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Samsung S300 review

 Review: July 2003  

Last updated February 2005


In a nutshell: One of the smallest, lightest, clamshell design phones ever.


The Samsung S300 is one of the smallest, lightest, clamshell design phones ever. Yet its sleek, stylish design comes with an big array of features:

  • 40 voice polyphonic ringtones for high quality sound.
  • Dual colour displays, inside and outside, a first from Samsung Mobile. The internal display has 65,000 colours with crystal clear picture quality.
  • Downloadable Java games, making full use of the S300's colour display, 40-voice audio and vibrate feature.
  • Tri-band capability, making the Samsung S300 a world phone, usable anywhere.

Samsung excelled themselves with the S300, packing in every imaginable feature into a great design. Of course, its an old phone now. Check out the Samsung X460 for a newer option.

Samsung S300 features include:

  • 65000 internal colour screen (128 x 128 pixels)
  • 256 colour external screen for instant call identification
  • 40 voice polyphonic ringtones for the highest quality polyphonic sound yet (45 ringtones supplied with phone)
  • Capacity for 30 additional downloadable ringtones
  • Stylish folder design with dual screen technology
  • Exciting games in colour with vibrate and 40 bit polyphonic sound
  • Downloadable Java™ games & applications
  • GPRS
  • WAP 1.2
  • Personal organiser
  • Caller display
  • Predictive text
  • Picture messaging
  • Can receive MMS messages
  • Voice dialling
  • Voice memo
  • Tri-band (900/1800/1900)
  • Size: 80 x 40 x 20 mm
  • Weight: 70g
  • Battery standby: 300 hours
  • Battery talktime: 4 hours
  • Vibration alert
  • Tri band

Samsung S300 user reviews

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Average rating from 121 reviews:

Reviewed by Stacey from USA on 21st Apr 2013
the 2 screens are very nice, great little phone, shocked about the phone now having snake on it, I have never seen these two new games but they are really fun!

Reviewed by jonathan from UK on 22nd Jul 2009
wow!! I think its a great mobile phone, the smaller the better, easier to carry around as well. not everybody wants a camera on there phone, or all this latest technology that probably tells you what to have for breakfast.(a phone is a phone) Why are alot of people brainwashed by all this digital and pixel rubbish, just because it has'nt got a little camera on it, I have got a camera that is almost 20 years old and it still takes far far better pictures than all these tiny, over-priced digital pocket cameras. the older and smaller phones are the best. texting is great fun on the s300, unlike some impatient texters in other reviews i have read.

Reviewed by Anas from UK on 1st Jul 2009
This is my 1st cell phone, and I got it from my mom :D It's used for 5 years, and I see it still works well. (Actually, it has a few problems now, but it's old) Yeh, it took ages to create a message, and its memory is small, but it's good and nice :) Recommended.

Reviewed by dasser from UK on 7th Oct 2008
simply perfect,beautiful

Reviewed by dasser from UK on 7th Sep 2008
this is the best phone it has 65,000 color screen and really nice ringtones . it is tiny and the external screen is very nice. simply beautiful

Reviewed by Aqeel M. Shanon from UK on 27th Dec 2007
i have the S300 and it's great and everything but i have this problem, sometimes when i talk it restart by it's self and end my call just like that with no worning other that that i'ts everything i need in a mobilephone

Reviewed by W. Smith from UK on 21st Dec 2007
I think this is one of the best phones ever made! The only problem is that it doesn't have bluetooth and a camera, but I guess you can only squeeze so much into such a small package.

Reviewed by Marco Fernandes from UK on 2nd Jun 2007
Who was the know head at Samsung who forgot to put a simple setting to change in case you dont waht the T9 ?I now have to ask for a refund because of this .

Reviewed by Khuram from UK on 30th May 2007
hi my name is khuram n i m from pakistan my little friend raheel have a s300 samsung i love raheel and s300

Reviewed by D. from UK on 25th Mar 2007
It's 2007 and I'm still using this thing :D Hallelujah Not that I can convince anyone to buy it now that phones have reached a whole different level. But I gotta hand it to ya - it still works. And being mine, that's makes it a miracle.

Reviewed by bomb from UK on 1st Mar 2007
connect internet poor

Reviewed by > from UK on 10th Mar 2006
i had dis fone 4 agez gtin new 1 nxt week :D it ok, small n easy 2 work alothough invared doent work n cnt take pikis. Best bit is it has bin in the washing machine 2wice lol (left it in mi pocket hehe) n it stil works. it water proof lol :D dat best bit. mi mp3 wnt in wash ( as u cn c i du it alot) and it broke.ok baberling on abit nw ok fone bt i say u gt a different one :D

Reviewed by ow200 from UK on 15th Sep 2005
I have now had this phone for approx 2 years, though it is becoming old I thought I should say something. It is an attractive and sleek design, fitting to the side of your face with ease (unlike some small phones). Unfortunately I have encountered some problems, as the phone became a little worn torn and elderly (!) it began to do strange things, the number 3 button does not respond well and often cancels the text message I am writing also from the beginning the predictive text has been very limiting. But all in all the phone is good and has enough features to keep you occupied a while but as is now the norm a camera would be nice.

