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Samsung Monte review

 Review: May 2010  

Last updated March 2011

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung Monte may be a budget phone but in so many ways it over-delivers.

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If you're looking to buy a touchscreen phone that costs less than £100 or that's free on contract at around the £10/month mark, you could do worse than consider the often-overlooked Samsung Monte.

The Monte is a touchscreen phone that does everything most users want, does it well and doesn't cost the earth. Pick the Monte up and it's hard not to be impressed right from the start. The Monte is a looker, with its high gloss finish and choice of silver or orange stripe on the edge. It's a lightweight phone and is perfectly sized and shaped to fit snugly in the palm. The three physical buttons at the bottom of the phone are very nice to use too. In fact it's a very tactile phone all round, and one that's not easy to drop. Yet despite its low weight and plastic casing it feels quite tough too.

Switch the phone on, and the touchscreen flickers into life. At 3 inches its larger than average for this class of phone although the resolution of 240 x 400 pixels is average, but quite adequate. In sunlight the TFT screen isn't so easy to see, but if this summer is anything like the previous few in the UK, that won't be a big deal. We found the capacitive touchscreen to be nicely responsive (although not quite as quick to respond as the Samsung Jet) and as always the TouchWiz user interface is very easy to use, and just does the job, unlike the Nokia 5230 for example, where the Symbian operating system tends to get in the way. The Monte features a range of widgets that can be placed on the home screen giving one-touch access to apps like facebook, twitter, youtube and the BBC iPlayer. But note that these operate as standalone apps, rather than being closely integrated into the messaging and contacts interface, like HTC have done with HTC Sense. But then again, it's a budget phone, so don't expect too much. Don't expect a virtual QWERTY keyboard either, for there isn't one - just a virtual alphanumeric one.

The Monte has most things you'd expect and more too. However, one thing that is noticeably lacking is a flash and autofocus for the camera. The camera is fixed focus with a resolution of 3.2 megapixels, so the Monte isn't the right phone if you want it to double as a camera. But for quick snaps in good lighting, it's fine, and is no worse than many other camera phones in this price range.

The music player works fine, with good audio quality except for some distortion at high volumes. One key benefit of the Monte is its 3.5mm audio jack, which lets you plug in a pair of standard-fit headphones for the best listening experience. With 200MB of memory, there's room for 50+ MP3 tracks, and you can add a microSD card up to 16GB for masses of storage. An FM radio with RDS is also included.

At this price point it's still unusual to find a phone that has a GPS receiver, but the Monte does. It comes with Google Maps and Google Latitude pre-installed, so you can use it to find out where you are and automatically tell your friends where you are (using Latitude). You can also geo-tag your photos.

The Monte is fitted with a large 1000mAh battery and has absolutely superb battery life. Samsung quote a maximum standby time of 30 days, which is pure fantasy, but you should be able to go for many days between charges unless you're using it 24/7. This is quite exceptional for a touchscreen phone equipped with 3G, Wi-Fi and GPS, and could be a reason in itself to choose this phone.

Connectivity is yet another of the Monte's strong points. As well as being a 3G phone, it supports Wi-Fi, so you can access the internet with lightning speed if you're in a Wi-Fi hotspot. The Dolfin web browser isn't the most sophisticated browser, but it renders web pages pretty well considering the constraints of the screen size. The Monte also comes with Bluetooth and USB.

Summing up, the Monte isn't the perfect phone - it's camera is weak, the user interface sometimes sluggish and it lacks a virtual QWERTY keyboard. But these shortcomings are massively outweighed by the good points - the size, weight and feel of the phone, the high quality and responsive capacitive touchscreen, the one-touch access to social media, the 3.5mm audio jack, the massive battery life and outstanding range of connectivity options. Remember that this is a budget phone, not a high-end smartphone, and we hope you'll agree with us that the Monte is a phone that delivers value in spades.

Samsung Monte features include:

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Samsung Monte user reviews

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Average rating from 122 reviews:

Reviewed by mikhael agyekum from ghana on 26th Aug 2014
It excellent but my widget app does not update new widgets but the old apps.

