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Samsung S5600 review

 Review: June 2009  

Last updated August 2009

Rating: 5 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung S5600 is an upgraded version of the Tocco Lite.

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The Samsung S5600 launched in May 2009 and fits between the Tocco Lite and the i8910 HD. In other words, it's a mid-range touchscreen phone, equipped with 3G. The Orange-exclusive version is unglamourously nicknamed the "Preston", and the Vodafone version has the rather nicer sounding name of "Blade".

Bring this phone out in a public space, and everyone will assume that you've got the massive selling Tocco Lite. It looks almost the same and is virtually the same size, but it costs more and has some extra features. So the big question is whether this phone beats the Tocco Lite. It has the same touchscreen user interface as the Tocco Lite, but a slightly smaller screen, which is a shame in a touchscreen phone. It has a flash on the camera and the bonus of video calling. Both phones have the same music player and FM radio with RDS. The S5600 has the added bonus of HSDPA for faster internet access at up to 7.2 Mbps.

So, you can pick up the S5600 for just slightly more than a Tocco Lite if you shop around (hint: see links on this page!), It has the benefits of a camera flash and 3G, but a slightly smaller screen. You'll have to decide for yourself which suits your needs better, but both are outstanding phones.

Samsung S5600 features include:

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Can this phone support landscape mode games?

Asked by George from Kenya on 31st Jul 2017
When i download landscape mode games it doesnt support.

How to find my own sim telephone number as phone is only one way and I can't call out to check it?

Asked by Anj from Uk on 9th Oct 2016

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Average rating from 106 reviews:

Reviewed by halidu from nigeria on 30th Nov 2013
my screen cracked and i couldn't change it because the screen is not available in Nigeria, second i find difficulties in browsing with as am told i don't have orange supported Sim card which is not also available in my country

Reviewed by momi from Pakistan on 15th May 2012
i hate this mobile too too too much.
I rouin my all mony at it.
because it has no WI-FI.

Reviewed by chris from st lucia on 17th Mar 2012
i own one, nice phone it would be better if it had wifi and landscape keyboard for texting

Reviewed by j underhill from england on 2nd Jan 2012
hi, i have the phone, and i think it is very badly desidned. alot of the features are hard to use, such as no predictive text while online.

Reviewed by Katy from Scotland on 8th Dec 2011
i HATE this fone gets really boring ater abiut 2 day!!! i've had it for 2 years!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Antonia from England on 20th Nov 2011
Utterly incredible phone, literally indestructable!!! I have dropped it, set fire to it, thrown it across a room, left it in the sun all day etc (all accidentally!) and it still works! There are only 2 small cracks, one across the touchscreen and the touchscreen still works. Fast keyboard, good battery life, large screen, nice layout- Samsung you have created one hell of a good phone! BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY

Reviewed by Amy from UK on 17th Jan 2010
I love this phone. i could go on for ever about how it ticks every box for me. Sarah to silence your key tones, go to settings, phone profile, where it says normal click on the 2 red arrows the at the top click on the drop down box and go to phone sounds, scroll down and change phone sound volume to silent.

Reviewed by alexandra from london on 13th Jan 2010
i got this phone for christmas a and its a great phone.... i advise you to buy it....i gt in metalic pink with 3 great great great yayy... sarah if you want to turn off the key volume turn down the volume from the volume key on the side but it has to be on idle mode.... and you can still have your normal ringtone

Reviewed by Beth from UK on 11th Jan 2010
just bought it, loveeeeee it :) first samsung/touchscreen phone, so taking some getting used to, but is pretty user friendly, great fun and is pink with a touch screen! very happy with internet access too.. not sure how good it would be for someone who wanted an internet + camera + music player phone, but for a phone with some useful add ons it is great! reccomend it.

Reviewed by sarah from UK on 8th Jan 2010
this phone is very good, easy to get the hang of asdwell, im just wondering is ir possible to have the ringtone and text message tone on, but have the keys on silent? , also the internet is sometimes slow but otherwise its great! camera is exellent! :)

Reviewed by cj from uk on 8th Jan 2010
i like this phone; functions well as a phone, camera and basic organiser. But mine (which i got this week) has two problems: 1.) There is a faint ringing on the right stereo side when using headphones; i think its a software problem because this ringing only occurs when music or 'phone sounds' are not not playing. 2.) the music player cannot play music files beyond ~35mins in length, which is bizarre! if i fast foward to a point after ~35mins, it starts from the beginning again. I don't know if its relevant of not but i'm using a brand new 4gb memory card. Anyone else having these problems? I'm currently trying to get a replacement.

Reviewed by Gwen from Australia on 8th Jan 2010
Bought this phone yesterday and i am loving it! The menu does get a little getting use to but i am overall quite happy with it. Large amounts of texting get a little tedious & a memory card is recommended though... addhyayan, did you make sure to download the samsung studio BEFORE putting in the usb connected to your mobile? I put songs on this morning and it seemed to work fine... Also, a lot of the negative reviews on here may just be a product of not reading the user manual so don't be deterred from purchasing this phone!

