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Samsung Galaxy Mini review

 Review: March 2011  

Last updated September 2012

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung Mini is a compact smartphone, even though the word Mini seems to be an exaggeration.

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At S21, we like to call a spade a spade. We don't like to call a phone "Mini" unless it is. The Samsung Galaxy Mini isn't. It is in fact a normal size phone, with the advantage that it has a decent-sized 3.14 inch screen.

We get the point that this is a budget smartphone though. The price has fallen well under £100 since launch, positioning the Galaxy Mini between the entry-level Galaxy Europa and the Galaxy Ace, both of which are great phones. On top of the Android operating system it has Samsung's TouchWiz 3.0 user interface enhancements, with features like the SWYPE-enabled keyboard and social networking integration to enhance the standard Android experience. With a decent-sized 3.1 inch capacitive screen and an acceptably fast 600MHz processor, the user interface is pretty fluid and responsive most of the time.

Being an Android phone, the Galaxy Mini is equipped with an Android music player, FM radio RDS, GPS with Google Maps and the very powerful Android web browser, plus of course access to over 150,000 apps via the Android Market. It's a 3G phone with HSDPA giving download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps, plus Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB. There are lots of good reasons here to want this phone.

But in a budget phone there are always compromises. The camera is very basic, lacking autofocus and a flash. The screen resolution is quite low too, for an Android phone. And worst of all is the battery life, which is really very poor. These are the reasons why, despite its low price and excellence in many respects, we feel the Galaxy Mini is a 3 star phone.

In the end though, the Galaxy Mini is a great smartphone for those on a budget. It's a step-up from entry-level feature phones and a lot cheaper than the Galaxy Ace, and it packs the power of Android, the really user-friendly features of TouchWiz and a decent-sized responsive capacitive screen. It has great features like fast web browsing, GPS with Google Maps and has the hardware to back it up: a fast processor, adequate memory and all the connectivity options you could dream of. The new Galaxy Mini 2 is its replacement.

Samsung Galaxy Mini features include:

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How do I download photos?

Asked by Maya from UK on 2nd Mar 2016
I bought Samsung Galaxy Mini S3 a year ago. Only once it downloaded photos without a problem and then it would not. The laptop recognized no photos or the camera. Like that for a year. My provider is 3 and I was with their technician over the phone for hours and he could do nothing but suggested that Sansung repair it.
I went to a Samsung store and was told their could try and fix it but had to delete all my photos, precious photos of my children for the last year and I freaked out. No way!
They suggested I buy a memory card (apparently my new phone did'nt come with one) and I did it in their store for £12 and a guy there put all my photos on the card. Then they apparently fixed the phone and said it would download further photos automatically.
But at home the photos still wont download from the card and new pictures wouldnt download from the camera. Nothing is working. Whatsoever, a small window opened and it says the card is bland. I burst into tears.
My friend says she's been having terrible similar problems with the same phone and I have read many testimonies online, the same kind of problems with this type of phone, it just won't let you download photos.
I am not very technically savvy but I think you need not be a mobile phone expert to download photos, it should just happen like it does with other mobiles.

I am still paying off this awful mobile and may have lost hundreds of photos of my children, something that makes me sick.
I think that someone, I presume Samsung not 3 mobile, should be liable for the nightmare their phone has caused me with no end in sight.
I am very distressed. If their phones have a downloading fault they should have been withdrawn from the market. They seem to look at it as "So what ,it is only a years' quantity of photos, big deal!"

Samsung Galaxy Mini user reviews

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Average rating from 297 reviews:

Reviewed by Anne from uk on 31st Aug 2015
way can't I get a signal when I am outdoors and in work it something that as happend before how can I fix this issue anne

Reviewed by Rosemary de Ponte from Portugal on 8th Aug 2015
I was given this phone by a friend who upgraded and find it very sensitive to touch. It takes some getting used to. But I have mastered the basics now (more or less), but would like to know why I am automatically connected to the internet and have to watch news items being displayed every time I switch on? It is annoying because I see the same thing on my PC and I am sure that I am being charged for this feature. Is there a way to deactivate it?
The battery is pathetic and the screen goes blank before I have chance to view anything. I personally don´t like this phone, and I can see why my friend palmed it off onto me because my beloved LG landed up in water. Oh, and incidentally I find the User Manual very confusing and not user friendly at all. I would not recommend this phone to anybody.

Reviewed by Raff from UK on 20th Oct 2014
Worst phone ever. Battery useless. Phone freezes at least three times per week. Often think it's working but it isn't, so I have to switch it off and reboot it. Spoke to Virgin today (20 Oct 14)and was advised to remove memory card as a precaution. This proved disastrous as card snapped and all contacts & photos were lost. Incidentally when I purchased the phone (from Virgin shop) was told that inserting the memory card was difficult and removal of it should be avoided at all cost & so it proved! NEVER NEVER TRY TO REMOVE THE CARD, WHATEVER ANYONE SAYS. Wanted to give it a minus score but can't!

