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Samsung Genio Touch review

 Review: October 2009  

Last updated April 2010


In a nutshell: The Samsung Genio is an entry-level touchscreen phone very similar to the Tocco Lite, but with a more basic camera and a smaller screen.


Samsung's best-selling phone is currently the Tocco Lite. But now, here comes the Genio Touch, a curvier version of the Tocco Lite, with rounded corners and a more futuristic look. The Genio has a more basic spec than the Tocco Lite, but is about the same price.

The Genio is very much like the Tocco Lite, and has the same kind of touchscreen interface, but with a slightly smaller screen. The camera isn't as good either, but the Genio does have cool widgets that give easy access to Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. There's also a full screen web browser, a music player that supports most popular music formats and an FM radio too. With a memory card slot, you can easily store thousands of music tracks, and the Genio is equipped with Bluetooth so you can easily share stuff with your friends. Initially the price of the Genio Touch was too high, but it has already fallen to around £60, and at this price we'd say it was a bargain and could easily become the mobile of choice for teens.

Samsung Genio Touch features include:

  • 2 megapixel camera with 2x digital zoom
  • Video recording (QVGA 15fps)
  • Display: TFT, 262K colours, 240 x 320 pixels (2.8 inches)
  • Music player (MP3/AAC/AAC+/AAC++/WMA formats)
  • Stereo FM radio
  • 64-voice polyphonic ringtones / MP3 ringtones
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, email
  • Integrated handsfree speakerphone
  • Personal organiser functions
  • Memory: 50MB plus MicroSD memory card slot (up to 8GB)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.1
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS Class 10, EDGE
  • Quadband GSM
  • Size: 103 x 57 x 12.4 mm
  • Weight: TBC

Samsung Genio Touch user reviews

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Average rating from 597 reviews:

Reviewed by deepika bhattacharjee from india on 13th Jul 2012
it z a very superb mob.. all in one feature i can do watevr i can like ............ it has an excellent battery nd large memory..........games r superb............pic to bindas hai.........touch outstanding........bt sometimes it irritade meeeee 222...............bt allrightt.......... my bf alsi love it bt he had an galaxy nd i wl also buy it bt nw isese kam chalati hu.......... bt i love it realyyyyyyyyyy muaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh........!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Amber from UK on 22nd Jun 2012
The genio touch has the BEST battery life I have ever seen in a phone! It is so easy to use and the camera is brilliant. I am now, after two or three years, ooking into a new phone. I can't seem to find a phone with a battery as good as this one :(

Reviewed by Chloe from England on 11th Mar 2012
I've had this phone for almost 2 years now. I've dropped it many times and the condition is still fine. Also the picture editing is good and the widgets are fun, as well as the battery life being good (my phone is on all day and I use it probably an hour a day for texting, photos etc. and I only have to charge it every 4 days, although it could last a good 6 days).
However the games are not brilliant and the touch screen is playing up a lot now- probably due to the fact that it is 2 years old. Also the social networking and internet is poor and the memory space is not brilliant.
As a result I would reccomend buying a more updated phone, especially a smartphone which would have much better capabilities.

Reviewed by Abbie from England on 6th Mar 2012
It's a good phone if you're prone to breaking phones like me. I Have had mine for 3 years (the longest I've had a phone without breaking it) I've dropped it quite a few times and it hasn't broken yet, no cracks on the screen only a few scratches on the case. The only thing i would say about it though is that the screen can sometimes be either too sensitive or not sensitive enough and if you want music on it I would suggest getting a memory card because it's not the best phone for storing music. Overall it's a good phone :)

Reviewed by Amy <3 from England on 24th Feb 2012
a good phone but i had some trouble with the touch screen. Can edit photos well <3

Reviewed by zakiyya from west mid on 15th Feb 2012
the touch screen dosent work and it is very bad phone save ur money

Reviewed by Tori from UK on 17th Jan 2012
I think that the Samsung genio touch is a good phone. It has good features and very easy access to Facebook and twitter. The camera isn't as good as other phones but overall I am happy with my buy and would Definitly buy it again

