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Samsung Tocco Icon review

 Review: March 2011  

Last updated September 2012

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung Tocco Icon is an entry-level touchscreen phone.

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The Samsung Tocco Icon is an updated version of the monster-selling Tocco Lite. It's almost the same size and weight as the pocket-sized Tocco Lite, but with an updated squarer shape. With three physical buttons below the touch screen, this is an easy phone to use single-handedly. The resistive touchscreen on the Tocco Lite has been replaced with a much more responsive capacitive touchscreen, and in combination with Samsung's own TouchWiz 3.0 user interface, this makes the phone very straightforward, responsive and easy to use. The screen is 3 inches, the same as the Tocco Lite, and a very good size for an entry-level phone.

The screen is certainly plenty big enough for accessing facebook, twitter and contacts, which is something that the Samsung user interface handles very well, aggregating social media feeds in a nice way. If you do a lot of this, however, you might start to regret the lack of 3G in this phone. However, the addition of Wi-Fi is a huge advantage when compared with the original Tocco Lite. If you can find a free Wi-Fi connection, you won't miss 3G at all.

Don't expect to take great photos with the Tocco Icon. Its 3 megapixel camera lacks a flash and autofocus, but you'll find it fine for taking quick snaps or videos. The music player works well enough and there's an FM radio with RDS too. Audio quality through the built-in speakers lacks a certain something, but the Icon does have an advantage over the Tocco Lite in that you can plug in a good pair of headphones via the 3.5mm audio jack for much better music quality.

We're not impressed with the amount of onboard memory (just 30MB), but we're much more impressed by the connectivity, which includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0 and USB 2.0. Battery life seems to be very good, especially when compared to most other touchscreen phones.

The Icon is a definite step-up from the Tocco Lite. The capacitive touchscreen is much nicer to work with than the clunky resistive screen on older models. The integration of facebook and twitter works well, and the addition of Wi-Fi and a 3.5mm audio jack are very welcome. So, it's a good alternative to the Tocco Lite.

Initially the Icon didn't stand out as much as the original phone. In this brave new world of sub-£100 smartphones, it's simply not that Iconic. But now that the price has fallen there may yet be a place in your heart for the Tocco Icon. Watch out though, for the unlocking and random calling reported by some of our users below.

Samsung Tocco Icon features include:

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Samsung Tocco Icon user reviews

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Average rating from 45 reviews:

Reviewed by Craig from Ireland on 15th Aug 2012
I got this phone over a year ago to replace my tocco lite which broke after 6 months and i have to say this phone is a lot better, the screen responds faster, the music volume is far louder and i love that bulit in facebook app on it which the tocco lite didn't have

Reviewed by James from Uk on 5th Jun 2012
After havin ' low memory' for 6 months every time I wanted to browse the internet, I hav found the solution!
All u had to do is google ' opera mini download' and jus download the opera mini browser. It goes straight into the games icon. Then jus open the browser and get surving!

Reviewed by Dean from Ireland on 17th May 2012
i've had this phone for 8 months at the start it kept unlockin itself in my pocket and makin ramdom calls but then i noticed it was doin that be cuz the screen was against my leg so i turned it round the other way and that was that problem solved and i know textin is annoyin with the keys bein too small but apart from that this phones not to bad

Reviewed by Hannah from UK on 2nd Apr 2012
This is the worse phone I have ever had, if i could give it no stars I would. The phone unlocks all the time as the screen is so sensitive, so continusly dials people. It also says that it is out of memory, so having the internet on this phone is pointless you maybe can see two pages before you have to close it all down. This even happens when you have evrything stored on the memory stick. Texting is also a nightmare due to the small keys. All in all dont bother!!!!!

Reviewed by Mary from UK on 26th Mar 2012
Worst phone I have ever owned. Seems to have a mind of its own. God forbid you ever need to use this phone in a hurry!

Texting is difficult as keyboard TINY for screen size and touch screen jumps around all the time and is really unresponsive. Cuts out in the middle of calls or just starts dialling people at the slightest touch. Can't access browsers as too slow and screen too fustrating to try and navigate round.


