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Samsung Genio Slide review

 Review: February 2010  

Rating: 5 stars

In a nutshell: If you want a touchscreen phone with the benefit of a QWERTY keyboard and you don't want to spend big bucks, the Genio Touch is pretty well as good as it gets.



It's hard not to be impressed by the Samsung Genio Slide. If you use your phone for texting and facebook and you want features like a music player with FM radio, assisted GPS, a 3.5mm headphone jack and plenty of memory, then you might well have found your perfect phone.

The big advantage that the Genio Slide has over most mid-range phones is its slide-out keyboard. Now, we love touchscreen phones just as much as everyone, but nothing can beat a full QWERTY keyboard for fast typing, especially if it has large well-spaced responsive keys like the Genio Slide. The combination of real keyboard plus a large 2.8 inch touchscreen makes the Genio a joy to use.

The Genio Slide has been designed for the always-connected facebook generation and comes with its own native facebook application, plus widgets that give easy access to MySpace and instant messaging. Messages are organised by contact, treating texts and other messages in one uniform interface, so you can easily follow conversations with your friends.

The Genio Slide is a 3G phone, so data transfer is fast. There's also WiFi, for even faster data speeds in a WiFi hotspot.

The phone has a music player of course, and has the benefit of a 3.5mm audio jack, so you can plug in any standard-fit headphones. We're pleased to see that the internal memory is a generous 150MB, and you can add a microSD card to expand this all the way up to 16GB, to store your whole music collection. There's also an FM radio with RDS.

AGPS is also included, which is quite a surprise for a phone that costs a little over £100 on PAYG.

The one area where the Genio Slide doesn't quite match up to expectations is in the camera. It's a fixed focus camera with just 3.2 megapixels, and doesn't come anywhere near the quality of the best camera phones. But it's fine for taking snaps of friends, and is at least as good as the cameras on phones such as the Samsung Genio Touch or the Samsung Tocco Lite. The Genio Slide has a video camera as well, and is also able to make video calls.

Battery life seems to be good.

It's quite a heavy phone, but that's to be expected when you consider that it has a full size keyboard. It's a reasonably compact phone though, being about the same size as the Tocco Lite, just a few millimetres thicker. Really, it's hard to see how Samsung could have made it any thinner.

If you've read this much of the review, chances are that you're as excited by the Genio Slide as we are. And so, to answer your question, we'd say: go for it!

One final thought. The nearest competitor to this phone is probably the LG GW520. The two phones both have touchscreens and slide-out keyboards, and cost about the same. In our opinion the Genio Slide is better because it has aGPS, WiFi, a 3.5mm audio jack, more memory, video calling and is more reliable. In fact, that makes it a heck of a lot better!

Samsung Genio Slide features include:

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Samsung Genio Slide user reviews

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Average rating from 52 reviews:

Reviewed by George from Greece on 18th Jan 2017
Well, I have my Corby Pro (Genio Slide) phone for more than seven years now and I am TOTALY satisfied from it.
I recently changed the original battery, which still lasted more than 2 days (compared to the 1 day that gives me my new smartphone).
I still have my Genio with me as my primary phone and I use the smartphone only for internet access and for photography.
I never had any problem with my Genio and I hope I will not for the years to come. I believe that I will change many smartphones before my Genio stop working.
And it still impresses my friends: "Is there a touchscreen on this small phone???", "Do you have GPS on it??", "My xPhone does not have radio." etc.

Reviewed by Johnny from United Kingdom on 11th Jan 2015
Enjoyed the photos, i actually like the among this image, perfect.