Reviewed by steph from austraila on 24th Aug 2014
my samsung mini is useless it uses battry really fat like in 2 days so i charged mine on thuday and it sundy and it almost flat so i dont like this phone the battry life is really bad

Reviewed by alexis from ireland on 2nd Jun 2014
The samsung galaxy phone is very basic. if your looking for a small easy to use smartphone thats budget is within reason, its fantastic and would recommend to all. However for an android phone, the facilities are poor. the camera is simple is basic , and does not take good photos, the wifi signal is painful sometimes and the battery life is awful. The worst downfall to this phone is the battery life, as percentages arent given, and one hundred percent ct harge would allow for say three hours. bowever exaggerated that may seem in it true in reality. this phone is robust and i have enjoyed having it fo isr the last two years without a scratch zor crack to its name, which is more than can be said for alot of phones i know however mamy times i have dropped it face down.
oh yeah and there is no inner camera, which makes selfies in public awkward!! ;-)

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 15th Apr 2014
Kamrul, I had exactly the same problem. I got this as my first phone, and like you said, the battery life is so bad!! I leave it charging all night and it dies within an hour!! There's no front camera and the only one doesn't even have a freaking flash!!!! Everything freezes all the time and it's got real bad practicality. THIS PHONE IS JUNK.

Reviewed by D from Uk on 3rd Feb 2014
This phone does have rubbish battery and will run out and leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere when you try to use the internet to find out train times or gps. It is also impossible to use whilst drunk.

Reviewed by Kamrul from UK on 22nd Dec 2013
Absoulute rubbish. my dad gave this to me as a first phone. bad idea...the battery is BAD. the processor is BAD. Camera doesn't even have a flash or a front camera, that's BAD. it's SLOW. it takes 10 seconds to dhow my contacts. can't play Angry Birds without lag.


Reviewed by Richard from United Kingdom on 12th Oct 2013
In 20 years of having a mobile phone this has to be the absolute worst phone I have ever had the misfortune to own. As others have said the battery life is useless, but my main bugbear is that the screen locks during calls, the volume control is too easy to accidentally press during calls, same with the on/off button, (which seems to change it's function when it likes), the screen light goes off just when you do not want it to, the touch screen is useless, to be brutally frank when I buy another phone (which will not be Samsung and I have been loyal to Samsung for 10 years!).
I will take great delight in smashing this useless piece of junk with a 2 lb lump hammer until it is totally destroyed.
I have never ever been so frustrated with an piece of electronic equipment as I have with this rubbish and I write as a former IT Manager well used to technology.

Rating 1 star? You have to be kidding - I give it minus 100.

Reply by Ashley from UK on 17th Jan 2014
I could not have put it better. Bring back my steam driven Nokia. I want a phone, not some useless vehicle to Appland.

Reviewed by NAHIAN from Bangladesh on 29th Sep 2013
Not bad.....

Reviewed by Gill from England on 26th Sep 2013
I have been given this phone by my son - he thought i might enjoy it. Well I too have found the shock of the Battery life and have turned everything off (I am a Grandma and I have come from my lovely little Samsung phone with a built in camera which takes great photos. My questions are if someone can help me please are -

1 I have read here of the JUICE DEFENDER. Can you please tell me what this is and if it works?
2 I cannot download my photos from this phone with a USB cable. I did download a program that I read would work. Can't remeber the name. Thankfully I did a System Restore before I did because after this program was on my cumputer kept getting problems/hanging, etc. So I retored back again.

So for the moment I am glad I did not buy it as I would be dissapointed. Re: Battery had to wait for my husband to be in Day Surgery and thought I could watch TV - but then thought better of it in case I had no battery to use phone in an emergency. Thank you

Reviewed by NICK from UK on 17th Sep 2013

Reviewed by Mikael from Sweden on 25th Aug 2013
It didn't work to connect the phone to my PC with Windows 7 by only connecting it by USB (which works with my LG). Rather, I had to go through a rather tedious process, which was made even more difficult by the fact that it doesn't support the PDANet app which would have fixed the problem.

It was hard to change default homepage in the built-in browser, because the keyboard almost completely blocked the "Save" button, and there was no way to hide the keyboard or scroll down.

After about a year of intermittent use, the Internet speed over the mobile wireless network suddenly became worse than a 56 kbit/s modem for some unknown reason, even if it worked normally on other phones with the same SIM cards.

Reviewed by rodney slicka from england on 23rd Aug 2013
Big problems poor battery and apps running in the background.Reasonable camera and screen.

Reviewed by Em from Australia on 17th Jul 2013
Hmm, I have only had this phone for a short while (2 weeks) and am starting to regret my decision. The camera takes such bad resolution photos I am not sure why it is there. The calendar will not show any entries once they are entered, so you have no idea what is happening for the week, and can't delete unwanted entries, until you get a reminder. The processing speed is abysmal. Web pages/emails will often not load due to 'Too many pages being open' (??). The battery life is unpredictable...
My advice is to save your pennies and buy a really good smartphone. This was my first smartphone and I'm afraid to say that it may have turned me off Samsung forever....

