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Samsung Pixon review

 Review: November 2008  

Last updated September 2009

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung Pixon is a touchscreen phone with an outstanding 8 megapixel camera and a stunning 3.2 inch display.

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The Samsung Pixon M8800 is an enhancement of the Samsung Tocco F480. It's a gorgeous touchscreen phone with an amazing 8 megapixel camera. The Pixon is a bit bigger than the Tocco, but nevertheless it's a good size phone - not too wide, not too thick, not too heavy - with a massive LCD display covering nearly the entire front face of the phone. It's a beautiful screen with 262k colours and ultra-high resolution (240 x 400 pixels): perfect for viewing those 8 megapixel photos!

As the name Pixon suggests, the 8 megapixel camera is the main feature of this device. Samsung's camera phones have been delivering excellent results for years, and in fact it was another Samsung phone (the Samsung i8510) that first broke the 8 megapixel barrier. The phone is converging with a dedicated camera design, and packs in loads of camera-related gadgets. Smile Shot makes sure that the camera takes a picture when your subject is smiling (assuming that they do actually smile now and again) and face detection autofocus ensures that the image is as sharp as it can be. A new feature called Advanced Shake Reduction does what the name suggests, although we belong to the old fashioned school that says you should just hold the darn camera steady. We wonder if most of these features are actually designed to help people take photos of their mates when drunk. If so, some automatic voice alerts might help - "Don't point the camera at the floor, stupid!". The dual Power LED flash isn't a match for a xenon flash, but isn't bad. One of the cool features is the video camera, which like the LG Renoir can record at up to 120 frames per second, so you can then play back in slow motion and laugh at your mates looking stupid. You can also make video calls using the secondary front-facing camera.

The large screen is also perfect for running a touchscreen-based user interface. Samsung have been refining their touchscreen phones throughout 2008, and they're now at the point where this can be considered a mature technology, suitable for the mass market. We personally love the user interface, and find that it responds rapidly and accurately to the touch. Heavy duty texters often seem to have a hard time with touchscreen phones however, so if you're one of these types, you should definitely try the phone out before committing to buy it. Everyone else can enjoy tapping and turning the phone, dragging and dropping icons and images around the big 3.2 inch screen. Lovely.

In case you were wondering, this isn't a smartphone like the Samsung Omnia. So this makes it an easier phone to use, although less powerful obviously.

Musically, the Pixon does everything that you'd expect a high-end phone to do. It plays music in MP3, AAC, AAC+, Enhanced AAC+ and WMA formats and also has an FM radio with RDS. With 200 MB of memory built in you can store around 50 MP3 tracks, or more in a compressed format such as WMA. You can also add a microSD memory card up to 8GB, which provides enough space for thousands of songs. Like other Samsungs, the Pixon lacks a 3.5mm audio jack, so you'll have to use the proprietary headphones supplied or buy a Bluetooth wireless headset.

The Pixon comes with GPS and assisted GPS, which is an improvement on the earlier Tocco. This may not replace a Garmin or TomTom, but is a welcome addition, and can be used to geo-tag photos in case you forget where they were taken (see our earlier comments regarding drunken photography!)

The Pixon has an excellent web browser. With a big screen and HSDPA giving download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps, this is an excellent platform for the mobile web, but we're sad that Samsung didn't include WiFi support in the phone. That would have been the icing on the cake.

Battery life is worth a quick mention. Surprise, surprise, it's not that great. But with a phone that has an enormous LCD display and more features than you can shake an iPhone at, come on guys, what did you expect?

In summary , this is a brilliant camera phone with an amazing camera and a beautiful touchscreen user interface and equipped with GPS an FM radio and plenty of memory. If you're not bothered about the lack of WiFi, it might be the perfect phone. If WiFi is a deal breaker for you, take a look at the LG RenoirSamsung i8510 or the Sony Ericsson C905, all of which have an 8 megapixel cameras and WiFi. The new Samsung Pixon 12 has WiFi, as well as a range of improvements, not least a 12 megapixel camera.

Samsung Pixon features include:

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Samsung Pixon user reviews

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Average rating from 238 reviews:

Reviewed by Sanatan sau from Sabang on 16th Feb 2014
Good phone.

Reviewed by Caroline from Scotland on 7th Mar 2012
Ive had the samsung pixon for 4 years now & it has been brilliant.
Only problem Ive had is when you turn it off then back on it doesnt recognise any numbers, so have to reset them all again. Really annoying.
Ready for my upgrade to the samsung galaxy s2 in 2 weeks :)

Reviewed by Jusna from UK on 11th Jan 2012
camera is really good, iv had it for quite some time the only thing wrong about it is that its not a smart pnone and i need a smart phone :( but its not as thin as those smart phones you get now either, its rather fat on the side. could be kinda slow at times. otherwise its ok..but im giving my pixon away to my lil neice to get the galaxy s2 in 2 weeks! CANT WAIT.

Reviewed by Anne from U.K on 1st Jan 2012
I bought a samsung pixon,great phone except thre screen keeps freezing at first Id take the battery out which seemed to work,now its been frozen for months so its not so great after all does anyone else have this problem. If so what did you do

Reply by JMS from UK on 4th Mar 2012
I had issues with the screen freezing. My unit had 2year Samsung warranty on it. Took it to approved repairer and new screen was supplied and fitted FOC. This has happened on two occasions. It has now been working satisfactorily for 18months with no problems. I would urge anyone though to ensure they fit a screen protector as if you are texting a lot the screen "cuts up" quite easily.