Reviewed by addhyayan from uk on 4th Jan 2010
I would just like to know how to put songs, pics etc. on to the phone because i've tried putting the usb and tried downloading samsung studio!! Otherwise its a great phone and very stylish.

Reviewed by Lucy from UK on 4th Jan 2010
(For sean, Ireland, You go to the keypad, and you hold down the hash key, and it turns it onto silent, or use the down but to turn the volume right down).. I have had this phone from the start of December, i have been quite pleased with it, yeah it takes ages to get used to whilst texting but you soon get used to it, and when you do it is a really cool. Previously had a touch screen phone and it kept unlocking itself in my bag, but with this one it doesnt and is quite clever, very sensitive on the buttons :) Happy with this phone.

Reviewed by An from UK on 4th Jan 2010
Got this phone on Saturday, and looking at the last review is b** s***!! I change my phone every 3 months.I would suggest that you set your phone up properly before you make usless comments! It is obviuos that you dont know how to write never mind text. All of the issues you have moaned about work perfectly on my phone.Text notification is removed when you tap the screen to view message. I have ythe key tones off and the phone volume on, try using a little button called settings and then use your eyes to read, then if you are not too confused set your phone up the way you want it! In conclusion, ignore this idiot and buy the Samsunf S5600.

Reviewed by Ano from Uk on 2nd Jan 2010
Has some annoying operating system processes that overshadow any positives in my opinion. As a sony E migrant I expect good logic and this phone has some strange quirks which are due to lack of thought. As one consumer review says earlier its predictive texting is random at best and comes up with ridiculous suggestions: nX - ?? what is that. also when you have an alert on a calendar event it just won't go away! There are other pop ups which just don't quit too eg the stopwatch and when a text has delivered it keeps the 'delivered' notification as a text in your inbox, clogging it up!? SE does not do this. There are other just ridiculous processes on it which makes me want to return to Sony E eg. you either have sound full on ie. bing bong each key pressed or off - so you can't hear calls coming thro!? But I have to say the touch screen does work well.

Reviewed by Sean from Ireland on 1st Jan 2010
Unreal Phone:).. Cant figure out how to zoom tho lol. Anyone know how to get the wee bleep noise off as u press the buttons while making a message?..x

Reviewed by Holly from England on 1st Jan 2010
I've recieved this phone in the post yesterday, put the sim in, registered it online and didnt get any texts from orange saying it had been confirmed, i put my sim into my old orange phone and got 2 texts from orange, i moved them to the sim and onto the new phone, where it started to work, however, i have had to keep switching the sims around because when i try to ring 450, 453, it says 'emergancy only' i could send texts before, but im very annoyed with this, and there is hardly any help on the orange site. its a good phone for features, but be sure to check before you buy it.

Reviewed by Megan from Camberly on 31st Dec 2009
At first I was going to get the tocco lite but i went with my friend (who has the tocco lite) to the store and we found out in fact this was better! get it on 3 because you get free messenger, skype and 150 mb of internet!

Reviewed by Sue from Wales on 31st Dec 2009
I am so disappointed I got the Samsung S5600 at the end oct have now had two replacements !!!!!

Reviewed by Jen from UK on 30th Dec 2009
This phone is good quality, I am most impressed by the music player and camera. You plug the headphones into the hands free thing which plugs into the socket at the top of the phone. I am getting used to the menus but simple to use otherwise. Stylish all round.

Reviewed by ellie from uk on 29th Dec 2009
love this phone =] just wondering if anyone can tell me where you plug the headohones in as the plug is rounded and dosnt fit in the plug?! thanks

Reviewed by Mike from uk on 29th Dec 2009
i got this phone for xmas and it is by far the best phone i have ever had i got it in white which looks really good also the touchscreen is really responsibe the camera is good and it doesnt mess up at all very much unlike lots of touchscreen phones i would definatly recomend it

Reviewed by Clare from UK on 28th Dec 2009
I think the touch screen on this phone is great, best I have owned out of the Viewty and Nokia 5800. However the internet can get annoying with scrolling as it means you accidentally zoom if you press the screen for too long. I like this phone, and I am hard to please, however, I HATE the t9 dictionary function, it is unpredictable and creates it's own, USELESS, words. For example been becomes addo as the first option and so is sm, and my is Mx! I haven't used these words (why would I?) and I have no way of deleting them so I constantly have to change them. It also has the habit of altering as well for example xxx changed to yxx and then wxx, yxx, xxx! Which is very annoying. This really annoys me and the battery isn't amazing on it. However if you like the tocco then this is probably a good bet if you want another touch screen.

Reviewed by bob from uk on 26th Dec 2009
i got this phone on 3 its the best phone out now i will say its better then the samsung tocco and the lg vewity so i say if ur thinking of geting the lg veiwty or the tocco look again this one is better i have the lg vewity and the tocco and the s5600 so i sayget the s5600 on 3 with unlimted internet and text and 200 mins on 18 a mothen and 18 monthe contract dont go to O2 there rubbise

Reviewed by danielle from UK on 26th Dec 2009
Help!!i got this phone for xmas and its great so far.....however when i go to set a wallpaper it brings the red rectangle up to drag it to how much i want of the picture. it wont let me drag to the corner of the screen!it starts zooming in and out!

