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Samsung S500i review

 Review: March 2006  

Last updated April 2009

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung S500i is an i-mode phone available exclusively on O2.

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i-mode is a replacement for WAP, and is a much better way of accessing the internet from a mobile phone. It offers fast access to a range of websites and to e-mail. You can get a list of i-mode websites here - the list is suprisingly large even at launch.

The S500i is a clamshell phone and is much better than the S400i. For a start, the capabilities of the phone are much better - there's a 1.3 megapixel camera with video recorder, an MP3 player with stereo external speakers, support for stereo Bluetooth headsets and external controls, and a high resolution TFT display with 262k colours. Bluetooth and USB connectivity are supported. The memory is fantastic, with 80 Mbytes of internal memory plus an expandable TransFlash memory card - perfect for storing MP3 tracks and videos. The battery life isn't that great, but that's the only downside. The looks of the S500i are cool too - very Darth Vader! The S500i is probably the best of the initial batch of i-mode phones and is recommended.

Samsung S500i features include:

  • 1.3 megapixel camera with flash
  • Video recording
  • Internal display: TFT, 262,000 colours, 240 x 320 pixels
  • External display: OLED, 64,000 colours, 96 x 96 pixels
  • MP3 player (MP3/AAC format)
  • Stereo external speakers
  • Support for stereo Bluetooth headset
  • 64-voice polyphonic ringtones / AAC & MP4 ringtones
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, E-mail
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB
  • Memory: 80 Mbytes plus TransFlash card
  • GPRS
  • Triband
  • Vibration alert
  • Size: 91 x 47 x 23 mm
  • Weight: 98g
  • Talktime: 3 hours
  • Battery standby: 190 hours

Samsung S500i user reviews

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Average rating from 92 reviews:

Reviewed by ravishankar shukla from india on 22nd Jul 2014
my best cellphone in my life

Reviewed by hamdy hamed from egypt on 15th Aug 2008

Reviewed by Hannah from England on 16th Jul 2008
This phone is so UGLY!,, Its really annoying that you cant use mp3 songs as ringtones but its not that bad,, Nothing is great about this phone its just about ok,, Its really chunky,, The quality of the videos n recordings are rubbish,,

Reviewed by Billy from UK on 29th Feb 2008
Had this phone for 2 years now and its great, very reliable. Only downside is that the battery life is pretty poor but other than that its perfect. Looks very smart too.

Reviewed by mark from scotland on 6th Feb 2008
go on www.nchsoftware.com and go on audio convertors and download it for free. really good. covert it to acc

Reviewed by Tracy from Northern Ireland on 27th Jan 2008
A good phone however I would appreciate it f someone could tell me how to convert the MP3s to iTunes so they can be used as ringtones. Thanks

Reviewed by DB from Ireland on 10th Jan 2008
Probably the best phone I've used, despite some minor quirks. If you want to use MP3s as your ringtone, use iTunes to convert.

Reviewed by Robbie from UK on 1st Jan 2008
Good phone this one. Had it for almost 2 years now and not had any problems at all until the last couple of weeks. It's only happened a couple of times but I've found that the phone has turned itself off and back on and reset the wallpaper. Only other problems with it are the battery life is pretty poor (charge every other night) after a couple of months and you can't use mp3s as ringtones or message alerts. Other than these points it's been a great phones for me and would recommend it to anyone if they want to use it for talking, texting and taking the odd picture now again. 8/10

Reviewed by Daniel from Nigeria on 27th Dec 2007
The battery doesn't last

Reviewed by thomas pickard from united kingdom on 22nd Dec 2007
i pretty much like this fone! it's got a good camera-with a flash+and is pretty good all around. but the only thing is that it is pretty dang ulgy.

Reviewed by Josh Hailes from England on 25th Oct 2007
Great phone, had it a year now. not really bothered about the MP3 ringtones, i just use itunes. very good phone. the camera lets it down a bit. you have to wait 3 seconds after pressing the button before it takes the picture and when it does come out, unless you have rock steady hands, it blurs. i suggest taking a 1 second video instead. much better quality. the imode is a bit naff as it isn't really the internet. great phone otherwise 8.5/10.0

Reviewed by Dec from Uk on 4th Oct 2007
I had this phone and it's brilliant, bar the inability to set mp3's as ringtones (u have to convert to AAC or MP4 and the lack of a widescreen feature during playback. The phone itself is quite solid and withstood quite a beating in the time i had it (over a year - fell down stairs, off landings, onto concrete and marble surfaces etc;) it is also quite water tight in the sense that it can be used in a steamed up area. (THIS DOES NOT MEAN DROP IT INTO WATER) the memory @ 80mb is brilliant and the pictures are top quality as is the sound capture on videos recorded. It is genuinely a great phone for anyone who is looking for a small clamshell phone with the ability to do all the available processes on the market today and at a cheap price. It serves it's purpose and the screen itself has easy legibilty during menu searching and txt messaging.