Reviewed by rachel from england on 22nd Aug 2012
I have just finished a 24 month contract with this phone which has some both positive and negative aspects. The battery life was amazing as it lasted for a few days with strong battery. When the battery did run out, it warned you before doing so. For text without the predictive text it took ages to write something but with the predictive text didn't let you do anything and there is an option to change the words to other possibilities but it was only if you were lucky that it let you click on to the word you want. The games were okay but adverts kept popping up. The memo was good. As were other applications that came with the phone. The camera was ok but unreliable and the actual talking on the phone was fine. I didn't have internet in my contract so I can't comment on that. I hope this was helpful

Reviewed by rinkunayak from India on 19th Jun 2012
Good phone

Reviewed by karan shahi from nepal on 6th Apr 2012
in this cell phone why system files not worked???like sis files n nth files???why this company dose not included this kind of facilities???so becouse of this i dont like this mobile seat.......thats all i have to say

Reviewed by Desh deepak from India on 21st Feb 2012
Its a exellent phone, nice features but it has no qwerty keypad.if anyone knows than please inform me.my email id is ddnirala@gmail.com

Reviewed by G.rahul from India on 12th Feb 2012
I am using MONTE....
its a gud phone,in style n cost...

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 8th Feb 2012
I have been using this phone for nearly two years now. The two main faults I have found with it is that it can't be used with cold fingers - no response from the screen at all for texting. I will have to go for a phone with keys next time. Also if rain drops fall on the screen it also affects texting and won't recognise the letters when texting. Other than that it is a sturdy phone.

Reviewed by Alex Hamilton from United Kingdom on 5th Feb 2012
Phone is great but the Keys interface is absolute rubbish. The original version supplied on CD with the 'phone was very good. I could write Calendar on PC and download and I could autolevel pictures, rotate them and save them to USB as well as watch Videos on PC. I was tempted to "update" Keys to a newer version and it is absolute rubbish now. It looks primitive, pictures cannot be adjusted or rotated and there is no access to Calendar, only to contacts.

I am tempted to throw the 'phone away!

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 5th Feb 2012
Kies, not Keys!

Reviewed by ravi from India on 30th Jan 2012
I'm using Monte, its a nice mobile with various apps n good connectivity..one thing i really felt bad was, my receiver doesn't hear my voice properly at most times during a voice call.. can any suggestions applicable to override this prob?

Reviewed by Mirrella from Australia on 28th Jan 2012
After taking some time to familiarise myself with this phone, I'm generally quite happy with it. However, I cannot pair it with my Voyager Pro+ bluetooth headset. Does anyone have an answer to this problem?

Reviewed by pravin from india on 28th Jan 2012
we can chang our samsung monte looks by firmware and maltiloader and we can also make a qualty keyboard by firmware and also we can put any application in our manu opption wit the help of firmware and maltiloader so it mean samsung monte is a nice mobile and also we can make in a android veasion so samsung monte rockes it is a nice mobile

Reviewed by Pranay from India on 16th Jan 2012
good phone with no apps

Reviewed by Sujit from country on 5th Jan 2012
Nice phone, but internet is too slow, no qwerty, good music player and good video player, camera is clear in the light, touch is too good, battery life is also good. go and buy this phone... before 3 months, price was Rs.6600. in mumbai, india.

Reviewed by Sravya from Uk on 4th Jan 2012
You know what they say about smart phones? That it must be the must have phone? Well the monte is great!! It isn't a smart phone or android. It has been the best phone I've had. I've just upgraded to HTC. Prefer monte by far. It's really simple to use. It has all the great things you need. Great wifi. Great Bluetooth. However the only let down I have to say is the small inbox size. It only holds a 1000 texts. I easily send about 1000 messages a week. But that's just personal preference. Otherwise it's a must have phone

Reviewed by wonder mutsago from zimbabwe on 4th Jan 2012
a year nw n stil i love my monte.no android bt its supper