Reviewed by John from UK on 20th Feb 2012
i've had this phone for 6 months and haven't had a problem with it at all it has good battery life i only have to charge it every 2 days or so. only thing i don't like is textin can be annoyin sometimes cuz the keys are small but apart from that it's a dead on phone.

Reviewed by sall from UK on 15th Feb 2012
no, not the best samsung mobile.

Reviewed by ally from america on 14th Feb 2012
this mobile has a style to it but, the camera is a bit rubbish. It is not the worst camera though alltogether this phone is good apart from the use of thumb everytime because the screen is way too sensitive and does it's own thing sometimes.

Reviewed by Ashley from england on 11th Feb 2012
i think that the tocco icon is not as good as previous tocco's as it shuts it self down un aided and doesnt alays turn on properly

Reviewed by Darren from UK on 10th Feb 2012
I bought this phone in an emergency as I dropped my other phone down a hill. I got it for £40 on upgrade, but can't wait to get rid.
The keypad is incredibly small and is near impossible to use accurately as it is so easy to slip your thumb or finger over the wrong button.Predictive text has to be turned on *every time* (it seems the phone isn't capable of remembering) and it has trouble predicting simple words giving instead very obscure options. Texting or posting to Face book takes ages. And speaking of Facebook, the built in app doesn't work- the phone continually says "Login failed", and the details are correct. I have to go through the phone's browser which is clunky. The browser also absolutely refuses to allow me to change the homepage from |Samsungs App site, it resets itself instantly.

Insanely frustrating phone. When I do get a new phone it won't be the Samsung range.

Reviewed by Gary from Ireland on 27th Jan 2012
I got this phone for xmas to replace my brokin tocco light and i have to say this phone is way better the screen is easier to use as it's more sensitive than the tocco lite screen + the music volume is far louder on this aswell so anyone who's lookin a good phone in round £100 this is a good 1

Reviewed by grace from england on 23rd Jan 2012
Bought this phone thinking it would be better than the tocco lite. It was very disappointing as there are only basic applications on this phone which puts you to shame if you want to show off your new phone to friends. The keypad is difficult to unlock when using the phone to tab in numbers that are required for certain calls.

Reviewed by laura from uk on 18th Jan 2012
Hate this phone upgraded from tocco lite and had nothing but problems with it, everytime i go on the internet it says not enough memory and crashes, talked to mobile operater who says i need to plug in to internet and download a software update umm excuxe me phone should come with usefull software as no cables given to connect to the laptop and just additional costs!!! cant wait to get rid of it and get a decent phone...

Reviewed by Mazza from UK on 12th Jan 2012
Fairly good value for the Bargain price I paid - under £40! Cool appearence in white/chrome, Wi-Fi for a quick browse/surf while in a hot spot :-) Responsive capacitive touchscreen although the bitter/sweet of this is if you have larger than average dabs inputing text can be laborious and there isn't a stylus to use on this screen :-( The Phones poor internal memory means you can only access mobile friendly websites without it crashing:-( although Youtube works OK :-)

Reviewed by John from Northern Ireland on 12th Jan 2012
ive had this phone since april last year and haven't had a problem with it at all i've seen a few people sayin they take it outta their pocket and it's makin random calls and texts but mine hasn't done that at all. i love this phone it's the best i've ever had it's far better than the samsung D900i which i had for about 3 years and yes i know this isn't a smart phone like a blackberry or HTC but i wouldn't even use half the apps anyway so no point me spendin big money on a phone just for the sake of it

Reviewed by Doug from UK on 11th Jan 2012
terrible phone. it has called the emergency services about 20 times when locked in pocket, and when password is turned off it will make random calls and wastes credit. do not buy

Reviewed by rob from england on 11th Jan 2012
hate it cant type

Reviewed by ben from Ireland on 10th Jan 2012
whoever is thinkin about buyin this phone don't cuz i've never seen such a complicated phone like this b4 as warren said it's nightmare to text which i agree 100% and also everytime i take it outta my pocket i notice that it's unlockin itself and sometimes it rings people or sends ramdom texts that make no sense at all... i only had it for 2 days then i brought it back and changed it for a blackberry 8520 curve which is better by miles

Reviewed by Warren from Northern Ireland on 31st Dec 2011
The phone is a nightmare to text from compared to the tocco lite. I had also called 999 and was connected for 1.35 before I realised I was on the phone to them. Im sure they will be getting a lot of silent calls now and they dont need them!!

