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Samsung S5560 review

 Review: April 2010  

Last updated March 2011

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung S5560 Marvel is an excellent entry-level touchscreen phone.



The Samsung S5560 is a well balanced all-rounder of a phone. Priced at around the £15 per month level on contract, the S5560 is not a ground breaking phone in any way. It takes a well established platform - Samsung's Touch Wiz 1.0 user interface - with its ease of use and its friendly widgets, puts it into a fairly compact body, and adds in the features that most people want from a phone. If you crave the latest iPhone or Android smartphone, this isn't the kind of phone you'll be interested in, but the S5560 costs a fraction of the money and still has the apps that most people will use every day.

The phone feels good in the hand. It's not large, but it's not superslim either. It's somewhere in between. The screen is a very good size at 3 inches across, and with an adequate resolution of 240 x 400 pixels. That makes it easy to see, and helps make the touch interface easier to use. We've commented many times before on Samsung's Touch Wiz interface, and we'll say again that it does the job well, is simple and includes helpful widgets like clocks, facebook, MySpace links, etc that make everyday tasks a breeze.

Entertainment-wise, the S5560 has a good camera (5 megapixels, autofocus, smile detection, flash), a music player and an FM radio with RDS. There's a 3.5mm audio jack too, so you'll be able to use any standard-fit headphones. The 50MB of built-in memory won't get you far, so you'll probably want to add a microSD memory card, which will let you store plenty of music and/or videos.

Samsung haven't made the S5560 3G compatible, but they have provided WiFi, so if you want to access facebook or surf the web, you'll want to ensure you have regular WiFi access, otherwise you'll be relying on a slow EDGE connection. Other connectivity options include Bluetooth and USB.

Battery life seems to be good.

The S5560 is a good all-rounder, and offers excellent value for money. If you want GPS, 3G or an App Store, you'll need to spend a lot more cash. But if you want something that's a step-up from the Tocco Lite, then the S5560 could be your phone. Consider also the Samsung Jet or Samsung Galaxy Apollo, which have the benefits of GPS, 3G and other enhancements.

Samsung S5560 features include:

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How to change ringtone?

Asked by vishrant from india on 15th Dec 2016

I can't seem to turn off the keypad tone on my Samsung gt5560?!! How do I turn it off?

Asked by Sadmate from Motherlessland on 3rd Apr 2016
Can you give me a step by step instructions. Thanks in advance.

Hope to get the answer as soon as quick. I am hurrying in turning it off!!

Cheers mate.

Samsung S5560 user reviews

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Average rating from 45 reviews:

Reviewed by joaquim from portugal on 1st Feb 2016
nice phone, best gadget, nice camera, nice mp3 and movies reader... nice very very nice battery life but the WORST Touchscreen :(((
But is a phone , must be used as a phone with gadgets.

Reviewed by Fares from France on 18th Feb 2014
Do not buy this phone! It's SIM card reader defects after a few months.

Reviewed by samir from algeria on 3rd Oct 2013
button of call not working and iam change clavier i thing prblem in mother carte samsung s5560

Reviewed by Paapu from - on 10th Apr 2012
no doubt it has a good cmera..good bettry.. but has worst touchscreen...

Reviewed by Paul from Wales on 27th Mar 2012
I bought this phone on this review

you phone a company and it says press 1 for whatever...
but you can't as the screens gone blank and the phone has locked... and by the time you've unlocked it the other end has hungup.. also it freezes in camera mode, and the only way out is to remove the battery, then put it in your pocket and it unlocks it self and usually dials the last number...thats cost me loads..the automatic summer/wintertime doesnt work..the list just goes on and on
it cost me a hundred, the best thing i ever did with it was to through it against a wall...

Reviewed by BIggles from UK on 27th Jan 2012
Reasonable functionality and operation but the phone was in repair for many months having new guts and a replacement etc. over the last two years I have had to take the phone back seven times and been very dis-appointed with its durability. On saying that I have just bought the 'Y' and that is excellent value and so far so good.

Reviewed by Aakash from India on 20th Jan 2012
Camera is really good . . . but touch bad

Reviewed by Angus Og from Russia on 29th Dec 2011
Excellent phone, with lots of standard apps. Love the screen layout.

Reviewed by RRRR from uk on 10th Dec 2011
this phone is okay but has not any good games

Reviewed by paa from Romania on 5th Dec 2011
It is nice ....but i have a problem! When i'm connecting it to a WIFI internet and i try to go to a website it says Not enought memory...allthouw my phone memory is empty...

