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Samsung L770 review

 Review: November 2008  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung L770 is a 3G slide phone that comes with the standard range of features including a 2 megapixel camera, 3G video calling, a music player, FM radio, Bluetooth wireless connectivity and a memory card slot.



The Samsung L770 is an upgraded version of the Samsung L760 and is a 3G slide phone in traditional Samsung style. Whereas the L760 came with a colourful makeover by British designer Ted Baker, the L770 has a standard metallic finish with a mirror screen. When we say that it's been upgraded, it's hard to see any real improvements, except that the camera now has a flash. The L770 weighs less, and is extremely light at just 84g, but the battery life seems to have got worse as a result.

If you want a smart 3G slider that's cheap and compact, then this ticks most boxes, but the poor battery life really lets it down. It's hard to see why Samsung felt the need to release yet another entry level slide phone into an already crowded product range. We'd stick with the Ted Baker phone instead.

Samsung L770 features include:

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Samsung L770 user reviews

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Average rating from 15 reviews:

Reviewed by Mario Williams from South Africa on 14th Oct 2011
I have purchased this model phone and from the experience I've had with this mobile so far has been excellent. The phone is user friendly and does not display any signs of failure with software and network problems. I highly recommend this phone to any user.

Reviewed by nigel from Zimbabwe on 11th Dec 2009
this phone is good looking on the exteria and every thing else but the battery life.But i have found a solution to this problem. DONT CHARGE YOUR PHONE FOR TOO LONG.Charge it for about 5-7 hours and you will see the difference and when listening to music use earphones it saves your battery

Reviewed by Crazi B from England, UK on 17th May 2009
ive had this phone since october 08 and its had to be repaired a few times and now i have to charge it every night but i am a heavy user on phones (mainly texting). for a text its great and you can text for hours on it without getting a sore hand but if you need to get onto the internet and write some long essay then its a pain in the butt. Its great for people who need the basics as you can lpad music onto it and download games, on 3 you can get msn too. Over all i gave it 4 because its hardly ever let me down, plus ive dropped it so many times and it just bounces on the floor :] its all good.

Reviewed by Lauren from UK on 13th May 2009
Had this phone since september...at first i really like it but to be honest...its useless! It has to be charged every night even if its hardly been used! The internet service is rubbish as well...really slow. Quite often im too fast for it and it will 'crash' Camera not too good either At least its alright looking!and it bounces when you drop it! always a plus

Reviewed by mandy from England on 27th Mar 2009
poor battery life, cant record for more than 10secs on camcorder

Reviewed by Aileen from Ireland on 25th Mar 2009
Nice phone, but poor battery life and also difficult to source a spare battery apart from that I am pretty happy with the rest of it

Reviewed by pcb from UK on 25th Mar 2009
Rubbish. Internet browsing so slow it's useless. Frequently drops calls after a few seconds. Poor battery life.

Reviewed by borat from kazakhstan on 5th Feb 2009
i like phone its nice

Reviewed by Flaska from UK on 24th Jan 2009
I cannot connect L770 to my laptop. I downloaded Samsung PC Studio 3, all updates and USB driver. First tried with USB. When plugged in the cable both the phone and the laptop beep but nothing else can be done. The Connection Manager does nothing on Connect. When tried bluetooth. The Connection Wizard finds the phone but the PIN request does not appear on the phone. The phone also detects the laptop but nothing happens after typing the password. What should I do?

Reviewed by jwt13 from UK on 15th Jan 2009
Had phone since Oct, looks good but in a word it's irritating. It has an illogical menu, battery life is poor even with light usage ( no games or music), currently in for repair as I can no longer hear the caller even with volume at max.

Reviewed by EJV from UK on 27th Dec 2008
This phone is exclusive to 3 network.Its a superbly designed super-thin slider with good ergonomics,slide mechanism and keys.Thankfully Samsung has avoided their irritable touch sensitive keys in this phone.The screen is large and crisp.Ring tone and speakers are loud enough(as compared to few other Samsung sliders).Camera is mediocre.However,I do not use my phone for photos or music and hence cannot commend much on it. The only downside for this phone is its very poor battery life, the comeuppance for making a slider so thin .However, as I charge mine every night, it has never drained out. Its still a fabulous and beautiful phone:-)

Reviewed by Chloee x from Portsmouthh x on 22nd Nov 2008
I Love This Phone! Its Got A Good Camara; Excellent Memory! The Only Bad Point I Have Are That The Battery Runs Out Well Quick. But Other Than That I Love The Phonee :D x

Reviewed by friday from island on 19th Oct 2008
I just started using it, and so far: There's NO flash, what do you look at ?! There's only dark menu skin, no light one. Keypad Lock can NOT be turned off. Menu in general is not very "logical" , like they had to make it in rush, "for yesterday". Gummy covers for plug/mem.card slots look like they'll fall off after some usage. Phone looks good, like tuxedo, simple and elegant. Keypad is good, only exterior left and right keys dont look like they'll last. Middle (5-way key) is very good, looks like it will last.

Reviewed by matea from croatia on 10th Sep 2008
really great phon and very low price :)

Reviewed by marius salagean from uk on 21st Aug 2008
poor baterry

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