNG SGH-U900' and the samsung website and then the phone just turns off within a few seconds. Someone please help me..What has happened to the phone?

Reviewed by Nick from UK on 18th Nov 2009
I am just getting ready to upgrade to a HTC HD2. I have had this phone 12 months and feel now I can review it correctly. Everyone knows the good points of the phone so I will tell you the bad points which I come across 300 messages makes the interface lag. So if you send and receive 150 messages. you need to delete them or it lags. If you press the navi touch screen 3 times you can send blank messages without wanting to. If it rains, you cant navigate. The navi touch doesnt pick up finger presses from wet fingers lol. Navi touch cant go red. Everyother colour but pure red. Slow to read MicroSD cards. Browser is very bad and hard to use.

Reviewed by J Dicker from UK on 17th Nov 2009
After having two u900's which have gone the same way I would never get one again. I found that the screen blacks out and they stop charging. I felt very let down by this and feel it must be a fault with the phone it self. they were both sent in for repaire and were both sent back unrepairable. as they were both contract phones with T-Mobile I had no phone. so I had to get a cheap phone to use but still had to pay my contract.

Reviewed by Toby Whaymand from UK on 11th Nov 2009
I really don't like this phone when people hang up it can hurt my ears. reception is weak compared to my last phone and it seem to be fragile. It's put me off Samsung phones for life. When I first got it, it was not even Ubuntu compatible (I don't know if this is still the case as I not try it recently and I can be assed to do Samsung job and configure their phone!!) and so Samsung kicked 29 million people in the face - Not good business sense.

Reviewed by Joy from UK on 10th Nov 2009
This is an annoying phone! At four months old the screen started to go black whenever anyone phoned so I had no idea who was calling. I sent it back for repair - Samsung know this is a problem with the phone. 'Repair' made no difference as I still have that black screen! Will upgrade as soon as I can on my contract.

Reviewed by Jack from UK on 8th Nov 2009
This phone is so awful. I'm on my third one already, and now it's acting up again. Will have to ask for a FOURTH! Total rubbish..switches off whenever it feels like it, screen constantly goes black, has started to go fuzzy. I promise you, you are wasting time and money if you buy this phone!

Reviewed by Natasha from UK on 8th Nov 2009
im only at kid but i need a phone and this phone was my fisrt choice I LOVEE ITTTT

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 7th Nov 2009
This is a terrible phone. I got the phone on the strength of this review. It seemed a solid phone which suited my budget. Now, almost 12 months later I'm on my third Soul and can't wait for next month when I can upgrade and be done with the frustration of this horrible phone. The first complaint is the random dropping of calls or reception even when the battery is full and it has full reception bars. It seems incredibly tempermental. Sometimes it will work fine for long calls whereas other times it will just drop calls as soon as whoever I'm ringing answers the phone. Secondly, the predictive text seems like it was designed by an idiot. If you input a word by accident in non-predictive mode, it will make that word the first choice when typing for the rest of your phone's life. For example, you think it's on predictive text and type 'gtp' instead of 'its' now every time you write 'its' in the future, predictive text will give you 'gtp' as the first option every time. This may sound minor, but it makes texting so much more laborious when these nonsense words have to be changed every time. Currently whenever I type 'to' it comes up with '87', 'its' becomes 'gtp' 'you' becomes 'wmt' and many more. With no option to edit the custom dictionary and remove these nonsense words it makes sending texts very laborious and very confusing to the recipient when I forget to syphon out the nonsense words. Other complaints include the terrible sound quality and volume level of the speakerphone and the horrifically unresponsive keypad and touchscreen. Type a number in the keypad and it takes over a second before it appears on the screen and browsing through the menu icons frequently results in the phone becoming unresponsive for a few seconds and going to an unwanted location when you press the icon again assuming the phone hasn't registered the touch only to find out that it did, the phone just takes an age to process anything. I have had my model replaced twice by O2 and the problems have always been apparent admittedly in varying degrees. I advise everybody to stay away from this phone. Terrible reliability, stupid text design and awful processing power make this an excruciatingly frustrating phone to use.

