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Samsung Tocco Lite review

 Review: May 2009  

Last updated September 2012

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Tocco Lite is a bargain touchscreen phone.

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The Tocco Lite is a classic. Launched in 2009, it was the top seller in that year, and introduced millions to the joys of touchscreen. It has now been replaced by the Tocco Lite 2.

With a good size screen (3 inches) and high resolution, Samsung's TouchWiz user interface works well on the Tocco Lite. Mobile widgets let you customise your home screen and give easy access to apps such as the clock, weather forecast, etc. There are also widgets for popular web apps such as Facebook and YouTube. The built-in accelerometer sensor will automatically rotate the screen when you turn the phone on its side, so you can easily switch between portrait and landscape modes. The virtual QWERTY keyboard is easy to use, and the addition of "real" keys for call, send and select make it even easier to use. The user interface also supports handwriting recognition and gesture lock.

The spec of the Tocco Lite is typical of a sub-£50 phone. There's a 3.2 megapixel camera with digital zoom. Samsung's "Smile Shot" feature lets you take a photo when the camera thinks your subject is smiling. You can also edit your photos on the camera itself. A basic camcorder is available too. There's a music player, FM radio with RDS, and support for downloadable MP3 ringtones. Audio quality is good, with a virtual 3D surround effect, an equaliser and support for DNSe. The memory is limited, but is expandable to 16GB with a microSD card. When it comes to connectivity, the Tocco Lite supports Bluetooth and USB, There's no WiFi and no 3G, which means that features like YouTube are going to be on the slow and jerky side. But remember that this is a budget phone - you can't have everything, and this seems like a reasonable compromise.

The web browser is very good, making excellent use of the large screen and with easy access to RSS feeds, Google Mail, Google Search and Google Maps. The lack of 3G does hamper the web browser though in terms of download speed.

Battery life is pretty good. The Tocco Lite doesn't have a heavy duty battery, but it has fewer gadgets to power than a smartphone, so it seems to be up to the job. Just don't expect it to last as long as your ancient Nokia and you'll be OK.

Taken on its own terms, the Tocco Lite is a fabulous phone. Whilst it lacks some of the features of high-end phones (3G, GPS, 8 MP camera, WiFi, etc), it does offer a lot for your money: a touchscreen user interface with 3.2 megapixel camera, stereo FM radio with RDS, accelerometer sensor and up to 16GB microSD expandable memory. It's available now with some fabulous contract deals: free line rental, or free gifts such as an XBOX 360, etc, and it comes in a choice of colours.

Update: a minority of users have reported a problem with the audio cutting out every few seconds, so that you can't hear the caller. As far as we can tell this happens on O2 only. Mike B has a possible fix for this problem for O2 users: "Try going to Menu - Applications - O2 - Get Settings. Install the settings you are sent and reset the phone. Since I did that, and received the settings for PAYG from O2 I haven't had any problems with calls, (at least for the last 2 days). Hope it helps !" Thanks to Mike B, and if you have tried this, please write a review to let us know how it worked. Please also report this problem if you experience it on any other network. John L has an alternative fix for O2 users: "go to settings, network settings and for network mode select GSM 900/1800."

Samsung Tocco Lite features include:

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My phone is saying to press the hold key to activate services. Can anyone help me?

Asked by Chris from Wales on 21st Aug 2016

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Average rating from 1323 reviews:

Reviewed by Jules from UK on 11th Nov 2015
I've had this phone for several years.
It does the job as a phone.
Texting is easy with decent sized keyboard.
Thank gooodness it's resistive and not touch screen - so I can use pencil or other pointer rather than a fat finger!

My only complaints:
* Hopeless User Guide which omits many features.
The on-line guide is identical to the paper one, so no help from there.
* Camera comes on too easily - and switching off is not obvious
*Widget bar appears too easily, obscuring screen. It should be possible to disable (I don't need those features)
* No CLEAR indication of when internet is actually on - and no display of internet usage - so not wanting to incur costs unknowingly, I don't use that at all.
* Transfer of photos to PC didn't work (but maybe I didn't try hard enough!)

To keep it is good condition I bought a cheap (~3?) flip case, so perhaps I've been luckier with

Reviewed by Norbert from Malta on 15th Aug 2013
Hi i had it for 2years!
what i most like is the music about it otherwise i rlly dislike it :((
its slow,internet jams,the battery is dying and also the earphones are not working..and theyre squarish where you connect them unlike normal once which are roundish.dont buy it

Reviewed by Jan from UK on 5th Oct 2012
Great battery life, nice and compact, doesn't weigh an awful lot. The full QWERTY keyboard when you flip the phone onto it's side for text messages is cool. I think those are the only good points to this phone.