Reviewed by J.K.Bhagat from UK on 13th Jul 2005
I am a proud owner of S 300 Mobile in In India. Two problems I am facing is ; 1) Some time the phone hangs up & does not get disconnected till I remove Battery from the System. 2) I donot seems to have a conference facility on it , inspite of my Service Provider has extended this facility. Pl advise. My mailing address is survi@vsnl.com

Reviewed by Amy from UK on 13th Jan 2005
very nice to use, tidy little phone, great if thats all you're after, texting is easy once you get used to it.

Reviewed by Amy from UK on 5th Jan 2005
it's very small, easy to use and looks good, as far as texting goes it was a nightmare at first but is sweet now im used to it, if you want a no frills dinky phone this is great. Fat fingers need not apply!

Reviewed by Jenna from UK on 14th Dec 2004
This phone overall ain't bad, however on full volume, I can't even hear it ring, so I end up getting more missed calls than recieved ones. If Samsung improved something as little as the volume of the ringtones, I would give the phone 4/5 star rating

Reviewed by MANS from SINGAPORE on 8th Dec 2004
This was the worst phone. I have to give it a thumps up for its sleak design. But the flaws can easily overwrite this.I don know who was the genious who came up with that awful T9 function. The polyphonic ringtones are hardly audible. No camera, no FM, no bluetooth. Yet it cost a bomb. Well Done.

Reviewed by JAREK from ENGLAND on 5th Dec 2004

Reviewed by kat from UK on 28th Nov 2004
this is the worst thing i have ever had in my life there is no mms recieving its just like a coleur version of the 1st ever mobile phone invented. its small and looks good but is soooo boring and cuts out durin phone calls even on a full signal. DO NOT BUY IT. i have got a k700i now which is fantastic and 10000000000000000 times better than s300 there a waste of money stay away.

Reviewed by Carla from England on 17th Nov 2004
This fone is great! i have had no problems wiv it. ive had it a year n never had a problem its the best fone by far that ive eva had! im gettin the new samsung p510 next week! hopefully it will be as good as this 1!!!

Reviewed by syed from uk on 30th Oct 2004
if you seen the t100 this is nearly the same. if you own a t100 DO NOT BUY. it has dual colour screen poly ringtones and java games. but no camera. get yourself a camera phone instead of this.

Reviewed by Andy from Scotland on 23rd Oct 2004
i don't know what all of you are talking about. i have had my phone for a year and it has been the best phone i have ever had in my life.. Txting is very easy((t9)) the ringtones are great.. And my phone has never Froze,, Turned off or deleted my messages are you sure its the S300 you are all rating.. I agree that it should have a camera for the price of it but its still a very good phone., If any of you people are looking for a small brilliant looking phone the samsung S300 is the phone for you.. you are right the phone should have bluetoothİ but apart from that the phone is great.....

Reviewed by - from UK on 2nd Oct 2004
its a nice phone but can be anoying somtimes!!! if u like the look of this phone i think u should get the new Samsung E600 as its like this phone but it has built in camra!!! and its really small !! som1 once said 2 me its like a s300 on stariods lol

Reviewed by Wayne Davison from UK on 1st Oct 2004
Worst phone I've ever had . Looks good , is small and fits happily anywhere - especially the repair shop where it's spent 6 months of my 12 month contract . Samsung aren't interested so customer service is poor . Would give it 0 stars but this site won't let me .

Reviewed by Andrew from United Kingdom on 18th Sep 2004
I have now had my samsung S300 for nearly a year now and i can say it has been one of the best phones ive ever hard. The Buttons are easy to use there are amazsing games and excellent ringtones,, Unfortunately the problem with my phone is that sometimes it crashes out for like a few seconds. but then its cool again.. The T9 on the TXT is amazing it knows everything. Well i am getting the new Samsung E820 soon but if you are thinking of getting the samsung s300 i totally reccomend it .. It has been a pleasure having it for the past year

Reviewed by Henk from the Netherlands on 10th Sep 2004
I've been using mine for 14 months. It's broken now (of course the warranty period just passed); It resets at unpredictable moments. I don't know the cause; It didn't fall, and it didn't get wet or anything. I love the small size and the color displays, but I hate the non-intuitive user interface. My next one will probably be a Nokia again. Drawbacks: 1. Mine broke down after 14 months without a clear reason. 2. SMS Text typing is horrible because T9 uses uppercase characters only, and because switching between T9/A/a/digits/symbols takes many keypresses. Also, it seems to me that there are some other strange upper/lowercase bugs in the software here. 3. Pressing a wrong key during text typing can accidentally discard your typed message or send your (incomplete) message (in case of writing an SMS reply) without any form of confirmation. 4. When browsing the phonelist and pressing 'dial' it sometimes diales the last called number instead of the selected number. Maybe a software bug?!? Dunno. 5. Only 1 or 2 of the default ringtones also use the vibration/trill function. The others don't. 6. Polyphone tunes can be set very loud, however don't expect that the same goes for the voice-volume during a call. (But ok, it's loud enough for most situations.)

