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Samsung U700 review

 Review: August 2007  

Last updated June 2009


In a nutshell: The U700 is a superslim 3G slide phone featuring touch sensitive buttons and a mirror finish.

Best buy: Samsung SGH-U700 from Amazon Marketplace UK (£31.95)


The Samsung U700 is a 3G version of the U600 slide phone. It's got everything that the U600 has, except that it's about 1 mm thicker and is lacking an FM radio and document viewer. However, it does have a fast implementation of 3G (HSDPA) with download speeds of up to 3.6 Mbps possible. It also has a glossy mirror-effect finish that makes it more attractive to look at than the U600.

As the U700 is so similar to the U600, we're not going to review it in detail - read our U600 review for that - we're just going to compare the U600 and U700.

The pros of the U700 are that it has 3G and looks prettier. The pros of the U600 are that it's slightly thinner, has an FM radio and document viewer. Also, the glossy mirror finish of the U700 does attract fingerprints and makes it hard to read the screen in daylight. The U700 scratches very easily too, and when the silver paint peels, it looks decidedly un-sexy. Battery life is poor, and the keypad is hard to use. On balance we much prefer the U600.

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Samsung U700 features include:

  • 3G video calling, fast downloading and streaming
  • 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus, flash and 4x digital zoom
  • Video camera (MPEG4 format, up to 1 hour)
  • Second video camera (VGA - 640 x 480 pixels) for video calling
  • Display: TFT, 262,144 colours, 240 x 320 pixels
  • Music player (MP3, AAC, AAC+, e-AAC+, WMA formats)
  • ICEpower® Technology by Bang & Olufsen
  • 64-voice polyphonic ringtones / MP3 ringtones
  • Voice memo recorder (up to 1 hour)
  • Integrated handsfree speakerphone
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, email (POP3 / SMTP / IMAP4)
  • T9 predictive text
  • 3D Java games plus downloadable games
  • Flight mode
  • Personal organiser functions
  • RSS reader
  • Memory: 20 Mbytes plus MicroSD memory card slot (expandable to 2 Gbytes)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0, TV-Out
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS Class 10, EDGE, HSPDA (3.6 Mbps)
  • Triband (900/1800/1900 MHz) plus 3G (UMTS)
  • Size: 102.5 x 50 x 12.1 mm
  • Weight: 86g
  • Talktime: 5 hours
  • Battery standby: 270 hours

Samsung U700 user reviews

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Average rating from 255 reviews:

Reviewed by khula velem from south africa on 2nd Dec 2013
love it

Reviewed by Anon from UK on 14th Dec 2010
I have owned my U700 for 7 months after 7 months it has accumaliated a heap of dirt under the stupidly designed screen, the touch keys are becoming hard to press, paint is peeling Oh and yesterday (best of all) the piece of junks screen screwed up and now it shows its picture is upside down and the wrong way around. I think im gunna stick to my NOKIA N95. I have owned three samsungs and in my opion they are all poor quality. Want my advise(that is why you are looking this up) DONT BUY ANY SAMSUNG PHONES!!!!!

Reviewed by Hanschel sinyinza from UK on 9th Aug 2010

Reviewed by Nicolo from UK on 3rd Aug 2010
I can say this is one of those WORST PHONES ever made! It had soooo many problems! worst of all, the problems showed up only after 5 months of purchasing! The screen goes black when when the top is slid slowly, the earpiece was rigged, the display flipped, as in from left-to-right, you have to set the clock from time to time, and Of course, the Soft-touch keys are soooo darn sensitive! There are times that you'll be surprised that it's already dialling someone in your phonebook. Again, This phone is the WORST!

Reviewed by Hafeez Ur Rehman from UK on 6th Jul 2010
I am using this mobile from last 2 years, Most of the best thing is his 3.0 Mega pixel Camera....Wow...Outstanding Result.....But the worst thing is his Flexible Cable which is damaged 3 times...But...id doesn`t mean that this mobile is useless....I Like it very much...Now a days i am facing a problem of network signals in my mobile...trying to sort out the problem...Thanks Hafeez www.funnypicturessite.blogspot.com

Reviewed by Bright Mhango from UK on 4th Jul 2010
Nice phone but low sound output.

Reviewed by Liz from UK on 26th Dec 2009
this wsn't even my phone, i borrowed it cause mine was broken. it worked fine other than it used to try and go online allot and the paint chipped, then my screen chipped. not i woke up turned it on and now this, the sceen just goes blank and then wennt all funny colours and flipped over :/ what a peice of junk.

Reviewed by Lara from UK on 6th Dec 2009
i loved this phone when i first got it although it only had one theme. it lasted me just over a year then it broke the screen wouldn't work and turned green then went backwards. The camera was great when it worked and there was lots to do on this phone. Another thing was the silver on the sides of the screen kept chipping until it was white so don't get this phone on pay as you go.