Reviewed by Conor Moran from Ireland on 23rd Aug 2007
This is a class phone.

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 19th Aug 2007
Great phone, but needs charging every other day if not every day. Also the video player can't play full screen its tiny why can't it play in full widescreen mode? :(

Reviewed by ???? from uk on 6th Jun 2007
its a horrible fne!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by P from Nz on 26th May 2007

Reviewed by g from UK on 26th May 2007

Reviewed by Simon from Scotland on 29th Apr 2007
Hi, i have only recently had this fone for a few weeks and have found it very reliable. All the features are great and the camera is exellent! the biggest problem i am a having is the ringtones, no matter what i seem to do i can't get my MP3s set as my tones, the fone itself doesnt have the options (as far as i can tell, but my knolege is limited) could someone please send me a step-by-step walk through of how 2 set this up? if you can could u please send it to simongoody@msn.com, thanks!

Reviewed by Caroline from Ireland on 25th Apr 2007
I had a samsung S500i an I loved it to bits! ! mp3,graphics - excellent my only fault was that the battery life was very bad! !it was the hole time attached to the charger, wouldn't mind that tho! ! i sent it away an it was a bit better but it didn't last long after that! ! Moisture damage r summat! ! i miss it sooo much! ! ! i love that phone! ! ! had to recycle it! ! m still broken hearted! ! :( o ancan't use mp3's as ringtones!

Reviewed by steven griffiths from uk on 15th Apr 2007
great phone i have ha it for over 1 year now,and you can change mp3,s to ringtones use itunes.

Reviewed by Simon Fraser from Scotland on 11th Apr 2007
Great phone does all it says it will do but spends most of the time attached to the charger

Reviewed by Morgan Opie from England on 23rd Mar 2007
If you were considering buying the S500i, then don't. The issues i have with it are the following. - i have had the fone fone for less than a year and i have had 2 replacements already because the fone keeps freezing and gets stuck ont he start up screen. I can no longer turn off the phone because i fear it wont come back on. - Secondly the black varnish ont he sides wears away with in days of purchase. -The memopry size is shocking, i got a usb pen that holds more. -The alround quality looks good but dnt be led on by samsung, i think this is there worse phone yet, however there other fones are outstanding.

Reviewed by Amir Shehzad from Pakistan on 20th Mar 2007
Sir, I have phone S500i. I found it excellient. specification is good but one draw back is its ring volume that is very slow. So please improve its ring volume and second thing is that it's booklet should be also in English. I found its English version even from internet but failed. I have french book of this mobile. Thanks & Regards.

Reviewed by kayleigh from scotland!!! on 18th Mar 2007
i lk it bt you cant use any of your Mp3s as your ring tone

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 20th Feb 2007
If you were considering buying the S500i, then don't. The issues i have with it are the following. - i have had the fone fone for less than a year and i have had 2 replacements already because the fone keeps freezing and gets stuck ont he start up screen. I can no longer turn off the phone because i fear it wont come back on. - Secondly the black varnish ont he sides wears away with in days of purchase. -The memopry size is shocking, i got a usb pen that holds more. -The alround quality looks good but dnt be led on by samsung, i think this is there worse phone yet, however there other fones are outstanding.

Reviewed by bilal ahmad from pakistan on 15th Feb 2007
i see samsung s500i and i use it i like so much i get information about s500i mobile then my friend told me i purshace it from dubai that is not pakistani modal then my hard broken by my friend. it is so stalish and coolest mobile i want use it i m already samsung user in this time i use samsung x120 it is also cool and stalish mobile.

Reviewed by B from England on 14th Feb 2007
this phone is good. one this though dose anyone know how to foward songs?

Reviewed by Kate from Britain on 8th Feb 2007
Ive not had this phone for a year yet, but already it has serious issues. The black glossy varnish is almost all scratched off from the sides (altho this is only vanity really), at times it refuses to receieve or send text messages, it turns itself off when certain people ring me, the buttons have got confused and when pressing one, it thinks you are pressing another, it distorts when you are talking to people on it, and the battery life is horrendous. Its very unreliable, and ive had to start carrying around my old D500, for those times when this one refuses to work. The problem is that other than that, i actually really like this phone, it's attractive, it's a good size, and the features are really really good. I would buy this phone with caution, and if you have it - be gentle with it!

