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Samsung Omnia 7 review

 Review: November 2010  

Last updated January 2011

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung Omnia 7 runs the Windows Phone 7 operating system and integrates closely with Microsoft Office apps.



The Samsung Omnia 7 is Samsung's first Windows 7 phone, and it pulls no punches, offering a very hi-spec addition to the Windows® Phone 7 range. Its star feature is undoubtedly the 4 inch super AMOLED display that it shares with the Samsung Galaxy S. Super AMOLED is a new technology pioneered by Samsung in which the touch sensitive layer is built into the screen itself instead of being placed on top. This makes the display brighter and drastically reduces reflected light, making the display much easier to read outdoors. It's hard to describe it in words, so we'll just say that "seeing is believing", or possibly that when you see it yourself you almost won't believe how bright and sharp this display really is.

The Galaxy S is Samsung's highest spec Android phone at the moment, and it's fair to say that the Omnia 7 matches it in virtually every respect. The camera is of a good standard with a 5 megapixel resolution, digital zoom, autofocus and a power LED flash. It takes good quality pictures under most conditions and the high definition video recording offers excellent quality videos at up to 720p resolution. The Zune music player is fully featured and supports most popular digital formats, and there's also an FM radio with RDS. A GPS receiver enables positioning with Bing mapping to find your way. Web browsing is via Internet Explorer 7.

The underlying hardware is all present and correct too, with a whopping 1500mAh battery, 8GB of built-in memory and a 1GHz processor to power everything. Connectivity ranges from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to USB and a 3.5mm headphone jack. The data connection over a 3G network is particularly fast, with HSPA enabling downloads of 7.2 Mbps and uploads of 5.76 Mbps.

We've discussed the Windows® Phone 7 operating system in our HTC HD7 review, and the implementation on the Omnia 7 is exactly the same (all Windows Phone 7 phones look the same in this respect). Suffice to say that Phone 7 is an easier to use version of Windows Mobile 6, with a new look home screen, consistent menus across the interface, and a very responsive UI helped by the fast 1GHz processor. A key benefit is the integration with other Microsoft products such as Outlook, Office and Internet Explorer. Social media such as Facebook are also well catered for. There are still further refinements that we expect to be addressed in future updates, and the number of apps certainly can't match what's availabe for Apple or Android phones. Nevertheless, we like Phone 7, especially for business use, and with such a strong heritage there can be no doubting the muscle behind the OS.

To summarise, the Omnia 7 is one of the very highest spec phones released during 2010. The display is absolutely outstanding, and the operating system is solid and reliable. Battery life is very good for a smartphone of this calibre, and the fast processor and good amount of built-in memory power the system very well. Everything you'd expect is here, and there's little to find fault with. If you're looking for the best Windows 7 phone, then you'll be trying to decide between the Samsung Omnnia 7 and the HTC HD7. The two phones are very similar, so the choice lies in the details. For us, the Omnia 7 wins. Even though the screen is slightly smaller than the HD7's 4.3 inch mega-display, the Samsung makes up for it with the sharpness of the Super AMOLED display, and the overall result is a significantly less heavy device in your hand. The Omnia 7 alwo wins when it comes to battery life, and for these two reasons we'd pick the Omnia 7 over the HD7. Still, the Samsung Galaxy S offers an even more powerful device in some ways and shouldn't be ruled out if you're in the market for a smartphone of this type.

Update: we've downgraded the Omnia 7 from our original 5 stars in recognition of the problems our users have been having, especially with Bluetooth. Read the user reviews below to find out more.

Samsung Omnia 7 features include:

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Samsung Omnia 7 user reviews

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Average rating from 87 reviews:

Reviewed by sylivia k from uganda on 9th Jul 2016
Am having difficulties wiz de bluetooth, zune also does work, even front facing camera doesn't work.

Reviewed by derrick from uganda on 22nd Nov 2015
Worst phone eva... try android bt this omnia has done me more harm than good.. blutooth zero, thethring zero, hot spot s.
Zero, screen shots zero, cant connect to mi pc.. jst kno dnt even dare buy this phone.. trust mi u will regret.

Reviewed by vijay from sangli on 23rd Oct 2015
very very very very bad. bad bad

Reviewed by Kingh Ayaan from Fiji Islands on 25th Jul 2014
I bought this phone say a month ago, it worked perfectly fine then later it just gave up on me. It is still on, I can call and message perfectly fine, but I cannot connect to PC or Zune or S Kies or anything. When I do so, the computer reads the cell and it accepts it in, showing in the properties and in *Devices section* in the PC that the phone has connect with variable soft-wares, but Zune denies saying connection error and Kies shows connecting ... then it suspends saying connect to a device.

I cannot snapshot and save it as when it snaps, then it freezes, I have to restart. Every time I restart, it is stuck to one date and time, (2010-11-10 10pm).

Cannot download, use market or any 3rd Party based programs. What am I supposed to do here now...???

An explanation or a Brief answer for fixing this problem will make me give it a 5 Star worth.

Overall the phone is way to good in looks and uses. I beats Nokia Win7 Phones, but this problem makes an insult towards the Samsung Enterprise, more regards there is a problem, but there is no solution...

Reviewed by Wilfried from Cameroon on 17th Apr 2014
i'm having difficuties connecting the phone to my computer

Reviewed by Colin from UK on 18th Aug 2012
Decent phone but doesn't feel very flagship. Upgraded from wp7 to wp7.5 and for all the new but difficult to use additional features, it isn't as easy to use as it was under WP7 and browsing is now an awful experience . I am holding out for WP8 but my head is saying iPhone 5 rather than WP8.