The touch screen sensitivity is hit and miss - sometimes I need to press/tap 4 or 5 times to access SMS from the message icon on the screen or to send a message. But when I want to scroll through my contacts my finger just has to be a hairsbreadth away for the names to scroll at a speed which is reminiscent of a slot machine. Pressing to stop the scrolling results in accessing the information of whoever your finger stopped on. Very frustrating when you need to call someone in a hurry.

Ringtone volume is inadequate, this is the only phone where I've not been able to hear it ring while it's in my jacket pocket. Despite having it set to vibrate while ringing it doesn't do this - but it will vibrate when I set an alarm. So there's no problem with the actual vibrate function. There's also no function for alerts/reminders when you've missed a call/message, so unless you're vigilant/eager enough to constantly pick your phone up whenever you've left the room it's in for a moment, voicemails and texts will go ignored until you need to pick the phone up for something.

If you want a simple touchscreen phone that's frustrating to use, then buy this one.

Reviewed by rachel from uk on 4th Oct 2012
no sim mode constantly!!!! tried alsorts to get it sorted, but nothing. useless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Jemima Ahmed from United Kingdom on 1st Sep 2012
I've just started using the Tocco Lite and it is very easy to get started with and set up! I enjoy using this phone as it is very responsive and has many great features as explained above, but there is ONLY ONE little thing which the phone could've done without. If you could put any head phones in it would be fine but you have to use the phone headphones which are provided... this is because most headphones are rounded at the bit where you plug them in but the one's provided with the Tocco Lite are squared! One little problem but I reccomend you could buy this phone for a small price and expect BIG things! :)

Reviewed by yazmin from england on 23rd Aug 2012
had the tocco 4 about 9 months .... i'd say the phone is alright for a first phone . i've 2 pproblems with it :
not enough memory
don't have flash

i recomend this phone for 11 - 12 yr olds

Reviewed by B WAlter from UK on 22nd Aug 2012
Good phone, search for bodoblaze on youtube

Reviewed by Anon from USA on 16th Aug 2012
It was realised in 2009. What did you expect?

Reviewed by taty from america on 29th Jul 2012
i totaly agrre tocco lite is an alright phone

Reviewed by Mandy from England on 9th Jul 2012
Recently purchased a tocco lite and it's a great little phone, just have one problem it doesn;t seem to hold calibration on the touch screen. Maybe would be a good idea to provide a stylus - other than that one little quirk, phone is excellent.

Reviewed by Charlotte from England on 24th Jun 2012
The samsung tocco lite is a good phone, its annoying how it doesnt come with a memory card, but it does have a slot to put one in. The battery life is very good and altogther a very acceptable phone!! I would recommend it!

Reviewed by callum from uk on 10th Jun 2012
Samsung tocco lite is very good phone touch screen is alright bat life is good over all good little phone

Reviewed by Wes from Ireland on 9th Jun 2012
I've had the phone 3 years. The best phone i have ever had. The battery is amazing, it can last up to days without charging it. It is a very basic phone but a very good one. I would recommend anyone wanting to buy the phone to go for it because it is worth the price.

Reviewed by Mary from Scotland on 8th Jun 2012
I've had this phone for almost 3 years now and its been working very well until recently. The back slides off very easily and it has lost the ability to vibrate and it is much harder to send texts because you don't really know what key you are hitting. All in all, it is a very good phone but i recommend not having it for any longer than 2 and a half years

Reviewed by jenny from france on 7th Jun 2012
i loved my phone, and so does someone else now as i have just had it stolen. Not happy! Will have to get another one

Reviewed by sophie from england on 30th May 2012
it's probily the worst phone i've ever had, and that's saying a lot because before i got it i had a phone that dousn't ring! I hate it! it's slow and it took me 10 minites to send a text with 2 letters in it. i have a very young brother who can work it, and he keeps saying why do you have it if you can't get any good game's on it? i replyed, well it was cheep at the time. There is no wi-fi, tuch screen dousn't work propaly, it takes forever to come on, it looks hidious and if your looking to go on you tube don't bother because you can't watch anything on it.


Reply by Jim from UK on 25th Jun 2012
Have had mine six months and have never regretted buying it from the Carphone Warehouse and on 02. Best mobile phone for the money that's out there for what a mobile phone is supposed to do - talk and send text messages.