Reply by wingyan from singapore on 29th Dec 2009
Danielle: I think you have to resize ur picture on adobe photoshop or something so it will fit perfectly. I did that

Reviewed by Celeste from UK on 25th Dec 2009
Got this phone today for xmas and im loving it, the camera is quite good and I think the texting is quite simple. It would be nice if a few games wern't demo's but hey you can't have everything :) Great phone!

Reviewed by Hannah from UK on 25th Dec 2009
Got this phone for christmas today and so far it's amazing! The texting is simple to use, it looks great and for how much it is the camera is very decent. Got a few downsides, it's rather long winded to change text message alert, took me ages to figure it out, and the touch screen can sometimes go a little unresponsive while texting. Could've been better if you could flip it on it's side to make a QWERTY keyboard. But overall it's an amazing phone and would definately recommend it to anyone

Reviewed by Anna B from England on 25th Dec 2009
I got this phone on xmass Love it its class myn came with a goodybag x And Skull Candy Head Phones

Reviewed by Trudy from United Kingdom on 23rd Dec 2009
Got this phone a couple of days ago and i love it!!! This is the first touchscreen ive had and find it so easy to use i don't think i'll ever want to go back to a keypad phone. I would certainly recommend this phone. Well done again Samsung!!!

Reviewed by sarah from uk on 17th Dec 2009
gr8 phone love it to bits. its jus like the tocco lite but the better version. only thing is it dont have a qwerty key board

Reviewed by frannii from uk on 13th Dec 2009
problems with signal as stated on other forums.... phone would eb perfect if it worked, sometimes even when it says ive got a full signal, it wont accept or send calls/texts etc... holds them back for hours.... phone is great, better than the tocco lite, but the functions arnt

Reviewed by Emmie from UK on 12th Dec 2009
Bought this phone a few months ago and pretty disappointed to be honest. It looks great but had some problems with some of the functions not working properly after only a couple of months, and it has put me right off touch screen phones now. They are rubbish for texting.

Reviewed by Rachel.L from Scotland on 11th Dec 2009
Awesome phone! Im getting it for christmas, I went to the 3 store to check it out, good and very responsive touch screen, a good range of themes and the Camera is reasonably good. Btw, if you cant zoom in you need to go to settings and change it to 2 meg for some reason (guy in shop told me) but i wouldnt bother because the zoom is rubbish anyway. It doesnt feel like the iphone (tried the 1phone out at 02 shop). But its a good deal for 130 payg.

Reviewed by AHAH from England on 9th Dec 2009
Hello, My Samsung S5600 Is Great. Its A Limited addition one.Its White and Has Blue Flowers on (VerryJazzy) Its Brill. I think the only thing i dont like about the phone is how it deletes some of my texts..?? Has Anone Eles Had This Problem ?? The Camera Is Brill The Messaging is Brill The Acsses to everything Is Brill The Acsessories Are Brill And Its Just Soo Easy Love it..... I am getting my cousin it.

Reviewed by Anna H from England on 9th Dec 2009
Its A BRILL phone.I know this sounds shoking but i think boys like more practical phones like sony ericsons and girls like touchy phones but thats my opinion. Becasue most of the boys on this list have said ohh Hate It . All in all brill phone

Reviewed by Paul (Liverpool) from UK on 7th Dec 2009
There are some right moaning feckers on here, this phone is brill

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 5th Dec 2009
My first touch screen and Samsung and have been very pleased since I got it about 6 weeks ago. Everything works well and it's a nice size and shape for my pocket. I have found all the menus and functions quite intuitive and easily navigated, sound quality, reception and battery life are all ok. Haven't had any problems at all, the only frustration is the alarm clock. There are at least 2 if not 3 widgets for clocks but none for the alarm which you have to access through the organiser, otherwise excellent.

Reviewed by Dermot from Ireland on 3rd Dec 2009

Reviewed by Martin from Uk on 30th Nov 2009
Still do not like this phone, however, I was so annoyed with it last week and dropped it on the floor. I commenced kicking it around the room and against the wall, it survived totally unharmed, so I suppose that is a good point. the five stars are for durability, still a rubbish phone though.

Reviewed by Joobix from UK on 30th Nov 2009
Great little phone, bit dissapointed that there's no GPS but i guess you can't have everything. At Gary, you can change the text tone. Go to phone profiles, select normal profile, then click the little arrows by the side of it. This brings up the option menu, in top right corner click the arrow and scroll to 'new message'. Should have the option to change message alert tone as 2nd one down. note, you cant change message tone in silent mode!!

