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Samsung Jet review

 Review: June 2009  

Last updated March 2010

Rating: 5 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung Jet is a slimline mid-range touchscreen phone that gives a lot, for a modest price.

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The Samsung Jet has been launched with the slogan "Impatience is a Virtue" and according to Samsung it is "the must-have product for those who live fast paced lives and want to pack more of everything into their day."

Yes, the Jet is fast, with a powerful 800 MHz processor (theoretically even faster than the processor used in the iPhone 3G S), a responsive touchscreen user interface and fast web browsing with HSDPA. But for us, the real story is the price. Even though it's only available on Vodafone initially, you can buy the Jet for just £20 per month on contract, which seems like a bargain to us.

The Jet looks pretty much like all other touchscreen phones, with some nice detailing on the three buttons below the screen to set it apart from the common herd. Apart from that, it's almost identical to phones like the Tocco Lite - quite impressive, when you consider how much hi-tech wizardry is packed into this slimline device. So, not only is this a fast device, but it's also sleek and streamlined too, and will easily fit into a shirt or jeans pocket. The TouchWiz 2.0 user interface is tried-and-tested technology and shouldn't cause any problems for most users. And it is very fast and responsive too.

We've got to be impressed by the AMOLED display on this device. It's slobberingly gorgeous. AMOLED is bright, with high contrast, so you can see it outdoors much easier, and the resolution on the Jet is an incredible 800 x 480 pixels, which makes it the best screen we've ever seen on any Samsung phone. In fact it beats most high-end smartphones, yet costs half as much! At 3.1 inches, it's large and this makes a real difference for any touchscreen user interface. This display is so good, it's worth buying the phone for this feature alone!

So, in terms of usability, we'd give the Jet a 10 out of 10. But let's look at the features now. For a mid-range phone, the featureset must rate about 9 out of 10. The camera has 5 megapixels, with autofocus, smile detection, digital zoom and a dual LED flash. It's not going to be shortlisted for the best camera phone ever, but it still beats most of the others in its class. The Jet can record video too, and can play back videos in high resolution in DivX & Xvid formats without conversion. A second camera enables video calling over a 3G network. Musically, the Jet delivers, with a music player capable of playing most common music formats. With DNSe and a 3.5mm audio jack, this ticks our boxes. There's also an FM radio with RDS, so you can see what station you're listening to, and even the name of the artists and song playing.

One of the other strong points of the Jet is the whopping 2GB of memory built into the phone. This will probably be enough for most users, with the capacity to store around 1,000 music tracks, but can be expanded to 16GB with the addition of a microSD card.

Although it's not a smartphone, the Jet does have multi-tasking support, and the TouchWiz interface includes online widgets that can deliver applications like Facebook, weather reports, etc. So unless you're a geek who likes to download and customise, you'll find the Jet answers most of your needs. And if you're one of Samsung's target users living a fast-paced life, you probably don't have time for the downloading and installing stuff anyway. If you do need to download, you'll find the 3G HSDPA and WiFi connections to be nice and fast, whether you're watching YouTube videos or just surfing the web. The web browser is excellent too. Thanks to the huge screen and the one-finger zoom feature, viewing full web pages is easy. The web browser is very well featured, with support for Flash and even multi-window support. It's not quite a laptop, but it's definitely a good mobile web experience.

As well as WiFi support, the Jet has Bluetooth and USB, naturally. The 3.5mm audio jack is very welcome too, enabling the use of standard headphones, or the possibility to connect to an external speaker system or a car stereo. A GPS receiver is included too, but no Google Maps.

So, the Samsung Jet: it's a fabulous phone, with some truly exceptional features. Just remember that it's not a smartphone, so don't compare it with the iPhone, or phones like the Samsung i8910 HD (which both cost twice more than twice as much as the Jet!) Really, this is a fabulous phone for someone wanting more than the Tocco Lite, but not willing to fork out £40 a month for a top-of-the-range smartphone. We guess that ticks a lot of people's boxes.

You may have heard of something new called the Samsung Jet Ultra Edition. Relax, it's virtually identical to the Jet but exclusive to O2. It comes with a BBC iPlayer widget, and has a silver band running around the edge.

Samsung Jet features include:

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I want a battery for my Samsung jet mobile ( battery A5 ). Pls. Advice how to get one MUMBAI?

Asked by George from India on 26th Sep 2017

When did they come out?

Asked by susan from england on 25th Dec 2016

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Average rating from 332 reviews:

Reviewed by Buddy from UK on 21st Mar 2013
A classic case of style over substance. It's still a joke to think that it was being marketed as being "smarter than a smartphone" and it seems to me that Samsung panicked when they rashly released this one in the wake of the iphone 3. I had one for about 6 months a couple of years ago and found it to be heavily overrated and it also got my nerves far quicker than I ever expected. One of its chief problems was its WiFi with all kinds of techie settings that needed a geek to decipher and was still unreliable. The texting experience was also poor with zany word predictions. The applications 'shop' was virtually non-existent with no more than a handful of apps even a couple of years after the phone had been launched. The pinch-to-zoom was nearly uncontrollable, and tilting the phone to view the pic gallery was a nightmare as it manically stumbled backwards and forwards like a drunk elephant, invariably skipping the images you really wanted to see. Which brings us IMO to its chief irritant which are its gimmicky touches - like the rotating 3D cube, which might hold your friends' attention for about 5 seconds as they correctly grasp the thought that it adds no value whatsoever to the existing user interface. However, to add some balance to the review I would concede that there was virtually no touchscreen lag; the 5MP camera and camcorder were high quality and easy to use; the screen was excellent and vibrant (I wouldn't have expected anything else from an AMOLED screen); the MP3 player was outstanding in its loudness and sound quality; and the hardware looked stunning at the time (although that red-black rear case was a real fingerprint magnet). Unfortunately, this phone has planted an impression that I have since found it hard to shake off that Samsung as an institution can indeed make excellent hardware, but lacks any true inspiration as it regularly fills its phones with too many half-baked and toy-like gimmicky touches, of which I've heard that dark mutterings have resurfaced with the recent launch of the Galaxy S4.