Reviewed by patrick from uk on 4th Jul 2012
I've been using it for a year and it's a great phone. Only negative thing is battery life. The main highlights are 1. The screen. Colours are just beautiful. 2. Windows phone 7. It's truly great OS, definitely the most innovative around. (and I am an apple fan). 3. Contacts management. The way it puts all info from address book, Facebook, LinkedIn etc together is simply great.
Overall is a 4 (mainly because of the battery life)but the OS is a big 5!

Reviewed by franny81 from United Kingdom on 2nd Feb 2012
I love this phone, does everything an iPhone can but in much more of a, I guess prettier, way. Everything about phone is a visual pleasure, its a very different phone altogether and I think Microsoft is giving us the future of new handsets.

You have to bear in mind that this is one of the first Windows Phone 7 handsets and like every phone (including iPhone) some handsets will have problems like Bluetooth etc that people have mentioned but I cam honestly say that since upgrading to this phone in June 2011 the only problem I've had is that the internet has frozen and I've had to either turn it off or pull the battery.

I can certainly see why people do go for the iPhone as i have owned one but if you want a change then i would seriously consider one of these despite what other reviews you read from (what im guessing) are obvious apple/google fans who didn't give Microsoft/samsung/network carrier, the chance to iron out the little niggles with updates like the most recent mango update (Sept 2011) and im guessing that like the iPhone there will be many more to come to keep the handset as up to date as its internals can cope with.

All in all apart from games that the other systems offer (again this is rapidly growing with new apps and updates on a daily basis) this is an AMAZING bit of kit and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for windows phone.

Reviewed by santhosh from india on 25th Jan 2012
bluetooth does't work for data transfer with other mobile,and also there is a problem for connecting it to PC(without ZUNE s/w)...apart from that phone is simply..superb....

Reviewed by alex from uk on 9th Jan 2012
How do you personalized your ring tones thats my only issue with this phone that and the bluetooth doesn't work apart from that i love it

Reply by wayne from England on 24th Jul 2012
The best way is to download a ringtone app

Reviewed by Mike from United kingdom on 7th Dec 2011
Its a fantastic phone, I'm unsure as to why people say that the phone can't be personalised with ringtones because it can. The issue with Bluetooth, personally I have never experienced it. Once it dropped the connection to my Bluetooth headset, but it reconnected straight away. The only negative I can think about this phone is mms won't work with small networks such as giffgaff. Internet works fine and it is lightening fast, but the network profile app doesn't cover giffgaff, but it does cover every other uk network from what I can see. Also the phone is more than capable of having a wifi hotspot but yet Samsung have decided its up to the networks to enable this so if you have a sim free non branded omnia like myself you will have to go down the chevron unlock route, which I'm not confident enough to do. But apart from that I looked at other phones to upgrade to and to be honest I couldn't find any that would perform better. So I'm sticking with it even without mms!

Reviewed by Will Irvine from England on 26th Nov 2011
So much potential, but let down by the fact it operates on the Windows platform. The marketplace is terrible and extremely overpriced and the lack of options to personalize the phone with ringtones and backgrounds just adds to the frustrations this phone leads to. The Omnia7 often struggles to find a 3G connection even when the bars are full. I do however think the quality of the screen and video and camera are top drawer. I am overall disappointed with the phone and as soon as I am able will be switching to an iPhone. My advice to anyone thinking about getting the Omnia7 is don't, instead opt for the Galaxy S 2 or the iPhone 4.

Reviewed by Omphemetse from Botswana on 11th Oct 2011
I cant use bluetooth though it is turned on

Reviewed by Jessica from UK on 6th Oct 2011
I have had this phone since june 2011 and have to say I HATE it, the phone turns itself off has reset itself a stupid amount of times the Bluetooth does not work, hotmail has magically vanished, all my work documents deleted. I am sending this phone back it is useless. I need it for emails and to be able to look at documents but can't do that so what is the point.

Reviewed by Trevor from UK on 17th Sep 2011
From my previous review you can all see I hated this but now 10 months on..... I love it...... Better than IPhone...can't wait for the next iteration

Reviewed by Lewis from Scotland on 15th Sep 2011
Great phone, AMAZING SUPER AMOLED screen and 5 mp camera with a very bright flash, sleek design, Zune is fab and windows phone 7 is fantastic with xbox live and Microsoft office capabilities, super responsive 4 inch touch screen and great sound quality . NOW THE DRAWBACKS the app store is just started so not many apps, weirdly placed power button and the camera is great but a tad hard to focus and expensive. VERDICT I highly recommend getting one much better than it's HTC and LG rivals and windows phone has great potential !

