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Samsung S400i review

 Review: March 2006  

Last updated March 2009


In a nutshell: Slide phone with video camera, Bluetooth™ & i-mode web browser.


The Samsung S400i is one of the first of a new generation of phones called i-mode phones. i-mode makes it easy to access the web and use e-mail from a mobile phone. To start i-mode, you press the special "i" button on the phone. You can then access a range of websites that have been specially designed for i-mode and have been optimised for viewing on the phone's display. i-mode sites include many of the most popular websites such as ebay, sports, news and games websites. You can also send and receive email using the i-mode email system, "i-mail". Initially i-mode is available exclusively on O2, and you can get a list of i-mode websites here - the list is suprisingly large even at launch. i-mode is a replacement for WAP and is much, much better. At last, the system that has been in place in Japan for years is now available in the UK! Note that i-mode is not the same as 3G - 3G is faster, but i-mode has the benefit of operating on current 2G networks with better reception and longer battery life.

The Samsung S400i looks very similar to the best-selling Samsung D500, except that it's smaller and lighter. It's a slide-up design phone with a good keypad and a nice screen. However, it doesn't have the features of the D500: there's no MP3 player, no expandable memory, the camera is just VGA resolution (0.3 megapixels), and it can only record short video clips (less than a minute). This makes it expensive for what you get, especially since you have to pay extra for the i-mode service. The Samsung S500i seems like a better deal.

Judging from the user reviews, many people seem to have been mis-sold this phone as a music phone. You need to understand that this phone does not have an MP3 player. However, if you read the user reviews below, some people claim to have imported music files onto the phone and been able to play them.

Samsung S400i features include:

  • VGA camera (640 x 480 pixels) with flash
  • Video camera
  • Display: 262,000 colours
  • 64-voice polyphonic ringtones
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, E-mail
  • Downloadable Java games
  • Photo phonebook
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Memory: 13 Mbytes
  • Vibration alert
  • Triband
  • Size: 91 x 45 x 21 mm
  • Weight: 88g
  • Talktime: 3 hours
  • Battery standby: 150 hours

Samsung S400i user reviews

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Average rating from 275 reviews:

Reviewed by Havent got a name from UK on 5th Mar 2010
Hello Ive just brought my self this phone as my has gone in for repair , i can not get music or nothing on to this phone some people have been telling and asking me its a mp4 or aac file ...

Reviewed by Beccy from UK on 10th Dec 2009
The problem with the music thing that everyone complains about it is that it's not MP3 compatible. It takes M4A and AAC. However I found it hard at the time to find a converter to get music into these files. So the lack of music ability was my main grudge with this phone. I had it for about a year and a bit (and only changed it about 5 months ago) and found it easy to work with for texting and phoning - I never used internet so didn't care too much about that (although when I recently received free internet, I did try it on my old phone but couldn't get it to load websites). I was mainly disappointed by lack of memory space (and had to keep sorting pictures to make room for more), the shortness of video filming capability, and the music thing. It was my first camera phone so camera was good for me (back then), and the battery life was good (compared to later phones I've had). So all in all, not a bad phone for the times but pales in today's market.

Reviewed by jebus from UK on 20th Jun 2009
hated dis phone,bored the life out of me i wunt recomend it the slider was wrecked and the imode wasnt even as good as it seemed nvr buy it

Reviewed by sophie halpin from UK on 8th Jun 2009
worst phone i have ever had in my life, no music that is bad!!

Reviewed by kirby from UK on 9th May 2009
i actually really like this phone. i got mine 3 years ago but now i have my new one. when my dads phone broke he used this one of mine and he loved it. this a great phone that i will keep as a backup.

Reviewed by katie from UK on 26th Apr 2009
i had this phone years ago! and now its my spare one. i lost my phone and come back to this one and was amazed that it still works after all this time! ok it hsnt got mp3 but oh well its all good for a spare phone

Reviewed by sam from UK on 10th Feb 2009
this is not quite good phone and it hasn't got lots of features.