Reviewed by Jam from UK on 16th Dec 2011
I have owned a Samsung Jet for 2 years now. Unfortunately, i think this phone is quite overrated. I'll do a brief review; The good: Good music player, high quality sound. Great for watching movies, although the phone doesn't have enough memory to support them without an SD card. A reasonable camera, that in the right settings can take some great photos. Very bright and High-res screen, again brilliant for watching movies. The bad: Internet, although fast - doesn't enable flash. The APP base is very very poor, 17 widgets in total, 4 of which are clocks. Misleadingly advertised here. I found the alarm settings lacking, alarm turns off quickly, not ideal. Phone Jack is very fragile, had 2 break on me out of the 3 i owned, means that headphones have to be held in place to enjoy music. Just little things which should have been tidied up, for example no text conversation, that would've been nice, and when you receive a voice mail, an annoying box sits on the background of your phone, when you push close, it just reappears in like 15minutes until you call voice mail, very annoying. All in all, i would suggest getting an android phone, personally i am not going to get another Samsung touch screen, instead i will probably move to an HTC or Iphone.

Reply by sam from uk on 9th May 2012
jam,jam,jam, look at when the phone was made its not a smartphone its a midranged 2009 phone wat do u ecspect!!!!!

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 12th Jul 2011
I've had the phone nearly a week now and I am very impressed. The screen is very responsive and is bright and sharp, even in harsh light. It lacks an Android OS, but when I did go on a game hunt I found that Samsung provides great games for a great price. The widgets are excellent, felt no need to download extra yet. The processor is very fast and loads most web pages as quickly as my laptop. Only problems I had were the bad Wi-Fi connectivity and low quality videos, but these are very minor problems next to a great phone for a great price.

Reviewed by Ashleigh Little from UK on 19th Jun 2011
I've had this phone for around 18 months and gotta say it's pretty good and lived up to the expectations. it's a bit of trouble when it gets wet though, as the touch screen just crashes but returns to normal after a few hours which is good as other phones may just break completely. although the speaker is a bit of a pain as it randommly decides not to work, so no music or calls etc etc. other than that it is good :)

Reviewed by candice from UK on 31st May 2011
a samsung jet is soo not worth it. yes it has a good camera , but that is the only good thing about it. it constantly freezes and constantly breaks up. at first it was great butafter a while it slowes down and is generally a boring phone. i do not recomend it.

Reviewed by !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from UK on 13th May 2011
it keeps freesing

Reviewed by Phil K from UK on 28th Apr 2011
Take my word. Any Samsung with Route 66 on board should never be contemplated. Rip off city. Nokia give you free maps Samsung sting you with Route 66 "How much money you got, my dears ?" classic Fagin company.

Reviewed by kim from UK on 21st Apr 2011
utter junk!

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 13th Apr 2011
awful phone, awful touch screen, very slow

Reviewed by Fedup from UK on 12th Apr 2011
I read this review when I first got my phone and felt so happy that I had "a fabulous phone, with some truly exceptional features". After a year's worth of use and much frustration I'm not so happy. Based on my experience with this phone I will never buy a piece of Samsung electronics again. Their support is woeful. Their testing must be woeful if the problems I've encountered are anything to go by. And their ability to design a user interface is equally as woeful. Signal strength in my house is almost non existent with this phone, but I get 3 bars with my old Sony. This phone was a disaster. Even firmware updates (which are far too difficult to apply) haven't fixed the majority of problems and often introduced more. For everyone who commented that this phone was amazing, you are stupid or you were a lying Samsung shill. For everyone who sent it back I wish I'd followed your advice. 1 star is too much for this piece of trash.

Reviewed by jojo from UK on 12th Apr 2011
i find this phone most irrantant when texting it switches to side view so have to keep turning phone round and there no way to turn this off, the battery life is poor and if go through the menu too quick tends to lock up

Reviewed by ratul from UK on 18th Mar 2011
very good phone. great velue for mony,it is satisfying u and again u must be say great velue for mony.

Reviewed by andrew from UK on 3rd Mar 2011
i think that this phone is pretty much all u need

Reviewed by Lori from UK on 22nd Feb 2011
Probably a bit out of date getting this phone, but it really is very nice. 10/10

Reviewed by dave from UK on 21st Feb 2011
I got my jet ultra sent through with a new contract on 02 in Feb 2010. Since then I have had nothing but constant problems with it and so have constantly been trying to troubleshoot the issues with the phone. I was having constant problems while trying to use the 3G data facilities of the phone. After several days of issues 02 finally decided to tell me i needed a firmware update + new data settings. This fixed the problem for a short while. My next issue was that I wanted to copy part of an email to paste into another email, once again after several days research i found that the phone had never been equipped with the copy/paste facility. None of the current firmware updates added this feature to the phone either. You would think this should be one of the basic essential features of a mid-range phone like this. After all my last phone, the iPhone 3G had the facility. Several months pass with minimal issues, the odd crash of the phone and shutting itself down but your put up with a minimal amount don't you? My next issue was related to this where my phone would constantly reset itself and even shut its self down 1/2 of the time as i tried to answer an incoming call. This was disgraceful and once again 02 insisted I downloaded a newer firmware update. This did temporarily fix the issue for about 8 days. When the issues came back along with a new issue where the touch screen would not function correctly. It was infact so bad I could not enter my pin to turn the phone on as the phone was reading that i was touching a completely different area of the screen. The phone has now been returned to samsung for repair, yet i have been promised it will be returned to me in a maximum 10 business days. I have had to resort to use my old D500 which means for two weeks I cannot access my emails or mobile banking whilst on the go and I am absoultely disgusted about this that 02 or Samsung would not lend a replacement phone of similar spec whilst mine is being repaired! Even when I tried to go to the 02 shop to collect a basic replacement phone the clever people at 02 customer service sent me to one of their shops that was closed for refurbishment. This just shows how little these organisations talk between their departments. Anyway Overall rating for the Jet ultra 1 out of 5 I would say. Some good feature but they don't honestly work as well as they should do and the issues are just a nightmare! I'm getting another iPhone when the new one is release in June 2011!