Reviewed by The New Age from Middle East on 18th Aug 2011
Ok so this review is a full month after the last one. I just received my new Omnia 7 and its a beauty! When I say beauty its in comparison to 1) IPhone and Android subsystems and also compared to 2) other WP7 phones which I bought including HTC HD7 and HTC Mozart. First of all the screen is amazing, while the camera and sound are a 4/5 compared to the HTC Mozart. The OS on its own is a 4/5 which I will revise to 5/5 once Mango is released. No issues with bluetooth either. People need to move away from the "Hey I've got a million apps on my phone (of which I use only 3)" and think about quality apps which MS now has. In fact you'll find most of the popular games and apps from the IPhone and Android ported to WP7. Not to mention Zune Pass (free tracks!!), XBOX Live!! and an amazingly simple and usable interface as opposed to the hundreds of screen of block icons on the iPhone and Android which you need to scroll through to get to that one app you use. The Hardware- If you switch away from 3G and use only wireless, the phone lasts an amazing 2.5 days - that's with 8hrs WiFi, heavy gaming and Kindle book reading for 8hrs. I guess its the low power consuming AMOLED screen which makes the difference. Of course with 24hr 3G, you'll find the usage drop to 1-1.5days. But either way its still amazing and I'd vouch its the best int he lot currently. Considering MS went from WP0-WP7 in a year on a single phone investment vs Apple 1-4 over so many years and $1000s of our money, I think Microsoft has done an amazing job. Also as a business phone, I rate this the best of the lot - the iPhone, Android phones are just fun to use but in reality once you take the inital excitment away, you'll find the Samsung WP7 much more productive and easy to use. Can't wait for Mango!

Reviewed by The Beast from UK on 15th Jul 2011
I thought I'd add my piece here, I got my new Omnia 7 last week and hey presto dodgy bluetooth, I seriously considered waiting for the Mango release but eventually decided to get the handset swapped as it was still in it's 14 day return policy. My new Omnia 7 arrived today and absolutely no issues with bluetooth. I've updated it to the latest windows OS version and it all still works fine. So, I guess the problem is that there are definately Omnia 7,s out there that have a faulty bluetooth platform of some kind and as there appear to be no standard firmware updates from Samsung I would suggest if you have one with dodgy bluetooth that you get them to swap it for a new handset, either that or complain loudly to Samsung. Other than that I am more than happy with my Omnia 7 and Windows Phone 7 in general, can't wait for the Mango release now.

Reviewed by emily from uk on 6th Jul 2011
It has bluetooth but won't connect to any phones? Its being taken back!

Reviewed by lucky from uk on 6th Jul 2011
the phone is good as per the new windows in it, but lacks some features. Somewhere it is highly user friendly, somewhere u may be disappointed. It hasn't got any equalizer setting and still lacks of some daily use features. It is excellent for facebook and emails but u dont have many options for messaging. playing game is good. it is a fast operating system, camera clarity is poor. bluetooth doesn't work. don't know whom to be blamed, the samsung phone or the windows 7 software. no skype for this phone

Reviewed by Kirk from France on 19th Jun 2011
For business types who aren't bothered about Internet, media, high def etc. Having said that the e-mail is average and nothing more. It makes calls, texts and has some very poor imitations of IOS / Android apps but not a smartphone by any means Not a phone for the youth or heavily connected market, it just doesn't work. And yes I have one........ I really do and it is so frustrating

Reviewed by Joseph from UK on 13th Jun 2011
If you want to be a beta tester for microsoft for a product that won't be ready for 2 to 3 years then buy this.......but you get a half baked idea of the future However if you want something that is market ready, then buy an iphone. End of

Reviewed by Alex from UK on 12th Jun 2011
The phones great and the OS is even better, so much smoother and quicker than ios and android, it just works, havent had a crash since I bought it months ago, I dont use bluetooth so cant comment on that but everything else is great, and the ebay app is much better than android, what you talking about? you lazytube for youtube, its great. theres tonnes of games on the marketplace including exclusives like the amazing rocket riot and ilomilo

Reviewed by David from UK on 12th Jun 2011
I actually own this phone so I can give you an honest review unlike most of the others on here! First off this phone is different to anything else on the market WP7 is a whole new approach to a mobile operating system with its large tiles and simplistic interface. It is super quick to get around and the OS never seems to miss a beat when quickly jumping in and out of apps and scrolling around lists. The market contains lots of useful apps of a generally good quality. Sure it does not reach the numbers of the android market or iOS but generally if you are looking for something it is there, the games are particularly strong if a little expensive. Email is good and easy to set up, simple to use and the on screen keyboard is one of the best I have used. Text messaging needs improvement as currently your sent and recieved messages are the same colour which makes things difficult to scim through at a glance. As a piece of hardware it is very nice, its thin at only 11mm and is a sensible size for a phone with a 4" display. Its construction is mainly metal and feels nice to hold. Some Samsung phones have a tendency to feel a little cheap but with the metal construction this feels solid. The biggest thing on this phone for me is the screen, it's a 4" Super AMOLED and you need to see it believe this thing, next to regular LCD this thing is truly gorgeous. Colours are vivid and blacks are so deep and rich. If you decide to go for a different WP7 handset then my advice is don't put it next to an Omnia as you will be gutted! Overall its a great phone to use but there is room for improvement such as multitasking, improved messaging and better You Tube intergration. They are all coming with the 'Mango' update in the next couple of months but they are not here now so for now I give it 4 stars.

Reviewed by Tris from UK on 8th Jun 2011
I changed over from a samsung galaxy ace. The ace was a good mobile for what it was but had the poorest battery of any mobile i have had in a long time. After a day or two i began to see how perfect WP7 is for this mobile. It has good build Quality. a great screen. Its fast and works great for everyday social use. I would agree that this rivals the galaxy s because it lends its self to WP7 so well, I only really have one fault with the omnia7. Its camera is more then ample apart from when you try to take a shot of something moving. Always looks blured. Apart from that its really good. For the size of the screen and the bag of tricks it can yeild the battery is really good. All in all its a great mobile.