Reviewed by Kev Tom from Wales, UK on 29th Nov 2009
Bought this phone today for my daughter. She absolutely LOVES it. Been playing with it all evening and can't fault it so far. Ok, finding the Bluetooth function was a bit of a struggle (found it sans manual), but other than that, it's a great phone. The touch screen is very responsive, the menus load very quickly, the music player plays Apple coded tracks, it has a 3.2MP camera, plus a bucket load of freebies from Orange! In addition to all the regular plus points, this phone's language can be set to Welsh!! This alone deserves 5 stars!! Regardless of the Welsh language gubbins, this is a great phone for 120. 100% pleased with it.

Reviewed by MS from Scarborough on 28th Nov 2009
I've had this phone just for a week and already very disappointed with it. Auto rotate feature flips the screen upside down if you are left handed. Mine is on 3 network which is really the worst combination possible, with their very poor customer care dept. They don't take it back or exchange it for something that works, ie. Nokia. The internet access is very slow like most other things on this phone.

Reviewed by Amy-Leigh from uk on 28th Nov 2009
Well this phone is just amazing, I am getting it for christmas and the reviews are fantastic!!!!! It sounds MUCH better that the lg cookie because the samsung s5600 has sooooo much more things on it! I have never had a touchscreen before, I just had a lg and it was pretty rubbish because it had the most horrible camera! The Samsung S5600 has 3.15 pixels, music player(I love my music lol) SMS, MMS, EMAIL! bluetooth, and the size and shape is brilliant it is also very light. I went into orange and I had a little look and this phone and I was amazed at how brill this phone really was!!!!! I would really recommend this, If you are looking for a christmas present get this!!!

Reviewed by GARY from UK on 28th Nov 2009
got this on 25th november my first touchscreen phone great size screen resposive easy to use great for web easy to upload photos to facebook but use camera in camera mode not scene mode for indoor shots because cant use flash in scene mode and photo will be no good video is good with good sound but if like me you like to put your own tex tone on you cant iv tried dont know why you can with toco lite but still love this phone

Reviewed by Sue from uk on 27th Nov 2009
I Jo, i have had mine for a while now and really love it. I had the same problem as you at first but i've now worked it out... if you want to use words like wasn't, didn't, i'll etc in your sms messages you need to input the word on normal text (not predictive) first then when you are using predictive text put the word in without the ' and it will come out automaticly. Hope i've explained this simply enough and hope it helps.

Reviewed by Jo from UK on 26th Nov 2009
I bought this phone the other day, so far I'm very happy with it. Just one little thing - why do they make it so hard to use an apostrophe in an SMS? Predictive text doesn't recognise if you put a . in that you might want an ' instead in the middle of, say, wasn't, didn't or I'll (my old Nokia did this, as did an LG I borrowed). Apostrophes can only be found in the second screen of the long list of marks. You can't event add it to the dictionary as you can't add punctuation to added words! Other than that, the phone is very pretty and is easy to use. It's taking some time to get used to the touch screen but I'm very happy.

Reviewed by Damo from England on 21st Nov 2009
Wow, what can I say. I was offered this by Orange on a special retention deal. Given that I was paying less than 15 a month and was being given a rediculous amount of texts and minutes, I wasn't expecting much from the handset... how wrong was I. This is no iphone, sure, but just because you can pick one up for under 120, doesn't mean it is some low budget device either. The phone basically does all the things u want it to, with the possible exception of GPS. Menus are fast, texting is easy and the screen is very responsive. The widget system is nice, and a little like the android OS, albeit less advance. People have moaned about the lack of a full keyboard... but seriously, a full keyboard on a smallish screen like this would be silly. Overall I am very impressed. The phone also looks very nice too

Reviewed by sarah healy from uk on 21st Nov 2009
this phone is awful! I have always had nokias but was attracted to the look and touchscreen features of this. It is a poor comparison! very slow at everything - getting ready to use after switching off, sending group messages (does them 1 by 1) sending any message - you have to wait whilst it sends it and cant do anything else on the phone until it is sent. It is also a very lengthy unsuccessful process to load the soft ware to use photos taken on the phone. Also the headphones provided from samsung have a old style round plug whilst the phones port for headphones is a square usb one! Friends who have this all agree it is not a good choice or easy to use.

Reviewed by * from england on 16th Nov 2009
amazing phone love it :D

Reviewed by markB from uk on 14th Nov 2009
i myself was interested in this phone for the very fact it was stated elsewhere as having gps and 3G alas it doesnt have gps ,it also seems to get little support with apps and widgets from either orange or indeed samsung ,disapointed indeed :(

Reviewed by CHARLES from N.IRELAND on 11th Nov 2009

Reviewed by Amelia from England on 2nd Nov 2009
I got this phone about a month ago to, and its been absolutley amazing since! it never breaks, or slows down. its not like a brick, & its good for texting. Its got a good camera, & you can edit pictures etc. Its a loud phone; but i do advise a memory card!!

Reviewed by tara from uk on 1st Nov 2009
hiya got this phone a few months ago and loved it.but the only thing i dont like about it is it dont hold much stuff.i got a memory card and now i still cant take pictures and u cant zoom in and out on the camera.apart from that i think it is still a good phone

Reviewed by Abbie from Irvin on 1st Nov 2009
I wanted this fone loads when it came out but it took me ages to save up but when i bought it OMG i couldnt stop going on it it is absolutly amazing it never freezes and it can hold an sd card so you will have enough meory for all your music!! Its great ..Get this fone NOW!!!