Reviewed by badboy from australia on 23rd Dec 2011
this phone really sucks , i gotta admit it has the worst touch ever , it automatically switch off and den it keeps on restarting ...........guys plz help

Reviewed by Brian from UK on 16th Jun 2011
Great phone unfortunately let down badly by the software to connect it to your pc. *Samsung New PC Studio* is rubbish! if your happy with your 8 megapixel pics stuck on your phone then its great.

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 2nd Jun 2011
The most unpractical phone on the market, ive had it for nearly 2 years and it still just about working, the touch screen is poor and its stared to play up and just about use-able. would not reconmnd this phone AT ALL!! put me off samsungs for life...

Reviewed by Luke from UK on 30th May 2011
I have had this phone for about a year and the buttons and touch screen have stopped working any ideas on how to resolve this problem ?

Reviewed by jignesh from UK on 23rd Apr 2011
samsung pixon is a awesome.i like it very much. this is my favourate phone.if u r buying a phone then buy the samsung pixon.it's super,awesome,fantastic,excellent phone i had ever seen.

Reviewed by murray from UK on 12th Oct 2010
terrible phone, freezes daily for hours at a time. switching on and off makes no difference. Also a massive delay between pressing buttons and getting a response when it is working.

Reviewed by matt from UK on 28th Sep 2010
This phone is extremeley poor, had it a year and it just does it own thing, ill be talking to someone on the phone and it will just turn itself off, this happens about 20 times a day, always freezes as well!!!!

Reviewed by Raymond from UK on 20th Sep 2010
Had this phone for a year now. Keeps bleeping in my pocket and sending messages and making calls and going on the net etc etc, due to the locking button on the left which is not fit for the purpose. Now the sreen has locked and after going on the net have used the fix widely used by slipping a knife blade in by the volume button and slightly lifting the screen, which worked - but for how long. A rubbish phone, and the wors't I have ever owned - avoid.

Reviewed by Ryan from UK on 4th Sep 2010
Phone is epic easy to use and the camera is the dogs danglers. I've had Samsung touch screens before and they were unresponsive but they have sorted that with this phone its brilliant

Reviewed by cathy from UK on 27th Aug 2010
Just bought this phone a little heavier and larger than I am used to. However although the phone seems great, its not that great because the software will not install the usb driver and without this how can you transfer photos, music etc. I am in two minds to get my money back on this one although I do like the phone.

Reviewed by michelle from UK on 15th Aug 2010
i have always had contract samsung phones just because im used to the samsung layout and how to use everything but i am very dissapointed this phone i got an 18 month contract with this phone and the touchscreen wont work which means that i cant do anything with it i would not advise anyone to buy this phone and since samsung wont do anything about this fault i dont think i will be purchasing a samsung again

Reviewed by wenders47 from UK on 10th Aug 2010
All of the above regsrding the fantastic features of the phone are great that is until the screen freezes! Samsung sort it out. These phones are not cheap if you buy without a contract and for no fault of my own it's not working. Dry joint type of problem between the digital face and the screen! Hardware issue....

Reviewed by gaz from UK on 28th Jul 2010
I have had a few samsungs in the past and always liked them but this phone is a disgrace !! Freezes all the time,and it is nothing to do with water damage despite what the shops tell you..it is a connection fault.You can unfreeze the screen by putting a needle in between the screen and the casing (where the volume down button is)and raising the screen slightly by carefully pushing the needle against the casing.It does work,but wont last forever as it is a connection fault....All in all this phone has had so many bad reviews,so that says it all.DISGRACEFUL !!! by the way the apple has screen freeze problems to so be aware before purchasing

Reviewed by sajad from UK on 28th Jul 2010
Hi i have a new Samsung s5560 mobile phone and i cannot open/access SMS. Message says 'initilizing' but messages will not appear. Please can you advise?

Reviewed by patirazzi from UK on 23rd Jul 2010
Camera if good enough for mobile phone. But after 1 year of using normally, battery went bad ( had to charged almost everyday) Few days ago the screen froze :( and i have read it's very common in that model. i wouldn't buy again

Reviewed by Elizabeth Hempstock from UK on 28th Jun 2010
I have had the phone for almost a year now. At first i was impressed with it, it was quite flash, and what appeared to be a good samsung phone. However i keep having some re appearing faults. for example the camera cover often fails to close resulting in dust collecting on the lense which is very hard to clean. Secondly, the Battery life sucks! it gets worse as time goes on. Thirdly and the most annoying of all the LOCK BUTTON. It has been placed in the most ridiculous place, (side of the phone) which makes it easy ti catch. This has resulted in wasting call minutes by calling various people in my phone book, browsing the internet, deleting an entire phonebook and putting number on a block list....all from being placed in my handbag. This after awhile starts to wear thin, and now i feel as a life long samsung customer, i am now growing to hate the brand and will not be buying another again!!! If you want your minutes for yourself and to keep your contacts i suggest you dont purchase this phone! I am counting down the 8 months till i can upgrade and rid myself of this awful phone!