Reply by Sairah from United Kingdom on 4th Sep 2012
I agree! youtube doesnt work at all & im not able to download most of the apps in the samsung tocco lite app site :|

Reviewed by Lupupa Tumelo from Zambia on 24th May 2012
i like the phone its friendly en so far no problems.
A year now

Reviewed by Kayt from England on 10th May 2012
Had the phone roughly 2 and a half years, and recently i've had a couple of problems. I lost the back of the phone not too long ago and currently the battery is sellotaped in. Also, half the screen freezes for no apparent reason and about two night ago i had a black screen with the word "DOWNLOAD" wrote in red letters across my screen. I don't understand why it's just freezing. It's now became impossible to use as a phone, as i can't make phone calls or reply to texts. Before these recent problems, I really enjoyed the phone, despite the internet not connected, but i have a laptop for that. Anyway, if anyone has a solution for the screen freezing, i'd appreciate it. My boyfriend thinks i'm cross with him :/

Reply by Dick from UK on 10th May 2012
The back just "fell" off ...lol

Reply by jem from uk on 27th Oct 2012
Have exact same problem with mine , mine now doesn't have any volume as the up scroll button on the side no longer works and no other way or turning it up or down HELPFUL!!

Reviewed by KIM from ENGLAND on 7th May 2012

Reviewed by Izzy from England on 23rd Apr 2012
I got a Samsung Tocco Light for christmas 2.5 years ago, and it has been working very well very since. I like layout and the system for texting. I wish that there were better games, because apart from tumbling dice, they are quite frankly rubbish!! Also, on the start page, on the left there is a margin which contains shortcuts to other pages. I find this unnecessary, and when i turn my phone on the orange world one pops up. Apart from that, I thing my phone is oiutstanding!! 8-D

Reviewed by alan bamford from united kingdom on 12th Apr 2012
had my tocco lite gold for two years now, but still have not worked out how to respond to call centre menus when in call, does anyone have any idea, otherwise totally delighted with phone on t mobile

Reply by alsatian from derbyshire on 18th Apr 2012
Whilst in the call, press and hold the 'lock keypad' on the right hand side of the phone - then tap the keypad icon at the bottom left of the screen. Hey presto! I had exactly the same problem as you and it took me absolutely ages to find this out.

Reply by alan bamford from united kingdom on 25th Jul 2012
thanks alsation glad someone else had the problem, could not find anything in the owners manual that made sense best regards

Reviewed by Annabel from England on 24th Mar 2012
This phone is ok.However I wouldn't reccomend it as it takes an age to turn on and messages take forever to load the only good thing is the camera. I am now saving up for a blackberry as all my friends have them and altough they are expensive they are a million times better .

Reviewed by Tommy Simms from Northumberland UK on 23rd Mar 2012
No YouTube on the phone

Reviewed by Cait from England on 22nd Mar 2012
The phone was amazing to begin with, however it got VERY slow with use, the qwerty keys were so small it was easy to create an error when typing. My media player didn't work and the absence of wifi was plain irritating. Therefore I was happy when it came to get my BlackBerry 8520.

Reviewed by james timbs from uk on 16th Mar 2012
i have had the phone for 18 months with no problem now my predictive text dose not work properly and the signal received by it seems to be very low any body else had these problems may need to upgrade sofware but dont no how to do this

Reviewed by Mihaela from Ireland on 14th Mar 2012
I have this phone for 1 year and it works pretty well bet I'm a bit dissapointed with the touch screen.Lately whenever I press the back of it it just shuts down.Does anyone know what to do?

Reviewed by Geoff from England on 8th Mar 2012
Wot a load of rubbish. I've had this phone for 2 years. It's good for the basics buts that's about it. Every time I go on holiday abroad I can make and receive calls, receive texts but it won't let me send a txt. I tried everything, even given it to my son who is a bit of a technical wizard but even he can't get it to send a txt. My wife who has a really cheap Nokia has no problems at all even though we are both on the same payg plan with orange. In Austria at the moment and really piste off with this phone. When I get home I'm going to buy a cheap Nokia that will at least work like a mobile should

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 9th Mar 2012
I would strongly suggest that this problem of not being able to send texts when abroad is to do with Orange and nothing to do with the phone. I would suggest that you speak to Orange.

Reviewed by Julia P from UK on 29th Feb 2012
I've had my Samsung Tocco lite for 2 yrs now. The battery life is still excellent. I only have to charge it every 3-4 days and I use it pretty heavily for txt and chat. The touch screen is very responsive and clear. I have used the camera and video and taken some great footage, clear and focused. Pretty robust, have dropped it loads of times and still working fine although it's in a flip cover to protect screen. I can't understand people moaning about the screen getting scratched, Use a screen protector and a cover, problem solved. Looking to upgrade next month but not sure what to go for as new phone will have a lot to live up to.

Reviewed by Andy D from UK on 27th Feb 2012
Very surprised at the number of negative comments and reviews about this phone. I've had mine for around 2 years and for me its the best phone I have owned. Last week I upgraded to a HTC Sensation, I returned it after three days and continued using the Tocco Lite. Pros about this phone; the battery life is still excellent, you can go two whole days, easily without having to charge up. Texting is great, qwerty keyboard makes it really easy. Its a tough phone, I have dropped mine, got it wet in the pub, etc, etc and its never give me a problem. Cons; It hasnt got flash so trying to watch Youtube which is installed as a widget is neigh on impossible. If you want a flash smart/android phone then this isnt for you, but believe me if you just want to browse the net, go on facebook and make calls/send texts then this wont let you down.