Reviewed by Amanda from Trinidad on 8th Sep 2004
This Samsung s300 is driving me nuts...I am not going to keep it.What's with that t9!? Carefull your hand slips when writing a text message or you'll lose everything...argh!Why,why,why did I buy this phone???

Reviewed by Earathien Lopez from Malaysia on 21st Aug 2004
i switched from samsung c100 to this s300 2 days ago.a little different from c100, but still happy with it but i want to know how can i download java games because when i go to menu funbox > downloads,only sounds and pictures available.no games.unlike c100, there were preloaded games bowling and midpman and i have no problem downloading any java games i want.but this s300, no java games preloaded.i think thats the only turn off about it.the rest-ringtone,appearance,texting,reception are superb!if there is anyone knows how to solve my problem, hope can email me at earathien_lopez@yahoo.com .thanx!

Reviewed by sam from england on 17th Aug 2004
i want 2 buy this phone but can u turn off the t9 because i hate that thing?

Reviewed by Laura from England on 29th Jul 2004
I thought this phone was pretty good! Too bad I lost mine though. It's small so it can fit anywhere, but it has a lot more downsides than upsides. Texting is really annoying takes you ages and you can't add new words. The signal strengh is also poor. It doesn't have an FM radio either and it cost like £270 and it doesn't even have a camera. Had to give it three stars though cos I think it's a really cute and small looking phone.

Reviewed by Kat from Wales on 21st Jul 2004
If you are looking for an uncomplicated stylish mobile then you should definitely grab this. It doesn't boast a camera, FM radio or bluetooth but is great if you just love to talk and text. Texting is simple, no fiddling around. The buttons are smooth and easy. There are not too many features, just the good basics with added style that you need. I think the best feature about it is its appeal, it will fit anywhere and feels like your baby! Its such a shame I lost mine :(

Reviewed by vikki from Collins on 19th Jul 2004
nice little phone that is easy on the eye however the looks are deceiving as the faults way out the good points. 1.When I delete my msgs they get sent back to me hours/days later. 2.Can rarely get a signal and so can't hear my friends talking to me and vice versa. 3.predictive text is rubbish, you can't even add new words! 4. Turns itself off on regular intervals. 5. Battery runs low really quickly. Overall when the negatives way out the positives the phone is not worth purchasing unless you wish to be dissapointed. Buy the new E600 instead if u like this it looks the same only it has a camera too!

Reviewed by Sophie from UK on 14th Jul 2004
HIya.. i think this phone is one of the best ones ive ever had, i mean its small which fits anywhere, and everything on it that you will need! Yeah u dnt get signal all the time.. but on other phones such as nokia's they dont either, and what phone has great tunes on? You have to download them an on this tiny phone you are able to do so. Messaging is really easy to use and with the shortcut buttons even easier! Overall just a great Phone!

Reviewed by charlie from uk on 9th Jul 2004
I have had this phone for nearly a year now and I have to agree with a lot of the other reviewers. The phone looks great, is tiny so fits anywhere but on the down side it was almost impossible to get assessories for it back in Aug '03. No cases available, Samsung did not do a personal handfree kit or in-car charger. The phone itself does have really bad signal pick-up. I drive 20 miles to work between to major cities and for 13 of those mile I cannot use the phone. I am just about to buy a Motorola V600 but there are no reviews on it yet and you cannot believe the hype put out buy the manufacturers or the suppliers, so if anyone has got one out there stick a review on this site good/or bad. Ta!

Reviewed by Melanie from UK on 8th Jul 2004
The best phone i have ever had.... Was a dedicated Nokia fan, but this beats any I have had. I have to say I have had no problems at all that people have mentioned. A truly all round great phone. Only criticism, no bluetooth!

Reviewed byCozza from UK on 26th Jun 2004
I've had my little fone for a year now and I have never had any problems with poor signal. I've changed over to a nokia now but that's only cos 3 are doing much better deals than anyone else. The only reason I'm not giving 5* is due to the slight difficulty with texting. You can only get a comma when you press the 0 key 4 times when in capitals mode. And when you're in small letter mode a button has to be pressed 4 times just to get it into capital mode. Once you've done the comma u have to press the button again to get back to small letters. So unnecessary!

Reviewed by sweet zombie jesus from uk on 25th Jun 2004
A good little no thrills phone which you don't notice is in your pocket which i like :).Texting is easy with t9 and the battery life is excellent. The ring volume could have been louder though.My friends all have Nokia N-Gage's which are impressive and i would have gone for that if it wasn't for the size of them.If you want a small mobile phone to be used for phone calls only i'd recommend the s300 or Siemens sl55.