Reviewed by Goodentagalu from UK on 8th Feb 2009
The phoneis very nice. uNFORTUNATLY DOESN'T HAV MP3 had it 4 3 years now. Good reliabilit. Which is good than having a top spec ohone that only works for 1 year and two months.

Reviewed by james hatfield from UK on 23rd Oct 2008
very good love it buy one

Reviewed by Tahir miah from york from UK on 15th Sep 2008
Ive had dis fone 4 2 and half years and wat i find annoying is that you cannot video for long at all. Finally ive learned how to put music in this fone by readin other reviews (use itunes). The Imode is the best feature in dis fone and i think it is a better LOOKIN fone than Samsung d500 and it is slimmer. I really don't mind dat it doesnt have mega pixal camera as the vga camera is very good. I would recomend this fone to 6-12 year olds but not for anyone abov dat age becuase it is rubbish in entertainment. Also i think it was too expensive wen it was sold new becuase i brought it in may 2006 for £99 and found out a monthe later fones with mega pixal camera and mp3 became much cheaper!!! (Samsung k750i for £75)

Reviewed by Rachel from UK on 2nd Aug 2008
I like this phone :) I just don't like the fact that it doesn't have an mp3 on it >.< I'm happy with the length of the video recording, cause I don't video much. And just like that tip, don't move the phone around so much, if you want a longer video :) Bluetooth is excellent for me ^_^ The keypad is easy to use :) Love the color. Love the speaker phone too :) Just don't like the 'no mp3' fact or the i-mode >.<

Reviewed by lydia from UK on 9th Jul 2008
ok i like the phone but it won't put Mp3s on it :/ and i try and get onto the internet and it says illegal APN!?!?!! wtfff, is with this phone :/

Reviewed by isaac from UK on 17th May 2008
its ok.. cant do usual stuff like play music so thats bad. But i guess its an ok phone for people who just use phones for calls. REALLY annopying when u accidnetly press the imode button though, drains your credit

Reviewed by steven from UK on 25th Apr 2008
i hate the phone is rubish

Reviewed by AK Khan from UK on 19th Apr 2008
IWhy i Bought This Cell Phone... Errrr.... Neither Supports Mp3 nor Acc... Just Only The Stupid mid.... I HATE It... Why is SAMSUNG Making Sucha Kinda Cell Phones???

Reviewed by poc from UK on 4th Apr 2008
worst phone ever

Reviewed by harzme from UK on 21st Mar 2008
i think its great

Reviewed by Conor from UK on 14th Mar 2008

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 13th Mar 2008
i have had this phone for just over a year, it's done nothing for me at all !! im sick of this phone, It is not very reliable, it dosent have an MP3 or anything, which is rubbish in my opinion, it's alright I suppose for a little runaround phone, but the video quality as well as Camera is terrible ! If i could go back and buy a different phone instead I sure would of, Im getting rid of this phone as soon as I can ! Compared to the new phones that have been released, My phone looks appaling compared to the new I-Phone and Sony Ericksons !

Reviewed by S400i is gay from UK on 14th Feb 2008
Cant download mp3 file. I trew mine away wat a waste of money.

Reviewed by :) from UK on 10th Feb 2008
Its really annoying Me off! iv coverted mp3 filed to aac files to try n get um on my fone they dont work its to large then i cut the songs down and its still too large Grr? HELP

Reviewed by Armand from UK on 10th Feb 2008
I've had this phone for about 1 year now. Im happy with it. Yes, it may not have an MP3 or videos are short but I don't really care because I have a mp3 (size of the phone screen) But its really easy to use, and as im only 12, I only need it to call people. I record videos and heres a tip - try not to move the phone and it will last longer. The music - it takes certain WMA music files. Bluetooth is fine, happy with it. One bad thing - whats with the I-Mode? Illegal APN? Oh weel, good phone unless you want MP3 on it :)