Reviewed by ryan from scotland on 16th Jan 2007
its ryan again well i wouldnt be selling the phone to a friend now cause the screen broke and half the buttons came out.i think this is the only samsung phone built like a nokia...to last a couple of months.

Reviewed by jo from uk on 13th Jan 2007
love the phone use itunes to convert your mp3 to AAC it then saves in music and you can use it as a ringtone or caller id :o)

Reviewed by ryan from scotland on 7th Jan 2007
i have had this phone for 7 months now and i am selling it to a friend.I would keep the phone if you could set mp3 as a rinetone.that does seem daft but before i had this phone i had the E900 which was the best phone in the world i had to send it back cause of the network vodafone(never use them)i couldnt get a signal After the E900 i wanted another samsung and the s500i jumped out to me i didnt want another phone and when i made my mind up i can't change it lol.Just to annoy me my big brother got the E900 cause i said it was the best best phone ever.but anyway the s5001 would be the best phone in the world if you could set mp3's as a rinetone and you didnt have to use preset message tones

Reviewed by charlie from uk on 29th Dec 2006
I used to have this phone before i lost it sadly. i dont no why people complain about it not having mp3 ringtones. it should as mine did come with a cd which allows you to convert your mp3 song into an AAC format which you can then have as your ringtone. in someways this is annoying (due to time to set up) but it lets choose a certain part of the song as your ringtone so thats pretty good. this is one of the few new(ish!) phones i find that allows you to text quickly as it doesnt have any fancy keypad technology. this phone also feels quite robust as i have dropped it numerous times and yet it still lives strong! the only reason this has a 4 star rating for me is that i find the camera to slow to react which seems silly as whats the point of having the convienence if its not quick! and lastly the fact that the phone can not vibrate and ring at the same time seems strange, because if you are out and about in a busy place you kinda need both so you no that your phones going off!

Reviewed by cool from Canada on 19th Dec 2006
thes phone is the best 1 and it looks very niceand the quality of the camera is rael good too

Reviewed by CHRIS WARD from ENGLAND on 8th Nov 2006

Reviewed by S500i ex-owner from UK on 29th Oct 2006
I had this phone for 10months on an o2 contract. The phone was good even though there were a few flaws with it. The battery life was poor to begin with but then i did not turn it on/off while charging or use it while charging and it appeared to get better (still only 2days life). Pros - Stylish, Easy to use, Function full. Cons - Ringtone changes at will, no mp3 ringtones (only AAC), camera shutter slow, NOT WATER PROOF. I got soaked in the english rain and my phone thought it was on charge constantly but then when i wanted to charge it would not. Now i have to wait for o2 to send me a new phone on insurence so im getting a Samsung z320i for 2 months and then a sony Ericson w810i (because they are amazing).

Reviewed by Sypha from England on 22nd Oct 2006
Had this phone for a few days now and I must says its fantastic. It has all the features you would want in a phone with its 1.3 megapixel camera, bluetooth, mp3 player and expandable memory. Its also very user friendly (I haven't even read the manual yet), as is the pc software. The fact that you cant set mp3's as a ringtone isn't really a big issue and they can be easily converted to aac format using switch or itunes. All in all the is a superb phone and has everything to keep you entertained, this is a great buy! P.S. The battery life isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

Reviewed by SWIV from England on 30th Sep 2006
Would say this was a good phone with all the gadgets and gizmos you need. Battery life is great and the video's are great quality. MP3 player is ace although more memory should be on the phone. The sleek black exterior is brilliant.

Reviewed by Reema from United Kingdom on 9th Sep 2006
From my point of veiw, I would say that what attracted me to this phone is it's wonderful design.... It looks very easy to use and the keypad is soft. It also comes with blue tooth which is a great benefit. I think the price is very good cause it has 1.3 mega pixel and compared to the Nokia 6111, the price is very fair..... I was planning to get the S400i but now I have changed my mind and have set my eyes on the smooth style S500i..... It's a good choice.....

Reviewed by Dave from Germany on 1st Sep 2006
It's Alright

Reviewed by Eva from Ireland on 11th Aug 2006
This phone is not very user friendly. The manual is not clear.I am having problems sending songs to the phone. I have followed the first few steps, as outlined by emily from uk on 2nd Jun 2006 but the music track did not end up in the'MUSIC' folder of the phone. It was in a folder called 'OTHER'. Could somebody please help me? I want to import songs into the phone so that I can use the MP3 player. I would very much appreciate if somebody could outline the steps, one by one. Thanks.

