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Samsung P400 review

 Review: October 2003  

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: A clamshell phone with integrated digital camera, full colour screen & Java games.


The Samsung P400 takes everything that made the V200 such a huge success, and adds a 180° rotating camera feature and downloadable Java™ games.

The newer E700 improves on the P400 with an integrated aerial.

Samsung P400 features include:

Samsung P400 user reviews

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Average rating from 56 reviews:

Reviewed by Michael from Isle of Man on 18th Nov 2005
Its November 2005 and beleive it or not i still have the Samsung P400. Battery is still good. I went to a haunted house to take pictures once in the dark to see if anything showed up. I took it home to see if anything showed up and i got a remarkable effect. Something showed up but the picture broke down into very small squares, and the whole phone shut down and was difficult to get back on at first. When it came back on the picture was gone. Nothing like that has ever happened since. It is truly a reliable phone. Though the camera could be better, needs a lot of light to get a decent photo.

Reviewed by peter wabyona from uganda on 22nd Oct 2005
It's a must buy for starters like me. It aint that bulky giving you freedom to move around with it freeloy. Pheeew gone are the days when we had to carry around walkie talkie like phones.

Reviewed by suska from midlands on 18th Oct 2005
not at all happy! my infrared dont work and never has either. anyone know why? thanks

Reviewed by Betim from Macedonia on 21st Sep 2005
Its very good because its beatiful

Reviewed by Tomasti from UK on 29th May 2005
If you want a PHONE, to call and text with - this does a pretty good job of it. Fair enough, its nothing special and there are lots of other phones out there that are just as good for the same price. However, as a second hand buy you cant go wrong with the P400. Its got great battery life, great signal strength and nice quick predictive texting. Its also slim and still doesnt look that dated. On the downside, it has a stubby aerial (most phones of this age do though), crappy camera (dont buy a phone to be a camera lol) and I dont know what Samsung were thinking with the swivel screen LOL!

Reviewed by Aqib from England on 23rd Apr 2005
This phone is great it has a nice camera and the twisting screen is nice. the one thing that can be improved by samsung is the size of the screen that should be larger considering the amount of space available. Great phone

Reviewed by Michael from Isle of Man on 18th Apr 2005
Great Battery Texting is good Camera could be better Generally its rock and roll at its best baby? I'm suprised they havent made a mobile phone with an old fashioned ring dial. In the 1930s if a mobile phone had been invented it would be the size of an average hotel suite and use the same power as an entire street. it would have used thermionic devices such as valves and these would have to be replaced on a daily basis. isnt minature electronics amazing. You can get 250000 components on an ic measuring 1 inch square

Reviewed by Callum from Fordant, South Fallows, Enlgland, United Kingdom, Europe, The World, The Solar System, the Galaxy, the Universe!! on 4th Mar 2005

Reviewed by JeN from UK on 15th Feb 2005
This phone is great! I personally preder a slighty smaller feminine phone, But this is fine. People who say that their phone's screen breaks (not particularly this phone), they just have to be careful with it! This phone is pretty strong, mine has been dropped down a flight of staris, on a wooden floor and down a concrete slope...and it hasn't faulterd! The camera is great, almost like using a proper digital camera! and what i really like about it is that you can put differnt tones on the dialing keys to a piano and a cool sound! its so cool! Overall a great phone!

Reviewed by Emir from Bosnia on 24th Jan 2005
It is good phone.It is best phone.Camera is very good and games too.Buy to self data cable.It is very good.

Reviewed by from lt on 23rd Jan 2005
its very good phone, but i have got one question, can i transfer photos from it to my pc?what software do i need?

Reviewed by Christopher from England on 3rd Jan 2005
This phone is the best phone ever! I recommend you buy it! even though its a little old now it still hs one of the best cameras on the market. With the screen being able 2 spin around as well as the camera it adds more functionalty to the phone making even more easier to take those photos!