Reviewed by kayleigh from UK on 10th Feb 2008
its stupid i cant even receive incoming calls on it

Reviewed by adam43 from UK on 20th Dec 2007
i have had this phone for a year and half when i bought it i thourght it was a good phone but sadly i was mistaken , the camera is good but the video recorder only lasts 30seconds and the memory is poor i would not reccomend this

Reviewed by Blabheinn from UK on 19th Dec 2007
like everyone else, i was REALLY disappointed to find it would do mp3, although im sure i read somewhere it would take mp4... anyways, the email was really gwd, i got it free for the 1st 3 months, then i was ment to get charged but i never did so emailing galore!!! nyways, had it a year now and time to go i think.

Reviewed by notron from UK on 17th Dec 2007
i like it :) tho the memories poor, and i broke the "0" button :'( n in reply to the ppl hu av posted, i recieve music fine

Reviewed by Karen from UK on 13th Dec 2007
Hmm i had dis fone 4 nearly a year now its rubbish it won't let u have mp3 as ringtones only polyphonic its soo stupid don't buy it! i'm gettin the nokia 7373 4 xmas far better than dis dcamera is usless n d usb ders no ponint in it if u don't have mp3 as ringtones it even has a music folder btits alwyz empty it can't even accept some flashing pictures it just goes into other files n u can't even access dat! i don't like this fone the ringtones u can have are so childish so my fones alwayz on vibrate!! i don't recommend it at all i can't wait for my new one to arrive! at crimbo but i like the graphics my m8 sed it was pooyear but i didn't listen 2 er i now wish i did plz do not buy dis fone its so rubbish its unbelievable how bad it is! x

Reviewed by john from UK on 3rd Dec 2007
this phone is rubbis as i can't download music by bluetooth the only sound i can have is the none real singing version and i can only have them if there acc files and i can't have mp3 files on it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by robbie from UK on 26th Nov 2007
this is a rubbish phone

Reviewed by indiefolife from UK on 20th Nov 2007
id say it was ok but i was disappointed at the fact it did not have an mp3 player so i could only use the default tunes as my ringtones and i wouldn't be able to listen to music. also, battery life is bad. if you charge it for half an hour it doesnt last you more than 24 hours, probably less.

Reviewed by jess from UK on 18th Nov 2007
i had this phoning not looking at reviews firdst. what a mistake. ita not good if your looking for a phone with camera and music at first the camera is good then after a few months its awfull. And dont get me strted with music you cant even get any ! just take my adviee this shlound even be called a phonee it useless

Reviewed by Dani from UK on 17th Nov 2007
it wont let me put songs on it its gotta be aac? helpp!

Reviewed by lu from UK on 16th Nov 2007
my phone is good but it didn't come with an USB connection and i cant get any songs or picture off my computer either!!! but just for phone use it GREAT.

Reviewed by adam from UK on 15th Nov 2007
i think it is confusing

Reviewed by charles from UK on 3rd Nov 2007
i used to like it but now i hate it as long as it dont have mp3 player

Reviewed by ben from UK on 24th Oct 2007
dis fone is totaly disappointing. i swapped a j600 for this phone hoping it would be a better phone but unfortunatly is terrible. i dont see the point in having a phone which you cant even store music. its terrible so dont ever swap a good using phone for a heap of junk like this one.

Reviewed by jambonto from UK on 23rd Oct 2007
Very disappointed, thought it would be like the d500 or d600 but is terrible. Doesnt even allow tunes on it, terrible

Reviewed by wycliffe from zimbabwe from UK on 22nd Oct 2007
unfortunately for some of us internet on the fone is pretty limited so the fone leaves much tobe desired. who doesnt want music on their fones? i am very dissappointed with the 13MB memory, no mp3s allowed!! features. just to think its very difficult to find software to convert mp3s to m4a it plays. imagine if you were a simple house wife who really loves her fone music!