Reviewed by earl from philippines on 23rd May 2004
stylish, small but questionable durability. dropped it once and the external lcd wont turn on, customer service fixed it though with no charges.

Reviewed by Jo from UK on 20th May 2004
I can't believe I have put up with this phone for as long as I have. If you want to call anyone - forget it, you won't get any signal anywhere. If you wanted to text anyone - set aside an hour to do one message. If you want to receive messages - it will handily delete them for you before you get to read them. If you want a ringtone that isn't embarrassing - get another mobile entirely. And don't get me started on the battery life...it's small and flashes pretty colours, and that's it really. Bring on the Nokia.

Reviewed by Beth from Northern ireland on 11th May 2004
i've had this phone for a few weeks now...best phone I've ever had. Never had a problem with signal. Took me a few days to get used to (im used to Nokias) but I wouldn't go back.

Reviewed by Phil from France on 7th May 2004
I offered this phone to my wife who had a Motorola till now. She needed a phone with large battery capacity. What a disapointment!!! The standard battery last only 36 hours in full stanby mode (no call at all) and the less capacity battery never reached 24 hours in stanby mode. On their website, Samsung states that standard battery would last "up to" 150 hours. What is the "down to"??? Otherwise a nice little attractive phone with great screen and nice tones.

Reviewed by Ben from England on 10th Apr 2004
Absolutely terrible phone, worst phone I've ever had. The list of problems I had is endless - battery life, turning itself off, signal problems etc. After having the phone just a week, I charged the phone overnight then made a call for about 10mins during the following day. By the end of that same day, the battery had completely gone and needed charging again! 1 day (and a 10 minute call) is not good enough. Also a few weeks later, I couldn't make/receive calls or send/receive texts even though it showed I had full signal, network coverage and full battery. Tried turning the phone off and back on, still didn't work so tried my sim card in another phone and it worked perfectly okay. A few hours later it decided to work again. Carried on doing this every few days so I took it to be repaired and the fault was fixed but the battery life was still terrible. Do not buy this phone.

Reviewed by Mike Hadfield from England on 4th Apr 2004
IRRITATING! That sums up this phone in one word. It seems that i'm not the only one with the following problems. 1)WEAK signal strength EVERYWHERE.. so irritating you can barely ever make calls. 2)My phone recieves text messages up to 12 hours after they have been sent.. really not very good at all. 3)Half the time the phone wont even recieve TXTS! The T9 dictionary is absolutely useless and makes texting irritating and complex. I was told these are all software bugs and can get my phone fixed. Sent off to 02.. got the phone back 2 weeks later and they have done NOTHING to fix any problems. My sister has a samsung S100 and thats perfect, slightly cheaper and not much difference. AVOID THIS PHONE! OR YOU WILL BE SORRY!

Reviewed by Lori from England on 9th Mar 2004
I like this phone its very stylish however it doesn't hold many messages compared to the model before it and you can't input new words into the dictonary which i find very very annoying. The maximum volume of the phone is also too quiet.

Reviewed by Sahl from UK on 2nd Mar 2004
To the people who have a signal fault, is this something that can be taken to a phone shop and be fixed? If so, have you had any more problems after it has been fixed? How much did it cost? Some help would be appreciated.

Reviewed by Nick Robert from England on 21st Feb 2004
Well i had this phone on contract, this phone was i thought brill for the first month then the novelty worn off. Texting is poo, cant recieve picture messages, and java games i wasted about £30 downloading game and none worked. I have just upgraded 2 a nokia 7250i all i can say is another quality phone from nokia i give it 5stars.

Reviewed by alice baker from uk on 20th Feb 2004
this phone is brill it is the best i ave cn in ages when i 1st bought it i was over da moon and it was so good my mum bought 1 2 and i would recomend it to any1 and thats a promise c u l8a luv ali

Reviewed by Sal from UK on 18th Feb 2004
This phone has a signal fault (hence 1 star), you keep dropping calls. I have found with my phone that in order to get your signal back you have to switch off your phone and turn it back on. Otherwise a good phone. Buy something else, sorry Samsung.

Reviewed by Becky from UK on 4th Feb 2004
I wanted this phone 4 ages I now have it and it is great. The best thing i like about it is how small it is.

Reviewed by tk from uk on 4th Feb 2004
hi i purchased a samsung SGH-S300 . and i am having some trouble with it. when i turned the phone on it said it was searching and when it finished searcg it came up to my normal wall paper.but it said it was a limited service.i tried to make calls but it said i could onli make emergency calls!also on the front of the pnone there is a symbol of a telephone witha line across it. what has happened? please help me sort out this problem . thank you

Reviewed by emma randle from UK on 2nd Feb 2004
Really easy to use with brilliant graphics and excellent sound

Reviewed by Claire from Northern Ireland on 26th Jan 2004
I like this phone, though I wish I had chosen one which takes pictures. As for being able to receive them, how is this possible coz you just get details of which website to go to. I thought I would be able to view pictures on my phone. I also have noticed the phone turn itself off the odd time. One more thing, a couple of times a have had a text message notification - then I have opened phone and no text??? whats the craic here??? One time when that happened, I got the text 24 hours later. Hmm. Apart from that, cool & classy wee phone.

