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Samsung P510 review

 Review: September 2004  


In a nutshell: Clamshell-design phone with automatic open/close, camcorder and 64-voice polyphonic ringtones.


The Samsung P510 is a clamshell-design camera phone in typical Samsung style. Samsung have updated the design with an automatic open and close feature which is best described as power-assisted opening and closing! Although not strictly necessary it's a nice touch. The mechanism has been tested overseas in other Samsung models, and has proved to be robust and reliable.

The external display shows the time in both digital and analogue formats, along with information about battery life and signal strength. The OLED display is designed for low power consumption, and is also very sharp, even in bright sunlight. The camera lens and flashlight are also on the front cover of the phone. The camera flash can also be used as a torch if required.

The camera is VGA resolution (640 x 480 pixels) which is typical for mid-range camera phones, and the quality of the camera is comparable to Samsung's other camera phones like the E800 or E700. The camera on the P510 benefits from a LED flash, so you can take pictures in low lighting conditions. It can also be used in camcorder mode, although the maximum duration of recorded videos is 20 seconds. Videos do not include sound unfortunately.

Inside the phone, the internal display is the same as that on the E800, with 65k colours and Samsung's standard size of 128 x 160 pixels. The menu is virtually the same as the E800. The P510's ringtones are good, with 64-voice polyphonic sound.

Samsung P510 features include:

  • External OLED display
  • Internal TFT display (65,536 colours, 128 x 160 pixels)
  • VGA camera (640 x 480 pixels) with 4x digital zoom, photo effects and multishot function (up to 15 pictures)
  • Video recording and playback
  • 64-voice polyphonic ringtones
  • Messaging: SMS (with learning T9 support), MMS, EMS
  • Java games (downloadable; 2 embedded games)
  • Wallpaper & Screensavers
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS class 8
  • Memory: 4 Mbytes (photos), 600 kbytes (ringtones & wallpaper), 500 kbytes (games)
  • Personal Information Management: Phonebook (max. 1000 entries), Scheduler, Calendar, To do list, Clock, Worldtime, Count down timer, Alarm (Auto switch on, when phone is off), Currency converter, Stop watch
  • Assign a photo to people in the address book
  • Data transfer: Infrared, PC cable (RS232)
  • Dual Band (GSM 900 + 1800MHz)
  • Vibration alert
  • Size: 87 x 45 x 24 mm
  • Weight: 92g
  • Talktime: up to 5 hours
  • Battery standby: up to 310 hours

Samsung P510 user reviews

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Average rating from 123 reviews:

Reviewed by Debs from UK on 6th Sep 2008
I love & have always loved this phone, had it when it first came out fell in love with it straight away & although I have had about 4 upgrades since then I still always end up going back to it. it looks good, feels good and is reliable of course the camera is not as good as the more up to date phones but I wish I could find another phone that I loved as much as this one.

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 6th Jun 2008
This is the most awesome phone I've ever owned. I've had it for years and refuse to swap it for another one. It rocks.

Reviewed by saz from UK on 14th Oct 2007
i had this phone in 2004 it was th best phone i had.i would like to get another but dont know where i can get it or how much as i had it on contract.could someone get back to me on Geordie_gal69@hotmail.com thank you.also i would recommend this phone if you like gadgety things.

Reviewed by Goldie from UK on 10th Oct 2007
I used to have this phone and never have owned a Samsing before I was pleasantly surprised. I have to say the phone not only met my expectations it exceeded them and at the time there was nothing the phone didn't offer me feature-wise. As to say I was pretty distraught when I accidentally stepped on it and realised my insurance company were unable to replace the handset due to it being discontinued. Since then I have been looking around and generally keeping my ear to the ground but to no avail. If there is anyone who could point me in the right direction I would love to own the P510 again. Please contact me on h_s_ragubansi@yahoo.co.uk

Reviewed by tora from UK on 28th Aug 2007
I still have my samsung P510! I've had it since september 2004 and there have never been problems with it at all. Love samsung!

Reviewed by Celine from UK on 10th Jun 2007
I think this phone is really good, I've had it for several years now, had it ever since it came out and I love, though I've planned to buy a new one now. I've never experienced any problems as it has been mentioned by some of uz.. The camera i much better than many of the cameras on new phones, althoguh I miss the sound recording when filming..

Reviewed by Ayla from UK on 28th Apr 2007
I have had my P510 for over two years and for me it's perfect. I can't get pix from other people, but to be honest, I don't care! Email the things! I'm too busy to look at my phone every five minutes! My service provider keeps trying to get me to upgrade, but I don't want to. I love this phone! It's small, neat, and just perfect. OK, it's got pooh ring tones - I would love just a simple ring-ring, but as I've usually got it on silent anyway, it's not an issue. I am now finding both batteries don't last very long at all, but I guess that's reasonable given the age of them! Which is why I'm on this site - looking for new batteries, because I DO NOT want to get another phone. I love my Samsung!