Reviewed by Moose from UK on 8th Aug 2006
Loved this phone to start with (the love affair is over) it was an upgrade from my lovely Nokia 7200 (which I will keep forever and treasure. I was told by sales person that it would convert me from a Nokia fan, Trust me it hasn't - I can wait till I upgrade in 2 months! There some very irritating things about this phone, all of which have been mentioned in other reviews but especially – MP3’s can’t be used as ringtones - you can convert them using the software which is supplied with the phone, but the file size has to be so small you end up hacking your tune into smaller and smaller bits (sounding like name that tune) or have a really poor quality track. You can't have it vibrate and ring at the same time – vibrate then ring, vibrate or ring but never the twain shall meet. Yes it has the ‘imode’ function but you can’t access the usual websites for ringtones etc, and I never use it. It has upset my nephew because it has no Games on it. The external display displays your missed calls and messages for a couple of seconds then disappear, any screen savers or pictures you want on the external display are only displayed for a couple of seconds after you close the phone – what use is that? All in all my verdict – roll on upgrade; I’m going back to Nokia! - if you'll have me back?

Reviewed by ryan from england on 15th Jul 2006
the phone is mint i thnks 2 the people who helped me figure how to get mp3's as a ringtone.i would give this phone 5 stars but 1 problem, the battery life is not long ans as i listen to music quite alot it does not help but stil i recomend u to get this phone

Reviewed by Stephen Kellett from England on 12th Jul 2006
I have had my phone now for 7 months, and im reasonably happy. It has everything a phone should have in regards to features, but there are a few downsides. One is the battery life - I find this to be pretty poor if you use bluetooth, or the MP3 player/video player. You can end up charging it every day. Another poor side is the midi ringtones - how quiet are these? I have missed several calls outside due to not hearing it, and also not seeing the missed calls on the outer screen is a drag too. Now as setting AAC files as ringtones, there is NO limit to the filesize as it says in the instruction book. I have a 3.1MB m4a file as it says as my tone, all you have to do is go into file manager, then music, and press options over the file, then set as, and then you can easily select it as ringtone. So you can have a decent MP3 quality tone hooray! I would give 5 stars but you cannot change the cheesy message tones, so it loses a star.

Reviewed by brownie from scotland on 18th Jun 2006
i love the phone,just got it 5days ago,i had the e720 previously,great phone,neways i cant receive any picture messages,all it says is incompatible message format,can anyone help me sort this problem?

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 14th Jun 2006
Just got this phone a few days ago, and overall its a nice one. Looks sharp and stylish, great screen quality, and the usual samsung easy menu navigation. Loads of features, mp3, camera, video, voice recorder, etc. Few niggles though... 1) Battery life is terrible. Last about 2 days max with very little use, lasts about 1 day max if you fiddle with the camera, mp3, or just play with the settings. 2) The external screen allows you to choose either photo, wallpaper, or whatever. I like the inbuilt analogue clocks BUT this only displays if you hold the up/down external arrow keys, or flip open the phone and close again. THEN dissapears after about 5 seconds! What is the point of that?? Surely if you can have wallpaper on the outside screen, it should remain visable all the time shouldn't it? 3) The USB driver issue is REALLY starting to get me down. In winxp, the phone is found, but windows says it cannot find the drivers for it, and fails to load any. Others have said windows says 'This driver has not passed windows verification and you should not continue'. For those that get that, just go ahead and install (continue anyway button) it will not harm your PC or your phone, this is a fairly common windows thing. Any ideas on the outside screen issue anyone?

Reviewed by bri from uk on 14th Jun 2006
I CANT STAND THIS PHONE. the video quality is awful. the i-mode doesn't work. the video memory almost doesnt exist, i shouldnt NEED a memory card. i have had this phone for 5 days and i simply cannot bear it any longer i am sending it back today. whats more i can't figure out how i can switch all my contacts from phone to sim instead of one by one. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE

Reviewed by Fez from Uk on 9th Jun 2006
pretty decent phone has loads of features, had problems with the music ringtone until i read other peoples reviews, there are a couple of bad things about it, imode itsn't that great and costs loads, picture messages are a pain and the main thing that annoys me is you can use other features whilst your listening to music... i mean i could do that on a nokia 3300 which i had years ago....

