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Samsung Smart Window

By , 8 Nov 2012

A new technology recently unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2012) changes the experience of window shopping forever. It is called the Smart Window by Samsung and garnered the innovation award this year at CES.

What is the Smart Window?

The Samsung Smart Window makes you feel as if you are living in the future and that is probably because you are. The Smart Window is a display despite the fact that it is also a window. If you can imagine your tablet PC being used as a window then it is easy to identify with the capabilities of the Samsung Smart Window.

The Smart Window looks just like a conventional window except it is equipped with a touchscreen that allows you to use apps, social media, and anything else that you do when you use your tablet PC. The Smart Window is basically a tablet PC that you can see through just like a regular window.

How the Smart Window works

Imagine yourself passing by a showroom window in a mall or on the street where you can see the merchandise in the window. The old form of window shopping allowed you to view the items that the retailer has for sale and then you would go inside to look around and perhaps purchase the product you saw in the window.

Retail store windows were originally designed to entice you in buying and they still are. However when you add in a Smart Window into the mix you get a total interactive experience that allows you to view the items in the display window and then use the touchscreen to get customer reviews, learn more about the product, get a product demonstration, and perhaps even purchase the product from the retailer online.

Smart Windows outside of retail

Samsung did not design the Smart Window solely for retail although you must admit it does provide a totally cool experience with a new twist on the concept of window shopping. The Smart Window can also be used in your home or for any other locations where you could use a convenient touchscreen that you can see through.

You also may be asking yourself, "Well if I use this in my home how do I keep other people from seeing what is on my screen or worse yet, peeping in my window?" Samsung already thought of this dilemma and so the company designed the Smart Window to function just like a one-way mirror, you know the kind that the police use in the interrogation room on the crime shows. This way you can see through the touchscreen and out into the real world but people passing by cannot see what you are looking at on your screen or peep into your window.

And if that isn't enough, Samsung even designed the Smart Window with a privacy blind which is an app that allows you to literally close the venetian blinds on the Smart Window. Additionally, the blinds are adjustable so you can close and open them slightly to allow a little light in or go all the way and open them to their fullest.

The Samsung Smart Window is also designed to be eco-friendly because it does not consume a lot of energy. Instead, the unit uses natural light as the backlighting for the screen as opposed to backlighting technology that consumes the power and the battery. In fact, the Samsung Smart Window uses only about one-tenth of the power that an LCD screen will consume. During the daytime natural light fuels the 1366 x 768 pixel screen and then when it gets dark there are lights built-in which allow you to see the touchscreen in all its glory.

Smart Window Practicality

Although the Samsung Smart Window is preparing to go into mass production soon many still wonder how practical it is in terms of the outdoor environment. One of the questions which have been raised by reviewers is the fact that the window could potentially get broken as a result of external factors such as a flying baseball, a storm, or any other type of outside influence which could cause a broken window.

The fact that you cannot simply visit your local home improvement store to replace the window means that it could be a potentially costly proposition. Also, many wonder how practical it is to be able to perform computing tasks while at the same time gazing at the outdoor landscape. Can you really do both?

Regardless, the Samsung Smart Window is still a really cool invention and one that you will want to keep tabs on as the product is released on the market.

About the author: Gabriela is a tech enthusiast, passionate about the mobile industry and gadgets. She's a technology entrepreneur, co-founder of UnlockUnit.com.

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