Reviewed by sara from UK on 20th Feb 2011
The worst phone I have ever had the misfortune to own, touchscreen works when is wants to and the entire phone can freeze for no apparent reason which only turning the phone off for an hour will solve. As for o2 dont get me started they are not interested in sorting the problem only taking the money.

Reviewed by stuart from UK on 20th Feb 2011
i love the samsung jet it is very reliable i dropt it in water and it still works is is ace

Reviewed by Hannah from UK on 18th Feb 2011
Had this phone for over a year now. Brilliant and very reliable. Decent camera and plays music, able to ring people and text people at the same time. Faults - can unlock touch screen easily. Turns itself on easily. Can be slow sometimes. On the whole, I would recommend this phone. :)

Reviewed by SHADOW from UK on 7th Feb 2011
I bout it 1 year ago and i really love it.it has all things that a good phone should have.like 5 mega pixels camera,motion sensor and it supports almost all video and audio formats like divx.but the problem of this phone is just it's system.it just support's JAVA!but you can install andriod on it.(jetdroid project)

Reviewed by MIkey young from UK on 27th Dec 2010
Best phone iVe ever had. !!! i got this second hand from my mum cos well i dont know why.its so good. Amazing camera picture quality amazing amoled display. Only problem i had was it kept sending an SMS to our family homephone but thats to do with the contract not the phone. amazing

Reviewed by Steven Hard from UK on 21st Dec 2010
250 hours for: Battery Standby sounds like a bunch of rubbish to me. After owning it for just 1 year, the battery only holds a charge for 12 hours if not being used, if I am lucky.

Reviewed by emily from UK on 21st Dec 2010
I think this a great phone for its price it has a great camera and the sound quality is really high. it's only issues are, the screen occasionaly freezes and the battery life is unpredictable, it is sometimes poor and other times it lasts for days. i'd recomend this phone for people who want a phone for entertainment or socialising but its no good if you want to use it for buisnnes and is more suitable for younger people. great phone though i love it :)

Reviewed by ally from UK on 13th Dec 2010
Okay phone, Good until it kept freezing, turning off and not easily turning on again, my friend has this phone and has the same problems. It lasted about a year though. The internet browser is extremely slow compared to other phones like the Nokia x6. Okay music player. Not worth the price

Reviewed by Annie from UK on 30th Nov 2010
WORST mobile I have ever had. Touchscreen very unresponsive. Have to keep tapping it to open text messages.Typing text is such a chore that I hardly send any these days!! It has been in for repair twice for same fault. When friends ring me I can hear them but they can't hear me. Still the same now but I honestly can't be bothered with the hassle of taking it back in for repair. Roll on the end of my contract and I can find a decent replacement. Avoid at all costs.

Reviewed by martyn from UK on 20th Nov 2010
its just rubbish. everything is disappointing. i would spend mor money and get an iphone any day. currently trying to get out of my contract..

Reviewed by Sophie from UK on 9th Nov 2010
I've had this phone for just over a year now and it's been great up until now. All of a sudden when I received a text and tried to press messaging i got the message 'Loading Failed', i cannot get onto my files, camera or games either. Also it will only turn on when connected to the computer or charger even if it is fully charged. I have run an update which prompted me at the end it had failed yet i can't do anything about it. I have no idea what to do, i've done some research and there has been plenty of people with this problem however no solution. Sort it out samsung!

Reviewed by Minnie from UK on 25th Oct 2010
i have this phone and think it's amazing!! the touch screen camera etc are excellent but i have got 2 problems with it. First the battery goes down very fast i charged mine for 2 days and the battery only lasted for a day! another is the fact it unlocks itself in my bag and rings people wastign my credit. i am currently in the process of downloading all my files so i can return this phone to have it fixed. i give this phone a 9.5/10.

Reviewed by Bella Pearson from UK on 23rd Oct 2010
I got this phone in march, and 2 weeks after i purchased it it decided it would freeze up and not do anything. also, it likes to turn itself off randomly. Oh and it does not connect to the computer. I wrote to O2 about this and had no response. I do not recomend this phone for anyone, unless you have outstanding patience. "Impatience is a Virtue", paha.

Reviewed by zhao from UK on 19th Oct 2010
good phones

Reviewed by Samantha Sanders from UK on 16th Oct 2010
Well I've had my Samsung Jet for about 6 months and I think its brilliant!! As for what these people say about the battery life being bad, is a load of rubbish - I charged my phone on Monday last week and didn't need to charge it again until the Sunday - almost a week!! People don't know how to look after batteries, you should always let them run out completely at least a couple of times a month. There's nothing wrong with the touch screen, its not slow. The only gripe I do have is in the calendar - you have a limited amount of characters that you can type in, which is a real pain for me as I like to use the calendar a lot for reminders. The camera and video are absolutely brilliant!! I've taken some fantastic photos and videos with it. All in all, a very reliable and functional phone, which looks good too.

