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Samsung Galaxy S review

 Review: June 2010  

Last updated May 2011

Rating: 5 stars

In a nutshell: One year after its launch, the Samsung Galaxy S is still one of the very best phones on the market.

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The Samsung Galaxy S is Samsung's answer to the HTC Desire. Like the Desire, the Galaxy S runs Android, the bad boy operating system for 2010, and we're delighted (and a little relieved) to find that it's version 2.1 (Eclair) - the same as on the Desire. The Desire is by far the biggest selling contract phone of the moment, so to beat it Samsung had better deliver the goods, and it seems that with the Galaxy S they really have.

At Mobile Phones UK, the first thing we always do when we get a new phone is to pick it up and paw it a little. Try this with us at home if you like. Pick up the Galaxy S in one hand and the HTC Desire in the other. You'll notice that the Galaxy S is a couple of millimetres wider than the Desire, but several millimetres thinner, making it quite astonishingly thin and significantly lighter too. You'll notice the two touch-sensitive buttons and one physical button below the screen, and then you'll notice the screen itself. It's enormous! At 4 inches from corner to corner, the display completely fills the device, leaving you wondering why HTC couldn't have done the same with the Desire. It's 30% bigger than the display on the iPhone 4 by the way. But turn the phone on and the screen reveals its true power, because it's a Super AMOLED display, like the one on the Samsung Wave. With a Super AMOLED display, the screen itself is touch sensitive, instead of a touch sensitive layer being placed on top. The result is a brighter display and up to 80% less reflected light, so when outdoors the display is much sharper and brighter than an ordinary TFT display. We don't have a photo of how the Galaxy S compares with the Desire, but the difference is quite noticeable. Being a capacitive touchscreen it responds effortlessly to the touch too.

We've said that the Galaxy S runs Android 2.1, so you'll have access to thousands of apps, many of which are free and rival the apps for the iPhone. Pre-installed apps include the Layar Reality Browser (an augmented reality app that overlays digital content about your surroundings as viewed through the phone's camera), a document editor, the Aldiko ebook reader and the new Social Hub which has been designed from the ground up to seamlessly integrate all major email providers, IM and social networking services such as Yahoo, MSN, Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. Android is a powerful and intuitive operating system, and Samsung's implementation works very well. Android is overlayed with Samsung's TouchWiz 3.0 interface, which resembles the HTC Sense interface and gives you customisation options and plenty of icons and widgets to play with. We understand that TouchWiz can be disabled if you're an Android purist.

To turn up the heat on rival HTC, Samsung have packed the very best hardware into the Galaxy S. The processor runs at a super-fast 1GHz and has a dedicated GPU to assist it, so any interaction with the user interface takes place at lightning speed, and video playback is flicker-free even in high definition. The device has a built-in memory of either 8GB or 16GB and can also accept memory cards up to 32GB, so storage isn't going to be a problem.

The Galaxy S has a 5 megapixel camera with touch autofocus (but no flash) and can also record HD video at 720p resolution.

The music player is outstanding too. As well as the benefits of the enormous onboard memory and the 3.5mm audio jack, the audio quality is fantastic, with support for full surround sound. Video playback on the Super AMOLED screen is also outstanding and the Galaxy S has multi-codec support including DivX support.

Connectivity ticks all known boxes: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, USB 2.0, a 3.5mm audio jack, DLNA support and TV-Out. DLNA lets you wirelessly connect and share videos, photos and music between your phone, your TV and PC. A Wireless Tethering app lets you use your phone as a broadband modem for your laptop or other device. The 3G connection on the galaxy S supports download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps and uploads of 5.76 Mbps using HSPA.

The phone comes with built-in AGPS with Google Maps pre-installed and providing three different views - real street view, traffic view and satellite view.

As you'd expect from an Android phone, accessing the web is a delight on the Galaxy S. With the Chrome-lite web browser, the huge pin-sharp capacitive display and fast data access via HSPA, there's really nothing to beat it.

Finally, as if this weren't enough, there's one final reason to choose the Galaxy S over the HTC Desire: battery life. Not only does it have a larger 1500 mAh battery, but the Super AMOLED screen is considerably more energy efficient than a conventional display. The result is a quoted talktime of double that of the HTC Desire. In practice, we seriously doubt you'll get the quoted 13.5 hours of talktime, but it should easily be enough to see you through even a heavy day's use.

The Galaxy S is quite possibly Samsung's best phone ever, and that's saying a lot. They've taken the latest version of the best operating system and thrown to-die-for hardware at it. In our opinion this outperforms even the HTC Desire in a number of key areas: battery life, HD video recording, the Super AMOLED display, built-in memory. And it's cheaper than the iPhone too! If only the camera had a flash it would be perfect.