Reviewed by Sam from UK on 8th Jun 2010
Only thing this has got going for it is the camera. the rest of the functionality is terrible. i went to this after D500, D600, D900, G600, very happy with all of these phones, but the Pixon really let Samsung down.

Reviewed by Aisha from UK on 2nd Jun 2010
Had this phone since about the 24th April 2009, and I apsolutely love it. It's the silver one, with t-mobile. The camera is just immence. I love love love it. Before it i had a samsung E900 and I accidently dropped it down a drain whilst trying to get pick up a golfball. Take into consideration i was only 12. Got it on a 24 month contract with 100 mins and unlimited texts, dont really use my minutes much, but at the time my phone cost me 177 with the contract, but I wanted it so badly. Glad I got it, if t-mobile do the iPhone when I next need an upgrade, I'm considering treating myself to one of those bad boys.

Reviewed by Worse Phone Ever from UK on 29th May 2010
I have the Pixon 12 and it was the worse decision ever getting it. Rubbish on the internet, poor video - goes blurry, bad at texting, stupid unlock button, difficult to scroll or multi select in phonebook and many many more problems. Really the Pixon 12 is an old dog.

Reviewed by john from UK on 21st May 2010
overall this phone is a really good phone with an amazing camera onit, with many settings too for different shots. Texting on it is really good too and when you get the phone you also get a pen with it too which makes it easier to use, which not alot of touchphones actualy have, its really good and doesn't ever freeze or click in abother place. i would give this phone 8/10 for all of it, including settings.

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 18th May 2010
Awful! I've had it a few months now, and I regret the day I chose this over the Satio. Lots of annoying little things about this phone. The key lock is one button, on the side of the phone. It is very easy to catch, even as you put it into your pocket. The text message composer has the most infernally stupid keypad layout I've ever seen. On the keypad screen are buttons to change language, and to turn T9 on and off. Why? I'm not going to wake up one morning and decide I'm Portugese! Similarly, I'm also not going to decide not to use T9! These functions shouldnt be on the main composer screen. The T9 engine is awful too. It "predicts" words that dont, and have never, existed in the english language. For example, to type "are", it predicts "Bq'd". And if I dare to type my own punctuation such as an apostrophe, it cant predict what I want to type! Leave the apostrophe out and it predicts it! Go figure. Features about this phone are confusing and irritating. And the Stylus looks like mascara, I'm told. It hangs off the phone, instead of being tucked into a little hole. This has put me tight off Samsung phones now. Dont think I'll be buying another. Having seen the iphone, I think I may be a convert when my contract runs out.

Reviewed by francis from UK on 12th May 2010
awful phone. end of.

Reviewed by dan from UK on 1st May 2010
good phone but after neraly a year the touch screen is playing up and now the hold button is to!apart from that very good phone

Reviewed by Jelle from UK on 26th Apr 2010
Its a great phone the only thing i have problems with is that the automatic camera protector does not close when i put my camera off.

Reviewed by Adil from UK on 12th Apr 2010
Da camera is outstanding i would recommend

Reviewed by James from UK on 12th Apr 2010
Had this phone for 2 days its rubbish

Reviewed by gill from UK on 12th Apr 2010
love the phone but hate the fact i carnt hear the msg alert, also i carnt change the msg. tone plus the handbook you get is very basic!!

Reviewed by Niraj from UK on 9th Apr 2010
I can only hold 50 messages in my inbox! i hate it!

Reviewed by Tahir from UK on 8th Apr 2010
Good phone never had any problems .Better than any nokia phone super user friendly. Get it as soon as possible

Reviewed by Adrian from UK on 2nd Apr 2010
The biggest problem I had when I was using this phone was the fact that the screen scratched way too easily. I like to think that I take care of my. Phones, however after a year of use it looked like the phone had been used by a cat. The phone also seemed to like cutting out notification sounds halfway through playing them, or sometimes not even bothering to play them at all. However, the software on this phone is very good. One thing in particular that I loved on this device was its Bluetooth implimentation. It is incredibly simple to use and the fact that you could jump straight to the Bluetooth screen by placing a widget on the standby screen got rid of the obligatory menu maze found on other handsets when trying to mess about with Bluetooth. However that is one of the only useful Widgets on the phone. I can see what Samsung is thinking by putting these on the touchwizz interface however because these devices are featurephones they are just not powerful enough. Whenever it was time for the weather widget to update the entire phone would grind to a halt for about 30 seconds. Somewhat annoying if you're writing a text message. Overall a good phone but I think large touchscreen phones like this are much better suited to being smartphones with a bit more 'oomph' behind them. It never really seemed powerful enough to comfortably serve the demands that were placed upon it when you started typing quickly, for example.