Reviewed by Mark from uk on 6th Jun 2011
I have owned this phone since a few days after it was released in the uk. I have to say after owning all the top phones over the past couple of years this is definitely my favourite by far, since owning it i have had it freeze on me a couple of times and thats about it. its very easy to use, great menu and the touch screen is very responsive. surfing the web is brilliant on this phone. reception has been top class for me compared to iphone4 and htc desire. i have many phones for business use but this has some fun games on it too and dont understand the bad hype over this phone. i have bluetooth connected almost constantly and never had a problem. there have been regular software updates which have updated without any problems too. this is a phone that has many uses but is also very fun to use. fits in the hand nicely and buttons work when they should. interface is simple and very clear. menus are easy to use so finding the settings you need is very easy compared to android ph ones. love this phone.

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 5th Jun 2011
Galaxy S android 2.3 user. I signed up for this phone due to T-mobile's give away price offer. I just wanted to try out a windows phone. OK it has no flash support and it doesn't tether without a hack. I don't use bluetooth. Before you moan about update problems live with Kies for a month or two! The omnia took two updates off Zune immediately and they installed without a hitch. This is a really nice phone with a substantial quality look and feel to it. There are more than enough apps to satisfy my needs at present and the situation will only get better. This will be controversial but the phone 7 interface made me realise that android looks like a cheap copy of IOS. All in all I'm more than happy with the phone, I will wait for Microsoft to make the necessary improvements.

Reviewed by Alan from UK on 3rd Jun 2011
I so wanted to prove all the haters wrong and for 3 months I loved this phone................ But oh the haters were right. Now it take ages to boot and sometimes it takes so long the battery dies. It overheats and badly. Bought a new battery but no better Better to look elsewhere

Reviewed by ben from UK on 28th May 2011
well i think its fantastic imo its on par with my iphone 4 its quick fast evan screens a joy had no bluetooth problems just love it

Reviewed by Tom from Ireland on 20th May 2011
Today on 20/05//2011 Samsung support have comfirmed still bluetooth problem and to wait for next software upgrade from WP7 which i did happen to receive today and still no fix. So if you need a carkit or bluetooth headset it will not be happening with the Samsung Omnia 7.

Reviewed by ray from uk on 12th May 2011
I have had three replacement handsets from orange. The phone keeps on switching itself off. The phone is a real M*%$^& Fu**er

Reviewed by mickd from UK on 2nd May 2011
What a pile of junk, just upgraded mine with orange and already regret it (1 day). Won't connect to laptop, bluetooth won't work with any other device. Going back to shop to return. Avoid this phone.

Reviewed by Michael K from Scotland on 23rd Apr 2011
Brad, did you not read the reviews? I did and having seen my brother's frustration with his Omnia 7, I avoided the phone. And boy I am glad I did. Biggest load of bloatware since the pen clocks!

Reviewed by Martin from Scotland on 22nd Apr 2011
After a great deal of deliberation I selected this phone as part of an upgrade from Orange. What a big mistake. From the start the guy at Orange seemed surprised I was choosing a Windows Mobile 7 product. Got the phone and have had great difficulty transferring contacts. Told Orange to collect it and they said I have to return it at my expense. Anyway tried transferring contacts through Bluetooth from my Nokia. Would not work. Friend attemted transfer via his PC. Bluetooth not working. Clearly a fault. Everyone at Orange can tell you how to use an iPhone and they personally almost seem to posses one which probably says it all. Unless you wish hassle and problems or must have one of its unique features DO NOT TOUCH THIS PIECE OF JUNK WITH ITS DREADFUL OS. You will only regret it. There is no doubt it is an unrefined phone with a multiple of glitches and is really no more than a poor mans iPhone. Certainly don't rely on Orange for help. Do not buy.

Reviewed by Brad from UK on 21st Apr 2011
Well I went for it, and in one day I have returned the device. Windows mobile need a major update to place it anywhere near the features of Android and IOS4, all little things, but end up being features you need. Calender sync options under livemail to switch off, bing maps, are poor, updates need to be all at once for all handsets, music settings bass,treble etc etc, and much more. One another note, the OS was smooth, though needed restarting after installing apps to get the live tiles working, sound familiar ?

Reviewed by Dave C from Ireland on 4th Apr 2011
George, I noticed the date of your review (April fools day) are you just having a laugh at us victims of this truly terrible phone? Granted the screen is good, but the software is beyond hopeless and worse than useless. Have you tried surfing the net on this useless device? Have you tried eBay, YouTube, adobe and I could go on and on, absolutely hopeless device. Bluetooth? The evidence speaks for itself

Reviewed by George from UK on 1st Apr 2011
I Dont understand the negative reviews here, this is a truly fantastic phone and operating system. I've used all the leading phones/operating systems and this one is pure eye candy and user friendlyness of the highest order. Don't be discouraged by some of the nonsensical reviews written here.

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 23rd Mar 2011
Rubbish: Simple as

Reviewed by Omar from UK on 20th Mar 2011
Why bother? It ain't worth it, just like the song says, walk on by an on and on And never look back You will only regret it. And I am testament to as much as!

Reviewed by Glenys from UK on 14th Mar 2011
What a truly terrible phone! It is so bad, the only thing worse than this phone is the useless OS. Only slightly better than a 1980's Led brick phone, and I mean just Buy this phone and you will only regret it. Avoid this and buy an iPhone instead.