Reviewed by Ezza from UK on 3rd Jan 2012
Had phone now for 15mths and cant wait to upgrade as its showing its age compared to Android versions. Initially picked it for its features. Wifi is excellent and internet on 3G has never let me down. Sometimes a message comes up page to large for memory . GPS is rubbish takes age to find satelites but google maps good for traffic jams on motorways. Neveused as music player as got mp3 . Camera is ok can be blurred and no flash but has caught some good pix- rather us a proper camera anyway. Predictive texting is annoying for big man fingers and the call quality i woud class as below average. Signal always good even in rural Dorset on Vodafone.Widgets are useless as most things you get off the internet .Use google app most.Use as an alarm thats ok ...always found the auto lock a real nuisance ie if on a call and want to speaker have to unlock then look at screen this awkward if midway into a call. Overall for abudget phone that is prob not available anymore it served its purpose and I laugh at the iphone lot paying their 40 per mth with pretty much same functions i pay 15 per mth 500min unlimited tex and 500mb internet.Recommend yes for 1st semi smart phone maybe for sub teenager - its not cool. Looking frwd to upgrade to HTC desire or galaxy Ace. Oh by the way battery life is fab 3-5 days before needs charging. I know androids are bad for this so i will miss the batt life.

Reviewed by Jen from UK on 13th Dec 2011
Ok so I got this phone for my birthday in February, and I haven't had a single problem with it. Of course you get what you pay for, which was about £60, but I really can't complain. The camera is good in day light, and the sunset mode is beautiful. The feel of it is light and comfortable and the buttons don't stick out too far. Also, the buttons are satisfying to press as well. I haven't used the video chat feature, but the front facing camera is pretty useful for checking hair and makeup at a quick glance. Call sound quality is decent too, and you can change the volume which is a nice feature. BBC iPlayer is nice as well, and the videos load quickly. Internet browsing is a little slow on WiFi and 3G, and it's a little difficult to view large pages. But it works none the less, and if you're near a WiFi router or in a good area for 3G, pages do load quickly. I would recommend this for someone who wants a touch screen phone for texting, making calls, watching videos, browsing simple internet pages and taking quick pictures. ALSO!!! Twitter and Facebook apps are decent too, and load quickly on Wifi and 3G!! Hope this helps someone.

Reviewed by Tangrath from iran on 3rd Dec 2011
hi,i have this phone for 1 year and i have a lot of problem whit it!LoL i dont know why samsung try to create this touchable nightmare,there is no shortcut key for minimize and change what u r playing or doing in phone,for Ex when ur about a 15 min in the internet browser, and wanna zoom to the field lot of time u'll get phone memory is full!!,or if u have it for 5or6 months u'll sense some lag in menu or any thing else in the phone! samsung should be pride to his work cuz which created a phone that came old like living tings!. LoL hail to Protophone sry 4 bad Eng

Reviewed by asutosh from india on 30th Nov 2011
great phone indeed .. Superb i m using from abt 1 and half yr... But skype is missing.... And no android .... Also some no flash player... Thats the main issue...

Reviewed by Manjunatha from India on 29th Nov 2011
I Like this phone I am using it from past 8 months no problems

Reviewed by Jim Alam from India on 24th Nov 2011
awesome phone.in our family we have four monte.all working fine. good wifi,good network(cellone), camera good with panorama effect,its really a good phone according to the price.

Reviewed by Kunal dutta from India on 16th Nov 2011
monte being a low budget touch phone stil works awesum but i have to face a huge problem with it dont no how but my phone conversation speaker is nt able to catches the sound when i have to make a call i have to use the speaker on mode or headset to become audible for the listner . it also not catches video sound .. the front speaker is totaly nt working .

