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Samsung RS53K4400SA review

 Review: December 2016  

Rating: 5 stars

In a nutshell: New for 2016, the Samsung RS53K4400SA is one of the best fridge-freezers you can buy, and one of a tiny number that S21 has given a 5-star rating. Huge storage capacity, beautiful finish, ultra-quiet operation, and a fully-plumbed ice/water dispenser: there's nothing we don't like!


Design & features

The Samsung RS53K4400SA American-style fridge-freezer makes a big statement in your kitchen. It's a whopper, and you'll need plenty of space, plus plumbing for the ice/water dispenser, but if you can accommodate it, it'll be a very worthwhile addition to your home.

It's beautifully finished, with a brushed metal graphite surface that's very easy to keep clean. The quality both inside and out is impeccable, and it's designed practically too, with easy door handles, and a dispenser for ice and chilled water in the freezer door. The external blue LED display shows the internal temperatures and lets you know when it’s time to change the filter.

Inside you'll find an enormous storage capacity - 361 litres net storage in the fridge, and 174 litres in the freezer compartment, for a total of 535 litres net. The fridge and freezer sections have separate cooling units and are fully no-frost in operation. Both sections have LED tower lighting.

The fridge section has four shelves made of tempered glass, two big vegetable/fruit drawers, and four door pockets. The freezer has multiple storage sections for maximum flexibility.

Efficiency, noise & reliability

As big appliances go, this model is extremely energy-efficient with an A+ energy rating, but due to its huge size it will use more electricity than smaller models. A "Holiday Mode" setting lets you save electricity while you're away.

It's extremely quiet in use, with a noise level of just 39dB. We don't think you'll find a quieter fridge-freezer than this.

The build quality is top-notch, and Samsung offers a ten-year manufacturer's warranty on the digital linear compressor, which is the most expensive component of the appliance.

Conclusion - one of the best

We rarely give out 5-star ratings to fridge-freezers, but in the case of the Samsung RS53K4400SA we can't find anything to fault. Beautiful yet practical, with no gimmicks, just top quality build and design, you really can't go wrong with this appliance. Shop around and see if you can find it for less than £1000, and you'll be making a sound investment.

Samsung RS53K4400SA features include:

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How is the water filtered on rs53k4400sa and how do I change it?

Asked by Allan party from Uk on 20th Jul 2017

What is the refrigerant and compressor frequency of the fridge?

Asked by Mika from Ghana on 5th Apr 2017

Samsung RS53K4400SA user reviews

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Average rating from 2 reviews:

Reviewed by mark from england on 17th Feb 2018
After having this product settle I decided to try the water dispenser.
After reading the manual and telling me to hold the lever for 5mins to get rid of access air theres me still standing 30 mins later and no water.
just wandering if anyone has had this problem.
My previous fridge was a 2007 model and had no problems.

Reviewed by steve beardmore from uk on 26th Jun 2017
I'm sorry but it didn't work properly right from the start. After letting it settle for 24hrs, I turned it on, set the temperatures and watched it get colder...and colder...and colder. It just doesn't control the temperature and the display freezes. Obviously an electronic fault. Samsung helpline is slow, difficult to understand the accent and not helpful. I was told to turn it off for 2hrs to reset the PCU. Needless to say, this didn't work and had to phone back, which took another age. The engineers can't come out for days or give any sort of timeframe. As it stands now, I am waiting for a repair to my brand new cryogenic freezer (now -28*C). I cannot therefore recommend either this fridge freezer or their guarantee. I wish I had bought the cheaper Daewoo and spent the extra on an extended guarantee with a UK helpline.

Reply by steve beardmore from uk on 30th Jun 2017
Following on....Samsung did not bother to repair but gave me a return number to take back to Currys for a straight replacement. They and Currys were very efficient and a replacement duly arrived. Unfortunately, this is where the bad news continues. The new one controls the freezer temperature but like the original, it is 10*c out. I have dialed the temperature down to -15*c and it stays inside at a steady -25*c. I feel that this must be a common fault which goes un-noticed as not many people put temperature gauges inside. The new one is also noiser than the first, constantly buzzing. Summing up, I think you get what you pay for. It was a good 25% cheaper than other comparable Samsungs and it shows. I am giving it the weekend to see if I can live with it. I worry that if I get a refund, other makes at similar prices might be even worse.

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