Reviewed by Clippit from UK on 17th Mar 2007
Pure brilliance. I've dropped it numerous times, the antenna has broken off, it's been in the wash, and THE THING STILL WORKS!!! Oh, and the flip is nice too.

Reviewed by Dr.Ameen Bugti Pakistan from UK on 30th Jan 2007
i am using this phone since last six months, it is loveable and good mobile, mainly auto fliping quality and vga camera result. Really it's amazing.

Reviewed by craig from UK on 12th Jan 2007
The D900 is a great phone

Reviewed by ttn5 from UK on 10th Dec 2006
Good phone had it for about 1 and a half years before sellin it to freind.anyway lost it 4 about a month found it in a big puddle of water and it was fine a month before fell with it open and face down apart from few scratches it were fine although when someoe foned me and i went 2 awnswer it hung up on itsself but still good fone

Reviewed by gorge from UK on 29th Oct 2006
its very good

Reviewed by Weeman from UK on 26th Sep 2006
I bought this phone off a mate who got with his mobile contract, he used it for a year until his contract got renewed and didnt have a problem with it. Since I bought it from him 18 months ago its been dropped, kicked, stood on, thrown etc etc more times then I can remember and its never refused to do as I ask. Its honestly the best phone Ive ever had!!!

Reviewed by Michael from England on 5th Sep 2006
This phone is exelent. And btw amy that is something to do with your phone because mine has never done thant and nor has anyone eleses i know.

Reviewed by AMY from UK on 24th Aug 2006
DONT BUY IT. ive had this phone for 11months and only came across this site as looking for a new one. it constantly freezes, u open messages and then they are not even there! i constantly have to turn my phone off and on again to recieve long lost sms's. oh and it doesnt ring but then makes a missed call sound.

Reviewed by Diana from Romania on 3rd Aug 2006

Reviewed by PinkG from England on 13th Jul 2006
I've had this phone for 19 months now and at no point have I wanted to upgrade. It's the first time I've had a phone for more than 6 months and as this does all I want it too, I can't see the need to change. I used the camera a lot when I first got it, but only use it occasionally now, however, it takes good pictures and is easy to up load them. It works on the continent as well as it does here, so I am keeping it for a long while yet. It was given to me as an unrequested gift originally, and I have been very happy with it.

Reviewed by tom from njuguna on 22nd Jun 2006
Phone is great. But can someone tell me how to make sms alert go on only once! The continuous alert tone can be quite disturbing.Email: tn_njuguna@yahoo.com

Reviewed by sammy from U.K on 30th May 2006
thiss phone is wikedd ive had it since it first came out which was ages ago and its not really let me down i love samsungs but the bad things are that it doesnt have bluethooth and that it doesnt reacord videos in sound the grphics are excleent worth a biuy but like hello its old now but overalll its excellent

Reviewed by Jonas from DK on 16th May 2006
I wouldnt recommend this phone. It sucks!

Reviewed by milica from serbia on 6th May 2006
Really great phone!!!Only thing that's missing is voice recording, but... My recomandations.

Reviewed by Nicole from Australia on 10th Apr 2006
The texting and the battery on this phone SUCKS i charge the battery all night and as soon as i pull the plug it depletes all the way down to ONE BAR

Reviewed by > from UK on 11th Mar 2006
ive had this phone for over a year ,its still the best one ive ever had, now upgraded (so called ) for a z500 ,plus points? easy to use is the best bit. minus points? no bluetooth (is that such a bad thing?) really cant give this phone enough praise ,if u dont want bluetooth and can still find this phone on the market ,id would seriously recommend you look at it,im going back to using it while my new contract is running with vodaphone and just forget the z500 they sold me if yr still reading this,take a look at my review of the z500 on this site

Reviewed by Matthew from England on 5th Mar 2006
My Mum had this phone for her birthday 2005, its a rely good phone if you just want one for texting and a camera to play with. Also it has the automatic flipat the push of a button. I will give this phone 5 stars.

Reviewed by Nick from Durham on 5th Mar 2006
I love this fone, i just got it second hand and i think it's fab. I love the active flip n the camra n ringtones, i would so say get it 2 any1!

Reviewed by Sam_2005 from UK on 5th Dec 2005
Ive had this phone for a year now and its still really good but the facilities in it are pretty rubbish. if you create a video it has no sound,picture messaging dont work properly, the ringtones are rubbish. But the good things about the phone are the sound is quality and the screen is good the camera is ace! i would not recommend this phone to people who like alot of gadgy things in their phone this is a simple phone!