Reviewed by Sohail Khan from Pakistan on 16th Nov 2011
Outstanding mobile phone I've ever purchased. The people who don't know, How to use it, say that it is poor. But actually its a nice stuff. Camera, battery life, earphones, display....... Every thing is perfect regarding its price.

Reviewed by corky the cat from uk on 18th Oct 2011
Good; Neat looking phone. sleek and light weight. 5mp Camera (if you really need it??) Wi-Fi your email account and websites. Bad; Playing music is a right mess about!! Changing wallpaper/ringtones forget it!! It will drive you insane!! Predicitive text predicts hardly anything!!! Never encountered half the probs people on here report, are you really looking after your phones? I am getting rid after 10 months, never had any technical probs apart from odd shut down?

Reviewed by Balu from India on 11th Oct 2011
This is the worst phone i have purchased... my lock key button does not work properly ... wast of money .... go for NOKIA... the best phone maker.. samsung the worst makers.. try to develop much better and come with an best phone so that people can insvest their money on u ...

Reviewed by Hussain from UK on 30th Sep 2011
I had this phone for few months now and I have to say the battery life is outstanding. My younger brother played some games on the phone for nearly 3 hours and the battery was still full. I usually charge it around 2-3 times a week. The only downside is that when someone is calling and you want to put it on speaker or get the keypad up, you have to hold on to the unlock button on the side of the phone and then it locks again after a few seconds

Reviewed by John cooper from Uk on 7th Sep 2011
What a fantastic phone from singer john c from hastings east sussex

Reviewed by MB from England on 27th Jul 2011
Had this phone for over 12 months, and its had several faults, including speaker breaking (no good for phone calls), lock key stopped working, regular freezing, and now as soon as you turn it on it turns itself off. When it works, its a good phone! Far from reliable though.

Reviewed by Paul from Wales on 20th Jul 2011
Biggest load of junk i've ever purchased. 1. Camera locks on, cant get back to menu 2. Phone someone like tesco's where you have to wait to press the dept you need, no chance, the phone goes black, you have to hold down the sleep key to reactiveate, then it shows keypad bottom left, press it, NOTHING, 5 stars, no way keeps going off in my pocket, thus using all my minutes,Raddio is so so. the only good thing is the camera is above fair, and the earphone not bad,

Reviewed by lame_lei from The Netherlands on 30th Jun 2011
Don't buy it... It broke today, it is nearly 8 months old. It still works, but i have to press 1,5 centimeter underneat the thing i want to press, so i can't type my PIN anymore, and i can't open the menu to calibrate, because these buttons don't work anymore...

Reviewed by Musa from UAE on 28th Jun 2011
The build is good and the screen is ok as are the buttons. However there are a no of annoying drawbacks. Phone gets locked when dialling so i have to press unlock and the keypad button to be able to press a number. Cant scroll through music or sms so i have to go one by one which is a real pain. Messaging is hard as keys tend to appear as pressed twice unless i press it very lightly.

Reviewed by Jan from UK on 26th Jun 2011
DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!!! What a waste of money. The first text I ever sent contained the word GP which I added to memory in case I needed to use it again. Now, whenever I type in the word "is" I have to scroll down the list of alternative words in order to use it instead of "GP". There is no facility to delete things from the dictionary and the self-correct facility has no concept of commonly used words. You are always having to scroll down to find something perfectly normal. When you are on the phone and need to key in numbers you are so busy stabbing the unlock button 20 times till it works, in order to release the keyboard, you miss most of the menus you are trying to listen to. When you take a video, if you don't hold the phone the way up they want you to hold it, it will always playback sideways - if you turn it, the film itself turns. When scrolling down through menus, you have to repeatedly press the scroll button, you cannot just hold it down and have it carry on down. There is no search facility for the music so if you are looking for something at the end of the list, you might be pressing the button about 100 times. If you dare not answer a call it reminds you insistently and persistently - never mind that you might have texted the person back in the meantime - until you go into list and delete. Same thing with the calendar which is extremely annoying because, outrageous I know, I might just want to keep things on the calendar to check back on dates of events etc. As for the so-called radio. When you go into the list of stations, they are only listed by digits, not names even though the name does clearly register when you are playing a station. It asks you to add to favourites, so I did to see if that might be a way round the problem but there is no favourites list to access!! Perfectly brand new, high quality computer will not recognize the crummy Samsung disk - who knows, maybe all my answers are in there! Half the time, the touch screen is useless, not responding, no matter how many times you re-calibrate. This phone is total junk. Worst phone I've ever had. Makes me scard to buy another.

