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Samsung Genio Qwerty review

 Review: February 2010  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung Genio Qwerty appears to be a low cost alternative to a BlackBerry, but the keyboard turns out to be a flop.



You fancy a BlackBerry Curve, but don't want to pay the money? You want email on the go and a full QWERTY keyboard plus fun fashionable style? Can the Genio Qwerty really deliver all this, or is it too good to be true? Read on if you want to find out!

Well, the Genio Qwerty looks very much like a BlackBerry Curve. It's about the same size, and it shares the same style of QWERTY keyboard. The Samsung has more of a fun feel to it however, with changeable covers on the back, so you can swap from black to white to yellow. But note that only the back changes colour - the front stays black.

The display isn't up to much. At 2.2 inches, it's much smaller than the BlackBerry, and has a low resolution of 176 x 220 pixels. But it's the keyboard that turns out to be the biggest disappointment. It's just nasty. The keys are so small that you'll need tiny fingers to use it, but the real problem is that when you press one key, the whole keyboard flops up and down, making it very hard to press the right key and get positive feedback. The thing also feels like it won't last more than a few months.

The camera's sub-standard too, even for this low price point. There's no flash and you'll get grainy shots unless you shoot in absolutely perfect conditions.

The Genio Qwerty does come with a music player and FM radio, and has the bonus of a 3.5mm audio jack so you can plug in your own headphones. The onboard memory is pretty small at 41 MB, but you can add a microSD memory card up to 8GB if you want to store your music collection on the phone. But we wouldn't recommend replacing your iPod with this phone.

The Genio Qwerty has been designed with social networking in mind, and we like the way that it handles texts with its cool bubble-quote graphics. Email isn't as easy to handle as a BlackBerry though, and it's not great for web browsing or facebook with its tiny screen and lack of any kind of rapid data transfer.

Battery life is adequate, although not particularly strong, although it does recharge quickly. Connectivity is quadband GSM, with USB and Bluetooth.

We are struggling to find a niche for the Genio Qwerty. What are its real strengths? It's not the QWERTY keyboard, and its not text messaging or email. It's not music and its not taking photos. I think that you can see where we are going with this review. Stick with the Genio Touch for better texting, or upgrade to the Genio Slide if you can afford a little extra.

Samsung Genio Qwerty features include:

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Samsung Genio Qwerty user reviews

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Average rating from 70 reviews:

Reviewed by Hannah C from Uk on 25th Sep 2012
I bought this phone a while ago and thought it was amazing. After a while the paint started coming off the qwerty keyboard and it resends old texts from 3 months ago. But it can withstand any knocks and falls!

Reviewed by Yorkshire from Yorkshire on 14th Jan 2012
An indestructible phone! Charges rapidly, great for texting quickly, can get signal everywhere, great phone would deffo get another :)

Reviewed by Micky from Scotland on 13th Jan 2012
To begin with I thought what a great phone....then I wondered why I was going through my freedom pack so quickly...it costs twice as much to send texts than my old phone as the pages to write the text are so small and you need twice as many pages to send the texts...I used up all my text credits in 2 weeks... normally never reach the limit. Not impressed. This happened 2 months in a row. I compared with my last phone and sent the same text...word for word cost twice as much on this phone. Expensive to use.

Reviewed by do you want gravy with your carrots?? from uranus :) on 6th Jan 2012
i brought this phone for christmas and its works perfectly , great reception, easy to type messages and so very easy to use :)

Reviewed by binta from gambia on 3rd Jan 2012
its wonderful its cheap and all the keys are comfy.you can do internet browser. you can also do facebook,twiter/msn and gmail.

Reviewed by Ronald from Scotland on 15th Dec 2011
brilliant phone, everything i wanted apart from the buttons wer to fiddly for me to use properly.

Reviewed by Amy from England on 28th Nov 2011
I had this phone ages ago, and this is good for texting and calling, amazing at taking pictures but it is very small. GOod on a small budget, the battery is good, I charged it every 2 days and it worked fine. Good for putting music on, but wouldnt have it if you use social networking or text constantly. If you are one of theose people you should buy a blackberry, as this isnt the best phone.