Reviewed by Emily from England on 20th Nov 2005
I've had this phone now for about 11 months. When i opened it on christmas day it was exactly the one i wanted. The automatic flip amazed me and i played with it for hours on end, the novelty soon wore off and i now open the phone manually. I've had problems with this samsung as it decides to switch itself off from time to time, which can be annoying. The videos don't record sound and only last for a short time, this is also extremely annoying. I like the layout of the phone which makes it easy to use. I am aware the phone has infrared although when i try to use it, it never works, tried sendin a ringtone from my dad's samsung d550 to my samsung, and it wouldnt work! I always have the phone on silent cause i dont like the ringtones. The main feature i like is the alarm clock, i use "Morning Call" which goes off Monday - Friday at a selected time, in order to get me up in time for college, as with my old phone i used to forget to set the alarm every night. Really handy feature! If you're after a simple, easy to use camera phone, this is the one! I am now looking to sell my samsung, i'm after a sony ericsson w800i which looks class. Any questions or anythin send me an email .... emilyalee@hotmail.co.uk

Reviewed by Mark from Scotland on 7th Nov 2005
Dont have this phone myself, but my niece does. She loves the phone. She's had it a year & has managed to get used to it's quirks! Many of you are asking about infra-red & ringtone problems. Basically you can only transfer items by infra-red to another Samsung phone. Samsung have blocked the phone so that you cant transfer anything from another make of phone! Same applies to ringtones I think. Have tried to connect the phone to a PC with a data cable but no joy! All in all very hard work. Better off with a Sony Errickson in my view! K500i is far superior with mp3 & infra-red which works with any phone. The k500 is also less superior than the k700i! Go on treat yourself to a S.E!!

Reviewed by Andy from England on 25th Oct 2005
i got this phone of my mate and he said that it was a brill Phone and he was right!!!!! i luv this phone especialy because of the auto opening feature. another good thing about this phone is that it has a great camera for a mobile phone. the only downside really is that the video recording does not have sound so that is the only downside.... i would recomend this phone to anyone who is getting a new phone.... ITS GREAT!!!!!

Reviewed by gem from uk on 10th Oct 2005
I bought this phone at the beginning of the year, and i love it, its really good, the only problem i have is i cant get the pics off my phone ontp my laptop, i bought the usb data cable for the phone but it said it didnt support pictures......does anyone know how to get the pics off? please help, have lots of holiday pics that i want to put onto disc and print.......email me Redrose2106@aol.com

Reviewed by Elizabeth Schofield from Barnsley.....best place to be!! on 6th Oct 2005
This phone is brill The memorys ok!! and the open flip is great!!alothough it does run out the battery quite quick:( e-mail me if you have eny problems....happy_2_b_ere@hotmail.co.uk!!!!xxx

Reviewed by william from scotland on 25th Sep 2005
very good and easy to yous phone

Reviewed by Kat from England on 19th Sep 2005
this fone is well smart its got a button on the side to open it by itself i kept playin and playin and playin wid this button n it broke so now the button doesnt work any more .... how much of a shame that is... i still kept it cuz i luuuuuuuv it so much ... any one whos a lazy old bum like me buy this and u dont even need to move ur wrist!

Reviewed by marianne from england!!! on 14th Sep 2005
i have had this fone for almost a year and now i have to give it up and get a new one!!!! this fone is truly da best fone ever!!! and it opens so easily!!!!! all my friends were obsessed with opening it at first, and i am so used to just being able to push the small button on the side!!!no other fone is like it!!! bad points though - kind of ugly!! (why i bought it.!! didn't think anyone would buy it so i adopted it!!) but obviously everyone's tastes are different! and the video doesn't last long - 20 seconds i think and has NO SOUND!!! apart from that i recommend it one hundred percent!! great fone!!!

Reviewed by milka from cy on 13th Sep 2005
realy good

Reviewed by Hayley from England on 26th Aug 2005
I absolutely loved this phone, got it last year. its such a clever little piece of technology!! The automated flip is TOP!!! the camera is better than my own normal camera! the main screen is nice and big for a great display and the menu is the easiest menu to use.believe me those of you that only have nokia you need to change to a samsung. i have had three samsungs now and i will never change my phone manufacturer EVER!!! I am due for my yearly upgrade now and guess what i am getting ANOTHER SAMSUNG!!! The samsung E530 for the girly touch!!!!!!!! SAMSUNG ARE THE BEST move over NOKIA!!!!!

Reviewed by Chrissy from england on 19th Aug 2005
dis fone is gorgus n i luv it iv had it nearly a yr now but it dus need more fings lyk blue toof n sound on d vids wud b gd 2 so dey shud do a lil upgrade o yer n it needs way more pic space i cud onli av like 77 pics on der!!

Reviewed by - from UK on 31st Jul 2005
I have had this phone for nearly a year, i have not recieved any problems ( no freezing etc.) However i think that the phone needs more features like bluetooth, coz i don't get the infared, other than that this is a good phone, so if your thinking about geting this,i'd consider it at least!

Reviewed by Anon from uk on 30th Jul 2005
Got this phone on free o2 upgrade,works perfectly fine,excellent battery life (you get 2 batteries and a handsfree included). I am not disappointed to find there is no bluetooth,mp3 tri-band or hi-fi ringtones as i took the precaution of finding out what the phone did and did not do before choosing it.It does all the things listed in the specs. The infrared links to a pc and not other phones as per the specification. MMS did not work initially,contacted o2 who said it was releated to my sim card,they activated it at there end and it now works fine. I suggest that everybody whining about no mp3,bluetooth or whatever reads the specs of a product before purchase,this will ensure you are not shocked when discovering that the bungalow you have just purchased has no upstairs bedrooms.