Reviewed by Ashish Patel from India on 15th Nov 2011
I'm using this phone and had no problems. 3.5G is very good in India, overall it over-delivers from its variety of features which no other phone have in same budget. thank you Ashish Patel Twitter/AshishPatel_Com India

Reviewed by silko from UK on 14th Nov 2011
I have had this phone for a year and I cannot wait to be rid of the thing. It constantly fails to get any kind of signal and when it eventually does the call quality is poor. It takes ages to respond to anything with it's shocking menu system that must have been designed by apes and don't even think of attempting to use this phone for any kind of internet activity - it just doesn't have the power to deliver. It isn't all bad as it fits easily into my pocket but I cannot wait to see how easily it fits into the bin!

Reply by Tom from England on 17th Feb 2012
I TOTALLY AGREE! Your review cracked me up! I also have been putting up with this dreadful phone with it's embarassingly slow internet and terrible reception for 18 months. My girlfriend asked me to look up the phone number of a restuarant on it - she then got more and more irate as I waited for the awful monte to do something! About 10 minutes later and several wrong turns we arrived at the restaurant having asked a fellow human being directions. The monte was still struggling to load the website!!! It runs out of memory after about 10 texts and 3 voicemails even with a memory card added! If you try and scroll through your photos, the phone goes mad and uncontrollably flies through dozens of pictures! The phone automatically locks when you are on a call so you have to continually unlock it to type in numbers if you are ringing a business with a "press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts" type options menu. RUBBISH - worst phone i've ever owned (previous ones had less "technology"

Reviewed by satish prasad from india on 10th Nov 2011
i like this phone,easy to handel it, in average price its nice and good. i satisfied.

Reviewed by Jon from UK on 3rd Nov 2011
piece of garbage!!

Reviewed by martin from india on 3rd Nov 2011

Reviewed by Amar from India on 26th Oct 2011

Reviewed by nitesh from india on 22nd Oct 2011
I hate this. i am crazzy this time taking phone

Reviewed by Shyam from Trivedi on 18th Oct 2011
Using this mobile for past 1 year...never receives GPS signals....it has less RAM always takes huge time to show album art in music player....the microphone of my phone is also showing signs of wear and has problems of low volume while speaking wid some one....wasted my 9000/- Rs bad experience

Reviewed by Sushil rana from India on 17th Oct 2011
I love samsung monte. it looks well. it has all quailites you want in your bugdeted price range. expect one thing the andorid application is not in.

Reviewed by Cal from Northern Ireland on 27th Sep 2011
AVOID THIS PHONE!! Had mine a year now, after around 7-8 months began developing faults. Bad signal, people unable to hear me in phone calls! Sent to Samsung, the microphone had broken! They fixed it free of charge, but decided to update software on it when that was not the problem! Now it won't work ... I didn't want the software updated ... As soon as I am out of this contract and buying a new phone I will not go near another Samsung phone, EVER! Can't trust the phones, can't trust Samsung themselves. If there was a "0 Star" option I'd be selecting it ...

Reviewed by Ian from UK on 26th Sep 2011
Agree with other recent poor reviews. Phone is good initially, but starts to give probs after a few months. Hanging, unable to find signal, menu unavailable. Eventually after 9 months returned to Samsung repairer, they couldnt fix it so a brand new replacement sent. This one has lasted 3 months and has developed exactly the same faults. Will be asking for a different phone, hoping they dont want to try repairing this one! AVOID!

Reviewed by Bhanu from India on 20th Sep 2011
every thing is good at its level of price but it hangs up too quickly and has problems with video files resolution

Reviewed by Emily from the middle of nowhere on 11th Sep 2011
I honestly have nothing good to say about this thing, DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

Reviewed by venky from uae on 3rd Sep 2011
its worst. i cant install either skype or nimbuzzzz

Reviewed by Sid from England on 26th Aug 2011
Silly thing failed after only two months

Reviewed by cassie from RSA on 18th Aug 2011
Nice phone. Have one issue though. When video calling cannot hear the other person speaking. Do i have to do some settings. Please assist.

Reviewed by Bessie Fernandes from United Kingdom on 7th Aug 2011
I have the Monte 5620. Its a good phone and has everything you could think of but there is one snag I do not know how to get the keypad on when I am asked by the operator to type numbers like 1 or 2 etc. How does one get the keypad which is normally so easy to get in the normal course of events.