Reviewed by jean from uk on 3rd Jun 2006
Just bought this phone today and think it is brill, it only takes a few seconds to convert an mp3 to aac using itunes to use as a ringtone i am using a full song as a ringtone which is bigger than 300kb, has for connecting the phone to the pc with the usb cable simply install all the software from the cd then turn off the phone, connect the cable to the phone and pc then turn the phone on, windows might say found new hardware a few times just keep pressing ok with the cd still in the drive and it should work

Reviewed by MollyW from UK on 2nd Jun 2006
I need very clear text messages due to visual impairment. This phone doesn't do them. The script is fine and I could not read it. Tried to alter it but couldn't. Asked the experts in the shop. they said it wasn't possible. Don't get this phone if you have visual problems.

Reviewed by emily from uk on 2nd Jun 2006
okay so i just figured out the ringtone thing. i'll spell it out, step by step for all you confused people. first, download iTunes from the internet. second, in iTunes, click 'file' and then select 'add file to library'. find the file on your computer that you want as a ringtune, and click open. it should automatically convert it to AAC, but if it doesn't, then right click and select 'convert to AAC'. some songs are protected and cannot be converted. if this is the case - pick another song!! once you've done that, using the software that came with the phone, send the song to your phone in the 'MUSIC' folder. i'm not even going to try explaining this part. figure it out. :P now, on your phone, go to 'file manager'. notice this part. 'file manager' NOT NOT NOT 'settings'. go into 'music'. your song should be there. click 'options', and then scroll down to 'set as' and click. select item 2 'ringtone'. congratulations, it will now play as your ringtone. note - if you try to select your song through 'settings' then it will tell you the file is too large. if you select it through file manager, it automatically only plays the first 20 seconds or so. so pick a song with a good beginning. i hope this answers a few questions.

Reviewed by alextait from uk on 28th May 2006
For anyone out there who has got the samsung s500i and cant get the music ringtones work ive managed to get my working. I converted the mp3 file in itunes (which on a mac you hold control button and click on the song you want and the opition to convert to aac)send to phone and then go into the file manager, music folder, selection song the song click optioins then select set as ringtone or you can set different songs to indiviual callers (caller id) It won't work though if you go into sound settings, incoming call. Once I got that sorted I was well chuffed the camera is brilliant and setting pictures for caller ids is great to. I loved the E700 and this is a more uptodate version. Bluetooth works a treat and thye screen is amazing quality. I even like the font that everyone else seems to hate its modern and clean!

Reviewed by Ade from UK on 19th May 2006
Putting the MP3 ringtone thing to one side even though it is a backward step not to be able to use them as ringtones. There is another major problem with the Imode mms pictures with this phone. Depending on what phone has sent you a picture message you will find that when you try and view it in your mms inbox it will enlarge the picture so much that you will only be able to see the top lefthand corner of it. If this happens the only way you can view it true size is to save it to the phones folder and then go and view it there. I have spent a lot of time on the phone to O2 and they finally admited that Samsung has got something wrong with the software on this phone and you should be able to view any pic from any phone in the mms inbox without saving it. Its such a shame that both O2 and Samsung have released a phone on to the market without testing it out first. As this is the second Samsung I have found a major fault on ( last one was E770 ) it seems that they are slipping down the Nokia road, but I do hope not.

Reviewed by Amanda Simms from UK on 18th May 2006
I love this phone had bit of problem getting mp3 tones on till I figured out that downloading Itunes and converting the mp3s then transfering them into the music file lets you select them I was well pleased. I have had several different models of phones and this is the best to date.

Reviewed by Nikki from England on 17th May 2006
the phone itsef is quite cool, although there are a couple of things that really annoy me about it. first, you can't see when you've got a missed call from the outside of the phone, which causes some problems. also, the most rubbish thing is that u cant have mp3's as your ring tone...gnarls barkely will have to be neglected :( bring back my D500! i wish now i upgraded to the D600...so be warned!

Reviewed by Martin foster from uk on 14th May 2006
Great phone, battery life no problem, most batteries should be on charge at night if not in use. Ring tones, anyone wishing to convert mp3 to mp4 go and download Switch, its only a trial, but it will impress. The data cable makes it great for getting music and photos on the phone, even much easier than bluetooth. Happy ringing.

Reviewed by Seb from England on 12th May 2006
Had this phone for a few months now, and a few things really annoy me about it, firstly that you cant set it to vibrate and ring at the same time, also about the fact that it doesnt display missed calls on the external screen. But mostly its the mp3's as ringtones, sure you can convert it to aac to be able to use it as a ringtone, but once this is done, the file needs to be under 300kb in size to be compatible, so you either have to have really short ringtones, or really poor quality ones. I wish i had my d500 back...