Reviewed by chris from northampton on 25th Jul 2005
i think the phone is great. the text function is so easy to use and i managed to get the infra red working with my laptop but not with anything else. The camera has some great functions but would be better with sound. Although this phone is very good i have now changed to the sony ericsson K750i.

Reviewed by Samantha from UK on 24th Jul 2005
I would not recommend this phone at all. When you try to recive SMS messages, the phone freezes and you cannot read them. I cannot wait until my yearly upgrade, in order to return to Nokia. Do not buy this phone!

Reviewed by ~*Black Tangled Heart*~ from Cornwall, UK on 22nd Jul 2005
I received this phone as a 17th birthday present in June 2005. I really like the phone because it has a decent sized screen, it's colour, it takes pictures and has video recording. The ringtones took me a while to get used to and i was a bit upset that i couldn't download Muse ringtones to put on my phone, or any other tones. The video doesn't have sound, so if silent movies are your thing then it's ok. The camera quality is excellent and the pictures come out really clear and you can add cool effects. The phone has photo caller ID so you can see who's calling you, only when the phone is open though. You don't have to open the phone manually as it has an automatic open button on the right-hand-side, very cool! This feature doesn't work when your battery is low though. You can take pictures whilst the phone is shut by holding down the camera button on the right-hand-side, a very cool feature I think! The text messaging is very easy to use. I am having trouble sending and recieveing picture messages though which is a bit of a downer. Can anyone help me??? Anyway, I really like this phone. I enjoy the game Bubblesmile but not Fun2link. Hope you apreciate my opinion! xxx

Reviewed by Emma from England on 8th Jul 2005
Well ur all complaining about this phone... i think it's good. I've had it since about september and i still love it. The only problem is the mms messaging thing and also the infrared. Apart from them i dont really have any problems with it? Oh except the video doesnt record sound - that is a bit annoying but it isnt really such a big deal. Anyway if u wanna buy the phone then i would because it is good.

Reviewed by Rachael from UK on 5th Jul 2005
I would put any one off this phone. I was silly enough to be attracted by its auto flip mechanism and the fact it looked nice. The texting facility is absoloutley awful, I have had this phone a year and I cannot wait to go back to Nokia. I though I will try a different phone as everyone owns a Nokia, but I have made a decision I will never sway again. I still cannot get used to the texting, I use my fella's nokia phone and it takes me seconds to get used to it, where as something ive had for a year, I still dont get it! Everything about this phone is frustrating, the video camera (which doesnt have sound???) the games are awful, no bluetooth, I cant receive picture messages from anyone else who doesnt own a samsung phone...I could go on forever. Sorry Samsung, stick to making Televisions....!

Reviewed by *^$Kirsty$^* from England on 4th Jul 2005
This is v.gd phone. however i cant get d infra red 2 wrk and u cnt arrange pictures in2 folders! but d pic quality and video quality is gr8! but d video wud b better with sound! i'v had dis fona a while and neva had ne problems with it! and d automated flip is gr8!!

Reviewed by chris from uk on 24th Jun 2005
I love my samsung P510, having use of only 1 hand, the active flip is extremely useful, it is a good looking phone and has lots of extras, ringtones have excellent tone,I wouldn't swap my phone at the moment but its sad that samsung have discontinued it :( When i upgrade in the summer, i will be looking for something to match up this great little phone

Reviewed by kieran from england on 24th Jun 2005
its a very good phone except for the camcorder doesn't have sound but the main problem i found that the infared doesn't work i have asked around and people have had the same problem so i would say its a very good phone except for those draw backs it's a brill phone buy it and have fun

Reviewed by Dutton from Liverpool, ENGLAND on 27th May 2005
This is a ok phone, i used to have it but changed it for the d500, i wouldnt advise anyone to get it but also i wouldnt advise anyone away from getting it, its a phone in the end not a camcorder!

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 20th May 2005
This phone is well cool my hairdresser has it nd she lets me have a play around on it when i see her at skittles. It's colourful, Bright n bold nd the sound nd picture quality is fantastic. I LUV IT especially the automatic flip up feature. I wud advise ne1 2 go out nd buy it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Reviewed by deepa from uk on 18th May 2005
i got tha phone n febrauray..and its may now..already its giving me so many problems..and its quite slow as well..and memory s little.camera qualitu should be decreased as well

Reviewed by Andy G from UK on 16th May 2005
This is one of the best looking phones still! on the market, not having Bluetooth also has its benefits........No Crazy Frog!

Reviewed by Emma from England on 14th May 2005
I got this phone last October. It isn't the best phone i have ever had because of the memory and the fact that it automatically thinks that i want to use Capitals in the texts. When somebody else tries to use my phone to text i have to teach them what to do to get it off of capitals because the receiver of that text could take it the wrong way.