Reviewed by Jayboy from England on 6th Mar 2011
OK this is my third 'review' of the phone. I cant link external websites in this review but as i mentioned in an earlier review, different firmware has various results in terms of bluetooth connectivity on this phone. Below is taken from an article about the mobile. It is worth noting that with these stats that bluetooth works fine : I am adding below details of the Omnia 7 with a fully working Bluetooth radio, if you are having BT issues it may help if you also include your Phone details as listed below, at the very least we may be able to find out which version or versions are having the issues My Bluetooth Hardware H/W version is 0.0.1 My Bluetooth Software S/W version is 0.0.1 My Phone Hardware version is My Phone Firmware version is 2424.10.10.6 My Phone O/s version is 7.0.7004.0 To find which Bluetooth software and hardware version you are running follow this link, it is my previous post about the MAC address location, on the same page as the MAC adress is the Bluetooth details. To find the Phone Hardware/Software and O/s version go to Settings>About> More information. The Samsung Omnia 7 does have Bluetooth Issues on some of the devices. You could be forgiven for thinking, as i did, that the device will be updated and the Bluetooth issue will be fixed by Microsoft in an update but as i have just found out Bluetooth on the Omnia 7 is very much alive and kicking but only if you purchase an unbroken version. My first Omnia 7 came from T-Mobile UK and as the device was so new it was impossible to compare it to any other Omnia 7, as far as i was concerned the lack of Bluetooth connectivity was nothing more than a glitch that an update would fix from Microsoft, in fact my Bluetooth woes were compounded by the phone very occasionally detecting other Bluetooth devices, however 3 days before its return it stopped detecting anything at all and the only sign i had that it was alive was the display showing …searching ….. and yes there were other Bluetooth devices local and switched on. Onto the new replacement device. The new device is so much better it does make me wonder whether the first device was a some kind of Beta test machine, i even have options that were not evident on the first machine and it is much smoother to use, the movement of the hubs left and right, up and down are fluent now, previously on device No1 they were pretty glitchy and slow to update. I now have an option in settings > mobile network, to use 3G when available, this did not exist on my previous Omnia 7 ? Working Bluetooth on device No2 is quite simply brilliant and very very sensitive, as soon as i had configured the second Omnia 7 after receiving it i headed straight for the Bluetooth option to see if it was working, moving the Bluetooth slider to the ON position instantly caused the device to detect Bluetooth signals from my car GPS device 20 feet away outside and another Phone in my house, connection to the Parrott 3200Ls Bluetooth car kit was faultless and synced without issues. You can update the firmware yourself HOWEVER it does take a bit of computer knowledge to do this and if you get it wrong YOU WILL BE LEFT WITH A NON WARRANTY BRICKED PHONE! My advice is to demand a replacement or alternative handset from your provider.

Reviewed by Silver from N. Ireland on 2nd Mar 2011
my new omnia 7 wont connect with other phones via bluetooth. i realise now that its too late, that this is a very serious and ongoing problem and as yet unsolved. my advice is to opt for something else.

Reviewed by Lorna from London, UK on 24th Feb 2011
Has there ever been a more maligned phone? It is pure rubbish, it can't even update without giving you stress Buy an Iphone or Android instead.

Reviewed by Mark T from England on 24th Feb 2011
The word 'bricked' is as good as this phone gets. Anyone got any ideas how to get out of the contract without buying it out? Could I get Trading Standards to have them for fracturing various sale and supply of goods acts?

Reviewed by Bill from England on 15th Feb 2011
This is useless, get a symbian phone instead

Reviewed by Raymond from France on 14th Feb 2011
This is so bad, I wonder if Nokia can save Microsoft? :-)

Reviewed by Jackie from Scotland on 7th Feb 2011
I took the advice of GMX and took my phone back and got the latest firmware and it still doesn't work I wonder if T-mobile will take the phone back.

Reviewed by Peter J from England on 3rd Feb 2011
Sent my omnia 7 back to T.Mobile because of the bluetooth issue and hey after 10 days away, presto bluetooth work…........... However, the phone now overheats and I mean I can't put this in my pocket. It is hot and I mean sizzling! I give up

Reviewed by Kenneth from UK on 29th Jan 2011
Going all the way back to Tech King's review about the OMNIA 7. Tech King, you were 100% this phone is hopeless. To all you bluetooth frustrated, my sincerest sorrow. Your new phone has a old firmware error. Rubbish and my service provider wont take it back, not even if I pay them

Reviewed by gemma stewart from uk on 27th Jan 2011
i have only had this phone 3 days and its spent atleast 24 hours of that time charging, takes hours to charge and battery runs down really quick, sound on calls is poor, overall its dissapointing, im exchanging it for a different phone

Reviewed by John Miller from England on 22nd Jan 2011
3 months on, I still hate this phone. I sent it back today and if it doesn't come back, I won't shed any tears. Anyone use this for surfing the net or dare I say it, for downloading pdf, mp3, wav, gif, jpeg files? If so tell me how you got on because this is no mobile Internet device! Not even the brilliant screen can save this junkware

Reviewed by Angela from UK on 20th Jan 2011
Phone is good but ............................. the software seriuosly flawed and the bluetooth is well I can't say, it is so bad that I tried 7 different bluetooth devices and not one of them connected. I too tried to return mine to T.Mobile but they told me, no way Hate this phone

Reviewed by gmx from uk on 19th Jan 2011
I am surprised by the blutooth issues. I don't know, I don't use bluetooth and can't say whether it doesn't work with the samsung omnia 7 as well. However, the unique point with Windows phone 7 (and the iphone) is that updates are issued on a very timely reliable manner, so am sure the bluetooth issues will be resolved by Samsung. Just plug your phone into your PC running zune and done when the update is issued. Apart from that the Windows phone 7 is amazing I think. So fast, refreshing and unique, unlike any other phone at the moment. It has zune, xbox integration a good selection of apps, around 500 new apps every week, so ecpect it to be around 30,000 by the end of the 2011. I think it's 7000 now. There are 2 massive updates for free this year so would expect to get even better. All updates are so easy, I already receive automatic updates from 3rd party apps. The screen is probably the best in the market right now. I love this phone, it's definitely on par with the iphone if not better and can only improve with the updates. Enjoy.