Reviewed by Amy Hard from englaned on 14th Nov 2011
Hiyah Im amy hard and i like this fone coz its wiked and its got them gorjus keys wif the wiked lettars on ahn its like totaley realliey cool and fantabuloos yeah. Its got them realy cool fings aswel were you like press tha buttan and it ses like what it wood say if it was ringin and like rings but its just like a message that you allreadie reckordead. I luf it its so lush man and tha fingy were you change tha back is realliey niace feeture!!! lotsa luv amy hard kisss kisss xx huhg!

Reply by man from man on 4th Mar 2012
you crnt spell amy hard!!!! anywazzz this phone is old and terrible. ok charging, is good at pics but I would no say get it!! defo not for me. The qwerty keyboard is like the main ok thing. the style is ugly ):< lol hope I helped and amy hard start spelling please lol x

Reviewed by funky squirell from the moon on 14th Nov 2011
I think its pretty cool cause my friend had one and it has this thing called prank call where it seems like your getting a phone call but just plays a message that you recorder earlier to trick others. Plus I like the keybourd cause it has all keys instead of abc def ghi and all that nonsense!!!! bahahahahha it looks soo cool im definetly getting one! they really werent very nice to it on this review but I know its awesome and beats the blackberry to the ground!!! BAHAHAHAH PINAPPLESS!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Does it Matter? from Why Do your Wanna Know? on 12th Nov 2011
I've had mine for a year. Its lasted but I need a new one. The Keyboard has gone weird a couple of times and it crashes alot and it takes years to load but its still a great phone.

Reviewed by bob from uk on 6th Nov 2011
very good phone :)

Reviewed by thomas from england on 3rd Nov 2011
My dad bourght this phone for when i went to secendary school i find it ok but i'm not the type of kid who is hunched over their phone texting i only want a phone which can phone in case of an emergancy or to ocasinaly text my freinds it is a fine phone as far as i can tell (as i dont use twitter or face book or anything like that) the only snag is i charge it leave it in shcool poket and battery goes flat whithout turning it on in 2 days so i DONT LIKE. The END

Reviewed by Jeanola from Togo on 1st Nov 2011
Hi i got my genio for about 8months as a gift by my father and found no problems as the others says.i like the fashion jackets and it looks like a blackberry.honestly i ll say that at the beginning it was dificult to use but at using it for 2weeks i realise that it was very cool.good game dowloading.but the problem is that there are no many games for this type of screen.and the net is slow but with opera mini it's quite good.i got the usb cable but my computer asks me the driver to do operations.apart from that it can't run applications of more than 500kb.don't know if im the only one with that problem.the camera isn't that bad but it'll be better with a flash.i'll giv it 3stars for the music player and radio,it plays my sd card very well also and i m impressed it can play my 400and +songs very well the earphone jacket is quite good also.hop this will help you optimise ur phons.good samaung i like it...

Reviewed by cat woman from england on 27th Oct 2011
I bought a samsung galaxy europa on friday and took it back to the shop on monday as the touch screen was too sensitive and 3G was very poor in my area. I exchanged it for the samsung genio qwerty and it is much better for me. Keys are fine and I can text a lot quicker. it has everything I want on a mobile phone.

Reviewed by MissTextaholic from England on 6th Oct 2011
ive had this phone for over year! its amazing! i had a blackberry a few months ago! Giving my mate the genio qwerty! Soon swapped it back!! this phone is everything you need- qwerty keyboard-loud speakerphone-clear messages! No the camera isnt that good.. but its usable.. if you'v got a camera in your bag then who needs to use the phone for it!!! Internet is slow! but i only use it for social networking! the keyboards got clear buttons, easy to use.. and fast! battery life is amazing! im always listening to music (3/4 hours)... it takes a beating.. from being dropped down a multi story carpark stairs.. to being lobbed at a door! it looks and feels expensive!! i personally think its better than the blackberry curve.. works like one.. looks abit like one.. but for me this phone does it all!!