Reviewed by DW from Australia on 6th May 2005
My mum has this phone - it is quite good, but it doesn't have a radio which is a let down - but you really cant get EVERYTHING in a phone! Texting is kind of difficult for me with this phone as i have a 3200 but it's a cute flip top and record videos - people who say not enough memory if you need to record more than 5 videos and take more than 500 photos buy a camcorder! A phone is really made for making and reciving texts and calls - not for all these features you have a life outside fones!

Reviewed by Sxy Amy from england on 3rd May 2005
im gettin ma phone in a cuplle of days n soo many people are complainin bowt it i ave an answers 4 sum1 hu asked if ani1 new ow 2 use infa red!u just simpli switch it on and put it 2 ani other phone wid infa red on it den clik send to wich eva pic/sound or watever ya wont 2 send and clik send via infared! ope dat as helped a few of ya if not owell!!! aniways ive erd a lot bowt dis phone gud n bad im just hopeing dat wen it comes it will b gud!!! aniways in a bit xxxxxxxxxx

Reviewed by Lesley from Scotland on 10th Apr 2005
I have had this phone a grand total of 3 days, and already, I am preparing to take it back to the shop tomorrow. This is a pathetic attempt at a phone which I would have expected to have been released a couple of years ago. I was childish enough to be drawn to this phone for the auto-flip feature and the phone's good looks. And it's absolutely tragic that these two good points about the phone are voided by the other features. No mp3 player, no bluetooth, no way of linking to PC (unless you fork out for a data cable), a poor camera and videocamera (which doesn't record sound!), nightmare texting (and to be honest, the ringtones make me want to scratch my own eyeballs out). Coming from someone who's previous phone was an O2 X3, it's really saying something! I'm torn apart by this phone because of it's amazing potential. But the quality of the features, I have discovered, should be better going by todays standard of phone. Even my O2 X3 well surpassed the abilities of the Samsung P510.

Reviewed by Matthew from England on 10th Apr 2005
My Dad is buying this mobile for my Mums birthday and he told me to find it on the internet and when I found it it looked very good with the style and then the features was even better: *6MB Memory. *Video Record and Play Back. *Automatic flip. *Camera with video. *Camera light. *Also outer clock hands. So this mobile well does deserve five out of five! *****

Reviewed by fozzer from England on 4th Apr 2005
What's the matter with all you peep's, can nobody speak English anymore !!! (Idiot's)

Reviewed by bumb from England on 18th Mar 2005
i rele dnt lyk dis fne!!!!!!!!!!! it has a very shrt memo n da shape is rele weird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hu eva lyks it, is weird.n its NOT cute or sxy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Holly da huni! from England on 17th Mar 2005
dis is da bst fne eva i luv it so much n al d ova ppl r lyin it is d best fne around.i luv it.it roks.al mi frends luv it 2.it as a bril camera.has lods ov storage,is small,sexy,cute n amazin.I LUV IT!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Holly d huni! from UK on 17th Mar 2005
dis is d bst fne eva luv it 2 pieces.all mi frnds luv it 2 so sxy n cute n compact Luv it.best fne eva Buy it evry1.AMAZIN.espc wit 1 btn openin.luv it xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Reviewed by LeE from London on 15th Mar 2005
i rote a review 4 dis fone b4, bt since now ive had it a lil longa i hav a few things 2 sai abt it........ da memory is 2 short...so u gta b careful abt certain thins u save. wen itz on silent y kan i not t8 d vibration off? dat mkz it a lil bit loud ne ways. y kan i not use a standard samsung handz3 lit on it.... i kant b bothered 2 buy anotha 1... i tried it with the handz 3 frm my old fone samsung V200..... al in al, d camaras good, open n close is kool....... bt samsung need 2 fix up.... or soon no1 is gna but dere fones. if ne1 kan ansa my questions den plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz lemme kno... buh bye x.x.x

Reviewed by Danni from England on 11th Mar 2005
This phone is great but with one major drawback - I'm on O2 and it won't let me send or receive any mms, and it takes forever to tell me. I think I'll take it back to the shop tomorrow....

Reviewed by Kieron from wales on 9th Mar 2005
i think the p510 is an exusit phone and is probally the best phone in its league. Its much better than any nokia and uch beter than any motarolla, they are just absurd. so f you have got money spare just buy one like i am.

Reviewed by kirsty from england on 4th Mar 2005
I think that this phone is brilliant! it has everything you could possibly want on a mobile although i think that i could have easily made 5* if it had coloured front and photos when someone rings you (as it is only in blue writting) and also bluetooth would have been kool to have to. although they are only very little things! yer its great and defo get one!!!!!!!

