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Samsung Omnia Lite review

 Review: November 2009  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung Omnia Lite is a cut-down version of the Omnia 2.

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The Samsung Omnia Lite B7300 is a cut-down version of the Omnia 2. We're not going to spend a lot of time reviewing this one, as it seems destined not to be be a big seller. The reasons for this are that Samsung have cut too much from the spec, but the price hasn't been cut sufficiently. The result is an under-powered smartphone that costs pretty much the same as the Omnia 2.

Take the screen for starters, Windows smartphones need big screens. The Omnia Lite hasn't got one. The screen is too small, at 3 inches across and has a low resolution. There's just not enough space there to make this a truly satisfying Windows Mobile experience. We don't think much of the camera either. It's very basic for a modern smartphone. The memory is decidedly Scrooge-like too, with just 150 MB available to the user, although there is a microSD card slot available for expansion.

Musically, the Omnia Lite does the job well, with the excellent digital music player and FM radio with RDS.

We can't complain about the connectivity either, as the Omnia Lite has Bluetooth, WiFi and USB, as well as HSDPA-enabled 3G. It has has aGPS available.

In conclusion then, the Omnia Lite isn't a bad phone at all. It's got a lot of great features, and it's a relatively compact smartphone phone too. We like the operating system, which offers power, customisation and robustness. It's just that Samsung have cut back on too many of the goodies that we liked in the Omnia 2, without a significant cut in the cost. Strictly speaking, this is not down to Samsung. If you compare the sim-free costs of the two phones, you'll find that the Omnia Lite is much cheaper than the Omnia 2. The problem seems to be that the networks are choosing not to subsidise the Omnia Lite, so buying it on contract makes no sense. Surprise, surprise, no-one is buying it. Watch out for price falls, because if this thing becomes available for around £20 per month, which is what we think it should be, then it will be a good phone for those who can't afford the Omnia 2. As it stands, you can buy the Samsung Jet for less than the Omnia Lite, and the Jet is a better phone in many ways.

Samsung Omnia Lite features include:

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Samsung Omnia Lite user reviews

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Average rating from 24 reviews:

Reviewed by Kris from wales uk on 10th Dec 2011
The phone is old and out of date know, it is so slow and the text messages will freez up when texting ever time you use it,so when this happens you need to turn the phone off then restart again

Reviewed by john from uk on 12th Nov 2011
do not buy!!! trust me verry poor phone!!!

Reviewed by srayut from Thailand on 30th Sep 2011
I lite it

Reviewed by Tracy from England on 27th Aug 2011
Loved this phone at first but it didn't take long to start freezing every time I received a text. Have to navigate to task manager to shut everything down every time I receive a message and some days I can't open them at all - fed up of people moaning I havent replied to thier texts. A huge disappointment - the worst phone I ever had :(

Reviewed by Amanda from Scotland on 13th May 2011
had this phone over a year now and i love it but only problem i have found is text messages. Recently i have had to delete all my inbox to view them and reply but for some strange reason it started working in the inbox and last night its not receiving any messages ! big let down.

Reviewed by zhao from uk on 6th May 2011
good phone

Reviewed by shehroze from pakistan on 28th Feb 2011
I just bought this phone recently. It is awesome. The camera and screen resolution is a huge drawback for this phone but overall, it is awesome!!! 5 stars!!

Reviewed by jessica from wales on 24th Feb 2011
i had this phone for christmas and all it does is freez and get boiling, to be honest. i hate it.

Reviewed by Kathleen Miller from England on 10th Feb 2011
I got my new phone for Christmas as I wanted a SMART phone to access internet and retrieve emails. It was a nightmare to begin, it is called simple, simple it is not! However, I have now begun to get my head around some of its many features, though there are so many I am not sure which I need and which I don't. Having said all of this, and now looking to upgrade my contract to include internet access - I really like this neat little phone, light and easy to hold, and with patience it really is a worth while phone, far superior to its predecessor - a Nokia. Had many Sony Ericssons in the past, but really quite impressed with this Samsung!