Reviewed by MICKY from ENGLAND on 30th Oct 2009

Reviewed by kit-kat from england on 28th Oct 2009
just had samsung s5600 today, love the phone screen is amazing but don't understand the memory, bought a new memory card but phone is only saving to the actual phone memory it is not asking me where i want to save stuff - has anyone else had same problem and how did you sort, other than that great

Reviewed by Jo from England on 28th Oct 2009
I ordered this phone from Orange and had it only a few days when I decided to send it back. I got it in white, and it really is a lovely looking phone, responds well and is esy to use once you get the hang of the touch screen. However, my problem with it is simply having to text using a touch screen. If I was concentrating and had the phone angled properly, I could text fine, but it did seem alot of effort for me. I am a texter, so am opting for the Tocco Ultra instead. If you aren't a texter, then this phone is pretty good. Even for a low spec camera, it's good. If you can get your hand and eye coordination around the touch screen for texting, this is a really well made phone, that looks good and responds well. I love Samsung phones and this one is lovely, I would reccomend it, even if just to try, very good for new to touch screen.

Reviewed by J.Record from USA on 28th Oct 2009
I've had the phone a few days, and so far it's great. It's very user friendly. The downfall is that it doesn't have a "quiry keyboard" or accelerometer. Also here in the U.S. it's hard to find accesories for it as well.

Reviewed by R from England on 26th Oct 2009
I firstly wanted a samsung jet and to be honest if i could change it i would. the camera on the jet is so much better, it has zoom, DivX playback and Xvid playback, 384 thousand pixels to the S5600s 76,800, it has sms, mms and document viewer, 3.5mm audio jack, TV out, internet with adobe falsh, wap , GPRS , Edge, G H SDPa and a 2GB memory compared to the S5600's 80MB. the jet has quite alot more feautres than this phone but this phone also has a few things it doesnt such as smile detecton, auto rotate, voice memo, voice mail, offline model, jave games and 50 more hours standby. This is the 2nd day ive had it and was going to try to take it back, even though i was told i cant because i am so unimpressed with the lack of memory- i could only upload 5 songs whereas i was wanted to upload at least 75. But im content so really happy but its a ok phone.

Reviewed by Brian from England on 24th Oct 2009
I had this phone for 2 to 3 weeks but had to return it. It looks good, has a great camera is fairly easy to use BUT plugging in the headphones didnt result in music being played through them after a while or would lock up the phone preventing me from accessing it until the head phones where unplugged. Corrupt play lists on a 4 and 16 gig memory card, randomly locking my out and running programs all by it self, making 20 minutes of voice calls to my wife whilst I was completely locked out of it, having to remove the battery countless times to get control back briefly are just some of the adventures I have had with this phone. I can confirm the camera is good on this, I can confirm 16 gig memory cards work on it. I can confirm the touch screen options are often too close together resulting in the wrong things being selected, usually something that costs you if you select it unforunately. I did like the phone, I did enjoy the way it worked, but the faults where many and got worse over time. So I took it back and replaced it with the LG GW520 2 days ago. I have no confidence in this phone as a result of my experiences but should you get a good working one, it is a nice phone.

Reviewed by jamie from Scotland on 22nd Oct 2009
I advise this phone for everyone. although the online delivery didnt work i phoned up and orange were very nice, dont listen to those people who say the touch screen is bad as well as texting the should try pressing the right keys its not HARD!!! im 14 and its the perfect phone :D

Reviewed by Izzy from uk on 22nd Oct 2009
this is the best phone I have ever had! it has all the features you would want in a touch screen. The things I love the most are the fake call function,the colour of pink, the touch screen is really good and there's the camera, I could go on forever I really love it!! the only thing that annoys me is the rubbish name of the orange one (the one I have) coz preston is just terrible, i like blade though for the vodaphone 1 so i'll call mine that from now on lol. this is really a great phone, loads better than the cookie. hope i helped izzyxxx

Reviewed by Sasha from UK on 22nd Oct 2009
This phone is amazing! It's such a good-looking phone and has awesome sound. I love the vibrations when you're texting and clicking buttons, and I love the way to type. The touch screen is fab. I just haven't figured how to send pictures/videos from it to Facebook... ;) xx

Reviewed by dave from uk on 21st Oct 2009
Had this phone for a week and its good, no problems with it at all. Battery life is good, calls and text good.It is very easy to put music/video from your computer onto the phone. The touch screen is good and easy to use once you get use to it. Would recommend this phone, its a good size ,not too big.

Reviewed by vishal deshmukh from india on 20th Oct 2009
very gorgeous

Reviewed by Gem from England on 19th Oct 2009
Got this phone with Orange. Had it the weekend. was a bit apprehensive about it but i have to say i'm highly impressed. it's funky and does everything i want it to do. i've had no problems during calls or anything as of yet. texting is easy, getting used to the touchscreen was also fairly straight forward. it'sa lot better than i thought it was going to be so i'm happy :D defo recommend it tho I might review it again in a few weeks when i really know what it's like.