Reviewed by JLB from England on 14th Jul 2011
I absolutely love this phone. i've had it for over twelve months now and its still going, still looking good and still performing well. although i don't use the social media package that's included, there are heaps of features that i'm still finding now! despite the camera only being a 3.2 megapixel, the images are crisp enough. the weight of the phone was actually a huge advantage for me, as i continue to lose lighter ones in the depths of a handbag. the keypad is an absolute god-send, you can text on the move very quickly without having to fight with either predictive text or the 'click me four times to get an S' method. the battery life is pretty good too, i usually get four to five days of battery life, with lots of phone calls, photographs and texts being made/sent. i keep my phone on 24 hours too, so the battery is definitely in it for the long haul. overall this is a great phone if you want something simple to use, reliable, long lasting with lots of features. and its quite cute too! I've just read the other reviews and have a few suggestions, for the touchscreenresponse, you can adjust the amount of pressure needed to respond to more or less depending on how heavy-handed you like to be. the freezing whilst on call or on the web has honestly never happened for me, it only freezes if you whip out the keypad too quickly on mine. as i said earlier, i've had mine for over a year now, and its still in great physical condition, the keypad is intact with no threats of buttons disappearing and the battery has never fallen out of mine unless it gets dropped and lands at an odd angle. the phone has never got hot or anything like that, so i'd take it back or get it looked at...

Reviewed by jill from uk on 22nd Feb 2011
I am having problems connecting to any WiFi, I am putting in the correct passkeys when needed, but my phone just tells me its disconnecting straight away. Does anyone know what I can do to get it working again? It was working when I first got the phone.

Reviewed by Haaannah from Scotland. on 1st Feb 2011
This phone is awful. Had it for about 7 months and it has all sorts of problems. There's always a shaded area of blue over the screen, sometimes turning to negatives. My messages don't go to my "sent items" anymore and I recently haven't been receiving texts. The simple options on the phone don't work anymore, e.g. date, time etc... The camera is shocking! Pictures are of bad quality and the button to take the actual photo is awkward and often doesn't work. With all these problems, I have never really dropped my phone or had it undergo water damage etc. I look after it, and it's completely ruined. I have it for another year or so... DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!

Reviewed by Bobbby from uk on 7th Dec 2010
I really do not like this phone. The keyboard was good initially, but the keys have broken and they have stopped working at various points. The camera is appauling, and it will not accept any memory cards. I had this phone from March 2010, and never had problems till about a month ago. My contrct runs until Sept. 2011 god help me! the touchscreen is unresponsive and sticks every time i use it. The menu likes to shut itself off, and whenever I try and use the internet the phone reboots itself. Also a number of times the phone has wiped all my contacts from the sim card. Not impressed. The Insurance company says its fine and wont touch it. How will i survive the next 9 months. DO NOT BUY!

Reviewed by Sarah from Malta on 6th Dec 2010
I love my Samsung Genio Slide i`ve had it for around 5 months now and haven`t had any trouble as mentioned from the reviews, also can connect with wifi where ever i am

Reviewed by lolahedgehog from Uk on 1st Dec 2010
The genio slide is amazing... im using it now! reccomended for texters and facebookers1

Reviewed by genio lover from UK on 25th Nov 2010
Love this phone! have had it for nearly two months now and it is great! My only problem so far has been that the screen freezes from time to time so it isn't really a phone for people who are on it 24/7. The keyboard is great and is very reliable as is the touchscreen. Probably it is the best phone for teenagers who love to text!

Reviewed by Danielle Harris from England on 9th Nov 2010
This is a really good phone for pictures, music, texting, interenet ect. I love this phone alot a part from the screen frezes alot and if your on the phone it gets hot and loses battery alsoo the battery falls out alot.

Reviewed by ChrisS from UK on 4th Nov 2010
This is a follow-up note from my earlier review on the 6th October. I still maintain that it's a good phone in itself, but whatever you do, do NOT buy it from Tescos. The phone comes with about 18 different contacts and services that Tesco offers, such as Tesco Car Insurance and Tesco Flowers. While it's possible to delete these contacts, turning off and on the phone again makes them reappear. I dont want to have to scroll down through 18 Tesco contacts before I'm able to reach my own, so I took the phone back and got a refund.

Reviewed by genio from america on 29th Oct 2010
wifi doesnt even wrk on the samsung genio slide i mean i try to connect to my bebox every time it doesnt work it keeps asking for the proxy address what is a ****ing proxy address and even if i don find the proxy address it says AUTHENTICATION FAILED i dont know whats going on i wish i never bought dis **** phone GOOD DAY :-(

Reviewed by Kaitlyn Anderson xx from England xx on 28th Oct 2010
it is an amazing phone however my screen freezes sometimes and some other people said that theirs did is this a fault on all of the time or just over time? xx