Reviewed by Mikey from Scotland on 17th Jan 2011
Bluetooth? What bluetooth? It doesn't work! And T_Mobile won't take it back. No working bluetooth on a phone in 2011! Whatever next, phones that can't make voice calls?

Reviewed by Caroline from UK on 15th Jan 2011
Been watching this page and waiting to post my review. When I saw the issues around bluetooth, I could indentify and as Jayboy suggested took my phone back and............. T Mobile said that they had not had a single complaint. They probably haven't sold many! T Mobile would not take my 2 month old phone back, so I am stuck with a worthless bit of tech that can make good call, without an earpiece. Can text nearly as good as an IPhone. Can't meet the standards for surfing the net, not allowed to type URL in landscape mode and can't multitask, which is no big thing. The phone itself is nice, well built, poor battery and screen is fantastic although it loves fingerprints but as a smartphone it is a waste. Shame really but let us see what the firmware upgrades bring

Reviewed by Craig D from Brummie on 14th Jan 2011
All the issues around bluetooth are TRUE and this phone is so bad that the supplied headphone/mic doesn't work itself. Like others have said the ScReEN is a killer but the phone is junk beyond help and today LG have really put the knife in the back but what do I do for the next 2 years with this contract?

Reviewed by Jodie from UK on 12th Jan 2011
I too have a jawbone and it works perfectly with anything but this useless piece of junk. I have had this phone for a couple of months, can I really take it back? If that is the case, they can keep it because I hate this phone

Reviewed by Jayboy from England on 10th Jan 2011
Having had the phone for a month its time to write a follow up review to the one i posted on boxing day. It seems there are Omnia 7s out there with different firmware on them. The one i have works fine with bluetooth however my friend has one on t mobile and he is having the same problems that a lot of reviewers here are having. His phone just wont connect to any bluetooth headsets at all. He contacted t mobile, who replaced it for him. His replacement handset is much better than previous. He said doesn't even feel like same phone. Bluetooth now works and it also loading up the 'marketplace' is much faster. 3G and wifi reception are improved too. To all the people having problems i would suggest returning the phone and waiting a few weeks before getting another one. His original had the older firmware on that is causing so many people headaches.

Reviewed by Calvin from Wales on 9th Jan 2011
Will only agree on bluetooth being so bad it had made a potentially good phone, complete trash. Nice screen but awfu os. Hopefully the update will sort the main gripes Bluetooth, copy and paste, multi-tasking, slow Internet, poor integration of software and did I mention really useless Bluetooth

Reviewed by Peter J from England on 7th Jan 2011
Seen all the comments and sadly I have to agree with most of negative ones. But a special mention of the bluetooth! The worst in the world, bar none

Reviewed by Jackie from Scotland on 4th Jan 2011
I will only address the bluetooth, it is the worst implementation I have seen or experienced ever. Rubbish

Reviewed by Trevor from UK on 1st Jan 2011
Having had this phone for over 2 months, I thought it was time to revisit my view. The phone itself (hardware) is nice but could do with a little bit of silver to give it some definition. Screen is great, can't say I have seen better. I have now got to grips with texting and mailing and although the keyboard is 90% near iPhone but it is a little short in terms of responsiveness. Surfing the net is not a great experience but it will do for referencing! The app store is rubbish, no that is an insult to rubbish, it is lane beyond belief. Granted it is in infancy! The phone is good but not great. I did have regrets about taking out an 18 month contract but it will suffice as a phone now that I have an iPhone as my more functional device. If you want the defactor device, this is certainly not it and will never be it but if you want a decent featurephone this can be it

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 31st Dec 2010
Good for making basic phone call, fantastic for texting, hopeless for Bluetooth connectivity (I have jawbone), beautiful screen but the worst smartphone or media device since the Atari Jaguar. Forget the apps....... They just ain't worth it oh, I hate those 5 blue dots that crawl across the screen

Reviewed by Jayboy from England on 26th Dec 2010
Had this phone for a fortnight now on orange. Wo love the speed and responsiveness of Windows phone 7. Marks a huge departure from my last windows mobile device. (HTC Touch running windows 6) Its pretty clear that Microsoft have looked at what both Apple and Google have done in the mobile world and tried to cherry pick the best ideas from both. The set standards and walled garden of Apple (minimum spec handsets so the experience should be as good across all manufacturers) and the openness of android (multiple handsets across multiple carriers from the start). Cant fault the phone itself, i love it. Huge screen and uber responsive. The only let down comes from the fact that Win Pho 7 is still in its infancy and that the app store is nowhere near mature yet. This will of course change over time and microsoft promise regular updates to carriers so that should mean whichever phone you have on whichever network that updates should be applied across all at the same time (or near enough). None of this hanging around and will i wont i of android phones. Very happy so far. :)

Reviewed by Karen from UK on 26th Dec 2010
I bought this phone and everyday I curse myself for not getting the iphone 4. The Omnia7 is so bad, I would rather my old iphone 3g than this piece of junk. I hate it. Nice screen terrible phone. No one should be forced to own such rubbish

Reviewed by Jodie from England on 24th Dec 2010
I bought this instead of the ubiquitos iPhone 4 because I wanted something different from the crowd but every last day of the 2 months that I have had this phone, I cry in regret over the fact that I bought this piece of junk when I could have had the Apple 'know what you are getting' Marquee

Reviewed by Nicci Brookes from UK on 14th Dec 2010
Couldn't wait to get this phone but after only 6 days it is going back. Battery life not great, Bluetooth connection wouldn't work and not all text messages came through as readable, mostly unable to open media content was all I saw. The phone does have a large crystal clear screen, great friend/ Facebook streaming. I liked the fact emails etc notified you of new ones instantly. App store not that great, camera poor, video quality was better. Back to my iPhone now!