Reviewed by ssc from UK on 29th Nov 2009
it's a good phone but for some reasons the damn lights went out so i couldn't go up down or answer any calls it was working fine until an hour ago gosh i only had it for 4 months ugh mom's gonna kill me

Reviewed by Carrie from UK on 21st Nov 2009
i have had this phone for just over a year now, and it is still working fine. it is a very robust phone and will not break easily, although, it does scratch easily. i would reccomend this phone to anyone, but i will definately be getting a new phone asap as it has now started to freeze up... that might just be becoz its getting old though...

Reviewed by Terry from UK on 3rd Oct 2009
I think some people are being very harsh on this phone, I got mine for £20 on pay as you go and it works great, ok the touch sensitive keys arn't great, but for £20 there is nothing else I can get with the same features.

Reviewed by mistryman from UK on 29th Sep 2009
phone was great till screen malfunctioned, there are some rely annoying features on here and sometimes so crap to acces, camera ok lil bit dark sensitive and the weight is ideal and small enough to carry in your jean pocket

Reviewed by ASd from UK on 5th Sep 2009
The Worst phone ever I have serious problem with it, MId button dont work for me like he should i cant go to menu, hard to send message etc.. piece of junk.

Reviewed by Carole from UK on 1st Sep 2009
Don't really think its a 1 more like -10. Wot a pile of rubbish! Samsung should be ashamed of producing a useless pile of poop. Flaking paint i could put up with, but no sound, screen transposed (looked kinda cool in a messed up way) then finally died, will not power on. I think to get their credibility back, samsung should offer a free swap! I don't think i will touch samsung again after such a awful phone!

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 16th Aug 2009
For those who gave it a star rating above 2 stars - yeah it is worth that until about 3 months down the track. Then when stuff starts going wrong you'll think like me: I HATE THIS PHONE. I wish there was a NO star rating.

Reviewed by chloe from UK on 19th Jul 2009
Horrid phone. The sound stopped working and I have to resort to earphones all the time, and this morning the screen totally turned black and no matter what I do, it remains that way. And my warranty is over.

Reviewed by pastatata from UK on 13th Jul 2009
Had this phone for one and a half years, and the purple paint is still on. The camera is great, text messaging is not a problem for me, but the screen blanks out at times for no apparent reason, and when you're making a call, your face may accidentally touch the sensor, causing the speaker to blast in your ears.

Reviewed by oldskwldestiny from UK on 7th Jul 2009
this phone was so cool when i first got it but about three month later it started to peel!but it wasn't that bad... a month later the middle button wen't in and stopped working! but you can still open the files with options... you think thats bad?... one day it randomly decided not to charge anymore and i could only charge with my usb cable... by then i was kicking my self for buying this phone! one day i was mxiting with mu friend and all of a sudden the touch pad light switched off and it stopped working!!!!! this is the worst phone ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my friend phone broke in two pieces!!!

Reviewed by johnny from UK on 6th Jul 2009
phone buttons play up for no reason and screen goes upside down for no reason. when in the pocket calls people in phonebook

Reviewed by Bernard from UK on 23rd Jun 2009
I have never before owned a bigger piece of trash. This is without a doubt the biggest mistake to come out of the samsung factory since the start of the company

Reviewed by Michelle from UK on 23rd Jun 2009
Had nothing but problems with this phone had it under a year and in last 3 months its been for repair 7 times with a refurbished model which was scratched and chipped was then given another refurbished model which didnt work and now found out they no longer sell this phone i wonder why .

Reviewed by Ben from UK on 11th Jun 2009
This is the worst phone in the world. period

Reviewed by Nicki from UK on 25th May 2009
This phone is rubbish, never buy it, myn now needs yet another soft wear, and now it wont even receive calls or texts or send them either. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE

Reviewed by Hettie from UK on 5th May 2009
I adore my phone but, as you'll read below, the silver varnish does start to come off: beware.

Reviewed by Simon from UK on 17th Apr 2009
Great Phone really pleased with it.

Reviewed by Vanessa from UK on 15th Apr 2009
My dad gave me this phone and it broke down twice in one year (screen went wonky) but I'm still using it. Paint has completely peeled off now. Things I don't like about this phone are: 1) I always accidently press the 3G button 2) The peeling! 3) The anguish at not having a phone to use for a week when it breaks down.

Reviewed by ride moto from UK on 8th Apr 2009
This is a piece of junk OK so the first one was my fault i was being an idiot and threw it at a mate and he didnt catch it and it went straight into a wall. so thats my fault.. However the second one wasn't my fault i had it for about 8 months and everything started going on it the screen was getting a tiled effect to it and then just everything started failing! DONT BUY THIS PHONE! It's a disgrace! and should never have even been put on the market! Buy a Sony Ericson, they're easily the best! Now my samsung u700 doesn't even turn on! well it does but the screen doesn't display anything! and its just totally useless! i have a blank screen phone and thats it!

Reviewed by yasir abbas from UK on 31st Mar 2009
this is very nice mobile.