Reviewed by danrev roqueza from philippines on 18th May 2011
cannot connect a call

Reviewed by Emad from Iran on 17th Mar 2011
I Buy this mobile phone today, it`s good, i mean i like it:)

Reviewed by BmxGirl from England on 28th Feb 2011
Ive had this phone quite a while now and i got to say there is bad things and good things.. Bad things: It freezes too quickly when i want to go on something different, the camera is bad it just seems like a normal camera?, the touch becomes so sensative in time and when i try put my code in it puts too many didgits.., doesnt show me when i have a text when its on lock even though it shows me that i have a call.., Forgets to remind you to put a password in (very annoying as anyone can gain access to your phone), the internet is slow but its ok.. I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW HOW YOU VIEW INTERNET HISTORY SO IF ANY OF YOU KNOW HOW PLEASE PUT A COMMENT AS ITS TOOK ME STILL HALF A YEAR TO FIND!!!. Good points: Its slick its not too heavy or too light so you know its in your pocket, the speaker is fab, memory is good, battery life is fantastic when you are not on facebook or texting :), you can set more than 5 alarms! ( i am always late for college so adding more alarms help) the fact you can fake call is brilliant makes me lol times where ive been in difficult akawrd positions.. So yeah all together i have to give it a 4.......................................

Reviewed by Gallaxy from Romania on 15th Feb 2011
It's useless. Touchscreen will go less sensitive in time, especially when you want (well, when you try) to run more than 3 widgets, scrolling screens get very annoying. There's no firmware update, I repeat: NO FIRMWARE UPDATE, nor support on official site. This phone has several problems that the manufacturer didn't yet solved, nor will (my opinion): - if you want to listen to music using those hands free-headphones (too invasive for ones ears) and you press the hands-free answer/end button, you get a bonus of redialing last called number on music stop command :)) that's hilarious and extremely bitchy; I had to password protect all my phone's functions to prevent this from happening; - EXTREMELY ANNOYINGLY SLOW REACTIONS when you listen to music and run another widget; touch screen won't listen to your commands; - EXTREMELY BAD MANUFACTURER CONCEALED FAULT: do you want to set different ring tones for different contacts in your phone book and you have these ring tones on a micro SD card inside your phone? Oh yeah?! Well, you cannot assign a ring tone to a contact directly from the micro SD, because software NEEDS TO COPY IT INTO PHONE MEMORY (so when you browse your phone, you'll see the same file a lots of times with (1) or (2) or (x) at the end of its name, you can do that limited times, until phone's memory fills up! don't insist on finding hot-spots while your battery level below 50%, you might get a scene from your phone: just freezes and after 3-4 seconds it shuts off without any notice; - I just ended a conversation and I want to call someone else (or the same person), the screen shows call progress, but the phone just refuses to initiate call (doesn't even ring, it just won't dial), it's not a regular problem, but I've experienced this several times; - there's this New PC Studio as support for PC connectivity, when connected to PC in PC studio mode, you cannot access memory card (fair enough), you cannot read messages (not all messages and this puzzles me because I don't understand why is that) using PC Studio (PC Studio says "Cannot read this message, use the phone to open it", when you want to do this while connected, phone says "You cannot access messages while in PC Studio mode", so... my next logical question: what is PC Studio good for?); - and when you connect it in Mass Storage mode, there's this spinning color circle that hides all functions on phone, you cannot access its menu, I wonder if you can answer a call ...; - there's no search function for music (files) on browsing memory; - connect it to socket/outlet charger and live it over night to charge; you might get woken up by a lot of light; when charge complete, a pop-up screen (bright white, very bright) says "Charge complete, disconnect charger", so either you do that (because it keeps on popping up regularly), or you flip your phone face down; + (this is somehow a plus) it has wireless support, you can actually check and read (and even reply to) your mail messages (there's a Gmail app installed); + camera is a 5MP with led-flash, flash works on filming also; but again, if I wanted to take pictures, I would get me a digital camera, wouldn't I? (I got this phone for the Wi-fi support, which is ... reasonable); - it has this annoying fade-in on ringing; well, I DON'T WANT IT TO FADE-IN RING! I WANT IT TO JUST... RING! Impossible! Oh, and it cuts (about half of second approximately) on ring tones and songs (I had to insert silence at the beginning and at the end of the ring-tone to sound right); Bottom line: NO support (no firmware update support), A LOT OF CONCEALED FAULTS (see upper comms), NO themes (except 3 themes that suck), rubbish hands-free (you have either to swallow the mic so the person you talk to could actually hear what you're saying, either to scream like a lunatic and those ear-buds are a pain in my ears, plug it in and besides that you cannot hear the environment, it creates some kind of pressure inside your ears), almost NO PC connectivity (except bluetooth that's way better than cable transfer, want to transfer a file using PC Studio? think again, because it takes ages!), Wi-Fi is somehow ok... It's useless, I definitely DON'T RECOMMEND THIS PHONE!