Update: now upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Samsung Galaxy S features include:

  • 5 megapixel camera with autofocus, face detection, smile shot and 4x digital zoom
  • HD video recording (Up to 720p)
  • Display: Super AMOLED, 16 million colours, 480 x 800 pixels (4 inches) touchscreen with auto-rotate
  • Music player
  • FM radio RDS
  • MP3 ringtones
  • Integrated handsfree speaker
  • AGPS with geo-tagging and Google Maps
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, instant messaging, email
  • Personal organiser functions
  • Document viewer
  • 10 embedded Java games
  • Memory: 8GB/16GB plus MicroSD memory card (up to 32GB)
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, USB 2.0, 3.5mm audio jack, DLNA, TV-Out
  • Internet: Layar Reality Browser 2.0, Chrome-Lite web browser, GPRS, EDGE, 3G, HSPA (7.2 Mbps / 5.76 Mbps)
  • Quadband GSM (850/900/1800/1900), dual band 3G (900/2100)
  • Size: 122 x 64 x 9.9 mm
  • Weight: 118g
  • Talktime: 6.5 - 13.5 hours
  • Battery standby: 575 - 750 hours

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Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB
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Samsung Galaxy S user reviews

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Average rating from 321 reviews:

Reviewed by billy hole from UK on 30th Apr 2014
I love the galaxy s but it's 2014 so when you update, you'll have all the updated Apps like temple run 2 and minecraft BUT not the new touchwiz :(

This is a amazing phone and so good but really needs new touchwiz.

Reviewed by Maz from England on 26th Jun 2012
I have had my phone for 18 months which is about its shelf life - in my opinion. When I first got it 100% agree with the review, fantastic. Now however it goes into 'panic mode' about once a week, freezes alot!, android apps such as facebook are obviously too much for it as it wont load (trys, drains the battery, then force close).

It hasnt put me off Samsung phones, I cant wait to get the Galaxy S3 - unfortunatly though I'm under contract with this phone for another 6 months. It wont last that long so I'm going to have to get an interim one!!!

My rating 18 months ago would of been 5 stars but now it just doesn't do the job - therefore, its a 2.

Reply by Frank D from UK on 11th Dec 2012
This was the best phone you could get for at least a year or more after it was released. That was the time to write a review and give it 5 stars. Why write a review after 18 months of use during which you would probably have installed and removed loads of apps which would eventually affect performance and then give it 2 stars?

Reviewed by Andi from England on 20th Apr 2012
Worst phone I have ever had. It has put me off Samsung for life. I have had to replace this phone 7 times in 18 mths. All problems that other people have noted- force close issues on everything, apps freezing & then phone says needs full factory reset. Unable to answer the phone or hang up as the screen does not respond, oh & dont be expecting the alarm clock to work, I stopped using it in the end after being late for work. Orange have been useless too, cant grasp that 7 replacement phones is just not acceptable !! So selling this & getting an iphone even tho it still has 8 months of contract left, I just cant rely on it. Steer clear !!

Reviewed by Diane from US on 3rd Mar 2012
Samsung Galaxy S--It's a terrible phone. Funny, on most of these review sites, people either love or hate the phone with few reviews in the middle. It sounds like when it works, it's good but when it doesn't it's awful. The latter has been my experience. Terrible phone, bad phone connectivity, bad sound quality and unbelievably SLOW! I would gladly go back to my blackberry if that's telling you anything.

Reviewed by Eric from UK on 20th Feb 2012
I have always enjoyed audiophile equipment. The sound chip on this phone is amazing and I use it with a quality amp and speakers the sound is something special. Recently I purchased some Audiomagic headphones and again the sound is awesome!! The overall performance of the phone is very good. I would say this is the best phone in recent times. I will not be getting the S2 as the sound chip (Yamaha) is said to be not as good and I am praying that the Galaxy S3 reverts back to the Wolfson WM8994 DAC that created a fine sound.

Reviewed by Neil from England on 28th Jan 2012
Had my Galaxy S for 18 months. This phone is very easy to use but mine has developed a major problem with txt messaging. It sometimes sends txt to different contact in addition to the one it shows its sent to. Also it has been receiving duplicate messages from more than one sorce up to six months after I first got it. I reply and get puzzled message back saying what are you on about! has been cause of several arguments. Sent it back to O2 only to be told it's liquid damaged which is rubbish. Seems to be there standard response (second time this has happened with O2) if they can't fix it. Offered me a replacement handset for £80 but didn't have any in stock so sending me an S2 for same money! Can't complain about that but would have rather have had my S fixed under warranty. Several people I know having similar problems with theirs. Both O2 and Orange claim they have not come across this problem before. Btw the camera isn't much good either without a flash. Would give this phone four stars if it hadn't broken only being let down by the camera.

Reviewed by Me from UK on 21st Jan 2012
It's good when you first get it, but it only gets worse. I've had mine just over a year and I'm already on my third one. It ALWAYS crashes, lags and force closes. Not all of the apps work, I have tap tap revenge 4 and it let's you play 1 song then when you finish the song the screen goes black and the phone turns off. Also the battery isn't great, I charge mine every night but sometimes I need to charge it before I go to bed. I wouldn't recommend this phone and I would quite happily switch to a blackberry.