Reviewed by Egg shop from England on 22nd Sep 2011
The camera is not that bad and they are talking RUBBISH when they say that the keyboard flops up and down! It is PERFECT!!!

Reviewed by kev from uk on 8th Sep 2011
i`ve had this phone for over a year and i must say that i`m impressed by it. yes online is slow and camera isnt great but hey what a phone for the money.but then again i am an old git(43). ha ha. great little phone

Reviewed by Charlotte from GB on 5th Sep 2011
I like this phone, it looks and feels expensive and I find the keyboard easy to use, I do have small fingers though. My only grumble is the unlock button. Is too small and hard to find on the keyboard.

Reviewed by becky from England on 15th Aug 2011
I'm a teenage girl and got this phone recently , because i couldn't afford a blackberry. I was very pleased with the battery life, the keys aren't that bad in my opinion. Unfortunately it didn't come with a cable to connect it to the computer, the headphones that were provided were weird, you couldn't hear the singing, you cant play the radio unless headphones are plugged in, however it is a good radio. Good money for the phone , overall good buy :)

Reviewed by Laura from UK on 8th Aug 2011
I got a samsung genio qwerty for Christmas. I love it but the colour on some of the keys is starting to scratch off. The internet is quite slow too. But, its good for texting, however the facebook app is quite slow:(. Still love it;).

Reviewed by Cara from America on 31st Jul 2011
I got a samsung genio qwerty for christmas and I was so very excited!! I have seen it in the phone shops and I just fell in love with it straight away! The only bummer about it is that you can't change the texting tone!! Other then that, it's a fabulous phone! I would recommend this to 11-16 yr olds!! Goodbye!! :)

Reviewed by kimmi from UK on 9th Jul 2011
I got mine january last year and i love it. The small keys dont bother me because iv got small fingers and after a while you get used to it. The internets not all great but that to do with network problems. I dont like the camera because its not great quality but thats what iv got my digital camera for. The only thing that majorly annoys me is that it wont accept my SD card -.- plus iv been reading other reviews and everyones saying that it gets scratched easily and the keys are chipping. after a year and a half mine are starting to but not that badly and thats with me constantly dropping it.

Reviewed by Cazzie from UK on 27th Jun 2011
I got this for Christmas because I don't have the money for a blackberry and my parents wouldn't pay for one... It was working fine BUT the keys chip so you can't see the letters any more (I just know where they all are), I have a few scratches on my screen due to keys, the music player doesn't play most of my songs (which is annoying when I forget my iPod) and now hotmail says I need Java script to access these. It was fine a few weeks ago but I'm finding this phone more annoying as time goes on. Depending on where I am, the internet can be fast to not working at all (that's to do with the network) and it doesn't like my SD card for extra memory so it restarts itself when it doesn't respond. Yes it charges within 2.5 hours but the battery can last as little as a day if I use it a lot, or three days if I don't. the keys are too close together so I often have to check my texts before sending them, even though I can text faster than with the standard three keys in a row phone.

Reviewed by Sally from United Kingsom on 7th Jun 2011
I have this phone and I send alot of text, main problem is the back doesn't seem to clip on to well and the carphone warehouse soon fixed it but it soon broke again. It doesn't really bother me though. I'd really recommend this phone it's really good and great

Reviewed by Edd from UK on 21st May 2011
Hi. I got this phone in 2009. I send around 300 texts a day, and this phone is perfect for it. i dont have the money for a blackberry, so i bought this. the keys are all still in great condition. i have dropped this phone so many times, and it just bounces. i have 1 little scratch, and apart from that, it is in perfect condition. yes it donest have so good a camara. well you get what you pay for, and in my opinion, the speaker is great! i recomend this phone, even if most dont

