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Samsung Tocco Ultra review

 Review: March 2009  

Last updated March 2011

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: Samsung have combined the two sexiest form factors - the touchscreen and the slider - to create a slide phone with a full touchscreen-driven interface.

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The S8300 Tocco Ultra is a next-generation slide phone from Samsung. Just when you thought that the slide phone could go no further, Samsung have come up with a twist: combine the slide design with a full touchscreen driven user interface. The Tocco Ultra combines the best of the Samsung Soul with the Samsung Tocco to create a new phone concept.

In its press releases, Samsung are describing the Tocco Ultra as its flagship handset for 2009. There are a number of justifications for this claim. First is the screen - its a new kind, called Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode - or AMOLED for short! Never mind how it works, the results are stunning. Its high resolution (240 x 400 pixels) ticks our box too. At 2.8 inches across, the display is large for a slide phone, but small for a touchscreen. But the combination of touchscreen with haptic (vibration) feedback plus numeric keypad does seem to work reasonably well. The Samsung Soul pioneered this principle with just the lower part of the screen having touch-sensitive controls, and by pushing this design to its logical conclusion, the Tocco Ultra has been given an even better user interface. The design offers the fun and intuitiveness of being able to drag photos and music around the screen with your finger, but without the frustration of having to use a virtual keyboard for all tasks. We know from user feedback that not everyone is happy with touchscreen phones, so the Tocco Ultra seems to offers a great alternative for these people. However, user feedback suggests that not everyone is happy with the Tocco Ultra UI - especially people who are new to Samsung, and those who text heavily.

Another feature that marks out this phone as a flagship is its 8 megapixel camera. The camera is fully equipped with smile-detection autofocus, a powerful LED flash and geo-tagging thanks to the built-in GPS receiver. Photo quality is excellent and comparable to the superb Samsung Pixon. The camera can also record video at a high VGA resolution and a respectable 30 frames per second. There's even a video editing tool built in to the phone - a feature normally only seen on smartphones. Video calling is also available.

The S8300 comes with a media player that supports all popular music formats and can play videos in DivX & XviD formats. As well as the media player, an FM radio with RDS is included. Annoyingly there's no 3.5mm audio jack, so you'll have to use the standard stereo headset supplied by Samsung or an optional Bluetooth stereo headset. The built-in memory is a bit limited too. 80 MB is just enough to store a CD's worth of music, so you'll need to upgrade this with a microSD memory card. Fortunately the Tocco Ultra supports cards up to 16GB.

We've already mentioned the geo-tagging feature for photos. The GPS can also be used with the mapping application to find your way around. Useful for pedestrians, hikers and cyclists, but don't expect to drive from Land's End to John O' Groats using this!

For connectivity, the Tocco Ultra shows its age. It has Bluetooth, USB, EDGE and 7.2 Mbps HSDPA, but is missing WiFi and a 3.5mm audio jack.

Physically, the phone is great. With a thickness of 12.7mm, it's slim but not ultraslim. Its brushed metal finish gives it the quality you'd expect from a top-of-the-range phone too. It's dated now, but still unique in its class.

Samsung Tocco Ultra features include:

Samsung Tocco Ultra user reviews

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Average rating from 305 reviews:

Reviewed by bert from nederland on 16th Apr 2012
only have problems

Reviewed by Aaron hawkins from great britain on 27th Mar 2012
The tocco ultra lite is simply the best does everything and more than you would expect of it,its easy to use and has a excellent 8 mp camera and secondary camera it plays all major formats and has loads of great apps,i had to replace mine with a nokia e72 and was in short very dissapointed, its just not the same as the samsung and falls short of the samsung by a mile.the samsungs only downfall is the internal ribbon rips firstly the speaker stops funcyioning then the camera and other functions fail however its easily repaired but fiddly to fix overall its ace!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Phill from England on 18th Feb 2012
I've never been able to get on the internet as it want's me to enter my credit card number. not a debit card, a credit card. I don't have a credit card. Also, the GPS thing when taking a picture. Is it supposed to put some kind of tag on the picture? well it doesn't. When I switch the phone on it says 'Samsung Fun Club' what is that? on a £200 phone I would expect it to be more 'grown up.'

Reviewed by shakira from kuwait on 24th Jan 2012
All i can say is its depend on the users good or not good..and only my problem is batery is too fast to low..

Reviewed by Vaibhav from India on 17th Jan 2012
Bateery Is too Poor.

Reviewed by lewis from england on 4th Jan 2012
this phone is 100% useless the touch screen is fiddly and clicks on the buttons i didn't click do not buy this phone ever and when i say ever i mean ever

Reviewed by James from Australia on 8th Dec 2011
I would advise people to ignore Vicki's review for the most part. The screen is sensitive during calls because the screen gives you access to several call functions which require the screen to be responsive. Just lock the screen if this is a problem. That is common sense. You can also answer calls while you text, so ignore that aspect of her review too. Widgets always overlap, but in this case opening new text messages is rarely disturbed by the widget menu button. This is also an inaccurate element in Vicki's review. Judging by the fact that you put your last phone in the washing machine, I can understand why your review was so uninformative. The phone is 'decent', but hardly excellent. GPS rarely works with this phone, and texting is troublesome. Punctuation marks which we commonly use take time to access which is inconvenient when sending professional / formal text messages. There are other problems to note, but do keep in mind the phone does last a long time with very few malfunctions, etc.