Reviewed by arwen from northern Ireland on 28th Feb 2005
I feel inclined to say nice things about this phone because it has an automatic flip, but I'm afraid there are just one too many annoying things about it. Not only does the flip drain your battery, which isn't too good to begin with, but texting is a nightmare! As a person who hates t9, this phone automatically assumes that you love it and any attempt to insert a symbol results in the phone reverting back to t9. Why can you not switch the thing off permanently? This phone just makes texting a chore! Plus, when a phone is on silent, should it not be completely silent? When sitting on a desk the vibrate tone makes as much noise as a normal ring tone-not a good idea when you are at work! Is it too much to ask for Samsung to give a person the choice? The battery life is far less reliable than a Nokia and takes way more time to charge. After two weeks of using this phone on contract,I gave it back. It was just way too much hassle for me!

Reviewed by Leanne from England on 27th Feb 2005
I've had dis phone since just after chrimbo now n bin in 4 repair once already. It would let me send photos but not images & i no dat it sud work as i sent a image wen i first got it. Also, dont understand y dey bovad wi infa red can turn it on but dunno how 2 use it. I really like da design of da p510 & automatic openin, but some of da features cud hav bin betta & i wud rather hav an mp3 player. The o2 x3 seems a betta phone wi a lot more features & an mp3 player but its ugly compared 2 da p510! I wud recommed dis phone 2 any1 hu int bovad bout mms messagin or havin a mp3 player...

Reviewed by Stephanie from UK on 27th Feb 2005
well i reviewed dis phone on 4th of jan or sumfink lyk tht ... nywys this phone DOES rok arse ! I read ages ago that people were wondering where you get the rest of the ringtones!!! ... well i'll tell you!!!! .. Basicly you have to buy a data cable and you basicly install it and you get a program where you can acces your photos by going to file manager on the program , you can also acces your phonebook, text messages , your organiser and call records and upload pics from comp to the phone!! Anyway .. back to the ringtones bit ... you can acess the rest of the ringtones and listein 2 them through the program , and upload the on to your phone!! anwyays it is a good cable and program package to buy !! good luck xxxxx

Reviewed by Kit from Rochdale on 24th Feb 2005
i am luvin dis 4ne sooo much!!cant believe so many ppl dnt like it. it aint that bad.

Reviewed by George from England on 22nd Feb 2005
I just bough the P510 yesterday after some scally stole my Sony Ericsson K700i last week. Now I wish I had just got another K700i!!! The Samsung looks good and the auto open and close is pretty cool, but after using Sony's for the last 5 years I find the Samsung totally user UN-friendly. Just trying to right a simple text is a nightmare as the system it uses is in my opinion utter junk. My advice is buy a K700i instead - 10 X better than this.

Reviewed by Saah from England on 17th Feb 2005
I have just purchased this phone as im a lover of Samsung, the only thing i cant seem to work out is why it has sim messages and phone messages in the text messages inbox? Does it use the sim memory up first and then go onto phone or do you have to select this???? Please if someone knows the answer to this can they let me know

Reviewed by Meredith from Australia on 8th Feb 2005
What a piece of junk! I decided to make the change from nokia two months ago, a huge mistake. Messaging is really important to me and on this phone it drives me mad. The phone breaks up words half way if it runs out of space instead of just carrying the whole word to the next line. its a pain to insert symbols and the t9 dictionary often forgets words that I have previously saved. it does not automatically save sent messages, and if you do save them it does not include the time and date sent. The space bar is on the hash key which makes it very hard to use the phone with just one hand. Battery life isn't great, even on the extended battery. The soft keys sometimes don't respond to the first touch. The outer screen only displays a missed call for about 30 seconds. There is no dedicated alarm tone, you have to use a ring tone and there is no snooze. The P510 is not without its positives. The phone does have a great colour display and naviagation is fairly simple. the camera is ok but not fantastic. The auto folder is just a gimmick. It may sound as though I'm being picky and i do expect a lot out of a phone. But I have to say that I'm really disappointed with the P510. It simply is not worth the money i paid for it.

Reviewed by aims from wales!!! on 8th Feb 2005
i got this fone 4 xmas! its a good fone dont get me wrong?!? there r a few down points to this fone mind, like does anyone now haw to work the infra red??? my mms dont work either or da wap, there are only 30 ringtones, the quality on the videos are good but thers no sound.the memory on the fone isnt amazing, when i first got the fone i loved the auto openin mechanism but it drains ur battery. theres a good storage space for text messages mind. can anyone tell me haw 2 work my wap or mms? its a good idea that there are two batteries 1 life long 1.its a shame there is no snooze option on the fone 2, i use my nokia to wake me up in the mornin, hope someone can ansa me

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 7th Feb 2005
nice phone....but why do all the rest of the reviewers sound like rap star using wiv, da, and eva???