Reviewed by calum from england on 12th Jan 2012
really good better then samsung galazy ace on three

Reviewed by Dee from England on 11th Jan 2012
Fantastic little phone. Very easy to use, looks good and feels good (have to "bond" with my phone - sad!?) I could "upgrade" it on my contract to a Nokia C301, but have decided to keep this one. It has all that's needed for a non techno phobe like me. Would recommend

Reviewed by Katie from UK on 2nd Jan 2012
This has been my best phone so far, I love it! I can't really fault it. Yes it is quite basic but I'm not really after a smartphone, the Genio suits my needs. And I love the touch screen

Reply by michaela from northampton on 22nd Aug 2012
Would you say it is easy for a beginner with phones?

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 22nd Aug 2012
Yes, definitely a good phone for a beginner.

Reviewed by Tash from England on 19th Dec 2011
I've had this phone for ages, and I will say, its pretty good. I got it in 2009, but dropped it and cracked the screen, but I still kept it as a back up phone, as it still worked (luckily!). I brought a new phone (Samsung Tocco Lite) but lost it. So I went back to the Samsung Genio, and I'm getting on alright with it. It looks nice, but it is boring and I cant get internet or anything. However, this phone is good, considering its cracked and it was turned off for about a year. But sometimes it freezes too, but thats probably because its quite old. Its an alright phone.

Reviewed by chantelle from england on 4th Dec 2011
I've had this phone for just over a year which is the longest i've ever had a phone i've also dropped it so many times its unreal but still works a treat the only down side is i cant get it to sync with my laptop

Reviewed by alex from England on 3rd Dec 2011
quality piece of engineering. It's not the best phone out there, but it's worth it's price and it never breaks - i once droppped it out of my window into a bucket of water and it worked perfectly :) BUY IT NOW !!!

Reviewed by Katie from england on 2nd Dec 2011
I'm not going to say it's rubbish cos it's not but i've been experiencing the same problem over and over again. That problem is that the touch screen needs recalibrating but you can't do it. I wouldn't recommend this phone as i'm fed up of it!

Reviewed by leah from england on 2nd Dec 2011
This phone is very good i've had it for nearly 2 years, it is really easy to use! i've dropped it so many times, on rocks, off my bunk-bed,etc but it has always lasted, the texting is hard at first but i can text without looking now! camera is okay, i like how you can change the back,internet takes forever to load? and sometimes when i get texts they come through about 10 times but then when i take the battery out it will stop coming through. I do love this phone though!!!! x

Reviewed by hayden from spain on 1st Dec 2011
the phone is just simply rubbish especially the internet experience

Reviewed by RP from UK on 3rd Jul 2011
jus got this cos it was a gift. the touch screen is on a par with most higher end models and for those moaning about a usb cable jus go and buy a samsung one most phone accessories are compatable with others. the only problem i have is the gaming, the touch keys make you switch from keys to joypad keys so some games are near impossible to play but im sure there is a add on keypad. overall it is a good phone but has its gripes but then no phone is perfect and you cant moan about the price!

Reviewed by dolly from UK on 23rd Jun 2011
easy to use but having a problem when the screen lock is off and going to enter pass code the SOS button is so sensitive I have dialled 999 3 times in error. Does anyone know if you can remove the SOS facility or make it idiot proof??

Reviewed by JC from UK on 22nd Jun 2011
This phone isn't really all the rage now but I just thought I would let people know that I have had it for 2 years now (normally phones last me 6 months) It has been down the toilet twice and I've dropped it countless amounts of times. I've opted to buy a new phone as I have had this one for so long, but however it will be staying in its box until I break me new one. Deffo a half decent phone!