Reviewed by Steve Cox from UK on 2nd Apr 2010
worst phone I HAVE EVER OWNED

Reviewed by Geoff from UK on 29th Mar 2010
I have had this phone for 11 months and three weeks now. Must say, the camera is excellent - it's probably the main (if not the only) reason for going for the Pixon. However, the camera does drain the battery at a ridiculous rate. The internet is functional; but extraordinarily slow, and only useful for the most perfunctory of tasks. I have tried to find a way to set a home page other than T-mobile's over-coloured, over-commercial, over-noisy dross; and failed. The browser's history only contains a very limited selection of pages, meaning that pretty much every time I want to browse the net, I'll have to type the URL in near-full (made even harder by the unutterably awful keyboard - more of which, later). There are glitches somewhere in the phone's processes that mean that I am unable to open my university-run email using it; likewise, a number of other pretty basic sites have proved to be well beyond the phone's heavily circumscribed capabilities. If you're standing in a supermarket, trying to remember what one ingredient is for a certain recipe - woo. Yeah, google will probably manage that for you. A fair amount of the reason I use my mobile, is to text. And the Pixon is absolutely awful for texting. Absolutely awful. The QWERTY keyboard is slow and unresponsive, but - thankfully - there is an option that imitates a standard phone keypad, which can be used with t9 enabled. I use 'thankfully' in the loosest possible sense - the adaptation is a minor catastrophe. Pixon's processor seems to be unable to handle t9 at anything approaching a functional speed; and even if everything's working beautifully, there is no way you could hope to send a text without looking at the screen. The 'on-screen' keyboard means that you'll absolutely have to look where your stylus is hitting the screen. Even then, if your stylus is hitting the right letters there is still a fair-to-middling chance that the phone will register the wrong letter. The technology is just not up to scratch for swift / rapid usage. The touch screen can't handle it, and isn't sensitive enough to accurately register a disconcerting proportion of hits. The difficulties with the touch screen are made even clearer with some applications that require gentle / smooth stylus movement. A fair few games are rendered unplayable, because the phone cannot log the precision, accuracy or type of movement that you are trying to impart. Likewise, apps LIKE live pix are a really nice idea - but the stylus / touch screen are not up to the job they're being asked to do. Repeatedly trying to draw a curved or gently graded line can be mission impossible. Compared to an iPhone or iPod touch, the screen's sensitivity and responsiveness is an absolute joke. It might also be worth mentioning that T-mobile - at least - have stopped offering online games / etc for the M8800. The last few times I've checked, I've been firmly told that my phone is no longer supported. *sigh* All in all, I've been morbidly disappointed with this phone. My Pixon was stolen last week, and I'm currently using a 10 Samsung Simplicity - and preferring it greatly to the Pixon. It's small. It's cheap. It's basic. But it does exactly what it says on the tin. It texts beautifully, using an old-skool t9 keypad. My messages are far faster, and far more fluid. It makes calls, the way a mobile should. No faffing around with a stylus, trying (and failing) repeat times to hit the right button. I regret saying that my insurance will only replace my old Pixon, with a new Pixon. But by golly, I can't wait until my contract upgrade's due. The Pixon has been my biggest letdown in a phone - promises so much, but ends up making life far slower, clunkier, and more awkward. A 10 simplicity plus a 50 digital camera would do the job far better than this lump of awkward, imprecise, over-complicated technology.

Reviewed by gaga from UK on 22nd Mar 2010
my pixon is currently freezing now, this is the third time this happens. wtf. i admit i do drop my phone alot in the past but still managed to get past 1 year 1 month. thank god my plan is ending soon in 11 months time. the camera is great, i like. but now its freezing, wherever i touch, its not working at all only the buttons. i spend $500 on a phone like this, i might as well get a iphone right? so disappointed in samsung :(

Reviewed by ur mums from UK on 17th Mar 2010
stop chatting s*** about the phone its a great phone

Reviewed by rach from UK on 2nd Mar 2010
i love this phone and hate it at the same time! had it for 12months, second handset and second screen, my phone is my life so very careful with it, no dents or scratches, screen just went one day and couldn't tap, when it did work i would tap 7 and it would press 9, happened after 3 months then again 3 months later when they replaced the screen, now 3g is suddenly not working and i can't receive mms properly, been on the phone to t-mobile trying to fix it but with no luck. internet fine, email fine, sending mms fine just won't download pictures, will download sounds though!! confused! can't wait to upgrade in june! battery life useless have to carry a charger everywhere with me, camera is very good though can't fault it!

Reviewed by Joanne from UK on 19th Feb 2010
I loved it when i first got it for my birthday! However, couple of months later all it done was FROZE all the time. Its so annoying ; it freezes a alot which gets pretty annoying! DONT BUY :)

Reviewed by Emily Rutherford from UK on 10th Feb 2010
thi phone is totaly wicked because i'm down with that! i love the cheeky camara, and its 8 mp shos ;)

Reviewed by Earl from UK on 5th Feb 2010
I was quiet excited when i saw this phone, 6 months in im very disapointed, texting is terrible especially due to the aweful dictonary and random words it throws in. the camera considinering its 8mb is poor :(

Reviewed by Shehzad from UK on 5th Feb 2010
i sooooooooooooooooooooooo hate this phone and don't send

Reviewed by KIRSTY from UK on 2nd Feb 2010
This phone is RUBBISH ive had it for a year and have to say i wont be getting another samsung its rubbish! it freezes and delets random things cant wait for my iphone.....