Reviewed by paula from UK on 10th Oct 2010
I love this phone, the best samsung yet, my only problem is the ringing time, it only ring for 5 rings then voicemail kicks in. Annoying

Reviewed by Reno from UK on 5th Oct 2010
I bought this phone from 3 on a deal I built myself - something I could afford every month and then I paid 130 up front for the handset, as it was worth 499 at the time. Turned out to be the biggest mistake I ever made. It was advertised as "smarter than smart phone" - WRONG. It was written about as an "iphone contender" - WRONG. Yes, it has features that could make it better - the accelerometer gives it the opporunity to support great content but we weren't given any of this content because the OS isn't open source, so you can't download anything to do with it! We asked Samsung repeatedly to give us an Android update so we could put the hardware to proper use and got no response. Once they've sold a phone to you the answers run dry quickly. Pros: Clear and bright screen. Video playback looks great Good camera (though the flash is too bright and pointless) No apps. Useless widgets. (Downloadable widgets are often non-existant) Resources run out quickly so you have to close stuff. No support from Samsung on making the handset more accessible - such as software updates or the porting of much desired android to this device. Features are basic at best. Resistive screen, touching doesn't always work - usually have to use your nail instead of a fingertip. Resets all by itself. Freezes. Headphone socket has stopped working - music only in one ear most of the time. Battery lasts less than a day. Memory card disappears sometimes. Pointless cube menu used to flash people into purchasing phone. This is a very average phone that has been made to look better than it is with some quick little sparkly things, when in truth it's no further ahead of the market than a phone released years before it. Utterly disappointing.

Reviewed by nerrad from UK on 4th Oct 2010
This may not be the top smart phone out there but it is definitely worth the sub 200 pound price tag. Amazing video play back on a bright large screen. The jet connects to your tv so you can view all your videos (avi files as well) and pictures on your big screen. Web browser is simple and quick connects and downloads videos quickly and easily. Touch screen is responsive especially if you flash the firmware which is recommended since all tarrif companies wreck the menus with there own apps shortcuts and logos. A large 8gb card will cost you only a tenna from amazon which will allow you to store 10 or so full films in avi format. Not the best for writing messages because the predictive text is rubbish not the touch screen.

Reviewed by Lex from UK on 2nd Oct 2010
I just got this phone and I can only say WOW! Amazing, fast, pretty, wi-fi, navigation, good touchscreen, great on screen keyboard.

Reviewed by chloe from UK on 18th Sep 2010
I Love This Phone :)

Reviewed by Smith from UK on 13th Sep 2010
keeps freezing!!!!!

Reviewed by Alex from UK on 6th Sep 2010
Do NOT buy this mobile if you like listening to FM RADIO. The receiver is absolutely awful, only 1 station came through clearly. Also Wi-Fi connectivity was weak and awful and may aswell have not been there. Actual phone quality was quite poor, many calls came through with voices cutting out etc. and there's no way to switch off the annoying motion tilt sensor. Camera was very good, but overall I would prefer another phone. Have recently got a Nokia 6700slide which I much prefer it's excellent.

Reviewed by Anonymous from UK on 3rd Sep 2010
Great hardware let down by terrible software. The firmware sucks and there are almost no apps available for it. Don't buy this POS - spend a little extra and get a HTC Desire instead.

Reviewed by Natalie from UK on 1st Sep 2010
I have had this phone for exactly a year now - I have it on a 24 month contract. I am usually the sort of person who gets sick of phones after a bit if they are lacking the entertainment I like. But wow, I'm still completely satisfied with it. It's done me well and hopefully will for the next 11 months when I'm next due for renewal. Only slight problem, not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but when receiving texts, the texts sometimes don't show up or the tone doesn't sound until you physically unlock the phone, which I will admitt is annoying. Can't really fault anything else - even after a years use, so I'm not one of those people who 'HAVE HAD THE PHONE FOR 2 DAYS AND NOT IMPRESSED' people :)

Reviewed by jet owner 1984 from UK on 31st Aug 2010
samsung jet brilliant phone except no apps released for it thats the only let down otherwise thumbs up

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 24th Aug 2010
I have this phone for more than a month now. Had a W810 for 2 more years. Thanks SE for a good product. Now changed the outdated W810 to Jet. The device is working as it should according to the specs - fast boot up, smooth scrolling, impressive amoled screen, 2-3 days battery life.. you've red it all. Though i've put this marvel for sale, since i can't manage his shitty friendly interface. Has no built in app to use dual LED as a torch - you have to dial *#0*# in your keypad, choose "Mega Cam" and only then you can see LEDs working. That's annoying since i need it quite often. Second star goes down for: for example you have some catalogs with mp3 files. One catalog is my favorite, another one has e-books. Well, you can not choose to play this or that catalog only. There's no such option when creating playlist. Only by genre, popularity, usage, band etc. Third star goes down for making such a polished and slippery body. Once you touch it, fingerprints appear instantly everywhere. Especially it feels wrong when there's +33C outside, and your hands are wet, and you are desperately trying to change the track.. Overall it's not built for day to day usage - looks so fragile and weak device. The pathetic cube looks interesting for a first day, then you get easily annoyed by its poor chances to make this phone any friendlier. Fourth star goes down for it's disability to record a call. Since i usually don't have a pen and paper with me and still need to make a list few times a day, i do need this feature. So, the phone is great, but it's not for me because. Main cons are: has no torch light, no convenient music player, has a "noname" os (java only), unable to record a call, beautiful but non practical at all design, no chances of normal GPS program (you can buy Route66 for the phone that you have only (no sharing)) only GoogleMaps that require i stylus. Now i'm back to my old W810i. Despite it was released FOUR YEARS AGO, it has none of the cons listed below (except GPS), NONE. I guess, i'm going to W995 and give some time for touchscreens to grow better.

Reviewed by SAM from UK on 24th Aug 2010
I got the Samsung Jet 6 months ago, i have just taken it back now for the 3rd time as once again it has a software fault. I can honestly say I have never experienced such problems with a phone and I would not recommend this phone to anyone and I cant wait to be able to upgrade and get rid. When it does decide to work gets really hot, switches itself on and off and personally getting this phone was a huge mistake.