Reviewed by R from UK on 22nd Jun 2011
Had this phone for 6 months now. Bought it in a semi-rush as needed a low cost phone and I knew someone who had this and thought it was good. Initially I went for it because of the orange back, I love orange! But it's turned out to be a really good phone. My first touch screen and it's quite good considering how cheap it was. I've tried other, more expensive touchscreens and I can honestly say it isn't far behind them. I don't use the internet on my phone, but for texting and calls it's been great. There are some negative points, such as not being able to easily access in call functions; but these are not big issues. I really would recommend this phone if you need a decent functional phone.

Reviewed by honestly//99 from UK on 20th Jun 2011
hi and i have the genio touch. it is quite good i suppose, it is concise and small and my personal favourite is the dictionary it is amazing! but i am having problems with getting on the internet and getting games in my phone. i have a memory card 4gb and it has slowed my phone down with everything but it is better than not having any photos! does anyone know hwo to get games on the samsung genio touch??

Reviewed by lauren from UK on 8th Jun 2011
this phone is rubbish it crashes all the time and now the battery is playing up and ive only had it for a year, it is the worse phone ever !!!!!

Reviewed by tilly137 from UK on 31st May 2011
i've had this phone just under 2 years i think and its awesome the touch screen is easy to use and i would defiantly recumend also ignore some of the bad comments because most doesnt always happen

Reviewed by becki from UK on 30th May 2011
had mine for 1 year and battery is rubbish, need to charge everyday even though don't use much,, everything else is ok tho.

Reviewed by Katiiee from UK on 28th May 2011
Well.. i think ive had this phone about a year now.. Positives - Easy to use, fast loading your stuff, the built in apps are useful, looks good, wide range of changeable backing covers available. Negatives - Screen occasionally freezes and the only way to unfreeze is to take the battery out then restart it, it randomly presses buttons on the virtual keyboard when no one is near it, poor speaker quality, whilst in phone calls it decides to cut off and end the call itself, compared to my old phone it ways a ton, and if you drop it - the back comes off really easily causing the battery and sometimes the sim to fall out. But ill have to admit, its lasted longer than any of my other phones with out having the screen smashing itself, buttons falling off, non power-ups, etc..

Reviewed by FiFI from UK on 21st May 2011
I HATE THE GENIO TOUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by blabla from UK on 14th May 2011
brilliant when i first got it, stayed like that for nearly a year but it started to deteriorate after a while. now, just over a year later, im searching for new phones because the touch screen is a fail.

Reviewed by georgina from UK on 14th May 2011
I got this phone in january. It has a great range of widgets and the touch screen is easy to use. The screen never freezes and it's really easy to access Facebook and the internet. I recomend this phone for 11-13 year olds. This phone is Great!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Ellie from UK on 5th May 2011
I had this phone for about a year, and it seems okay at first but gets really annoying after a while. the widgets are slow and dont work that well and the touchscreen is slow to respond and isnt calibrated that well. mine didnt come with a usb cable either, so i had to buy one online which worked okay. its quite a good phone for younger people but its not very good for internet and music, which is what its advertised for:/

Reviewed by Sam from UK on 5th May 2011
My buttons keep coming off the phone don't get It !!!!

Reviewed by Harry Gardner from UK on 4th May 2011
I've had this phone for a while now, and it is a pretty decent phone. I have unlimited internet, and sometimes it won't let me go on the internet as it says 'Unexpected failure' but after a few weeks, it lets me again. That does annoy me, and the touch screen does get on my nerves too, but overall i think it is good. It looks good and modern. Also, the camera is not that great. It only zooms in a little.

Reviewed by Hannah from UK on 3rd May 2011
it was a good phone but the touch screen stopped working like 2 months ago and hasn't worked since.