Reviewed by Vicki from UK on 20th Nov 2011
WARNING -------------DO NOT EVER GET THIS PHONE!!! Well were shall i begin? Phone calls - you will answer the phone and then because the screen is extra sensitive it MUTES the people your on the phone to so you have to hold the phone away from your ear so this doesnt happen. If your in the middle of texting and a call comes through dont think about answering the call because the phone wont let you. you have to MISS CALL the call and then call them back. When you get a text you cant open it first time because of this annoying wiget thing thats on the left hand side which open instead and then you cant close it because the touch screen is that rubbish it opens up one of the random rubbish widgets on the side. When you use predictive texting and write something and put a full stop there to change to a ? mark it goes back to the first word selected in predictive text. Samsung cant say its just my phone because this is the 2nd one i have had because my 1st one went in the washing machine (accident) and my insurance company send me another one. which is just as RUBBISH!!!

Reply by Andrea from UK on 13th Feb 2012
Vicky it happened to me, and now my phone is MUTE and have no idea how to make it normal again. Can you help me please?!!!!

Reviewed by chris superderby matthews from UK on 10th Jul 2011
i absolutly worship this ultra touch s8300 i had an lg arena just before this samsung my arena got water damaged but had wifi, if you want quality buy this fone! With a nippy qualcomm 500mhz cpu it breezes past all tasks available, the 3.5g internet is quick i have a 32gb sd card which is ramd with music vids pdfs applications and it suffers no lag! Apart frm nw wifi the downside is im locked to orange uk ive orange navigator which is use less i cant seem to use google maps locate me feature,but do nt be put of the design is future proof.

Reviewed by adil kiyani from UK on 8th Jul 2011
my s8300's touch screen doesnt work when i slide it up....

Reviewed by ritsa solomou from UK on 4th Jul 2011
Awful. Worst phone I've ever had. Everything you do seems to take forever. when writing a text, you can't put apostrophes in your words and have to spell them all out in full. also when texting it's so awkward to go back to fill in a word or change the spelling of the word. it's sometimes easier to delete the whole thing and start again. the touch screen sometimes doesn't want to work then other times is too sensitive. the widget keeps appearing and every time you turn the phone on the widget will appear telling you no events. it has no wi-fi, which when vodafone sold me this they forgot to mention it, when I said I needed a phone with easy internet. viewing you photos is another nightmare. they end up going into different folders each time and you're searching everywhere to find them. by the time you've mastered all of this the battery has ran out, which incidentally is really poor. the only reason I am giving the phone a 1 star is for the camera. that is the only good thing going for this very behind piece of technology

Reviewed by minnieO2 from UK on 2nd Jun 2011
i luv this fone so much ive had for three years and its still fun especially the camera 8MEGAPIXELS WOW! and the music playa

Reviewed by grasscutterboy from UK on 8th Apr 2011
very good phone, easy to use but the battery is terrible. charge overnight until 7.30am lucky to last till 2.30pm

Reviewed by Tina from UK on 1st Apr 2011
I am not too pleased at the moment as my phone keeps turning itself off! while i am talking on the phone, while i am texting. The battery is fully charged when this happens so it is not because the battery is low. I am not sure what to do about it, but i think you should know. I have heard this is a common issue with samsung.

Reviewed by Kiera hayling from UK on 30th Mar 2011
I have had a samsung tocco ultra before, loved the style! Camera well good, must admit comperlated nothing really to do, i was on pay as you go and it kept going on the internet when i put it in my bag and i had to pay money, i have got a nokia phone at the moment but i might be going back to a tocco ultra as i got the internet back:D

Reply by Sophie from UK on 3rd Aug 2014
What does comperlated mean ?

Reviewed by Diane from UK on 25th Mar 2011
Ditto to most of the problems. Phone mutes itself, I am constantly having people hang up on me because they think I have hung up. Camera may be 8 meg but gives blurry images. I have had sticky buttons, but mine fixed itself. Texting took me a while to find out about the way to correct previous words, but it is so hard to pick the correct place, takes several attempts to get it right. Auto corrects words that I have corrected and if I then add a ? after the word it will change the word again, so have to move forward and reverse back to add the ?. The choice of words brought up by the spell checker seems quite random, often bringing up words nothing like the one I am typing. Contract up in August - now looking forward to my first I phone

Reviewed by ... from UK on 24th Mar 2011
This is the worst phone we have ever had!!!

Reviewed by Rupesh from UK on 23rd Mar 2011
Everything is fine in this mobile except its battery backup and its single ear bluetooth headphone doesn't play music. For listening music we need to have double speaker bluetooth headphone. But excellent phone

Reviewed by Drakzer from UK on 14th Mar 2011
The latest software update makes the phone zippy! One of the best slider in the market when it comes to hardware.. comparable to an iphone 4 finish (I use both the phones) ;).. Cheers!

Reviewed by Rachel Mitchell from UK on 24th Feb 2011
Hi, i haven't had the phone long but from what i've seen so far i love it. I agree texting is a bit fiddly but i am still getting used to it and i wont let it put me off. The camera is brilliant, i've never had a 8mp before and love it. I ALSO love the quickness of loading the internet on it. Its a brilliant phone , dont let anything stop you from getting one!

