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Samsung P300 review

 Review: May 2006  


In a nutshell: Ultra-slim phone with 1.3 megapixel camera, video camera, music player & Bluetooth™.


In photographs, the Samsung P300 tends to look like a 1970's pocket calculator, but in the flesh it looks a whole lot better. The matt metallic case needs to be seen for its true beauty to be appreciated.

It's fair to say that the P300 is a unique phone. It looks quite unlike any other phone on the market. At just 9mm thick it took over from the Motorola L6 as the thinnest mobile phone available in the UK (now beaten by the Samsung X820). Hold it next to a Motorola RAZR, and the RAZR starts to look bulky! Samsung say that it's the same size as a credit card, but we've never seen a credit card that thick! However, putting that to one side, we have to love the P300.

Feature-wise, the P300 is virtually the same as the ever-popular D500, with an excellent 1.3 megapixel camera, video camera and MP3 player. It's display is the same as the D500 (262k colours) and it has standard features like high-quality 64-voice MP3 ringtones, a speakerphone, email and triband. Memory is good, with 80 Mbytes of internal memory, but no memory card. Bluetooth and USB connectivity are supported. These features are what you'd expect of a mid to high-end phone: they are certainly not the best, especially when you consider the high cost of the phone, but they are enough to warrant a 4-star rating. What pushes the P300 to 5 stars is its size and looks.

Making the phone this small has led to some quirks in its design, and perhaps the most annoying is the non-standard keypad layout. The buttons aren't placed where you expect them to be, and it takes a while to get used to. Another problem is that ringtones are quiet - there is a real risk of missing calls as a result.

Fitting a battery into a phone this small is a challenge, but Samsung have succeeded brilliantly. The battery lasts for up to 400 hours in standby, which is a lot by anyone's standards, but Samsung have gone further and incorporated a second battery into the leather case that comes with the phone. This second battery can power the phone when the phone is placed in its case, and you can charge both batteries simultaneously by plugging in the charger.

You should buy the Samsung P300 if you love the looks. Don't spend all that money thinking that you're getting the most feature-rich phone available, because you're not. However you are certainly buying one of the most technologically advanced phones and a unique one at that. Buy it, treasure it, and look after it carefully, because phones as thin as this one won't take kindly to being dropped on the floor!

Samsung P300 features include:

  • 1.3 megapixel camera with flash and 4x digital zoom
  • Video camera & voice recorder (up to one hour)
  • Music player (MP3/ACC/ACC+/e-ACC formats)
  • Display: TFT, 262,144 colours, 220 x 176 pixels
  • 64-voice polyphonic ringtones / MP3 ringtones
  • Speakerphone
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, email (POP3 / SMTP / IMAP4)
  • T9 predictive text input
  • Java games
  • Personal organiser functions
  • Picture phonebook (1,000 entries) with Caller ID
  • Memory: 80 Mbytes
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS Class 10
  • Triband
  • Size: 88 x 55 x 8.9 mm
  • Weight: 81g
  • Talktime: 8 hours
  • Battery standby: 400 hours

Samsung P300 user reviews

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Average rating from 93 reviews:

Reviewed by Lookey from United Kingdom on 12th Jul 2010
I've used this phone twice but lost.So,i want tnbuy this phone again because i'm not done with it.Can u tell me where can I buy this phone new?

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 12th Jul 2010
It's a very old phone now. Try ebay!

Reviewed by Daniel from UK on 6th Jan 2010
I have been using this phone for 3 years and i love it. Its small and smart and does everything i would want a phone to do and more. Why are more phones not like this one?! Its starting to deteriorate though and im on the look out for another p300... The best phone ive ever had!

Reviewed by abdul majeed from India on 17th Jun 2009
Hello Samsung P300 is a very good hand in all the series in samsung iam use 4 years in saudia arabia thanks samsung mobilephone

Reviewed by Linda from Singapore on 20th Feb 2009
I have been using this phone for three year and i love it very much!! last week i accidently drop it into swimming pool and cant be repair. I would like to continue use this phone again. Please email me (lindachew303@yahoo.com.sg) where can i get this phone again. Thanks

Reviewed by amir from philippines on 4th Feb 2009
I really love this phone, An absolute masterpiece in terms of design and unique unique phone.. And the battery life is soooo cool, imagine, as if like charging the p300 once a week... if you got one, hold on to it coz you dont see one of these every day and anywhere..

Reviewed by Harry Woodthorpe from Great Britain, Kent on 5th Jan 2009
This phone is fantastic ive had it for 3 years and no problems atall the betery life is absulotly phonimal, the camera is only 1.3 but better than my mates 3.0 mp k800i and samsing tocco. it looks absulotly fantastic, the only fault is the ringing volume is quiet. but fantasicly brilliant. if you got one i would hold on to it you dont see one of these every day.

Reviewed by Jack R from UK on 8th Oct 2008
I absolutely love this phone, I have had it for six months and I still love using it It has to be one of the most unique and stylish phones ever created. It has no features a rubbish camera but looks like a calculator which I love!! I am still yet to meet anyone else with this phone but when I do, I'll be sure to give them the thumbs up, as owning this phone shows you have true style and don't care about fancy features.

Reviewed by Natasha Permall from UK on 23rd Sep 2008
had this phone now since april 2006 and i still love it now just as much as when i first bought it. forget all the new fancy touch screen ones...a phone as unique as this is priceless!

Reviewed by Paul Zara from UK on 21st Sep 2008
Have had this phone for ages - it still gets compliments. A classic...

Reviewed by Gareth Hughes from USA on 26th Feb 2008
I've only recently got this phone, and i can appreicate the problems with low ringtone volume, but Jesus it looks great. It feels like a million dollars in your hand and you can't knock its battery life or UI. Serioulsy people are so obsessed with having the lastest most powerfull phones, why can't you open up to Style over substance, most consumer areas do? If you want a phone that looks, feel and is very very cool try and get hold of one.