Reviewed by NormanP from England on 19th Jan 2012
I have had mine for about 14 months now and it a bit of a love hate relationship. Love the thing when it works correctly, satnav feature works a dream and the range of apps is staggering even includes amateur radio contact software!The screen is superb as everyone seems to acknowledge and using the internet is very possible without the need for a magnifying glass. Hate the flipping to a black screen which takes ages to get back to operational status. Fed up with the battery lasting from say 0800 to 2200 daily with perhaps no calle being made. Having 3 batteries helps though lol. Its receive ability is a joke compared to say a Nokia N95 or any of the Sony Ericsson models. they had full scale at my home and my office but the Galaxy its there or no signal at all. Great when out and about but indoors its a joke! Went for the phone as it had Flash capability but,I am with 3 and with the operating system they use there is a lack of Flash functionality aargh! So, when its good its excellent when its bad its horrid. Better as a gadget running applications than as a telephone as the phone features are most lacking in my experience. Woulkd I have a Mk2, not sure, it its better might give it a go. Is the I.Phone better? don't know, have friends with them and their battery dies in a day too but, reception seems to be better overall. Whatever one you cheese there waill be a better offering around the corner when you are tied in for the next couple of years in your contract lol

Reviewed by Katr from USA on 18th Jan 2012
I've had my phone for 1 year. I have had to replace it 3 times, and today put in another call to AT&T warranty department. They are sending out ANOTHER one. The problems aren't resolved on the Samsung Galaxy S, so why do they think I would want another one. Love all the features on the phone, but it has WAY to many problems. Don't buy this phone unless they have worked out all the bugs!

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 14th Jan 2012
I've had my Samsung Galaxy for over a year and I've had constant problems with it. It constantly freezes up, the screen just goes black and I have to turn it off and on again. Applications often lock up and have to be forced to close, when I turn off Wi-fi the phone wont connect to the internet properly and has to be turned off and on again. The charger doesn't work now and it is a nightmare to connect to a computer. I have taken it back twice but I still have problems with it. Wouldn't recommend it.

Reviewed by mark from uk on 21st Dec 2011
Iíve had this phone a few days and Iím really very shocked at how rubbish it is. Its signal strength is very poor on O2 and when I say poor I mean worse than an old Motorola W377 on the same network. It constantly looses the signal whereas the trusty old Motorola never does. Downloads are painfully slow unless your connected to a broadband wi-fi connection. The menu system is not very user friendly either. The screen has near perfect resolution which is its best attribute. Not worth £400 quid at all when you think Samsung canít even design a phone that has good reception. About 15 years ago I had phones with better reception than this! In conclusion Ė TOTAL RIP-OFF.

Reviewed by Henri Barten from Netherlands on 20th Dec 2011
The phone was a Wifi problem nobody finds worth spending time on. On certain networks it stops working after 3-4 weeks. The only way to get it to work is rooting it and deleting the association tables that get corrupted. I had 2 of those phones and they both showed the problem several times. None of the other phones in our house had that problem, and keep working for years. Problem seen with 2.3.3 and 2.3.5 (so upgrading hasn't fixed it yet, although upgrading flushes the tables, and gives you another 3-4 weeks). If Sasung would have looked into this and fixed it the phone would be 4-5 stars, but now it useless to me.

Reviewed by ray from uk on 8th Dec 2011
It is good except its horrible alarm clock it goes on one hour before its set time, no way to stop when geos on and no way to cancel the alarm just horrible. have to switch mobile off avoid hearing the alarm

Reviewed by Chloe from England on 4th Dec 2011
I've had this phone for just over a month and can honestly say it's the best phone i've ever had. Got it for my birthday and was told it was sold at a very reasonable price. Love the ulta-sensitive touch screen and world of apps. Camera is fantastic and love the fact you can switch between front & back camera's. Love it and recommend it to anyone wanting a top of the range smartphone.

Reviewed by Lee from England on 4th Dec 2011
I bought the Galaxy s a couple of months ago and it's the best phone ive ever owned. what with fast internet download, wi-fi and gps, and movies you can buy/download and watch all round fantastic phone. So if you want a phone go for this one.

Reviewed by tony from england on 3rd Dec 2011
had this phone now for 3 months and overall am pleased with it the only problem ive had is the battery, worst life of any phone i ever owned playing games and surfing the net will kill the battery in 3 hrs. just put a sd card in phone and for some reason all the photos on the phone are now gone very frustrating i suggest you backup photos before installing card (im not the only person this happend to i know of others but didnt find out until a asked if it happend to them)connecting to pc is also a nightmare but apart from these probs balaxy is a very good phone that battery and card thing need sorting though

Reviewed by Matt from England on 29th Nov 2011
I've had this phone for over a year now and I have no complaints. The screen is fantastic and the phone is very easy to use in general. I regularly access the internet via this phone and it is rather dependant on signal quality. At home it is not so good, (but I can use wi--fi at home) but at work I have a very good signal and the internet works just as fast as on a work computer. I have dropped the phone several times but thanks to my Case Mate cover it has not sustained any damage. The only gripe I have is that this phone has frozen on a couple of occasions over the last few weeks, but given that it is over a year old and has been the victim of some less than careful handling I will not deduct any marks for that. Overall I am very happy with this phone and I do not know of another phone that I would rather have.