Reviewed by liisha from UK on 16th Oct 2007
this phone is wat i have got and u can not get no songs wat so eva soo its a rubbish phone but it iwll du for now

Reviewed by 75849 from UK on 14th Oct 2007
i have this phone i dont kno whether its just my phone or its to do with the whole make but i can't receive or send music via bluetooth so therefore i find this phone poor!

Reviewed by Molliie from UK on 13th Oct 2007
I've had this phone for over 8 months now. and when i try to send and recieve emails, it says 'error, page not found' anyone help me? Rat.kid@hotmail.co.uk

Reviewed by kez from UK on 28th Sep 2007
it was an ok phone it had most things on it apart from mp3 which was a bit of a let down. but it was easy to operate and good grathics and really durable, the amont of times i dropped it and there was no scratches on it, and it still worked perfectly, unfortunatly i got mugged yesterday and it was taken,so i have to buy a new ond today

Reviewed by george from UK on 22nd Sep 2007
i thought it would be much better than it is. it didnt come with a usb cable to download music from the comoputer and i dont think i-mode is very good eather. i havnt had it very long only about 5months and im getting a new one soon.

Reviewed by nat from UK on 20th Sep 2007
its a load of poo it cant even play music!!!! >;[

Reviewed by Elena from UK on 18th Sep 2007
Am a phone fanatic. I love phones and I've never been so obssessed with a phone than the Samsung S400i. Its got everything you'll want in a phone if you're the stylish type. Mine was robbed and am so upset. Am on the internet everyday looking the buy the phone again but I was told its discontinued. Why would samsung do a thing like that? Please, bring it back cos its the only phone am in love with. Am serious!

Reviewed by James from UK on 31st Aug 2007
Rubbish init! You cant get MP3's tht is bad yer mate! Init loving the new d900i init!

Reviewed by Lizzie. from UK on 14th Aug 2007
I'm Actually Soooo Dissapointed With This Phone. It Looks Nice But I Though (As it seems everyone else does) that it would accept music as it does have a music player. but ovbiously not aye. can't wait to get rid of it and get a nokia! never going back to samsun for a phone again. was completley a wasste of money!

Reviewed by meghan from UK on 4th Aug 2007
hi this is a really gd phone buy it

Reviewed by sarah from UK on 28th Jul 2007
i was very disaponted when i got this phone because i thought it would be able to recieve music for the price i payed well actualy i was told it recieved music!!!!!...... not very good memory alough i have loadsa pictures on it because there are no mp3 to take up all the memory and the video is rubish because it only lasts for about 13 seconds .... wish i never bought this fone in the first place

Reviewed by John from UK on 27th Jul 2007
got this phone as a gift. Thought it looked good and is nice and compact,fits the pocket nicely.there ends the good points. cannot save music files, wont take a lot of the ringtones available.was misled into believing it had an mp3 which it dosent. all in all, there are much better phones on the market for around the same money.will be going back to nokia...

Reviewed by lisa c from UK on 24th Jul 2007
this phone is absolute rubbish,i was wondering why i coulding bluetooth music from me other phone to this one,now i know why.no mps ive also been tring to lock the phone so no one can browse through it but cant find right pink no'to do so....thank you for this site as its helped me understand that a nice looking phone is actually not worth its value for the money... thank you

Reviewed by Emily from UK on 21st Jul 2007
Good little phone, wouldn't be very good for people with porky fingers!! Annoys me that it only takes mid. & amr. sounds. I just wanted a song for my ringtone.. Had it for a few months & I really like it, it's a cute little phone. Dropped it loads of times & it still works lol. Memory isn't THAT good.. But oh well. Buy it if you're just after a simple phone :]

Reviewed by jimbo from UK on 19th Jul 2007
a deadly phone bt if it had a mp3 it wud be amazing

Reviewed by Natalie from UK on 16th Jul 2007
It wasnt that good. Its memory for the videos was only like 15 seconds so you have to keep deleting things. My advice is dont get this phone!!