Reviewed by Amy from england on 18th Oct 2009
This phone is truely amazing, had it for almost 2 weeks on orange pay monthly, and have had no problems yet, the touh screen is really responsive, the texting is easy etc. i dont understand how people can say it is a bad phone. because it is actually probably one of the best phones made by samsung in a long time. Tocco is good (my last phone) but you get bored of it after a while, and it isnt the most responsive of phones. A truely amazing phone.

Reviewed by Natalie from England on 14th Oct 2009

Reviewed by Abi from england on 14th Oct 2009
THIS PHONE IS TERRIBLE! do not get it, this first one I was sent was dodgy, when I made or recieved calls the quality was terrible, muffled and sound kept going loud and quiet. I was sent a total of 3 replacements and ALL OF THEM had the same problem. I then managed to get the new tocco ultra as a replacement.. and guess what I had the exact same problem. Samsung are awful and so are orange for providing customers with such awful phones!

Reviewed by Andrew from Romania on 13th Oct 2009
This is the only site where i have seen people complaining about this phone.Let me tell you something this phone has CAPACITIVE touchscreen(like the iphone) which is the most responsive one so it can't be laggy.FOr all the people that say it isn't customizable:first-it has it's own software and of course there aren't any themes;second-you can change a lot of things if you have the knowledge ;),like the menu walppaper the bacakground wallpaper which can be made with special programs.The camera has excellent quality and also the sound is very good because the phone has DNSE(Digital Natural Sound Engine) which makes everything seem much natural.And because the screen is capacitive of course you can't write messages with your nails.

Reviewed by LyDiA from England on 11th Oct 2009
I really like this phone! The touch screen can sometimes be unresponsive which is a bit frustrating. If you have huge fingers, I recommend you don't get this phone The camera is amazing quality, as is the internet connection! it is worth paying extra from the tocco lite it is a lot better the only problem I have had so far is that I can't delete the provided ringtones on the phone ! they won't delete, and they take up quite a bit of space D: I recommend you get on PayG dolphin package, you get free access to ALL internet sites, and also free texts each month. Good phone !

Reviewed by Harry from England on 10th Oct 2009
This phone is great, its everything i need. I have one small problem though with the games. There is a takebar at the bottom of the games screen and i cant seem to move or remove it so if any1 could help?

Reviewed by SeanR from UK on 7th Oct 2009
seems my last review was deleted? MP3 playback falls apart (either the bass, middle, or treble disappears) when I take a call. requiring a reboot of the phone... no real problems other than that, once you figure out how to stop the phone unlocking itself ;-)

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 7th Oct 2009
We don't delete reviews unless they fail to comply with our terms (see text immediately below "Samsung S5600 USer Reviews above.

Reviewed by Donald Sleightholme from UK on 2nd Oct 2009
i've had my phone for about a month, it takes good pictures but i'm not impressed cause the samsung software takes a long time to install. i'm running a quad core computer and its really slow at transferring files to and from the phone i would describe it as a poor mans iphone. lol i might put it on eBay.

Reviewed by Martin from UK on 29th Sep 2009
A really rubbish phone, so unpredictable. Though to be fair touch screen phones are all rubbish. Would be far better with a Qwerty keypad. I just do not like this phone and would not recommend it to anyone. One good point, good battery life so far.

Reviewed by SionedGoch from Cymru on 21st Sep 2009
I'm going to get this phone for my next upgrade as if you get it from Orange you can text in WELSH! The language of my country has different letters than English and different accents etc so it will be great to be able to text in Welsh.

Reviewed by Tim from New Zealand on 17th Sep 2009
I have always had SE but decided on a change. This is a great phone. Easy to use, great responsive screen and battery life is excellent.Far more user friendly than LG touch phones. Nice work Samsung....

Reviewed by Steve from England on 12th Sep 2009
It looks v.cool but my enthusiasm only lasted until I realised how limited the functionality is. Can't customise it or the widgets - as it resets the widget layout every time you reboot.Music player sound quality is good but it's a step down after coming from a sony ericsson.There's no option to loop video playback and setting wallpapers is more tricky than it should be. Sending this one back to vodafone sadly...

Reviewed by Steve from England on 10th Sep 2009
Oh dear, what a travesty. A great fan of the Samsung D900 so decided to get up to date with a touch screen phone (never again!!!). What a mistake. It has some clever features but is not really any good at being what is meant to be, a useable phone. Cannot customize it enough and cannot divert calls to a different phone which I do on a regular basis to avoid having to carry 2 phones around. It is not good to handle. I think I will have to sell this thing on and revert to my trusty D900 which is still one hell of a phone.

Reviewed by Paul from England on 9th Sep 2009
Works perfectly for me. Signal is better than my old SPV C500 got and the touchscreen is at exactly the right responsiveness for me. The only thing I'm slightly annoyed by is the need for a separate adapter for headphones rather than having a mini-jack port on the phone itself.