Reviewed by scorpio from philippines on 25th Oct 2004
I am so disappointed with this phone coz I can't send MMS images nor image from the phone to PC even with those softwares,only those taken by the camera.I can't even receive any images from the infrared nor send anything from it.You can't share any images except only through MMS which sucks big time.No blue tooth.Plus theres no way to set the phone not to use T9 dictionary which is very annoying.I also can't organize anything.Everything no use,no folders...maybe I should stick to using Nokia phones instead coz I regret buying this.This phone isn't for those who want to share images nor tones

Reviewed by tim from philippines on 21st Aug 2004
I've had this phone for quite a while now and it really is an excellent phone. Just had one problem with it...not really if there's a problem with it but whenever the phone's ringing, it would start softly then gets loud in a matter of seconds..........(if u the same experience with the phone, please email me thanks t_sarmiento17@hotmail.com)

Reviewed by xxx from UK on 17th Aug 2004
This phone is great. I was going to buy the Samsung V200, but then the P400 came out, with everything that the V200 had plus Java games and the rotating screen, so I bought that instead. In truth the rotating screen isn't something that I have used a lot, but I have definitely beneffitted from the games, so I don't regret waiting for the P400. The newer Samsungs like the X600 or E710 are probably better because they have some new features like video recording, but really there's very little difference to the P400. I certainly don't plan to upgrade from my P400 anytime soon.

Reviewed by Mike from Philippines on 8th Jul 2004
Unable to transfer photos from said phone to a computer with appropriate hardware, software, and space. After I installed the software supplied with said phone, I can no longer access the Internet via the modem of a cable Internet service provider.

Reviewed by person from USA on 1st Jul 2004
TyPiNg LiKe ThIs Is NoT bIg Or ClEvEr.......

Reviewed by Youngy from Scotland on 9th Jun 2004
The phone is a good idea, with its twisting screen, but really its just a novelty which has very little purpose. You will get bored of it after about a week. The phone itself is good, the features it has are pretty good but average in the world of mobile phones. The camera is really good quality, but if , like me, you need a phone for everyday use and you drop it on occassion then its not a good idea. Its vey flimsy. Ive had mine for only 4 months and its falling to bits. Topped off yesterday by the screen falling off. Its kinda not working now. New phone time.

Reviewed by steph from uk on 3rd Jun 2004
i've had my phone for a number of months now and it was working perfectly until last night. the rotating screen has lost all power and won't light up! is there anyway i can get a duplicate or refund? i am also dissapointed with the functions as the only difference between the p400 and v200 is the appearance which isn't worth the £100 margin. samsung should make a more updated phone but with the rotating camera.

Reviewed by BOO from IRELAND on 27th May 2004

Reviewed by Sandeep from England on 25th Apr 2004
The samsung P400 is the best phone ever. The phone has bulit in rotating Digital camera, some java games, Wap, Animated screensavers and lots more other cool features. It is worth buying this Phone. Plus it has a rotating head for easier picture taking. The style is cool. I would recommend this phone to anyone.

Reviewed by Mike Jones from Wales on 18th Apr 2004
I've had this phone for a week now and I find it great,but I was just down my local Phones4u shop to buy a better case and the saleperson informed me that Samsung are discontining the P400 which a thought was great !

Reviewed by Quangtong from Vietnam on 2nd Apr 2004
I very happy to use the Samsung GSH P400. But I have not got a disc to setup for computer. ( now I can not load the picture from my mobilephone to computer. ) How can I do ?

Reviewed by Sam Thomas from UK on 30th Mar 2004
This phone luks absolutely ace although i dont have one yet, but I was wondering is it better to buy this or the samsung X600. Any answers will help.

Reviewed by Francis from Canada on 25th Mar 2004
This phone is really good it has a really nice camera and my phone flip down doesnt wobble, but i guess im really careful with it. In canada its a little on the expensive side but it is still one of the best phones out there.

Reviewed by Sam D T from England on 25th Mar 2004
Im not reviewing the phone(although it luks absolutely ace) but I wonted to ask sumthin bout it. Im think in of buying this or the E700, which is better and why. Any answers will be most helpful

Reviewed by charlie from England on 9th Feb 2004
This phone does sound very good. All the reviews I have read make the phone sound very cool indeed. One of my relatives have a Samsung 3700. It's amazing. I wish they made a phone with the P400 stuff inside a E700. I recommend the P400 to anyone.

Reviewed by Jenny from UK on 4th Feb 2004
This phone is the best Samsung ever, I did have the V200 for a day but they camera wire came loose and the shop didn't have any replacement because it disscontinued and this one is just like that but better! The twisty screen is great for when you take photos of people and you can just turn it round and show them.I give this phone proper thumbs up and double the stars!