Reviewed by Dougy from Northern Uganda on 21st Jan 2004
This fone is great, i have experienced a few technical problems though. 1)I brought the fone pay as you go with a Uganda Network Service (U2) and i don't know anywhere that sells U2 credit. Can anyone help me? 2) I try to fone or send texts and it wont work. I can never get any signal. Lots of people are experiencing the same problem though. Can anyone help? Other than that, the phone is pimpin! Dougy!

Reviewed by James from UK on 9th Jan 2004
I've had this phone since October 2003, was the best phone that I saw in the shop - its looks and apparent easy functionality won me over!! Prior to buying this phone (which is on an initial 12 month standard contract), I owned a Nokia 3310 (Pay As You Go). To be honest I would go back to Nokia tomorrow if I had the choice. The phone is fine - it looks good, you get acquainted with the strange text messaging method, and it has a fantastic colour screen (Not to mention you get two batteries - one slim and one ordinary). Unfortunately the limited range of accessories that are available let this phone down. This phone is "Java Compliant" - if so, why cant you get any Java games to download onto it????? Nokia on the other hand have a vast range of accessories and java games are available in abundant numbers. One thing that I have noticed in the past few days is that when switching it on - it may turn itself off again - even though the battery is fully charged. Just today, I was sending a text message (phone had been on 5 mins) the phone decided to switch itself off!!!! Any ideas whats going on?? To re-iterate, I would buy a Nokia - maybe a 7250i or something similar. The novelty of this S300 will quickly wear off and you will be left wishing you had purchased another mobile phone!!

Reviewed by Karl from UK on 1st Jan 2004
I have owned this model mobile phone now for 9 months and consider it one of the very best I have ever used. The clam shell desgn allows the phone to sit comfortably in the hand and all buttons, functions and menus can be accessed using a single finger or thumb. Nicely weighted and good sized buttons along with an excellent colour screen resolution are a great advantage. Build quality is very good and logical menus add satisfaction. Good quantity of ringtones to choose from as is the case with wallpapers and customising options. T9 is a nice touch. Criticisms are: Folded size is quite a chunk in the pocket and the volume of the polyphonic ringtones could be louder. I like it now it's up to you to try it!

Reviewed by HANA from UK on 23rd Dec 2003
Fone is great apart from the fact its very loud, texting is a bit annoying, can't get animated wallpaper or create your own ringtones. If anyone can please let me know coz otherwise the phone is superb! RatEngin@yahoo.co.uk

Reviewed by beth hudson from uk on 22nd Dec 2003
hi! i haven't bought this phone yet, i can't make my mind up over the s300 or t100. im sure they are both great! my brother has the t100 so i no how good that is but i really would aprecciate it if any one who thinks that this phone would not be ideal for a teenager or if any one knows any faults of this phone (except about the t9 predictive text messenging because i no how to use it seen as it is on my phone at the moment), then please tell them to me. so a little help please write to me on my email brightlass@hotmail.com. All the best beth x

Reviewed by Nick from UK on 21st Dec 2003
A good phone with lots of very attractive features. I would love it if only it were easier to text. The dictionary is smaller than Nokia ones, and it won't remember words that you spell for it - really annoying niggle in a phone that I otherwise am very happy with. If you like to text a lot, don't buy a Samsung! TOP RINGTONES, THOUGH!

Reviewed by Lisa from England on 9th Dec 2003
Yeah it holds 70 texts in all so dont worry - plenty of room!

Reviewed by Soad from England on 9th Dec 2003
Owned for 6 months. Can't wait until contract expires so I can get back to a Nokia. Cons: 1.Build quality seemed better at first, but now it creaks when you press keys just the same as Nokia. 1.Samsung have succeeded in making texting annoying beyond belief. Oh for some of that Nokia user friendlyness. The T9 and symbol menus are a texters worst nightmare. 3.Little rubber cap over headphone socket will not stay in. (so ended up cutting it off!) 4.Too easy to accidently press large "i" button when navigating, which connects you to wap. 5.Phone has lost it's memory twice whilst texting, removing all personal settings. This is a bug in the software. 6.Ringtones, while being loud and of high quality sound, are mainly dreadful japanese mentalist tunes. No standard "ring ring" type. 7.If you set alarm to morning call Monday to Friday, it still wakes you on a Saturday and Sunday. Which is nice! Another software bug. Pros: 1.Not as easily scratched as a Nokia. 2.Cannot produce the default idiot Nokia tune Grande Valise. 3.Good battery life 4.Small and lightweight, even with larger battery option. 5.Great screen. I really want to like this phone as much as I did when I bought it.