Reviewed by matt sidaway from UK on 5th Jul 2007
i completly agree with laura on this one, it had a music folder, but you cant put music on it, it doesnt allow you to send pictures, or recieve stuff from mates, the phone is 100% duff, and the best thing is, if i get one more frosties token, i get another s400i, it really is that bad

Reviewed by anonomous from UK on 29th Jun 2007
it wont let me download music by bluetooth

Reviewed by Emzi from UK on 27th Jun 2007
My samsung S400i can have NO!! Music niether many vidoes or sounds. I WISH i never brought this useless phone. How stupid of me!!!

Reviewed by Ellen from UK on 28th May 2007
I got my this phone a year ago for my 12th birthday and I was sooooo pleased because it was my first ever camera phone and the colour was amazing. Then I realised everyone else had music phones and when I bought it, I was yold it wss mp3. Other than that that phone is good - its good quality and looks very good!!

Reviewed by becky from UK on 27th May 2007
well my sister got thid fone 4 christmas and beleive it or not it was a load of rubbish. she couldnt get music onit (wats da point in dat ?) and its not like wat it says its like on the advitisment !!! well if ya spend ya money on this i feel sorry 4 ya

Reviewed by TheWraith from UK on 26th May 2007
the phone is pants, anyone can steal it & re-set your code, normaly with a mobile (if you have phone lock & sim lock) it'll ask for the sim lock 1st, this dont, it wants the phone code wich can be reset by removing the sim card then typing in a number (the one number seams to reset not just all 400i's but infact resets ALL samsung models, so anyone finds your phone, they can incert a sim & use it as for mp3, nothing but problems, a place called MikSoft do a FREE mp3/wav to AMR converter (for NEC phones) but AMR also plays on the samsung so you CAN recoard your voice & set as ring tone (just make it an AMR, but the phones still rubish : /

Reviewed by Julieee-x from UK on 25th May 2007
OMGGGGGG!!! i h8 this fone tha stupid fing wont acept music nd sumtyms wont even acept videos ow rubbish is tha i gt tha fone finkin it wah gd!!! aha wernt i wronggg!!! mi old fone wah tha best fing bout it is tha way it luks tha camera alrite tha video kinda rubbish tew! so i wunt recomend any1 tew buy this fone unless yew are abit olda nd dont wnt it 4 music nd tha!

Reviewed by Louise from UK on 25th May 2007
This phone has disappointed me. I asked for it for Christmas because it had all the things I wanted on it. Sadly, I hadn't really read reviews and seen how bad it is. The videos are so short but I think the camera is fine because you can get lots of effects/timer etc. I don't really use i-mode because you have to pay and I don't really need to be able to access the internet while I'm out. What annoyes me most is that I cannot receive music. It took me an hour to download 3 programs to convert one song into the right file type, to shorten its length and to be able to transfer it onto the phone. The longest it could be is 15 seconds. Also, you can't set voice recordings as your ringtone. I don't recommend you buy this phone if you are buying it for music purposes. Also, it uses an awful lot of battery. I keep mine on at night as I use it for my alarm but still it uses so much. If you think about it, it always flashes and the screen is so bright. When I was playing around I realised you could change the length of your videos by changing the settings from message length to something else. Sadly, I could not change it as it would not let me =(

Reviewed by billy graham from UK on 25th May 2007
absolutely brilliant phone. has everything you need, great internet access, cool sounds & realy good looks.

Reviewed by kevin from UK on 22nd May 2007
its a rubbish fone u cant get a usb cable 4 it nd dosent allow hardly any tones pits or videos that take up to much memory the batry goes evry night nd u dont get any ear fones with it nd im very annoyed with the fone and they should be all burnt to ashes bubbish fone nokia are the fones to get

Reviewed by james from UK on 17th May 2007
its a poo phone

Reviewed by abba from UK on 8th May 2007
it's great

Reviewed by chris from UK on 3rd May 2007
This phone has nothing for it and you cant even download the games you want. I got it for Chridtmas and i hate it already and i want a new one, and i dont usually want a new phone for a while. Disappointed, thats all i can say, disappointed.