Reviewed by will from UK on 11th Feb 2011
dont go near it worst phone ever

Reviewed by Louise from UK on 3rd Feb 2011
The worse phone i have ever had you lucky if the battery last half a day for the price the whole is total RUBBISH even the download speed is so slow my gran could walk faster i will never bye samsung ever again

Reviewed by Gemma from UK on 27th Jan 2011
Its an ok phone apart from the text messaging memory, its states that you have room for 500 but I only have 200 in my personal foldders and it wont allow me to have anymore, does anyone know how to fix this???

Reviewed by Rachel from UK on 26th Jan 2011
This has to be the worst phone i have ever owned. Am on my 2nd handset as the first decided to freeze for over a week and had several buttons which did not work (call and back - really unhelpful). I desperately tried to have ANY other replacement but had to have another. This is as yet to freeze or decide which buttons i am allowed to use but i doubt this will be for much longer. Software is shocking - slow, unresponsive. Games are awful because of this... In short awful awful awful. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!!!!!!!! It is a shame there isn't a 0 star rating

Reviewed by Tina Lawton from UK on 19th Jan 2011
I love my Tocca ultra and can add that it is so easy to use and looks fab but the battery life could be better,i have to pop mine on charge every night but other than that i have no problems wuth it and would advise people to have one

Reviewed by jonny from UK on 16th Jan 2011
-Sleek material around screen that scratches very easily! -Camera is good, but images smudge with the slightest movement and i have no idea how to get more of an instant capture setting? -Started Switching itself off randomly -Opens internet -Difficult to

Reviewed by becky from UK on 26th Dec 2010
ive had my phone for a year now, woulnt consider changing it, i love the complete set up of the phone its a great buy and functions so well.

Reviewed by Ben from UK on 18th Dec 2010
This phone has several features that seem designed solely to irritate you: - loud keytones - even when you turn them off, the phone seems to find a way to start them up again - missed calls - once you get one, it keeps appearing on your screen - you don't seem to be able to get rid of the message - annoying widgets, which I've never use, but the menu on the left will pop out every so often if you don't watch it - low battery life, probably run down by having to support the annoying features - if you want to put it on speaker phone, your caller will probably have gone away by the time you get it to work - texting seems very fiddly - it's got quirks that don't appear even in its own instruction manual such as if you press the volume control on a text, it'll make the text bigger and smaller - but you can do it accidentally, and then spend ages trying to find out how to put it right! - no warning light for missed calls/texts, etc, which I think is a useful feature - fiddly keys which are a pain to use, and the touchscreen is similiarly fiddly I changed to Samsung from a Nokia because I hated the Nokia charger which falls out too easily, but all things considered, I think I'll go back to Nokia, and put up with the stupid charger instead of a stupid phone. Ah, that feels better. :o)

Reviewed by Gilson Chapple from UK on 18th Dec 2010
There is another review here from me 1st 11 2010. Now that Ive used this phone for a few more weeks I would not recommend it. It is infuriatingly slippery. I ended up sticking little strips of sandpaper on the edges with super glue which solved the problem. I carefully glued a small piece of hard rubber in the logical place for pushing the the slider up. I am a RESTORER and I have done this very neatly....BUT why should I have too. The design of the phone is very good and classy looking. The texting feature is a total nightmare and you cannot delete a word or single letter within a word: you have to the delete the whole message and start again. You can delete the last letter of a word but if you spell something incorrectly you cant delete (just)the mistake.Internet is rubbish and I just cannot get anything to work properly. I am soldiering on but I will not be using this phone for much longer.

Reviewed by Stacey from UK on 16th Dec 2010
My first touch screen phone and it was a disater! Battery life is very poor and chips easily.Will unlock very easliy and on more than 3 occasions I found it on the internet where it wasted up my credit. The keypad has stopped working. The only good thing about it is the superb camrea but this uses up the battery life extremely quickly. I have only ahd it for 1 year and it has broken. I have to charge it every day - most days i do not even touch it and the battery goes. In my opinion , a very bad phone.

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 14th Dec 2010
Sorry I didn't get to this site before I bought this stupid phone. As a Mac user it's a complete waste of time as it is 100% NON-compatible with Apple. Doesn't even show up on the desktop. Sync software: Windows only. They should be honest and put it CLEARLY on the OUTside f the box. Texting is terrible. Try to set the cursor in the middle of a word. T9? Fills in a word and I cannot find out how to get the word selection list up to choose the correct word. Could go on and on. Stupid phone!.

Reviewed by George from UK on 6th Dec 2010
Recently got this phone after having an old sony ericson that i got about 4 years ago, it was much better. This phone is so annoying ! Its impossible to do anything because the touch screen is unusable , the battery runs out after 10 mins on the internet. The flash on the camera leaves purple lines ruining the photo and even when you do get a good photo it is impossible to get to as the 'images' folder takes a year to open! Settings menu is useless and only has around three options. Widgets are rubbish and the screen always freezes. Im going back to my old phone

Reviewed by Scott, Leicester from UK on 1st Dec 2010
I've had to start taking my charger with me if I'm out for the day. Worst battery life ever.