Reviewed by angela bachan subhan from trinidad & tobago on 25th Feb 2013
i love my samsung galaxy mini

Reviewed by John Read from UK on 6th Nov 2012
Awful phone.Unreliable, fiddly and prone to soft ware freezes that mean a trip back to the repairer.
Avoid like the plague.

Reviewed by Mor from Israel on 11th Oct 2012
I'm in love with this phone! It's really cute, fast, and has everything I need. The battery life isn't really good but it's also not that bad. Great phone. I recommend to change the sd card to 32MB- it will solve the memory problems.

Reviewed by Ladytinkerbell from England on 6th Oct 2012
Just left my phone with 02 for the 3rd time - just received abuse from the store manager.. Will wait for the repair yet again,but doubt if they will repair the light sensor fault this time, as they haven't managed the two previous times. As well as light sensor fault and screen going black, I'm also getting a lot of the faults described - keeps activating internet will not asked - very expensive, apps working on there own and re appering after I've deleted them. Contacts are a nightmare - Buyer beware!!!

Reviewed by redfitz from england on 1st Oct 2012
I had this phone for 9 months,the apps constantly run in background no matter how many time U kill them they start ,the battery needed charging 2 times a day I just gave it to my dad for £00 think that's all its worth.

Reviewed by Winnie from Singapore on 29th Sep 2012
I've had my Samsung Galaxy Mini for almost a year now and I am honestly beginning to hate it.
Recently, the phone has been all nutty. For one, all incoming messages are rejected because there is - according to the phone - too little space. Fine, I'll delete all my messages. Though there are zero messages in my inbox, I still cannot receive any messages at all. In other words, the entire messaging system in my Galaxy Mini is completely kaput. Secondly, my applications - Twitter, Whatsapp, etc. - all keep force-closing once I open them! I have to restart my phone to use these applications and even that works less than 50% of the time. Moreover, this is not the first time I have been experiencing all these problems. I had to master-reset the entire phone a few weeks ago and it worked fine for a while, but now it is off its rocker again. I think it is safe to say that I am beyond frustrated. I can barely use half the functions in my phone now, I must say!
Another very annoying thing: if I got a dollar for every pixel the pictures taken by the camera had, I would get one dollar.
So as of now, I am stuck with this piece of junk from 1655 aka Samsung Galaxy Mini.

Reviewed by Sarah from England on 26th Sep 2012
I've had my samsung galaxy mini for almost a year now and it hasn't let me down yet.. I love that it's not very big and i'm on 02 which I get plenty of signal when i'm out and about, I have a battery saving app which makes my battery last from when I wake up till I go to bed, which is perfect for me as I always put my phone on charge when I go to bed so it's fully charged for the morning so battery is no problem for me. One down point is it can be slow on some bad days but that may be because I have over 200 songs on it, which means I cannot have any games or apps as I don't have the memory, but I don't use my phone for games just texting calling and facebook etc, but all in all I have really enjoyed having this phone and I think it's perfect.

Reply by OBADIAH from Kenya on 18th Jul 2013
which is this battery app ? help. email anonymousoba@yahoo.com

Reviewed by Janet from England on 8th Sep 2012
Love everything about my galaxy mini except battery life its appalling if i go on google battery drains so quickly but have to charge every day.

Reviewed by phil from england on 8th Sep 2012
rubbish phone broke with me many times faulty screen buttons broken and there was always a virus even with proctection

Reviewed by Thomas from GB on 18th Aug 2012
Hated it, failed four times since christmas HATE IT DON'T BUY IT

Reviewed by Bethany from Australia on 16th Aug 2012
I absolutely hate this phone, the battery charge is extremely poor, can barely last a day, and takes sooo long to charge, it cancels a lot of your applications, and won't always let you call people in your contacts no matter on the signal.
I definately do not recommend this phone for long-term use.

Reviewed by Leigh from UK on 15th Aug 2012
Locks too often and the battery life is dreadful. OK its cheap for a smartphone but you get what you pay for, next time ill pay just a tad more and get something alot better. Sorry Samsung...FAIL

Reviewed by Richard from UK on 14th Aug 2012
I totally agree with Jay from Spain regarding the touchscreen. Locks up too quickly, can't answer calls in time, locks up during phone calls - absolutely appalling!!! As for the dreaded swype nonsense - forget it. I've found battery life to be OK, not bothered about a camera or all the other stuff they put on these days - but I've tailored my menus to suit me.
Would I buy one again - absolutely definitely NOT!!! Very angry with it and thought better of Samsung!

Oh and by the way what imbecile placed the off button and volume control precisely where you place your hands go when making calls?? Very annoying and totally impractical design as I keep accidentally pressing the buttons whan making a call and why does the screen lock during a call - most annoying having to unlock then press "end call".