Reviewed by Helina from UK on 5th May 2011
Hi!! I got this phone in like Febuary 2011, and yeah, im very pleased with it. But I think that the phone is aimed at youngsters, as for the QWERTY keypad has very small keys which means the phone can be quite hard to text with. The Fashion Jackety part of it is really cool, so you can personalise your phone the way you want it to look. There are two colours, white and yellow, i cant recommend one really, because they both are very appeling. I think the screen is very good, and the 2 MP camera has really cool mosaics, and effects you can play around with. It also has the 3.5mm headphone jack, which is helpful if you want to use like good quality earphones e.g IPod ones. It has really cool themes, one for example is a orange haired fellow who moves its head at what selection you are on. When you press enter to enter that selection, he pulls on a chain, and opens it up for you, which i think is really fun! Also, on the menu transitions, there is like a kinda door one, were when you enter stuff, the menu will split in half, as like a door opening. The Internet on the phone is very slow, and can sometimes frezze your phone, so i think if you get a bundle/contract, unless its compulsory, dont bother paying for the internet. Really good phone in general, its average price, is about 50, which is quite good for the phone, and perfect for those who would like a blackberry, but dont have quite enough for one. thank you for reading my review! I hoped this helped you!!

Reviewed by FatRakoon from Wales (UK) on 1st Mar 2011
I got the white version of this phone. I have never fallen for the hype of phones as pretty much the entire planet seems to done, but with 3 kids all owning Mega Hyper Phones with more power than my PC, I had to get a cheapie for myself to replace my Sony v640i Am I happy? Not really. The slider thing is cruddy and I have lowered the sensitivity down a lot but its still awkward. The menus are nasty to work through and I hate the way it does do it. As for a Music player, Im ok with it to be honest. and I cannot fairly compare it to anything. I was just happy with the V640i but the port is iffy on that so teh headphones / charger kept popping out and thats why I had to chose a phone with 3.5mm headphone socket. Its says its WIFI, but unless Im missing something, thats wrong. My kids phones connect to my router just fine, but this has to connect via PAYG... If it allowed connection through the router then it would be brilliant, but as it is...No! It is supposed to be good for socialising, but I find tralking to a person better anyway, but either way, I have setup my GMail account with it and it worked, so that was fun but alas will never again be used because I have a life. Similarly I have piddled with Facebook and Twitter and again, that will never be used again, but it was simple and worked instantly with minimal fuss. To be honest with you, I tink its not a bad phone at all. I paid 50 for it and I see it cheaper in places but Im happy with the price... I think? Im keeping my V640I however... Just in case!

Reviewed by emily from uk on 28th Feb 2011
this phone is all round brillant the keyboard is pretty good the camera lets it down it has a poor and boring background but all in all good

Reviewed by amy from england on 26th Feb 2011
ive had this phone for up to a year, and its okay, but not what i want. the internet is rubbish, but the photos are good. rubbish games. but if you just want to phone and text people quickly and easily without doing extras, buy it. But a blackberry is better if your willing to pay the extra money, and you like the exrta things a phone can do.

Reviewed by Billy-bob from England on 20th Feb 2011
If you don't want a 'can-do-everything' phone then the samsung genio qwerty is perfect. At a resonable price, it has everything a basic phone would need and style. Great first phone for those who want a good phone but aren't one of those 'get-it-all-flash-blackberry-spoilt' person. Great phone.

Reviewed by Mr Jobs from E.U.S.S.R on 12th Feb 2011
No good, the screen crack after 1 week.

Reviewed by bryony from england on 26th Jan 2011
i have had my samsung genio qwerty for about 6 months and i hate it. the camera is awful, the keyboard letters are scratched off and sometimes dont work, and i have tried everything to get the internet to work but it wont. i like that the backs change and it is bearable to dropping it.

Reviewed by Ioni from Scotland on 5th Jan 2011
I got this phone atleast 7 months ago! i like it i think it's easy to work and i bought this phone becuase it wasn't touch screen. all my last phones broke because of the touch screen.Camera is ok not the best but thats not what its for you could buy a camera if you wanted. i think the volume level is great! Easy to go onto the internet and stuff! Great value best phone ever!