Reviewed by Bob from UK on 19th Aug 2010
Best phone i have ever owned,does everything and the touchscreen is perfect,highly recommended

Reviewed by Wendy Salisbury from UK on 17th Aug 2010
Had this phone 3 months and I love it best Ive ever had. You wont regret buying it.

Reviewed by harry jones from UK on 16th Aug 2010
a fantastic phone definitely the best phone I've ever had the camera's great and the signal is outstanding but the only thing that lets it down is the touch screen but I've had the phone for a month now so it doesn't really bother me.

Reviewed by daniel from UK on 12th Aug 2010
this is quite a good phone, but the speeds that samsung claim this phone can achieve is simply not the case with mine as it operates so slowly. browsing through photos and videos takes forever, and the widgets take a long time to open. however, it has a good camera, good video, and a fantastic looking screen.

Reviewed by Iain W from UK on 8th Aug 2010
Never ever consider buying a Samsung JET EVER. Mine has gone the same as lots of other peoples - the gradual loss of signal over a 5 minute period,which can only be sorted by switching off / on, and then after a couple of days ends up being NO SIGNAL at all. Google samsung jet signal problems or look on ebay to see how many are for sale with no signal issues.

Reviewed by ali from UK on 7th Aug 2010
the best in the world i love it

Reviewed by James from UK on 6th Aug 2010
In a nutshell the phone is rubbish. Yes it does take a good picture, yes the user interface is friendly, but that is all left by the side of the road due to the fact that the phone turns itself off when it feels like it, makes a strange screeching sound and resets itself in the middle of a phone call, it doesn't see the memory card in the phone from time to time, and now it's gone completly. All the phone does now is constantly reset itself as soon as I turn it on, and that's if i can get it to turn on in the first place. It will be going back to O2 ASAP and it looks like I'm going to have to splash some cash for an upgrade. Stay away from this phone at all costs.

Reviewed by tom from UK on 3rd Aug 2010
i just cant believe i spend more time with this phone than with my wife. its sooo responsvie and your fun never ends. there is lots to do and i can type really fast on it. better than a smartphone because its without and the un necessary applications, buy it great price great phone

Reviewed by anonymous from UK on 28th Jul 2010
good phone but.......... -rubbish battery life ended up having to charge it every day!!!! -unresponsive touchscreen as have to press several times sometimes although can be too responsive when it wants as opens windows when brushed very very faintly!!!! -freezes frequently and have to take the battery out and put it back in as it just doesnt unfreeze at all or turn off when frozen!!! however...... -loved the camera and all the different features that came with it!!!!!!!! -sound quality was great for music!!!!! but overall thinking of buying a different phone as the downs you can cope with for a while but then they become seriously annoying!!!!

Reviewed by jo from UK on 25th Jul 2010
got it today on orange great phone with lots of features

Reviewed by Kevo from UK on 17th Jul 2010
Does anyone know HOW to make the Jet remember/save newly written words in its dictionary for texting!!??.....mine doesnt seem to learn/remeber thyem?..please help

Reviewed by rsa from UK on 15th Jul 2010
very average phone.

Reviewed by as from UK on 14th Jul 2010
This phone is not as good as the reviews would suggest. It suffers from picking up background noise, the camera doesn't always work and forget WiFi. Gmail (when you do manage to get a WiFi connection) looks like some schoolboy's summer project. Not the quality I would expect from a *major* phone manufacturer. I have just had to put the phone in for an emergency recovery due to the NPC software failing to correctly upgrade the firmware. Time to start saving for a proper phone !

Reviewed by Soph xx from UK on 11th Jul 2010
this phone is mazin

Reviewed by carole from blackburn from UK on 4th Jul 2010
absolutely absolutely jusy love this phone iv had it quite afew months now cant find nothin bad to say about it its amazin im still finding new things to do with it x

Reviewed by gee from UK on 4th Jul 2010
excellent phone... i chnaged my phone nearly every 3 mnths lol cos i get bored. had this for a few mnths and dnt want to chnage it, it has all the features that i need, unless samsung come out wth a better one dnt think i will be chnaging it. the only thing i donlt like about the phone is sumtyms the when typing a message it turns the message around i duno why. but other than that its wiked for picturre, wi-fi, i think its a mini iphone,. obv the iphone is tooo advanced, i prefer this cos its easy to use, not tooo many apps which is good.... love the phone. woud reccomend to people.

Reviewed by Chloe from UK on 1st Jul 2010
In my opinion it is quite a good phone, it has almost everything wanted on a phone for a teenage girl. I am 15 years old and the phone is very stylish. Alot of boys like this phone aswel so it is unisex. I liked the look of the phone as it is alot like the Tocco lite but better, it is not as light as the Tocco lite but has better features such as; better camera& flash, quicker browsing, easier touch pad. Well in my case i like the touch screen as it is but my friend Aimee thinks that the touch screen on her phone "Tocco lite" is better as it is more sensitive but to me when it is too sensitive it is annoyying. I have had rarely any problems with my phone the Samsung Jet but just recently the touch screen has not been working at all. I get extreamly fustrated with it because non of the buttons work at all, i am definatly taking it back to the shop soon but this proberly the first majour problem i have had with the phone since December the 26th 2009 when i first got i t. Overall the phone is good and stylish but if i keep having problems with it then its obviousley not as good as i thought. I will write another review if i encounter any more problems with it. Hope that helped, byeeee.xxx

Reviewed by Hendrik from UK on 28th Jun 2010
I have a samsung jet s8003 it is ok but the battery must be recharge ever 8 hours and i took the foon back and thy dont want to replys my foon and i dont like it nou . the talktime is180 minutes and stanby is 250 hours and i muts recharge ever 8 hours not cool for me