Reviewed by chloe from UK on 1st May 2011
it is quite dodgy sometimes on the messages but other than that it is good

Reviewed by shahzad from UK on 30th Apr 2011
this is such a scam a hate this fone we got told it had free net but when we cheked it wasted all my 20 pounds worth of credit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Angharad Jones from UK on 28th Apr 2011
i have had the samsung genio for my birthday which was last august and i think the phone is good but sometimes it just goes weird the thing i am most unhappy about is that the phone doesnt have a cable ... to be fair i have never heard of a phone not to have a phone cable ... well i am 15 so obviously i wouldnt have known a phone without having a usb cable every other new phone i have had has had a usb cable VERY disapointed

Reviewed by : ) from UK on 23rd Apr 2011
I've got this phone but liek someone else it didnt have a usb lead to connect your phone to your laptop/computer to upload things.. i need some help.. is it supposed to come like that and i've been trying to upload stuff like songs but my dad was like where's the usb lead and all that, i was like i dunno... so thats kinda useless...?

Reviewed by Jenny from UK on 18th Apr 2011
Liked it to start with, hate it now. Been wondering why I keep getting phone calls from a unknown number, then realised the other day that the phone has a fake call function, which there is no way to turn off... It is activated when the volume control is held down on the side of the phone, even when the phone is locked. When I carry the phone around in my pocket I often get get about 1 to 2 fake calls a day, which is very annoying, I can tell you. Looks good and that's about it, wall papers are hard to make as they stretch across 3 screens, texting is annoying with the touch screen for many reasons and there are no free games, just demos.

Reviewed by vicki from UK on 17th Apr 2011
I don't like this phone, it looks fine but the touch screen is not easy to use. I am getting rid of it after 6 months and would not recommend it!

Reviewed by Shettimoonya Productions from UK on 13th Apr 2011
this fone is live bruv. i recommend u buy it from da carfone warehouse innit. i dnt recommend da tocco lite.

Reviewed by Bee from UK on 9th Apr 2011
I've had this phone for less than a year.. At first I really loved it, it was really easy to use and looked nice etc etc etc BUT. After only a few months the touch screen began to get less responsive, and now there is a section of the screen that just doesn't work at all, which makes everything impossible, especially texting! So now I have to buy a new phone, just 11 months later.. Sure, the phone looks nice, but it's obviously not made to last, don't be fooled!

Reviewed by bobo from UK on 9th Apr 2011
This phone is great, but just don't drop it on a hard ground!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by carol. from UK on 3rd Apr 2011
bad things: - The camera is awful, it takes a long time to take the photo, really deylayed at changing the settings, and if you don't keep it still for about 7 seconds to take the photo its a blury. - It freezes quite a lot of the time, which gets really frustrating. - There would be a lot of times when you're texts don't come through, so you's have to text yourself for them to come through. But still, it's very annoying. - Dosen't have a qwerty kepboard. Good things: - Battery life is about 2 days. - Looks nice. - Internet is fairly quick. - Keeps for a long time. Overal, I would avoid this phone if there are other choices.. Hope this helped. :)

Reviewed by Alice from UK on 2nd Apr 2011
I love this phone! But Its a shame that i cant get wifi on it!

Reviewed by jeani from UK on 29th Mar 2011
I've just read a review saying this is "the phone of choice for teens"; that it may be, with it's slide-out widgets for social networking. I got mine as a christmas gift from my 20-something daughter, who meant well. But imho this should'nt be the phone of choice for the over-50's or the technologically challenged.Those pesky little widgets that have minds of their own, sliding across the screen randomly;the over sensitive touch screen that also takes on a life of it's own,so that when you hold it close to your ear ( the better to hear you with, my dear) you inadvertently set-off a volley of beeps;the contact list that races down the screen with only the lightest touch and the keypad that hides until activated when you need to enter digits to access options on menus for,say, credit top-ups or automated bank tellers...all these features and more trigger "Senior moments" on a scale I'd hoped to keep at bay for another decade at least.L'd rate the Genio rates as a 5-o utstandingly frustrating and off the "F-word" scale. A Geriatric Genius it's not. Don't buy one for your gran.