Reviewed by Bob Booth from UK on 29th Sep 2007
Until it got lost whilst moving house, it was the best phone i've had, including the N95 i have now. Ironically, despite its potential for being sat on, for slipping out of pockets and reasonably easy to damage - it never had a scratch. The bluetooth capabilities were fantastic and bordering on the illegal. The camera was good and it was unfortunate that the memory couldn't be expanded. Many detractors said it looked like a calculator and equally wanted one. Due to its short time on the shelf, it should be a classic. I just hope whoever picked mine up has the good sense to hold on to it.

Reviewed by iain from jamaica on 7th Sep 2007
love the look & the feel & yes it does work in the americas & beyond,but it is so difficult to hear,the volume is big pants,so i miss most calls,even with it on my ear.but in ocho rios it's the only one,so i can normally get a free beer on the strength of it,& the ladies love it.i tend to use without carry case for that added effect when on show

Reviewed by Hannah from UK on 18th Jul 2007
Not even worth one star. When I got this phone i thought it was AMAZING. I now hate it. Speakers are rubbish as is the camera and you can't hear it ring. I always have to take the battery out and replace it when my phone freezes. I think it's because it is to small to function properly but that is a guess. DON'T GET THIS PHONE.

Reviewed by E.V. from Greece on 12th Jan 2007
extremely unique phone!not for everyone though!

Reviewed by M Wright from UK on 10th Jan 2007
My P300 doesn't work in the USA. Carphone Warehouse have tried to re-program it twice and still it refuses to work. No one seems able to either explain why or replace the phone. Very unhappy with this!

Reviewed by Mike from UK on 18th Dec 2006
SO amy bad reviews on here! This phone is all about the look of it. On the whole, guys who love retro stuff love it, women dont on the whiole. It looks amazing and everyone who sees it cant believe its a phone. Yes the ringtone is not the loudest but there is a vibrate and then ring option so if you keep it in a pocket you do know when someone is calling. I have not used the mp3 plyer, and the camera is not the greatest but for a small stylish phone you cant beat it. Texting works fine although it does take the phone memory a while to recognise new words that you input. battery time is good and the built in spare battery in the black case is a genius idea- keep that xharged and when the phone battery goes flat, simply turn off and put it in cover and you are back to full juice. This phone is now so sought after that Samsung Head office dont even have any left and the phones are now going for £250 plus on Ebay!!!

Reviewed by Ed from uk on 4th Dec 2006
I can see why many people don't like this phone but the problems they're complaining about are problems which are obvious before buying it because of the design so if it isn't your thing then simply don't buy it. This phone IS about the design so if you're expecting it to do more then look away. It still manages to fit in a descent feature set though and still manages to be incredibly slim with a metal casing making this little gadget simply exceptional. The leather case does come in handy but only for the extended battery as it does take up more space in your pocket but it is handy for those business trips abroad.

Reviewed by mehman from uk on 29th Nov 2006
about 0.5 of a star is being generous. this fone is pooooooooooooooooooooooooo. SE Walkmans for the win to be honest much better this is a 1970's pocket calculator/phone. absolutely PANTS

Reviewed by NBL from UK on 28th Nov 2006
Looks great but is USELESS. Can't hear it ring. People can't hear me talk to them unless I use the headset and then I have to practically eat the microphone. Some features are good although it's more a toy than a daily work phone.

Reviewed by Eben from UK on 22nd Nov 2006
None can be compared to this. The technology behind this is overwhelming. It combines both the 'flavours' of the 19th and 20th century. It mirrors the best phones from every brand. Go for this now.

Reviewed by Cliff Law from UK on 7th Nov 2006
Quirky but brilliant. Main thing is super slim so just slides into my pocket. Solid feel for sosmething so slim. Admiration and "whats that" when ssomeone sees it forth efirst time. Practical to use. Camera is Ok and not used MP player as I bought it for slimness. If they took out cam and player could they make it even smaller? How abou one with a small screen just for making phone calls? No matter. Highly recommended

Reviewed by alex from uk on 4th Nov 2006
its a stylish fone, but ive missed every single call ive had since i got this fone u cant hear the ringtone

Reviewed by Xav from Spain on 26th Sep 2006
Pros: Ultra slim, even with the pouch. Nice design. Very good materials ( steel ). It has all the features for a mobile. ( If you want a 3mp phone buy a camera !!) Impressive battery life ( using both ). Nice keyboard. Cons: Low volume ( even if you download your own ringtones ). When you dial up a number, they are too big on the screen AND NOTHING ELSE. Perhaps the mobile is a bit expensive for its features, but if you want to have a phone in your jeans or suit, and unoticeable for others, it s your mobile. Sorry for my poor spanish.

Reviewed by Steph from UK on 20th Sep 2006
I love the way this phone looks, it is small compact and looks like a 1980s texas instrument calculator (anyone at school during the 80s will know what I mean). It comes in a black wallet which provides an extended battery life and looks good too. The only negative comment would be that the ring tone is particularly quiet, apart from that, it looks the part - if you like the 80s and fits easily in your pocket or bag.

Reviewed by Alex from United Kingdom on 13th Sep 2006
An absolute masterpiece in terms of design. Real head turner down the pub or bars. All my mates still get impressed every time they see. Inside very much like the d500 still very good though. had over the last five years nearly 15 phones, this by far is the best! Outstanding.