Reviewed by Hannah from England on 11th May 2006
Upgraded my D500 for this phone and not too impressed with it really. One thing that really bugs me about it is the fact that you dont know you have a missed call until you open the flip screen. This has caused a few problems. Also have found that the camera tends to take pictures whilst in my bag as there is a button for the camera on the side. The battery life is rubbish too, needs charging every night. On the more positive side the ringtones are pretty cool and i like the blue display on the outer screen, one other thing i cant quite work out is how to send picture messages as you have to do it through i-mode! Trying to look for another phone, anyone have any suggestions??!

Reviewed by Andrew Yarrick from Scotland on 8th May 2006
the only thing wrong with this phone is i cant put files from my pc on to my phone cause the usb driver dont work with my pc

Reviewed by Katie from England on 8th May 2006
PLEASE BE WARNED!!! I brought this phone 3 days ago and the usb cable wouldnt connect to the computer, i see quite a few people have had the same problem. The phone itself is pretty smart and i was very impressed,pitty about the software that came with it tho!!!!

Reviewed by Matt from Scotland on 1st May 2006
This phone has everything!! The camera has great quality but the only problem is that when u take a picture it has a delay of about 2 seconds, so if you click to take a photo and move the camera within 2 seconds it takes that picture. That and you cant set MP3s as your ringtone are the only bad things about it!! EVERYTHING ELSE IS CLASSSSSSSSSSSS :D

Reviewed by Liam from England on 30th Apr 2006
This phone has a great image, great features, and so on, but battery life is terrible. standby, about 4 days, actual usage, about 10 hours, seriously. it has skins, which beats the z500, but the z500 is in the smae price range is miles better. i ahve had both and the 6230i, and to be honest, 6230i wins. z500 has better image and features of s500i, but dont be fooled by i-mode as its rubbish and expensive. Z500 is the key

Reviewed by Jan from UK on 27th Apr 2006
Hi everyone, I upgraded my good old nokia to this samsung model 2 weeks ago with O2. Looks wise, I'm impressed. However, still struggling to get my downloaded MP3 files(from the PC), which I have converted to AAC to be ringtones, keep getting 'unsupported file' message! Also I am unable to recieve picture messages, keep getting 'incompatible message format' instead! Can anyone advise me on how to solve this please?!

Reviewed by Mush from Uk on 26th Apr 2006
Got this phone afew weeks ago, and still madly in love with it!! To solve the ringtone problem guys.. go to www.download.com, and search for "Switch" or "Switch Plus" and download it. This is software that enables you to convert your mp3, wmv etc files into aac which the phone uses as a truetone!!!! Then all you have to do is convert the track you want, and put it in the Music folder on the phone!! (preferably not the mp3 folder) Hope it's helped xx

Reviewed by kate from uk on 22nd Apr 2006
I just got this one but I love it....I;m not really bothered about mp3s being ringtones though. The battery does go down quite fast but I leave it charging over night every noght anyways so it doesn't really matter. The camera is really good.

Reviewed by Bex from England on 21st Apr 2006
Hi everyone. jus got an upgrade to this and the phone itself is ace its just the accesories that area a pain. i'm also having trouble installing the drivers on to my computer. It keeps on saying that it does not pass the windows logo test and recommends stopping the installation of the drivers. I thought there was something wrong with the lead or even the cd so changed both and still have the same problem. Does anyone have any ideas to what to do next???

Reviewed by .x. Chloe .x. from UK on 19th Apr 2006
i only got my phone this morning and i havent put it down since :-) .... i love it so much it looks great but i need help!!! .. i no you cant have mp3 as ringtones and i know that you have to change it to a aac or mp4 file ... i have changed my music to this format and put it on my phone but it only lets me put it into the "music" section because that supports the format.. then i went on my phone and selected music then a piece of music and clicked set as ringtone but it says unsupported file :S evan though its an aac i dont get it ive tried saving it as another type but nothing works does anyone know what i can do to it so i can have music as ringtones thanks Chloe xx

Reviewed by Jade from USA on 19th Apr 2006
Just brilliant far the best flip phone around, it is a d600 but in a flip phone but better, only good thing about d600 is that it has 2mp but s500 has i-mode, louder sound, sharper screen and looks way cooler.