Reviewed by gabe from UK on 27th Mar 2011
This phone is AMAZING.never in all my life have i experiesed such a good phone!!! but there is one problem,it sometimes does what it whats.is this just my fone or does the same happen 2 yours

Reviewed by star from UK on 24th Mar 2011
don't buy this phone. what ever you do, don't by this phone. anything is better. by a nokia old brick phone, it would work better, and is more reliable. my screen always stops working, if it gets to hot, doesnt work, if it gets to cold doesnt work. if it rains, doesnt work. if you use it too much doesnt work. if you try and use facebook, doesnt work. etc etc etc. i've nothing personal against samsung, i mean when i first got this phone it was great, but now, i wish i never had it. its awful. the worst. DO NOT GET IT.

Reviewed by Lozz99 from UK on 21st Mar 2011
I got this phone ages ago. It's a good phone, better than most peoples. Mine was secondhand and already had loads of apps already downloaded so I didn't need to worry about that. I don't really use them anyway. Especially facebook and stuff. It's just not my scene. Overall the phone is excellent. i would defiantly invest in one. A real bargain!

Reviewed by eleanor from UK on 8th Mar 2011
i think the texting is a bit anooyin

Reviewed by ilovegadgetsx from UK on 8th Mar 2011
i have this phone and it's sooo cool :) i have the pink one and it's really good, the quality of everything (music, pictures, videos etc.) is great and it's perfect for everything i need to do on my phone x

Reviewed by Jane Buckingham from UK on 25th Feb 2011
Rubbish phone. Used it once. Didn't get on with the touch screen with my nails. Put it back in the box. Brought it out a year later and now it won't charge. Very difficult to find the settings to turn off the key pad sound too. Don't bother.

Reviewed by jayden from UK on 25th Feb 2011
this phone is sexy

Reviewed by grantley woodall from UK on 22nd Feb 2011
It has alot of things you can do, but the one thing I love about the samsung genio is that it looks so nice the shape good plus you can change the cover of it to yellow white or black. You can put a 8gb micro sd card in it the camara is desent the earphones are good you can buy a rubber case all different colours any sim card lots of games. All together I think its a good phone but of coures it not the best.

Reviewed by becky from UK on 18th Feb 2011
my sister inlaw bought it and has never used it. she has now given it to me. when i put it on charge and use it turns it self off :( dunno what to do ....

Reviewed by lollipop from UK on 18th Feb 2011
why ar3 p3opl3 saying this phon3 is sooooo bad. i am having no probl3ms with th3 t3xting. its not ch3ap looking nor slow! my advice, if you want this phone... GET IT btw had this fone for 6 months! love. lollipop -xxx-

Reviewed by barrie from UK on 17th Feb 2011
Cannot transfer photos to my laptop. All my other phones allow you to comunicate with laptop. Samung site doesnt provide driver for this.!!!???!!! Avoid this phone.

Reviewed by lolaz from UK on 14th Feb 2011
i got tht fone for a 1year and i think its exellent i love it its small nice and for everygirl its nice but i would like to have screen side keyboard touch a nd i have no idea how to do 1 so i got that for my b-day i i really think tht ppl should buy it !!! bye -bye-bye-by-e

Reviewed by Aimee. from UK on 6th Feb 2011
I've had mine for about a year now and its a realy good phone. The battery lasts for about four or five days, the camera is good,the screen doesent scratch (if you look after it) I think its a great phone.

Reviewed by Miki Neal from UK on 2nd Feb 2011
I have had this phone for almost a year now and i find that it has it's ups and it's downs. The touch screen and applications on the phone are very useful, but when it comes to the camera it isn't so good, it's very blurry and doesn't take very well. But another down is the internet, which is very easy to access but then again it is very hard to see and isn't easy to use. But in the end i would recommend this to people i think would like this phone.