Reviewed by James from UK on 25th Nov 2011
Be prepared for unexpected WAP bills from your mobile phone provider - the Galaxy S has a mind of its own & despite apparently turning all internet connection off, the wretched thing still manages to wrack up unscheduled charges....not our fault says the provider, blame the phone....etc, etc.....so not for those who budget their lives

Reviewed by Bronte from UK on 15th Nov 2011
Ive had the galaxy for a couple of months now and it was the worst thing i bought..the battery life is poor, the phone constantly freezes, the music does not work, when i try and open something the screen goes either completely black or completely white! and the list goes on. I constantly have to restart the phone (4-5 times a day) as i keep getting 3 options when i open things..Force Close-Report-wait after a few months this got extreemely irritating. On a good note, there is fast internet and the screen is clear..thats all the good things i have to say. In the end i would not recommend this phone to anyone!!

Reviewed by Tonka Tone from UK on 7th Jul 2011
I love the phone, admittedly the terribly short battery life is a pain. However I wonder whether I now have a potential problem. Yesterday the phone switched itself off twice. I was unable to restart it by pressing the switch, all I could do was remove and then replace the battery each time - hopefully this is not going to continue as it's something of a nuisance if you can't depend on the phone staying on and then having to remove the battery when it goes off!!!! Has anyone experienced a similar problem?

Reviewed by asd from UK on 3rd Jul 2011
Lol @ apple xD had this for a year now and 110% perfect. Great phone. Galaxy s2 is next for me no question about it :D

Reviewed by Lee from UK on 27th Jun 2011
taking it back, kies wont let us do anything with our videos

Reviewed by zhao from UK on 23rd Jun 2011
good phone

Reviewed by Briderz from UK on 22nd Jun 2011
had the phone for about 2 weeks now, its an impressive phone but two thing that hold it down are battery and the fact that mine freezes, i think its due to over downloading but yet again even if i listen to the music it goes down a considerable amount... but i still love it :D

Reviewed by Jonny Hill from UK on 17th Jun 2011
I have had this phone nearly a year now. I love the phone but the battery life is terrible. I have subsequently bought a second back up battery. I suppose its the price you pay for such a high end phone being so slim. I am only what I would call a medium user. Very few calls, mainly texting/email web & using apps and I do use GPS applications like Viewranger once a week when Mountain Biking. If you were a business user I wouldnt bother with this phone as you will be eternally worried about the battery running down. I get about 14 hours from full charge light use. I rooted the phone & installed a custom rom as Samsungs software has limitations. The phone now seldom lags and the GPS is excellent. Camera ok considering no flash. The screen is amazing but this is why the battery life is so poor. You dont really get to appreciate the screen as I always have it set to lowest brightness to save battery. People seem to moan about Kies but you dont need to use it. Just plug it into PC or MAC and mount then drag & drop, or use AndroidSync. Backup contacts to Google & use Titanium backup for Apps. Excellent phone, rubbish battery.

Reviewed by Ross from UK on 13th Jun 2011
Awful. Please save your money.

Reviewed by rosy from UK on 10th Jun 2011
hey i know that samsung is somehow the best phone as if for now in market and i am one of many people who has bought it. and i must admit that I just loved it. but i am facing some problems like hang ups , freezing... i am scared because i just love my phone. i really dnt have any idea why it is happening? i would have given 5 but this problem has eradicated 1 star

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 5th Jun 2011
In my opinion the Samsung Galaxy S is a poor mans Iphone. The Galaxy S look cheap as it is made out of plastic unlike the Iphone 4 which is made out of glass. The highest GB you can get for the Galaxy S is 16... thats nothing compared to a massive 32GB for the Iphone. I did asked around to see what phone people prefer, the Iphone 4 or the Samsung Galaxy S and most people said the Iphone 4. The quality of the pictures the Iphone takes is outstanding and it has the highest resolution screen. They also said people that have the Galaxy S only get it because they cannot afford the Iphone. Why else would people get it? But I guess it would come down to personal choice. If you could get an Iphone 4 or a Samsung Galaxy S and money was not a problem, I would definatly recommend the Iphone 4.

Reviewed by mo from UK on 3rd Jun 2011
Was so excited about getting the galaxy last november, although slightly dissappointed about there not being any flash. Recently the phone has been returned to be repaired as it completely froze. On its return the 3G barely works and you have to constantly refresh in order to receive any facebook updates, using wi-fi is also slow. The signal on the phone has become poor and ive had numerous calls diverted to answer machine. So dissappointed,,please samsung try and please your customers as i really did/do luv this phone!!

Reviewed by pete from uk from UK on 23rd May 2011
well what can you say, i just swapped my 1st touchscreen lg for this beast absolutely wicked . the 5mp camera performs brilliantly and as a photographer set the camera up correctly you wouldnt miss the flash ,oh and uppng it to 8mp or beyond dosent make alot of difference as the human eye only sees a certain amount of mp imagery .......brill phone youlle love it

Reviewed by Jamie from UK on 22nd May 2011
I must just be unlucky - along with every single other person that owns this phone. When it works it's great. The problem is - it never works!! The sat nav just flat out doesn't work, when you click on an app it often takes ages to start, the internet works intermittently, the battery life has degraded (had it for 6 months) to the point where you only get about 6 hours use out of it, none of the Twitter apps actually work, lots of the other apps are dodgy, the phone doesn't work when in a car, the signal is very bad (I had a G1 before this and places that had great signal this has none and I'm still on the same network) and the typing interface is appalling compared to my wife's iphone4. Don't get me wrong, when it works it's great but it's the most unreliable phone I've ever owned and I've owned about 50. The thing is every single person I know with this phone says the same thing and I know about ten! Why is this lack of reliability not covered and how does this website get away with proclaiming this, at times, useless hunk of plastic junk as the best phone on the market?! Utterly, utterly bizarre.