Reviewed by Not_sorry from Canada on 5th Dec 2003
I switched from a CDMA network to GSM, and had to buy a new phone (my Samsung A540 was locked). The S300 is great! My only complaint would be that the predictive text defaults to capital letters, and I haven't fouind an easy way to delete all on the caller lists, & txt msgs. The only way I've found is to delete one by one, or use Easy GPRS. These are really minor annoyances, everything else is great! And to prevent scratches, I bought a clear plastic case for $5, and it protects the phone, and looks great!

Reviewed by from on 1st Dec 2003
Hi, Am thinking of buying this phone but am a bit worried about the transition from over 5 years as a nokia customer!! My main worry is the text message storage capacity, my current nokia 7250 holds tons and I don't think I could go back to just 10.....can anyone let me know how many it holds??

Reviewed by Pascal from Belgium on 26th Nov 2003
Where is bluetooth ???

Reviewed by Lisa from England on 24th Nov 2003
What can i say? this is an amazing little phone, so sleek and stylish-its a pleasure to have. i took ages deciding which phone to change to when i moved onto a contract as i was a dedicated Nokia fan but really wanted a flippy phone. this phone has well and truly impressed me. having read lots of reviews i was worried that i would find the texting awkward after the ease of nokia's system but there really is no problem once u learn ur way around. it may take a little longer as it doesnt learn words but even thats not a big problem. and for whoever asked if u can only do t9 in capitals, u need to press the star key when u r in t9 mode and thatll put u into lower case mode. so yeah basically a fab phone, wonderful colour display, user-friendly menu, wonderful sound quality and brilliant reception. a must have, don't consider any other phone!!

Reviewed by alf from poland on 24th Nov 2003

Reviewed by Decyfa from UK on 22nd Nov 2003
well had it for a few months now, dropped it a few times but still work fine.. the paintwork was starting 2 come away after month which is annoying... the folder feels looser which is abit cr#p but aint broken off so i happyish..

Reviewed by Gavin from UK on 19th Nov 2003
Looks great, but lacks ability to add your own words in T9 Dictionary. Signal is far less than my 6100 / 6310i

Reviewed by ali from Eng on 11th Nov 2003
I am a soon to be owner of the S300, it looks great, the graphics and the tones. Although I have heard the texting is not to some users liking, but i'm positive is the right phone for me. After using average Nokia phones for years I am looking forward to the change. Good job Samsung

Reviewed by Nick from UK on 7th Nov 2003
I have just bought a samsung s300 and i must say its fab, my one and only issue with it (from moving from a Nokia 7210) is that T9 Texting just seems to be available in UPPER CASE :-( why.? is there a setting i need to change.? as i see long texts been a bit of a pain....

Reviewed by MARCO SIEGEL from ENGLAND on 5th Nov 2003

Reviewed by eXtReMeZz from singapore on 2nd Nov 2003
it is very good and useful...it can be the best handphone i ever seen...!

Reviewed by PETER SHUCKBURGH from UK on 1st Nov 2003

Reviewed by Torsten Meier from Germany on 21st Oct 2003
before I bougth the samsung S300 I prefered to use Nokia. Since my last Nokia phone lasted only one year I thougth to try a new brand - samsung. So, I bougth the S300 and expected it to stay for a while with me. But sorry, after 2 weeks I returned the phone to the shop. Reason, the frontdisplay turned on all by itself and therby using all the battery. This happened most of the time during the night so that I was forced to recharged my phone every second day without using it at all. Now I have the phone repaired for 6 weeks and still they do not know what it is. I hope I will get my money back.

Reviewed by Michael from UK on 20th Oct 2003
Awesome! Ive had the Orange SPV. Which could do everything but be a phone. Thinking about it no it couldn't. It didn't do anything well and now I've lost my faith in phones with email, internet etc. Although I want these features, they simple don't work yet. So it was back to a phone that works. The S300 does everything well. Buy it 5 *

Reviewed by john balon from Uk on 19th Oct 2003
What are some of you on about? i dont like the texting, deres nothing whong with it, its exactly the same as any other predictive text. also, it doesn't make whisteling noises through your ear, if it does, then you have broken it or something. (no ofence) ths is a great fone. my m8 got dis reely new phone, im not sure the name, but it is like a mini computor. it cost a bomb. i bought the S300 for a lot less and it was nearly as good as the expensive one!!! kind regards jonni baloni

Reviewed by Ali from UK on 14th Oct 2003
I've had this phone for 2 weeks and the novelty still hasn't worn off. Every time I get a call, people are well impressed by the size and build of the phone. Well done Samsung. A truly brilliant and compact phone with good features.