Right - I've let off enough stem but before I go I just thought Samsung may wish to know I've bought myself a cheap and cheerfil nokia with proper buttons - no dreadful touch screen, no poorly placed buttons, OK the screen is smaller than the Galaxy mini but it's a far better user experience. And the sound quality is better.
Have a nice day...

Reviewed by Richard from england on 9th Aug 2012
great phone for the price! all these idiots complaining about the battery life.... what do you expect for a smart phone under £100?

Reply by brian from UK on 18th Oct 2012
that it works

Reviewed by Jay from Spain on 6th Aug 2012
Totally rubbish.
The touchscreen is not good enough. I've lost numerous calls as i cant get it unlocked in time. Its just impossible to write texts.
The battery life is appaling. It takes hours and hours to charge by usb. And only lasts a day on standby. Pathetic.
It keeps going wrong and need to be hard reset - which looses all contacts, photos, etc.
The camera is worse than my 5dollar webcam.
The kies software is the worst software i've ever had on my pc. Its bloated, slow, and buggy. And poorly designed.
Sometimes text messages wont go. It says Failed. And there is NO RESEND option.
Deigned by idiots. Sold to Suckers, like me, from Evil phone company that has NO REFUNDS/EXCHANGES. What is wrong with all these phone companies.
I'm going back to my old mobile. It was small, make phonecalls, and worked.

Reviewed by Rokib from London on 3rd Aug 2012
I recommend everyone who wants buy this phone,please please please don't buy this phone(samsung galaxy mini) battery life is really poor.If it's fully charged also you can't use it properly half an hour.Really, really,..,,, bad phone.I am really unhappy with this phone.

Reviewed by JODY from INDIA on 1st Aug 2012

Reviewed by iddssembirige87 from Uganda on 1st Aug 2012
da battery is hell

Reviewed by Leahmarie from England on 25th Jul 2012
Good points:
-lots of free apps
-good overall phone
-looks great
-texting is fast and easy
-if you drop it it wont break

Bad points:
-battery life-_-
-ending the call is hard cause my screen just goes blank
-sometimes texts wont send
-some apps arnt supported

but, ilove mylittlephone!:) x

Reviewed by Sam from Coventry on 17th Jul 2012

Reviewed by Ayesha from Pakistan on 14th Jul 2012
I recently bought this phone and I liked it, but the battery life is simply AWFUL!!! Can't explain how much irritated I feel because of the battery life. my main purpose of buying this phone was to use net in a better way but the battery life just flies away so fast if I browse. so I would not recommend this phone to net lovers. but if u can avoid only this problem then its okay. other than this problem, its nice smartphone.

Reviewed by emmaaaaaaa from ................. on 14th Jul 2012
I orded a samsung galaxy mini online and it came in the post and i have to say its amazing!!! whats all the bad reviews for guys??? This phone is perfect,only con is the battery life isnt amazing, recommend to people who like apps,texting and photos ec,etc,etc....... best phone i have had for a LONG time!! A********

Reviewed by melissa from england on 11th Jul 2012
no bad points

Reviewed by Cliff Maxen from UK on 10th Jul 2012
my phone is 9 months old, has broken down 3 times and is faulty now. Last time it went to Samsung and I did not have it for 3 weeks. Faults have included: camera locks up phone completely (x2,) can't find sim card, won't play music, cannot find my location.
OK I probably have the only bad one?

Reply by OBADIAH from Kenya on 18th Jul 2013
yours is the only faulty one. mine works 100% you should review the settings so that you are able to end calls using the power button . or you disable the function that makes the phone screen to go off when making calls! there are sensors on the phone that detects when you are making a call,they function when you bring your body near the phone(eg ear,finger) .this function helps to save battery

Reviewed by Jo Norsworthy from New Zealand on 9th Jul 2012
Totally agree regarding the rubbish battery life. Also, touch screen not all that either - I find texting a chore. To conclude; an exercise in frustration - don't go there!

Reviewed by Akis Tzortzis from UK on 3rd Jul 2012
Battery life is terrible. You leave home in the morning and at lunch time you have 10-20% left. That is without browsing or making calls. It is almost not fit for purpose. Most of its "android" abilities are useless in practice. For example you cannot realistically use the GPS navigation because you will be out of battery very soon. You cannot have it checking your emails because again by lunch time it will be almost empty. This is a phone that spends more time on the charger than in your pocket/bag. Whoever has given it good reviews have not really tried to use it. Take it out of your house and go walking in the woods or go visit friends in the country. You will always on 10% battery and asking for a charger. Terrible is not the word to descrbe it.

The GPS is klunky. As soon as you switch the GPS on you really must stand still until it locks to the GPS satellites. My other GPS devices are locked on and giving me instructions way before the Mini has got a GPS lock.

The interface is also bad and while on a call very slow. You can be on a call, the screen goes blank, no way to get it back in some reasonable time and put the phone down. If you really must put the phone down it is far quicker to remove the battery.