Reviewed by V from UK on 23rd Mar 2009
Phone was good to start off with when i got used to the touch screen etc. Vibration was very loud and rickety.Had it for maybe 4 months before the paint started coming off.I was annoyed about the lack of text tones available and you werent able to use any of your own. Also phone had a tendency to not allow text to come through til i dialled a number or sent a text. Didnt feel the music player volume was loud enough or the ringtones.But all in all it was ok .. not great but ok :)

Reviewed by Nicki from UK on 10th Mar 2009
Don't buy a samsung U700, I had mine for about 2 months then it jammed shut......my boyfriend had the same phone and with in the same amount of time his jammed shut too. If you want a good phone get a sony erricson, i regret changing back to samsung as the type of phone is not very good quality,

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 6th Mar 2009
I need a relatively cheap unlocked phone to take with me on a trip and thought I'd take the opportunity to upgrade from my antiquated Nokia. (I'm too embarrassed to admit which one.) Unusually for me, I went ahead and bought a secondhand U700 without fully reading all available reviews, and was horrified when I read those here. I've now had the phone for a few days and I can say that, while most of the comments are well founded, many can be overcome or lived with quite easily. Let's deal with those touch-sensitive keys first. Under "Settings" then "Phone settings" there are two useful features: touch sensitivity and vibration feedback. Setting the sensitivity of the keys to suit your use of the phone makes sense (though to be fair there are just 3 settings and I've not found a massive difference between them). You can also set the vibration feedback on, which will help you to know when you have or have not pressed a key, though this might affect the battery life (see later). People have complained that the phone comes out of its locked state and tries to make video calls when it's rattling around in their pockets. Well, first of all, I don't use video calls so I've disabled that feature. I can still press the button but it won't get beyond enabling the camera and telling me video calls are unavailable. Sorted! If I ever want to make a video call I'll simply enable that feature and then disable it again afterwards. Using various other settings on the phone you can disable all the touch sensitive keys and lock all the other keys (apart from the on/off) when the slider is shut. I suspect some people haven't fully explored these possibilities before complaining on here about it. However, I've not found any way to stop the "on/off" button from unlocking the phone when pressed, which seems a bit silly. You have to hold it for several seconds to switch the phone off, and pressing it for less when the phone is closed unlocks the phone - not at all clever, Samsung. However, I've yet to find out if that's going to pose much of a problem for me in everyday use. My secondhand U700 shows no evidence of the silver parts peeling. There's the merest hint of the silver being rubbed thin on one edge near a corner, but you really have to look to find it. More worryingly, the mirrored surface of the LCD cover really marks up quite badly. If you put your small change or keys in the same pocket as your phone, don't expect to get away with it. This phone has one bad mark (I knoew about it before buying) that I'd guess happened that way, and loads of tiny, hairline scratches. These do make the phone look a bit tatty when switched off, but as soon as the screen is in use the small scratches are impossible to see and the bigger, more serious looking mark almost disappears. I understand that the screen cover can be replaced, so it's not the end of the world if you want to have your phone looking pristine again. I'm a photographer by profession so I really don't expect much from a camera phone, no matter how good anyone says it is. I'd say the camera on this phone does a fair job of taking point & shoot snapshots, but I'd not be looking to cover a wedding or a sports event with it! Manage your expectations and remember, it's a PHONE!!! Incidentally, I've seen lots of uninformed comments regarding the "megapixel" ratings of cameras and you really ought to know that a larger number of megapixels does not necessarily mean better pictures. Often, especially with phone cameras, the limiting factor will be the lens and the tiny sensor, not how many pixels you have, so bear that in mind. Packing lots of pixels on to a tiny sensor usually just results in lots of blurry pixels. So, what else has this phone been dissed for? Battery life? So far I've not been able to determine what that will be like under normal use as I've spent quite a lot of time playing around with the phone and doing all the stuff that puts strain on batteries. If it turns out that the battery is rubbish, I'll post another review to say so. Until then, assume that I think it's acceptable. I've bought a spare battery for it anyway in case this one is past its best. It may be worth bearing in mind that if you constantly use the phone as a walkman or take lots of photos and view them, your battery life is bound to suffer! So on to music. I've not had time yet to suss that out. In fact, my secondhand phone came without a PC connector or headphones, though those two items are zooming towards me from a well-known online auction even as I type :o) Again, if I find anything awful about that aspect of the phone, I'll post it here. Breaking news - the headphones have just turned up! After a quick test it seems they do a perfectly good job unless you want full volume to damage your eardrums. For me it's fine and will probably do a perfect job on flights. Oh, there's a "flight" setting on the phone so that it drops into a mode that doesn't cause your plane to crash. Seems like a neat idea :o) It's possible to get protective cases for this phone. I've got one of those clear rubbery-silicon jobs. Most buttons and ports are still accessible, and the phone slides open & shut just fine. The only problem I've found is that the rocker button for the volume is covered, and because of that it is easily pressed by accident. I think I'll take a sharp knife to that part of the covering to make a hole for the button and see how it goes. Certainly the touch sensitive keys are less sensitive under the cover, so if they've been causing you a problem then you might like to consider one of these covers. I think that's about it. I've certainly not tested all the features as I've had the phone for only a few days but I've seen enough to dispell any thoughts that I'd bought a complete and utter lemon, and I've tried to give a measured and unbiased opinion that will be more helpful than some others you'll see here. There are clearly some issues with this phone though, and that on/of button unlocking the keys worries me, so I cannot give it 5 stars. However, for my type of mobile phone use it certainly deserves 4 stars from what I've seen so far.