Reviewed by Rhian from England on 4th Jan 2011
I bought the Samsung Genio Qwerty just about two days ago however I'm still a bit unsure about it. The battery life is ok but it runs out quite quickly I guess I could say. The camera isn't that great even though its two megapixels. If you was shooting at night, you would probably only be able to make out the outline of a body shape. Soacial messaging on the Samsung Genio Qwerty is brilliant! The Qwerty keyboard makes it much easier to type. I first thought the buttons were a tiny bit stiff but they loosened up after about one hour.If you're a heavy texter like me, the Qwerty keyboard should work well for you. The radio is perfect for when you're out and about. The volume of the phone is perfect. It dosen't have many levels but it works well for me. If you're hung up on a Qwerty keyboard but you don't want a Samsung Genio Qwerty I would recommend a Samsung Chat. My mum has one and she lets me use it frequently. Its brill. One warning- On the box of the Samsung Genio Qwerty box, it shows a phone with yellow buttons (only the ones with numbers on them) you might get one with white buttons like me. You also might not get a yellow patterned cover but a white patterned cover. I don't think the Samsung company should've put on the box a phone with a yellow cover and yellow buttons but I guess I'll get over it. Overall I rate the Samsung Genio Qwerty with a mere three stars.

Reviewed by sophie from england on 31st Dec 2010
i got this phone for christmas its great except i dont know how to gt predictive text i know it has it because on the proper websites it is ticked. plz reply and if u know how do you turn it off thankks :)

Reviewed by Ashleighh from No on 28th Dec 2010
I hav this fone the camera is perfect battery lasts long and it's the best fone evaa BUY IT x

Reviewed by Lisa from Scotland on 19th Nov 2010
In my opinion, if you want a phone that you don't really care if it brakes, this is the phone for you. Its cheap and quite stylish. There are some things that I don't like about the phone however, and these are that the screen is VERY small, and the camera isn't that good but I suppose if you want a good camera, buy one! It is a good phone for texting but it did take me quite a while to get used to the keyboared, as I am used to bigger keys. I am getting a new phone shortly after i bought this so I can't really recomend it to you.

Reviewed by jordan ryan white from united kingdom on 10th Nov 2010
hi, this phone is great for texting and ok for radio and also has a good front page shorts cuts (push the left key to get text, press right to get music). however the camera is defently rubbish it is more of a 1megapix camera and the space for music is terrible, although the battry life is good but also the cases are great you can pick your own however the games are rubbish they are training games to help you text wich u can see is good when u first get it but not after... ! so the phone is good for a week but after that boring and internet on it is slow and signal is terrible and it isnt because of the network ! defently a un-recomendable mobile !

Reviewed by sophie from england on 7th Nov 2010
great phone. the best thing is you can record the radio. games are a bit rubbish but it does alot for ts price! buy it. good for school to. BOB DOWN THE BOTTOM HOW IS IT EASILY DISGUISED. LOL I LIKE THIS PHONE THE KEYS ARE SMALL BUT COPABLE BUT THERE ARE ALOT OF..... um options dont say its bad camera cus its a phone not a camera so buy a camera dont say bad music player cus that is what an ipod is for. a phone is for texting and it does that very easily if u say the keys are to small u dont suite the phone cus i think its a 12-14 year olds as for the garish back but that is cool. buy it! great value for money :) xxx i feel good to hold it. my little blackberryyyy hey??? xx lol :)

Reviewed by Cheryl from England on 6th Nov 2010
I had this phone on contract and it was a complete waste of my time. the keypad is useless, the keys are so close together you can hardly type without getting something wrong. i've never had a phone like it. i've now got myself a blackberry curve, and i should have got this in the first place. if you want an alternitive to a blackberry curve, dont get this, actually get a blackberry!

Reviewed by lewis smith from england on 30th Oct 2010
i think it is just a copy of the blackberry they should get something new and fresh my keys have fallen of the mobile as well!

Reviewed by julia from uk on 16th Oct 2010
had no problems with this phone, only bad this is the camera and the buttons seem to chip a bit.