Reviewed by Tracy from UK on 22nd Jan 2004
I liked this phone when I got it 10 days ago, everything about it is brilliant, except the fact that the screen is loose already (when the phone is closed, it's ok when open). It feels like it will fall apart so I've sent it back. I wasn't at all rough with it, just one of those things I guess. My husband had one at the same time though and his isn't too bad. If you can cope with the wobbly screen it's absolutely fantastic.

Reviewed by Steve from England on 21st Jan 2004
I've had this phone a week now and I think it's great. However, there are a couple of things I'm not overly impressed with. It won't let me set the speed dials to my own numbers (the option is greyed out), and the EasyGPRS software seems to have a problem uploading ringtones occasionally, even though there is plenty of memory left in the phone. Texting is much more difficult than on a Nokia, but not impossible. Apart from that it's a great little phone. Very good quality screen and the polyphonic ringtones sound great at 40-poly. The camera is pretty good too considering it's size. Much better than my old Nokia 3310.

Reviewed by Davao from New Zealnd on 19th Jan 2004
Im thinking of getting the P400, but im scared after reading reviews about the screen becoming loose and breaking off. Have some people just mistreated it or is the P400 prone to this? and some people say its a bit bulky. is that all true?

Reviewed by Simon from England on 19th Jan 2004
this phone is * hot u lot dont know what u are on about

Reviewed by Jamie from Manchester, England on 4th Jan 2004
Dont bother with it...... get the E700, bigger photo memory, bigger phone book, clearer and better quality pics/camera. nicer to hold, no arial, easier buttons to use.

Reviewed by DES from UK, London on 3rd Jan 2004
Wkd phone, had it a while, some bar steward nicked it tho, at least it proves its desirable!

Reviewed by iuuy from uk on 25th Dec 2003
i aint got dis fone but gonna get v200 soon.jus wanna say- why didnt samsung go straight 2 dis fone instead of goin 2 the v200? is v200 cheaper?

Reviewed by Michael from Isle of Man on 19th Dec 2003
You can get 41 pictures on this baby

Reviewed by Hande from Türkiye on 18th Dec 2003
When I realised that I should buy a phone with camera , I searched a lot and my decision was this gorgeous phone:) I was thinking to bu Panasonic X70 but I couldn't wait for it and I took P400 especially for its rotating camera and flip.I use it for 2 months and I liked it a lot.If you want to buy a small and high quality camera you should take it.And the phone has 4 games in it and the BubbleSmile will be the game that you will like i think.Also you can download polyphonic melodies,java games,screensavers etc. from wap.samsungmobile.com and it is all FREE, you don't pay anything for them:))) I am happy with my P400 and you should think this phone.If you are a man I should say that Samsung E700 is much better for a man but only for the appearance of it not the properties... I forgot to say, my two best friends bought Panasonic x70, 2 days ago and I couldn't believe that it was the phone that I liked so much at first...discusting!

Reviewed by Michael from Isle of Man on 15th Dec 2003
It works well, the Text is a bit hard if you know what i mean Harry ! I cant get the i'll CU Later business with out typing i'll See you Later if you know what i mean. Its pretty light which is really rockin but eh how do you put a cover on it, i cant dig that jive baby ?

Reviewed by k man from the mity uk on 14th Dec 2003
this is a grea phone however i have to say tht i prefer the samsung v200. I think it is a lot more stylish even though it lacks java it is stilla betta phone. conclusion; by v200 not p400

Reviewed by Michael from Isle of Man on 8th Dec 2003
I am very impressed with the samsung P400, it works well, texting is somewhat harder than the Nokia 3330 i was used to, but i like this phone, and it seems reliable. If you press and hold the Hash Key it puts it into silent mode, so it vibrates only which is useful.

Reviewed by Richard from England on 4th Dec 2003
I am incredibly disappointed with this phone gaving moved from a Sony Errikson T68i. The ergonomics are all wrong : you need a right hand like a shovel to be able to hold and enter sms messages with the one hand. The text input always reverts UPPER CASE FOR STARTING MESSAGES. The organizer is simply pathetic : no way to categorise organizer entires. No way to specify organizer durations. Poor integration with MS Outlook. So poor in fact, that the ONLY way to specify a time for a "memo" or appointment is to set an alarm for it - an audible alarm :( The, to make matters worse, when you have transferred a to-do item to the calendar, yuo can't even the edit the damn time or date of that entry. Truly risible. The good things? Beautiful display, nic camera, nice input keys, decent menu system, and good sound. I suspect if you don't want a half decent organizer then this cuold be the phone for you.