Reviewed by nick from UK on 6th Mar 2009
Appalling phone. 1) to unblock the keypad you push the centre button twice, which means you call people from your pocket all the time. 2) the touch sensitive keys are awful to use. 3) the scroll wheel is useless, slow 4) the camera is slow to take a picture 5) it's impossible to see the screen when there's even a little bit of sun and the real shocker: 6) the screen is pathetically delicate. I was careful with mine and it still broke within a month. I haven't had it repaired. They said it had been hit and would cost 70 euros to repair. I told them to throw it in the bin. Samsung used to be good, but this phone is terrible.

Reviewed by shumayal from UK on 26th Feb 2009
The touch is Only GOOD for SHOWOFF because sumtimes it gets stuck and doesnt respond and afterwords as i have pressed a part many times As Soon as it responds it goes like inside the menu or something the number of times i have pressed Good but sometimes can be frustrating

Reviewed by Anne Leck from UK on 25th Feb 2009
I have a Samsung U700 phone. It is currently not even 8 months old. It is by far and away the worse phone I have ever had in the ten years I have used mobiles. It is not going back through vodafone for it's second repair in 4 months. The chrome has completely peeled off, the down button does not work and the sound has completely gone. I would never suggest anyone takes this phone as part of a contract or worse still parts with hard earned cash to actually buy the thing unless you want to spend your entire life sending it back for repair !

Reviewed by nats from UK on 23rd Feb 2009
im very disappointed with choosing the u700. i have it now for 6 months and its been in 3 times for repair. the lcd screen in blank and im just fed up with this phone. its not worth it.

Reviewed by Blare from UK on 21st Feb 2009
My u700 handy has some problames I can't call and I can't recieve messages and calls

Reviewed by qwerty from UK on 15th Feb 2009
This is about the worse phone you can possibly choose. I regret so much picking this phone with my 24 months contract! Its not so much the interface (but back to that later) but the looks of the phone. Very bad quality of paint all you need to do it google U700+ Paint and you'll see all the problems that have arise with different users. I've had my phone just over a year now and it broke just yesterday with the touch screen bottoms stopping to work! I am very careful with my phone and have never dropped it so why all the sudden this problem? I love Samsung and for that reason this phone i felt was perfect! I would however reconsider before buying this! there is ALOT better phones for MUCH better prices.

Reviewed by Maarten from UK on 12th Feb 2009
---------------------------- Written by Natalie: I've had this phone since December and i HATE it. I've always had a Samsung cos they're usually good but this, no way! for starts, like everyone else the silvers chipped off and its not cos of how I've hand

Reviewed by bratt pid from UK on 10th Feb 2009
to have this phone :you must deserve it ! it's a wonderfull phone like the majority of samsung now if you want a strong phone or an mp3 player this is not the one if you want a jewel this is !

Reviewed by Fat one from UK on 9th Feb 2009
Very flimsy phone WILL break if you have it in your pocket. You need a card readers as it is dead slow via USB.. You cannot install you own java programs on this phone via usb or bluetooth. Not very Mac compatible.

Reviewed by shin from UK on 5th Feb 2009
i got my u7 last dec. 26, and now feb. 5,09 the silver finish tend to peel . . arrrghh!!!

Reviewed by bongani from UK on 3rd Feb 2009
Totally agree, its a looker that comes with its problems. My phone has a tendency of not reading the memory card though it will show that the card is there.

Reviewed by peejay from UK on 2nd Feb 2009
Worse phone ive ever had....How do you change the incomming text alert???????

Reviewed by A. from UK on 29th Jan 2009
Really really bad phone, I will never buy a samsung again... I am very disapointed. The problems with it are endless... i really regret spending so much money on such a piece of junk.

Reviewed by Howard from UK on 27th Jan 2009
Had this phone for a long while but it now doesn't get past the 'Samsung fun' screen, switching itself off at this point! Maybe the phone would like to be retired! (recycled)

Reviewed by Rachel from UK on 18th Jan 2009
The touch screen on my samsung has compoletely stopped worrking so it is absolutely uselsss now!

Reviewed by james from UK on 18th Jan 2009
i have this phone 11 months and it has finally given up. has been causing trouble for ages. at the moment, the buttons wont work and it's unusable basically. VERY BAD PHONE!!!

