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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus review

 Review: April 2017  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung Galaxy S8+ is a super-sized version of the S8, with an absolutely incredible screen, and electrifying capabilities to match. It's the most powerful mobile device you can get your hands on, but the price is sky high too.


A super-sized S8

The Galaxy S8+ is the same as the S8, but with a larger screen and a bigger battery. It's the best phablet-style phone we've reviewed, giving you a bigger screen than the iPhone 7 Plus in a lighter and more compact form factor. It's still big though, and you have to really, really want the huge screen - otherwise the regular S8 is a much better choice for most people.

The battery has been uprated from 3,000 to 3,500mAh, but otherwise all the specs are the same.

On sim-free, the phone costs around £100 more than the standard S8, but on Pay Monthly you'll need to spend around £65 per month on a contract, and that seems to us like a crazy price. It's the kind of money Apple charges for its products - too much. We've deducted one star from our rating to reflect that. However, if money is no object to you, then we'd say that this is the most capable phone you can buy at present.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus features include:

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus user reviews

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Average rating from 5 reviews:

Reviewed by Oiltec from UK on 26th Sep 2017
Now this is interesting, i moved from Samsung to iPhone 3 years ago, my problem was the signal on the Samsung was not as good as the iPhone, so time and technology move i thought i would give the S plus a go, the phone itself is a cracker all round, the screen is mind blowing etc etc, now the but, i had the duel sim phone with O2 and voda working at the same time, i looked to see the signal on the phone in a tricky part in the new forest, no signal on o2 or voda, bad news, so the signal strength is still not as good as the iPhone hence the s8 plus has gone back and back to the iPhone. so no signal at all on the Samsung but with the iPhone i have had conversations on o2 many times on the same 6 mile journey.

Reply by Spandy from England on 6th Jan 2018
I have had both Samsung's and iPhones over the years, the galaxy 7s and 8s blow any iphone out of the water, I also live in a rubbish area for phone signals but have had no problem with either the 7 or 8.

Reviewed by Chris Mac from Wales.UK on 12th Aug 2017
I've had loads of Samsung's and really didn't want to get an S8+....thought about a Google pixel xl but decided against.... Had my S8+ 3 days and it's an absolute pleasure, the infinity screen is sublime and the whole phone feels like a polished stoned.... And for all the negativity about the rear facing fingerprint scanner....IT REALLY IS NOT AN ISSUE AND I HAVE SMALL HANDS....ITS super quick and NOT the issue made out in the review's...GET 1.... U WONT BE DISAPPOINTED...!!!

Reviewed by Qasid from UK on 20th Jun 2017
I have upgraded from the iPhone 6 Plus, which I was very sceptical of as I had many apps, music, data on there which I thought would be lost. Well, thanks to Samsung Switch, I was actually able to transfer most of my data across by just using the USB adapter and the iPhone cable! The phone itself is about the same size as the iPhone 6 Plus (slightly narrower), but the screen really is much larger. It can be a bit overwhelming when using with one hand, but I'm used to it, coming from the large iPhone! Samsung have really beefed it up this time, I've had the S6 edge before which was a decent phone, but this really ticks all the boxes in terms of performance and ease of use...you can even sync all your iTunes music to the phone using Google Play music! Would definitely recommend this, or the smaller S8 to anyone who uses an iPhone.

Reviewed by Rob S from UK on 22nd May 2017
I Have S8+, incredible phone, had it for a month and still finding new features on it, absolutely no regrets buying it.

Reviewed by Dan Clark from United Kingdom on 5th May 2017
Have just upgraded to the S8+ from an S6 Edge and am really impressed so far. Still getting used to some of the new features and enhancements though as so used to the S6. With regards to the cost I am actually paying less per month than previously and being on O2s yearly upgrade plan means I will pay less than £400 for the handset over the course of the year.

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