Reviewed by anna from UK on 1st Feb 2011
i am 11 and i got my genio touch for christmas. i love it and i love the way you can change the back when you change your moods my friend has the tocco lite and it has the same kind of layout .however, the tocco lites camera is 1.2 megapixle better which is kinda annoying because i was looking for a phone with a good camera!! :( i think this phone is great and i would highly recommend it as a good phone for children because it is simple and easy to use!! :)

Reviewed by lewis from UK on 1st Feb 2011
Exelent. camer is not the best though

Reviewed by chris from UK on 29th Jan 2011
this phone is amazing the apps r brill funky little phone and cheap :)

Reviewed by NaomiiJadee from UK on 28th Jan 2011
Meh, the phone does what you need it to do, the camera is okay but doesnt have a flash or anything, the internet works well but it sometimes frustrating to work because it is touch. Sending texts is very easy but i have the problem that i dont recieve all my texts and sometimes i recieve them multiple times?!, this is very annoying! It doesnt break easily and is quite stlyish. If your someone who likes to have a nice background for the presentation of your phone it is poor because you picture stretches among the 3backgrounds of your phone, therefore only the pre-set backgrounds properly work. during a call the phone locks automatcally prolengthening anything you want to do. On the whole, this isn't a bad phone for some one with a bit of patience especially if its one of your first, but i'd recommend saving your money that little bit more to get a better phone.

Reviewed by becky from UK on 26th Jan 2011
this phone is great a good sensitive touch screen and easy to use. got lots of great features

Reviewed by bob from UK on 23rd Jan 2011
god i don't know why lots of people are complaing it is a brilliant phone good price who could want more xx

Reviewed by Dan from UK on 16th Jan 2011
Brought this phone last year and loved it at first. For the price, it has a lot of decent features. However, I quickly found myself getting bored. Considering that it was made for social networking, I didn't find the access to sites like facebook and twitter easy. I would recommend this phone to people who like phones for the basics, texting and calling with a few added extras. If like me you want more from your phone, it might be worth stretching your budget a bit further and investing in a phone with a few more features.

Reviewed by Av Lav! =D from UK on 14th Jan 2011
I just got this phone fr chrimbo. All my friends had it and they sed it was gr8. Christmas came and so did my phone. Finally I would have a kl phone! I gt bk to skl 2 find ma fwends wit blackberry & Iphones. Loads o peeps upgratd frm kl fone 2 really kl phones and now I feel tht this fone is not kl. Dont wanna bring it to skl as its so past it. I luv the acctual fone and evrythings good on it bt it dosn't feel popular anymore............... =

Reviewed by Iwantablackberry from UK on 13th Jan 2011
This phone is bad. Beyond bad to be honest. At first i loveed it, i liked how you could put passcodes on your messages and have easy access to facebook, however, i found that when in my pocket my phone would unlock without you pressing anything and it would randomly call people for no reason. I found that it would not show if i had any missed calls and wouldnt tell me if i had any voicemail messages. I have had this phone for a year now and it is slow. Slower than a snail. Twitter doesnt work, facebook takes a lifetime to load and you couldnt access certain websites. Its a shame as it is a beautiful phone and its eay to text on its just so awful and slow i dont see the point in having it. Yes its cheap but i would rather pay more for a better and more trusty phone.

Reviewed by dont buy this phone x from UK on 13th Jan 2011
i got this phone about 10 months ago it was great at first but it slowley got worse if you have a lot of things on it then the phone gets really slow and the texting is really awkward all in all i wouldnt recoment this phone (the back covers are nice thow)

Reviewed by Greaney from UK on 8th Jan 2011
bought it today and its been a gem so far, already got used to it & it looks like ill be keeping this phone for a while :) but ive heard you can post photos on facebook though this phone, dunno how though. Overall this phone is handy & suitable for anyone.

Reviewed by Simon M from UK on 31st Dec 2010
Had nothing but problems from the beginning! Screen locks/freezes, menus scroll on their own etc. After returning the phone more than 3 times (Samsung paid postage costs to their authorised repair centre - impressive! Thankyou Samsung), but sadly after replacement screen, software updates etc. it still gave the same problems. Outcome - Samsung have now offered mt the Tocco Lite handest as a replacement. Can't argue with that, but would have much preferred a descent reliable phone in the 1st place without all the hassle I have had !!!!!