Reviewed by mark from uk on 26th Feb 2012
I like bucking trends so the querty key board is ideal for my long hand texts :-) I use it as a telepone - mp3 player without headphones (good volume) - reminder - egg timer :-) calender - the only problem I've had with it is the 16 gb SD get corrupted so I now stick to 8 gb memory card for all my music - I'd say its a good phone if you want basic stuff and dont need to impress with your phone - inexpensive to run too - thumbs up for usability

Reviewed by sam from uk on 22nd Feb 2012
i brought the tocco lite in December last year as of my last review, i have now got a problem the phone now freezes most of the time this is my second tocco lite dont buy it spend a bit more money on a nokia ,i have gone back to my old nokia 6303 i classic

Reviewed by George from England on 21st Feb 2012
I purchased the Tocco Lite around 2 years ago - against advice from my Daughter who swears by Sony Ericsson & Nokia. Guess who has had to replace twice in that time? Not me! OK it does not have 3G capability & the internet connection is a bit iffy in low signal areas, - checking emails can be a bit of a pain too, as the screen keeps 're-sizing' without warning, but otherwise it has been 100% reliable. I bought it unlocked via Amazon and installed my Virgin sim. I don't know if it is the network, but I held onto the UK signal well after my daughter lost Orange coverage in the English Channel en route to Norway! It has a reasonable internal memory ( mini SD fits under sim )and capability of setting Mp3's as ring, text and alarm tones, the only thing is - it plays the whole song when set as text tone ( over 8 1/2 minutes for Bat Out Of Hell!!) decent battery life - only needs topping up twice a week with my usage. I am not sure if it is common to all touch screen phones, but I find trying to use the 'in call' functions a bit fiddly - especially since the screen goes blank when in call & have to keep pressing the 'return' button. - Oh for the old keypads! It seems that whenever Samsung bring out new technology they remove support for older models. I have been trying unsuccessfully to download the 'New PC Studio' so I can sync content from my PC. ( A previous installation was lost when my PC crashed.)

Reviewed by babe from london on 18th Feb 2012
I bought this phone when i was about 9? they charged loads for it,and it broke after a week?and no that i want to sell it its only worth about 11!i wish i had not got it

Reviewed by Rasim from Turkey on 14th Feb 2012
Resistive touch screen + everything you can find on a standard phone... Nothing special. Had it for two years now, and I find it sufficient - I don't care about the internet, games or or any of the other nifty features. The back cover comes off too easily though - lost it, but the phone still works.

Reviewed by john from england north west on 10th Feb 2012
not so good had 1 for 16 months now. The internet seems to get slower and slower day by day. Mate of mine has just given me his n95 if you can get hold of 1 then do so. its a fantastic phone 3g gprs apps from ovi store are fab anh loads to get unlike samsung tocco very hard to find and the same puttin them onto the phone. 2 star for samsung but yet again you just cant beet a nokia will last you years 5 stars. forget samsung get and stick with nokia. They know how to make a good phone and at a good price!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Ray Steeley from Cyprus on 9th Feb 2012
This phone is not at all reliable.It is the second one I have had in two years and both of them have suffered with the same problem, total touch screen failure meaning a replacement phone is needed. Never again a Samsung for me.

Reviewed by n davies from wales on 7th Feb 2012
worst phone i have ever used, this phone has put me off ever buying another samsung phone

Reviewed by Kerri from UK on 4th Feb 2012
I've had mine for 2 years problem free! It may not be the latest or most technologically advanced phone but overall it is great! You will never find a phone free from little annoying things such as the headphones being necessary to listen to the radio and the headphones and charger using the same slot, the unlock button taking a few seconds to unlock and it is easily scratched and dented. Sure, these things are a pain but you could pay 100s and no phone would be perfect. It does what it says on the tin and more. Reasonably good camera, texts and phones well, pretty good touchscreen I've found, easy to customise, has lots of useful little features such as a measurement converter and world clock. Overall a pretty good phone if you're looking for something simple to text & call with. I'm now hoping to replace mine with a HTC Wildfire as it is more Internet-friendly and has access to apps, whereas this phone lacks both of these. But if good Internet isn't vital to you, then the Tocco Lite is a fantastic,fashionable, simple, durable phone.

Reviewed by madison from england on 3rd Feb 2012
i looooovvvvveeeee this phone, it is very reliable and works amazingly well for the price, its simple to use and basically its a great phone, i have had mine for 2 years and it still works amazingly well!