Reply by Susee from England on 6th Feb 2012
To get to your keypad during a call, if it is on lock, unlock by pressing the middle button on the right hand side. press loudspeaker if you wish on the top left, then press the keypad button on the bottom left. This should then allow you to use your keypad. If your phone is on lock then you have to unlock, press loudspeaker and then keypad pretty quick before it locks again, otherwise you won't be able to access the keypad. If your phone is not locked, no problems!!

Reviewed by Vivek from India on 7th Aug 2011
I love the phone very much. only thing is qwerty keypad is missing.....

Reviewed by Jack from India on 4th Aug 2011
i don't like this phone because it has browser that i don't like. it does not gives wife score to surfing internet and downloading things. it shows error, not able to download. over all i like it but the main problem is that it's browser.

Reviewed by Fatima from United Kingdom on 1st Aug 2011
Love this phone.I`ve had it for 7 months or so now and it hasn`t caused any trouble or inconvenience since I got it. The bluetooth is great. Depending on which network you are with (I`m with Virgin on contract)the internet is really fast.The wi-fi is good because when you connect it`s really fast.The camera is also really good. It`s a great phone.

Reviewed by lauren from europe on 30th Jul 2011
i have had this phone for nearly a year now and iam changing my phone cause this freezes and turns off by it self the touch screen isnt that good...xxxxx

Reviewed by Di Mort from Ausralia on 22nd Jul 2011
It's a nice phone for the money ($A100) with lots of data and credit I'll not use up..lack of qwerty keyboard is a pain tho, and to use in-call 'response' i.e.press button 1 for balance of A/c etc requires you to press lock button which is too slow to react, requiring extra calls or recorded voice asking if you are 'tipsy' or something! Easy when handling phone to inadvertently press 'lock' as well as it's centered at the side. GPS was good, FM radio nice to have, Google awkward.

Reviewed by danni from england on 12th Jul 2011
cant get facebook :/ or twitter :/ :(((

Reviewed by Elliott from UK on 8th Jul 2011
i had this phone for about 6 months and it was terrible, the camera is ok, the texting is really hard and the facebook is terrible. I now have the blackberry curve 8520 and it is much better :D

Reviewed by big fat grinchapeed from big fat losers on 7th Jul 2011
this phone is great the best phone samsung have made it is very simple and there are many features great for texting. BUY NOW

Reviewed by maca116 from united kingdom on 28th Jun 2011
Absolute rubbish, dont bother, and certainly no iphone! I bought this on contract with Orange but as I could not use the hansets in store just view them I bought this one rather than the HTC wildfire (could not afford an iphone), what a mistake! My wife now has the HTC and it is virtually identical to an iphone (or the closest I have seen). The camera takes ages to take a photo and the shots arent that great. The browser kept saying memory full on web pages, when I had loads (not a problem on HTC / iPHONE). Eventually orange upgraded the software via a phonecall to sort this, which has made a difference, but it cost me for the call as I had to phone via landline to use the phone! All in all very disappointed.

Reviewed by Enrique from Ecuador on 17th Jun 2011
Samsung Monte is a great!!!.. i have a qwerty keyboard on mine i just changed the firmware and thasts itt..awesome!!

Reviewed by himanshu from india on 15th Jun 2011
This is the best phone I ever had. Excellent. 100 out of 100 !!!!!

Reviewed by Elliott from UK on 12th Jun 2011
This is a good phone, the battery life is good and the touch screen is brilliant. the only bad things r internet and no qwerty keyboard but if u use t9 then u will be fine :D

Reviewed by anshul from india on 11th Jun 2011
internet speed is much less thamn commited....really.....on 2g network it often goes to bps....and in 3g network it is 20kbps.

Reviewed by sanjay from india on 8th Jun 2011
this phone is very best, i like it

Reviewed by sgh from uk on 4th Jun 2011
Had this phone since october 2010 and i hate it - touch response is so slow and wifi/internet speed is even slower only plus side is the battery life. replaced this with GT I5500 (cheaper on payg compared to monte) big improvement!