Reviewed by IB from uk on 11th Sep 2006
it's pointless doing a sensible review of this product... if you like the style then you'll love the phone (as I do, despite the quirks)... if you want to follow the plastic-fantastic brigade then you won't buy it. It's solid, gives the impression (so far justified) of being properly engineered, easy to use (I moved from a Sony P910i so that's chalk to cheese) and has been designed "battery-cover up" as opposed to being assembled from parts like a second hand airfix kit. And I even remember to turn on T9 (tnx O2...) Favourite feature? Apart from the design, the buttons are superb... you press and they click in a reassuringly positive response. Excellent. Wish I could look as good...

Reviewed by ika anjani from indonesia on 10th Sep 2006
i`m very love it..... best phone i`ve ever had......muaaachhh

Reviewed by Mike from UK on 6th Sep 2006
I love the size of the phone, but hate the functions. I love the design, but it has a number of design floors. Worst of all, sometimes it looks and behaves like it is connected to the network, but it is impossible to call anyone or receive calls. Tip: If you are expecting a call, which does not arrive, try calling someone to see if it connects! If not, turn it off and on again.

Reviewed by Zaini from Malaysia on 4th Sep 2006
I love this phone except 4 the ringtone volume. If I put it in my handbag I cant hear a thing. My son thinks the product flaw is that there is no window where the sound comes out (something like the camera window )because I always have the phone casing on. Now I have 2 soft studs (left & right) inside the phone casing against the sound holes. I can hear it a lot better now but it is a bit ugly.

Reviewed by Dick Hertz from UK on 29th Aug 2006
This is the worst phone I have ever purchased and it's going back for another model. Samsung should be ashamed of themselves. The volume of the ringtones is diabolical at best.

Reviewed by Chris P. Bacon from UK on 27th Aug 2006
Had this phone for three days and it's going back tomorrow. The ringtone volume is so low you cant here the thing ring when it's in your back pocket. Basically, I'm fed up of missing calls.

Reviewed by fishd from uk on 24th Aug 2006
Fantastic phone, love it. Amazing size and same great interface from Samsung. I've no problems at all with this phone, battery life is good though not as good as some others. Can't understand why some people have an issue with the ringtone, seems fine to me. Also had no problems with connecting it to my PC.

Reviewed by Catriona from UK on 21st Aug 2006
Although this phone has been described by some as unappealing to females, I just love it because it's small and slim and fits into a shirt pocket or into my jeans pocket without making a bulge - and being a girl, I don't need any bulges in my jeans!!! I don't like the low volume on the ring tones and the text message tones, but as I keep the phone so close to my body (in me jeans) I can feel the vibration alert just fine. However software upgrades to rectify this would be welcomed Messrs Samsung .... ! Ref Robert (UK, May 06) and his comment about the annoying T9 dictionary habit of refusing to add certain words, after weeks of trying, I had a brainwave today. I have been trying to add the name of the place where I live and finding that it just wouldn't save this 6 letter place name. Sooooooooo, I entered the first 4 letters of it in text and saved it into the dictionary - success! Then I entered the same 4 letters and then added the 5th, saved it - thumbs up. Finally I entered the saved 5 letter word and added the final letter and it saved just fine. Irritating process, but it was good to beat the phone and get the whole word saved eventually! So it can be done! Feeling very smug! My only real gripes are that I can't get the leather battery case to be of any use to me whatsoever. It seems to add very little to the lifetime of the overall charge and so, to me, is no more than a designer feature that's very heavy, and that the phone picture quality is not so hot, but then I only really need a phone for texting and calls so the other features are less relevant to me.

Reviewed by martin from uk on 18th Aug 2006
Cant believe everyone just keeps complaining about the stupid ringtone volume. This is a fantastic little phone with a form factor to die for. I mean how often do u see a credit card sized phone with a megapixel camera, media player, bluetooth and a crisp widescreen display. If you're not happy with the ringtone volume just edit your own mp3 songs. There's plenty of software tools available for it. Despite the size, there's very little that's been compromised here in terms of features or usability. Even the battery life is very impressive so i would rate this as one of the best fashion/design phones of the year!

Reviewed by Loz from England on 12th Aug 2006
this fone looks like a calculator and scracthes easily. Unsylish ans impractical.

Reviewed by hando from england on 11th Aug 2006
This phone is a load of junk, do not waste your money. The bluetooth is'nt compatable with most devices, the battery standby and talk time is very poor. Some of the buttons does'nt work sometimes. When the phone goes out of signal it does'nt reconnect. The software for the pc is a joke, as well as the phone. Do'nt make my mistake.

Reviewed by alex from sweden on 4th Aug 2006
i bought this phone because of the looks and design i fond it easy to use and pretty good but the ringer volume is way low and it gets scratched pretty easy but its got an amazing battery life

Reviewed by Josh from UK on 1st Aug 2006
A phone you cannot here ring is about as much good as a chocolate teapot! Have Samsung gone mad or is this yet another company cutting back to maximise profits?

Reviewed by Monia from Poland on 19th Jul 2006
Well...the same problem: it`s not possible to hear it ringing. I had so many missed calls and my boyfriend couldn`t believe it. So while having an evening out in a quiet restaurant he asked me to put the phone in my handbag, leave the bag open and then he rang me. Neither me or him could hear it ringing. Off course I got this phone for its different and great look but then... how will my bills look like after I have to call my missed callers back?

Reviewed by Wayne from UK on 18th Jul 2006
Nice looking phone, terrible design.

Reviewed by Nick from UK on 14th Jul 2006
Just to clarity the points above - I have a Nokia N70 and a Samsng P300. I've got to a point where all I want is a simple small phone, not a phone the size of a brick with too many features. Quick texting, fast phonebook, and small - thats whats really counts. I love the P300, much more than the N70, because is small and simple.

Reviewed by Ian from UK on 13th Jul 2006
A great all round phone feature wise. The icing on the cake are the looks of it though. Completely unique. If you find the ringtones too quiet, use an MP3 instead. Very simple to do and solves that problem.