Reviewed by Mike from UK on 14th Feb 2011
I have had this phone for nearly a year. It is totaly reliable. No problems with signal. Texting is easy or the large keypad. Battery last a long time, inbetween charges. Sound is very good & quite loud. Camera is above average. S E Harvey. When in a call press & hold Lock Key to get back to keypad, then enter a number. Hope that helps.

Reviewed by s e harvey from Uk on 22nd Jan 2011
The mobile is good. However, Samsung support is not . The user manual does not help with anything other than very basic use. For instance there is no advise on how to enter numbers as required by bank enquiries etc. In addition the web site does no give detailed advice.

Reviewed by megan from england on 8th Dec 2010
i have had this phone for 3 months now and already want a new one. it is bad for browsing the internet and i can hardly ever send texts or call people, recieving calls is stupidly bad too. it also takes a long time to load up after it has been turned off. i do not recomend this phone.

Reviewed by Ed from England on 7th Dec 2010
All in all, a god phone, especially for its price. However, i do find the touch screen quite annoying as it either misses my taps or thinks i've done loads of taps... and also during texting, the button to change the language is just below the space button, and its rather annoying when you're texting and you accidentally change the language to swedish or whatever. Also, the unlock button is on the side of the phone, which is annoyng as it unlocks in your pocket sometimes and calls people.. despite all that, its worth the money; its strong, mostly reliable, the battery lasts ages and it looks good.

Reviewed by Danny from Malaysia on 16th Sep 2010
Pros: -Reasonably priced. For its price, this would be one of the best touchscreen phones you can buy. -Elegant and user-friendly design. Buttons are easily within reach, and the phone feels nice to hold. -3.5mm jack provides decent sound quality, compatible with normal headphones. -Memory card (MicroSD) is hot-swappable. -Wi-Fi, with an easy to use internet browser. -Camera provides excellent picture quality. -Good battery life. Not properly tested, but I only have to charge my phone once every 3-4 days, even with frequent use, heavy internet browsing and lots of picture taking. -Friendly user interface. You don't have to be a total geek to figure out the functions available on this phone. Cons: -Resistive touchscreen takes some time to get used to. -Lack of 3G connectivity. -QWERTY keypad is small. Spelling mistakes are becoming much more common. -You still need to remove the back cover even though the memory card is hot-swappable. -Loudspeaker isn't that loud.

Reviewed by Mz from Pakistan on 15th Sep 2010
Good Phone...nice touch screen...bought it few days ago..loving it...but it has some problem with headphone...whenever i plugged it into the mobile...it got stucked...screen freezes...it also dial the last no...ahh..

Reviewed by Allan from England on 8th Sep 2010
What a great phone. Excellent battery life and calling, texting is very easy. WiFi connects without any problem although loading pages is a little slow at times. Camera is is very good. Won't bother to take my main camera on the next holiday. Pleased to say it doesn't show the finger marks as much as many similar phones. Touch screen works well, although it does take a bit of getting used to. I find it's sometimes easier to use the the left (volume) button to scroll up/down some of the menu lists. All things considered and for my use, I think this is a really nice phone er, camera er, I mean phone. It may not have all the bells 'n' whistles and the internet can be a little slow to load pages, but for 90 you can't go far wrong. I give it 5 stars due to the low purchase price for all the features and ease of use coupled with a quite decent battery life.

Reviewed by jean from england on 5th Sep 2010
I have had this phone for about 2 month and I hate it touch screen not very responsive can#t get on internet at all tried wi-fi still can't connect sick off ringing orange wondering if it will work with another surplier or wether its the phone thats a problem

Reviewed by Dan from Lancs, UK on 20th Aug 2010
I've had this phone for about 2 months now, bought on PAyG to replace an ageing iPaq smartphone. Decent phone for money, excellent camera which is easy to use and the editing function works ok although only has basic editing functions. Good music player, wiFi works well. Touchscreen scrolling is slow and not always responsive and tapping is not always recognised which can be frustrating. Internet slow due to lack of 3g which is a big minus for me as I use internet alot. Email functionality is poor as a consequence. If you want a decent phone with good camera then it's worth a look. If you want a phone for internet/email use then look at alternatives with 3g.