Reviewed by abigail from uk on 31st May 2011
good phone but wifi dosent work i would recomend if you dont want internet anywhere, brill phone!!!

Reviewed by Lol from Uk on 28th May 2011
I hate it! Has no apps, poor camera, rubbish facebook and not even a qwerty keyboard! The internet sucks aswell!

Reviewed by Zac from England on 28th May 2011
Don't buy this phone. For a start Samsung Kies does not work on Windows 7, and so therefore you can not connect it to your laptop. I wish i never brought this phone and i cant wait to be rid of it.

Reviewed by Ravi jakhar from india on 27th May 2011
i love samsung monte its a nice mobile to buy .i am advise to all men and woman to buy this phone.its ossam touchsecreen and smooth. and its 100 star mobile

Reviewed by Anuj from India on 25th May 2011
Nice phone

Reviewed by Katiee from Scotland on 21st May 2011
I love this phone!! :D:D i dont use the facebook much becasue its not very good for nitifications but other than that i love it!! ive got 6 songs and loads of pictures and still got memory laft over in the phone itself :) im 15 so mabye im simple, but i find it awesome!! :D

Reviewed by Rajesh from India on 21st May 2011
No qwerty keyboard

Reviewed by Mos from UK on 15th May 2011
I don't like the Samsung Monte, they go on about how much apps it has but you can only use them if you're willing to pay a hefty budget, the camera is ridiculous, no zoom and no flash... I'm getting a LGTOWNC300 tommorow and to be honest, I'm sure that would be better than it.

Reviewed by ell from uk on 7th May 2011
This phone is ok but i wish i didnt get it and will be getting a new 1 soon

Reviewed by Tim from UK on 5th May 2011
Nokia 5230 is much better.

Reviewed by AndyThorne from UK on 1st May 2011
As a phone it's just about OK, except when you need to switch between incoming calls etc, as all that is buried in menus. Net browsing is ok. Other than that it is pants. GPS? Forget it. The capacitive screen wipes out any possibility of getting a GPS signal, and as there are no standard apps, it is probably a phone Samsung are going to wish they never made.

Reviewed by abhinav from india on 29th Apr 2011
samsung monte is a good phone but it lacks functions like flash side qwerty keypad auto focus then it is a budget phone not worse

Reviewed by Lauren from England on 27th Apr 2011
I've had this phone since last June. It's a great phone. Ok so it might not be in the same league as Blackberry or iphone..... but it's not as expensive as them. The wi-fi works well, although the facebook app is a bit rubbish, but you can access facebook via google, which is better (although messages are harder to read since facebook changed the layout of the inbox). But other than that it's good. I've never had any signal problems, the battery is good. The touch screen is responsive (most of the time) and the camera is not great, but it is ok. It has a slot for a memory card, which is great. However the best thing about this phone is how hardy it is. I have not looked after it very well and in the time I have had it have dropped it in the sea, down the toilet, thrown it against a wall, poured a glass of water all over it and my water bottle leaked all over it in my bag. (All by accident of course). Each time I switched it off immediately, took it apart and left it over night in the airing cupboard and it is still going strong, you wouldn't know about any of those incidents looking at it. So all in all an amazing phone for the price :)

Reviewed by mil from macedonia on 22nd Apr 2011
DO NOT GET iT!! it is the wors phone you can get by samsung.. it doeas not have any apps and well considering the price you could get an android for that amount of money!! i disslike it

Reviewed by james from uk on 4th Apr 2011
i rote a review in november few months after i got this fone and i said i found the fone good for the price but now not haveing a qwerty keyboard is quite hard since every other fone i have had has had one... also it really does work quite slow ... although the music quality is good it doesnt live up to apple (obviously) but am really wanting to get an android fone now ... and since there the must have thing then a suppose i need done but one problem i dont want to buy one or pay contract so need to wait for ma b'day then ma mum nd dad will be paying for it ((:

Reviewed by Ian from UK on 2nd Apr 2011
dont get this phone or at least dont get it on orange. ive had this phone for at least half a year and i never got the facebook,twitter or youtube app. you dont get proper widgets and the gps just doesnt work so all in all its a rubish phone and dont get it.