Reviewed by liz from birch on 30th Dec 2011
its soooo good i wanna marry the darn thing

Reviewed by neal from England on 23rd Dec 2011
this phone has done my head in from the moment i turned it on. texting is a nightmare because the keys for some reason have been shrunken to about half the size of the tocco lite and that had problems. every time ive took this phone out my pocket it is unlocked and doing god knows what because it just wont stay locked. its been 3 days since i bought it and already have switched back to my tocco lite that i mite add broke after 6 months and still is playing up. if you want a phone that works, splash out on a decent one. it will save a lot of arguments and stress

Reviewed by Ronald from UK on 14th Dec 2011
I got this phone a while ago and stopped useing it cause i couldnt get nothing on it to work properly, the touchscreen was to fiddly when i was textring in the qwerty screen, i kept pushin the wrong buttons/deleting texts etc. and as for tryin to get a photo as a wallpaper that to is a disaster the photo wont fit the wallpaper screen. but after tryin to retrieve my photos i decided to try the phone agsin an i love it now, i use the ordinary screen for texting and switched oiff the T9 predictive tex, it works good now. The facebook is very sluggish to update on the wifi internet but its a problem i can live with. Lioke so many have said the phone unlocking is a big problem aswell. all in all it is a cheap pohone you get what you pay for.

Reviewed by Gary from England on 2nd Dec 2011
kicking myself for replacing my broken tocco lite with this phone, I now dont send texts because of the changes to the touch screen and the size of the screen buttons meaning that I will have to buy a compatible stylus. It has a terrible memory size for web browsing. The screen lock does not work properly and have wasted credit by accidently sending texts and dialling contacts. wont recommend it

Reviewed by Eliza Woodyates from UK on 29th Nov 2011
I have a Samsung Tocco Icon and it's very good, perfect for my busy school life!

Reviewed by Rollingpin Gerry from England on 26th Oct 2011
Not a great user expreience with this, wifi was working when it decided to, screen no good outside, call quality questionable, has issues displaying large image files suggesting not enough RAM. Now to roll out these issues and employ an effective solution, the clue is in the name

Reviewed by Frankie from Scotland on 23rd Oct 2011
Useless dunderhead of a phone, 'rollingpin linda rocks'.

Reviewed by Dave from Northern Ireland on 17th Oct 2011
i got it 3 weeks ago it's a good enough phone. my mate has the tocco lite i don't think there's much difference between the 2 phones except the charger is different and u can use any type of earphones

Reviewed by Ali from Ireland on 15th Oct 2011
i love this fone its the best !!

Reviewed by Gail from UK on 11th Oct 2011
Love the Icon but really miffed that it didn't include earphones or usb connector - still trying to buy the connector ( plenty around just not going anywhere near the stores to buy one) I would have thought that for the price these could have been included

Reviewed by Jade from UK on 3rd Oct 2011
When u take fotos its really unclear

Reviewed by Pete from UK on 25th Sep 2011
Agree with Linda and the rolling pin solution. One person's review somewhere suggested applying the 4-digit screen lock code to avoid it ringing random numbers etc. but this doesn't include the SOS facility, lol. I'd like to know out of the people who like this phone, how do they get around this self-unlocking/random calling that this phone gets up to? I've contacted Samsung with no joy. And you can't just take phones back to where you bought them very often.

Reviewed by Lau from UK on 31st Aug 2011
There's alot to like about this phone, the wifi in particular being a real bonus if you're in a hotspot, it's shiny looks, social networking widgets and responsive touchscreen are also nice features. The battery life is outstanding, even with heavy use it just keeps chugging along for days. However, the drawbacks can be pretty frustrating, I've got fairly small hands and fingers but texting can be a real pain on the tiny keyboard (in qwerty or normal mode)and trying to load a basic website often means the phone squeals that it's "out of memory" even with an 8gb memeory card in it and I haven't yet found a solution for this. If you're not bothered about apps that tell you what kind of socks your wearing and want a pretty looking touchscreen that's got a few nice features then this is the phone for you, but don't spend £70 on it and expect smartphone performance- you won't get it.