Reviewed by Gevin from Argentina on 24th Jan 2011
Its Ok

Reviewed by noodles from uk on 11th Nov 2010
for the price 45 i got a result secondhand i have always said i would Not buy touch screen i went from c905 to this lite and do agree with the other reviews but for a learning tool in view to upgrade once learned i am finding it easy to use for myself being comp ilterate am learning fast and olso you can run newer oprea 10 on it one dissapointment though is the transcriber it is useless i have done reconition and it still makes misstakes and do have to use pen all the time . still i like it as its size and looks.

Reviewed by Hoover from Thailand on 21st Sep 2010
Hmmmm, ok well it is a phone! It has all the features a person could want or configure except you need to do it by using 3 different input screens. Leave it to the Koreans. You have the standard Windows Home, customize feature are non existant, The Meun button on the side of the phone, which gives you various screens to choose from. Then you can activate the Samsung Widgets. Various combo's of config options but none of the screens gave me a single today screen that the min number of functions (5 functions is what I need) I would need. Just try the phone for a couple of min's and you will understand. WHO was the brainchild that came up with the idea to have a pen on a string dangling from the top of the phone. This is just stupid!! Love answering my phone with a piece of plastic wedged between my head and phone. But hey, chic's did it!!!

Reviewed by Smarak from India on 17th Jun 2010
It is a good phone targeted for youth.Though camera not so good.But it works uo to the expectations. I am happy with it.

Reviewed by Kieran from Hampshire, England on 29th May 2010
This phone, in theory should be a very good one. Windows mobile has a great amount of potential, this thing has a huge battery and the phone is solid in construction. But, unfortunately, Samsung have managed the mess it up. The phone froze 4 times within the first 6 hours of me having it. Whenever I sent a text, it froze and spent nearly 20 minutes trying to send a message until it crashed again. The message had sent, in all fairness, but I spend a lot of time on my phone and I really need it to be quick. internet browsing was good, and fast, I give that. But the phone was so slow otherwise. By the HTC Touch2. HTC know how to make winmo work.

Reviewed by Jamie from England on 16th Apr 2010
I agree with everyone else, i own one of these fones n i have never been so annoyed n sumtimes feel like throwing the fone at the wall coz of the constant freezing wen textin, so wudn't advise anyone to buy this if you are wanting to text away

Reviewed by James from England on 9th Apr 2010
The phone is good for going on internet, that is it. The speaker is awful, touch screen is not good and texting is awful. Two points about the texting, you are forced to use a QWERTY keypad as there isnt a normal numpad option. Thats not the worst thing though, everytime you text it freezes followed by having to go into task manager to close the text programme down. For the text reason alone this is the worst phone ive had and i used to own an MC60! Don't buy if you want to text!

Reviewed by Shirley from Scotland on 12th Jan 2010
My husband bought me this phone for my bd/xmas. It is the worst phone iv ever had, it stalls & freezes all the time & its a total nightmare for txt, it cost nearly 300, wot ever u do peeps DONT buy this phone

Reviewed by prem from india on 31st Dec 2009

Reviewed by Crowley from UK on 10th Dec 2009
I was on the market for a phone that (a) synchronises with Outlook (b) does not have small buttons (my fingers are not blackberry-proof) (c) makes phonecalls. Picked the Omnia lite on grounds that this one MUST easily link with Outlook. Tried yesterday for two hours to link u, got error message after error message, then got two guys from my company's Tech support involved, they tried for an hour, no luck. Returned it, bought an iPhone, put in my email address and password, and it synched on the first go. Still don't know why a windows phone did not sync with a windows programme, I am sure others found it easy to link up, and found it really very useful, but sadly, not for me.

Reviewed by Andrew from UK on 20th Nov 2009
Everything works brilliantly except for the text messaging, which I have to agree with Mark. I get error messages, it stalls, etc Luckily I got it for free on my contract, but am taking it back to see if I can get the text thing sorted, because otherwise its a really good phone.

Reviewed by sabir jetha from UK on 4th Nov 2009
sikkk phone defooo worth buying blad

Reviewed by Bub from Canada on 15th Oct 2009
Love it! Really simple to use, and cheaper than the Omnia HD, with similar features! BTW, to Rex, doubt you even bought it.

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 14th Oct 2009
Stalls all the time, keeps on coming with error messages, freezes when sending a text, not worth the money.

Reviewed by Rex from UK on 14th Oct 2009

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