Reviewed by Cath Webber from UK on 20th Nov 2010
I have had this phone for well over a year, and only now has it broken. However only the memory card slot is bust - everything else works fine. the camera is amazing, the touchscreen is of amazing quality and the phone is virtually indestructable - God knows how many time I've dropped it and there is only a very small scratch on the front, just above the screen, loads of unnoticeable scratches on the back and a few smudges on the screen. The only downside I can think of is that after a while, it gets quite slow and there's not a very good memory on the hone itself. Luckily I'm insured on the phone and will claim for 'accidental damage' (I dropped it and it knocked the memory card slot out of whack.

Reviewed by alb from UK on 15th Nov 2010
DO NOT BUY!! this phone seems great to start with but after a few months its starts shutting off regularly and the battery life has been terrible from the start. I had this phone for about 3 months and then it started going funny so i got a replacement but 3 months down the line its doing the same again. A waste of time and money.

Reviewed by T Greenhalgh from UK on 2nd Nov 2010
I would have wasted 18 months of my life with this phone if it wasn't for my very boring and simple Nokia that I get through work. The text messaging on the Samsung is worse than useless. You type something wrong and there is no way to cursor back to correct it, other than to try and touch the screen where you want to correct. Playing pin the tail on the donky when I try to write a text message is not why I have a mobile phone. You've typed your word and want to scroll through the possible words on those keys strokes to find the one you want, make sure you have plenty of time, go past your word and you will have to scroll through a load of other random words that start with those keys, you type a 4 letter word and you could find yourself scrolling through 7-8 letter words before you come back to the one you want. The touch screen is so bad it has made me not want another touch screen. I had a Samsung many years ago and hated the fact you could not add words to the dictionary. I thought enough time had past that Samsung would have got their act together and at least tried to come out with a usable phone. Clearly not. Samsung should stick to TVs but even then I think there are better TV makes out there. So unless you want to kiss goodby to the next year and a half don't get a Samsung.

Reviewed by Gilson Chapple from UK on 1st Nov 2010
I own a Tocco Ultra and the build quality is superb, but is a bit 'slippery' so you have to watch out that it dosn't slip out of your hand as there is no 'bite' on the case.It would benefit if there was a serrated or milled edge/sides. Operationally a bit quirky,but you get used to it after about a week.One thing that is infuriating is the lack of a rubber ridge which you push up on to open the slide. You can only comfortably push it open by using your thumb on the actual glass screen. Very unsatisfactory in my opinion. The screen does not revert to 'landscape' in every application,and texting is a bit unusual in the way it works. Again you get used to it! The screen is lovely and clear with vibrant colours but I advise you, do not overload with stuff as it gets quickly cluttered. I'm having trouble getting in to the sat nav ap' but that could be me doing something stupid. The internet browser works perfectly once you put the neccessary obligitory info in. My impression is that the phone is about a 7 out of 10. No wi.fi is a pain! but all in all I like this phone. Dont think you will use it first off as it does take a bit of a learning curve to master its quirks. The 8 mp camera is a masterpiece. Havn't tried the radio yet,as my experience of phone radios is one of disappointment as where I live reception is awful and the self tuning never works here. Recommended if you are prepared to give it a week or two to get used to its 'funny' little ways! Gil Chapple...Fernhurst

Reviewed by G26 from UK on 29th Oct 2010
The phone is great to look at - small, stylish and it has loads of great items on it. Internet is fast, picture quality is superb.. HOWEVER.. The reception is TERRIBLE. I have not been able to get sufficient reception to send a message or make a call for the past two days at all - and I have had problems with the reception in the 6 months that I have had it. To not get reception at all however I find pretty unjustifiable. I will be taking it to 3 and asking for a replacement.

Reviewed by Michelle Liddle from UK on 29th Oct 2010
It's a nice sleek phone and all phones have their glitches but the main problem for me on this phone is when you answer a call, the touch screen comes into use, which shows a mute button, and as you put the phone to your ear you mute the call!!! Really, really, annoying. Also, the software is awful. Cant cope with transferring mobile numbers into my outlook. Sony Ericsson were masters at this, so was quite disappointed this phone doesnt cope. Would like an Iphone 4 but not prepared to bankrupt myself for it.

Reviewed by OliviŠ from UK on 29th Oct 2010
I have had this phone for nearly a year now. Brilliant, before you get bored of it. the touch screen can become annoying, so the key pad is a life saver. if you use the touch screen for texting, the screen can sometimes be slow and un-responsive. however, there is an excellent megapixel camera (8mp) and the layout of the phone is awesome. texting is easy to workout and internet LOOKS easy to use from what i have seen on other reviews. i do not have the internet on my tocco ultra because my contract didnt come with it:( i would reccomend this phone, but not for a 24 month contract; you will get bored

Reviewed by Romana S from UK on 21st Oct 2010
I bought this phone nearly a year ago and its battery life is terrible. The camera is very slow.

Reviewed by george salt from UK on 19th Oct 2010
This phone has been nothing but trouble since i got it, it has been in repair twice because it kept turning itself off and the keypad stopped working. the carphone warehouse said that they had fixed the problems, but they had not fixed anything the prolems had infact got worse. I had had to buy another phone to use in the mean time, but i should not of had to do this. i dont think that i will be buying a samsung any time soon

Reviewed by samsung user from UK on 14th Oct 2010
This is the worst samsung phone i have ever used..!! do youself a favour and go nowhere near this phone..!!