Reviewed by Keith Webb from United Kingdom on 8th Jul 2006
I find the p300 excellent especially the multi picture feature when taking snapshots, this enables to get at least one good shot to save when a item is moving. The battery life is great I use the phone frequently and have found the talktime to be greater than stated by samsung. Only one niggle the ringtone volume is a bit too quite even on max.

Reviewed by Pete from England on 6th Jul 2006
Fantastic phone to look at and play with, same problems as most people i.e the volume but its not that hard to hear and o2 software remembering which text input method you used last time. My last phone was the some what chunky but brilliant Nokia 9300 which you knew when it was in your pocket!! Does anyone have problems with the o2 branded one with regards to bluetooth? mine does not pick up 2 of my computers or my jabra ear piece. norvile@hotmail.com

Reviewed by kingmonkey from UK on 6th Jul 2006
I have the P300 which must say i was impressed with initially, the phone feels nice, easy to use. But there are some flaws to the design which I just cant live with. Firstly i like the idea of the battery in the case, but it makes the phone as wide as other phones on the market which seems to defect the objective. The worst thing is when the case is closed it covers up the speaker so you can hardly hear the phone ring. I've had it next to me in the car, in my pocket and still I have many missed calls. the vibration mode is feeble, and you cant have vibration and ring tone start at the same time??? This phone has let me down, so I am getting rid! Oh and another thing the PC software that Samsung supplies is so near impossible to use! I'm amazed that it was ever released!!

Reviewed by Silver.Ninja from U.K on 5th Jul 2006
A amazing phone, I have it on a contract it is most probably the best i had! also its stylish and i get easily noticed and is much better than my v3

Reviewed by Ben from England on 2nd Jul 2006
having read all the reviews on here i went down the car phone warehouse to try the phone before i made my decision. what i found was that the ringtones sounded louder than on my current phone (nokia 7600). really that was my only worry about this phone, i like the distinctive nature of its design and i am happy with the brightness of the screen. hopefully the leather case will keep it in good nick. and the buttons may take a bit of getting used to, but then the same could be said of eveything you buy that is different! on the whole i would reccomend the phone, just make sure you can check first if you are worried about the volume of the ringtones.

Reviewed by Vicky from Scotland on 1st Jul 2006
So far I really lke the way it looks. Sometimes I just take it out to look at it. I got it three days ago and am still tempted to take it back because I have missed lods of calls and really want T9 default for texting. I'm on O2, which I believe is the problem. Also, I have used Nokias for 5 years, so I am rubbish at using other phones!

Reviewed by S J Neal from UK on 30th Jun 2006
A very handy little phone with great syle and packed with the extras we now come to expect from Samsung. Only two down sides;- the leather wallet muffles the ring so even on it's loudest setting it's easy to miss calls, the screen is difficult to see outside in sunlight. Apart from that I wouldn't change a thing!

Reviewed by joko prasetio from indonesia on 29th Jun 2006
it`s the best phoene ever made..I LUV IT!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by martin from ireland on 28th Jun 2006
so disapointing cant hear the fone ring volume way to low..

Reviewed by Bill from England on 27th Jun 2006
What a disappointment. I waited weeks to get my hands on this phone and now I regret ever clapping my eyes on it. The volume of ringer is so low that I keep missing call after call. That aside, It’s a lovely looking phone and has all the features you need. Get your act together Samsung or you'll lose your loyal customers very quickly.

Reviewed by eddie from Uk on 25th Jun 2006
I agree about the ringtone volume being too soft but everything else is superb! Much better than the razr and the nokia 8800. This is smaller, has more features and definitely a bigger head turner. Well done samsung!

Reviewed by Jeff from UK on 22nd Jun 2006
This phone is rubbish, you can't hear it ring when its in your pocket! :-(

Reviewed by Les from UK on 14th Jun 2006
Got this phone today and it's going back tomorrow! It's a great looking phone but you cannot hear it ring becuase the ringtones are far too low! That said, it may suit library and mortuary workers!

Reviewed by nathan from uk on 13th Jun 2006
Great phone, great looks and great size. The only problem is getting that damn pc suite thing to recognise my phone so i can synchronise my phone.

Reviewed by DaveH from UK on 10th Jun 2006
Amazingly small, amazingly slim and yet it has a top quality display, impressive 1.3mp camera, a very generous memory capacity and a luxurious leather casing. If you want to be exclusive and look stylish, this is definitely the phone to have rather than the now common 8800 which has half the features of the P300.

Reviewed by Fluffy Bunny from England on 10th Jun 2006
The reviews all go on about how small this phone is - what they don't mention is that once you keep it in the case, it is big and heavy (about 140g), and the flap of the case hits you in the mouth when you're using the phone! The connection in the case is a tight fit, and I am worried that if I take the phone in and out of the case a lot, something might break. Ring volume is too low (have you heard this before). I got mine as an upgrade from a D500, and it's going straight back. Part of this is personal - I just don't like the phone - but part is that I can't see me living with it for a year.

Reviewed by Ian from UK on 9th Jun 2006
Brilliant looking phone but that's where it stops. I had one for just two days before exchanging it for the D600, which is loads better. Like other reviewers have mentioned, you just can't here the thing ring and like them, I was fed up of missing calls. Samsung must do better than this if they wish to retain their loyal customer base.