Reviewed by Jim from UK on 1st Feb 2012
My wife hated this phone after she bought it a few weeks ago in early January 2012 so I had it off her instead and love it. She now has LG C360 which she loves. Bought my grandaughter a Toco Lite two years ago and she give me that phone when she upgraded to HTC Wildfire S so I have a spare phone/battery but the pink colour doesn't suit me. The Toco Lite is my first camera phone and will not use that function nor the radio. Why don't mobile phone manufactures just make a dual/triple sim (useful function) mobile phone and keep the rest of that useless camera/radio stuff off it. But an outstanding phone and find it easy to text. age sixty-seven and three quaters.

Reviewed by Kayleigh from England on 29th Jan 2012
The Tocco Lite is a very handy phone with brilliant battery life. After about a year or so the touch starts going though. The camera and camcorder are not bad. The fm radio is very good but you have to plug the speakers in to get it to work. I have also realized that a fault in the phone is that the speakers and battery charger go into the same slot. This phone is lightweight and a brilliant first phone, but it lacks 3G. If you are looking for a very technical smartphone don't go for this as it is quite basic. The facebook and social networking is very slow and a let down but if you are looking for a long lasting battery, not too technical small handy phone without android this it for you.

Reviewed by ME! from ME on 29th Jan 2012
AMAZING FIRST PHONE!! everyone i no has got one!

Reviewed by Henry Havins-Caddick from uk on 27th Jan 2012
nice phone but how do i set the time and date ,the manual does not tell me?

Reply by George from England on 21st Feb 2012
OK: Time setting - Go into 'Settings' menu, select 'Time and date' scroll down to 'Time' using up/down buttons on left side of fone. Tap on 'Time window' & the 'time set' screen appears. Set time, return to previous screen then scroll down to 'Date format' & set date. - Job done!!

Reviewed by Lucio from France on 27th Jan 2012
Bought this phone in Italy, not so much a bargain. I hate it's touchscreen features, nothing works properly. Almost everything in the interface is clumsy (like, you can easily record a video, but try erasing afterwards to free memory when you need to take a picture). The PC software is another disgrace.

Reviewed by glo from uk on 25th Jan 2012
Didnt like it the first day i got it, but after i had worked it out i thought it was ok. Yes i really like this phone. I think its real value for money. Its nice to look at and feels nice because its not heavy.If you want a phone that does loads of things then this one is not for you. It has a nice camera that takes good pictures and good videos. Im a bit fussy with phones but due to not having the money for an expensive phone i am happy with the tacco lite.

Reviewed by Jess from UK on 24th Jan 2012
This phone is quite good. Cant use my music for incoming texts. Why???? The internet is so slow and is confusing. All i wanted is to go onto google, i waited for at least 10mins and gave up waiting anymore. The texting is good and is clear to understand. The camera is ok but when you want to record a video when its dark you cnt as it doesnt have night mode. It does for pictures but not videos. This phone holds a lot of music, photos and videos ( depening how much your memory card can hold). Overall i would recommend this phone for people who just want to text, make phone calls and take the odd pictures now and again. This phone looks good and is not expensive.

Reply by Amy from Uk on 13th Feb 2012
you can use music for coming incoming text you go to settings then phone profiles and then the arrow on normal change the top bit where it says incoming call to new messages and then change to the music of your choice

Reviewed by Cindy from UK on 23rd Jan 2012
I've had this for only 4 days and it's going back to the shop! The touchscreen is really unresponsive, it turns itself off and then won't switch back on and it's so flimsy I'm scared I might break it just by touching it. I know it was cheap but it would be good if it at least worked.

Reviewed by Frankie Lane from UK on 23rd Jan 2012
Sorry I dont like this phone, it locks automatically every few seconds and its really difficult to get off, you dont have to touch more like push. Dont know what may happen in an emergency if you panicked.

Reviewed by Delikat from Ulster on 16th Jan 2012
Can't use MY music for incoming texts - why not? Can for incoming calls. Can't get nice shutter click for camera - silence. Also when composing texts if I want to insert or change a previous word, I have to tap screen at point where I want to make the change, a backward arrow for cursor would be more effective and faster.

Reviewed by Canny Lad from UK on 14th Jan 2012
I thought this phone was the bees knees when I first got it. I suppose it all depends on what you are using it for! You want to ring people and send messages...it's the phone for you. You want to surf the internet and watch Youtube, forget it. I also had a hard time downloading games without having the PC Studio CD

Reviewed by Jihan from United Kingdom on 14th Jan 2012
i have the samsung tocco lite and it is fabulous. i think it is a reasonable price aswell. you can lock it and you can put songs on it. but one of my dislikes is that there is a limit of how much songs you can put on their which makes me think should have i got the wrong phone.

Reviewed by mack from LA on 14th Jan 2012
this is an OK fone it has bright colours n looks cool, i love the bbm it is amazin but as i said its not the best fone it snap easily all bb do dat

Reviewed by mevish from england on 14th Jan 2012
I really like this phone ive had it since about a month and a half but the only problem with it is that the back cover is loose...