Reviewed by Ian A from UK on 13th Jan 2009
I've had this phone on contract with Vodafone for 10 months now and have just changed it for an SE K770i. Whilst the phone looked nice when I first received it I've had loads of problems: Touch screen very unresponsive and erratic (tried changing settings but didn't help). Many times they just wouldn't respond at all. Screen has scratched horribly and silver finish peeled off. This didn't happen with my previous K800i. Poor reception - my wife is on the same network and her phone works fine at home but the Samsung reception is useless. Battery life is rubbish - have to charge it fully overnight otherwise it runs out of battery next day. Only good thing is the slider mechanism - everything else is poor. Sorry Samsung but this phone is all style over substance.

Reviewed by Sam Omwando from UK on 30th Dec 2008
The Phone is Good if you have problems with it being sensitive just adjust the sensitivity option under the setting.... Otherwise I can Add those friends in my address book who gives me hard times in an Auto-Reject List.

Reviewed by Jatinder from UK on 17th Dec 2008
Having owned this phone now for several weeks I must admit that I'm extremely happy with the phone. Previously I owned a u600 from which I upgraded to a u900. Now there was nothing really wrong with the u900 however I found that the size and weight of the phone was too difficult to get used to especially after owning the u600 (one of the thinnest and lightest phones on the market), and also I felt there was no WOW factor with this phone. It was just like carrying a small brick in my pocket therefore after much searching I decided to downgrade model wise and must admit itís the best decision Iíve ever made. I do realise that people have complained about the touch keys however if youíve used the u600 then using this phone is quite easy since the user interface is extremely similar. Also in regards to the scratching simply buy a case for the phone. I keep the phone in my work bag with a case on it and have so far found it does not get scratched. When Iíve kept the phone in my Jacket pocket (without the case) again no problems. At the end of the day if you want to have good looking phone then you will need to be careful with it I have not experienced any problems with dialing the wrong person or even the phone switching itself of. When buying this phone consider the following: 1) Do I want a slim light phone 2) Do I want a phone that looks stylish 3) Do I want a phone that has 3G If the anwser to all of these questions is yes then this phone is for you. While the phone does not come with lots of features it is putting it simply a small stylish phone that is great for making phone calls, sending texts. The phone does look visually stunning and for someone like me that is a important factor to have in a phone The only real complaint I have with the phone is that there are not enough themes. It comes with one basic theme and Iíve not been able to find any new ones for the phone and that is a shame especially after owning the u900 where you can even create new themes Apart from that I can say Iím truly happy with this phone

Reviewed by joko from UK on 9th Dec 2008
this phone is a piece of junk! i've had mine for exactly two months and on the exact day of my two month official ownership, it crashes on me. any of you hoping to buy this phone should go for a u600 instead, wish i had

Reviewed by Iva from UK on 30th Nov 2008
The u700 is fine,not the worst phone and not the best just fine and the silver paint on my phone has peeled off but they repleaced the mask

Reviewed by Sophie from UK on 19th Nov 2008
Absolutley hate this fone!

Reviewed by Mike from UK on 18th Nov 2008
Dont buy this phone, chrome still peels after few months.Samsung or vodaphone dont want to know and will not do anything about it. Rubbish !!

Reviewed by x from UK on 18th Nov 2008
I have had this phone for ten months now, at first it was fine with no problems but nw the shiny paint is starting to peel really badly. It looks horrible!

Reviewed by Jill STEVENS from UK on 17th Nov 2008
This is the worst phone I've ever owned. I've had many Samsung's before, but after this one I would never have another one. The silver came off it straight away and after taking it back to the Vodaphone shop they said there was nothing wrong with the phone, so what's the point of the silver if it's going to come off straight away. The phone is very sensitive I ended up putting a 'Z' in front of the contacts in my phone that began with A because I was fed-up of accidently calling them. So many other things wrong with this phone.

Reviewed by Natalie from UK on 17th Nov 2008
Everyone I know including myself have incurred serious problems with this phone! From the peeling of the cover to software issues and don't get me started on the touch buttons! Really annoying! I DO NOT reccommend that you buy this phone, it has put me of samsung phones for life.

Reviewed by stueymc from UK on 12th Nov 2008
I agree with a lot of the comments on here regarding the flaking off of the silver on the handset, mine is looking awful now and i even kept it in a phone sock. The touch screen is annoying, especially when taking photos or videos and if you ever hand it over to someone to look at a photo you just took nine time out of ten they will press the touch screen by mistake and then say "oh, where's the photo gone?" as it is really sensitive. On the plus side it does look smart when new and it is easy to use, like most Samsung phones. It hasn't put me off Samsung phones. Overall, a good handset but the touch screen is very sensitive but once you get used to it it is fine

Reviewed by gugu from UK on 10th Nov 2008
dont ever BUY this phone.. it's a waste of MONEY! trust me!