Reviewed by adrian from UK on 26th Jun 2010
i got this phone today, and i LOVE it, BUY IT if you want a new phone, i love it, it is some games on it, but i love all other things on the phone... and, i wasnt buying it because it was touch, because i already have an ipod touch.... CAMERA IS NICE SO.. i love it <3

Reviewed by daz from UK on 26th Jun 2010
Terrible phone. Text messages dont seem to arrive unless you press a button on the phone (My sister has the same phone, same problems). Internet is slow (youtube is impossible unless you have full signal). Cant always hear the other person you are in a call with. This is my third jet, cant wait for my next upgrade (I have had to buy a cheap phone to use untill then). Worst phone I have ever had

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 20th Jun 2010
Had this phone on contract for last 10 months and unfortunately have 14 months to go! All the hype that surrounded its launch was misleading. It's not that fast; there are very few genuine apps available (and all cost!). Battery life is erratic to say the least......sometimes it'll last a few days, others it goes flat overnight. Internet performance is particularly poor unless you park up next to your providers aerial mast. The PC Studio to connect it to your laptop or whatever is probably the worst sync program I've used ever. Going to give the handset and my iPod to my wife next week and pick up an iPhone4! AVOID THIS PHONE.....II IS PANTS!!

Reviewed by Megan from UK on 20th Jun 2010
no matter what this is the best phone ever and i recommend it to anyone. I havent got one but my sister has and is giving it to me!! i go on it all the time.I have no horrible opinions about it xxxxx

Reviewed by Karl from UK on 16th Jun 2010
the phone is ok but nothing spectacular, had it for 6 month now and it has took a beating but it is still standing :) which is good in a way. but is still peeved that i have no games or anything i mena what are you meant to do when your bored. I WANT A IPHONE !

Reviewed by Kelly Boldero from UK on 13th Jun 2010
I have owned this phone for two months and i have never regretted a purchase so much in my whole life!!! This Phone looks the part but its a real dissapointment to own. Its hard to use, the touch screen is oversensitive when scrolling yet unresponsive when texting and selecting other items. I find myself frequently cursing and giving up when trying to reply to texts!! I have never had a phone that is so frustrating to own and use!!!I have now swapped it for a cheap and cheerful phone that i can actually use without wanting to shoot myself through the head! AVOID THIS PHONE AT ALL COSTS!!!!

Reviewed by Samantha Sanders from UK on 12th Jun 2010
Well I've had this phone for about 3 months now, and I think its brilliant!! People moaning about it not being a smart phone, should do their homework and they would know its not. The only thing I've got trouble with is when I go into texts messages, and whereas when I first got it, I went into the recent contacts, and I could just click on that contact, instead of having to go all the way through the phone book for their number, now it just says 'blank' all the time. Not sure why this is. As for the battery life, mine is fantastic!! I can charge it fully, and it won't need charging again for at least 5 days (depending obviously on how much I use it). When I'm down to my last bar, it still lasts forever. What most people fail to remember (or know) is that you should let your phone battery go completely flat at least two/three times a month, before charging. It takes brilliant photos and video. Overall, a great phone!!

Reviewed by Alex from UK on 11th Jun 2010
All complaints about battery life are false. It has a fine battery and does what it claims to do, however be warned! After 4 months of having the phone, i regret buying it! There are some dodgy features about it. For instance if you have it locked for so long, the touch screen with freeze, disallowing you to use it at all which means you then have to turn it off for upto an hour. STAY AWAY!

Reviewed by Elena H from UK on 6th Jun 2010
Had this phone for almost a year (A Jet it is not), it freezes all the time both while taking pictures and when browsing files on the phone such as pictures, videos etc. The touch UI isn't as responsive as I would have liked but overall I'm happy with it. Texting is terrible if you do it without predictive texting otherwise it's easy. Internet browsing is poor as the browser isn't as fast as I would have liked. The battery has improved the longer that I have had it and now lasts a good 2 days with heavy usage minus web browsing and picture/video taking. Sound is good both with video playback and making/receiving calls have no complaints. The camera is fantastic and clear I love taking photos but the battery doesn't last long, therefore taking the fun out of photo taking. Overall the phone is good for basic use e.g. texting and calling if you can deal with freezing then you should get it. Can't say I'm one of those people and will be changing my phone some time this year. Hope this helps

Reviewed by callravi from UK on 23rd May 2010
HANGS.. exactly when u need the mobile most. Touch screen freezes.. all buttons freeze. Have to remove the battery to restart.. an hangs again. No help from service center. Problem persists. No help from Samsung sites anywhere. No clarity from Samsung why there are two identical models S8000 & 8003. DO NOT BUY.

Reviewed by William from UK on 15th May 2010
AVOID THIS MOBILE AT ALL COST. After about 1 week of using this mobile phone I had discovered that the head phone port was not allowing any sound to be played through the left ear piece of any head phone. Furthermore this phone is not at all fast and will slow down when multimedia is downloaded to the memory.The camera is not anything like my previous mobile phone (Sony Ericsson W810i) and once zoomed to its limit will give you a very grainy and fuzzy image. The internet browser for this handset is very poor and is not flash-enabled. The keyboard is also very poor since the keys are too close together. Compared to my Ipod Touch the WiFi cannot pick up a signal at all. The only good points about this handset is the internal memory of 2GB and the brightness of the flash.

Reviewed by Ian from UK on 14th May 2010
What a cracking little phone! The review says it doesn't have google maps but mine does so I wonder if things have changed since the review was written? Anyhow, great internet browsing, terific little camera (crisp and well coloured pics) and easy to use and navigate menus. It's a bit of a pain there aren't any extra widgets / apps to download but it has lots already preloaded so not realy a major issure for me. Thinking of getting a new phone but don't want to pay extorsionate i-phone prices? This could be the phone for you!