Reviewed by Becky from scottland on 12th Jan 2012
Well my mum AND my sister have a samsung tocco lite and they said it is wonderful. So now i would really like to have one however I have to find one cheap which is hard because they are great phones. You can`t really complain about them! I`ve desided I will get one for shour.

Reviewed by andrea from uk on 12th Jan 2012
I love my phone!! ive had mine for 2 yrs and have NEVER had a problem with it! :)

Reviewed by Jess from UK on 10th Jan 2012
I've had this phone for 2 years and hated it from the minute I got it. Maybe I'm just stuck in the dark ages, but as my first touch screen phone, I really couldn't get to grips with it. Whilst composing a message, it makes words up, doesn't respond very well and is highly frustrating. I also had problems with my photos, taking them was easy but if you wanted to edit them or make one your wallpaper, I struggled adjusting the size. I've been put off touchscreen phones now, so have just treated myself to a Blackberry. My advise would be to avoid this phone!

Reply by someone from UK on 18th Feb 2012
You probably had predictive text on when composing your messages. You need to turn it off and then messaging is absolutely fine...

Reviewed by Thomas from Japan on 8th Jan 2012
this phone is great!

Reviewed by charlotte from england on 8th Jan 2012
my friend gave me this phone as i was always messing around with it the phone is a samsunggt-s5230 not as commonly known as a blackberry it is very easy to use! The phone is a touch screen and unlike many others it is not to sensetive the camera is FANTASTIC much better than the poor quality blackberry. No it hasnt got bbm but it has got many connections on the internet like: my space, facebook, youtube, flickr, photo bucket, picasa, friendster, google , im , the home page and bookmarks. It has got brilliant memory and a very easy to use setting systm i give this phone a ***** five star rating!

Reviewed by Julia from Uk on 7th Jan 2012
I had this phone a few years ago, and wanted another phone, I bought a andriod phone, could not get on with it, used up all my tesco credit in 4 days!! kept going on internet by accident, so when I saw this Tocco phone for 39-99 at carphone warehouse I could not say no! and was pleased the new Tocco lite, have three more apps pages, facebook already installed, and Gmail installed too, google maps, lots of good games, bought it O2 ,and they set up Gmail and music all up for me, I think a great little phone, and cheap! does what I want email, facebook, music, browse the web! and now downloaded more games, ringtones, and msn, what else could I want!! and all for 39-99!! brill .

Reviewed by **** from **** on 6th Jan 2012
I have had this phone for quite a while now. it is OK but the touch screen is rubbish, VERY unresponsive The camera is OK but the keypad on messages isn't very good cause you always type the wrong letter. It's a good bargain but doesn't sell for much. I don't like the locking and unlocking system also. And I don't like the 3 screens.

Reviewed by Lauryn from England on 6th Jan 2012
This is my first phone. I don't mind about the calls - I won't use them - but when I go onto O2 it doesn't say settings. However, it is really simple and doesn't run out of charge that quickly. I hope this helps people!

Reviewed by king from england on 6th Jan 2012
i had this phone for a year before it got nicked. i was upset i'd had something stolen but i was happy to say goodbye to it. it was drut. texting was bad. the screen was scratched by anything and even though i have delicate fingers, i needed a prodder to text otherwise the texts were nonsensical. cheap but bad.

Reviewed by Linda from England on 5th Jan 2012
I have had this phone for nearly a year.Never had any problems i.e switching its self on and off.I purchased case and screen protecter.Even after all this time only need to charge once a week and phone is on 24,7. Looks good (without the case)Think me and my Samsung Tocco Lite are going to be together a long time.

Reviewed by Honor from England on 2nd Jan 2012
I have had this phone for nearly a year! It looks very smart, but is VERY easy to scratch the touchscreen! Anyway, it's quite a good phone. Very, very basic, and simple, but also quite nice in a way! I would rate 4/5!

Reviewed by kasie from scotland on 2nd Jan 2012
Well it is an amazing phone!! Alough it does take quite a wee minute to load things. :-( But apart from that it is a pretty good and lite phone for a person who is looking for a good in date and easy to use!! :-)

Reviewed by Rosie from England on 1st Jan 2012
Not a Very good phone, Breaks easily and does things itself. It switches on and off on its own and rings people when you don't know about it. Internet very slow and apps don't all ways work. Touch screen isn't very good either

Reviewed by Warren from Northern Ireland on 1st Jan 2012
I have gave up my HTC Wildfire to get this phone back. Brilliant

Reviewed by Zayn Wahid from England on 1st Jan 2012
Well, I have to say im only 17 and im actually quite impressed with the features of the samsung tocco lite. I have three bb's but i end to use he samsung more often. The phone is really good but compared to the bb torch its kinda SLOW.... if your new to 'THE WHOLE MOBILE PHONE GENERATION' then i advise you to buy a simpler phone but i recommend the samsung mobile phone mainly for both pre teens and teens! :D

Reviewed by Jake from England on 31st Dec 2011
The phone has a mind of its own! It turns off when the battery aint even that low, the internet is very slow and sometimes when someone rings you cant even hear the ringtone!

