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Samsung Galaxy Young 2 review

 Review: January 2015  

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: As its name suggests, the Samsung Galaxy Young 2 is intended as a first phone for young teens. It's very cheap, very small, and very basic. But there are better budget smartphones available, and we can't recommend the Young 2.

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A first smartphone

The Galaxy Young 2 is a tiny smartphone, designed to be small enough to be used by a child or teenager. It will fit easily into a small pocket or a small palm. It's light in weight, and although it's not that slim, it's easy to grip in small hands. Although it's rather toy-like in appearance, the styling is smart, modelled on Samsung's more-expensive Galaxy phones, although everything here is plastic. The back is simulated leather, making it easy to grip.

The display is small, measuring just 3.5 inches,  but that's inevitable with such a compact phone. It's not a high-end screen obviously, in fact it's a particularly low-end display, but probably OK for beginners in the smartphone world.

One feature that concerns us, is that the SAR rating is not particularly low. The SAR measures the amount of electromagnetic radiation absorbed by the body when using the phone, and we feel that a phone targeted at children should be at the low end. Since Samsung makes some of the lowest SAR-rated phones, there's little excuse for this.

Android KitKat

The Young 2 has Android KitKat installed, which is the current version of Android. This gives access to all the apps that a kid will want. Most of them are free too - including lots of games. The kinds of games that cost money probably aren't going to work on the Young 2 anyway (see next section.)

Low specs

For £50 you shouldn't expect a high-end phone. Needless to say, the Young 2 has the lowest specs possible. The processor is a single-core CPU running at 1GHz. There's only 512MB of RAM. What this means is that the phone struggles to do much more than run simple apps. Advanced games and apps won't run, or will crash, or will spend so long loading that you'll give up. Even simple menu operations can lag. This might prove to be a frustrating experience for young users (or any users in fact.)

There's very little memory on board too - just 4GB - although you can add a microSD memory card for storing photos and music.

The point-and-click camera is also very basic. It can take quick snaps for social media, and record blurry video, but there's no flash, and no front camera for selfies.


The Young 2 has quite good connectivity. It's a 3G phone, equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a micro-USB connector, NFC and a 3.5mm audio jack for headphones.

Battery life

Battery life isn't a strong feature of the phone. A long car journey spent playing games followed by a few phone calls is probably the most use you'll get from the phone between charges.

Conclusion - not recommended

The Samsung Galaxy Young 2 is a very cheap smartphone, but perhaps too cheap. As a first phone for a young teen, it might be OK, but it may create more problems than it solves.

We recommend considering the Motorola Moto E or Sony Xperia E1 instead.

Samsung Galaxy Young 2 features include:

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Average rating from 6 reviews:

Reviewed by James from England on 23rd Sep 2017
I had the misfortune of using this phone for over two years. Unfortunately, most of the criticisms on this page are true. The best things that I can say about the phone is that it worked for two years, only cost me £50, and that it ran a fairly new (at the time) version of Android.

The phone was extremely slow (it couldn't even run the Sumaze! app, which isn't the most demanding around by a long stretch), the camera wasn't great (though it was one of the better parts of the phone IMO), the battery went down worryingly fast, there was no 4G (not a big deal at this price), and the screen was small and abysmally low quality for a Samsung.

This phone is no longer on sale, so writing this review is probably pointless, but I hope a few other Young 2 owners out there will do what I did and replace theirs with a £150-£300 phone. The difference will be night and day, believe me.

Reviewed by Vincent linden magano from South africa on 11th Jan 2016
It works great.

Reviewed by karen from england on 18th Sep 2015
this phone is more trouble than its worth, always turning itself off , so it aint that smart its a terrible phone.
the shop were it was brought from are as bad as the phone they have excuse after excuse this was bought as a present by my son an daughter no satisfaction from them to say they are a top shop.

Reviewed by Bowser from The Universe on 30th Aug 2015
No. Just no. Not this phone. I had this phone for just 2 months before upgrading to an iphone 4s. I only use the young 2 for the odd little thing now. Don't buy this. Get your kids an iPhone 4 or xperia play. Please.

Reviewed by rory from ireland on 18th Apr 2015
Oh dear god this is the worst phone I've ever used. I bought it as a stop gap while my s4 was getting repaired. how samsung can produce such an awful phone defies logic. If you love having your patience tested daily and pulling your hair out then this is the phone for you. I could go on about it but it's taken 10 minutes to type this review so far. Just terrible.

Reviewed by Dean from United Kingdom on 27th Mar 2015
I have been using this phone for possibly 8 months. It is seriously the worst performing phone I have ever used. Web pages take far too long to load, the browser frequently crashes.

When you click on objects in web pages which open other pages, very regularly it will take 3 clicks- on the link before the phone finally responds and starts to load the next page, even though on the first click the phone plays an audible click to indicate you have selected it!

I had once a Samsung Mini Galaxy 2, I thought the Young 2 would be similar -it isn't. Even the Mini Galaxy performs far better than the crappy Young 2.
When say Google page loads you click on the text box to enter the search text, regularly the Young 2 doesn't bring up the alphanumeric keyboard! You sit there repeatedly clicking on the search text box trying to bring up the keyboard.

My advice. Having used this phone for 8 months, do NOT under any circumstances by this phone. Buy something else.

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