Reviewed by Gemma from UK on 29th Oct 2008
This phone is the horrible and even this word doesnt sum it up one, i brought this as a standby as it was cheap and i can now see why it is so cheap, here are several things i dont like about this phone: 1 - camera is terrible it takes the photos on its own accord and not when you want them taken. 2 - It DOESNT recieve MMS messages i went into a local phone shop to get them to set it up for me i had the usual "it will be activated in 24hours" 48 hours later...still NOT activated. 3 - Its touch screen is awful it cuts out when it wishes when it is on my cheek. This list could continue. Note : DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE. Enough said i think.

Reviewed by Sonja from UK on 27th Oct 2008
This phone just suck. Can't believe anyone would want to rub something of this quality off on anyone. Samsung should just refund all the people who ever invested in this phone. I had mine for short while and I had to send it for repairs twice and now they want to charge me for the repairs on this piece of junk while it is suppose to be under guarantee. I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER get a Samsung phone again.......BAD BAD BAD!!!!! Good luck to you all out there....

Reviewed by sheldon from UK on 24th Oct 2008
I Dont Understand when u600 has fm why not in u700 whish is updated model. Otherwise phone is amazing...

Reviewed by Cheryll from UK on 22nd Oct 2008
I love Samsung phones there easy to use etc however this one is rubbish, the touchtone has a mind of its own and even thought the keypad locks, it sends blank messages. Now the keypad has locked up and i've had the phone almost a year.. not long for this day and age.. In short i would by Samsung, just not a touchscreen one. x

Reviewed by sally from UK on 22nd Oct 2008
i love it but its just really hard to figure things out...like how do you change the ringtone...

Reviewed by Dianne from UK on 15th Oct 2008
I love my U700 - its a year old and the silver finish is still perfect - not sure what you guys do with yours! However I have a music note icon on my screen - anyone know what it is?

Reviewed by Kat from UK on 12th Oct 2008
jesusss i've had this phone almost 7 months and its AWFUL! silver has scratched off, once apon a time i heard it crack down the side then i touched it and all the silver plastic paint stuff fell off :S the touch pads are awful and have a mind of their own! like when someone you don't want to talk to starts ringing you it will answer it for you! speakers are crap! you can barely hear it ring if its in your bag! or feel it vibrate when its in your pocket. the camera is ok, but the flash is crap! somethings gone wrong with mine now because whenever i try to use the pc suite thing on the pc to trasfer music and photos etc it just doesnt connect half the time it stops charging halfway through! the batteries dont even last a day + i hardly even use the thing! the only good thing about the phone is the way it looks, for the first month at least!

Reviewed by Phil R from UK on 8th Oct 2008
Avoid at all costs - My 2nd major fault has just occured after months of stupid rogue text and calls (especially annoying when you're abroad!) my girlfriends U700 has gone nuts 2 days ago and has been sent back today - I've just got back now and cant call out or accept calls! Beware Samsung - they always blame you for 'impact damage' which is plain wrong! Worst phone ever - cant wait to get rid - Arghhhhhhhh!

Reviewed by Zak from UK on 2nd Oct 2008
I was so impressed when I got the phone and was bragging about it...now I hide it away and cant wait till my contract expires so I can go back to NOKIA. I HATE THE PEELING!!! My phone looks OLD! SAMSUNG U CHEATED US! :(

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 1st Oct 2008
Okay, the U700 part of the soul series, but no-one really cares about that. It's a smartphone, but to be quite honest with you, I don't like it. I fiddled with it in a shop workshop place, where you could try them out. When I first saw it, I thaught, great - a simple touch head pad, and a very stylish phone. The style is there, along with the touchpad, which is a nightmere. Hang on though, it does have it's stimulating areas, for e.g. it's nice to text on, it makes you look good, it's for a market for those pride people, who are just mental for pride. It's good value for money, very thin and light. You may need to keep it in your pocket, as it will scratch very easily, and also blow out of your hands, when a vehicle drives past you! Apart from all that, it's actually a very good phone

Reviewed by alynia from UK on 30th Sep 2008
I had this phone for one year ... Bought it because i loved the design--sleek and slim ... Not much problem with the touch sensitive keypad after you got used to it, but the first few weeks were HORRIBLE ... Cos you tend to press the buttons you weren't supposed to press, so situations like accidentally calling others where you were not planning to, high data charges when you accidentally tap on the wap broswer button, etc ... Pros: picture taken were pretty, front camera for self-taking, different camera and shooting modes to choose from, number keypad wasn't as flat as i had expected Cons: the paint will fall off if you don't take good care of it, "attracts" horrible fingerprints on the screen, etc Wouldn't encourage people out there to buy cos i too, sent it for repair twice within one year. First was problems with the speakers and camera, 2nd was still camera and the single electric circuit.