Reviewed by Poppy from UK on 29th Apr 2007
Well i got this phone and thought it was great, until i got 2 school n found out that i couldnt recieve mp3 files :(, i think the camera is good but the video could be better, if you want a phone with mp3 dont get this!!

Reviewed by Melissa from UK on 23rd Apr 2007
Well, ive had this phone over a year now. i think its stupid, i mean, why put a music player on the phone when it cant play music, did like this phone in the beginning, but now its getting boring, and im purchasing a s.e w810i

Reviewed by Emily from UK on 22nd Apr 2007
this phone cant hold any songs. it keeps deleted all my messages and pictures and i havent touched it. the battery goes down real quick aswell! i dont recomend this phone unless you want no songs and deleted pictures

Reviewed by Mel from UK on 17th Apr 2007
I got my samsung s400i last year, and have found it quite a good phone. I like the camera on it, and the videos last a long time. I mode is very useful aswell. I didnt like the thing that they have a music player, was dissapointed when i couldnt put music on it, but apart from that i likked the phone. Apart from the music thing, and sometimes it crashes !!!!

Reviewed by Ella from UK on 10th Apr 2007
Very disappointed with this phone. Misleading, as it claims it has Bluetooth but it has "Baby Bluetooth", a smaller version of Bluetooth, making it incapable of receiving MP3 or any reasonable sized files. Wouldn't recommend it at all.

Reviewed by leanne from UK on 10th Apr 2007
this phone is sooooooooo bad it doesnt even hold music and u cant get ur photos to ur computer

Reviewed by sean from UK on 10th Apr 2007
absolute poxy phone, cant get that stupid tone off the phone when you send a message, its got no mp3 player, the camera is poxy, keeps saying charging when not on charge, bluetooth works when it wants too, messages send when they want to sometimes upto 3 hours after initial send, no speed dial either D O N O T B U Y shame on you samsung for making claims that your phone can do this and much more when clearly it does NOT !!!

Reviewed by tai from UK on 3rd Apr 2007
the phones features are rubbish but a really cool feature i like is setting videos as the wallpaper its cool. you can view video as its on wallpaper and even as a contact thing!!1 just go to the video options then set as... wallpaper (size limit though)

Reviewed by Shay from UK on 2nd Apr 2007
hard to describe how horrible this thing is without swearing, so just suppose i said something that would embarrass Graham Norton.. nothing works. had a nokia before for 2 years and everything was so intuitive. with this one it's hell - and the sync software i got from the samsung site says it does not support this phone. don't get close to this phone even if u get it for free. hoping i can return it to the store.

Reviewed by car0lin3 from UK on 2nd Apr 2007
this phone is great if you just want to use it for calls and texts. the camera is average, no music so a basic ringtone. if you want to store a lot of things you cant as its not gt a lot of memory. i brought this phone for what it looked like though and it was only 70 from woollies so didnt expect much from it. i was previously on contract and apart from its appearance this phone is definetely a downgrade even though my previous phone was over a year old!

Reviewed by alice from UK on 1st Apr 2007
tis phone dont recieve songs!

Reviewed by kelly from UK on 1st Apr 2007
really stupid cus u dnt get music on it

Reviewed by emma from UK on 31st Mar 2007
i love the s400i just wish i knew how to put real mp3 tones on to it or somthing similer

Reviewed by chloe hart from UK on 30th Mar 2007
thephone is rubbish coz it has no memory.

Reviewed by handsome from UK on 29th Mar 2007
gud phone plays mmf music and m4a music tried it and works

Reviewed by colin from UK on 28th Mar 2007
Light, compact with good video and photo capability. easy to use, easy follow logical menu layout. Calculator takes a litlle getting used to. paint finish on bac and battery isn't great for wear and tear. Battery life is great on stanby, eats it if used a lot though. replacement parts are hard to get too, not as easy as a certain express on manufacturer. Only one thing I hate... slider drops calls if you slide it the slightest bit (e.g. removing it from your pocket... result, you end up calling back the person who's call you dropped. Slider is too sensitive... with re-design, this could be overcome, such that you could open/close the slide more than half way without affecting the incoming call.