Reviewed by jamal from england on 17th Oct 2010
i love genio

Reviewed by Chris S from UK on 6th Oct 2010
Review is based on initial impressions of the last couple of days, will amend if necessary. It's pretty good, it took me a while to get used to the interface, and the touch-screen is definitely more resistant than I would have liked. The whole mobile seems sluggish, and there are some very irritating quirks. NEGATIVES ********* For example, in the conversations, why are you limited to only 160 characters maximum, while if you directly reply to a text you can send up to 15 consecutive texts? Interface is sluggish, there's no other word for it. It takes about a second, sometimes two, to access apps in the menu, although maybe I'm a bit too used to my iPod Touch... I don't know. Often accidently open up widgets and its too fiddly to get them back to the left hand widget bar... a bit annoying. Internet on a non-3G network seems to take forever to load. It's easy to set a custom ring-tone... just look for your music and it's there under the selected song, but there's no option for a custom message tone... or is there?! Yes, there is, but you have to go through a long winded way to get it... through finding your Profile, selecting "Messages" at the top of the screen and then searching for the song through that.. its all unnecessarily inconvenient. Why Samsung didn't simply add a "Set as Message Tone" under the audio lists is beyond me. POSITIVES ********* Despite the negative opinions towards the camera, I actually don't think it's too bad. I think it's better than my Sony Ericsson C510, in that the photo is instant, and you can zoom at 3.2 megapixels, rather than be forced to changing the resolution to 2MP or below to allow a zoom. There isn't a flash though, but its not a serious issue... go and buy a cheap digital camera! The keyboard is a thing of beauty. After observing several phone shops, where the keyboard is all smashed up, with buttons missing with the phone on display, glued to the wall, I was skeptical, but it's divine... so far! Very easy to text, and update FaceTube and Twitbook should the need arise. The phone comes with several games, but most are just trials. Still, there's a lot of content. It has WIFI and 3G! Seriously, for the price it's incredible value, I was going to plump for the Samsung Tocco Lite or LG Viewty Snap, but WIFI swung it for me. Don't let my 4-star rating fool you. I was trying to decide which would be appropriate, but I feel 3 and a half stars is ideal. Since the option isn't there, I'm rounding it up to 4 stars.

Reviewed by David from England on 1st Oct 2010
Fantastic phone - buy it (unless the camera puts you off). Had this three weeks now and it's still great. It's not an iphone, but you're not paying iphone prices. I got this of vodafone, got it unlocked and am signing up with 3 mobile for their data deal. With the Opera mini browser downloaded it makes browsing the web a doddle even with the tiny screen. Facebook, messenger (via Meebo) and news websites are easily browsed. The tiniest fly in the ointment is you have to manually keep changing from WiFi to 3G and back again. The GPS and google maps works fine (if you're outdoors or near a window) otherwise it triangulates your position via the mobile phone network. The keyboard is a thing of beauty. Takes time to learn to use, but it means never having to fight predictive text for the word "home" again!

Reviewed by Otis from UK on 12th Sep 2010
Got this phone for my wife who wanted a PAYG phone after reading reviews etc. I have an iphone 4 so I initially couldn't help but compare the two which of course is a real mismatch, however I eventually managed to be objective. The phone for that price is loaded with features and though I was really dissapointed with the touchscreen initially, I found out that swiping the screen with the tip of your fingernail as opposed to your finger skin (which other touch screen devices require)works well, surprisingly well. Also it seems to grow in responsiveness with time! strange.Wifi works well though web browsing isn't the best, however the slide out keypad is one of the best things about this phone. Feels better than a blackberry keypad (honestly). The biggest bugbear so far is the random rebooting-in the middle of a call or whilst browsing the web via wifi. I found the widget rather annoying but I'm used to it now, anyway, I'll exchange it for the same model hoping the rebooting thing is not a universal fault. It's a great budget phone this.