Reviewed by Stu from UK on 28th Mar 2011
Not a bad phone but really poor signal. Wher my old SE k800 had good signal the Monte has 1 -2 bars if lucky quite often get Limited service.

Reviewed by nikolait from saudi arabia on 20th Mar 2011
It's a good cellphone with a good budget, and the internet connection is good..... cheers!

Reviewed by elliott from uk on 19th Mar 2011
this is a brilliant mid range phone

Reviewed by lopez from england on 19th Mar 2011
this is the greatest phone and great value I reckomend you buy it

Reviewed by jess from uk on 16th Mar 2011
its awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by me from uk on 16th Mar 2011
great phone and iplayer built in is just great for cbeebies for the kids you can download programmes to your phone that stay there for 7 days so they can watch them when out and about not just in wifi zone buy it you wont be regret it

Reviewed by Fee from Scotland on 14th Mar 2011
I think all the features on this phone is great and everything i want in a phone. its the first touch screen iv had. The only prob that i have with it is wen i go to watch a video it tells me to download flash player 10 and then wen i do my phone is not compatible.

Reviewed by sian davies from UK on 14th Mar 2011
my phone is not too bad but it could be better

Reviewed by cindy from India on 9th Mar 2011
I have been using samsung monte for an year now..awesome phone..I don't have any problem with any of the applications...I-phone and samsung monte are almost the same except for that there is no OS on samsung monte . Awesome phone..great deal..buy it !

Reviewed by Parth from India on 7th Mar 2011
i think that it is a very good good phone. everything works on it from WiFi to gps. i think that it is a complete phone in this range and would advice to buy it. (just don't believe on comments. just do the survey yourself.and choose the best thing for youself.)

Reviewed by Alfie from UK on 27th Feb 2011
I thought this would be a great phone after i read reviews on it but 5 months in i think its a pile of poop. I never get a good signal and ive tried the same sim card on other phones and they get a excellent signal. As om righting this i only get about 2 or 3 out of like 6 or 7 Facebook fails as well. there are so many features that the facebook 'app' is missing. The reason i got this phone was for that purpose. It also takes forever to load my news feed. Like others have said the T9 is rubbish but the only good thing that you can add your own words. Long story short, this phone was good for 5 muinets.

Reviewed by Amon from Poland on 22nd Feb 2011
Dont bother with this trash, you will be better off with an old second hand nokia 3210!

Reviewed by laura from england on 19th Feb 2011
very good phone i have had it for a few months and i have got no problems with it. I would advice anyone to buy this phone it is amazing.

Reviewed by Chris F-S from England on 17th Feb 2011
Generally impressed and agree with the opening remarks that this over-delivers for the money. I bought this to be a substitute for an old PDA and a recently defunct mobile. Generally very impressed with web access, Wifi connection and battery life. It took a long time to work out how to sync it to my Outlook calendar though - I was using the Kies 1.1.5 version of the software that came with it and when I rang Samsung to explain my problem they claimed that it was not possible to sync a Monte with Outlook at all! A bit miffed I persevered and downloaded Kies version 2.0.0 from the Samsung website and it does work fine now - don't rely on the customer help folk seems to be the msg. Not many useful apps in the app store for adults unless you are into porn but the main functions are fine. It is a bit of an art accessing the keyboard during a call but it can be done. Worth a look if you wnat PAYG and can't afford an iPhone/Galaxy /Desire etc.

Reviewed by Troy from UK on 17th Feb 2011
Owned, thrown. Childish interface, useless, uncustamisable features. Poor.

Reviewed by Martin from England on 10th Feb 2011
Frustrating in the extream, I hit it with a hammer last night, the only pleasure I got from this toy.