Reviewed by Mark Taylor from US on 10th Dec 2010
The fact that this phone appears to be walking the same trodden path as another failure; it's cousin better known as Kin. And the fact that the phone is already being discounted here in the US is the real story. Good phone to look at but so poorly implemented I would suggest that people walk on by when it comes to buying the killer smartphone that people want.

Reviewed by Patricia from UK on 6th Dec 2010
Don't think the phone is as bad as people say but neither in my humble opinion is the phone the 5 star lovely that the reviewer says it is? First things first! The phone itself is a nice overall bit of kit, that feels a little brittle but otherwise nice quality. The screen speaks for itself, it is the best bar none. The sound is ok, incoming calls sound a little tin-like but reasonably clear. The media sound is not too bad either. I would rather not comment on the OS because the windows advocates may begin to cry........ enough said. Camera is good and video is nice. Overall it is a nice phone with obvious software issues!

Reviewed by Colin S from UK on 2nd Dec 2010
It is currently a 1 star phone but with potential of being 5 star phone. The phone itself isn't bad, in fact it is quite a real stand out phone without the eye catching definition. Could do with a brushed metal rim! As everyone has said the screen is near perfect Sadly the software is .............. Zzz

Reviewed by Kal from Canada on 29th Nov 2010
As a former Brit, this is a Marmite Phone. Either love it or hate it. I tend to agree with the comment about great looks, beautiful screen and nice form and feel but lacking soul. We all knew what it said on the tin but still expected a IOS / Android challenger but got the cousin of Nokia instead.

Reviewed by palmeredz from uk on 28th Nov 2010
I have never written a review before but I have to this time,all of the negative reviews written here are,well,total total rubbish,as your own expert review says this phone has everything is of good quality, software does what it says on the tin its brilliant.I have had mine for 2 weeks now and it's brilliant best screen full stop,is simple to use,easy to understand very very good.

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 27th Nov 2010
OMG, here are so many Android and Iphone Fanboyz... Cant believe that they talking so much bulls..t here! This Smartphone is one of the best smartphone which was released in 2010. The software is a 1.0 Version! What about the IOS 1.0 or Android 1.0 Version? Just cant say that the Omnia is far the best Phone I ever had. And i had before the HTC Desire and HTC HD2.

Reviewed by Donna from Australia on 25th Nov 2010
In your living environment, the bricks and mortar makes the house but the soft furnishings and people make the home. Nice shell but poor software doesn't make a great phone and that is the case for the i8700. Microsoft, time to get your 'A' game out in the next update or your time as a mobile platform will be over. Anyone who thinks that this is a 5 star product is deluded. It has a great body but no life or soul!

Reviewed by Karen from UK on 24th Nov 2010
i am with those who say the phone is good but software is shoddy! They could have made it a little more curved and add a little definition to the overall design as it feel slightly safe rather than eye-catching. However the screen, camera and feel are really nice. Sadly the software really lets this down. This would be the iphone killer if the software was of premium standard. We all know it is smooth running engine but the UI and Apps leave a real bitter taste in the mouth. The comments about ebay and youtube merely exposes the weakness of this phone. Good phone shame about the software.

Reviewed by peter again from uk on 24th Nov 2010
It's really sad to see people here, doing some sort of war to Windows Phone 7 for an operating system they've never used. Ignore all the 1 stars, they've never used the phone and they have no idea what they are talking. This is the smoothest operating system out right now (on par with iphone if not better). It never freezes, crashes, or runs out of battery within the day obviously for heavy useage. I have all my 7000 pictures integrated inside the picture hub, for only that I will have this mobile everyday. Xbox, office, zune are winning features that no other phone can offer. Games are also pretty good too. If you want a reliable phone this is the one. Also 2300 apps now. Iphone is good but this is something fresh and new.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 24th Nov 2010
OK, thanks for your comments, but please no more posts from Peter, Justin or TechKing. Let's get some reviews from other users, please :)

Reviewed by Clear Cut Chap from UK on 22nd Nov 2010
Samsung have stuck to their successful hardware configuration from the Galaxy S (GT-i9000), however the phone is indeed let down substantially by the half-baked Operating System. Apple got away with half-baked iOS especially when the first iPhone was launched, but they were in an era where touch screen smart phones were far and few in comparison today. In this environment today of intense competition and with 2 established platforms already in existence, Microsoft were really kidding themselves thinking they could get away without things like "copy and paste" at the launch of their Phone 7 OS. They would need to be very very swift in releasing the upgrade to retain whatever shred of interest still remain on them after an underwhelming launch of Win Phone 7 phones. HTC with their Mozart have finally brought back the Xenon flash to smart phones - lets hope that brings back a trend of good quality cameras / flashes and good battery life to support. I would not recommend buying any Windows Phone 7 at this time - especially when excellent alternatives are available on Android OS amongst others. Perhaps when the next update is available with all these gaps field Windows Phone 7 will begin to be a serious contendor in the market. Hopefully the delay in rolling out Andriod Gingerbread and Honeycomb will not be too soon for Microsoft-otherwise they will be oblirated! So to rate it, it gains in Hardware - despite no Xenon flash, looses for the OS big time.

