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Samsung Omnia Pro review

 Review: March 2010  

Rating: 5 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung Omnia Pro is a Windows Mobile device with a full QWERTY keyboard that can match a BlackBerry Bold.

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We've been looking forward to reviewing Samsung's flagship smartphone for some time. On paper it looks like a match for the BlackBerry Bold 9700, so let's put it through its paces and see how it stacks up.

First, let's pick the device up and hold it in our hands. It's a solid phone, but lightweight for a smartphone, certainly lighter than the BlackBerry. It's narrower too and a lot slimmer, so it can slip into pockets that the Bold can only dream of squeezing into. It's also easier to hold single-handedly.

One of the key selling points of the Omnia Pro is the full QWERTY keyboard - crucial for serious emailing or if you like to send grown-up texts with spelling and punctuation. Although the keys are slightly smaller than the BlackBerry, in use we found it to be just as responsive and accurate, and we'd rate it on a par with the Bold or the Nokia E72. It's definitely a better option than a virtual keyboard.

The display is larger than the Bold's, but frustratingly has a lower resolution. In fact, the resolution is on a par with the entry-level BlackBerry 8520. It means fewer words on the screen and more scrolling up and down.

Now let's take a look inside. The operating system is Windows Mobile 6.5 and you either love it or hate it. At Mobile-phones-uk.org.uk we are self-confessed Windows Mobile fans, but we know that some people find it fiddly. It's the kind of operating system that gives a lot of control to power users, but has a steeper learning curve than the iPhone or a Symbian phone. There are plenty of apps available for download, but they tend to be more business-orientated than the amusing diversions you can get for your iPhone. But that's the kind of phone you're looking for if you're considering the Omnia Pro, right? You get some useful apps pre-installed, like Internet Explorer 6, a document editor for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files and Windows Media Player so that you can sync your music collection with your PC very easily indeed.

Another strength of the Omnia is the monster battery that it manages to hide within its slimline interior. With a capacity of 1500mAh, it matches the Bold for performance. Frankly, it matches any phone out there. If you find that your Omnia pro has inadequate battery life, you need to stop using it so much and get a life yourself.

Memory capacity is good too, with 256MB onboard and up to 32GB from a microSD memory card. Connectivity options include Bluetooth 2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate, USB 2.0, WiFi and HSPA with download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps.

Other features worth noting are the rather lacklustre camera, front-mounted video camera, GPS receiver and FM radio with RDS.

So, do we have an answer for the Omnia Pro vs BlackBerry Bold question? Well, partly it's a matter of how well you get on with Windows Mobile 6.5. Some folk do, some don't. For power-hungry users, there are lots of good apps and customisation options that make the Omnia Pro a very desirable platform more like a portable computer than a mobile phone. But if you don't have the time or the inclination to learn all this, the BlackBerry might be a better choice. Apart from that, both devices do the same things. The Samsung is more compact and has a slightly larger screen; the Bold has a higher resolution screen and larger keys. Both are fabulous phones.

Samsung Omnia Pro features include:

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Average rating from 28 reviews:

Reviewed by Pamela from Kenya on 15th Mar 2012
My Samsung Omnia is only 1 year 5 months old and the Windows Media Player seems to have crushed. It does not play any music and the ringtones no longer ring. It no longer vibrates either. The camera is crappy and produces dark pictures even during the day hence I have to keep choosing the "night time" option every time I have to use it. Browsing with its Windows Explorer is terribly disappointing although it helped to instal Opera Mini, but half the time it is not working properly. I would NOT recommend this phone to anyone looking for a smart phone.

Reviewed by Amos from South Africa on 23rd Jan 2012
Great phone if you get used to it although its worse part is freezing&reboot.For web surfers,Opera Mini is the solution.A great business tool with its office mobile,No need for laptop!.Don't delete my sounds if you want ringtone to be you music.Lovely smartphone.

Reviewed by noms from SA on 28th Nov 2011
1-I have been constantly having a problem with my B7330 when its lockt and I want to unlock it it does not wan t to unlock I have to take out the bettery 2-when i receive a call and answer it just freezes then i am not able to answer the call a it even stops ringing it just flickers 3-now all of a sudden it just goes off when i try to switch it on it does not go on I have to try it after 3 o 4 days

Reply by Matheus Lilg from Namibia on 20th Apr 2012
Press this code *#2767*2878# / Press 5+On button! make sure that You copy all your documents and files into your memory Card. enjoy

Reviewed by chikonyora b from zimbabwe on 27th Nov 2011
sleek phone with a good battery life bt constantly freezing,not user friendly on facebook.

Reviewed by Zoey from UK on 11th Oct 2011
I have had this phone for well over a year now, on a 2 year contract. This phone is actually terrible. I'd been dying to get this phone and when my mum finally got me it I was over the moon, for a few months. After a while the phone just lagged all the time. I have also had other problems such as my texts randomly deleting.. My phone being unable to unlock and saying my password is wrong and when I have to type a1b2c3 my phones keys are all messed up, so I have to take the battery out of my phone and any messages or missed calls I have disappear. The internet on it will randomly not work, and I used to have problems calling people where the phone wouldn't even ring! Never get this phone, it is good for a while.. then it brakes.

Reviewed by Nemanja from Serbia on 27th Aug 2011
This phone is cool and i like it :D, but i have a problem after just one year of useing it... i cnat play music in player and ring and vibration is not working at all... so, what i should do about that? does anyone know? :/ heeeelp!!!!

Reply by Matheus Lilg from Namibia on 20th Apr 2012
copy all your staff into a memory Card and all your contacts into your Sim card. switch it Off than You Press 5+On button!

