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Samsung RSG5UUMH review

 Review: March 2016  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung RSG5UUMH is a heavy-duty workhorse of a fridge-freezer. It's capable of meeting the needs of a large family, with its mammoth fridge and freezer capacity. It's beautiful to look at too, finished in satin silver, with a blue LED control panel. The plumbed icemaker and chilled water dispenser are perfect for modern living. The appliance is very solidly built and comes with a manufacturer's warranty of up to 5 years. And finally the price seems very reasonable to us. We highly recommend this model!


Design & features

There are big fridge-freezers, and then there are BIG fridge-freezers. The Samsung RSG5UUMH is definitely BIG. It might just be the BIGGEST. It's certainly the biggest we've reviewed so far at S21.

It's a beauty too. Finished in a gorgeous satin easy-clean metal finish (Manhattan Silver), this G-Series fridge-freezer is beautiful on the outside, and feels very solidly built indeed. We like the blue LED display panel located on the freezer door above the extra-tall chilled water & ice dispenser, with neat push buttons for crushed or cubed ice, or chilled water.

Did we mention that it's big? You'll need plenty of space to install this monster, as it measures just over 90cm in width and is very deep too - 73.7 cm, including the door handle. It also needs to be plumbed, to provide water to the icemaker and watercooler.

The interior has cavernous proportions, with a total net capacity of 615 litres.

The freezer, on the left, contains the icemaker and dispenser unit in the door, so it barely compromises the amount of space available. This is lit by LED tower lighting and has 4 tempered glass shelves, plus two drawers, plus additional space in the door itself.

The fridge compartment is even bigger, with three enormous salad & vegetable drawers and four glass shelves above. The door shelves are extra deep, with plenty of room for bottles and jugs. A wine rack is included, and one of the shelves is foldable in three steps for extra flexibility. There's even a rack for storing beer cans! No beer is included, unfortunately.

The fridge is also LED-lit, and the entire appliance is completely frost free.

Efficiency, noise & reliability

An appliance this big is bound to use a lot of electricity. Despite its A+ efficiency rating, it uses something like 65% more energy than a "standard" size fridge-freezer. But remember that its storage capacity is more than double that of many smaller models.

It's not the quietest of Samsung's fridge-freezers, but neither is it the noisiest.

Samsung generally makes very reliable kitchen appliances, and this model in particular feels built like a tank. Samsung normally offers a 2 year warranty on its appliances, but it's currently offering 5 years on this particular product, when purchased from selected retailers. Check with the manufacturer or retailer for details.

Conclusion - huge storage, premium quality

If you're looking for the biggest fridge-freezer you can buy, you've probably found it. The Samsung RSG5UUMH's key selling point is clearly its mammoth size. But that's not the only benefit of this model.

We've praised the premium finish and build quality of the RSG5UUMH, and we love the features available - especially the plumbed ice and water dispenser, with its cool blue control panel. The internal layout of the fridge and freezer is also outstandingly practical. In terms of price, this is far from being the most expensive American-style fridge freezer on the market, and it seems to us to be truly excellent value.

The RSG5 model is also available in Stainless Steel.

Samsung RSG5UUMH features include:

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Are the handles removeable?

Asked by John from England on 4th Sep 2017

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