Reviewed by sam from wales (baa) lol on 28th Jan 2005
i must say this phone is good but not outstanding.it has crashed about 3 times now.looks wise,the e700 is nicer and i find it generally has a better picture than the p510.the one touch button opening is wicked,but if this dosnt matter to you buy the e700 it is better

Reviewed by LaDi from London on 25th Jan 2005
this is a wicked phone!!!!! everyone should get one!!! it small, kool, sexy & smart!!! =)

Reviewed by Michael McCulloch from Norway on 22nd Jan 2005
This phone is okay but not quite as good as it looks. My sister just got the phone, i have a sony ecrisson k500i. Considering she paid a lot more for hers i wouldn't say its any better. The camera is awesome it takes good pictures and the flash light is a nice touch. But why doesn't it have sound on the video? Old black and white phones had sound recorders. Also it was a bit of a disapointment to see that it didn't play mp3 so you couldn't have real songs as your ringtone. Another really wierd thing is that it doesn't have triband, most phones of this price have triband another disapointment. The thing that p me off the most however is that i couldn't get the infared to work. I don't understand why its even there. It doesn't do anthing as far as I can see. You can't send stuff with it and you can't recieve stuff either. What's up with that samsung? To end on a postive note it is a nice looking flip phone.

Reviewed by Colin from UK on 19th Jan 2005
Had the phone for 1 week before it went wrong. got the phone back from 02 3 weeks later to find exactly the same fault! now the auto open and close don't work! 3 faults in 3 month!! Oh, texting is a pain as you have to switch the t9 dicionary on every time!

Reviewed by kevin from uk on 15th Jan 2005
this is a good phone but.... all it does is flip open and close yes its great if you want up to date technology but thats annother thing HOW DO YOU USE INFRA RED ?????? does ny one know ??? i carn't send or recieve stuff through infrared. plz help. i know how 2 switch the infrared on but thats whee my problems start after that !!! thanx kev

Reviewed by Isla from Australia on 12th Jan 2005
it's a great! phone

Reviewed by MyReview from UK on 12th Jan 2005
This phone may look expensive but is actually a very disappointing release from samsung. Initially intended to be a tri-band phone, this is actually only dual band even though all the other phones in the P-series are tri band. Nevertherless, it does have some useful features such as the auto flip button which isn't that big a deal but still handy when ur one hand is occupied and u need to answer a call. The real letdown however has to be the fact that for some strange reason the MMS function is limited to sending and receiving pictures only and NOT sound clips. So the only way to get ringtones for this model is to buy them via WAP. But don't get too excited, the WAP just happens to be another downgrade and is only version 1.2 and not 2.0 as specified on the official site. Some other points: the software is a bit slow and u have to wait a few seconds when you change/save/delete settings, the camera is average and again u have to wait a few seconds for it to activate when selected, memory size is descent (6.5mb) but would have been more useful if it was shared rather than specific amounts allocated to various features, 64-polyphonic sound is impressive but the choice of ringtones is poor and adding ur own tones is made difficult by the fact that MMS doesn't support it. On the brighter side, the display quality of the screen is excellent and the preset animations look amazing. Overall, this model seems to be targeted at those who just want a basic smart looking phone with all the latest technology without any unnecessary functions but the fact the it wasn't loaded with features to begin with means that this model has suffered one too many cutbacks in its specifications.

Reviewed by Angel from P.R.China on 7th Jan 2005
I like Samsung, especially the ringtones. It's a good phone, but it doesn't have many choices to download games from the internet. And it doesn't show the missed call on the small screen on the surface. You have to open the phone and check the missed call. But anyway, one-touch design is cool. I still like it.

Reviewed by Jules from England on 7th Jan 2005
A very attractive phone which sits nicely in the hand. The auto opener is not only cool and very smooth, but is also invaluable for opening and closing the flip when you have a handful of shopping and only one free hand. I've just switched over from using Nokias, and have found two irritating points...when texting, why is the space function on the hash key? It makes it awkward for me as a right single handed texter to space and you have to hold the phone with two hands to reach it easily. It would make more sense to put it on the 0 key. Also, why is there no snooze facility on the alarm??? I have always relied on my mobile to wake me up, and although it is nice to be able to choose your alarm tone and set it to recur every weekday, as someone who can't get out of bed at the first alarm, the lack of snooze will result in me being late for work, I am sure! Other than that, I've found it to be excellent.

Reviewed by Ruthy from England on 7th Jan 2005
Hey! i lov ehtis fone, best 1 have eva had, pics are great and i love the press opening function! i wish however you could send ringtones! and also not all ,my picture messags work, dont kow if that has something to do with my personal 1! i woould reccomend this to ne 1!

Reviewed by Nicki from england on 5th Jan 2005
I absolutely love this phone i luv everythin about it and i can't wait a second to press the button in at the side to flip it up and down but theres 1 thing they shud have included is to apply voice notes to the phone and shud have had sound on the video i reccomend this phone to everyone.

Reviewed by !!!Louby!!! from United Kingdom on 4th Jan 2005
I have had this fone 4 about a month. Its really cool with the auto folder, nd the ringtones drive my mom up the wall, but i like them. the camera is really good, and the videos r good except i dont think theres any sound?! confusing. the clocks good for me coz im always l8 4 things.i havent worked out how 2 use the MMS but i think i will. the games arnt that good, so i downloaded sum. i also lyke the fact it has an orginiser. and yes it does hav a silent mode its #. the wap browser on my fone is a bit nack, but i dont really use it. i also love the movin back rounds its great. my friends all fink its great and so do i. buy it if ur lookin 4 a fone with nearly everything.

