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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 review

 Review: October 2013  

Last updated December 2013

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is an excellent 10 inch tablet, and is very good value for money now that the price has fallen significantly.



The 3rd generation of the Samsung Galaxy Tab is available in 3 sizes - 7 inches8 inches and 10 inches. Here we review the largest model in the series.

A full-sized tablet

10 inches feels like a good size for a tablet, and the Galaxy tab 3 is a good size to hold, being both slim and lightweight. It feels well constructed and looks nice, being available in either White or Gold Brown.

While the 10.1 inch display is large, the resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels isn't the highest. It's the same as the 8 inch version. Although it can display HD content, most rival 10-inch tablets can display full 1080p content. Nevertheless, the TFT display is nice and bright and large enough to accommodate Dual View mode for multitasking.

Mid-level hardware

The lack of a full HD display sets an irritating precedent for the rest of the device's specs. At this level, a dual-core processor is starting to feel very last year, and with only 1GB of RAM, the performance of the Tab 10 is far from cutting edge.

Memory is limited to 16GB, but with the option of adding a memory card up to 64GB, which should be ample.

The rear-facing camera is typical for a tablet, with a low resolution of just 3 megapixels, although the front-facing 1.3 megapixel camera is perfectly suitable for video calling.

Android Jelly Bean

Like all Galaxy products, the tablet runs Google's Android operating system - in this case Android 4.2. Jelly Bean. Samsung's TouchWiz user interface overlay is here too. There are extra Samsung-specific features, including Samsung's Music Hub, Readers Hub, Game Hub, S Translator and others.


The Tab 3 is Wi-Fi enabled, but without 3G connectivity. It does have Wi-Fi Direct as well as full support for 802.11a/b/g/n 2.4 + 5 GHz. DLNA and MHL support are included.

Battery life

The battery life of the 10 inch Tab 3 is quite good, with a large battery rated at 6800 mAh. Samsung's official figures claim up to 9 hours of continuous usage with Wi-Fi enabled.

Conclusion - a good value 10 inch tablet

The price of the 10 inch version of the Galaxy Tab 3 has fallen significantly since launch and it now offers good value for money. If you want a full-size tab, you'll struggle to find anything that offers better value than the Galaxy Tab 3.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 features include:

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Can uyou use a Sims card in the tab3?

Asked by Mary from usa on 17th Oct 2018
Trying to find out how to transfer old files to tab 3 from my 2014 Tablet that has a Sims card. This tab I have have no place for a Sims card.

Wifi of tab 3 not working even re install all the app.

Asked by arshad chaudhry from uk on 30th Mar 2017

Does it have excel and office on it/ can it be used if I load these on?

Asked by Liz from Uk on 24th Nov 2016

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 user reviews

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Average rating from 20 reviews:

Reviewed by Mark from Scotland on 7th Jun 2016
I purchased the Samsung galaxy fame mobile and recieved the galaxy tab 3 free in 2013. Within a week or 2, i had problems with over heating even though handling with due care not to cover the battery. I had the device replaced 3 times on the 4th time taking it back to Tesco's i had to call there tech service department. When i tried to explain this had been the fourth time in with the same problem, he continued to talk over me resulting with me being so frustrated i just handed the phone over to girl in the store. No apology was given! To my understanding this fault was known by Samsung and all retailer's selling this device individual or in deals including Tesco. This being said i thought the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 was great in every way for what i used it for (primarily for playing games). Compared to the ipad 2, i know people who have memory problem's with the ipad 2 compared with the GT3. I just wished they sorted the problem and didn't fob me off as they did. I recommend when purchasing any device reading all reviews and asking yourself what your really looking for. I don't recommend purchasing this device but do recommend it for gaming.

Reviewed by MLS from USA on 27th Jan 2016
I purchased my Tab 3 after Thanksgiving in 2013. Loved it until it would no longer charge 12 months later. Contacted Samsung service and sent it to their service center in New Jersey in January 2015 (13 months after purchase). Got it back (minus all my passwords, pictures, etc.). 11 months later, same problem. Battery refused to charge. Contacted Service Dept. Was told since it was out of warranty it would cost me $295 to fix! Seriously???? Why would I pay almost the new purchase price for a product that is inferior! Made no sense to me! Star rating should be 0!

Reviewed by KC Wong from Malaysia on 16th Nov 2015
Bought the Tab 3 10.1 in June 2014. 6 months later it starts to shut on on it's own. After nearly 9 months it shut down on its own frequently almost like every 10 to 15 minutes. it is so annoying. The tab also become hot.

I took the Tab to be serviced in a Samsung service centre in De Garden Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

After a few days they call and say it have been repaired and they changed the mother board. After that the Tab begin to start shutting down on its own again after 1 month. Now 4 months after the repair it is shutting down frequently again.

I approach the service Samsung Centre and tell them they did not fix the problem in the first place. Now they say my warrenty is finish and I need pay for the service. I think ridiculous as they did not solved my problem the 1st time. I have to pay for repeated repair.

Feel like throwing the Samsung Tab and their service down the bin.

Reviewed by Christy from Uk on 9th Oct 2015
I have had mine for nearly a year now and it is the best thing I ever did runs all, apps very smoothly and has no problem running moves, does everything I need it to do and more.