Reviewed by Deotriese from UK on 27th Jan 2010

Reviewed by kristen mcintyre from UK on 26th Jan 2010
I Had The New Blackberry Curve 8250 Day It Came out loved it always wanted one..got sick of it tho n swapped my big brother ..so i got the samsung m8800 pixon ...im always taking photo's which is mainly why i traded fne's blackberry was rubbish...i recommend this Phone For Camera Only Really Though.. To Text Is Quite Annoying im a big texter and when i cant really b bothered to text bk it just seems to annoy me more ...etc.. screen turning to full keyboard mode..takes a while to switch bk round ...scrolling throught the phone book is a disaster ..when you tap the left hand side icon to select leter just doesnt seem to work for me and i have over 400 contacts so thats annoying...apart from those things its great ...i have the biigest problem tho i am always used to being on the internet on my old phones..this phone is set to 02 but i have my vodafone sim init...if anyone knows how to get settings for voadfone internet please email me or add me on msn...playboy_hunni_91@ hotmail.com...please and thank you .....i want bebo and facebook on the move lol ...kristen

Reviewed by Nicki from UK on 23rd Jan 2010
I have had this phone since July, it stopped working in September. The screen totally froze and I have never managed to fix it. Orange advised me to update it via the internet.. I have been looking ever since to find out how to do it. No orange care cover = no new phone, therefore stuck in an 18 month contract with an old naff phone! Any ideas on how to repair this would be greatly appreciated!

Reviewed by Jack from UK on 18th Jan 2010
if you wont a phone that you are gonna use to listen to music, get some thing else. the battery is very short lived. the phone has very limited capability with customisation and the most irratating thing is that the lock screen HAS to be samsungs defult pictures, of mainly flowers.

Reviewed by jay from UK on 17th Jan 2010
Ive had my phone for over 12months now and i havent had any problems with it in the past, just that i woke up today and my phone was off so tried switching it on and its coming up with " A DEMSBL BOOT ERROR HAS OCCURED" can anyone help me with this? thanks

Reviewed by Kobus from UK on 13th Jan 2010
All these smart features is useless if your touchscreen starts to freeze after just 4 months. Google "Pixon Screen Freeze" The results speaks for itself

Reviewed by jack from UK on 4th Jan 2010
There is no way that this many people rate this phone 5 stars. 1) The hold button does not work and the phone dials numbers in your pocket. 2) The screensaver pictures can not be changed, so you have to put up with pictures of flowers and other stuff. 3) There are no widgets and applications available for the phone what so ever. 4) The browser is slow and you could say useless and when you try and read the text it zooms in and out all the time, you can not view the text cause you have to scroll left and right all the time cause the zoom does not work correctly, so you end up not using the browser because it is such a pain to use and very frustrating. 5) The photo browse application does not work. 6) The on screen keyboard is rubbish. the dictionary does not work, does not store new words and it has a mind of its own. 7) The phone keeps turning itself off, (my phone is not faulty as i have had it repaired 3 times and it still does the same thing, they have even given me a new phone and it still does the same thing) 8) The touchscreen is very unresponsive and sometimes takes 3 or 4 pushes before it selects what you want to. 9) The messages, inbox, email, rss they have a limit and when it is full you have to actually manually delete them to clear up space, which when you have 180 sms in your inbox and you have to scroll right to the bottom and select each sms and select delete to be able to receieve new messages... pathetic. 10) the battery life is terrible, if you do anything with the phone, as in , listen to music, record a video or take a few pictures, the battery is used up pretty much instantly and if you have it full charged by the time you leave in the morning it will run out before you are ready to leave work. 11) Advertised that the phone can read pdf files, this is a half truth, it can open extremely small pdf files with no pictures, anything over 8mb in size and it comes up with an error. 12) practically impossible unless you are an IT expert to upgrade the firmware or even copy java games on to the device. 13) the camera quality is not that great, the video quality is good for a phone, high resolution, but the quality is not that great. just because it is 8mpx does not mean that it is going to be good quality, and i can assure you that a 5mpx cameras that i have seen far better than this samsung pixon. take my advice, do not buy this phone, it is a waste of money and especially do not buy it on a contract or you will feel ripped off like me. :(

Reviewed by Roshan from UK on 29th Dec 2009
The phone will work fine for one month after than the touch screen start giving problem...

Reviewed by jack from UK on 29th Dec 2009
do not buy the samsung pixon, there has never been a product so terrible that i have felt the need to actually warn people about the phone. it is the biggest waste of money i have ever spent. I have tried to tell tmobile and samsung that the phone is defective by design, they say that they can repair it, but they don't understand that it is designed that way. just stay away as far away as you can from samsung mobile phone, especially the pixon, what a waste of money :(

Reviewed by jeanette from UK on 27th Dec 2009
Absolute garbage, not yet 12 months old, having problems keeps turning off. Contacted samsung they are useless and fobbed me off. Would never touch samsung again big disappointment

Reviewed by Bethan from UK on 24th Dec 2009
YES YES YES YES YES YES YES! Its The Best Phone Ive Ever Had In My Whole Life. The 8mp Camera Is Immense The Querty Keyboard Is Fabb Deffo 10/10 And An A+***** I Would Recomend This Phone To Anybody Seriously!

