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Samsung Galaxy Young review

 Review: June 2013  

Last updated January 2015

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung Galaxy Young is an entry-level smartphone running Android Jelly Bean. It's compact and cheap, but with very basic features.

Today's best buy: Samsung G130 Galaxy Young 2 ... from Amazon (£74.99)


A pocket smartphone

This really is one for people who like small phones. It's dinky in size, although quite thick, but it's really a nice shape if you want something you can easily hold and use in one hand. It looks nice too, and comes in a range of colours - White, Metallic Silver, Wine Red and Deep Blue.

Of course, if you shrink a phone this small you end up with a tiny screen. The screen here measures just 3.27 inches diagonally, which is starting to feel cramped. Pixel density isn't bad, with a 320 x 480 resolution, but it isn't the brightest display available, and isn't that easy to read outdoors.

Android Jelly Bean

The Young comes with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean installed, which is quite a dated version of Android now. There are  now something like a million apps available on Google Play - many of them free - and the Galaxy Young is a great first smartphone to start exploring these.

For first-time users, Easy Mode helps you access key functions like contacts and apps.

Budget specs

The hardware inside the Galaxy Young is extremely basic. The 1GHz processor is pretty much the slowest processor we'd consider for a smartphone. There's not a lot of RAM available for apps, and you'll need to limit your apps to the more basic ones to avoid clogging up the system entirely.

On the positive side, the built-in storage of 4GB can be increased very cheaply with a microSD memory card, adding up to 32GB extra memory. This gives you enough space for music, photos and videos.

The camera on the Galaxy Young is as basic as they come. With a 3 megapixel sensor, no flash and no autofocus, it's literally a point & shoot, and gives you pretty poor results, even when compared with other entry-level smartphones.


The Galaxy Young is a 3G-capable phone with HSPA giving download speeds of up to 7.2Mbps, and can also run on a 2G network with quadband compatibility. Wi-Fi gives even faster data access than 3G, and the phone supports Wi-Fi Direct.

You'll also find Bluetooth and a micro-USB connector, plus a 3.5mm audio jack for headphones.

Battery life

The Galaxy Young has a 1300mAh battery, which is quite small. Android phones have a nasty habit of eating battery power, and even though the small screen and slow processor have lower power demands than most, the battery life of this phone isn't going to be very long for most users. If you watch a youtube video, send some texts and keep up to date on facebook and twitter, you'll probably be charging every night.

Conclusion - not the best budget phone

The Samsung Galaxy Young is a very compact entry-level Android phone positioned below the more powerful Galaxy Fame in terms of features. It costs less than £100, but somehow it still manages to feel over-priced. It's not that it's a bad phone. It just needs to be priced closer to £50 than £100 if it's going to get more than a 2 star rating from us. The newer Galaxy Young 2 is the replacement for the Young.

Samsung Galaxy Young features include:

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Samsung G130 Galaxy Young 2 ...
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Samsung G130 Galaxy Young 2 ...
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Samsung G130 Galaxy Young 2 ...
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Samsung G130 Galaxy Young 2 ...
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Samsung Galaxy Young user reviews

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Average rating from 7 reviews:

Reviewed by Niall Finnegan from Ireland on 22nd Sep 2015
Cheap phone but absolutely RUBBISH!

.Battery struggles to reach one day
.Screen is SO small that you'd nearly need a microscope to see it
.Onboard storage allows for about 2-3 downloaded apps
.Thick as a brick
.Has no style
.Extremely outdated software
.Keyboard is impossible
.Slow as a snail

I find that the easiest way to use this phone is, To not use it at all because its so hard to use due to the screen size, so slow and just so bad!!!!

As a result I give it 1/5


Reviewed by Alex from Norway on 1st Apr 2015
This is a phone for kids, and i even do not recomended to give if to your kids, because they not gone like it. Yes it is cheap, but it is also rubbish. there are far better phones out there in that price range.

Reviewed by Pat from England on 17th Dec 2014
I dislike this phone intensely - A major problem is that the phone locks when put to the ear & can only be unlocked when laid down! Answering the phone with the swipe button is impossible with cold fingers - It is not easy to use the keyboard, easy to touch a neighbouring key - After two months I am off to get a new phone - definelty not a samsung

Reviewed by Rohan from England on 1st Jun 2014
I hate Samsung galaxy young it's not good for apps small screen slow and it was a don't buy from Which magazines I do not recommend this phone I'm getting a new phone soon.

Reviewed by Emily from UK on 5th May 2014
i previously had the Samsung galaxy ace then that died after having it for about 4 years so to replace it i got this the Samsung galaxy young. i've currently still got it and i have had so many battery problems as i plug it in and it says 'battery fully charged, unplug charger' with 5 minutes of it being plugged in then about 1 minute later its dead again. i have tried all types of methods to change this from happening but nothing seems to work. it also cuts off phone calls and crashes very often and turns off at any time. i am currently looking at different phones to replace this with i would not recommend this phone.

Reviewed by ahmed from india on 10th Dec 2013
It is good to use and handy. I love this mobile. Rating I can give 4.

Reviewed by VISAKH M from india on 28th Jul 2013
Iam now using galaxy young. It is a good android phone in price 8k. The battary backup is low in this phone.
Other feachers are good.

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