Reviewed by Lucy from Engalnd on 7th Sep 2009
Not impressed with this phone. Its so slow. Yes I have a 2gb memory card in it. I have to regulary delete my messages & call log to speed it up. I haven't even got any music stored on it! I dont like the fact that the phone locks when you make a call. It covers up the number. So I can see I'm calling 'Mum' but I can't tell if it's her mobile or work phone without holding the unlock keypad button. Also you can't talk on it while doing other things (like looking in your bag) because it'll slide from the grip of your shoulder & ear & break into several pieces. Otherwise, yeah its ok. But I'm selling mine & going back to a Sony!!

Reviewed by Tasha from UK on 2nd Sep 2009
This phone is awful! I am on my third replacement in so many months as they have all been faulty. The zoom on the camera doesn't work, it freezes and drops out on every call I make. The recevier is appauling at picking up signal even if you alter the settings to receive 2G only. I wouldn't recommend this phone to anyone and now I am stuck with it.

Reviewed by Claire from UK on 30th Aug 2009
Just wondered if anyone else struggles to text with this phone if you have acrylic nails? When I'm texting it doesn't work with the tip of my nail and have to prod it with my finger which takes forever. I know you can adjust the sensitivity on a Samsung Tocco but can't seem to find a way to do it on this phone.

Reviewed by Raz from UK on 29th Aug 2009
This phone is fantastic, take my word for it. The touch screen is amazingly responsive and the camera/video isn't too bad either. The camera is actually better than I expected and it also has great editing features, the video is average however. I love the way it feels in my hand, its not bulky but surprisingly compact. But for the price alone, I would recommend this phone.

Reviewed by kaz from uk on 23rd Aug 2009
i love samsung fones but not this 1!! have had this fone for 2 months now, i hate it! have never got any signal, i can never recieve or make a fone call as i can't hear anythin!! its rubbish and i don't recommend orange or this fone

Reviewed by Larold from UK on 20th Aug 2009
Had this phone 3 days. It's my first touch screen fone and I love it. To all those asking about camera zoom, it seems it will only zoom in panorama or camcorder mode when you you have the resolution set to max 3.2. To zoom in these modes, use the up and down volume buttons on the side. I also discovered if you lower the resolution to say 2.0, then the zoom also works in standard picture mode. Don't know why they can't tell you any of this in the manual. Apart from that, I can't find GPS anywhwere. I'm on Orange contract and according to the review on this site and many others, it has GPS with A-GPS but how do you use it? When I asked the question on the offical Samsung site, the official reply was that the phone does not have built in GPS. This is a little disappointing as it is one of the reasons I bought it, though not a dealbreaker. Overall, very happy with my new toy!

Reviewed by Becky Senior from UK on 20th Aug 2009
I got my phone a few days ago. It seems OK on most levels, but I too am having difficulty with retrieving voicemail. My ear deletes every message before I've heard it! And having to fiddle with locking/unlocking the keyboard while listening to a recorded message is a pain in the backside. This might be because I'm not used to touch screens though, and in any case you often need a period of adjustment with a new gizmo. I'll wait and see how it goes.

Reviewed by Graham from UK on 19th Aug 2009
THIS PHONE DOES NOT HAVE GPS I bought it for this feature and its not there. Phoned Samsung and Orange who both confirmed no GPS. I think what's happened is Samsung has sent GPS-enabled test phones to reviewers and have had a re-think. Check it out for yoursef, there's no GPS menioned on Orange or Samsung sites. Someone has made a major error as all review sites state it has it. Texting is also a nightmare. If you press the delete/backspace key for longer than 1 second the whole messege you've just typed is deleted.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 19th Aug 2009
Graham, we are going to look into this, and will report back when we have found out what's going on with the GPS.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 20th Aug 2009
OK, it seems that the final release versions of the S5600 do not have GPS, despite the original spec including this feature. We're sorry that we (along with most other review and retailer sites) reported this feature, but it just doesn't seem to have made it into the final production models. It's probably related to the requirement for Samsung to produce two different hardware versions for Orange and Vodafone. We've now updated the review to reflect this. We still think that it's a brilliant phone anyway!

Reviewed by Ren from England on 18th Aug 2009
Completely new to me, not only have i never had a touchscreen, ive never had anything other than a nokia but i really like this phone! There are a few things to comment on which are only minor (but may be of importance to some) -I cant figure out how to zoom on the camera- the manual says 'once you have made any adjustments' without tellin you how to do so. -Once you have taken a pic, if you delete it the screen will automatically bring up a slideshow starting with most recently taken/rec'd pic. Not a feature im keen on. -The space button on texts is directly above the T9 button so have inadvertently turned off prediction when trying to enter a space. -And being used to nokia where you can hit send on a text and then carry on using the phone, its a bit of a pain that with this one you have to wait for it to be sent. Like I say- nothing huge but I like to be honest.