Reviewed by Stephanie from England on 4th Jan 2005
Hi i got dis phone 4 xmas , it is gd!! i wud get it ! especialli di automatic openin! its quite smart aswellbackrounds r cool. camera is gd! nd video is gd aswell apart 4rm its onli 10 secs nd it has no sound!! grr. o well overall phone is the best one iv ever had!!!!!!!! GET IT! the ringtones are good aswell! thnkz x x x x

Reviewed by samsung fan from on 4th Jan 2005
This looks like an impressive phone but has many flaws. A brief list of the plus and downsides of this model: + High quality screen (the best for 65000 colours) + Loud, clear polyphonic ringtones + Motorised flip + Nice design/layout of keys + Good memory: 6.5mb total. - MMS does NOT support sound/tones (Why anyone would add the MMS feature and takeout the sound option i don't know) - Not tri-band! When all the other phones in the P-series are. - Software is a bit slow. Takes too long to save/change settings. - Phonebook does not have the option to copy all numbers from SIM to phone and vice-versa when other samsung models have this option.

Reviewed by sexy lou from england on 4th Jan 2005
ive had the phone since october and i think its great but there are some down sides to it, theres no sound on your video recordings and thats the best bit of filming something and its really annoying that u have to change the message from t9 all the time. there could be more space for messages and photos. but i would recomend the phone to any body it is a stylish classy phone and the automatic up and down button is brilliant!!!! nice one

Reviewed by disco stew from disco land on 21st Dec 2004
well, this phone has got me all shook up. i like it but then it has a lot of folts with it. when you recive messages the message alert pic does not stay flashing so you dont no if you have got a message and its the same with missed calls. well cant be botherd to say any more. merry cimbo sha mown. hee hee.

Reviewed by eric from philippines on 20th Dec 2004
one-touch open and close function is cool..but when you assign photo caller id you need your phone to be open to see who is calling...why the other phone (E600) you can see the one who is calling on the external LCD????

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 16th Dec 2004
This phone is such a good little phone! It has all the latest features and has a great apperance. The handy little button on the side is also great as you push it and it opens automatically and you push it again and the 'clam' phone automatically closes.

Reviewed by charlie from england on 15th Dec 2004
this phone is amazing. i love it its proper bo. i was gonna buy the 02 x3 but then i realised how ugly it was compared to this phone. not only does this phone have everything on it it looks gorgeous a cool flipping mechanism i would suggest for everyone to have this phone.

Reviewed by Southern Pixie from Manchester, UK on 12th Dec 2004
Really good phone, i have only had it one day but i think it is great. Simple, useable, and not too many gadgets and gizmos you are never going to use. It has been said before but im gonna say it again. Bad Points: No MP3 and flicking through to t9 everytime you do a text. That is very iritating, but im sure ill get used to it or the people i txt will get used to it always boeing in CAPS

Reviewed by Chrissy from England on 11th Dec 2004
I have recently recieved a samsung P510 and i love it to pieces i think it is designed more for a younger person, i am 13 years old and it is the best as i can show it off to all my friends as it can open up on its own. i think it should have some more stuff tho like loudspeaker n all that lot o yer n more lights!

Reviewed by chazza from england on 8th Dec 2004
only hav 1 word for this phone........AMAZING

Reviewed by Charli. C from uk on 2nd Dec 2004
i have had many phons before this 1 and i think that this phones is far the best. it has alot of great things on which i wnated on my phones, example, camera, flash, video camera, good games etc. although this phone does not hav much storage 4 text messages which is a bit of a pian to me. also the video doesnt have any sound although it is of good quality it would be better to be able to hear things aswel. i thinks the phone is a perfect size and the button for automatic open and close is fantastic... all my friends want it on their phone :o) its a great phone!!!

Reviewed by Charlie from Australia on 24th Nov 2004
This phone is quite nice. Its screen is relatively good but it is a bit small. The phones memory is rather limited. A rather bad problem is that it has trouble recieving mms on a vodafone network. Its fine with sending items but any recieved items appear distorted. Recieving items smaller than 5kb work ok. A nice phone but some relevant problems.

Reviewed by Nik from UK on 19th Nov 2004
Have had the phone about a week now and to be honest apart from the one problem it's a great phone. But then again it's a big problem. Apparently this model has trouble receiving MMS when using the Vodafone network, it does receive them but they are very distorted. Vodafone told me that it's ok with some handset but not others! They have sent me another one to try so will give that a go over the next couple of days! But if MMS is important to you, probs best not to get this phone!

Reviewed by Mango Saul from England on 18th Nov 2004
Really nice phone but the ringtones are a bit naff. A simple "ring ring" would have been nice. If you're a traveller the duel band is a big let down. A bit weird because the phone below this one is Tri band.

Reviewed by vickie from england on 16th Nov 2004
oh, thanks i understand now - i am blonde!

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