Reviewed by Stacey from England on 8th Feb 2011
great phone!! amazing touch screen, camera is pretty good for 3.2! The only bad thing is it does not have quirty keyboard/ I advice anyone to get this phone

Reviewed by WAYNE from ENGLAND on 5th Feb 2011

Reviewed by Jose from Hungary on 28th Jan 2011
This is the worst phone I ever used, rubbish camera, poor sound quality, impossible to install almost nothing (at least useful stuff), GPS not working or showing I'm in USA or India (I'm in Hungary), 4 times sent to Samsung service, they response is that I donít know how to use the phone! Email client never worked, as well YouTube app. I bought an independent one, not to be under any provider or contract limitation, so no one is very helpful. I give minus five Stars for this phone... Ahhh the price went down so fast, that if I want to pass it on EBay it will be more expensive the parcel than the money I get for the phone.

Reviewed by henry from England on 28th Jan 2011
I got this phone mostly on the basis on rave reviews but was very disappointed. It felt clunky and difficult to use often doing the opposite of what I expected; the touch screen was unresponsive; many obvious features not preset to the home screen make setting up long and laborious; no pre set email settings for big name providers; irritating locking mechanism; goggle maps was nearly impossible to use when it is a pleasure on other phones. I've gone back to a nokia 5230 which is much better and flogging the samsung on ebay.

Reviewed by Arthur from South Africa on 24th Jan 2011
great phone but its prettty slow,for 2010/2011 and has a rubbish camera in low lighting,no skype,but all else aside its a great phone and i'm loving it.

Reviewed by ell from uk on 18th Jan 2011
this phone is ok but if u like texting do not get this phone

Reviewed by Todd from England on 9th Jan 2011
forget this i'm taking this thing back and getting myself a proper phone.

Reviewed by Jenny from UK on 7th Jan 2011
I really love the Samsung Monte because it has an really nice, responsive touchscreen and a cool camera.

Reviewed by Anonymous from England on 29th Dec 2010
I have this phone and it is so cool! I'm 14 and I love it. I don't use it all the time, but I love the way it's got BBCiPlayer on it and WiFi which is so helpful. Although it could do with having a couple of more widgets or apps, the ones it has are really good. The camera's not the best, but I don't need a hi-spec camera, so that doesn't matter to me. And best of all, it comes in pink! :D

Reviewed by David from Spain on 23rd Dec 2010
The worst phone i ever had. Don't buy it. After looking at the reviews in this site, I had high expextations. But i was let down. The phone is slow, the camera is rubbish, it deletes some of my contacts and when i recieve a message, the time that it says i recieved it at is about 30 minsfaster of slower than the actual time that i recieved it at. The predictive texting is rubbish also. when i go to write 'is' it comes up with 'Hs' which isnt even a word.

Reviewed by finn searchfield from england on 6th Dec 2010
yeah, luv the phone, everything works fine and no reason not to buy it. only problems are the camara is abit naf but for the price (99 quid or £10 a month contract)its what u expect, and when you message it doesnt have a QWERTY keyboard. I really wanted a full size QWERTY keyboard but this seems like one of the only touch phones not to have one. oh well, still like the phone and i recommend to everyone. :)

Reviewed by james from uk on 11th Nov 2010
i have had this fone since september and i have to admit it is relly good for the price of £120. i gott this fone due to my last one being dropped in a river :S. it is one of the best fones a have had for a long time, althou the camera isnt of the highest quality and the fone can go quite slow sometimes it is still fantastic. :D

Reviewed by Raj from UK on 28th Oct 2010
It was working fine until i received one SMS, wanted open that sms, mobile got jammed, switched off and then on, then onwards not receiving nor sending nor able to access sms menu. looking for a solution

Reviewed by Martin from England on 9th Oct 2010
Like this phone for making calls and texting although has no qwerty key board, the use of the screen on the internet however could be better. When selecting a link you almost have to bang the screen with your finger and is sluggish to act on 3G. Battery life is excellent so is viewing pictures there so large.

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