Reviewed by Chris Hume from UK on 9th Oct 2010
The phone itself does the job, it is a good looking piece of kit with all the functions required by your average user. I got The Tocco Ultra on a contract with virgin media and was offered the nokia x6 as an alternative. I plumped for the Samsung on looks alone but there the good stuff finishes. I am not impressed with the text input of the phone which on a cold day is a nightmare. Its sleek finish also makes it very hard to keep a grip of without the lingering feeling it's about to shoot out of your hand like a wet bar of soap. I have to concede the googlemap GPS is very good and has saved me on a number of occasions from missing appointments. But to be honest the Tocco Ultra is like a nice car you keep in the garage and take out on a hot summers day and polish with a nappy. I have actually gone back to my ancient and wheezy Motorola L6 which is a solid lump of metal that you could bounce bullets off. On a connected note the Samsung PC studio is probably the worst program I have ever installed into my computer and the Samsung website seems to be designed by drunk monkeys. They make very good televisions, but their phones are not for me. I'll use this until I drop it "by accident" and then get myself I Nokia. Sorry Samsung, stick to tellys.

Reviewed by chris from UK on 25th Sep 2010
i had this phone its amazing !

Reviewed by nicky from UK on 20th Sep 2010
its a nice and easy phone to have i would say its for the age about 11-18

Reviewed by Trev from UK on 16th Sep 2010
Battery life not good. Do not like the texting set-up, if you miss spell you can`t just go back one space its rubbish. It switches itself on in your pocket. Picture storage is mundane. now using old sony ericksson phone til contract run`s out !! Not impressed what so ever.

Reviewed by Jemma Milne from UK on 9th Sep 2010
I've had the phone for about 11 months now, it's okay, it's got a few problems but i can deal with it. All my phones problems have been mentioned somewhere on this site, i thought i was the stupid one with chubby fingers that kept on breaking my phone, but obviously not since other people have been suffering from the unresponsive screen, my phone freezes too, and when you're trying to edit a previous word when you're texting, it's like talking to a brick wall, pointless. doesn't respond. just freezes. good fun. and it says it has 3G, pfft. doesn't work. and every time i turn the phone on, a widget appears saying, 'No Event' whats that about?! anyway, i've spent around £240 on the phone, it's not been worth it really. not recommended.

Reviewed by fauziah from UK on 5th Sep 2010
ive had this phone fo over a year now and its great i love it especially the camera but itl take you a week or so to get used to it dnt give up on it lol its worth it in the end

Reviewed by george Simon Brown from UK on 1st Sep 2010
do not drag the widgets in quickly after turning on for it shall make it repeatedly turn on and off not turning properly. but still a very good phone the camera is top.

Reviewed by warren morris from UK on 22nd Aug 2010
had this phone 18 months and its still going strong really good phone awesome camera too would strongly recomend this phone

Reviewed by Alex P from UK on 18th Aug 2010
Guess I'm lucky after reading some of these reviews! Mine's been great for over a year. Only real issue is that when I download photos to PC, the camera starts at No. 1 again which means I have to rename all the photos I download. This is time-consuming and annoying. Or am I being thick and have missed a trick in the settings functions? Any help gratefully appreciated...

Reviewed by Brady from UK on 16th Aug 2010
This phones is... mediocre I guess

Reviewed by RatFace from UK on 10th Aug 2010
Very poor phone, sending text messages can be painful as the interface is rubbish, the camera takes an age to start up, the phone doesn't display websites very well and is extremely slow when it does (although this may be a service provider issue) I've had the phone for over a year now and cant wait to upgrade. Overall - Avoid like the Plague!

Reviewed by EC from UK on 9th Aug 2010
I've had this phone for a few months now, and I really like it. I got it as it has a sliding keypad, and I find it really easy to text with. (but I don't use predictive..) The camera, took a while for me to work out how to use properly, but now I find it very useful and it takes some great quality photos. This phone feels solid, and I think looks really good. I love the large bright screen and it is quite easy to use. Several people have complained about navigating in text messages but I've found that you can click on the screen to get arrows to appear, making it soooo much easier. However, I do agree with several other reviews about the problems with this phone. The battery runs out really fast and I have to charge it almost every other day. It is very slow to respond to clicking on things.I find this very annoying, and often end up clicking on the wrong button by mistake as it dosn't respond quick enough. I also find having to remove the memory card awkward, and struggle to get the back off the phone. My old phone had a memory card slot on the side which was so much easier. Having said that I don't really need to remove it that often, so this isn't a major problem. I would recomend this phone to people, who are pateint and don't mind waiting for it to respond. Anyway, despite these issues, I still love this phone, especially the combination of a touch screen and keypad. :)

Reviewed by becky palmer from UK on 9th Aug 2010
i have had nothing but trouble with this phone....i have used samsung before and i have never had so many problems. i have had this phone for 9 months and wished i had never got it. i am absolutly disgraced with the phone

Reviewed by ray from UK on 7th Aug 2010
worst phone ever. pc connectivity a complete farce. computer(s)wont recognise it. e- mailed samsung & microsoft...no valid response. tried blog sites only to find out many have same problem & no soloutions. i could go on,battery life only 24 hrs, but page not big enough

Reviewed by taco ultrz from UK on 1st Aug 2010
I have reviewd my Tocco ultra,and found a few problemss first of all you can not use the touch screen without lifting up the keypad,second of all when ever you lift up the keypad it makes noises,the only way to stop the noise is to turn the phone to silent mode.And im very disappointed with the battery life.But It has been the best phone I have had so far/

Reviewed by megan from UK on 29th Jul 2010
i lioke this phone and i dont know if anyone else is having my problem but, i have delivery reports on andf when i send a text the delivery report comes but it still says sending it says this untill i press the red button it drives me crazy! alse the camera is very fuzzy! dont buy this phone.