Reviewed by Jen from UK on 28th Dec 2010
I've had this phone for a year and I think it's a really good phone. Normally I would ask for a new one for Christmas but i liked it so much i didnt:D The only problem is is when it doesn't recive texts and i have to turn it off and then back on or when it recieves the same texts over and over again sometimes about 20 times:L:D

Reviewed by ninar from UK on 26th Dec 2010
the phone's great, its a little basic and the camera's crap, but apart from that it's a good reliable phone with a battery which lasts for almost two weeks! I would reccomend getting an SD card because the memory is quite limited, I filled mine with inbox messages.

Reviewed by aaliyah from UK on 25th Dec 2010
i bought this phone this month last year and it's good.It's got no games on it so you would get bored easily but only after a couple of months.It's got a dictionary and good features also the camera is really good and can record good quality videos.You can go on facebook and twitter easily by just one touch.I would recommend this phone for people who are looking for a good price and using it for texting, phoning and camera and video use.I bought this phone when it first came out so it was a lot expensive.It was 90.00.Now i am getting the blackberry 8520 which is 140.00 which is a good price for a blacberry.

Reviewed by Eva from UK on 18th Dec 2010
This phone is great. I have had it for a year now and really find it easy to use and very practical. The only down fall is you cannot use it when using gloves. Apart from that I truly recommend it.

Reviewed by amy from UK on 18th Dec 2010
i have that phone and it amazing its best phone i ever had...i had loads i have it about 8 months nad its brilliant.i love it!!!:)

Reviewed by Tom Flynn from UK on 16th Dec 2010
Have had this phone for a year and it annoys me like no other!! Touch screen is poor, always end up hitting it to try and get it to come to life. Crashes a lot. Very slow. Would warn against buying it, better of with a phone with buttons, go qwerty! only decent thing about it is the battery.

Reviewed by you dont need to know from UK on 12th Dec 2010
it sounded bad but it looked reaally good so i bought it and it turnrd out great i reeeeeeeely recomend it

Reviewed by rochelle from UK on 10th Dec 2010
i love this phone but can u change it so when u are typing it pops up with a keboar insted

Reviewed by Vilius_Zz from UK on 1st Dec 2010
This is da best phone of all my had.. I got it today works excellent but a bit laggy :)

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 29th Nov 2010
great fone i love textin on it. i would recommend dis to ppl who luv textin its lightweigh and fits in girls hand perfectly.xox

Reviewed by cp from UK on 28th Nov 2010
When I first got this phone it seemed pretty cool. However, ive had it for around 5 months now and it isn't as good as I thought it would be. It is very basic and the camera isn't great. Also mine keeps freezing every so often. My phone didn't even come with a computer cable, which isn't good if you want to download songs off the internet. If you just want a basic phone, then this is the one for you.

Reviewed by emily from UK on 28th Nov 2010
This phone is rubish they are really hard to contract with f u no wot i meen xxx

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 27th Nov 2010
I have it i got it a couple of months ago in september and it freezes all of the time. The camera button doesn't work any more so i can't take photos the only reason i got a new phone was because of the camera which was pointless to be honest. I wouldn't recommend this phone.

Reviewed by sally from UK on 24th Nov 2010
Bought this phone for my daughter last xmas, had no problems up until a few months ago when she couldn't turn it off so she would have to have it on contant charge, then it started to get worse, now it doesn't even charge up properly. It can be on charge for several hours, says its fully charged, then goes off in a matter of minutes. Sent it away to phones 4 u, come back saying its non repairable and its down to liquid damage, probably condensation as she hasn't spilt anything on it or dropped it in water. Did buy insurance so trying to claim on it, but cover runs out on 23rd December, still waiting for claim form, reckon they're using delaying tactics! I've got the samsung tocco lite and mine won't turn on! Wondering if there's a problem with samsung phones? Anyone else with the same problem?