Reviewed by jub from UK on 28th Mar 2007
this fone is so not good,DNT BUY IT.yit wont let u send music and it has a folder for it. can u put themes on it

Reviewed by rob kenners from UK on 28th Mar 2007
its not bad, but i mail is very expensive and eats your credit up, and when u download free games, they dont work after a month unless you subsribe which costs 3 pound a month, if i mail was a free service the phone would be excellant. also needs to come with music walkman built in that would be awesome dont ya think, with unlimited songs lol

Reviewed by Jane from UK on 26th Mar 2007
I dont like the S400i I only wish I had known before buying it that I couldnt exchange certain files via bluetooth and unable to have true ring tones on it. Really dissapointed and out of pocket over £150 for a moderate phone.

Reviewed by TARA from UK on 26th Mar 2007

Reviewed by lucy from UK on 25th Mar 2007
i really badly dislike this phone i have had it for 12 months and hated every seond of it. it looks very good slim small and stylish but the i-mode is pointless,and the point of changing the settings of memory so u have more is stupid as u cannot get music and you can only get a video for about 30 secdonds! this phone has made me HATE samsung for life and i will never buy another samsung because of this phone.plus none of the features are that good at all! dont buy this phone!

Reviewed by Karina from UK on 22nd Mar 2007
iv got the samsung S400i and im not impressed. it should have been stressed that it is does not have an MP3 player. if the D500(which i have had) and D900 can have MP3 players why would this one not? for the price i paid i am not happy. this is the only problem that i have had from O2. not good at all

Reviewed by jade from UK on 22nd Mar 2007
its soo rubish bcuz u coe but muzic on well dow fink ya can ope soo

Reviewed by ALAN from UK on 18th Mar 2007
i hate this phone has like no memory and cant hold music even though ithas a music file!

Reviewed by eddie from UK on 18th Mar 2007
i think the phone itself is brilliant but the imode is absolute garbage you have to register and pay monthly even for 1 game i think it is pathetic so just for that fact i give the phone 3 stars (it would 5 but the imode is rubbish)

Reviewed by kt from UK on 18th Mar 2007
you can't use the mp3 player on it and songs won't send to you

Reviewed by Natalie from UK on 12th Mar 2007
I hate this fone

Reviewed by yasmine from UK on 11th Mar 2007
this phone says that it can resive smusic but infacted it can not but it dose not tell you that when you buy the phone.

Reviewed by Sam from UK on 9th Mar 2007
I bought this phone because i thought it looked stylish, had bluetooth and was told it would play music files however i can't whats the point of having a music file when you can't put anything in it, you can't even buy songs off the samsung website.I think it's annoying how the camera stops recording if it feels like it, however this is better than no camera at all like my last phone. Also my last samsung phone had internet and you could download ringtones and games as you pleased now i have i-mode everything seems to be subscription based and if you type websites into the URL box most pages are 'too big' and get cancelled. if you want a phone that plays music don't bother with this phone!

Reviewed by hannah from UK on 9th Mar 2007
i like this phone!

Reviewed by laura from UK on 9th Mar 2007
i was disapointed when i got my phone for my birthday. i thought i could have some music, but it said i was not allowed. this was a really bad let down.

Reviewed by lauren from UK on 9th Mar 2007
this phone is rubbish!!! dont buy it! ive had it for mabe a week and already i cant use the middle button, the down dutton or the cancell button! i ahvnt droped it or anything! i cant get to anything on my phone so thats a waste of 100 punds dont buy it!

Reviewed by Josh from UK on 7th Mar 2007
This phone is very poor, the camera quality is apporling and as the phone doesnt have an mp3 player, it makes the phone extremely dull.

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