Reviewed by Gonzo from UK on 8th Jun 2006
CONS: I also got this phone for its looks. Having owned the D500 before it, I expected exactly the same feel to the software and functions. Unfortunately, there are a couple of new niggles here and there. The SMS ringtones are so quiet that I've got into a habit of checking the phone every 10 min. All ringtones and alarms are utterly crap - when will Samsung realise this?!? Just set an mp3 as your ringtone - its the only way to get a decent loud one. And when will they finally let us set our own SMS tones, grrrr! Also, gone is the useful time/date/SMS recieved info on the display when it goes into standby. On this phone its just a black screen, very stupid. Takes a while to re-learn the button positions when texting, but you know that when you buy it. The menus have been changed a bit so now yo have to confirm the deletion of stuff about 4 times before it does it! When writing a new SMS from scratch, T9 is NEVER on by default on my phone, very annoying. Also, when writing the messa ge for an MMS, T9 is on, but doesn't actually work! Some buttons are stupidly arranged - e.g. to scroll through SMSs you press # and * rather than < and > which is awkward. There is no easy way to look at all those blimming reminders you've set yourself over the weeks, as a list. The screen is very hard to see even in moderate sunlight, the D500's was better. Its painfully sloooow when scrolling through your photos and images. I mean reeeeallllly slow. The camera is also slow to take a pic, its very hard to tell when its done it. Quality of mp3s is very average, but I never use it for that so don't care. Would be better if you could use your own 3.5mm earphones! The charging compartment is hard to open when phone is in its wallet. PROS: However, the reception and voice quality are excellent. It looks superb and no-one else has it, which is important for me. Its a lot easier to text on than D500. I used to get such a pain in my crooked thumbs on the D500, but P300 is a lot wider and comfy to hold. The buttons have a great tactile feel. Its so thin - I can finally carry it in my pocket, even in its wallet! I used to leave the D500 at home cause it was so bulky. The charging socket cover is finally attached to the phone. Do you know anyone with a D500 who still has theirs?! And its got the Easter Bunny game to which I'm addicted :) I would strongly advise using the nice leather wallet/extra battery gizmo because my mate's one got scratched really easily on the back. I'm still very happy with the phone, but if it was some bog-standard flippy or slider and didn't look special I'd get bored with it pretty quick. Mind you, I'm on an 18 month contract with it, so we'll see...

Reviewed by Dean Stewart from uk on 7th Jun 2006
I opted for this phone on an upgrade due to it's look and compactness. Very easy to use and the MP3 Player sounds great with a neat equalizer to boost the sound. Fortunately I had a 14 Day guarantee to return if I did not like it. And yes I did make use of that agreement. There is only one problem with this phone. YOU CAN'T HEAR IT RING!!! The phone sits neatly into a protective wallet which I might add also acts as a battery boost. The protective case covers the speaker hole. The volume level only goes up to 5, it's maximum! I was missing call after call. So it had to go back. A great executive toy that looks like a calculator but unless you work in a morgue or a cemetary where it's nice and quiet don't bother with it. Bad design :( I opted for the Sony Ericsson W810i....Far Superior!

Reviewed by Kurt from England on 6th Jun 2006
I've had this phone for just three days and I'm sick and tired of missing calls because of the pathetic low ringtones. I am taking it back tomorrow with a view to exchanging it for something else. It's a shame because the phone is a nice looking piece of kit and has most things one could ask for in a modern phone. Shame on you Samsung!!!

Reviewed by Grant from UK on 5th Jun 2006
I purchased this phone after seeing my mate’s one. Initially, I was over the moon with it but things soon started to go down hill after I kept missing calls and text messages. Basically, the SMS and ringing tone is so low you just can’t hear it when it’s in your pocket! What good is a phone if you cannot hear the thing – about as much good as an ashtray on a motorbike! I was lucky because I purchased it from the Carphone Warehouse, who have a fourteen-day return policy which means you can change it is you are unhappy with it. I am now the proud owner of the D600, which is superb and best of all; I can actually hear it ringing in my pocket!

Reviewed by Kooky from UK on 4th Jun 2006
A excellent phone! Looks great n all my friends all jealous of me! Just does the business 4 me! Only bad thing is u might confuse it for a calculatoer!!

Reviewed by Bill from UK on 2nd Jun 2006
Here’s a brief summary of the P300. It’s a brilliant phone – no more, no less!

Reviewed by Greg from UK on 2nd Jun 2006
This is a cracking little phone. It is easy to use and with the addition battery within the case, has an impressive battery life. I have seen on a number of forums that people have had niggles with moving files and the text message function not defaulting to t9. These issues only seem to relate the o2 branded models, as mine was bought SIM free and does not suffer from these problems. As others have highlighted, the ring volume is not great, primarily because when the p300 is in its supplied case the speaker is covered -surely samsung could have fashioned a hole in the case similar to the one on the other side used for the camera/flash? With these things considered the volume is still enough for most situations. I would recommend the P300 to anyone wanting a small but sylish phone that is a break from the norm.

Reviewed by Sue from UK on 30th May 2006
Had this phone for 2 weeks and I'm very pleased with it. It has everything I need in a phone and lots more. The only downer is the low ringer and SMS volume. That aside, I still love it and am proud of my purchase.

Reviewed by Lewis from UK on 28th May 2006
In short, this is an exquisite phone with top-notch features. What more could one ask for?

Reviewed by Darren from England on 27th May 2006
After having a V3 for over a year nothing else available seemed to feel as good quality til I picked up a P300 it looks and feels really solid, loads better than pictures suggest. Interface is clear and easy to use. Mines O2 and doesn't default to t9 with a new text but it does replying to a received text for some reason not really a problem though and i do text a lot (In answer to a previous review when scrolling through words using the 0 key in t9 mode the last one changes the left soft key to 'add' you can then add your own words). Battery life is ok, about same as V3 but with leather battery/case on its loads better and still looks good. I would say screen isn't as good as the v3 but mainly because it's smaller, it's the same resolution though so its very clear just landscape instead of portrait. MP3 player really good quality with stereo hands free kit supplied so next gadget for me is blutooth headphones, only 80 Mb but record the MP3 files at 64k and files are small en ough to get 30 or 40 songs on and still decent quality.