Reviewed by Mike from UK on 27th Jul 2010
This is the first Samsung phone that they've really messed up. Texting is the worst - the screen is so insensitive you can spend minutes trying to move the cursor by stabbing the screen as there is no forward or back arrows. Once you enter a word into the dictionary, it becomes the first one the phone chooses. Punctuation ian't always the same number of clicks through (so an exclamation mark can be one 'change' away from a full stop, or three. There is absolutely no way to delete words you've put in the custom dictionary - not even returning to factory defaults. If I could give this zero stars I would. Avoid.

Reviewed by eimpey1 from UK on 27th Jul 2010
Looks good..................and thats about it folks! I have been in contract just 6 weeks and have been through 3 Tocco Ultra handsets already. It would have been 4 handsets if my provider had not agreed to offer a completely different contract phone. I shudder to think about being stuck with this travesty of a mobile for another 22 months which has sadly been the experience of some of the other reviewers on this site. I have gone through all the comments below and totally agree with the majority of reviews about this product - that it is diabolical, deficient and worse than useless. A major gripe echoed by most reviewers concerns the battery life of the phone, in a nut shell it is absolutely appalling, which I found out with my first handset. The battery life lasted about 6 hours if I did not use it and more often than not it just switched itself off. The replacement handset was even worse. It was constantly plugged to the charger because if it wasn't it died within about 2 hours! The 3rd handset battery was fine. However, the tilt function was uncontrollable and I was unable to arrange and display my pics how I wanted to, the phone just seemed to take on a life of its own. Like others I found texting a bit of a pain as the manual failed to tell you that to go back to a spelling mistake you tap the screen at the error and delete as necessary. This though was difficult as the touch screen is not the most response of touch screens and it can take quite some time to actually tap at the precised point you want to be at! Most of the reviews that I read that were positive about the phone had only had their handsets for a few days or weeks and I wonder how many of them went on to suffer the problems that the majority of the reviewers experienced i.e. poor results for an 8 megpix camera facility, being unable to be heard by the person your talking to, poor quality phone lock resulting in accidental connection to the web, phone contacts etc. while the phone is in your pocker or bag. Need I say more. The 3rd handset I received has proved as unreliable as the other two. It exhibited the same problem as another reviewer - the alarm clock just stopped functioning after just 2 days of receiving it. So I guess you won't be surprise when I say...STAY WELL AWAY FROM THIS NIGHTMARISH CREATION....SAVE YOURSELF THE TROUBLE OF BEING STUCK WITH THIS WHITE ELEPHANT OF A PRODUCT WITH A 2 YEAR CONTRACT STILL TO FULFIL.....if you do go ahead don't say that you weren't well and truly warned.

Reviewed by Unknown from UK on 24th Jul 2010
Tbh very honest im waiting to get rid of this phone, i like it for somethings i.e. camera but i dont really think its good overall. Touch screen can be a pain in the ass and there isnt enough to do on the phone. i mean no wifi and you pay £200+ WTF?!

Reviewed by a dot from UK on 24th Jul 2010
this is a good phone although there is several rooms for improvemment. The buttons sould be better.. also instead of sliding side ways for new pages you scroll downwards sometimes it lags , otherwise this a excellent phone hahah

Reviewed by elaine wilson from UK on 17th Jul 2010
one problem for me , ive only had this phone for 3 weeks and the alarm has stopped working , its so annoying when everything else is fine .

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 15th Jul 2010
I've owned several phones, and this has to be by far the worst phone I've had. The principal behind it is great, but its just an awful phone.

Reviewed by Chaz from UK on 13th Jul 2010
I've had this phone for a year, and it's the best phone I've bought! It's been dropped and still works like new. Having the choice of touchscreen and keyboard is another good feature, and the camera is good. Don't hesitate to buy it

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 13th Jul 2010
I'm surprised at the rating system here. The s8300 should not even rank as a "poor". Unacceptable, terrible, an absolute mess would be more accurate descriptions. In addition to the many complains of the poor battery life, sluggish response, there is also the problem with the motion sensors. When using the picture viewer you must take care to keep the phone absolutely steady, or pictures start moving. When you answer a call there is a very useful set of functions on the touch screen. Unfortunately due to the useless motion sensor it is very easy to accidentally touch those with your ear. I can't even count the number of times I've muted, held or even hung up on people because of it. The bottom line is that people should stay away from this phone. A perfect example of form over function. Very pretty, very useless. This will be the last Samsung phone I purchase for a very long time.