Or throw this useless away.

Reviewed by xxxxxx? from xxxxxxx on 30th Jun 2012
it is not tht "mini" and the quality of hd issent good...but its an awesome cute phone especially now i hav a keep calm nd carry on case but im trading mine in for my dads blackberry curve 9320!! x

Reviewed by ian mearns from scotland on 25th Jun 2012
very pleased with my new mini and the budget price plan,as a pensioner it suits me well.One wee problem i do not receive sms fromTesco,trying to sign in,but get messages from family no bother at all.

Reviewed by Sally from UK on 23rd Jun 2012
Awful. I would not recommend this phone to anyone.
The battery life lasts half a day max,
The touchscreen is hard to use.
Bad camera.
My touchscreen has recently stopped working.
My reception during calls is shocking despite having excellent signal.

To conclude, do not buy this phone

Reviewed by Jason D. from Scotland on 16th Jun 2012
total rubbish.
i spend hours trying to transfer some pictures, and i cant.
That kies software has totally messed my computer.
Also the touchscreen doesnt work half the time.

samsung, i know totally hate you, and will not buy anything of yours for the next 10 years.

Reply by Richard from UK on 14th Aug 2012
Totally agree with you there mate, Kies is absolute rubbish.

Reviewed by anonymous from finland on 16th Jun 2012
I used a very basic phone until 2012. I only needed to call, send an occasional sms and use the calendar. Recently I decided to get internet as well and bought this phone. It's probably rubbish compared to new high-tech smartphones but for me it has been quite perfect. I'm not interested in games, phone cameras or stuff like this, so these "limitations" don't concern me. The only problem for me really is the battery, which doesn't last long. This however is a common issue with all smartphones. Nice phone for people who are not looking for any special features.

Reviewed by BigJonMX from England on 14th Jun 2012
While it is an OK phone, there are a couple of show stoppers. First, it is not possible to transfer files (music, data, pictures) to/from the phone to a computer without using Samsung Kies Software. If its not your computer - you're screwed. If it is your computer - you are still screwed, because the kies software is soooo buggy (and huge) it seriously damages your computer. (google it!).
So as i paid for a smartphone, but cant do anything 'smart' i feel i've been conned.

Reviewed by susij from UK on 12th Jun 2012
Had this phone since November and quite frankly its the worst phone I have ever had. Dont buy one

Reviewed by Annie from UK on 12th Jun 2012
This little phone is great, just wish the battery was better. The camera is not great either but the nifty new features make up for this.

Reviewed by Sam from England on 10th Jun 2012
Whats with the bad reviews? The battery life on mine isnt too bad, the only problem iv ever had was just getting used to its touch screen! Excellent phone is it really has everything you need, inclueding some fun apps like Shazam!

Reply by kelsey from usa on 27th Jun 2012
init but the battery is a bit bad but agree with everything

Reviewed by planetlaxy2012 from United Kingdom on 10th May 2012
This phone feels good in the hand but looks slightly like the old style samsungs.
It doesnt work with all of the apps from android either but it looks good in black and lime green!

Reviewed by Andre from . on 8th May 2012
Pretty good phone.
Though it is fast and responsive (most of the time), it sucks because of the following:
- MOST APPS & GAMES ARE UNSUPPORTED (Play Market doesn't allow me to install them 'cause the resolution is too small, since the screen is very small comparing to other Android smartphones)
- SMALL RESOLUTION screws up some games.
Average phone, but still pretty rubbish.

Reviewed by anonymous from parts unknown on 7th May 2012
very good, luv this phone. great app selections! got for christmas and has worked ever since no probs with the charge.

Reviewed by Salwa Kamel from Egypt on 6th May 2012
It is a very bad phone. So many problems and the srevice of Samsung in our country is awful, many problems with customers.
I thing the image of Samusung is becoming very bad, and I don't recommend any body to deal with Samsung or to by this pnone.

Reviewed by Heather from spain on 4th May 2012
I got my phone last week, and I have had the same probs as every one else, try to phone out no one csn here me, no body ever get my texts, battery life well what can i say about that, NOTHING it's rubbish longest its lasted up to press is prox 6hrs and thats not even useing it. Have taken it back 3 times and they jusy shrug ther shoulders and say " NO SAY " sorry but its absolutley rubbish, going back to my old phone, it might be a dinoursore but it works

Reviewed by liam from uk on 26th Apr 2012
I had recently bought the HTC Titan but found it horrible to use so I downgraded to the Samsung Galaxy Mini and my life has become considerately a lot more brilliant. You realize how much you have missed out in life once you get this phone.