Reviewed by Jon from UK on 25th May 2006
Although it looks a lot like a calculator you'd get for free by opening a bank account, the P300 can do a lot more than just help you balance your cheque book. Sure, it has a calculator, but inside the small if somewhat plain package, you'll also find a feature-rich GSM cell phone that delivers admirable performance. Granted, the P300's credit card-size form factor does have its drawbacks - the button layout is odd, there's no external memory slot, and audio quality fluctuates--but with Bluetooth, a megapixel camera, and an MP3 player, Samsung made a serious effort to cram as much as it could into this insanely tiny handset. All in all, this phone is fanatic and could quite easily dethrone the Motorola Razr as an it phone.

Reviewed by Kevin from England on 25th May 2006
Had the phone one week and I am very pleased with it. I was a little sceptical to begin with but the pure size and excellent build quality soon changed this. My only gripe is the ringtone volume, which is not very loud. However, that a small trade-off against everything else it has going for it. It’s a real head-turner when you’re down the pub with your mates and everyone wants to look at it because it nothing like the run of the mill phones out there at the moment. I would not change this phone for anything else – it’s brilliant – as simple as that!

Reviewed by Angus from Scotland on 24th May 2006
What a phone! I picked one up today at £300 (sim-free). In short it's awsome and does everything I want it to. The absence of the default T9 texting is obviously down to 02 and their quirky software. Luckily for me my one is straight from the Samsung factory and I don't have this problem. My only negative comment is that the ringtone volume could be better. That said, It is a great little phone and I would recommend it to anyone.

Reviewed by Ben from Wales on 24th May 2006
This beauty is a superb piece of micro engineering. The result is a stylish phone that you just cannot seem to put down. Unfortunately, I got mine as an upgrade on 02 and noticed straight away that they have loaded their stupid software, which has clearly affected the performance of the phone – shame on you 02. Basically, you get their awful start up/shutdown splash screens and the T9 predictive text is no longer a default option – poor or what! As a previous reviewer has mentioned, if you want the phone to work properly and you want to enable T9 predictive text as a default then get an unbranded sim-free phone.

Reviewed by Grant from UK on 23rd May 2006
Having seen my mate's P300, I just had to get one. Overall, it's a brilliant piece of kit with all the functions one could ask for. The T9 problem that other users have mentioned is down to the 02 software. I purchased mine from Carphone Warehouse and the T9 option is the default mode! My mate is gutted that he got his from 02, which also has the 02 branding etc! If you want it to work properly, without the power on and power off 02 spash screens then get an unbranded phone.

Reviewed by Tania from UK on 17th May 2006
The Samsung P300 really has met all time requirements of a elegantally, stylish, smart and sleek "pocket sized" mobile. For the first time it can't be argued that it is not a poket sized mobile unlinke all other mobile manufactures try to falsely advertise because this time it is actually a FACT that it is a pocket size mobile. Apart from its sleek design and amazing thin and small size and weight, it still does captivate all the main features required on todayd's mobile phones, as it has bluetooth connectivity, polphonic ringtones-mp3 and more, sms + mms, camera-images + video and more. The only let down on this samsung release this time is the fact that the camera is a 1.3 mp, however this has to be varied due to its perfected size. 4 out of 5 Almost perfect mobile-go for it!!!

Reviewed by Nigel from UK on 15th May 2006
I upgraded to the P300 a few days ago on O2 after having the V3 for the past year. It took me a while to decide on getting this phone after seeing some bad reviews of it. I'm glad to say those reviews were unjust, this phone is incredible, the pictures you see on the web do not do this phone any justice, it really is amazing. Yes it has a few flaws but what phone doesn't. The ring volume could be louder but it's not that bad, and yes you have to put it into T9 mode when you do a text but thats just one press of a button. I'd say my man gripe with the phone is not having vibe & ring at the same time, but that a Samsung thing, very few of there phones have that option. But the good points of this phone really do outweigh those minor gripes. So far I have found the battery life to be great, even without the added benefit of the extra battery in the case. The screen is the sharpest and brightest screen I have seen on a phone, much better than my old V3 and even in bright sunlight it's still clear. Camera & video is good considering the size of the phone. Don't knock this phone until you actually have one in your hand. Even my girlfriend said it looked ridiculous when she saw a picture of it on the web, now she's used mine she wants one as well now. Everyone that has picked it up says it's amazing. Five stars definately.

Reviewed by Keith from UK on 14th May 2006
Yes, it doesn't have all the features of my previous phone and the ringtone volume is indeed quiet but then it is completely different to anything else on the market at the moment so who cares! Everyone I've shown it to thinks it is great so go out and get one - you won't be disappointed.

Reviewed by Me from UK on 14th May 2006
My last phone was a sony s700i, which was a great phone, but an absolute brick in comparison to this samsung. It has a real quality feel to it, and although the screen may not be as large, nor as high quality as the sony, it beats it in every other respect. Its easy to use, has decent battery life for a phone of this size amd looks great. Best phone i've ever had! By a long way!