Reviewed by Roger from UK on 6th Sep 2010
Thought you might like to know the outcome of my visit to the shop. (Read the review below first). Happened to find the right bloke who knew the answer which in the end is quite simple. In the beginning the phone was set up to "Automatic" in the network mode. This would be the obvious choice for most people I imagine. However, unless you are in a good 3G reception area it is NOT a good idea. In the heirarchy of mobile phone bands 3G is at the top, and will try to pull the signal to it even if it is weaker than GSM or UMTS. In my case I am in a poor 3G area and the reason for my poor reception is that the signal was being "pulled". As it was so poor it resulted in a drop out. The phone has now been adjusted to GSM 900/1800 and all is working fine with a 5 bar signal where yesterday it was only 1 or out. It would be better if the manuals explained this in the first place, as otherwise you are expected to know all the answers yourself. The Genio manual in my opinion is very poor, as it assumes that everyone has a degree in mobile phones! Now it is working OK I can give it 5 stars. This info might be of use to others with the same problem.

Reviewed by Roger from UK on 5th Sep 2010
Have had this phone for 3 weeks now and it has been a bit of a struggle to say the least! Getting the email setup would have been made more easy if Vodafone (after I had phoned them) gave the right information. In the shop they didn't know how to do it either! Found the answer eventually on a webpage. Signal strength is abismal compared with my battered old phone side by side on the table. The old one shows 5 bars and the new one if you are lucky might show 1. Soon as you put it in your pocket it's zapped. Taking it back tomorrow to see if they will change it. Must be something wrong with the phone, as most other people do not seem to have this problem. Other than the reception problem it is an easy phone to operate once set up, but can't rate it very high at the moment.

Reviewed by Jamie from Northern Ireland on 31st Aug 2010
Great phone. Touch screens are awful to text on sometimes so the fantastic keyboard is there.

Reviewed by Jaime from United Kingdom on 25th Aug 2010
Hi there i am writing to let you know my friends got this phone they are really easy to use i am getting one

Reviewed by George from Uk on 12th Aug 2010
I love this phone it's brilliant. It's the best phone iv had. I'd definately recomend it to any one considering it. Also type in *#0*# because you can use the front camera as a mirror and loads of other stuff. The code connects to the LCD test

Reviewed by Charlie from England on 9th Aug 2010

Reviewed by Kate from England on 26th Jul 2010
I have had this phone for about 2 months now and it has never disappointed! The querty keyboard is amazing and easy to use as well as GPS 3G camera texting internet widgets ect. What I like about this phone is that instead of paying for the internet you can also join up to your home internet box like I have a wanadoo box and I can connect up to the internet on it for free! The widgets are amazing especially the find music one; you play any song in the world and it'll reconise it seriously! A 2GB SD memory card comes with it so you dont have to buy one. The music player is amazing quality, the video calls are good (if not a little expensive 50p per minute), camera is good quality (considering its only 3.0 MP)! I love this phone and I dont care what any body else says

Reviewed by B-ruc3 from scotland on 14th Jul 2010
Well first of all the keyboard is great. Sadly my phone doesn't like to get signal anywhere, not because of the network, but of the phone. Dad on same network (Orange) and he gets fuul signal wheras i do not. Also When I attempt to change the camera settings it automatically reboots the phone. Camera quality is mediocre. Stereo is good quality. Also it doubles up all my music when I set it as a ringtone? and then the internet is slow, and the entire phone works slowly. Thought it was amazing to begin with, but as time passes, i guaruntee that you will be disappointed.

Reviewed by You don't need to know from U.K on 13th Jul 2010
This is agreat phone my first one so I'm still getting the hand of texting. GGGRRREEEAAATTT!!!

Reviewed by anonymous from England on 18th Jun 2010
I love dis phone!!! it looks so cool plus it has apps 4 facebook and i just luv the look of the keyboard!!! :)

Reviewed by Kate from UK on 13th Jun 2010
Hey, more of a question than a review because what is there not to like about this phone?? Does anyone know how to work the phone rings as mine only rings 4 times then goes to answer machine and i can't really figure it out :/ any help/advice would be much appreciated x

Reviewed by Frank from England on 5th Jun 2010
Everything is great apart from the qwerty keyboard which only after a short time of use is absolutely falling to bits (any I don@'t text much) the keyboard is very like the Sony Ericsons of a couple of years ago where the numbers cracked and came adrift.Other than that excellent phone with good touch screen, excellent mobile internet access and good battery life

Reviewed by bwr from uk on 24th May 2010
When i try and change the camera settings it automatically reboots the phone every time. really need to change to view picture after taking one as default is just automatically saving it :( BAD