Reviewed by not happy from belgium on 22nd Apr 2012
battery rubbich
1 day max
if you play with the phone , a half day
android system is to complicated,and settings are very dificult tho find.
first time that i used the phone he was almost against the wall.
very disipointed in samsung!!!!!!qaulity of samsung where are you. or its all about the dollars

Reviewed by mounir helmy from Egypt on 22nd Apr 2012
a good phone if accidentally it works!!!!! I bought one at the end of march 2012 it didn't work and returned it back to Samsung Egypt they replaced it after 20 days of problems!!!! the replaced new one worked just three minutes then the screen went black!!!! I returned it back the same day and waiting now for the third one!!!!!! .....Incredible bad experience with an incredible very bad cell phone!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Emma from Uk on 21st Apr 2012
Nice looking phone but that's about it. Battery only lasts half a day so forever on charge, not much use if your going out for the day !!!! Very disappointed with Samsung on this model !! B

Reviewed by Claire from England on 21st Apr 2012
What can I say. Thought this was a great phone until it starting shutting itself off and you can't get it going again unless you take the battery out and put it back in again. The first phone I had did this, so the retailer replaced it, I had only had it a week. the second one does exactly the same and to say I am niffed off is an understatement. This one will be going back too. I have never had problems with a phone before, so I am not impressed atall. Is anyone else having this problem????

Reply by Lina from England on 27th Jul 2012
I know what you mean by it shutting itself down and having to take the battery out to restart it. Both me and my son have exactly the same problems as we both have the glalaxy mini. It happens at least 3 times a day with both of us. Really beginning to do our heads in. No point taking them back as will only happen with the replacements. Not impressed at all!!!

Reviewed by shine vs from lndia kerala on 17th Apr 2012
I love my phone nice phone

Reviewed by d from uk on 14th Apr 2012
Love the quick download speeds but screen too small you have to scan screen left to riright constantly.
Camera too dark and grainy. Zoom rocker too fiddly.
Battery life rubbish. Thinking of buying a new battery cos this one only lasts a few hours. Have to charge constantly.

Reviewed by penny from ireland on 14th Apr 2012
its a very good phone !

Reviewed by Jon from Bradford, UK on 13th Apr 2012
I've only had the phone a few days & so far, I am really pleased with it. As this is my first smart phone I have spent quite a lot of time 'exploring'it. The battery life is better than I expected, as I've only had to recharge it once; compared with my previous Tocco Ultra, which needed to be charged every 48 hours even if it had not been used, this is quite impressive!
The screen definition is a bit coarse, but this can be improved by turning the brightness down to about 1/4.
Based a a few days use, I have happy to give the phone 5 stars

Reviewed by jackbowden from brighton on 10th Apr 2012
really good phone, i tethered it to my pc and the internet is really fast (3g lol) easy to use, deffinatly worth the price, only problem is battery life but the batery lasts 2 days loo, i reccomend this to anyone! enjoy :)

Reviewed by bobby from bluesville on 8th Apr 2012
ok phone battery life very poor! does any one if you can download films(dvds) on to it?

Reviewed by Jimillybob from Awesomeville on 7th Apr 2012
My phone is sorted all I had to do was restart the system so I'm now changing my review to outstanding!

Reviewed by Jimillybob from Awesomeville on 7th Apr 2012
I got this phone yesterday and after about three hours it said my memory was full after downloading a basic wallpaper. Also it kept making me force close everything.Apart from that it is awesome and charging the phoneis quick.

Reviewed by hi from hi on 5th Apr 2012
it is actually giant! biggr thn my xperia! so, no NOT MINI lol
it's good just poor quality live wallpapers not very 3d or hd and is kinda cartoony and not as colourful but really really good though! (:

Reviewed by hi from hi on 3rd Apr 2012
my mum is getting this! It's really good. It is not actually THAT small, but I see why they call it 'mini' lol!!!!! Android

Reviewed by Venky from India on 1st Apr 2012
I am using MIUI GB rom and its battery backup is 2 days.I am very happy that soon it will get android 4.0 aka cyanogenmod 9.0

Reviewed by Mariam from Egypt on 31st Mar 2012
it's awesome it is with me 2 months ago it's still likes new!! but my question is how to turn off 3g ???

Reply by timothy from india on 6th Apr 2012
go to settings,wireless connection,mobile network,network mode&here GSM is 2g and WCDMA is 3g

Reply by Hale Roe from UK on 6th Apr 2012
go into settings > wireless and networks > mobile networks > click only use 2g networks and that should solve it however you may also need to switch data network mode off as well to do this you hold down the lock button at the side as if you was going to turn the phone off but press the data network mode button and it should say it is deacviated hope this helps

Reviewed by aisha from united kingdom on 31st Mar 2012
i think this phine is a outstanding phone and i would recomend it to everyone i know

Reviewed by Abraham from Ethiopia on 27th Mar 2012
I love the phone

Reviewed by tanzeel from pakistan on 21st Mar 2012
i love that mobile and i am using it

Reviewed by mahesh from Qatar on 20th Mar 2012
Ok not bad

Reviewed by Sylvester from My on 19th Mar 2012
A great phone. Upgraded mine to 2.3.7 cyanogenmod 7 (unofficial). support flash player. weakness: bat and average cam.