Reviewed by dream Gyal from UK on 1st Nov 2009
dha 4ne ghud n dhaa bhuh it jus dha volume 4 dha ring toneee u cnt hear anifin wen sum 1 4nes yaa everyfin else is ok

Reviewed by Janet Leeke from UK on 29th Oct 2009
I'm amazed by the good reviews for this phone - it's a nightmare. I'm still in contract so can't upgrade but hate it so much i'm going to buy another. 1. It is so sensitive that you send messages or choose functions that you didn't want to do. 2. The volume is bad, mainly due to the fact that if you put your finger in the wrong place you cover the microphone. 3. The battery life is appalling.

Reviewed by Kwame from UK on 26th Oct 2009
I think its the best phone ever it's really good. It has good memory, I strongly recommend this phone

Reviewed by shen from UK on 23rd Oct 2009
This phone is the best.. I'm so lovin it.. jus need to get a case for it.. lol..

Reviewed by Jennifer from UK on 19th Oct 2009
what a nightmare! i definately would not recommended this to anyone. within my 18 months contract im on my 3rd samsung soul and yet again its broke. It began when lines started going through the screen and this started to become more regular then the screen would black out and now i cannot see anything. never again would i take a saumsung phone no matter how good i was told it would be. never ever think of purchasing one of these phones.

Reviewed by harjeev from UK on 19th Oct 2009
had many diffrent phones of the past year, brought the phone from orange for 89 brand new. liked the touch keypad, and that fact that this is one of few samsungs phones i have had that read an 8gb, however i found that the orange firmware was slowing the phone a lot and some setting were changed or not even there, went to the net and found out how flash the phone with orignal samsung firmware which made the phone fater and work a hole lot better, love the music player, volume in calls can sound low at times but apart from that love the phone

Reviewed by jayne from UK on 18th Oct 2009
i have had this phone for 13 months of a 18 month contract- i like the phone but i have had to take it in for repair again my first handset lasted 6 months before the screen froze then went off altogether , i was a sent a new handset which has also lasted just over 6 months before the same has happened again. this has happened to 2 of my friends who also had the phone so i feel it may be a design fault.

Reviewed by Jan from UK on 16th Oct 2009
Just got mine today, i know it's about a year or more after the release date and traded my Nokia N73 music edition for it (i really disliked the Nokia and only had it for a week!)LOVE the phone, easy to use and the best looking on the market or close anyway.

Reviewed by emma from UK on 10th Oct 2009
best phone i have ever had because it has good memory and it is just a outsatanding phone all together

Reviewed by Gramacho from UK on 7th Oct 2009
I just bought the phone. When I bought it, the battery was already low and discharged completely after 7 hours. I called 5 times, around 25 minutes talking. I didn't use the other features (cam, mp3,etc). I thought..well, it's the 1st day. Then, on the second day, I used the cam to take 3 pics, and the battery was full. After I took 3 pics it discharged already, for 2 lines of battery! C'mon, 3 pics? It's now with 1 line of battery (3 day), and all I've done was texting a little, 4 calls (10 minutes total) and taking 3 pics. Even my very old nokia lasted long. Is this normal? I'm thinking about getting another phone..

Reviewed by Andrew c from UK on 2nd Oct 2009
its a good phone for a while until it breaks and then breaks again and again and again if you have plenty of money to keep repairing it the go ahead but if not it too much hassle

Reviewed by Michelle from UK on 2nd Oct 2009
Hi! I Love this phone! I got one about a year ago and feel in a swimming pool with it and it was fine, i've fell down the stairs and it was fine, ive sat on it a few times etc and it was fine.! the only thing is that the charger on my phone broke because im not very carefull but im getting another samsung soul because i love this phone so much. i have had lot's of phones but this one beats them all!

Reviewed by Sheng Pinas from UK on 1st Oct 2009
I bought my phone July 2008,initially it was awesome, I love the camera, the touch screen etc,until I started having problems with it after 15 months of using it. I started having problems with it's caller alert feature, it suddenly stopped working, I missed so many calls because it won't ring, even the vibrate won't work...then just this month (September 09) the message alert stopped working too, then my screen started acting weird,i can't send texts I eventually do after about 10000 attempts, then the problem comes back again after a while-- the screen becomes totally blank.. as the days go by new problems begin to show up I'm afraid this phone will become totally useless before this month ends...:( ---it so sad bcoz i love this phone but it not meant to last..