Reviewed by Andre from South Africa on 12th Jul 2011
I have the same POS phone. Always been a lover of Samsung. This one will definately be my last. What annoys me most is that the rep at Samsung lied to me when I enquired about the windows software. Also have the irretating freezing and reboots. What is sad is that Samsung themselves cannot help. Pathetic!!!!

Reviewed by Sizwe from South Africa on 23rd Apr 2011
I have had this phone for less than a year and I am regretting my decision since before this phone I had a BB 8900 Curve. The main problem is the constant freezing that would require hard reboot and also it has tendencies of switching itself off.

Reviewed by Werner from South Africa on 21st Mar 2011
Absolutely pathetic operating system! Also my first Windows Mobile phone and definitely my last. Headaches ALL THE WAY! I am searching the internet now for solutions on how to fix problems. It's freezing when I want to unlock the keypad, need to remove the battery and restart the phone to fix it (and then all unread text messages and missed calls vanished as if they never happened). I want to take it back for a firmware/OS re-installation but some reviews I read today mentioned this to be unsuccessfull at fixing the probkems. The actual phone made by Samsung seems to be rather good and well designed.

Reviewed by Samantha from UK on 31st Oct 2010
Got this phone after having a Samsung for two years and loving it. I got the Samsung Omnia Pro with high hopes and made the mistake of getting it on Orange. It doesn't always send text messages, I don't always recieve text messages, it loses signal and the internet connection cuts out all the time, it also freezes completely and decided to restart ittself or turn itself off sometimes. The phone and the netwrok are simply awful, will never be getting a Samsung again or going with Orange. Wish I had just got an Iphone or something, anything would probably have been better than this lousy phone. What's worse is that I'm on contract for two years and it's only been a few months so far, also I'm paying 30 a month for a phone that doesn't work half of the time. Might buy a new phone and put the Orange sim into it, but then I think why should I have to pay out for a new phone? It just doesn't seem fair. I'm not normally one to complain and usually hate and just ignore those few bad reviews on products and tend to have a lot of, if not too much, faith in things. If you want to save yourself a lot of frustration don't get this phone, especially not with Orange.

Reviewed by cpk from South Africa on 14th Aug 2010
Love it, must still get used to the keypad ( Touch screen junkie ). Screen is good and I love the customisation . No lag and internet is snappy . Camera is so-so ,but video is not good. GPS is fast using Google Maps and accurate to within 20 meters. Call volume is good and ring volume is loud, even in noisy environments. Office app is great ! Very good phone, not a Blackberry killer but just as good. Get it you wont regret it.

Reviewed by Rendani from South Africa on 5th Aug 2010
Omnia Pro make my life easier with office 2010, Outlook, G mail sync, Facebook app, Big screen, Media Player, also downloaded Opera 10 browser, this phone is just the best... wouldn't trade it for a Blackberry... the battery life is superb...

Reviewed by Phi from UK on 3rd Aug 2010
Good looking phone!

Reviewed by Rich Ferrier from UK on 13th Jul 2010
Had it a week and it has the worst battery life i've ever seen with a phone - i want my Blackberry back..

Reviewed by Rameez from Pakistan on 18th May 2010
Cool Phone... the standby time is a bit higher than others... all over an all rounder phone.. with all needy aspects!!! dont think just buy it!!!

Reviewed by Nick Cannon from UK on 15th May 2010
May be a solid phone but forget any ideas of looking even remotely cool using it. A phone to hide away and use in a dark corner: like a Vauxhall company car!

Reviewed by Ilse from South Africa on 8th Apr 2010
I am still getting to know the phone and I quite like it but I really cannot stand the fact that I cannot see the time and date of a message!

Reviewed by Sonia from Georgia on 16th Mar 2010
Thanks Sweety for this b'day gift. BY FAR THE BEST PHONE ON THE MARKET.

Reviewed by Rupert from UK on 13th Mar 2010
OMG THANKS DAD.... THIS PHONE IS THE BEST PHONE EVER. Can't believe you splashed out 600 on this for me! Ur the best daddy i love you and your hairy chest ! :P Thanks.. ur loving son.. Rupert :)

Reviewed by Jeffers from UK on 1st Feb 2010
Cons: Looses a connection when other phones have no problem on same network. Difficult to turn off data access for all apps when roaming (luckily O2 sent me warning emails). Screen rotation unpredictable, sometimes it changes to landscape other times not. My first Windows mobile phone and probably my last, where are the decent games, Samsung didnt even include anything with the Sim free phone. Call quality quite poor, nothing compared to my old N95. Pros: Great screen, great for texting, emailing, internet, battery life very good for such a big screen, brilliant camera panorama function.

Reviewed by mattas from london on 24th Jan 2010
looks sexiii still u no

Reviewed by Chris from england on 6th Dec 2009
This Phone is amazing i got it as a early chrismas present i love it texting is soo easy and i have dropped it about five times and it hasnt made a different it is strong amazing and looks great what more could you want. i just need a knew laptop now.

Reviewed by sarah from uk on 5th Dec 2009
this phone is brilliant!!! although its a bit expensive its deffo worth it!!!

Reviewed by Mike from UK on 29th Nov 2009

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 29th Nov 2009
Mike, you're making this up!

Reviewed by jamo from England on 21st Nov 2009
A nice looking phone.

Reviewed by japji from london on 14th Nov 2009

Reviewed by Tim from UK on 1st Nov 2009
v.good phone but in my opinion i8910hd is better.

Reviewed by Kelebe from Zimbabwe on 10th Oct 2009
I phone this good own. OMG! Best phone god made everest!!!

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