Reviewed by hazel from UK on 22nd Dec 2009
I HATE this phone! I've had it over a year now and it is just not well designed at all. The lock function doesn't stay locked if the phone is in your pocket or a bag, and is sluggish to respond so somewhat frustrating. The touch screen is also rather insensitive and I've had software problems with the phone book - every time I turn the phone off it stops being able to identify incoming numbers desipte having them all still stored. Fixing that means deleting all the numbers from the phone and copying them over from the sim again. Annoying. Particularly as it crashes reasonably frequently which necessitates taking the battery out. It also plays a very annoying tone every time it sends a text and I can't figure out how to stop it! It's web connectivity is dodgy and slow. Only good point is the camera, which is awesome

Reviewed by sam w from UK on 22nd Dec 2009
i've had this phone since febuary and its one of the worst phones i've ever had! the battery life is rubbish even when you dont use the phone it keeps freezing i can hardly ever get a signal with it iv'e now gone back to my trusty n95 guess what it has a good battery life it doesnt freeze on me and it gets a full signal! never gonna buy a samsung again

Reviewed by Che UK from UK on 17th Dec 2009
Have had this phone for more than 5 months now. bin workin ok jus recently started freezin and i cnt do anything. switch it on and off all day but nothin works. really frustrated. now i hate all touchscreens!!! camera great though.

Reviewed by Ninja Power! :) from UK on 5th Dec 2009
This is strange actually, about the GPS because the other day I was going for a new job interview and i got lost me being late already, i stop for directions and this person has the lovely Samsung Pixon he gets me the directions and shows me were to go I was so thankfull and amazed by this phone that i bought myself one and Im so happy with it!!!! THANKS SAMSUNG!! :P

Reviewed by Yva from UK on 25th Nov 2009
ive had this phone for nearly a year and was really pleased with it, but in the last couple of months the screen has started freezing which is SO frustrating when you receive a text and cant open it or really need to call someone! dont really know if theres much i can do about it, going to go see o2 since its still under warranty. the other problem i find is that the predictive text dictionary learns gibberish words of its own accord and theres no way to delete them. it gets pretty dull scrolling down about 4 non-words before you get to 'and' or 'it'. otherwise, love all the wigets etc and i find it a good phone in general.

Reviewed by jess from UK on 25th Nov 2009
i have had this phone since jan 09 its now nov 09 and it keeps freezing and now i cant use my phone for its purpose.

Reviewed by sue from UK on 23rd Nov 2009
I up graded when my contract ended. I was thrilled with the phone..... at first. After 2 months i had to take it back as the phone kept switching itself off frequently. I got a replacement and again after a couple of months it kept switching itself off... very inconvenient. well after a few months it gave up the ghost completely and the touch screen just wouldn't work at all. So yet another replacement. Won't get another samsung. common fault as all my samsungs have had this fault and it seems they still haven't corrected it.

Reviewed by Danielle Reilly from UK on 19th Nov 2009
The worst phone I have ever had...switches itself off all the time..its terrible for texting..has poor memory..only holds MAX 150 mesgs

Reviewed by Aj Quinney from UK on 1st Nov 2009

Reviewed by Tina from UK on 25th Oct 2009
I'm on orange with pixon and it suddenly decided to lose the network on automatic network search so I changed it to manual search and now what was an intermittent problem with switching itself off that i thought linked to the hold key has now become permanent and my phone wont switch on at all. phone orange and got told to get an eraser and gently clean the battery contact on the phone. not impressed as I love the phone and won't be happy if i can't get a replacement off orange!

Reviewed by louise from UK on 20th Oct 2009
this phone is not that great mine keeps freezing up and turning itself off and on which seems to be what the majority of complaints about it are. mine s going back to get sorted if it was nt for that it would be ok but its not realiable when its doing that at all.

Reviewed by .......oh yeah.... from UK on 11th Oct 2009
If your phone is sick... you should take it to the phone doctors.... Am getting this phone in a couple of days this website useful! thanks

Reviewed by Darren from UK on 8th Oct 2009
Im in love with this phone ist just so beautiful and amazing.. with its lovely 8 mega pixel camera i just spend all of my time on it

Reviewed by Lara from UK on 5th Oct 2009
This is the worst phone i have EVER had in my entire life!!! I was really pleased with it for the first two weeks but then it started freezing and switching on and off. The touch does not work and i literally have to drag my finger with all my strength just to move something (and it barely even moves). I do not advise anyone to but this phone...

Reviewed by l.stewart from UK on 4th Oct 2009
i have had the samsung pixon since january and think it is a good phone. the battery life and camera are great. the one thing i don't really like is the lock button..it is on the side of the phone and can be pressed without you knowing and you can end up phoning someone or being on the internet unexpectedly. But i would definitely reccommend this phone :)

Reviewed by Jayne from UK on 27th Sep 2009
I LOVED This Phone Even Though I Only Had It For A Week .. Then Its Started Freezing And Crashing Like A Viruses on a Computer LOL! Took It Back and It Turned out to have be repaired for water damage and it interfered with the software.. but all round really good fone .. love the camera, good quality and great 4 capturing my kidz every moment (:

Reviewed by Michaela from UK on 16th Sep 2009
I find the touch screen hard to use - it seems to stick and doesnt flow like something like blackberry. Im not overlly keen on this phone. it looks nice, has a good camara but i feel its not user friendly or practical at all. Predictive text is a nightmare. I cant find some of the symbols i need. Im looking forward to changing mine but im stck with it for another 14months.