Reviewed by JOHN from UK on 8th Oct 2003

Reviewed by Paul from uk on 8th Oct 2003
Move over Nokia. Nokia are out - Samsung are in. Up to date, trendy, sophisticated - I recommend this phone! its a star

Reviewed by Paul Daglish from UK on 8th Oct 2003
After trying the Nokia 6100, I opted for this handset. I am impressed. It's a great phone, with top of the range features, such as a 65,000 colour screen, Java gaming technology, MMS, 40 voice Polyphonic tones and an exterior 256 colour display. The Nokia phone only had a 4096 dispplay, with useless polyphonic tones. The s300 looks great, although its a little annoying that the exterior display turns off after one minute to save battery power. Also, I've found that the phone shell can scratch easily. An excellent bunch of features, great quality in a fantastic looking phone. 4 well deserved stars.

Reviewed by Simon from UK on 7th Oct 2003
I'm considering buying this phone and just want to know if, amongst all those wonderful ring tones there is just a normal "ring ring" type one. Thanks.

Reviewed by Luke from UK on 6th Oct 2003
Like the professional reviewer said MOVE OVER NOKIA!! Well Samsung has all the latest technology which Nokia is TRYING to follow..It has 65,000 Colour and 40 chord Polyphonic compared to 4 Poly of all the Nokias!! Imagine 10 times more instrumental sound playing from the polyphonic sound of all Nokias! It's really amazing.. You HAVE to listen to it before you judge and ALSO the superb colour display will shock you. compared to most Nokia phones with 4096 color display...................

Reviewed by Sammie from UK on 6th Oct 2003
I have had the samsung S300 for three months. The phone looks great, but there are a few problems. I don't like the texting, predictive text is meant to make things easy, I find it hard, also I hate the way it splits the words. My phone is about to be returned again, I am never able to make a call, I always get 'Limited Service' I am on the Orange network. Hass any one else had this problem?

Reviewed by Sara from UK on 5th Oct 2003
This is the best phone I have ever owned (sorry Nokia) so small and yet packed with so many great features. My only complaint would be that the tones are sometimes too loud, even on the lowest volume setting. Also I am having problems finding compatible Java games to download (any suggestions anyone? skincla@onetel.net.uk)

Reviewed by mand from england on 3rd Oct 2003
can the t9 predictive text be turned off on this phone coz i hate it, coz it doesn't do wot it sats on the tin normal textin is far easier

Reviewed by Lise from Denmark on 2nd Oct 2003
I'm so disappointed with this phone. The T9 sucks, why doesn't it automatically start with a big letter after using full stop?? And then there is a light "breeze" in your ear when talking.. Nonono, not worth my money. What we want is functionallity, aestatics and user-friendlyness, and I don't find that in this phone. Never mind the funky sounds, the blinking lignts and the smooth silver cover.. I absolutely dislike (hate is such a stong word).. ok I hated this phone! /Lise

Reviewed by Decyfa aka MC Psyka from UK on 1st Oct 2003
had this fone for a munf.. its truely wkd.. doesnt crash like ma old 5210.. very happy wiv it.. a couple little nags n i cant fnd hw 2 do voice memos but heh.. a camera atachment would be good but ah well.. still pimpin fone!!

Reviewed by Jane Lawrence from United Kingdom on 26th Sep 2003
This phone is just briliant i have just received it so still don`t know my way round all the fantastic features the colour and sound is first class Samsung has excelled with this phone so tiny yet keypad so big also text is so easy to read but i have a opening tune and o2 advert at the start and i have replaced my sim card with orange and don`t know how to remove o2 from start up help!!!jane@enjoying.fslife.co.uk would be gratefull if someone could tell me how to do this as it is irritating ,but i just love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!my phone

Reviewed by sarah from england on 25th Sep 2003
Just brought my phone its really good after years of NOKIA,wanted a change. The only thing i cant work out is if i get a text and want to forward it on i cant,it says reply or send but nothing,so if anyone can help i would be grateful. Apart from that its a cool phone. email,mark@stevensonpride.co.uk

Reviewed by Lindy from England on 23rd Sep 2003
A truly great phone. I've had it for a month now and having finally sussed the predictive text in lower case, can find no bad things to say about it. Far superior to my old nokia. The graphics are the best ever. Well done Samsung.

Reviewed by sean from england on 23rd Sep 2003
i am thinking of getting this mobile phone cause i think it looks great and feels great! could someone let me know how much it costs?

Reviewed by Ben Titmarsh from UK on 19th Sep 2003
I just got my Samsung phone yesterday, and am very pleased with the functionality of the phone, but after spending a night with that bloody flashing light its driving me mad! I can't seem to find any way to turn it off. I know I can just turn the phone upside down, but the light still flashes on the table, i'd much prefer to get rid of it all together. If anyone has a suggestion please email me: bentitmarsh@hotmail.com, i'd appreciate it. Cheers - Ben.