Reviewed by Tasha from England on 17th Aug 2009
This phone is amazing!! Ive had it for about 3 weeks and have had no problems with it. The battery life is good even if i listen to music on it all day, it still lasts ages. Touch screen is so easy to use. Music on this phone sounds really clear which is good because i listen to alot of music. Im so pleased with this phone. Before i had this on i had a nokia and i hated it! Im so glad i have this phone now. I cant even think about anything which is bad about it! :)

Reviewed by Alison from UK on 16th Aug 2009
Well this phone looks great but is possibly the most annoying phone I have ever used, I upgraded (!) from an LG Viewty and actually went to an Orange store for an LG Cookie but was persuaded by the salesman in store that this was a better phone, what a mistake to listen to him! Texting is terrible, the buttons are too close together so you end up with random words and it is very slow when you try to delete them, and it is constantly flicking up suggestions for the work you are typing in a little box in the text screen which is reall annoying and distracting. The accelerometer function is awful, when you try and look at your photos is whizzes through them fast enough to make you sick. Another small point about photos is when you try to select one as wallpaper, a little box appears on the picture and this is all that it will let you use a wallpaper, so you select a persons head and it comes up HUGE on the screen, also the wallpaper moves when you touch the screen so the persons face slides out of view. The most annoying thing is when you make a call and try and input another number, such as calling Orange and they ask you to make a selection, well the phone has locked itself so by the time the unlock works you have missed what they have asked you to press, then when you put the phone to your ear, your ear dials random numbers so then you are told "I'm sorry I did not understand that selection". It took me 5 goes the other day to retrieve an answer phone message because of this, and the phone nearly got launched across the room. I took it back to the shop and they refused to swop it for the Cookie, but they did change the handset, and told me to leave the ugly plastic cover on the screen as the screen is too sensitive without it! How can a touch screen be too sensitive!!?? I will admit this does improve things, but why oh why didn't I just buy the Cookie in the first place!!!

Reviewed by Nic from England on 13th Aug 2009
Have had this phone for a couple of weeks now and I have found nothing wrong with it. Very good looking phone. Very sleek and classy in black. Very easy to use and lightweight. Camera could be slightly better but thats not what I have the phone for. This is the first time i've had a touchscreen and have found it very responsive. Have not had any trouble with the phone unlocking in my pocket as have turned off the gesture lock. Would liked to have had not just demo games on the phone but this is again not a major problem. Great value for money. Great phone. Am very happy to have it and would recommend it to all.

Reviewed by Connie from England on 10th Aug 2009
I LOVE THIS PHONE ive had it for a week but i cant work out how to zoom in?

Reviewed by Matt Adams from UK on 10th Aug 2009
I had the same problem with the phone unlocking in my pocket, but if you turn off the smart/gesture unlock in the phone settings and just use the button on the side it stops this from happening.

Reviewed by Clegmeister from england on 9th Aug 2009
Had this phone for 2 weeks and can't find any faults with it, it looks good and is easy to use, does everything you need it to, best phone I've had

Reviewed by Sam from England on 3rd Aug 2009
I bought this phone about a month ago, so far i think its very good. Obviously the touch screen feature isnt quite as good as apples ipod, but it is good enough for what you need in a phone. Instead of using a qwerty keyboard, they have used the same type of keyboard as you would use to text on a normal phone, only on the screen. However with this i have realised because they unlock feature is on the touch screen, it quite often unlocks itself, and i have quite often found myself on the internet, (once i was even downloading a 5 pound game of tetris which i managed to cancel). Fortunatley i have free internet for the first two months, but it is quite frustrating as it also changes the ringtone etc. when it is in my pocket. However alltogether i think that this phone is well worth getting, as it will be very different to most of your friends phones.

Reviewed by chris from england on 29th Jul 2009
Love it, love it, love it. This is my 3rd Samsung and it's the best by far. Have this in Pink, proper girly pink it is too - won't show scratches as much as black. Was dubious about touch screeen - daughter told me I would hate it - but after a few practice txts, have the hang of it. Quality of music player fab too and easy to load onto it - just come back from abroad and didn't bother taking ipod. Get it now - you won't be disappointed

Reviewed by Adam from England on 26th Jul 2009
FANTASTIC PHONE!! got everything you want on it. the looks are great specially on the back with the black glosssy look like the iphone. Great sensitive touch screen unlike the lg cookie, i think this is one of the best samsung touch screens out!!

Reviewed by Reece from England on 26th Jul 2009
Well, where do I start with this phone... I've had it for just over one week and I have no bad things to say about it. The battery life is outstanding a big 5/5 and the touch screen is great, no glitches or slowness. The camera is a good quaility for a 3.2 mega pixel, only one thing, not a complaint, I can't find how to zoom, I'm sure its in the manual somewhere. Texting, it can be a pain at times but I've just about got used to it. The T9 predictive text is what I use. The main menu is very clear and bright, easy to use. In the box you get the Samsung charger and the headphones, not 3.5mm jack, disapointing. In conclusion I love this phone very much and I rate it a big 5/5. Great purchase. It's a music buy for the cheaper market of touch screen phones while beeing one of the best. Hope this review helps, contact me on michaeljackson161194@yahoo.co.uk if you want to know anymore about the phone or if you can tell me how to zoom in. Thanks Reece

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