Reviewed by yoy from yo on 18th Mar 2012
Kwl phone for defo... I really like it buh the battety is low al the time and samsung and lg allways come up with similar phones like this is similar to samsu.g fit and apollo but great phone anyway hop i helped xxxxxxxxc oh and im typong this on my samsung lol so itz hard to type lol x

Reviewed by vysakh from INDIA on 15th Mar 2012
value for money! but battery back up is very poor.u should charge the phone in 12-24 hr according to ur use.

Reviewed by Sean T Traynor from Northern Ireland on 14th Mar 2012
Recently upgraded from a Samsung E250 on t-mobile, not sure a good move, texts coming in ok, but keep getting failed msg on txting out. My t-mobile is a waste of time, and for someone hearing impaired like me, phoning 150 is a chore, about to put sim card back in old phone I thinks

Reply by Annie from Scotland on 16th Mar 2012
I have the same problem - have to turn off 3G to text out. Can receive texts with 3G on but can't send them.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 16th Mar 2012
Starting to sound like a T-Mobile problem. Samsung E250 is 2G. Sean, does turning off 3G fix the problem? Annie, are you on T-Mobile too?

Reply by jon from uk on 24th Oct 2012
This is exact thing that happening to me can not send texts on tmobile its in shop now getting repaired I didn't check if I send them with 3g turned of coz thought it must be a fault tmobile have said its a software problem wonder how many people this has happened to on other networks

Reviewed by peter Berry from london england on 13th Mar 2012
I have had three smart phones in the past year.but this one is the best so far as it has all i need and is compact and has alot on it.my other smart phones have been bigger with touch screen but not as good as the galaxy mini.since buying this two of my friends have bought the mini galaxy.

Reviewed by Terry from UK on 12th Mar 2012
Got Galaxy Mini WiFi stopped working after abot two months wil not keep connection. My wife and sistr in-law also bought and are having very problem wi-fi keeps losg connection.
Dont't buy it better buying bog stadard phone than samsung galaxy mini

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 12th Mar 2012
I love the phone! It is full of gadgets and apps, its REALLY easy to use, after getting used to it of course, and it does everything you need and want it to do. Themes of the phone look really good, but if you don't like it there are plenty of downloadable themes on android market/Google play. I never put the phone down, literally. I am constantly learning of something new it can do, or something else I didn't know about it. Everything about the phone is amazing!

Reviewed by Mechelle Henry from Australia on 11th Mar 2012
I am disgusted with Samsung for failing to provide an adequate user's manual with the Galaxy Mini S5570. I have tried unsuccessfully to download one and have noted the same frustration of others who cannot obtain a user's guide. I have tried for two days and am now returning my phone and demanding my money back. I haven't enjoyed the phone at all. I have never experienced this problem with other phones. All the smartness in the world means nothing if the market itself is left in the dark.

Reply by Pedro from UK on 12th Mar 2012
Here is a link to the manual... www.three.co.uk/.../Samsung_Galaxy_Mini_UM.pdf
Hope it helps

Reviewed by Joanne Fearon from UK on 11th Mar 2012
Been a nightmare from day 1 just been sent back to SAmsung today by T mobile can ring people but they cant hear me and i cant end calls. Not zooming properly. Camera appalling colours wrong and no flash. buttons clonky. Internet doesnt seem right. Been back in shop 2 or 3 times per week since brand new. Given a terrible nokia about 15 years out of date till gets fixed. Suggested I sold and bought new hand set what a what a waste.Dont touch this phone. Thinking of putting a sim back In my old o2 phone my old samsung jet better and its supposed to be out of date this aint no smart phone and neither am I for getting it could have saved money and got better hand set. only been using this since last month

Reviewed by Someone from Somewhere on 8th Mar 2012
Best phone ever! Only complaint is the battery life, but a BRILLIANT phone for the price!

Reviewed by Danny from N Ireland on 8th Mar 2012
I have now had enough of this pathetic phone and changed my sims card back to my old Motorola untill I can afford a new one. This phone has been nothing but trouble believe me.

Reviewed by Jerome from Philippines on 7th Mar 2012
I have this phone, Its pretty cool too. Its a great low budget android smartphone. Ive had this phone for 1 month and I did not get any problem, I give this a phone a great 4 stars... Great for me!

Reviewed by DHAIRYA from UAE,Dubai on 6th Mar 2012
it just rox can download any thing from anroid app store.
it's worst part is its battery.Battery back up is so less

Reviewed by hadi from Malaysia on 3rd Mar 2012
i think this really is a worthy buy for people under budget like me. I can download all the game from the market and do many thing. but yes the battery runs like water in desert. but apart from that totally worth every cent. if you want better performance put more money in your budget but this phone is better than galaxy y in many terms execpt from processor speed

Reviewed by rv from BH on 3rd Mar 2012
this is my 1st Samsung mini its good.but problem is how to save internal memory n how app copy 2 SD card some body help me ........

