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Samsung Tocco Lite 2 review

 Review: July 2012  

Last updated September 2012

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung Tocco Lite 2 is a modern-looking replacement for the Tocco Lite.

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The original Tocco Lite was a classic that introduced millions to touch screen phones. That was back in 2009. These days you can buy an Android smartphone for less than £100, so is there still a demand for a touchscreen phone that isn't smart? The answer is yes, as long as it looks like a smartphone and acts like a smartphone.

The Tocco Lite 2 certainly looks the part. It's much more modern in appearance. It looks like the baby brother of the Galaxy Ace. Its square shape is softened by rounded edging, and metallic framing sets off a minimalistic design. And it's very much pocket-sized. It's a different shape to the original Tocco Lite - shorter and wider - and as a result the screen is a different aspect ratio, even though it still measures 3 inches diagonally. Unfortunately the screen resolution has been reduced to a sub-par 240 x320 QVGA. Hardly a sign of progress. However, the screen is capacitive rather than the old resistive type, so it responds better to the touch.

The camera is a very basic 3.2 megapixel point-and-shoot without a flash, although there are a few photo effects you can play with. Video resolution is a pathetic 176 x 144 resolution - less than the original Tocco Lite.

The music player is basic but functional. Music quality isn't the best, but you'll be pleased to know that Samsung have added a 3.5mm headphone jack so you don't have to rely on the tinny speakerphone.

The onboard memory is a tiny 20MB - again less than the original, which had 50MB. "You'll be glad to have extra storage" say Samsung, talking about the microSD memory card slot. And they're not joking.

In our introduction, we mentioned that we'd be on the lookout for smartphone-like features. So far we haven't found any, and that's the real problem for the Tocco Lite 2. This is a phone for basic calling and texting only. While the phone does have facebook & twitter access, with no 3G or Wi-Fi you'll be waiting so long for your social media you'll be feeling quite antisocial by the time you eventually get a connection. The same goes for web browsing.

Battery life is similar to the original, which is to say a good few days between charges and a lot better than a smartphone.

We'd hesitate to describe this as an enhancement of the original Tocco Lite. OK, so it has the looks and the new capacitive touchscreen is easier to use. The 3.5mm headphone jack is welcome. But it still lacks the tools to make it into a modern phone - particularly 3G or Wi-Fi. And in some ways it is actually less capable than the original phone from 3 years ago!

But it is cheap. So, as a basic phone for someone who has no need of web browsing, social networking and all the rest, this could fit the bill. Alternatives include the Samsung Galaxy Y - an Android phone with tons more features. Or you could choose a QWERTY keyboard phone like the Orange Rio 2, which has fast 3G internet access.

Samsung Tocco Lite 2 features include:

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Samsung Tocco Lite 2 user reviews

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Average rating from 6 reviews:

Reviewed by Izzy from UK on 17th Mar 2014
U have to hit the keyboard really hard and half the time u get bzcaudr ilstead of because or something I really want a new phone this ones rubbish

Reviewed by jess from uk on 9th Dec 2013
No app store Rubbish camera Bad graphics

Reviewed by Bethanne from Uk on 27th Dec 2012
Very normal looking, average usability, generally a satisfactory phone. Low rating due to the obvious AVERAGE / UNDER AVERAGE quality. I think the first tocco was the very best. At its time it was a iPhone beater. Things have moved on since then, except this phone. It's almost stuck in a time warp. Perhaps make a good first phone for a child 8-11 years, but nothing more. No heavy use can be handled, the keypad is tough, it may aswell have buttons I have to press it that hard. Imaginable, I now have another phone. This may be samsungs disaster. Learn from your mistakes, I shouldn't have expected much, at it's price. But I can fairly say I was ripped off! Mark my words, my honest opinion and my trustable knowledge on this phone. Not even a respectable camera, either. Thanks, hope I helped.

Reviewed by Simon from England on 24th Aug 2012
So you compaired it to the galaxy y or Europa for under 50 with wifi 3G This phone is only worth around 25 to 30 not 45

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 18th Sep 2012
We've now downgraded this phone to 3 stars, as new phones are coming out with better features.

Reply by Bethanne from Uk on 27th Dec 2012
Totally agree. Very valid points made. You are honest about this phone and that is all I have to say since my last comment. Thanks.

Reviewed by jane from uk on 22nd Jul 2012
its vile - i hate it
camera useless and you have to hit keypad hard!!!

Reviewed by Charles Chaplin from USA on 8th Jul 2012
No wifi, no 3G, no memory, terrible camera... yet still it gets 4 stars out of 5. Excellent? Why?

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 9th Jul 2012
We're not comparing it with the iPhone. We're comparing it with other sub-50 phones.

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