Reviewed by sally affleck from uk on 30th Sep 2010
This is the 4th replacement Genio I have had in 2 months. All of them have had the same fault. The button on the side...which is really important as it switches the thing on, stops working. Actually, the first 3 never, ever worked at all!!Surely it's not just me..I'm not heavy handed with it! Someone else MUST have had the same problem.

Reviewed by peace out!!! from england on 25th Sep 2010
I love my samsung genio qwerty because it's not like other phones, I think this is because the cover changing adds a touch and so does the qwerty keyboard. I love the fact that there other phones that you could swap the covers with. me and my friends are always swapping. one has the genio slide another 3 have the genio touch and me and another friend have this phone. We all went and bought them together. Ah! I love this phone!!!

Reviewed by alisha from usa on 31st Aug 2010
i love this phone ,its great but i cant connect it to my pc. i rate this phone a 8 of 10 . everyone i no say this phone as small keys but i just think they have very big fingers :) :) :D :p

Reviewed by secret from england on 21st Aug 2010
i love this phone, but i think it should come with more themes on the phone, as i get a bit bored with the phone's theme, the sony ericson has lots of themes on their phone, but apart from that i love this phone, and the people who say the keys are to small blatantly have big thumbs:):)

Reviewed by Rachael from Wales on 9th Aug 2010
I brought my Samsung Genio QWERTY about 2weeks and so far its been a good phone. The only problem iv had with it is that some times when your texting it misses a key that i definitely pressed correctly im not sure if thats just my phone or if everyones is like it apart from that it is quite and easy phone to text on and easy to text quickly aswell. It also doesn't come with a USB connector which isnt really good as connecting to your laptop throught bluetooth takes ages. But over all its a good phone :)x

Reviewed by hgkj from england on 8th Aug 2010
this review is bad but i really like this phone. the key board isnt a flop if u use it properly! clearly the person who wrote this review has no clue what their saying.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 8th Aug 2010
Hi, hgkj. Unusual name you have. Rhymes with egkj. Thanks for your review, but no need to be rude. Different opinions make the world a better place to live.

Reviewed by shakira from uk on 8th Aug 2010
i got the samsung genio qwerty. I remember before i got it i was reading every review online. I would recromend this phone to everyone.I love it but it doesn't come with a USB cable and the QWERTY keybord is quite small. if you have a big tumb it might be hard to use. The internet is very bad on this phone

Reviewed by heather from leicestershire on 28th Jul 2010
i have the samsung genio qwerty and ive only just realised that the phone didnt come with a connector from the phone to the laptop i dont know if this i for all of these phones or mine just didnt come with one but basiclly id check just in case

Reviewed by emma from west midlands on 19th Jul 2010
this phone is poor any bit of waters its no good my phone got a bit of water on it due to rain and it stoped working i got it repaired and now its stop working again no water got on it this time

Reviewed by Tankz from England on 17th Jun 2010
I think the screen is very small so are the icons but overall its a good phone, as long as it luks like blackberry..lol

Reviewed by leanne from manchester on 17th Jun 2010
i think this fone is absolutly rubbish its boring nothing to do on it onli the games are good texting is really hard the buttons are small and cramed together i onli got it ten days ago and now im buing a new one its absolutlii rubbish i cant tell u how gutted i am . im just so glad my mums buying me a new one tomorrow so looks like i have a samsung genio qwerty free to a good home sooner the better i say !

Reviewed by marina from bkk on 30th May 2010
omg i fell in luv with this phone from the minuet i saw it!!!! i am getting it this weekend. btw: wat is ur problem its this thing its cold a camera go get one if u want a good on. oh and if u have fat fingers dont blame it on the phone!!!!

Reviewed by Devan Hunt from South Wales on 29th May 2010
I recently got this phone & really like it, the only problem is when it loses signla it switches off or onto a standby screen until it gets signal again. Does this happen with anyone elses?