Reviewed by Robert from England on 14th May 2006
A great little phone. I'm on O2 and the call quality is a lot better than my old Samsung D500 on Orange. Things I like about the phone: 1) The easy to use Samsung interface 2) Good security features (like "password protect from idle" (not sure if other phones have this but my D500 didn't, which meant that people could pick it up, unlock the keypad and just do what they wanted, but on this phone with the privacy password on you can just leave it on the table, turned on, and still know if you get a phonecall or text, without having to turn it off and rely on the Phone or SIM password) 3) Nice leather case to keep it from scratching, and in generally good condition (not that it's particularly scratch prone), even with this case it's as small as the old Motorola V3 4) Landscape screen great for reading and writing text messages, if you haven't got a phone with a landscape screen, you'll instantly appreciate it's usefullness 5) Comes with the necessary cable and software to connect it to your computer 6) Bluetooth, as always, is soo easy to use on Samsung phones My only grips with this phone are: 1) Ringing volume is rather quiet. If you use one of those polyphonic ringing tones it's not soo bad, and let's be honest, most phones don't have enough bass for mp3's anyway and sound rather tinny - though I haven't heard the new Sony-Ericsson W800 which I'm told is quite loud! 2) When writing a text message, the phone always defaults to ABC input mode and doesn't remember you being on T9 3) You cannot view or edit what words you've added to the T9 dictionary like you can on Sony-Ericsson mobiles, which is a shame 4) You cannot add certain words to the T9 dictionary, for instance, I've managed to get it to accept "Heya" but not "Hiya"—it simply won't let you do it, no idea why! 5) You cannot find out the date and time you sent a particular text message, only messages you've recieved. 6) You can only select from a pre-set list of 10 different message tones (adequate enough for most purposes, howeever), you cannot assign an mp3 or anything as a message tone. If you can deal with the above 6 gripes I have, then this is a cracking little phone, I do think that Sony-Ericsson has the upper hand when it comes to writing text messages, but then Samsung does when it comes to the user interface.

Reviewed by Dem from UK on 9th May 2006
Great styling (think Texas Instruments 1970's calculator!). I have a Motorola V3i, which I love, but is in for repair, so the P300 has a lot to live up to. Works fine and after a couple of years with Motorolas, not too difficult to navigate. Major gripe though is regarding the sound. You can't hear the thing when it rings! Also, although voice calls can have MP3 tunes assigned, you can't do this for texts. Also, there is no 'vibrate and ring' setting for calls. And finally, if you assign a sound setting for an individual in the contact list, it is only for a voice call, and not their texts. I know the phone is small, but I'm afraid the low volume really is a big problem (and I'm not deaf!). I hope and pray for a firmware update in the future which will increase the sound feature capability, although I realise there is nothing that can be done for the volume. If I knew then what I knew now, I wouldn't have gone for this phone, which is a shame cos it is so nice and small!

Reviewed by zoe from england on 7th May 2006
its so cool its great size i had a d600 before this is much better

Reviewed by Gordon Ramsay (no relation) from England on 3rd May 2006
Hi!! I was due for an upgrade... have been looking for a couple months, but all the phones on the market are boring (clams, slides, no styling etc). I wanted something different, but not pink!! I saw the P300 on here (thumbs up for this site, its very informative xxx)... as soon as i read about it, I HAD TO HAVE IT!!!! Carphone warehouse said it would be 3 weeks, but it arrived yesterday (at work, as i asked... hehe didnt get much work done). IT IS EVEN MORE SEXY THAN I THOUGHT IT WAS!!! I am an old git (well 46, ladies... and available too ;) ), so i do remember the old calculators of my youth... but this baby aint a calculator.... its the sex machine of the mobile phone world!!! I LOVE IT (Editor: OK we believe you now!). My previous phone is the Samsung D500, so it was a very painless transition. The leather case smells awesome, it has a metal spine with Samsung etched into it... its VERY high quality. I thought the spare battery was just a spare battery... it aint, its built into the case so u can continue to use the phone when the main battery runs out. When u charge the phone whilst its in the case, both batteries charge up. The phone itself is unbelievable... again, VERY good build quality (a lot of metal, god I hate plastic phones!)! The functionality is very similar to the D500, the camera really is good even at 1.5 Mp... video works tremendously well. OK the choice of ringtones etc is limited, but Samsung realise that people dont use the factory fitted ones anyway. I find the keys great to use and they have a very positive feel to them (I dont have fat fingers though hehe). OK the speaker isnt super loud, but its loud enough... it has a dedicated mp3 button and a sensible amount of memory, but i didnt get this phone for music (i would get an iPod for that). And yes, I would like the text font to stay at "large" size without setting each time... but a very minor gripe. Thankfully i got rid of T9 and used Ab instead (what the hell is T9??? had me well confused haha). In conclusion... if you want a quality product with good functionality and second to none styling.... GET THIS PHONE!!! PS Did i say that i LOVE THIS PHONE??? (Editor: sigh, where's my shotgun?!). PPS I do not work for Samsung or any related company. Gord xxx

Reviewed by Gail from UK on 25th Apr 2006
I got my Samsung P300 last week. Since I change my phone pretty often, and having tried many other makes, my Sony Ericsson Walkman W800 had spoiled me for most other phones, having the looks, the functions and a rather nice loud ringer for hearing in the depths of the handbag. Or so I thought. I ran into a description of the Samsung P300 online, and, being fascinated by gadgetry, especially shrunken items, just had to have it. It meant the grief of moving to O2, as they seem to be the only ones offering this phone. But, considering it's price at the moment, I got it free with a cheap O2 contract (at less than it would cost in total if purchased sim free, but with calls / texts chucked in). It's just so mega cute! Supposed to be aimed at the male populace (don't be fooled, ladies, it's the ideal size for your handbag, even on a night out!), it has a good, quality feel about it. The menu system was easy to negotiate, and the pictures look very good taken with the 1.3 megapixel camera and displayed on the dazzling high colour screen. I was a bit disappointed though, that when writing a text message, I set up the T9 dictionary (my preference), only to find that when writing the next message, my T9 setting or indeed the large text setting had not been saved. Also, it would have been nice to move the rather large clock in the display, or reduce it in size (or eradicate it altogether!) but no such choice exists. It would have been good also to choose a different message alert tone, as the choices are limited. You can add your own tunes for ringtones via the included software, which, although it is pretty loud for a wee phone, it hasn't the force of the mighty Sony Ericsson W800 (blow your eardrums off, that one would!). A strap loop would have been a good addition, but none exists. The included leather case which also houses the spare battery, allows use of the camera at the same time. I've been messing with it for 4 days solid, using the camera, attaching it to the computer, trying out the ringers and it's only now I'm recharging the battery - not too bad for a wee phone. The reception has been very clear on calling - much better than I expected. All in all, I had to have it, and the points above are the only reasons it did not get 5/5. But it looks and feels great, in or out of the leather case! If you're a gadget freak like me, get one. When you pull it out to talk, you will get some envious looks!