Reviewed by FK from UK on 21st May 2011
Just an update on the review I wrote at the back end of last year, due to my phone now having the latest Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread Firmware on it (thank you Samsung...). It isn't a huge update to be honest, but it does bring about a few benefits(battery, speed etc). Think of it as a major facelift rather than a whole new approach and we're there. 9 months in and no major complaints about the phone, still love it, won't be swapping it for the S2, as this is more than good enough for me. Still a superb phone, and the fact that it was the best selling android phone last year (I've been told...) tells its own story.Excellent.

Reviewed by samiraadham from UK on 20th May 2011

Reviewed by anonamouse from UK on 15th May 2011
What can i say about this phone. Shame about the lack of flash though. To those whose phone has slowed down, download the task killer app and this will resolve the problem :)

Reviewed by peterpatel from UK on 15th May 2011
i like this phone

Reviewed by Francis Panaguiton from UK on 14th May 2011
Got Samsung Galaxy S for a week now, its an excellent phone, screen, processor and the camera. Have used iphone and Nokia N8 so I can compare how great Samsung Galaxy S compared to the mentioned phone. I don't have any issues about the camera, it works well, best of all i does the job at a super lightning fast way. No lags, no screen freeze and can play videos with flash. I have found the perfect phone for me. I think i will be sticking to this phone for a very long time. It gives me what I want -- the best of both worlds.

Reviewed by Lauren from UK on 13th May 2011
I hate my samsung gt-s3500i it is ####.

Reviewed by Lynn Davidson from UK on 13th May 2011
Battery life is poor, especially if youre into games.....it goes off and freezes for no reason and now mine wont play videos at all!!! I wouldnt recommend this phone to my worst enemy.

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 12th May 2011
Absolutely awesome phone! Better than an iphone in many areas. Can't wait for the S2 which is bound to be even better! Don't bother with an iphone get this or the S2 instead.

Reviewed by Amber from UK on 10th May 2011
Ive had the Galaxy S for about 3 weeks now, and I can honestly say it really is a great phone. I was debating between the iPhone and the Galaxy S, but wanting a cheaper option I chose the Galaxy. And I wouldnt trade it for anything. I've never had an android phone before so I didnt really know anything about it, but its really good! Some of the apps you can get are great, and the majority of them that I've stumbled across are free or a reasonable price! One thing I would point out as being amazing is the 5 mega-pixil camera. With a click of the screen when in camera mode, it gives excellent focus to wherever you want. One thing I would fault about the phone is the battery life lasting a day, or just over if you're not using the internet/maps/games etc. but you cant expect the battery to last long when you're using the phone to the best it can be used. Overall, a brilliant phone which is highly recommended to anyone!

Reviewed by Jimbo from UK on 5th May 2011
this is not a phone that trys to do loads of other stuff (quite tiring) more like this is a pad that makes calls. Most defo the best and most exciting piece of tech i have handled ever!!!

Reviewed by koksy from UK on 5th May 2011
I love this phone. Half the price of an iphone, and better in my opinion. HOWEVER... the alarm clock is RUBBISH!!! It is very unreliable and doesnt seem to work every morning. Today I have woken up (yet again) 40 minutes late for work thanks to the alarm clock not going off. It worked yesterday, so why not this morning? Anybody else have this problem?

Reviewed by kofi frempong from UK on 4th May 2011
The Galaxy s is a nice phone but my problem is that they should have add tv mobile option to it so that you can watch Dstv on it,The phone become hot when browsing and the battery run down and sometime run slow,,,....

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 2nd May 2011
I think this phone is TERRIBLE. I'm on contract for 24 months, and I wish I could cancel it with no fees. I've had the phone for two months, and there is no good points about it. All I can use it for is basic texting and calling, which you can get from a £10 phone. My internet doesn't work AT ALL, it just says NO CONTENT, and I can't have any applications because they ALL force close, and force the phone to turn off. Turning the phone on is a nightmare: It takes twenty minutes in the morning, so I had to buy an alarm clock (I initially was going to use the phone.) to wake me up 20 minutes early so I can have the phone on when I need to contact people. I demand my money back from Samsung if you bother to read this. It's a disgusting knock-off of the iPhone, and I hope Apple sues you.

Reviewed by kat from UK on 2nd May 2011
yeah, totally agree bout marmite thingy! i have had dis phone for wat seems like ages and i can't understand why peeps don't like it, it is truly beautiful and soooo clever! apps r gr8 not as much of them as apple but hey who is gunna have like 20000 apps anywayzz!