Reviewed by some 1 from uk on 21st May 2010
its my first phone evr and its great all my friends want one

Reviewed by Lizabeth from UK on 20th May 2010
Only had this phone a couple of days but love it already! Touchscreen is much more responsive and easy to use than previous Samsung touchscreens (had the original Omnia and it was a nightmare) I love the choice of widgets which include Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, Myspace and Google as well as all sorts of other things, and the internet is very fast. Also loving the BBC iPlayer built in, works really well and what a brilliant little extra! It has no problem playing Youtube videos and plays them in good quality, no skipping or pausing. Internet was EASY to set up, I was on Facebook within 2 minutes of switching it on for the first time. This really is a fantastic phone, I think Samsung could've charged double what they do for it and it would still be worth its money! If you're thinking of buying it you seriously won't be disappointed. The camera isn't as bad as the review makes it out to be although there are much better on the market, so dont buy if you rely heavily on a very good camera as there is also no flash and it doesnt work brilliantly in low light. The only improvements I would suggest is a longer battery life and a stronger vibrate as I can't feel it ring in my pocket, which is a bit of a letdown. Otherwise, this is by far the best phone I have ever owned.

Reviewed by Liam C from Scotland on 17th May 2010
aye this is great.

Reviewed by laurabee from UK on 9th May 2010
amazing :O

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 7th May 2010
I got this phone off ebay; its an unlocked Vodafone. Its not the most robust of phones, but not bad. Touch screen works very well, and the internet is fast. I use the popout keyboard a lot, so its not just a novelty. Fairly easy to use; compared to other Samsung phones. It has frozen once, but I was just getting used to it and probably pressed some odd combination of keys; hasnt done it since. I like the widgets. Google, weather, facebook, bluetooth, picasa, and calendar are my choices. Would have been nice to be able to add more widgets. Camera seems fine for a phone. A little more robust, and this would be a 5* phone. But its not a £400 iphone, so a bit of plastic is not too bad.

Reviewed by Ali from UK on 5th Apr 2010
I have had this phone for about a week and so far I have had no problems. I love the fact that you can have three homescreens. The keyboard is very easy to use as is the touchscreen. This phone is absolutely amazing and is definately worth buying.

Reviewed by Elvis from UK on 4th Apr 2010
Just an update from my previous March 1st review. Had a couple of instances of the phone freezing when typing a text, resulting in an automatic reboot. Sent about 4000 texts and it's only done it twice so hardly a complete disaster, but still not ideal. Four stars now for the phone, BAD Samsung!

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 28th Mar 2010
Should you buy the Genio slide - YES you should!! Its the BEST phone i've ever had! And i am not exaggerating. I honestly always complain about mobiles, and i've had plenty in my time. But the only complaint I have about this phone is that the touch screen is that good, that i dont ever have to use the slide out qwerty!! Its awesome.. go buy it NOW!! :)

Reviewed by David N from UK on 27th Mar 2010
This phone on paper was perfect for me. Occasional internet surfing is much easier with a nice slide out keyboard, 3G, WiFi, use your own headphones, FM Radio. The phone does represent real value for money. However the phone does, unsurprisingly, betray its budget roots. Some of the menus are plan ugly and the touch screen can be hit and miss. I also found things like writing a basic text message to be counter intuitive due to a general poor menu layout. I have always had contract phones before and there is always more of a ‘quality’ feel to the whole package. Is Samsung had paid more attention to detail on the UI and fitted a better touch-screen I would have given 5 stars. As it is I can only give 3.

Reviewed by JJ from UK on 18th Mar 2010
Have had the Genio Slide for just over a week and not too impressed with it at the moment. Touchscreen doesn't seem very responsive, wi-fi is a bit hit and miss and often when sending a longer text it freezes so have to save message in drafts then go back to edit it so I can finish off the message. I'm on Vodafone contract and they seem to be really pushing these phones at the monment. It's being replaced tomorrow. I'm not that optimistic but have a feeling I might be stuck with it as Vodafone won't extend time for me to change my mind even though they originally persuaded me to try it for a bit longer as 'it was my first touchscreen phone'! Anyone else had any problems?