Reviewed by Kay from st.lucia on 8th Aug 2010
I Love this phone! I have had it for 2 months now and trust me it is way too cheap for all what it does! The camera quailty is great it has wifi and the touch screen is very neat! You can also get great games for this phone! It is a Must have!

Reviewed by Holly from England on 4th Aug 2010
I got the samsung GT S5560 as a replacement to my nokia 5530 (amazing phone btw) however it is not nearly in the same league, it is a simple phone, quite frankly not a "smart" phone, it does not display names on missed calls or message, the scrolling, texting and touch screen in general is slow. It is so basic. Internet connection is slow. Trying to do things on this phone, eg organise music, photos, videos is a faff. I have to go through so much just to do the simplest things! All in all this phone is slow, frustrating and simply not good enough. I fail to see the point in this phone. Dont buy it, get the nokia 5530 instead.

Reviewed by mauritia from england on 2nd Aug 2010
I have the samsung GT S5560. The touch screen is great. But the internet and the signal on this phone is terrible i am with orange. I cant get a signal most of the time where my son can. Internet will not come on at all. Phoned orange loads of time and still not working. The reception on this phone is terrible.

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 8th Jul 2010
I calibrated the touch screen and it works well. Though it sometimes 'misses' my taps. Although this is getting less frequent with use, perhaps I'm adjusting to it? Keyboard is fine and works well. Doesn't feel cheap to me but reasonably well made. It may last a while? Easy to use. I suppose opinions will vary depending on your other/previous phones, my previous phone was very old and awfull to use, may be compared to a much more expensive phone this one is poor but I am very pleased with it for under 100.

Reviewed by :) from UK on 5th Jul 2010
Overall, the samsung S5560 is a good phone as is good value for money. Nothing particularly spectacular about the phone but it's easy to use and get used to. Also compared to the genio it's must faster and responds alot quicker. The camera has good features such as smile detection and the pictures can also be edited on the phone which is a plus. The music player has it's own widget which makes it easy to use when on the go. The wifi works fairly quick although it lacks some things such as the chat on facebook. It's also a very strong phone and seems to be pretty unbreakable having survived many falls including a drop from my bedroom window :/ Definitely worth a look if you'r elooking for a good phone but aren't too bothered about proper internet use and extra features. :)

Reviewed by Roman from United Kingdom on 31st May 2010
its an ok phone but the processor is very slow so freezez sometimes. not much ram either. camera ok but i had a samsung d900i and the camera was the same on that although it was only 3mp and this is 5mp. games are very basic and u have to use arrow keys ahh. internet very slow on wifi compared to my ipod touch and the phone itself is very slow in general. not the best phone ive had.

Reviewed by Kieran from Hampshire, England on 29th May 2010
Its cheap and cheerful. nice price, nice features, nice camera. however, it has an awfully laggy and slow OS (as does most Samsung phones), typing is a nightmare with the slackest keyboard ever. It has simple and basic features, and starts crashing very quickly. I advise buying a Nokia 5530. Far better and more reliable.

Reviewed by Anonymous from Malaysia on 12th May 2010
Its a great phone with advantages of having a high battery life, good 5 megapixel camera and wifi gives it a similarity to the Nokia 5800 and 5530, but due to the lack of 3g, having a hard sensitive screen and no stylus which does elude the great features. But with the added apps, fake call feature and the all new finding music feature it does stand out to be a remarkable phone. Due to its cheap price tag, I would recommend it to budget buyers and smartphone hunters.

Reviewed by Steve Rainford from United Kingdom on 8th May 2010
Took delivery yesterday after running (the superb) G1 for a year. Appeared to be an excellent budget phone and easy to use. Not the best touch screen ever and scrolling is a chore compared to other touch screen mobiles. *BUT*: When running MP3s off a micro-SD, as soon as you plug in the headphones, the 5560 rings your last dialled number and then freezes; so you are unable to terminate the call before it connects! Unsure if this is a generic fault or specific to my handset. Needless to say, the phone has been returned.

Reviewed by Matthew from uk on 3rd May 2010
Love the phone but the lack of 3g is a let doiwn if had three it would be the perfect 100 phone

Reviewed by EUCHARIA from NIGERIAN on 30th Apr 2010

Reviewed by Daz from England on 28th Apr 2010
I've had the S5560 now for about a month, I've had loads of phones over the years (i get board with them) for 100 0n pay & go its hard to fault. The only problem I've had is surfing the net (very slow) if not using wifi. Battery life is great. loads of features too but no support on samsungs web site for this phone yet.

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