Reviewed by john carter from UK on 12th May 2010
the Hardware is good, camera screen etc. however the os and particularly the web browser are to be avoided at all costs. the java apps dont have access to the wifi only gsm. i hope android gets ported to this phone otherwise its a new phone for me after only 9 months.

Reviewed by Jacob from UK on 9th May 2010
I got this phone in october and was first very happy with it, the camera was great and the touch screen was very responsive, although now it seems to have gone down hill. The phone itself is very slow and takes around 10 seconds to get onto the media album, aslo the touch screen can be a little unresponsive, it chooses to select things you haven't or click things more than once.

Reviewed by timberwolf from UK on 8th May 2010
got this after reading the reviews here, was a bit disappointed, yes its fast and has lots of sweet stuff on it but i hate the touch screen interface, i keep opening stuff i dont want to when im scrolling (which isnt a smooth affair when you get it to do it anyway). the controls are too small for my larger fingers, usually it doesn't even register when i doo a thumb swipe to change the menu screens. gonna stick with it a bit longer but will prob sell it and get something else. NB. this is my first touch screen but i have used others including iphone and htc desire which where much smoother.

Reviewed by J from UK on 6th May 2010
very poor phone. Have had nothing but touble with it since i bought it. would not recommend.

Reviewed by Katie Monk from UK on 29th Apr 2010
I have had my phone for about 8 months, 24 month contract.. i loved it for the first 3 months, until i started having problems. the screen froze when the phone became any hotter or any colder than room temperature. This was a nightmare in February when we had the heavy snow and i had to walk 8 miles to get to work with a boyfriend very worried as he couldnt get hold of me. And now i cant keep it in my back pocket as it gets too hot, i can neither hold it in my hand when i go out as it gets too hot. resulting in freezing again, there for i may as well just leave it at home. when this does happen i cant turn the phone back on until i chrage it again. i dont really want to look like a fool carrying my charger everywhere. the aps/widgets are useless. there is no widget for facebook (the main reason i got the phone). the GPS never works properly. the only problem i dont have is battery life. it tends to last about a week but this is due to the fact the phone is never on as it freezes constantly.

Reviewed by MattW from UK on 28th Apr 2010
THis is by far and away the worst phone i have ever had the misfortune to own. If you stray out of the orange world interent, it will, 9 times out of 10, tell you that you have too many resources running and close the internet down. The camera is good, but fiddly. Texting is difficult. The touchscreen is non responsive at best. Where my old phone had 3 to 4 bars of signal this one has 1 or none. I don't even know what is supposed to be fast about it? All the ads said it was fast... but not what it was actually fast at, the only thing i can see it is fast at is using battery life. Now that the summer is approaching i'm really looking forward to all the days when i can't even read the screen. Do not get this phone.

Reviewed by Angela from UK on 27th Apr 2010
I have a Samsung Jet and absolutely hate it. I can't wait to get rid of it. It may be just me but things go on with it when I don't want them to, e.g goes on mute. The widget bar thing is naf and can't move things off the screen when they come on. I thought it looked cool when I bought it but wish I'd stuck with my Nokia!

Reviewed by pete whiting from UK on 25th Apr 2010
i have to admit that the samsung jet showed a lot of promise. the screen is nice to look at, i havent had the issues with the touchscreen, and the processor does seem to be fairly rapid. But this is where the promise ends. I have now had the phone since october 2009, and for the first three months no issues at all. But now it seems to receive texts whenever it choses, and cuts out phone calls. I can hear people on the other end of the phone but they can't hear me. And the texts come through to my phone about 3 hours after they were sent. I have sent the phone back to samsung who recognised the fault as a software fault. Great, they can fix it! The phone was back within about 5 days which I was very impressed with. Got the phone fired up again and all looked good it received a text straight away. about four hours later though it's back up to its old tricks. and now will be going back for a replacement. I never normally write reviews, BUT IT IS MY STRONG RECOMMENDATION TO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!!!

Reviewed by Dave Burrows from UK on 21st Apr 2010
The Samsung Jet is a very nice easy to use phone. The battery life is very good and the screens clarity whilst indoors is superb, this is let down a little outside on a sunny day when you will struggle to see the screen at all. The features of the phone are very good, but i have experienced some problems with the exchange sync/Wifi setting up (but that maybe just me). The scheduler on the calander side of things is very poor, you can schedule up to 200 days....come on Samsung how many days do we have in a year!!! The music player is good, as is most of the apps, please remember that this is not an iphone and samsungs app selection is terrible. Overall a nice, clever little phone, very fast and has not let me down at all in 3 months of ownership.

Reviewed by Shabaz Abdulla from UK on 21st Apr 2010
Yeh its good!

Reviewed by Sophie from UK on 17th Apr 2010
This phone is actually very good, I got in on orange and they seem to have changed it... But overall it is an excellent phone, the camera is very good, except i find that the flash blinds you a little! And if you want to take a picture of a close object that the flash just overrules the picture... but there are many settings to change that! Internet connection is extremely fast when you have signal... overall a great phone, but i was a bit miffed that orange has changed the phone :/

Reviewed by Charlie from UK on 16th Apr 2010
Ive had this phone for two weeks now and its fine.The battery life is ok but not the best;the camera is great and so is the internet;Its touch screen is fast and responsive but not too sensitive.The jet is the closest you can get to smartphone without the expensive price of the smart phones out these days.I would recomend this phone to people that dont want lots of features and just want a quick simple touch screen phone that can do most things smart phones can do. The jet is small and compact and can comfortably fit into my pocket (unlike my ipod touch). I think think the phone is brilliant because of its simplicity and how it can give smartphone makers like apple,sony and htc a run for their money.The jet gives you a great out of the box experience which I dont find with many phones nowdays. Overall I think samsung could have improved the battery and build quality.But apart from these faults this is one of the best phones in its price range and leaves the Nokia 5800 and tocco behind.