Reviewed by Matt Fisher from UK on 5th Sep 2009
Started off really well, now after 5 months totally useless and service provider (Orange) unable to replace as its been withdrawn

Reviewed by Jackie from UK on 31st Aug 2009
This is an ace phone much better then the iphone 3GS and the rest of the iphones

Reviewed by James from UK on 31st Aug 2009
I got the Pixon on 19/8/09 because I was looking for a good camera phone with GPS! The camera would not focus from day one(fault) and does not work in poor light. Also the GPS is only meant for Geotagging and not Navigation. So the Pixon does not live up to my expectations. Shame because it's a really great phone, but that's all it is. It is going straight on eBay when it gets repaired next week. Then I am getting a Sony Cyber-Shot with GPS navigation, maybe even wait for the Satio....... In Summary - Buy this phone if you want a really good touch screen phone to talk and text only. Do not buy this phone if want all the things it claims to do(camera, Gps, connectivity etc.) because it just won't work.

Reviewed by Alex from UK on 25th Aug 2009
Fantastic phone . BUY IT . It's Amazing

Reviewed by jugula from UK on 15th Aug 2009
OK,,,ive had this phone nearly 6 months now so well qualified to xpress an opinion -- ive slowly grown to dislike this phone very much...im VERY close to throwing it at the wall...touch screen failure is getting frequent...its battery life has ALWAYS been rubbish but tolerable if 3G set to off. Its rather decent 8 megapixel camera and it being marketed as an improved/enhanced Tocco was the draw for me with this phone, but it simply doesnt live up to that. I could go on for some time with whats wrong with this phone but some of that would be merely subjective...that said,,,after 6/7 years of Samsung phones this is going next week and its my LAST ever Samsung fone...ive learnt the hard way or the expensive way maybe..ive kept away from the iphone for long enough due to its lack of camera power as it were...in a nut shell, if u want a touch screen phone...and one that wont let u down in its basic function and also looks the dogs nuts...GET AN IPHONE !!! nothing can tou ch it!!

Reviewed by wolfmaiden from UK on 13th Aug 2009
My husband had this phone from O2. For 6 months no major problems, he loved the internet speed and camera. Phone would sometimes turn off for no reason and send blank txts on it's own. Now screen has frozen, can't use tochscreen or buttons, just stays on homescreen with backlight on full until battery runs out, once charged and turned on will respond to buttons for about 2 seconds before it freezes again. We telephoned O2, they claim this was the first time they have had a problem with a Pixon. Now waiting for an email from O2 with instructions on how to return for repair.

Reviewed by 4ga from UK on 12th Aug 2009
the best phone ever

Reviewed by a star from UK on 12th Aug 2009
i've had my pixon for a day now. took a while to get used to the whole touch screen thing. The phone is very attractive. however the themes and graphics are quite poor and are nothing to write home about. Quite a shame- to add insult to injury, i just realised that i am unable to download any themes from the net because the software is incompatible.

Reviewed by ABUL from UK on 11th Aug 2009
Great phone. Has everything you need and more. Only downside is, as said here the battery life, and also it is quite bricky, but what do you expect when theres an 8MP camera attached to it??? Neverthesless i like brick phnes cs i can feel them in my pocket, so no1 can steal them!

Reviewed by tom h from UK on 10th Aug 2009
its a great phone.i had the nokia 5800 gave it to my son and got this everthing about its great unlike the nokia

Reviewed by chris from UK on 3rd Aug 2009
THE worst phone ive ever had, phone keeps unlocking itself while in my pocket due to the ill placed button, because of this it phones my contacts accidently. Touch screen is poor (might be biased becuase of owning a ipod touch though) camera shutter stick sometimes and will not close. The layout of the phone is horrendous, ive had it for 3 months now and i have no idea where the bluetooth toggle is. Texting is a chore because the "keyboard" is rubbish. The video camera sound and sound recording quality is pathetic! I will never own a samsung phone again. i just wish i could have given this phone a lower rating

Reviewed by ryan baldry from UK on 31st Jul 2009
ansomeee phone,best phone i have ever had.i had an ipohne 3g for a bit but it got boring to play with this is just stunning!!!!GREAT PHONE!!!

Reviewed by tommy from UK on 31st Jul 2009
simply the best phone ever its cool and the widget is so handy

Reviewed by Mister1982 from UK on 30th Jul 2009
I was expecting good things from this phone and was let down badly. Slow response from camera and viewer, lock key goes off easily in pocket with one touch, you cant change the screen saver from those stupid flowers and bubbles. Biggest let down is the camera speed which delays for about 3 seconds after taking a picture, when trying to view a picture, when deleting a picture, when switching from viewer to camera it's extremely annoying!

Reviewed by normski from UK on 30th Jul 2009
well good phone all rpond...apart from the No wi-fi and screen is totally useless in the sun ..sunny day and u cant see/use screen.... amd no smileys if you want a cheaper version of the iphone then this is it...

Reviewed by charley from UK on 28th Jul 2009

Reviewed by Richard from UK on 27th Jul 2009
Great screen, good music player, internet works well, nice camera and easy to type and view emails. Things I did not like: It is not a smartphone, and I had no idea how limiting this is. The inability to move things around in the menus is a real pain. Samsung's PC software is so much more complex than Nokia - but this is definitely a bad thing. No easy syncing with Outlook at the press of a button, but a two stage process that took me some time to work out what was going wrong. Updating the firmware is another hastle - and considering that GPS wasn't working with google maps when I got the phone a great inconvenience. Firmware updates have improved aspects from the camera to the responsiveness, so by updating the niggles have lessened over time.