Reviewed by AJ from England on 21st May 2010
This phone isnt and is good I loved it as i got it today it was easy to tec=xt on simple, good camera good music player, however wouldnt accept the images on my memory card so was gutted and had NO USB so I am now nearly in tears!! Because there is no way to transfer my pictures so i have none :'( And my mom ses I cant take it back and telling me im totally ungrateful but i use it for my USB and my sister will make fun of me! Cuz she is jealous so if there is something wrong she will use it against me so if you want a USB dont get it! Plus I cant buy one as I only have 10 money and that isnt enough so am HUGELY DISSAPOINTED :( XX

Reviewed by Jimbob from brum on 16th May 2010
you can buy the wire from carphone warehouse for 13. However u also need a disk to download it. And you can get twitter u dooshebag!! LOL <3

Reviewed by Maisie from UK on 11th May 2010
i have just bought this phone and relaly like it, i got a new sim with it with 10 credit already on and 300freetxts and unlimited internet monthly, i have cred on the phone and free internet but i cant get onto the internet when i go to connect is keeps saying service unavailable, can anyone help me?

Reviewed by Maria from UK on 8th May 2010
This is a great little phone...I disagree with the main review!..keypad is fine and precise but suggest it is better for people with smaller fingers!..overall is a great phone for the price...perfect for texting and calls...but if you want a good screen/camera etc there are better phones on the market

Reviewed by leah from ;0 on 8th May 2010
i think the phone is great and if you say its rubbish you are wron coz it is great i would so get it if i was you me and all my meats have got it well good mate YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT NAGG YOUR MUM 2 GET IT YOU YOU WONT BE GUTTED dont take any notis what all the outhers say

Reviewed by Jordan from United Kingdom on 2nd May 2010
i think that this phone is great i think that the review is telling the reader lies.

Reviewed by matt from england on 1st May 2010
im a bit diserpointed that there is no wire with it also that there is no twitter other wise great phone im hoping that i can get a usb wire

Reviewed by Jessica from Wales on 22nd Apr 2010
I had this phone as a Christmas present i nagged by parents for it but didn't look into it properly I just wanted it because of the way it looked I wish now that I had looked closer into it I can only store 7 songs on it and it doesn't come with the wire that you plug into the computer to download your pics!!!! I wish I had a different phone !!! and let that be a lesson never ask for something or wish you had something until you've had a closer look at it and know all the facts about it I was really disappointed about this phone !!!

Reviewed by tony from UK on 5th Apr 2010
why pay out for blackberry 8520 when this is the same very good phone

Reviewed by manfred from alabama on 1st Apr 2010
worst phone everr?

Reviewed by Reena Patel from UK on 24th Mar 2010
Love my phone cos' it plays War by Jay Sean perfectly. Thanks Jay Sean for the song and thanks Samsung for a nice phone! : P.s. I love the qwerty keypad and the price of this device. & Jay Sean I LOVE YOU

Reviewed by amy from south wales on 23rd Mar 2010
im really fussy with phones and i LOVE this phone! people who cant use this keypad must have HUGE fingers because it works great! im 16 and i lovee it. great phone and alot of people agree the people who dont like it must be snobs who only want a phone with a big price label and ignore the quality.

Reviewed by hamza from england on 8th Mar 2010
Brilliant phone for the teenagers...dont believe what these reviews say, they are just written by people with fat fingers LOL. anyway i dont care what these guys say, and get it if you can!

Reviewed by mel from england on 4th Mar 2010
I was bought the samsung genio qwerty as a christmas gift and i am really disapointed if it wasn't a presant i would go out and buy a new phone. The problems I have experienced are texting the capitols get stuck on and i have trouble with the small buttons. Any brtowsing in the web is nearly impossible and facebook is very slow. I only text on my phone mostly so thats the real problem.

Reviewed by bob from Englandoo on 28th Feb 2010
Amazing , best phone i ever had the cameras rubbish but thats what cameras are for !! Great for the internet :D Love this phone and would definatly recommend it for fast texters or facebookers and easily descised in lessons :L

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