Reviewed by Ben from on 18th Apr 2006
This phone is ok, although I too am having trouble with the aac/ringtone bit. I've converted songs using iTunes to aac (they are called m4a on my pc) but then the sound editor won't upload them. When I do get them onto the phone by naming them .aac, they can't be played as ringtones. Frustrating.

Reviewed by Paul from England on 17th Apr 2006
Hi all, just got an upgrade to an S500i and am having trouble installing the drivers on to my computer. It keeps on saying that it does not pass the windows logo test and recommends stopping the installation of the drivers. Dont really wanna continue with the installation in case it knacks up my computer. Does anyone know how you can install the drivers without this warning keep on popping up?? Apart from this, i think the phone is fine and battery life seems Ok despite what other problems people are having. Cheers

Reviewed by Sam from UK on 13th Apr 2006
This is quite possibly the most disappointing phone I have ever had. I loved it when I first got it, I had researched it well, looking at all the different reviews people had written about it and I was pleased with my decision. BUT! I have had it for about a month now and it turns itself off every hour or so! All of a sudden I hear its tune telling me its turning off and I have to turn it back on and re-enter my pin! IT'S SO ANNOYING! So now I have to send it in for repairs. Don't even bother, stick with the d500 or a nokia! Believe me! P.s. Everything people say about it having a bad battery is true too! Pretty phone but not worth the hassle.

Reviewed by Adam from England on 11th Apr 2006
This phone is GREAT! It's stylish and it's features are great. Buy this phone.

Reviewed by dave from UK on 11th Apr 2006
got this phone today 11/04/06, a very smart phone the only down part to this phone is you cannot download ringtones also you have very limited ringtones and wall papers, if they got this right it would be a fantastic phone, I have sent mine back today as it isnt worth £229 spent on it.

Reviewed by peter from uk on 8th Apr 2006
ive had this phone coming up to 4 months and its going on for its 2nd repair. the phone bat lasts 2 days max and that is with out playing music on it and on slient all day. the phone resets its self all the time resetting all my settings along with it stay well clear!!! btw to set mp3 and ringtones go to menu--->file manager--->music--->options---> then set as this will only work if you have music in that folder!!

Reviewed by the guru from UK on 6th Apr 2006
read the manual- it can't take mp3's as ringtones. instead use itunes, convert your ringtones into .aac format and use them, or mp4.

Reviewed by beckie from uk on 2nd Apr 2006
i have just bought this phone n i think its gr8, but i cnt set my mp3's as ringtones, as other people have sed. iv tried downloading mp4 format songs from limewire, but then wen i try to put them on my fone it says 'file type is not valid'. can anybody help me pleaseeeeee x x x

Reviewed by James from England on 28th Mar 2006
Good phone. You can't have mp3's as ringtones as it clearly says above. Convert them into mp4 using Quicktime or something like that and then it will work and sound exactly the same.

Reviewed by x.jess.x from united kingdom on 26th Mar 2006
ive had this phone a couple of weeks .. its a very sleek phone and i'm pleased with it. the only thing i can't figure out is how to set an MP3 song as my ringtone, any ideas? thanks x

Reviewed by Mike from England on 21st Mar 2006
Overall good phone. Bit a a brick shape. Cant put on music, but i think that is because i got the 'refurbished' model and they didnt sent the CD and the wire thing. Can anyone tell me where to buy one, and how much they are? Thanks

Reviewed by sollon from india on 21st Mar 2006
This is th efirst phone i have every had and it will probably the only phone i will have it is that good. i got it for my birthday this year and my parents can't get it off me i am on it allmost every minute of the day so i would recomend this phone to anyone who is looking for a phone you will never find a better phone than this. it may look ugaly but look don't realy matter it is what the phone does that maters

Reviewed by KC from on 13th Mar 2006
Always wanted a clam-shell / flip-fone (Whatever you call it) and when I finally got round to buying one I thought I'd go for this. I wasn't too bothered about a camera facility or mp3 player as I have a great digi camera and fantastic mp3 player, but I have to admit the volume on this phone is superb as is the picture quality. Granted it's not 2mp but at the end of the day its a phone and a phone that takes great pctures. Still exploring its many features, but for now this phone is fabulous. As with everything Samsung, its very user friendly and has a fabulously sharp screen...This phone is also the reason that I haven't gone for a Sony Ericsson. All my fones were either Nokia or Samsung and if this phone is anything to go by, I don't think I will be getting a Sony for ages yet........Oh and one last thing, thanks to all who wrote in about this phone (both good and bad comments)...found it extremely helpful when I was choosing my new phone as there are tonnes to chose from and I was completely lost. Keep sending in those reviews folks it really does help.

