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Samsung RSA1UTMG review

 Review: December 2015  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung RSA1UTMG American-style fridge-freezer offers very generous fridge and freezer space for a family. With a beautiful brushed steel finish and LED display panel, it has a clean, very contemporary look. The built-in icemaker and water dispenser are also nice features to have. At S21, we think this model offers excellent value for money.


Design & features

The Samsung RSA1UTMG, or RSA1UTMG1/XSG, is an American-style fridge-freezer. Its side-by-side design enables easy access to both fridge and freezer sections, as well as the chilled water and ice dispenser embedded in the freezer door.

The RSA1UTMG is beautifully designed and built, with a smooth easy-clean brushed steel finish. At just over 90cm wide, and nearly 70cm deep, it's a large appliance and will need a good amount of space to install. It also requires plumbing for the water and ice maker. The dispenser is well-designed and can accommodate tall glasses with ease, and the water can be filtered using a BRITA water filter.

The design is both practical and elegant, with simple handles making the doors easy to open. It feels very solid too, both inside and outside. An LED display and control panel makes the appliance simple to operate, and adds to its high-tech and contemporary look.

Inside, the storage capacity is generous, although not quite as big as the Samsung RH56J6917SL fridge-freezer with its ShowCase door. The freezer section has a net capacity of 144 litres, which is far more than most fridge-freezers. The ice maker is surprisingly compact, and the freezer space is well utilised, with storage in the door as well as the main compartment.

The fridge section is also large, with a simple, generous layout, although the door storage isn't as useful as it might have been. That's because there are only three door shelves, plus a small dairy shelf. The door shelves are too tall, so space is wasted. But that's our only complaint - really, there's a lot of capacity on offer here, both for refrigeration and freezing.

The RSA1UTMG is very easy to keep clean, thanks to its simple and elegant design, and it remains frost-free in use. LED lighting provides bright, white, low-energy light inside.

Efficiency, noise & reliability

Wide American-style fridge-freezers tend to use more energy than standard 60cm models, due to their large capacity. So although the RSA1UTMG is rated A+ for energy efficiency, it has relatively high electricity consumption. This shouldn't be a surprise - the RSA1UTMG has the storage capacity of two normal fridge-freezers.

It's noisier than many models too. Again, remember that this is like two appliances in one. Also, the ice maker can make occasional loud noises, even when not in use.

As for reliability, Samsung appliances enjoy a strong reputation in this regard, and you can tell that this machine has been engineered to the highest standards.

Conclusion - an excellent appliance

If you have a large family, you'll definitely appreciate the enormous storage that the Samsung RSA1UTMG offers. Both fridge and freezer compartments are big, and the fridge door allows tall bottles to be stored with ease. The ice maker and chilled water dispenser are convenient features too.

Aesthetically, the appliance is quite beautiful and will be a real asset to your home. It's well-designed and superbly built, and should last many years. So despite the high purchase price and relatively high running costs, it's an excellent purchase, and very highly recommended. Just remember to measure up carefully and arrange for it to be plumbed into the cold water supply.

Samsung RSA1UTMG features include:

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Asked by IAN from UNITED KINGDOM on 14th Feb 2018

Can Samsung refrigerators be enclosed, or do they need aireation in the back?

Asked by Flaco from Colombia on 9th Jul 2016

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Average rating from 2 reviews:

Reviewed by LB from Uk on 23rd Mar 2018
Don’t buy. Bought this fridge freezer 3 yrs ago . Don’t usually buy extended warranty but this time I did. Three breakdowns so far with the latest occurring this evening so I can’t report it yet. Fan ices up and blades break so fridge becomes hot and freezer defrosts so hundreds of pounds lost.
Engineer says he’s replaced fan on a few .
I think it seems like a design fault. We were told freezer was icing up as we didn’t shut doors correctly . Shelves protrude so much you have to check their placement every time you retrieve item from freezer. This means we keep very little in freezer to allow doors to close so not much use really- what’s the point when your freezer can’t be used .
I usually buy BEKO refrigerated items and they have been much more reliable so will be avoiding Samsung next time.

Reviewed by MG from UK on 8th Jan 2018
BUYER BEWARE!! We purchased a Samsung American Fridge Freezer (RSA1UTMG1/XEU) 2 1/2 years ago and as soon as it got past its 2 year warranty (even though it clearly states 5 years on the front of the fridge) Latest issue will cost over £300 to repair. BUYER BEWARE!! What Samsung dont tell you is that they only give the appliance a 2 year warranty as that is pretty much how long it will last before giving you issues. if you want to complain, they will make it as awkward as possible - only accept a letter via post).

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