Reviewed by jack from UK on 14th Sep 2003
this is a top of the line mobile phone but there aren't many java games for it. that can be very annoying when u have a 128*128 65536 color display and can't use it fully. everything else is for a rating of outstanding (5) but i'm giving this mobile phone rating 4 because of my earlier complaints.

Reviewed by Alex Watson from England on 13th Sep 2003
I have had this phone for a couple of days now and the rating says it all. Outstanding. I think the best way to review this phone is to weigh up the good points and bad points so lets start with the good. The colour screen is absolutely amazing, and the wallpapers are great. The polyphonic ringtones (40 voice) are superb. Not only do they sound good, they are VERY loud. I don't usually have it on the top volume as it is too loud, but its always nice to be able to crank it up. The external screen is also good, with attractive sybmols when you get a call or message, also it has caller ID. The phone looks and feels great. The java is great, and the ability to download ringtone pics etc really make the wap useful. These are but a few of the great features of this phone. Others that sprong to mind are EMS, InfaRed, a truly great personal organiser and the all round ability to customise this phone to th max. There is more but I could be here for some time so lets move on. The bad points. Well, there aren't many. The lack of camera and MMS are a bid disapointing, but it does have EMS, and I knew all this before I bought it so no complaints really. Sometimes I accidnetly press the wrong button, but I am getting use to it. That is really all the bad stuff I can come up with! All in all, this is a remarkable little phone. Small, stylish, and packed with great features. Iwould DEFINATELY recommend this phone to anyone, I love it that much!

Reviewed by Becca from UK on 12th Sep 2003
Having owned the A300 i love this phone. I switched from the A300 to the Sony Ericsson T68i for the colour screen and the camera attachment. after getting bored of having the camera i saw the s300 and think it's brilliant. it's a much sleeker, smaller version of the a300 but with benefits of a colour screen. the menu system is slick, and i soon adapted to texting the same way as i used to with the a300. it is a bit annoying not being able to save words i text but i actually think that i can text faster with this phone anyways so it doesn't actually make that much difference. i think the texting thing is a pain but so what if your texts end up a tiny bit garbled. the same thing happened on the t68i except with that is actually saved the rubbish words!!! i dont like the fact that the front screen goes out but im willing to live with that. i can also have it on at work and it doesn't look like it's on- that has to be a benefit!!! i have had it since yesterday evening and i love it. i downloaded ringtones and images with the supplied serial data link cable last night and it was so easy. the screen is great too. all in all, despite its little quirks, the samsung s300 is a great phone with very good buttons, fantastic looks and has all i want from a mobile, and it can make calls!

Reviewed by will from uk on 10th Sep 2003
how comes when i get an EMS message it never appears in my inbox, it takes up the memory tho bu ti cant read it, it always says its in there but can never find it, starting to get irritating, email me iwasjesus@hotmail.com otherwise great fone

Reviewed by Kateel Rahman from England on 9th Sep 2003
This phone is fantastic; Ive had it for a week now. The screen is so clear and detailed and the sound is great for such a small phone. Texting is easy once you get used to it; ok having two Nokia's previously does get you in to the habit of doing it a certain way, but once you get used to it, it is so easy. one thing I will have to get used to is having to switch modes (a to T9 to A.etc) to get certain characters (comma and question mark). but besides that I think Texting is NOT slow at all. I love the java games, especially bowling; to be honest I didn't buy the phone for games, but when I saw the quality of the graphics I got hooked.

Reviewed by mow from england on 4th Sep 2003
is this phone meant to have voice memo? iv read that it does on so many specs, but since iv had the phone for over a week and not found it im thinking it doesnt have it. apart from that, i love this phone.

Reviewed by Tristan from Malaysia on 31st Aug 2003
Fantastic phone ,no complicated function,no hassle,user friendly!Loudest polyphonic ever heard!!!Nice screen,even though compare with Panasonic GD87 TFT screen i still think that S300 UFB brighter n nicer (dunno Why?) Great job,SAMSUNG!!!

Reviewed by Fiona McCulloch from United Kingdom on 30th Aug 2003
I dont understand what any of the negative feedback are about. If you take your time to find your way around this fabulous little phone, it does everything you could want, and more. You can adjust anything you want to, and texting is no problem at all when you take the time to discover which buttons are the quick keys for speedy texting in lower or upper case, and also attaching sound to your texts. The front display going out should not be a problem as it is designed to conserve the battery, which surely can only be a good thing and it only takes a tiny second to flip open the phone if you really want to see the date and time. I have only had this phone for two and a half days and have found my way around all its functions with ease. It is a SUPERB little phone. All I can say is Well Done Samsung. I have not found one negative aspect on this phone yet, and with the organiser function, with my busy life, it is extremely helpful in reminding me of all the various things I need and have to do to keep my home and working life running efficiently. The polyphonic ringtones bring a smile to my colleagues and continue to fascinate me. A fantastic phone with a very cool and sexy look about it. Well done Samsung. I am very impressed. You get an OUTSTANDING rating from me so far.

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