Reviewed by Zoe from UK on 12th Mar 2006
I just bought the phone and i think it has a great look with great features, great picture quality and an mp3 player. But you can only have polyphonic ringtones or video ringtones, not mp3 and i can't connect it to my computer?? Also the battery life only lasts about a day which is really annoying, but aprat from that this is a really great phone, the best one i've had! X

Reviewed by Dave from uk on 11th Mar 2006
A superb piece of mobile phone genius.Easy to use keys and menu and super smooth flip mechanism.MP3s have to be converted to MP4s for use as ringtones but its simple stuff really & only takes 20 seconds from PC to ringtone.Great in all black & super camera.This phone will definately take over the D600 as top dog.I mode and I mail aswell as every possible extra make this a phone to be proud of!!!AWESOME!!!

Reviewed by TimmY from Ireland on 10th Mar 2006
this phone is outstanding, great modern look unbelievable camera and a great mp3. however i cant seem to get the phone to connect to the computer and cannot put mp3 music as a ringtone but on the whole it is a great phone and would definatly recommend it!!

Reviewed by x haZZah x from x england x on 8th Mar 2006
this phone is abosulty wkd ... i bought this phone not so long ago after my last phone got nicked [MoterlaV547] =( which i really did love that phone as i had it for couple years and got use to it so was finding it hard to get a new one !!! but as soon as i got this phone canme through the post i was like WHOOOP so happy it luks very smart nd is such a nice phone ... the only down fall i wud say wud be the price VERY expensive ... but i got mine cheap =) so its all good !!!

Reviewed by Alex from UK on 6th Mar 2006
outstanding phone! very impressed, great camera, takes a little while to take a picture though, shutter isnt very fast but picture quality is very good, the camera in video mode is very impressive, top of the range atm simple to use and is very smooth, can take photos and videos from when the phone is shut, lots of different effects for the camera, picture editor, frames, effects,....overall very good camera. Was also impressed with the MP3 player, with the 88 mb's memory built in + expandable memory it leaves alot of room for music i have currently 19-20 songs on atm? and still got quite abit of room left, bare in mind though taking long videos on high res will take up alot of room. new i-mode service recently released by o2 is very good, i-mail is great send and recieve email just at the click of a button, the actually i-mode browser is great fun to use but is quite pricey if your on there for a long time. bluetooth and infered have worked well so far had no problems with them yet. only problem with it i have found so far is the battery life, i use my phone alot because im a heavy texter but after a day of sending and recieving texts and emails the phone is almost out of battery, this isnt to much of an issue as i just leave it on charge over night every night. has a very big bright screen and is easy to navigate around all the menus, would highly recomend this phone to anyone who wants to be up to date with technolagy, very impressive peice of kit from samsung! wait till price drops a bit, £160 ish then go for it, it wont dissapoint!

Reviewed by Emma from ENGLAND on 6th Mar 2006
I love this phone so much, its like my little baby, without it i dont know how id cope! only problem is though, i have no clue whatsoever how to get an mp3 to be my ringtone, and it really annoys me, ive tried everything and nothing works!i love it in black but i would have liked it more in silver! at £230 it was worth it! best phone ive ever seen, the massive screen is mint!

Reviewed by K Green from UK on 6th Mar 2006
Phone great, can't say the same for O2, however in answer to 'Emma' if you download itunes on the net, it will display any music, mp3 etc that is on your pc, if your mp3's on your phone are not on your pc put them on before you download the program, you can then convert them to a m4a or acc and then put them in the music file on your phone and you can then play them as a ringtone, easy honest if I can do it anyone can, :)

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 4th Mar 2006
Very good phone yet again by samsung!!!

Reviewed by Conor from Ireland on 1st Mar 2006
it is the best phone ive had in my life it has an mp3 player and all its great i love it to bits especially its sexy finish

Reviewed by hash from uk on 21st Feb 2006
fanatastic fone, the camera quality seems to be more than the specified 1 megapixel. this phone is a genious peice of engineering. the flip system is smooth and the black finish is class quality. the imode browsing certainly increases the amount of fun you can have with the fone. fast internet, good bluetooth, good memory + memory card & excellent games means that this phone is a media package. it is probably samsung's best flip phone yet. not to forget the camera flash and the handset being exclusive to o2 means that this is the perfect handset. the price tag is quite steep at approx £200 but if price drops to bout £160 or below then this handset is perfect.

Reviewed by ragita from France on 21st Feb 2006

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