Reviewed by megan from UK on 12th Jul 2010
it is a piece of rubbish after a year. it does not let me use any memory cards anymore. it does not let me use the applications to connect to the internet, all in all DO NOT BUY THIS RUBBISH PHONE. I HATE IT!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Dan from UK on 11th Jul 2010
DONT BUY THIS PHONE it is way way overrated the camera ages ALOT after about 2 months the battery life is rubbish and the software is basically the same as any other basic samsung phone, AVOID IT !!!!! YOU WILL LIVE TO REGRET IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by fat jue from UK on 6th Jul 2010
no battry life, apps dont work and the brak well easy... stuff that

Reviewed by jen from UK on 4th Jul 2010
i haqve had this phone for 6months and i hate it more everyday. the camera maybe 8mega pixel but the quality is rubbish, most of my photos comes out with lines all the way through it, the battery life is rubbish also i barely use it due to it bein so difficult to text on so its not as if it is being used. still also cant set up my email n the photo uploader will not let me add facebook as my destination either n the internet is also very poor sometimes have to come off it and go back on it again.will not recommend this phone to anybody, i have nothing good to say about it and am stuck with it for another 12 months :(

Reviewed by Andrew Sear from UK on 25th Jun 2010
Do Not Buy This Phone, the battery life goes bad quickly and you will face many other problems.

Reviewed by Brian from UK on 24th Jun 2010
Love the camera, hate the phone, the touchscreen is so lazy and makes texting more of a task, will be going back to Nokia.

Reviewed by samsar from UK on 22nd Jun 2010
PILE OF JUNK !!!!!!!!!!! When making calls 1 of 4 things can happen.. Bluetooth turns on ,mutes,puts callers on hold or freezes the phone completely..I've had 4 of these from my supplier so its definitely a design fault. PURE JUNK ...Never having Samsung again !!!

Reviewed by Sunny Tehalyani from UK on 17th Jun 2010
i love this phone this phone is like that which phone i always want to use

Reviewed by dan from UK on 17th Jun 2010

Reviewed by Eddy from UK on 13th Jun 2010
had this phone for a couple of weeks good features nice loud music , excellent picture quality. takes some getting used to , i dont really like touch screen phones but it isnt too bad . battery life is same as most phones , depending on how much you use it , i charge it once every 3 or 4 days as i dont use it much . overall nice phone , good design , nice to hold . worth buying , but i think i would rather have the sony ericson c905 ..or even the c903 as they are more user friendly

Reviewed by Louise from UK on 13th Jun 2010
I've had the Tocco Unltra for 3 weeks now, the phone looks great and the camera really is fantastic. However the touch screen can be slow to respond, which can be very annoying and i don't find it easier to text. I'm thinking of trading it in for the Samsung Genio slide.

Reviewed by lucy from UK on 10th Jun 2010
excellent phone

Reviewed by alex from UK on 6th Jun 2010
flimsey, slow, stupid text controls, widgets dont react, more annoying than not having a phone. i've had it 2 months, dropped on the floor once, carpet aswell, nd the screen is dead.

Reviewed by angela from UK on 6th Jun 2010
i have had this phone now for 18 months so i think based on that i can review well and think it is a great phone considering i have actually dropped it so so many times and screen still un scratched and still works 100% well ! the only thing i find so annoying is that when you are on a call the mute button on the screen comes on by the slightest touch .

Reviewed by g from UK on 6th Jun 2010
had it 24 hours and now charging it for the 4th time, if you have a tariff with unlimted data and like to use the web or even listen to music a lot then this phone isnt for you, must be a known problem cause when i phoned my operator to arrange an exchange they offered me a spare battery to keep the phone, no thanks

Reviewed by tiffi from UK on 6th Jun 2010
welll it bad phone it is not worth it to us so i suggest u not to but this phone thanxs

Reviewed by Poo! :) from UK on 4th Jun 2010
This phone is a load of poo! rubbish. do not buy it!

Reviewed by Sam Blount from UK on 1st Jun 2010
WORST PHONE i have ever had, i have had it about 9 months now, and boy am i glad i had Orange Care Insurance on it because it has had to replaced about 6 times now, Oraneg have told me it is that unreliable that if it goes wrong again they are going to give me a completly different model phone. DON'T BUY THIS PHONE

Reviewed by emil y from UK on 29th May 2010
this phone is rubbish

Reviewed by khaj from UK on 26th May 2010
av ad this fone 4 1 week now and m still getin used to it...its great..love the look...but screen is very grease loving!! the texting on the touch is hard even though av ad touch b4..da touch dnt seem 2 work unless u press it pretty hard wich is difficult to tx coz u cnt tx fast coz u keep gtn da words rng...but overall its good luv da cameraa!!

Reviewed by Emma Louise Armstrong from UK on 25th May 2010
My Tocco Ultra is great, great picture quality and sound quality. The only problem i have is when i put it in my pocket it tries to download things and when i listen to music on it the battery doesn't last very long. I'm happy with this phone. Never had a problem downloading anything to my pc, whether i use the usb cable or my micro sd usb 2.0

Reviewed by emily (manchester) from UK on 23rd May 2010
i have the samsung phone and to be honest its orfal. The camara is slow hard to use, it takes forever to take a picture, you try getting onto the internet, but the things are tiny to click on so it makes it hard. You try to edit a word when your texting and its hell! you cant even do that without being there for about 10 minuites. the phone is a useless peice of junk and a waste of time for me! There are also random widgets coming up which i dont understand, and the sound quality is good either. and as for downloading your pictures onto your pc or laptop well that was terrible. it needs to get an easy and simple optision for it. disapointing samsung. I thought samsungs where good but im sticking to my sonys and getting the sony ericsson w995! This phone is a fail and i cant wait to get a new phone next week! :D

Reviewed by tom from UK on 23rd May 2010

Reviewed by kjh from UK on 21st May 2010
Horrendous phone - for all reasons stated in previous reviews - I stopped using it and went back to my out of contract Nokia and no probs. Texting was a nightmare - if make a mistake you have to delete entire message and start again. Has put me off samsungs and have had a couple before and always got on with them but not the tocco ultra. Can't wait for my contract to be up when I can get a latest Nokia.