Reviewed by Adeel from uk on 15th Mar 2010
It really is a great phone overall but the inbuilt browser is quite poor , there are alternative browsers out there such as operamini and bolt. Does anyone know how to check the internet usage on this phone? I cant seem to locate it

Reviewed by mell from UK on 14th Mar 2010
i was going to get this phone but couldnt find it anywhere so just got the genio the next weekend my friend got it i used it that weekend and fell in love wiv it im no waiting for a another couple of months then buying it is the first keyboard phone i have ever liked cant wait till my birthday :P the only bad thing about it is the genio touch is already quite chunky so wouldnt this make it much bigger ?? this aint very helpful but if u like the look of the genio and u like keyboard phones then this is the phone for you ;) x

Reviewed by Bruceey from Scotland on 13th Mar 2010
A great phone responsive touch and great keyboard. Camera could be slightly better and possibly the speaker quality but you know, a small priceto pay. Awesome 5 Stars - *****

Reviewed by Sonia from UK on 13th Mar 2010
wow! just WOW

Reviewed by Duff from UK on 1st Mar 2010
Suprisingly good for a 'cheap' phone. Actually prefer to my E71. Not as much of a Teen Texter phone as it's marketed to appear. I'm 27 and find this a useful phone, the 3.5mm headphone jack is a godsend and with wifi for the price - excellent. Might actually keep this phone for more than 12 months!

Reviewed by Elvis from UK on 1st Mar 2010
I think Samsung have just released one of the best value phones that's been on the market for a long time. It's the ideal combination of menu navigating on the touchscreen and actual typing on the superb slide out QWERTY. The Samsung OS works well and has not been buggy at all so far. It's not lightning quick but it works just fine. To mention a point raised before, this does not seem the no compromise teen phone it is being billed as. I'm 36 and it's an ideal phone for me! I love the text conversation implementation, it works like an instant messaging system, with texts appearing in a neat conversation layout with no clicking required. And I think the REAL full keypad is just superb, won't want to go back to anything else now. Also really like the way you can organise all four menu screens into what you want personally, and even create and name your own. Samsung's widget system is present and correct, BUT the choice is limited to every Flickr, Twitter, Facebook and Bebo based website in existence... (a definite pointer to it's teen billing!) Why oh why didn't Samsung give users the option to use widgets for composing texts, inbox, calculator, alarms, files etc? There are too many useless widgets as well (stop smoking, go on a diet, two clocks, 'help'....), Samsung have missed a trick there. Other downsides are not great build quality (v plastic) and the screen space is not always used efficiently (pointless grey bars at the top and bottom which reduce visible list items by one or two) However, even with the few niggles I think this a superb phone that works like a charm. 3G, Wifi, full QWERTY and touchscreen all for £135 unlocked. Superb

Reviewed by Ketan from United Kingdom on 21st Feb 2010
I have a Vodafone branded Genio Slide with a red QWERTY slide out keyboard and a white back door. It's great, for such a cheap price you get GPS, Wi-Fi and more with themes that are great for kids and themes that are great for adults, its a "un-age" mobile phone, two for the price of one a beautiful spaced QWERTY keyboard and a easy to use no fuss touchscreen that's very responsive. I was about to buy the BlackBerry Curve 8520, but its much better not only in style as GSM Arena says; "The Curve 8520 feels like a Chinese toy..." and they say about the Genio Slide; "The Genio Slide is surprisingly cheap phone, that feels expensive..." So its way better than a mid-range BlackBerry for a cheap price that's suitable for both kids and adults, its great! Totally recommend.

Reviewed by sara from uk on 21st Feb 2010
great phone

Reviewed by omz from england on 18th Feb 2010
this fone is brilliant its got evreything

Reviewed by Vicks from Ireland on 16th Feb 2010
This fone is realy great like.

Reviewed by rubz from uk on 11th Feb 2010
awsome fone great for a 15 yr old i got it like 1 month ago from abroad and its fab it has gps but its not tht responsive but it has wifi and i use it for internet and its perfect!

Reviewed by jj from england on 6th Feb 2010
this phone is awesome its cheap but feels exspensive. it is packed full of features like facebook 3g and a good web browser. The qwerty keyboard is goodand the leters are quite spaced out so you wont be hitting to keys at the same time. i havent had any problems with this phone so i would say go for it.

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