Reviewed by Chris B from England on 19th Apr 2006
Got this phone on the 13th of April and i have to say it is outstanding!!! I have been looking for a new mobile for the last 3 months as I was due for upgrade. First i got the Motorola V3X which was useless and the functions were rubbish. 2 Days later I sent it back to O2. Then I decided I wanted the Samsung Z320i and tested that out, again didnt live upto expectations as it was still to bulky and the functions wernt great for that phone either, again I sent that back to O2. When I was just about to give up and wait another 3 months until I popped into my local O2 store and was offered the new Samsung P300. At first I thought wow that looks hot and is really stylish! But I thought theres no way it will be any better than the other phones id already had.......oh how wrong I was!!! Where do I start now, ok, The battery life is amazing lasting me a whole 6 days even when ive been using it to talk all the time. The P300 also comes with a leather case which even has a backup battery built into it! The functions are the same as the D600 but on something as sleek as this thats amazing too! Its only 8.6mm thick and smaller than my credit card, this phone can actually fit in my wallet!!! The sound quality is perfect and I can download MP3s to it no problem via bluetooth and then set them as ringtones. The camera is only 1.3mp but the quality is fantastic. The weight of this phone is suprising too, very light and easy to carry. The buttons do take a few days to get used to as there quite small but thats the only fault i can find with this phone. Already Ive shown it to other people and everyone of them has been totally amazed with what they see. If you are thinking of getting this Samsung P300 then I would definatly say get it!!!! Im very picky when it comes to mobile phones but this has to be the best ive ever had!! Weldone to Samsung on an amazing new mobile phone.

Reviewed by Al from Bury St. Edmunds - UK on 12th Apr 2006
Took delivery of my P300 from O2 yesterday. Here's a quick run through of what I think. The features are the same as that of the D500, which is good - tried and tested and WORKS. In reality it's got far more than I'll ever actually use. The look of the phone is definately much better in real life than from photos on the web. Forget the "calculator" tag, it looks very stylish (suave even) sitting on my coffee table, particularly when the backlight is illuminated (and indeed when it isn't!) - love the slimness of it. I had an SE K750 and it's taken me about an hour (not long) of playing with the P300 to get comfortable with the different functioning (ie; texting etc). Only one minor negative - the software supplied could have been better written. Took me a while to figure out how to transfer MP3's and images with the file manager but it just takes a bit of sussing out and now I have, it's pretty easy. In conclusion, I spent a long time deciding what phone to get after the Sony, and took a bit of a gamble with the P300 having not seen it "for real" previously. Now I've got it, I really wouldn't exchange it for anything else on the market.

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 11th Apr 2006
LOVE IT! Dont think about buying this phone, just do it!

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 10th Apr 2006
Well After reading about this phone for 4 months and not being able to buy one unless I spend stupid money on eBay I finally found a place to cater for my desire. My local Phones 4U. Managed to get the P300 on a 12 month contract with nothing to pay for 6months and wait for it, the phone was free and they paid me £100 to walk out the shop! The only down fall is it’s on O2, but this means I am able to use my company sim card which is under the far me reliable Vodafone badge. So back to the phone, well I love it used the Samsung D500 last year (basically the same phone) and found that they both have all the basic features hat I come to need on a phone. Unless you want to be (and I used to) the first in the country that does everything this is not the phone for you. Any way would you want to be! Latest phones in technology generally don’t work and are massive. However the P300 is using all the features that the D500 did very well . So I have no problems with eth menu system (only very minor changes) the camera although the same spec as the D500 it seems to be better as soon as I Bluetooth pictures over to my Mac book Pro I get nothing but joy! Samsung must have fine tuned the P300s camera as really has taken a step forwards. So to summarise, if the D500 had what you wanted then you will be satisfied with eth P300. If however you one of people that love the look of the P300 then you will be overjoyed. However there is a good chance our one of those people that hates the look, I say to you go and buy a W810i!

Reviewed by mohsin from pakistan on 6th Apr 2006
yaah thats a great phone

Reviewed by ROB from UK on 3rd Apr 2006
Cool super slim phone with heaps of features. MP3 is clear and onboard 80mb is enough for an album or so. Samsung D600 takes amazing pictures and video and this P300 only takes takes good pictures and OK sounding and looking video..... at the size though, I wouldn't expect too much more. Much faster than my Moto V3 for browsing pictures and full screen slideshows - FAB!! Everyone else loves it when they see it

Reviewed by supercraggle from UK on 3rd Apr 2006
I totally disagree with the first comment. I think this phone is stylish, chic and retro (a bit like the 80's calculator). I have had no problems only pleasure. My friends and family have been in awe of how cool this phone is.

Reviewed by Gilbert Smith from UK on 1st Apr 2006
I love this phone. It's truly awesome. Very user friendly, excellent features and functions. Happy with slim designs as well. It's my best buy of the year.

Reviewed by gemzz from U.S.A on 15th Mar 2006
my friend has just bought this phone and she has already has about 14 problems!!!! she dosent have a compeuter so i'm writing it for her DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!!! it dosent work and its UGLY!!!!!!!!!! I WARNING U!!!

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