Reviewed by Ciara from UK on 20th Nov 2010
This is a exellent phone because it allows you to do whatever you wish. the camera is amazing outsids but a bit slow inside.this is better then my previous phone. I love using the internet and this phone lets me!!! ican update my facebook status and everything!!!! I hate them cheesey people who say its absolutley fabulous without even trying it well im not one of those people ive had for over a year now and i would reccomend it to anyone!!!All ages.

Reviewed by Georgia from UK on 18th Nov 2010
This phone is rubbish. DO NOT BUY!

Reviewed by Illanya from UK on 15th Nov 2010
I've got a Samsung Genio Touch, and I fnd it very easy to use and well into budget. I recently got itfor my Christmas Present, includes many fun things like camera games fm radio.. check it out.. i luv it.

Reviewed by a guy from england from UK on 15th Nov 2010
this phone is the best the widgets are good but asdas sim isnt good 4 the genios internet the touch screen is really good and mine didnt come with a usb cable connecter or a back that i liked so i just went on amazon usb cable connecter price was 1.00 and this mettalic blue back i have 4 it was 2.99 expensive but worth it the phones price is amazing an to all those people who r complaining about it i say you r cant c this amazing phone that i rate 5* out of 5* *****!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by mills 11 from UK on 15th Nov 2010
i havent got it yet but my bezzies got it and it look great!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol xxxx i cant wait tio get it all the reviews look great and i am truely sooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by shannon from UK on 15th Nov 2010
the touch brakes after about 2 months of having the phone :S

Reviewed by Jared from UK on 6th Nov 2010
To be honest i was really dissapointed with this phone it had good reviews on the website but when i actually got my hands on it, it just wasnt that good, The main problem for me was that the phone was very slow! also You have to have a memory card to transfer files Via usb which was very irritating!

Reviewed by Kyla from UK on 6th Nov 2010
It's stylish but it lacks connections especially wi fi.. but over all it's good though..

Reviewed by olivia hill from UK on 5th Nov 2010
i've had this phone for about 1 year and after having it for about 3 months i had two lines appear across the very top of the screen, and then a about 2 months ago two more lines appeared so now i have four across the very top. &then last night i was texting someone and then two lines appeared across the very middle. so now altogether i have 6 lines. i love this phone don't get me wrong but i don't know why or how it has the lines. also it's hard to text when you have cold hands, wet/sweaty hands and it doesn't delete texts very fast either. it also comes up with words or letters i never typed in, so i wouldn't recommend it.

Reviewed by emma from UK on 2nd Nov 2010
I loving this phone beause of the softwear getting it soon

Reviewed by ben clazton from UK on 28th Oct 2010
i really like this phone, i got it from a friend i as needed a better phone, and i really love it. recomend it for teens. i love this phone.

Reviewed by hannah from UK on 25th Oct 2010
i got this phone as a christmas present last year and it has been fine ever since this mont hit has started playing up .the touch hasnt been working at all anything i touch it wouldnt work ! Some times it types itself on a message when i put it down on the table. apart from that is a good phone.

Reviewed by alina from UK on 24th Oct 2010
i have this phone and i just love it the accesories and skins for it are really cheap as well

Reviewed by Daniel Hyde from UK on 23rd Oct 2010
I have had this phone for a year now and to be honest it sucks!!!! At the start it was great but the lack of features and its commonness annoys me!!!The touch screen doesn't work if your fingers are any bit sweaty and is very cheap looking !!!I hate this phone so don't get it!!!

Reviewed by Megz from UK on 23rd Oct 2010
This phone is FAB it's got everything u need keep up 2 date on Facebook twitter etc and there are loads a different things to use with da camera just don't drop it on the floor the screen smashes really easily! Xxxxxxxxx

Reviewed by bob from UK on 21st Oct 2010
the touch screen stops working very randomly and it is then extreamly hard to aces your phone because there is no keypad... but other than that it is a very good phone and I have had my'n for a year :) x

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