Reviewed by Becky from UK on 18th May 2010
I absolutely love this phone! Almost had it a year, always dropping it and not a scracth to be found! Brilliant camera and touch screen. Everybody is saying the battery life is awful but it lasts me about 3 days, which is better than most phones! I would recommend the phones 4 u contract as I managed to get it for £20 a month for unlimited texts and 200 minutes - a good price for a phone with such good quality.

Reviewed by Ian from UK on 18th May 2010
dont like the way it unlocks itself in your pocket, the unlock could have gone under the slide lid. Fake call feature is a pest, touch screen doesn't always work, it won't pair up with my hands free in my car. I dont like the wigets on the side of the screen. I can't wait for my 18 month contract to end so I can get a decent phone.

Reviewed by Deborah from UK on 16th May 2010
Another thing is that to all those who say that this is like an i-phone, it really is not. The processor that runs the phone is not as big; it cannot physically create as smooth a touch which is why people are finding it clumpy and difficult to use. As somone who had the first Samsung Tocco previously,this is a huge let down. I have never struggled because of Samsung text settings, it's just this phone is clumpy and difficult to use. To those who are stuck with the phone, I would suggest turning off the keypad vibration setting? It just stops it jerking so much when you text etc.

Reviewed by Deborah Bazeley from UK on 16th May 2010
Technically, on paper this phone is great: it easily has the best gadgets for a phone in this price range. The camera and all the quirky effects you can do on your photos are amazing, along with the FM radio. Moreover, you think you're getting the best of both worlds with a slide open keypad and a touchscreen. However,the price of these gadgets is a very jerky, difficult to use phone. The touchscreen has taken a real knock and it's virtually impossible to scroll or text smoothly. It feels like you're in a constant battle to press the right letter and the words come up in a jerky manner like an old computer. It looks very nice and fancy, and my friends are envious of the camera. However, it really is not worth it. For me it was meant to be an upgrade from the original Tocco, but the quality of touchscreen has taken a big hit. I'm very disappointed. If anyone wants a smoother ride, the best touchscreen going is either the HTC Hero, or (if it will come with your contract) the HTC Desire. You don't get the same fancy camera but it is really easy to use and reliable.

Reviewed by Roo from UK on 12th May 2010
I hate this phone I have signed away 24 months with this horrid thing, but uploading videos and pictures are simple. As for the tones- put on your own music. There is loads of memory I have over 70 songs, and LOTS of pictures. I must say having to transfer picture to be saved to the phone just to upload them is the biggest pain. But not the burden of my life. After 12 months, mine has become faulty! It freezes, then turns off take 5 minutes to turn back on, once it is on all my widgets are pulled out, but frozen as though they are still a widget so i can't drag them back. Looking at photos, even the tiniest of tilts and it flies through your photos!!!! I am giving it an average because it isn't that bad. Texting can be slow, and sorting out alarms at first is hard. but really simple once you understand everything LOL. It took me a week or so to get it. but I got it. Although once my contract is up next year I am going for the Iphone.

Reviewed by El from UK on 10th May 2010
Worst phone I have ever had in 15 years! Software written by a retarded monkey. Tried for 6 months to get used to it and it still manages to hide whatever I need to do and no firmware/software updates since 15 Aug 2009 (without sending it back) when it was released - Nice. Camera slow and unresponsive, even the staff in several 3 stores were amazed at how bad it was. Randomly saves SMS to SIM and then after 20 msgs refuses to do anything without deleting them and don't try calling there support;Its laughable. Does not even make a decent door stop. Would neved buy another Samsung phone.

Reviewed by Carol from Kent from UK on 7th May 2010
i got this phone after much thought for many months and i hate it. It looks smashing but texting is a nitemare to be honest and the touch thing is unresponsive and i feel like hitting it. I will go back to my beloved RAZR2 V8 which is absolute bliss for texting and so easy to use its heaven. I dont need all those widgets what a waste of time and wish i had not wasted all that money on the tocco.

Reviewed by Donna Chadwick from UK on 26th Apr 2010
To say I despise this phone is an understatement. Unfortunately my contract was two years so I've another year to go. The touch scrren doesn't work properly half the time and its just an awful phone to use.... don't touch it with a barge pole

Reviewed by ryan smith from UK on 22nd Apr 2010
again ive had plenty of problems the latest one is when i ring anyone the screen goes blank and i cant press anything n the screen such as loudspeaker when i am driving or mute or hold etc eve when im on the phone and its an option menu like "press 1 to do this" i press 1 and it doesnt do anything, is anyone else having this problem? so they want me to fork out 160 quid for a new one? erm no i brught it off you give me a new one lmao send me an email at ryan_91@live.co.uk if you have or had the same black screen problem and what i can do about it?

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