Reviewed by Sam from England on 4th Dec 2003
hey, dont have this phone have the E700! Drasoss from Slovenia you have misinterpreted what it means by 40polyphonic. This is not the amount of tones it has but the number of instruments it uses. The more instrument tones u have then the better the sound of the ringtones. Nokia phones, most of them like 7210, 3510i only have 4 tones so they are not that good. With 40 tones u can also have ringtones with Voice!!! looks like a great phone!

Reviewed by ZaK from U.K on 2nd Dec 2003
Good features and excellent design and options. But the screen got loose after a day and now, a week over and the screen fell off.

Reviewed by Rocket from UK on 26th Nov 2003
Hi, can someone tell me how many pictures you can store on this camera (it says there is 512k memory which seems considerably less than the Nokia 7250i)? I'm swithering between the Samsung P400 and Nokia 7250i... Thanks.

Reviewed by Drasoss from Slovenia :) on 23rd Nov 2003
Des from UK ---- 40 Polyphonic tones means quality of the tone, not numbers of tones.

Reviewed by John Donaldson from N Ireland on 30th Oct 2003
Help please - I'm thinking of buying the Samsung P400 at £150, the Samsung V200 at £100 or get a free Sony Ericsson. Any advice on which to choose???

Reviewed by Des from UK, London on 15th Oct 2003
Ordered my new samsung a few days ago, cant wait to recieve it, in the mean time i will have to put up with my useless nokia 8310, one thing that ive noticed that seems a bit of a let down is perhaps the omission of bleutooth, but hey i spose u cant have everything (unless u get the sony p800, and thats still a 'big un') another thing, is there a display on the outer screen to display the date, time, caller ID, reception etc? (if not, it would have been nice) Also teh official site claims 40 Polyphonic Ringtones : - 25 ringtones pre-installed, 5 downloadable (isn't there a numerical inaccuracy here?!) Still cant wait to get using it, gotta go find 1000 people to fill up the phone book memory now!

Reviewed by Karim from UK on 14th Oct 2003
This is a very good phone but i do not know why there is all this fuss about its camera. Its not any better than that of a nokia 3650/7650. Best camera has to be on the Sharp GX20. No bluetooth on this phone which is remarkable considering everyone is adding this feature to all the new phones. Phone is packaged brilliantly - data cable, CD, 2 batteries as well as charger,manual and handsfree. You do not need to buy anything for it. However, as someone who regularly changes his phone to keep up with improvements, i feel that if this phone had been introduced about a year ago, it would have been more in line with what the others were offering at that time. This phone really does feel too dated compared to what else is out there. Good phone but not great. Contrary to earlier review, you CAN add words to the dictionary.

Reviewed by Kelly from UK on 8th Oct 2003
Not a bad phone, but i prefer the samsung s300, which is much smaller! Screen is ok, but Im worried about it getting loose, which it is already. Move over Nokia, Samsung is on da prowl!

Reviewed by Dan from England on 6th Oct 2003
This is a great phone its trendy and lots of great features the screen is much clearer and better coloured than the s300 the only problem i have found so far is that its a bit bulky but i dont mind this as there is a bigger screen txting is also good once you get used to the diffrence between nokia one other thing it does not have is you can't add words to the dictionary this is frustrating. Great phone

Reviewed by Wajid M from UK on 4th Oct 2003
Wicked phone bruv!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Will from England on 30th Sep 2003
i thought that the samsung P400 was excellent. the cameras cool and the functions are schweet and easy to use..recommend it.

Reviewed by Martin from United Kingdom on 26th Sep 2003
This phone is just superb i have the V200 as well and this phone is just superior to that.

Reviewed by kwob from england on 20th Sep 2003
The phone looks ok but the camera is not as good as the v200 camera.

Reviewed by KuKuJiaoz from on 5th Sep 2003
jUZ gREAT buT d0sNt hAve tHE dIStiNcTivE lo0k...pReFeR V200 m0rE

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