Reviewed by Lloyd from England on 31st Dec 2011
It's laggyand not very user friendly... But on the upper hand its screen is very clear with the perfect resolution. But it does have a cheap and nasty resistive touchscreen (unlike most touchscreen mobiles with a much nicer and more responsive capacitive touchscreen).

Reviewed by alan hawkins from england on 29th Dec 2011
best phone i have ever bought

Reviewed by Jack from United Kingdom on 28th Dec 2011
This phone is excellent as an entry level touchscreen. I have had it for a good 2 years and I can't report any problems, despite dropping it on numerous occasions, leaving it in washing machines, running over it on tennis courts - it is a solid, well made phone. I am upgrading soon to get all the features of the new smartphones (time moves quickly in technology!), but this is still a fantastic buy.. texting is easy, the battery life is long, the music player is excellent.. I'm still discovering new features (such as photo contacts). For 40, it is brilliant. Cheers!

Reviewed by Gaby from uk on 26th Dec 2011
It is quite a good phone i must say, it is a very good phone for the younger generation so its a good basic phone,But it has its downsides..For example the touch screen sometimes freezes and the battery runs low quickly and easily, But it is a very low price it is what most people look for in a phone!

Reviewed by kebbabs from uk on 26th Dec 2011
this phone is soooo good man!!!! it's very cheap but very good. it's got all sorts of things

Reviewed by Karins from US on 23rd Dec 2011
If you are a constant texter: DON'T BUY IT. The keyboard SUCKS. Matter of fact, it doesn't even have a keyboard.

Reviewed by Lucy from Uk on 23rd Dec 2011
i have had this phone for nearly a year now and it is nearly at the end of its life it scratches very very easily and now mine does look a mess.The touch screen is pathetic,freezes,and doesn't calibrate very well at all,it also does turn its self of sometimes camera quality is poor,and slow for internet useage one of the good features is its long battery life,mine would sometimes last for 5 days on one charge. the phone does its purpose but its not one i would recommend for long term use.

Reviewed by Tamia from usa on 22nd Dec 2011
I have also have the Samsung S5230 Tocco Lite. The functions are great. Are there any one that can answer my question. Who is expected to buy this phone? Teens or for all users? If so, can you find a article that tells it.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 22nd Dec 2011
Tamia, it can be used by people of any age. It's a great choice for anyone who wants a touchscreen phone with most of the features of a smartphone for a very low price!

Reviewed by Jim from THE GREAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA on 21st Dec 2011
This phone is rubbish! It always freezes, screen goes black and white, battery always low, internet never works and sometimes it just shuts down. I am not happy! And now just, my phone has started smoking! This is bad bad bad! It is on fire! Now it has blown up! GREAT! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! :(

Reviewed by Marie from UK on 11th Dec 2011
Bought this phone a year ago on o2 and has never let me down,although for the past few weeks, i cannot make calls or send texts even though i have free minutes and unlimited txts and full signal strength it just says call ended or failed and when people ring me it says my phone is switched off, which it isnt but sometimes occasionally works. O2 have said there is nothing wrong with their network so suggested switching phones, when i put my sim in a spare phone it works. I would not recommend buying this phone it has no WIFI, no camera flash and scratches very easily and by reading some other reviews for this phone it looks like there is some software issues regarding calls dropping out or not even connecting in my case.

Reviewed by sara from turkey on 7th Dec 2011
its so cool.this phone is waaaaaaaaaaay betta dan lg cookie times a million.i love it.i will neva trade it even for blackberry or htc.nevaaaa.

Reviewed by Emily from UK on 5th Dec 2011
I have had this phone for about a week now and I can't stand it. Texting takes ages as it's very easy to switch off/on T9 or change the language and when using predictive text, you can't type single letters. You have to switch T9 off and type in the letter manually. The screen is already terribly scratched even though I always keep my phone in an empty pocket so I have no idea what's scratching it, it must be super-susceptible to scratching. Also, every time I switch the camera on, the phone completely freezes and I have to wait about 10 minutes for it to sort itself out. Finally, and this is just a personal preference, I love being able to listen to the radio on my phone but you can only use the samsung headphones provided and the volume only goes down to certain volume which is way too loud for me and means I can't listen to music or the radio on the phone.