Reviewed by Jazmine from UK on 29th Sep 2009
Good phone, had it for nearly 18 months now... I'm due for a new phone and I'm actually quite gutted! I usually can't wait to get a new phone but the Soul has been 10000% reliable so I'm kind of sad to see it go! I reccomend this phone to anyone! Touch screen is responsive, plenty of memory room, easy to text on... ahhh its just a fab phone! excellent, really good.

Reviewed by Shirley from UK on 28th Sep 2009
I have just got the phone 1 month ago and I am always having miss call as I couldn't hear the phone ringing. The ring tone has been set to max already. This is a basic feature for a phone, so I have to give it a low rating. I like the camera and design of the phone. I am considering switching back to my old phone.

Reviewed by Becky from UK on 25th Sep 2009
I have had the samsung soul nearly a year now and I hate it! battery life is about a day, screen often is blank when receiving calls so cant see caller id or anything but black! now see blue lines through the screen which move when pressing a button which suggests maybe the screens gonna go soon. have taken it to my network store and they cant find the reason for why this is happening. I wouldn't recommend this phone to anyone.

Reviewed by aaron from UK on 25th Sep 2009
The worst two points about this phone are the touch screen and the LCD screen. On many occasions whilst i'm texting i accidentally touch the "send" button instead of the right arrow button which has made me send out many incompleted messages. The ribbon from inside the phone has also failed twice in the 1 year of me owning the phone which basically cuts the LCD screen off. This is the first Samsung that i have owned...don't think i will be buying another one!

Reviewed by Tina Hazel from UK on 23rd Sep 2009
I like the samsung u900, its looks good and has great features, takes fab picyures and the sound is good, its easy to use, but there is one thing about the phone that if i had known i would not have got it, its the battery life. I have to charge the thing every two days, which is annoyingly frustrating, as its not always convienant. I now have to carry my charger with me every where i go. A fruit fly has a whole life cycle in aday and the samsung u900 could on some days be as useful as a fruit fly!

Reviewed by Dianne from UK on 16th Sep 2009
I read this review and several others before purchasing my Samsung soul but I'm sad to say I hate it! Maybe it's just mine but I find the delay between pressing the touch screen and the function actually happening unbelievably slow. For example if I have a text message up and I hit to reply, it often takes 2-3 seconds before the screen responds and sometimes because of this, I think maybe I didn't touch it properly and I'll press again and then the phone does both actions instantly after each other. I've sent a lot of blank texts this way. Anything that requires the touch screen takes an unacceptably long time to respond... and I'm not a touch screen hater, I actually quite like using it, it's just the response time that is slow. I find it incredibly difficult to navigate through the menus and use the phone for regular use because of this delay in response time. When I mentioned this issue to the store I bought it from they said it might be software, but I've already had to send the phone in for repair once (3 months after I got it) as the screen failed and apparently they did a software upgrade at the same time. They now say it's just the phone style and function but it's infuriating, I can't wait to be rid of this thing!Pity because I've owned several Samsungs and this is the first I haven't loved, I hope this doesn't put me off the brand altogether.

Reviewed by hayley from UK on 13th Sep 2009
since ive got it its been faulty first just turning off for no reason then when i answered a call it turned off then it kept freezing then everytime you closed it down the screen went black and wouldnt work now it just stays a black screen

Reviewed by Pete from UK on 10th Sep 2009
I love this phone. I noticed that when you make a call the volume takes a few seconds to kick into a louder volume... almost like there is a delay reapplying the settings to the amplifier every time you make a call. Same goes for speakerphone, there is a delay after you switch to it before the volume actually increases. This is not a problem for me, but maybe something to do with the other complaints? The layout and features of this phone are great. It never crashes or loses speed, and battery life is good. I love the touchpad in that it's designed around simplicity and practicality rather than the iphone which tries to completely disrupt the way you use a mobile. The slide is starting to feel a little gritty now after a year's use, and the metal button cover moves slightly, which makes it feel a lot flimsier than before. I expect a more solid build from a phone like this so four stars.

Reviewed by rezwan from UK on 10th Sep 2009
I have an one.i like it very much.

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