Reviewed by Minae Munuhe from UK on 24th Sep 2008
been having the phone 4 sometime now. ITS PRETTY GOOD. Idont what dem folkes at samsung did to peeling problem, that fellas used to complain about, MINE'S HOLDING UP PRETTY WELL, THE GLOSSY FINISH IS STILL INTACT. The 3G(UMTS)or is it HSDPA(3G+) STUFF IS ABIT OVERATED, NOT BAD THOUGH FOR KENYAN CELL PHONE NETWORKS, ONE OF THEM IS ACTUALLY TRYING TO GO 3G, AT REASONABLE DATA LINK/ACCESS SPEEDS.

Reviewed by Amy from UK on 19th Sep 2008
On my second one as first one broke and now my second one has broken the sensitive kes have broken so ny phone is useless, cant accept phone calls or texts its useless!

Reviewed by LARA from UK on 9th Sep 2008
dont touch this phone with a barge pole! Mine is only 6 months old but looks about 6 years! the silver has chipped all they way round, rubbish! the phone is very sensitive also and even when closed sends blcnk text messages to your number one contact!! never going to buy samsung again!

Reviewed by DF from UK on 2nd Sep 2008
i have the phone and i'm luvin it! it looks soo great and it's easy to use! u just have to get used to the touch sensitive buttons! has great features too!

Reviewed by jean b dagami from UK on 29th Aug 2008
Reviewed by JEAN B. DAGAMI a secondary school teacher, I found it cute and sexy for me in fact my co- teachers like it too because it is very useful to us teachers because of its specifications .....

Reviewed by Gillian from UK on 21st Aug 2008
I have had this phone almost a year and it has been the worst phone i have had. I'm actually on my 3rd one as it keeps breaking, the colour keeps coming off and did so after 3 weeks usage. I'm now about to receive my forth via Vodafone as it has broke again but vodafone will only replace with the same as i already have. Great..................not! Do not get one.

Reviewed by Mspants from UK on 18th Aug 2008
I've had this phone for abour 4 months. silver is chiping off rapidlyto revel a grose gren snot colour . When calling someone you are unable to cancel the call with the cancel button but only by sliding the whone back down. Annoying!

Reviewed by Tish from UK on 18th Aug 2008
Very poor phone, have had it 6 months and it worked totally fine (other than the overly sentitive touch screen) but now it's gone crazy and the screen/software isn't working. and it looks like I'm not the only one: see "samsung u700 big problems" in google and you'll see. hopefully I've not lost all my contacts and will have to see out my contract before I can get rid of it. It does look good but what's the point if the screens not working!

Reviewed by yvonne from UK on 9th Aug 2008
i have had this phone for 3 months and it would not charge they have told me this is due to physical damage which is absolute rubbish the phone has never been dropped so i am now going to get intouch with O.F.T i will not accept this also they have the cheek to charge me £9 for sending my phone back!!!!!! do not buy from samsung!

Reviewed by Kirstie from UK on 4th Aug 2008
Not only is this phone supersensitive, all the silver paint from the sides and top of the phone have flaked off and I have only had the phone since March. It looks such a state. Samsung refuse to admit this is a manufacturing fault so will not replace it and if an engineer takes the phone and confirms that this is not a manufacturing fault, I would be charged. Therefore I have been told there is nothing I can do and I am stuck with this phone for the next 7 months.

Reviewed by hon18 from UK on 23rd Jul 2008
i had this ph0ne for abt 6 m0s n0w and im happy with it.. s0 stylish and easy t0 use.. i l0ve the touch screen and camera.., picture is great. als0 i l0ve doing vide0 calls 0n it..

Reviewed by stephanie from UK on 23rd Jul 2008
this phone is shiny. 5 stars to the shininess.

Reviewed by Peter Meehan from UK on 22nd Jul 2008
good phone

Reviewed by Sabz from UK on 21st Jul 2008
U700 may look smart but its got several glitches.Firstly i have experienced the rebooting problem without even using the internet. Then the touch screen may be fanccy but its a pain. My phone keeps dialing numbers and surfing the net. The scrolling wheel is also a pain. If you scroll too fast it does its own thing. Also i find that if i type a message too fast it will suddenly just discard the message. My phone is almost a year old and now i see i'm starting to get blank screens for no reason and my speaker is faulty. I can't hear anything until i put it on speaker and then back again. Its the last Samsung that i'm going to get! Looks like some of you guys got lucky and got the phone without the ghost in it. mine does its own thing!

Reviewed by Cool_Guy from UK on 19th Jul 2008
Dnt pay any attention to all these fake remarks. i admit that a mobile cant be as perfect as we want it to be. i have my samsung for nearly 1 yr. it is still in excellent condition. no peeling of paint from the side, the touch keys functions normally. but i agree some some of u have bought a samsung U700 with certain built-in defects. i will change my samsung hopefully next year, but not due to abnormalities but due to new technology of Samsung.