Reviewed by Ruth Hughes from UK on 27th Jul 2009
So can anyone tell me where the gps is because I can't even get google maps on mine - I keep getting the message this needs a data connection. My provider just tells me it's not on there

Reviewed by Yuji from UK on 26th Jul 2009
I got this phone for my birthday, had it two days and had problems with it. I tryed to play a video, and it came up with errors one of which was DEMSBL BOOT Loader for MSM6280 Downloader Ver 5.32 The rest of the phone is good otherwise. Hopefully i can get it replaced and it was just my phone that has had this problem.

Reviewed by Afzaal Butt from UK on 24th Jul 2009
This phone is the most amzing in the whole world. got it this mornin, been playing with it since i got home! its way better then the tocco which i had befre! thumbs up for this!!

Reviewed by a lewell from UK on 19th Jul 2009
samsung pixion great except sat has never worked samsung say that there is nothing wrong with the phone and all i should do is take battery out for 7 secs well it does not work and contract supplier dont want to Know I understand that there are thousands of pixion in the same situation

Reviewed by Jen from UK on 18th Jul 2009
I've had this phone nearly 5 months, the softwares good, the camera is amazing and overall its easy to use but it has a MAJOR fault.... the lock button is stupidly placed on the side of the phone and is stupidly sensitive, i find my phone constantly unlocked in my bag (i would say in my pocket but its to chunky to fit in most of my pockets) i've used endless amounts of my minutes leaving people voicemails that i didnt send where my phone has called people of its own will due to the lock button not working and the touch screen being pretty sensitive. i really do like this phone but i am changing it for the tocco lite to solve the locking problems, its a good phone but isnt very attractive, infact its a bit cheap and tacky looking heafty plastic outershell and thick. i'd say this is more of a guys phone in terms of the look of it, its too big for my liking. In terms of performance i've had absolutly no problems with it freezing or not responding so i cant slate this phone too much!

Reviewed by Lewis from UK on 14th Jul 2009
It is a great phone with all great things to do on it, amazing camera and all the other features, i sometimes when on the qwerty keyboard press the wrong button and the battery can be quite short if you play music or use the camera much. Well i dont have a camera anymore the phone is my camera!

Reviewed by Ben from UK on 12th Jul 2009
At first i thought i loved this phone, but now?....i hate it. Everything about it winds me up. Admittidly the things that upset me about this phone are individually small, and petty, but together, they make a rubbish phone. I'll try and list the things that are currently annoying me in some semblance of an order, but its likely to just turn into a rant. And your likely to look at me as i said, as a petty and small person...but hey go and buy it...then after a month re-read this. Firstly, the whole file management is messy, ugly and just a little rubbish. I've had older phones that organised my different types of files with the whole drag and drop facility, much better and with much more finesse. I cant delete the sample pictures. I cant change the text message received tone. The touch screen is like a childs version of the iphone. The camera, despite its 8mp lense is rubbish in low light, including the video setting. As with all phones, it wants to waste battery life vibrating to tell me the battery is low. On T-Mobile i cant add new widgets without flashing the software myself (A danger of freezing the phone completely). The photo scrolling (by tipping the phone) is just annoying....no painful. Predictive text has some how managed to save non words, which it offers to me as the first suggestion. Predictive text doesnt recognise 's. E.g I'll. However, if i type ill, it'll (another word it doesnt like 's in) suggest I'll and I'll (I promise i'm not taking the mick here) have to select it manually. If i've got the phone key tone on silent, there isnt a camera shutter sound. It's incredibly slow, and cant keep up with my key pressing. The video calling camera is awful! Just awful. The phone book scroll (The little magnifying glass on the side) is only for left handers. Its virtually impossible to scroll some menus without sellecting some of the options. This is just whats annoying me today. There are many more, but i'm so worked up just writing this, i'm going to have to stop. Go with the iphone.

Reviewed by Jack Woods from UK on 5th Jul 2009
This is an outstanding phone

Reviewed by Jocker from UK on 1st Jul 2009
New words that you add not being stored in the phone's dictionary seems to be a problem with all Samsung phones as this is the third one I've had, and they've all done the same thing. Basically, don't bother trying to add words because it won't save them. This will be my last Samsung phone as I find this really annoying.

Reviewed by Rhiannon from UK on 27th Jun 2009
I've had this phone since December, and still love it as much as when I first got it :) the camera, sound and colour quality is excellent. Also I accidentally dropped it in a freezing cold lake, where it stayed submerged in water for about 20 minutes until I was able to find it again. Once I dried the phone out, everything still worked perfectly! I definitely recommend this phone! :D

Reviewed by Marc from UK on 21st Jun 2009
Worst phone i have ever had. Keeps hanging up on people, loosing telephone numbers, making funny noises when people are listening to me when i am talking. and tonight the battery died on me phone wont turn on, so going back to t mobile, getting fixed, then going on eBay to be sold to the unlucky person who wishes to buy it.

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