Reviewed by Mohib George Haddad from UK on 13th Apr 2010
Lots of advertisement, less in reality. I got this Samsung Jet S8003 3 weeks ago, and now I can make clear judgement. THE GOOD: High resolution rich screen. THE BAD: You can not see the screen under direct sunlight. Battery life even with average usage is less than one day. Although that Samsung says that AMOLED screen consumes less power by 40%, in reality the phone consumes battery in extremely hight rates. I have to recharge it twice a day, this is a very big disadevantage. The touch screen in not responsive. Try to browse the phonebook you get no response for first 3 trials. Try it. It tends to freeze in the first trials then, after these several trials, it responds easily. GPS is a joke, extremely weak. Almost useless. The phone tends to restart and reboots by its self during usage. I have tried 2 phones same problem. Themes are 3 limited dark background only, so if you prefer a light background theme there is no. Finaly advertisement is something and reality is a different thing.

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 9th Apr 2010
I haved owned my Jet for about a month now. Until yesterday, I thought the phone was pretty good. This is my first touch screen, and it took a wee bit of getting used to, but I was reasonably happy with the phone features. However, after running the battery very low yesterday the phone switched itself off (as you would expect) and is now totally dead. I tried charging over night but doesn't look like the battery wants to take any charge. So, in summary, phone dead after one month. May just be a dud battery but still pretty poor I'd say.

Reviewed by Ben from UK on 8th Apr 2010
i got this phone recently switching from my k800 all my phones have been sony erricson but i decided to have a go of the samsung jet it did well for me and i really like it

Reviewed by George from UK on 7th Apr 2010
I love this phone. It holds signal better than any of my previous phones, the screen is incredible, the camera takes excellent photos, and the addition of a 3.5mm headphone jack means I can use it as a music player. Wifi is excellent, and connects at my university where all my friends with iphones have issues. Battery life is excellent for a touch screen phone - I frequently leave it without charging for 2-3 days with no problems whatsoever. Massive 2GB internal memory and divx capabilities even mean you can have decent videos on it - obviously never going to replace a TV, but good when you're bored on a train! Loads of cool little features like fake calling and motion settings are also included - they seem like gimics, but you'd be amazed how useful they are! Finally, it's a bit different. I don't know many people with a Jet, so feel a bit exclusive. An excellent phone that does lots of things, and does them well, for a fraction of the price of most comparable phones.

Reviewed by arno from UK on 5th Apr 2010
update to 2010 software and it works as it should its a great mobile just update that simple

Reviewed by wezz from UK on 2nd Apr 2010
this is a great phone easy to use i love it i wanted a phone which is good with internet and music. But a full battery last me around 9-10hours which isnt enough when i go college the battery runs out when im on way home all the time. iv had it just over a month an just had to return it as the touchscreen an no buttons work. it started to become a little slow so i simply turned it off an on . then next thing it all stopped working, i was dissapointed. still reccomend this phone its great just think my jet was a one off.

Reviewed by Louise from UK on 1st Apr 2010
I've had two Jet's within 6 months. Neither have been as fast as touted, and the first broke and couldn't get signal. The camera freezes frequently, but the slow down of my current Jet is getting beyond a joke. Disappointing

Reviewed by Pete Norris from UK on 27th Mar 2010
Great, I can see all the wiz bangs above - but when you actually have one and realise you cant play any of your huge library of avi videos without converting them to either ludicrously large MP4 format or just rediculously large DivX format then the shine goes off quite a bit!!

Reviewed by Anon from UK on 25th Mar 2010
I got this phone at weekend and so far i have no complaints. It's amazing. It's my first touch screen phone so i wasn't sure what to expet but i love it. I got it on an 18month contract with Virgin and it's well worth the money. The touch screen is responsive and easy to use, the display is bright and texting (which is what i use my phone for mainly) is very good. You can use it as a normal keypad or turn it to the side and use a qwerty keyboard. The camera is very good, better than on my G600 and the widgets are useful. Battery life is good but if you're using it to email, text, call, play games and go on the internet everyday, don't expect it to last forever. I charged it when i got it on Sunday and charged it again on the following Wednesday. I recomend this phone to anyone and on Virgin it's a great deal. Good job samsung!!

Reviewed by bmwm5 from UK on 21st Mar 2010
this was the worst phone i ever bought it crashes all the time!!!!!!

Reviewed by David from UK on 19th Mar 2010
I'd agree with Thomas Yeung. I wanted to use the Jet also to synchronise with outlook diary. When I tried, I received a message saying the phone memory was full. Two days of frustration later, I gave up trying and exchanged it for a Nokia 5230 which I managed to synch in two minutes flat without any problems. I also found the voice quality and internet connection speed better with the 5230 than the Jet.

Reviewed by marion from UK on 18th Mar 2010
only had the jet for a few days but love it, only prob is I have a t mobile contract and cant seem to move their logo from main display screen to the widget bar like my son can on his O2 one - any ideas ?? other than that 99/100 for it !

Reviewed by Joe Baker from UK on 17th Mar 2010
GREAT phone. Highly recommended great touch pad.

Reviewed by Caroline Gallacher from UK on 14th Mar 2010
Had my Samsung Jet for quite a few months now and I hate it. I do not recommend it to anyone. It continuously freezes and I can't do anything for hours and hours at a time. The bottom left hand corner of the screen doesn't work. Always been a Samsung fan but after this phone I will never be using a Samsung phone again.

Reviewed by Rudy from UK on 14th Mar 2010
The software that comes with the phone "PC Studio" does not work with Windows 7 64 bit operating system.

Reviewed by Tareq from UK on 14th Mar 2010
I got my phone 3 weeks ago and i am amazed with it... truly THE best non-smartphone and better than most smartphones.... has brilliant features and great software... really should get this...

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