Reviewed by Kyotokyo from UK on 1st May 2011
Had this phone for 5 months until recently made my switch to iphone 4. The phone has its pros and cons but in the end the cons just made it unbearable and I have no choice but to be an apple slave now!First off, the super amoled screen is indeed fantastic and the black color is indeed superior to those of even retina display but the color reproduction seems a little too vibrant and sometimes I find it totally unnatural. Swype technology is indeed something refreshing for touch screens and it has indeed make texting much simpler. In paper, the hardware specs is indeed impressive with 1ghz humming bird processor and 512 mb ram, hd video recording, 5 megapixel camera albeit without flash but the let down is what I would believed to be the touch ui 3.0 and android itself. Thru out my 5 months with the phone I have encountered numerous hangs and the phone just turns extremely sluggish at times and i have to resort to rebooting the phone again and again. Even after updated to froyo, it is still very volatile and still pretty unstable hence making the whole experience very appalling. I hope that future versions of android will make improvements and one fine day it will be in the same league as ios in terms of hardware and software integration, stability and usability. But for now, I reckon that android still has alot of catching up to do.

Reviewed by Mr Reynard from UK on 29th Apr 2011
Love my Galaxy s but the battery life is rubbish. Standby time is 26 - 28 hours and talk time far less than quoted. I'm currently testing various methods to increase the battery life. Despite this, I wouldn't swap it for an iPhone4

Reviewed by danny teh from UK on 28th Apr 2011
Good phone except why is that sometimes the wallpaper of my galaxy S phone reduce size to 1/8 of full screen. need to switch off and on again to get back to full screen.

Reviewed by Monica( love hate my galaxyS) Heeeeeeeelp from UK on 26th Apr 2011
I love all the nice extra's and features..i just hate the over sensitivity of the touch screen, so that when i am on the phone talking if i touch my face i hang up the phone constantly. it is hard to figure out the easiest and comfy way to hold it so that i am not hanging up on people..its so anying makes me want to give up on the Galaxy S..is there a way to set the sensitity or lock the screen when you talk..please help..i don't want get rid of the phone bout may have to soon before i lose my sanity and a few missed important calls.

Reviewed by Andrea from UK on 25th Apr 2011
I had a iphone 4 16gb which i bought about 5 months ago. and its rubbish every time you want to get some songs or videos you have to plug it in your pc or lap top. Which really does my heading i can't belive that people spend that much money for some apple iphone!! that's wy i bought a samsung galaxy s in white i think its better then the iphone. and its got a bigger screen too so thats really good :) As long as you know how to use your phones then your fine with it.

Reviewed by Dave Taylor from UK on 24th Apr 2011
DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE. This is the most frustratin piece of junk ever. It promises all these features, but they don't work. Everything hangs up all the time. The media player does not play all types of formats. The contacts can not be backed up anywhere because the software does not work. Samsung Kies always hangs up and they have no fixes for it. I have called Samsung service and they told me they do not have fixes yet.( the phone has been around for a year. BUY AND IPHONE- MY SONS WORKS GREAT.

Reviewed by adele from UK on 23rd Apr 2011
this phone is absolutly amazing it does everything it says it does and well more i love it and you will to!

Reviewed by Shabir Zainudeen (Dubai) from UK on 21st Apr 2011
I have no regret in buying this phone. I can do everything that expect to do in a laptop. However, if Android apps developed to edit MS Office application in this OS that would be fantastic.

Reviewed by sdl67 from UK on 20th Apr 2011
had this about a week and it is fantastic,i cant say a bad thing about it really but if you wanted me to be really crittical then a flash for camera would be good.i recomend this to all

Reviewed by Alan from UK on 14th Apr 2011
Love the phone but . . . . signed up for 1st ever contract on 13 Feb. Phone stopped working after 29 days! Lucky me coz 1 day later and it would have been sent for repair so I was given a new handset. So far so good right? No, tonight exactly the same thing has happened and I fear that it's now over 30 days since I received the 2nd handset! I'm seriously annoyed.

Reviewed by alex from UK on 13th Apr 2011
The samsung galaxy s IS SIMPLY THE BEST MOBILE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Gordon from UK on 11th Apr 2011
Had the phone for 3 months. Pleased with all the functions the Samsung Apps seem to be a bit flakey and will look for a faster GPS. The battery life is disappointing; even with modest use it will not last a day before re-charging required.

Reviewed by donald from UK on 10th Apr 2011
ive had the galaxys now for 4 months and can honestly say its been a great reliable phone ive had no problems what so ever. i had the htc desire before it and would say the the htc would be the better phone. samaung can suffer from lag but not all the time plus samsung apps aint that reliable overall i was happy enough nothings perfect

Reviewed by BRIAN JACOBS from UK on 4th Apr 2011
In a nutshell, the Galaxy S ISN'T the best phone on the market today. It's pretty good, the screen is superb, and the phone is quite intuitive. However, it's an acknowledged fact that the GPS is a joke, and synching it to your PC is likely to reduce you to hitting your Galaxy with a hammer after the sixth unsuccessful attempt to get the two devices to talk to one another. My advice would be to spend your hard-earned currency on a decent phone like the HTC Desire, which is superior to the Galaxy in almost every respect.

Reviewed by jim from UK on 4th Apr 2011
my bro has this phone it is awsome i want it!!!!