Reviewed by Clint from Germany on 22nd Nov 2010
Have it now for one week and what can I say besides that Im really impressed what Microsoft done there. The OS has so much more potential than Android. The IOS is still bit before the Wp7, but I think that will change in the future. What can I say to the Samsung? The Screen is just awesome. Had a Iphone 4G and a HD2 before and against the Super AMOLED from the Samsung Omnia the screens looks so...just old.

Reviewed by Trev from England on 21st Nov 2010
Phone is nice, not quite IPhone but nice none the less. As has been said, screen is lovely, camera good, albeit no Zeon flash but that only affects indoor shots! The build is good but the feel is a little lacking and the comments about button placements are spot on, always mixing up power button with camera button. Software is poor, build 1 or not, Microsoft knew what the standard was in the Market (they knew what Apple and Google delivered) but delivered a less than good enough OS. We all read the reviews but we could not have imagined how incomplete the software is. Things may change in the future when the upgrades comes but whenever that happens the current hardware may be redundant and the game will have moved on in terms of software implementation and hardware functionality.

Reviewed by Justin from UK on 19th Nov 2010
Tech King, I trust you knew there was no SD Expansion, please explain why you you would want a Xeon flash when you are using 720p Video Recording...However I guess you know this! The sound is far from average. How can you complain about Version 1.0, you read reviews, if you want all of the features you said, why bother buying it? The Apps will come as will software updates, ie copy and paste coming in a few weeks! As an overall OS it is excellent. As for it being a girls phone, you have lost all credibility with regards to your level of debate! You also want a "slick, cohesive, integrated, multi-tasking opp system" that certainly isn't either Android or IOS4. If you are the least bit interested in this phone please read some "proper" reviews and go and have a play with one, certainly don't take some of these ill-informed comments as gospel as you may just be missing out!

Reviewed by Ken from UK on 17th Nov 2010
Having had this phone for 10 days, I can see both sides of the argument. Tech King is right about the software and missing features but those were clearly known prior to launch, so the buyer had a choice. It feels somewhat of a rushed release and some of the placement and quality issues around the switches do feel somewhat lower end than flag-ship. The screen is a beauty but the implementation of the acceleration is poor. Sound is average and battery is ok at best. 3 star is a fair award for the phone. We all knew the limitations but for a premium phone, the overall package is average.

Reviewed by Matt Adams from UK on 16th Nov 2010
Tech King: why rubbish the phone for things it doesn't have like xenon flash, sd card expansion, multitasking when they are not advertised as being there in the first place. Dont think you can expand an iphone memory either.

Reviewed by Justin from UK on 15th Nov 2010
TechKing are you working for Google or Apple? Where is your actual phone review, I thought this was about the Omnia7 not the WP7 OS, which you obviously haven't used as no one in the industry supports your views. The handset is excellent, easily the best WP7 handset currently available in the UK (apart from the paltry 8gb). The OS is also a joy to use. for the record I also have a Samsung Galaxy S and Apple 4, I am using this as my main phone now. Ignore Tech King and read actual reviews, at least Peter is genuine.

Reviewed by Tech King from Uk on 15th Nov 2010
The phone is ok and nothing more. The screen is good, the sound average, no sd card expansion, no xenon flash and flaws in the location if camera and shut down button. However in 21st century smartphone era, software is king and this software is duff. I do have a i8700 and on T-Mobile too. Sorry if being tech minded means I want slick, cohesive, integrated, multi-tasking opp system. My wife who uses a phone for calls, text and the odd bit of surfing would like this phone but a high user like it doesn't satisfy! Actually it is a good 'girls' phone! No, I don't work for Apple or Google, but Microsoft could learn bucket loads from both those companies.

Reviewed by Tech King from UK on 14th Nov 2010
I can't believe how bad WP7 is! I have had the mega cool (back then) iPhone 3g and now a Dell Streak (a really nice gadget) and both are slick and user friendy but WP7 is rubbish of the worst kinds. Why did I take this rubbish out on contract when I vowed after the HTC HD to stay away from windows. However I read good things about WP7 and thought I would give it a go. What rubbish! Don't waste your money. Get Android or IOS4. RIP Microsoft mobile division!

Reviewed by john miller from england on 14th Nov 2010
when you see how second rate the apps look, you know you have backed the wrong puppy. compare the youtube app on ths to the IPhone effort and you know you have been let down. compare the ebay app to the android effort, you know you have bought a lemon. even the average n8 and compare the apps to this and all of a sudden a feeling of envy comes over you towards a nokia.a nokia you know, a nokia(a company that used to make phones back in the day) if i could give this a nil star, i would.

Reviewed by peter from uk on 14th Nov 2010
Amazing phone, very fresh interface, so fluid it's amazing, pinch and zoom better than iphone. Browser fantastic. I am a very exprerienced user, but I think this phone is great for people who may not be very confident with smartphones as everything is easy to understand and well thought. The other windows phone 7 are good as well but this has the best screen. Battery is also very good, it needs charging every day for heavy use like other smartphones (never run out of battery in middle of the day) but it can last longer if not use too often. Never froze or did anything unexpected for the last 3 weeks I had it.

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