Reviewed by Konduru Naveen from India on 25th Aug 2015
hello (Hola).
I m using this tab its very useful to students. This tab very fast browsing and downloading. simply using. I give rating 4/5.

Reviewed by randy from usa on 24th May 2015
After trying to work with the 10.1 tab 3 for over a year, i have to say i am sorry i ever bought it. The thing is terribly slow while my wifes old ipad runs circles around it. Cannot read on it because the pages freeze up until you restart it. I have start using my iphone for work because this piece of junk is not worth the frustration.

Reviewed by Robert G from Wales UK on 1st Mar 2015
This tablet was first class until the operating system was updated by samsung from 4.1.2 to 4.4.2. Now the screen flashes intermittently while I am trying to write. I find this very annoying and I intend to replace the tablet for something more reliable.

Reviewed by Paul Murray from Uk on 28th Jan 2015
Suffer USB problems Whitch samsung refuse to admit poor build quality my iPad is the same age no problems with that

Reviewed by craigybcheck23 from England on 18th Jan 2015
I just bought one of these second hand. I'm impressed by its speed smoothness and ease of use. It does everything i could possibly want from a tablet. Having gone through several unbranded 7 inch tablets this year i decided to go for this one after looking at several. This blows anything i have previously owned out of the water. I was advised Samsung make superior products compared to a similarly priced Google 10 inch tablet. I cannot fault it at all. Battery life is awesome too.

Reviewed by Tony Crewe from England on 3rd Jan 2015
Absolutely the best thing i have ever bought ,does everything i need ,and not complicated.

Reviewed by andy from UK on 30th Dec 2014
I bought this tab after already having samsung mobiles. I need to stop buying samsung products, it's extremely unreliable. It's slow when loading pages and apps, also 10 inches is just too big to use with apps. Taking it back waste of 200 nicker.

Reviewed by Keith from England on 29th Dec 2014
Bought myself the Tab 3 as a Christmas present to myself. Wow what a buy. I love it. I have no idea what others can offer and how good they are I just know that its going to change my life. Even for a luddite like me it its so easy to use. Im sure there are better ones out there but if you want to pay out a fortune then the best of luck.

Reviewed by jack slattery from england on 22nd Dec 2014
The worst tablet ever bought. I went away for the day and left it on charge from 7am until 6pm and it is on 2%. Another fault with the tablet is that it just shuts down when you apply pressure to the back of the device. I would not recomend this device.

Reply by rizwan from india on 23rd Jan 2015
i have same problem but i dont know to solve this problem

Reviewed by keithg from UK on 19th Dec 2014
When tablet turned on I'm unable to use the google bar/widget on the home screen I have to use other functions before it will work.Any one had same probs...?

Reviewed by ROB from ENGLAND on 28th Oct 2014
Bought this to replace my stolen i-pad..wished i had bought one before,does all the things you need a tablet to do at half the cost ,plus simple to navigate around.

Reviewed by paul Williams from England on 27th Aug 2014
Does not play posted video's on Facebook. Why?

Reviewed by H from England on 6th Feb 2014
My wife and I checked out several tabs before buying 2 Sammy's which have been all that we had hoped for and then some. We are senior citizens but fairly well versed in the usage of these items. We say well done Samsung for producing a product of such value for so little cash.

Reviewed by Raj Doug from England on 26th Dec 2013
I had a look at the apple ipad, a different animal compared with the Samsung, the camera is absolutely awful on the Samsung. The apps are via Samsung shop which are not Microsoft based and can be disorientating if your use to office based utilities. However, the operation is fast and immediate, screen resolution is average and connectivity is poor - only mini USB and one 6mm ear jack socket. The apple ipad is more expensive, but worth it, you only get what you pay .... nothing come free. I made the mistake of not buying the ipad, the Samsung is ok for kids of thirteen whilst the ipad is for grown up's

Reply by cHRIS from uk on 27th Dec 2013
So it doesn't suit your needs therefore it's only suitable for a teenager?? What a worthless review.

Reply by Paul Tricki from England on 2nd Jan 2014
Typical I-sheep commenter. At 230 quid The Sammy is absolutely perfect for the vast majority of users. If I owned a 470 quid I-pad I'd be paranoid about dropping/losing it, or having it nicked. The Sammy runs the vast majority of the thousands of apps that Android tablets and phones do (courtesy of Google Play). S for the camera, who on earth wants to use a slab for taking photos - it's just naff.

Reply by Dan from UK on 5th Jan 2014
Useless review. Apps are via Google Play, not Samsung shop, at least understand Android! Mini USB on a tab is what you would expect for connectivity & what is a 6mm ear jack socket? You mean 3.5 mm.

Reply by Paul from uk on 7th Feb 2014
Go waste your money on an ipad then my 10.1 does every thing I want !!

Reviewed by Shaun from Scotland on 16th Dec 2013
I bought this a few days ago, replacing the 2.0 7 inch I had from last year. For me it does what I need it to do. I had a look at all the other tablets and went for this one. I think we all use things for different reasons and for me this tablet is superb.


Reviewed by Flamethrower129 from England on 10th Dec 2013

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