Reviewed by howard from UK on 1st Apr 2011
its the best android phone ever.

Reviewed by Dmannn from UK on 30th Mar 2011
Had the phone since Oct 2010 and it has been in for repair 3 times already,and ready for a 4th visit. Love the phone when it works,just does not like to work all that often. Support by Samsung is very poor at best.

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 27th Mar 2011
a truly outstanding phone ,battery life could be better though

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 22nd Mar 2011
Have had this phone for a week now and absolutely love it! I feel it's better than the iphone. Pity it doesn't have camera flash coz then it would be perfect....!

Reviewed by mr b from UK on 21st Mar 2011
All i can say is wow, used to have an iphone4 for about a month and glad i swapped it out for this, even my 7 year old son thinks its awesome. The camera is really goood and you dont really miss the flash, swype is a cool novalty. Screen size and quality just aswsome. Only negative i can give would be battery life but saying that its on par with other like mobiles

Reviewed by Martin from UK on 17th Mar 2011
I bought along with 3G network contract and I find this phone so cool and great features,etc.. also swype keypad which make me so easier to type quick also very lighter weight, boot up is so fast - gald got it... 10/10

Reviewed by lynn from UK on 17th Mar 2011
I bought this phone for many reasons 1 being the mobile tv. I can't access the mobile tv it gives me a network communication error and tmobile or mobi tv can't seem to help with this issue.

Reviewed by chris from UK on 15th Mar 2011
The galaxy.s is the best phone i.ve ever had buy far. My sister has the i.phone 4. The gs is way better. And for wifi its just that bit quicker.

Reviewed by fizzy from UK on 11th Mar 2011
i hav used dat fone quite alot nd its de best fone so far no major probs so far

Reviewed by Brad from UK on 9th Mar 2011
I just got a galaxy s less than a month ago its an awesome phone with alot of awesome features my favourate is probably the swype typing. But so far within a month I've taken it back three times and I've got two ne galaxys because they get soooo many problems like it couldn't tell when you are rotating it and now all the aps are force closing for some reason so il probably go back again if it goes on.so if it didn't mess up so much it would be five stars but with all the rubbish i'll say four to three

Reviewed by GI from UK on 5th Mar 2011
was undecided between the iphone 4, Nokia C7 or The Galaxy S. In the end both reviews and personal recommendations swayed me to the Galaxy.. No regrets. Lovely phone to use good camera, nice system. Battery need charging 1.5 to 2 days but has had a lot of use. Would recommend to anyone.

Reviewed by eric from UK on 5th Mar 2011
brill phone long as you know how to work a smart phone a lot dont have a clue esp on here...my phone is perfect fast and smooth

Reviewed by stephen rattray from UK on 5th Mar 2011
I have had the GalaxyS for a few months. The problem i have is that When charging the Screen locks up and i can not do anything with it, The reseption is deadly poor ie when it see's a tree its lost and final problem is that there are no Alphabet letters on the keys so when i need to put a password in for accounts from orange i have to guess them. I Have called orange and have been send a replacement and all the same problems so i think this is a problem with the phone. If i had the chance again i would stear clear and get the HTC Desire which was my first choice but went with the GalaxyS for the screen.

Reviewed by lloyd from wales from UK on 1st Mar 2011
best phone in the world by far a flash and it would be unbeatable!!!

Reviewed by Snowy from UK on 27th Feb 2011
Had my Galaxy for just over a month now and it's the best phone I've had. It's so easy to use and the apps are great. movies look good to and pictures are high quailty even if there is no flash. My mate got an iphone 4 and is annoyed he can't connect to mine through bluetooth and has to go to itunes for everything. top phone, forget fashion add-on iphone choose the best spec phone out there.

Reviewed by Apple from UK on 26th Feb 2011
I have been using this phone for almost a week now. its got a lovely screen but the battry life is no good. It will only last for 8 hours if you are lucky. The internet is really slow and this can be really annoying.The i fone is better in many ways. No wonder why this handset is cheap.

Reviewed by tommy from UK on 24th Feb 2011
At first i wasnt sure wether to for the samsung galaxy s but i am so i glad i did it runs fast and smooth and is possibly the best phone i have ever owned although its a bit outdated right now and is still the bezt selling android phone to date i am going to update my galaxy s to the nexus S. There is just one thing with this phone when i first got it it had android 2.1 on so it was quite laggy and diddnt really process my apps fast but when the update for froyo 2.2 came out this phone was on fire it shot at the i phone like an ak47 i love this phone but i need a flash on my camera and i do hope the nexus s cam live up to the expectaions i have high hopes for. :)

Reviewed by davie from UK on 22nd Feb 2011
top phone been useing mine now for 3 weeks with no problems everything works as it should. batt isnt the greatest but then its a 4 screen so you cant expect nuch else. its defo better than most smart phones and at around 400 its cheaper infact about 200 less than the flawed iphone 4 with the terrible signal problems

Reviewed by jacqui from UK on 22nd Feb 2011
My galaxy has sent txts meant for one contact and copied it to another in my list Im now afraid to send txts incase it gets sent to wrong person this could ruin someones life. Kies is a nightmare to load evil don't have my music. Its going back asap!!!!