Reply by Ace from UK on 13th Mar 2012
Hi, Go to Google Play (formerly Android Market),and search for a free app called MoveApps. hope it helps you

Reviewed by Sheralyn from United Kingdom on 2nd Mar 2012
I have had the Galaxy Mini for 13 months and going by my experience I would not advise anyone to buy it. When typing text messages the keypad activates itself and it looks like I am trying to communicate with aliens. When a call comes through more often than not I am unable to unlock the phone, so end up missing most calls. I must admit I have come close to throwing it over my balcony through sheer frustration. I know through experience that these phones are sensitive. But this one tops the lot!

Reply by Michelle from Greece on 11th Apr 2012
I think you need a wee tutorial ...I have had this phone for a year and have none of those issues..

Reviewed by ◑‿◑ x (-: from ◑‿◑ x (-: on 1st Mar 2012
omigosh! this is like tht samsunggg galaxy apollo plussss + y wont it load my wordzz? I actually wrote something nice, no vile language or anything!! but anyway, the phone.. this phone is sensitive which ppl TEND to hate buh others tend to love or find ok. It has android which is gud and comes in use! thanx for reading! buy it if planned! samsung is a very good brand tho can get bored easily, I still love my samsung and have had it a couple of months no problems! ◑‿◑

Reply by Jason from Fox on 5th Mar 2012
Assuming you are not illiterate (which you may be) why don't you write in plain English? Your message is almost impossible to understand without reading it several times.

Reviewed by Joe from UK on 29th Feb 2012
Hi folks,
I simply cannot believe any have not noticed probably the most important thing about this phone [ although some of you have been bright enough to work out that ALL of the initial problems are because it is being sold with out-of-date software, you MUST upgrade using kies to get any kind of reliability]
BUT here in the UK it is illegal to drive without hands free..
So when my blue-tooth would not auto answer Samsung agreed to replace mine because "it is obviously faulty" it was only when one of their own backroom staff heard about what was/is going on that he chimed in because he had to give up on using his own phone when he found out after wasting hours, that his bosses had the feature taken out as part of the money saving exercise to bring the price down!!!!!
Oh & by the way read the other forums, the cannot-end-call prob' is STILL very much ongoing never mind what anyone says.

Reviewed by Tayzone from England on 28th Feb 2012
It started off, beautifully, with everything going perfectly.
Few days later... my phone screen blacked out completely, a few problems had gone on before that such unresponsiveness to touch (ridiculous I know) and more force closes than I could appreciate, oh and of course I just couldn't make phone calls, so am lot of the times my phone was completely useless.
I returned it and got a new on about three weeks ago. Can't say this is much better, a lot of force closes, it responds to touch (Yay) and phone calls are good. But it still has some freezing moments.
Generally, it's a beautiful looking phone, I love the swype thing, its fantastic. The screen resolution - horrible, sorry. And the battery is horrific (but you must realise this is an ANDROID phone and there are apps for this kind of thing, some better than others). Good gaming except for the terrible screen, the connectivity if substantial and it's a pretty easy phone to get used to if you're okay with a few force closes, phone crashing, mediocre camera and bad screen resolution, Oh and of course, sometimes this phone has a mind of its own (I will now switch off and laugh as you try -failingly - to turn me on for the next 30 mins). Please realise this is a very greatly priced phone.My sister has one too, with most off my problems but she's not one to moan.
All in all, it calls, it takes pictures, you can download most apps, you can watch movies, listen to your music, read your bible and get on the internet, you have swype so well, you can't deny the fact that it IS actually a phone, dysfunctional at times, but a phone is a phone.
I like my phone but it's android siblings are much much better. The S2 for example is a beautiful phone but that's a another story.

Reviewed by shah from brunei on 28th Feb 2012
i like my samsung galaxy mini , its so cool ,very versatile with android capabilities and very affordable smart phone.Really worth buying.

Reviewed by Akhil from Dubai on 27th Feb 2012
Amazing phone... only problem is battery life. any ways for longer battery life

Reply by Hale from England on 28th Feb 2012
turn of wi-fi,3g anything like that then get JUICE DEFENDER from android market and that should do the trick

Reviewed by Gerry from India on 26th Feb 2012
Yes it looks gud but it cant support flash player. By this some content related to this cant run in websites and also when I want to download some mp3 song from musical websites it cant download, batt. backup is ok when put wifi, background data and gps on off mode and also when brightness is at lower level, its clear wastage of money

Reply by Adang from My on 19th Mar 2012
With custom rom, u can install flash player 10.3..

Reviewed by david from england on 23rd Feb 2012

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 22nd Feb 2012
First smartphone and overall very pleased with it. Similar to others battery life is short but only when all applications are on. I switched everything off, WiFi B/T GPS DATA and the battery lasted so much longer. But you buy a smartphone to use these facilities.
My wife has the same phone and is experiencing the following problem. During a call she is cut off. Could this be because she is putting a finger over the proximity sensor on the top left corner above the volume key. Any feedback would be appreciated

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