Reviewed by sam from uk on 5th Dec 2011
a got this phone last x-mas i had it for 5 months then the memory card kept popping itself out and the back sides of but i got a new tocco lite and this one is a completely different phone from my old one great camera good overall cheap phone very sturdy must buy if u want a touch phone but haven't got a lot of money or if you want to try a touch before the apple i phone cheap and cheerful.

Reviewed by tarzan from usa on 5th Dec 2011
it is such a cool phone i also think it is good value because of the rotating qwerty keyboard and video camera. i would buy it if i were you as it is simple and easy to use!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by jghhgf from blahblah on 3rd Dec 2011
i had this phone for about 2 years now. i have not had any problems with calls or anything. the lock key thing can be easily solved by going and setting it on to an option so only the lock key unlocks it and lights it up. my back came off very easily as some said....i got a case for it and its fine. it gets boring after a while because it has no wifi. you can go on fb youtube and thinga like that but it takes your credit. the camera in my opinion is ok but i dont like it too much, it has no flash. it has and avarage memory but id advise a memory card. i dropped it a lot of times and a horse kicked it and it still works fine so its very durable. i love this phone but after 2 year it get boring. but it is still in perfect condition. hope i helped!

Reviewed by E from UK on 2nd Dec 2011
I would not recomend this phone at all! The touch screen is completly out and every time I try to take a photo it freezes which means i have to take the battery out. I cannot wait to get a new phone and get rid of this!!!

Reviewed by HTHFTHFHF from England,Essex,Chelmsford on 29th Nov 2011

Reviewed by anonymous from anonymous on 27th Nov 2011
This phone is a good phone overall.The camera seems loads better than 3.2 mega and the colour/brightness is great and i love playing music and putting widgets on my wallpaper. But there are some down falls. The lock/unlock button is on the side of the phone so when you lock your phone and put it in your pocket it unlocks its self then when you take it out you realise you have been calling/texting someone. Also when you look back at your pictures it take ages getting onto them then when it does get on to them it goes on to a different picture.Other than that this phone is fantastic!!!!!

Reviewed by mev from UK on 25th Nov 2011
Only problem is that the touch screen might stop working after awhile and you would have to get it replaced Other than that, the phone is fantastic!!

Reviewed by Andrew from England on 23rd Nov 2011
The tocco has not got wifi.

Reviewed by N.phillips from england on 19th Nov 2011
dont buy the tocco lite. i thought it was great at first all my friends had it so i bought the limited adition gold colour one 6 months from when i bought it which is now ity is turning its self one and clicking one things i have not said it to do.

Reviewed by Bob Marley from UK on 12th Jul 2011
Don't buy this phone, the touch screen is dreadful and if you don't have internet on your contract it is useless. I bought this on pay as you go because I thought it would be a good cheap touch screen phone.Because it was cheap the camera was cheap and so was the touch screen. If you were going to buy this phone or the cookie, I would buy the cookie.

Reviewed by matty from UK on 12th Jul 2011
its amazing

Reviewed by tapps from UK on 12th Jul 2011
well had this fone for monthes then it all of a sudden broke screen stopped working then no reception permanantly

Reviewed by AJ from UK on 11th Jul 2011
Had it over 18 months now so not a rash review. It's been excellent, easy to use. Battery life is excellent and gets reception when my wife's Nokia on same network fails.

Reviewed by David Gilmoore from UK on 10th Jul 2011
Very good phone, which it would be considering it DOESN'T USE DLLs like something Microsoft would put out. Mind, if this was The Microsoft everything would have copyright symbols everywhere. Windows Phone 7 anyone? All the best, David Gilmoore

Reviewed by Hannah from UK on 6th Jul 2011
I have had the Samsung Tocco Lite for just over a year now. The camrea is good, and the phone without the memory card holds alot of memory for example, texts, pictures. The only problem is.. the touch screen is very very sensitive ! And does not work for me anyomre, very stressful! Would use it as a full time phone.. only if your desprate for a subsute phone. I would not pay more then 30 for it ! Not bad, but could be better.

Reviewed by ????? from UK on 2nd Jul 2011
I have got the pink samsung tocco lite and it is so good and I would advertise it to anyone because it is the best phone i've ever had!!!!!

Reviewed by SANDRA from UK on 30th Jun 2011

Reviewed by Luis Hoolachan from UK on 29th Jun 2011
Really good fone. Bright screen so you can see what/who you are texting. Locks all the time

Reviewed by Virginia Robinson from UK on 28th Jun 2011
I really struggled with this phone, I bought it from Phones 4 U. At first it was working great! However after a couple of months I found that the calibration started to play up, so I kept having to reset almost every day, this was a pain in the backside because it would take pretty much the whole to try and reset it and I would have to keep the phone turned off to be able to get onto the settings to reset the calibration. The camera quality was poor. But when the phone does work it is really great, its just a shame.

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