Reviewed by jose from UK on 22nd Feb 2011
Fantastico telefono

Reviewed by mabbyb from UK on 22nd Feb 2011
I absolutely love this phone. I changed from an xperia x10i (which I loved) to the galaxy s and to my great surprise the galaxy s blows the x10i away. The screen is so much better when you compare them alongside each other. The battery on the galaxy s lasts between 30% - 50% longer & the whole o/s / user experience is incomparable. The galaxy s is faster & has a much more responsive touchscreen. I have always had sony ericssons up until now, but well done samsung you have won me over with the best phone I have ever owned by far.

Reviewed by Rich b from UK on 19th Feb 2011
Poor battery, keeps freezing, not very good im afraid, and it seems slow- so Im going back to desire- MUCH BETTER.

Reviewed by fizzy from UK on 19th Feb 2011
This fone is jus gret especially int. In short i'll recomnd dis fone

Reviewed by lindsey :) from UK on 19th Feb 2011
iv had this phone since christmas and absoloutly love it its amazing best phone i ever had was between this and iphone 4 so glad i picked the samsung galaxy s :D

Reviewed by lisa m from UK on 19th Feb 2011
found this phone to be naff- from start up= poos graphics and shutdown. Volume and speakers on this phone are of a poor quality, it keeps freezing and poor battery. Android is only good thing about phone, otherwise its really disapointing.

Reviewed by Manish thakur from UK on 18th Feb 2011
I love my galaxy s

Reviewed by Rehman from UK on 18th Feb 2011
It took a lot for me to go for a touchscreen pone as I did not believe the technology was fully there but I have to say this phone is a delight and light years ahead of the competition IMOH! I would recommend it to anyone who wants a phone that can replace the laptop when on the move its that good. Just make sure you get it on an unlimited internet pakage to take full advantage.

Reviewed by helen loves phil from UK on 18th Feb 2011
battery life is poor....screen freezes

Reviewed by william from UK on 18th Feb 2011
all my mates have the iphone and now there mad at what there paying on line rental compared to me in fact twice as much.my galaxys is just as good andin most areas better love the galaxy its proved to be a great phone

Reviewed by Rachel from UK on 17th Feb 2011
What a fantastic phone...i love mine!!!

Reviewed by samantha from UK on 16th Feb 2011
me and my boyfriend got 2 of these phones on upgrade and we're very impressed lovely peace of kit we are well up on are high tech gadgets so done plenty of research and found the galaxys to get really good reviews from people who know what they're talking about we wouldnt trust reviews from the public as some people dont know what they're on about and dog a phone for silly reasons. batt life isnt great but not bad either we love the big clear screen shows up well in daylight plenty of ram 8 gig. overall we're very happy

Reviewed by adnan ahmed from UK on 15th Feb 2011
Samsung galaxy s is a complete phone. Better than iphone 4. And htc phones are not compareable as their battery lasts far less than galaxy

Reviewed by anna from UK on 15th Feb 2011
love this phone got it for xmas and it flying along very well no camera flash is a let down but i forgive samsung cause they made up for it in other places well done samsung

Reviewed by darren from UK on 15th Feb 2011
fantastic phone long as you know how to use a smart phone some people havent a clue whem it comes to high end phones and would be better off with a cheap phone that they can work ive been useing smart phones for a long time now so know what am talking about. you cant go wrong with this phone its fast and looks good.

Reviewed by mike from UK on 15th Feb 2011
oustanding phone works as it should every time well done samsung

Reviewed by Alan from UK on 14th Feb 2011
I think a lot of these reviews must be written by family members of Samsung employees. The battery life is nothing like what is quoted, the £50 free bundle offer for downloads that comes with the phone is virtually impossible to take up without having to ring a premium rate Samsung number. The user manual is sparse to say the least and Internet and Bluetooth connectivity is dodgy at best. Yes it can make calls without dropping off and texting seems fine, but you can get a 'bottom end' phone for £10 that can give you this! Would suggest any potential user tries this phone out in a mobile shop to check this phone is qhat they want. I didn't and I am now regretting it.

Reviewed by Nick Lewis from UK on 14th Feb 2011
battery can not make it through a day with very little use

Reviewed by matt from UK on 12th Feb 2011
Fantastic phone wipes the floor with pretty much every phone on the market today

Reviewed by Lee G from UK on 11th Feb 2011
I hate this phone...I hate it because its so damn perfect in every way and then Samsung go and leave something as simple as the camera flash out, making night time pictures/video recording utterly useless! Its so damn irritating. Ive just literally sent it back to my service provider in tribute to how stupid Samsung have been for missing out something so simple yet so important. A lot of people dont seem to be that bothered on reviews and forums that there is no flash...how is this so? For me personally, a fully functional camera is one of the highest prioritys on a phone! In actual fact I'd give this phone 4 and a half stars for the shear brilliance of every other thing it offers but I'm giving it a one, pure and simply because of the absolute stupidity of Samsung for this simple yet stupid inconvenience. Sent back with knobs on. I cant believe it.

Reviewed by jan from UK on 10th Feb 2011
has to be the best phone from samsung ever i made a good choice

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