Reviewed by Neil from Poland on 6th Aug 2011
Great phone, reliable and easy to you. My dear Linda from USA. If there was a problem with the phone did you consider taking it back for repair/exchange instead of smashing it with a rolling pin?

Reviewed by cilla Harvey from England on 4th Aug 2011
Love every thing on this phone. Thought it was brilliant, but i just found it almost impossible to text on it as the texting screen was too small to text accurately

Reviewed by steve from uk on 27th Jun 2011
Agree with linda from USA, this is the worst phone ive ever had. turns itself off when in my pocket or makes random calls.

Reviewed by Kellie from United kingdom on 12th Jun 2011
this is the first Samsung I have ever bought, I could never find one that I liked before. I was expecting it to cost a lot more than it did. this phone has it all, email, instant messenger, Facebook, twitter, palringo and yahoo messenger. the phone has no flash but with all these app's who cares about a flash. Iv had mine 6 weeks with not 1 problem. All this for £70 an absolute bargain, I love it, well done Samsung for producing a fantastic product with an affordable price.

Reviewed by janice from Yorkshire on 12th Jun 2011
Love the phone but it opens too easy ...i had to put the lock on which now makes it a little safer , but it has rang the sos number a couple of times without me knowing while in my pocket ..Very good battery life ..

Reviewed by agika91 from Hungary on 10th Jun 2011
I really love it. I have it in BLACK. Elegant and seems expensive (compared to an iPhone's price, or a Samsung Galaxy phone's price, it's not so expensive) . I was afraid of how the touchwiz works, but it's cool. sensitive :) I think it's the best iPhone "imitation". My BF has an iphone, so I know. GOOD PHONE

Reviewed by Keith from UK on 7th Jun 2011
Agree with Marc's comments. Seems like a nice phone, but text is a nightmare as the keypad is too small. Also often can't load web pages due to 'Out of memory' (I have 3GB free on my memory card). Have to power cycle to recover, but it doesn't last long before the message reappears. Its too easy to unlock the screen. I really notice this when the phone is in my pocket and it connects to my handsfree kit via bluetooth. The phone unlocks and all sorts of random events occur depending on how the phone moves around. All these things spoil what is basically a nice phone.

Reviewed by marc from uk on 5th Jun 2011
Phone works fine. Text is a nightmare or my fingers are to big, take your pick. Overall not that great I think.

Reviewed by Rebecca from England on 27th May 2011
I have recently got this phone for my birthday and I love it! It is easy to use and looks lovely, its the best phone I have ever had!

Reviewed by zhao from uk on 23rd May 2011
good phone

Reviewed by Keith from UK on 12th May 2011
Well designed and well constructed phone (typical of all Samsung phones I have previously owned). The battery life is excellent, connectivity is also very good incorporating wifi to enable me to pick up emails and do the odd bit of browsing when I'm out and about. I have found the touch screen difficult at first(this is my 1st touch screen, but I am gradually get used to it. It depends entirely what you're looking for if you want a phone to make calls, send texts, add calender events, send / receive email this is the phone for you. If you want to sit and endlessly trawl the internet for apps and other such annoying nonsense then this is not the phone for you.

Reviewed by Linda from USA on 28th Apr 2011
This phone is garbage, it kept turning off on me, so I smashed it with a rolling pin.

Reviewed by Eddie O'Connor from UK on 21st Apr 2011
Fantastic phone. Well made with a very nice display and WIFI I have owned the phone for over a week and I have still not had to charge it, the battery is amazing. I hate smart phones I canít understand why everyone wants apps etc. All an app does is direct you to something that a normal phone like this already has. The photo quality is good and the video is okay in a pinch. This is a phone for people who want to use a phone as a phone a phone that measures battery life in weeks not in hours.

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