Reviewed by david from UK on 17th Jul 2008
this is my 1st time to use samsung and it disappoints me.. really much.. although the screen colour and design were great, it's function and button were bad. when i sms, it will suddenly hang there.. and it even hang when i access the my phonebook. And the T9 predictive text really make it hard for me compare to SE 1.. i've took it to the service centre and the problem is still there...

Reviewed by Hadil Adam from UK on 14th Jul 2008
I like the phone , it's camera and video camerabut it's complicated it has turned to mute 4 days ago and can't use it without the ear phones to make even calls. email me if u have a solution . yaramariam2@yahoo.com

Reviewed by Sakman from SA from UK on 7th Jul 2008
Like most of the other unsatisfied samsung users I can only add a few complaints to the long list of troubles with the U700. Stylish, slim and great HSDPA, but that is where it ends.The frustrations I had to deal with the first 2 weeks using the phone were that the phone resets by itself sometimes (Off/on without even asking for pin). Then, when trying to take photo ďCapture failedĒ (need to swich phone off/on then take photo). It would delete all 700 of my contacts by itself. The battery would show 2bars, I start making a call and the phone switches off. These are the defects at the moment. The phone is still brand new, but I believe the next to expect is a pealing cover. What to do?

Reviewed by smithy from UK on 25th Jun 2008
good phone don't care bout the siver flacking of on contract so get another one the volume should be louder

Reviewed by Adham from UK on 21st Jun 2008
Very bad finish on the phone cover it will lose the color and look very ugly in few weeks. I do not recommend it to anyone.

Reviewed by Khine Lay from UK on 21st Jun 2008
Very difficult to use and within 6 months, silver color faint 2 times. Better don't buy. Not worthy to buy.

Reviewed by Marianne from UK on 17th Jun 2008
my screen broke, the side paint is completely off, after a while my button lights wouldnt switch off and now my touch screen buttons dont work at all, its a terrible phone!

Reviewed by Hannah from UK on 15th Jun 2008
I've had this phone for 5 months now and typically it gets mashed and bashed around a bit, but has broken now. I can't receieve phone calls because I can't hear the person talking and I can't listen to music aloud because I can't hear it. Also, my phone tends to have a funny 5 minutes (more than 5 mins though) where it 'falls asleep' and comes back again.

Reviewed by Justine from UK on 15th Jun 2008
OMG if you think this phone is the best, then i completely disagree with you! I've had this phone for about a month. First few weeks it worked perfectly fine, i have to admit the camera's really good. But NAH the phone SUX. The pictures will just suddenly invert itself, the touch screen part wont work and the colours change. IN ONLY A MONTH. So if i were you. . dont buy this phone!

Reviewed by Geoffy from UK on 12th Jun 2008
my camera always seems to blur...even on a still object if i move slightly, i have to tell the person/people to stay still and i dont move at all and it still manages to blur...very annoying

Reviewed by sandra from UK on 10th Jun 2008
terrible phone, too sensitive kept switching people off etc. Have now bought a little cheap thing as i,ve got 16 months left on my contract and i can,t bear the thought of using it again.

Reviewed by Amogelang SA from UK on 8th Jun 2008
I luv the slim desing but hate dat the is no radio nd vodafone.oh...u can also change the themes so its jst the dull background.BORING!MY phone hasnt began to peel of so how do i prevent it from peeling off?

Reviewed by Lewis from UK on 7th Jun 2008
I Got This Phone Because I Lyked The Way It Luked But Is Easily The Worst Phone Ive Eva Had. This Phone Is A Jk, I Hav Had It For Less Thn 2 Months And It Is Already Broke Due To Unknown Reasons And Was Scratched 2 Death Within Days Nd The Screen Is Bloody Annoyin 4 Smudges, The Sliding Bit In My Oppinion Wasn Very Stable Eiva , I Havnt Even Finished Payin 4 It Yet. Ths Was The 1st Samsung And The Worst Phone I Hav Eva Had. Sony Ericsons All The Way They Are Lyk Indestructable. NOT RECOMMENDED

Reviewed by Nikki from UK on 5th Jun 2008
I've had this phone for just over a year now and love it. The only downside I have gad is the paintwork, this handset is my second, and i've repainted that with nail varnish. That handset is about 8 months old, and I've only just sent it in for repair as the touch screen buttons have ceased to work, I think thats just because I've slammed it down one too many times! The scroll wheel is a unique idea that I've not seen on other phones, it makes looking at contacts, messages and music quick and easy. The music player is good, the sound is a little quiet when playing it ouside or in a public place, such as school bus. But other than that the music player is good, I love the flower display theme on it. Am due and upgrade in a couple of months time, but instead of a new phone, may just get another one of these, maybe the purple one this time. Great phone, would recommend it any day (:

Reviewed by vodafonechik from UK on 5th Jun 2008
this phone is the worse i ever had,silver paint has peeled off all down the sides,i keep video calling people by mistake hehe memory is rubbish...one good thing is the camera..stylish trendy phone for a few months til the paint comes off

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