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Samsung Galaxy Fit review

 Review: May 2011  

Rating: 5 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung Galaxy Fit is a budget Android phone that doesn't compromise too much on spec.

Best buy: Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 from PrePayMania (£110.81)



The Samsung Galaxy Fit is a budget smartphone (£10 per month or just under £100 on PAYG) running Android 2.2 (Froyo). Normally these kinds of phones are a bit disappointing, with so many compromises made to meet the price, often hiding the true power of Android and making for an uncomfortable user experience. But for the first time, Samsung have managed to distil the essential features of a high-end smartphone into a fantastically cheap package without really cutting back on any essentials.

The phone looks quite chic, being a lot smaller than the biggest smartphones, and with a smart metal-effect finish. A single physical button and two touch-sensitive navigation buttons sit below the screen, giving the device a smart and uncluttered appearance. The phone sits quite wide in the hand, although the curved corners help to make for a comfortable fit and it feels "right" nestling comfortably in the palm. The weight is not great, but at 108g it has "presence".

Usually the big compromise made on this kind of entry-level smartphone is the screen size. Not so with the Galaxy Fit. The 3.3 inch screen is a good size (not much smaller than the iPhone 4) and the TouchWiz user interface and Android operating system work well on this screen size. The capacitive screen is nicely responsive to the touch as well. We've commented many times before on this website about what a user-friendly combination this is. Perhaps not quite as good as HTC's Sense user interface, or Apple's OS, but pretty darn close. If you're new to touchscreens or smartphones, you'll find setting up and customising the phone pretty straightforward. Importing contacts from gmail, facebook, etc is done automatically for you. The Social Hub feature ties your social networking sites, instant messengers and email accounts together for an integrated approach to messaging. We don't know why Samsung chose to release the Galaxy Fit with Android 2.2 instead of the latest 2.3 version, but you won't find much missing and there may be an upgrade later this year. In any case, with now over 150,000 apps available to download from the Android Market, you'll find plenty to entertain you here.

Another nice surprise is in the quality of the camera. A 5 megapixel camera with autofocus in a sub-£100 phone? What were Samsung thinking of? This is one of the best cameras in its price range. There's no flash, but most phones in this price bracket don't have one either. You'll need to spend more on a HTC Wildfire if you need to take photos in the dark. The camera can also record videos, but these are rather low resolution and a bit jerky.

Music and video playback are covered here, and with a decent sized screen you can actually enjoy watching video instead of feeling frustrated by it. There's also an FM radio with the facility to record directly from the radio. Sound quality isn't bad, with virtual 3D sound from the speakers, and you can make use of the 3.5mm headphone socket if you want to appreciate your music better and stop annoying fellow travellers on the bus.

Another compromise that's normally made on budget smartphones is in the processor. Android is a great OS, but if the phone runs like a dog, you'll never appreciate what it can do. The galaxy Fit lives up to its name, however, and runs like a greyhound with a 600MHz processor. That's about half the speed of the fastest phones, but it's plenty big enough to power this baby. It's certainly enough to make the user interface smooth, and even demanding operations like taking a photo or playing graphically-intensive games are quite acceptable, with only occasional hitches. The phone is also fast accessing the internet, with 3G HSPA giving download speeds up to 7.2Mbps (similar to home broadband) and Wi-Fi for even faster data access when in a Wi-Fi hotspot. The Android web browser is a great tool for browsing the web, and the voice search option lets you search Google by talking to your phone. There's a virtual QWERTY keyboard with Swype support if you prefer a more conventional approach to entering text.

Memory is well specified, with a generous 160MB of onboard memory and the ability to extend this to a whopping 32GB by adding a microSD memory card (a 2GB card is supplied in the sales package.)

With all these goodies to play with, you'll want a battery that can power them all, and Samsung have again stepped up to the challenge, giving the Galaxy Fit a hefty 1350mAh battery, which wouldn't look out of place on a much more expensive smartphone. And with a modest processor and screen to power, you should get several days of use between charges, which is very good going by modern smartphone standards. Laugh at your iPhone-owning friends carrying their battery chargers in their pockets!

You know, we weren't expecting a lot from the Samsung Galaxy Fit, but we're very impressed. There's really nothing more that we could ask for at this price. A higher screen resolution would be the bees knees, but even the more expensive HTC Wildfire can't offer this. In fact, we're thinking that the Galaxy Fit could take over from the Wildfire as our favourite budget Android phone.

Samsung Galaxy Fit features include:

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Average rating from 34 reviews:

Reviewed by harvey from england on 8th Apr 2012
great phone the only con is the screen resolution but for the price its value for money and its not to bad for for the screen size. i would recomend it to anyone of any age.battery life could be better it lasts me about 1 or 2 days using it for ineternet emails phone calls socil networking.

Reviewed by Arshad Kashif from Pakistan on 7th Feb 2012
First time i trunrd to SAMSUNG & luckily i got good thing like Galaxy Fit - (aik dam fit)
Really good phone but don't use this in hurry, you should cool when you operate this :)
Anyways i like this.

Reviewed by Andy T from UK on 17th Jan 2012
Great Budget SmartPhone. Have had this phone now for about 4 months and it has been great so far, however there are just a couple of flaws in it.......as it is an android phone the apps and programs run in the background and no mater how much you kill them they will restart and take up at least 75% of the onboard ram and this will make the phone run very slow and sluggish after a while. The camera is not too bad but pictures will be a bit blurry when taking photos of even a slow moving object. Surfing the internet is great as it supports multitouch for zooming in and out, also great for Facebook and Twitter. Has some good apps in the app store for this phone as well and a lot of them are free. All in all its a great little smartphone for the price. I would recomend this phone if you are new to android or just after a nice cheap smartphone.

Reviewed by Agata from Indonesia on 16th Jan 2012
I got this 5 months ago..this is very cool phone ever made! The Display is wide and looks awsome ! The option and back menu use touchscreen not like a galaxy mini. I also had been upgrade to Ginggerbread and try some custom room :D The dissapointed one is Samsung doesnt give the official firmware for ICS :( sad !

Reviewed by kev from uk on 9th Jan 2012
brill fone

Reviewed by Manoj Salian from India on 8th Dec 2011
Simply amazing phone..like it

Reviewed by wendy from scotland on 3rd Dec 2011
hey the phone on its on is an attractive one ...however!!!! please note for anyone that takes it as an ORANGE network that even though you have wifi and broadband at home this network charges a 6p connection EVERY tome you go online, Called Orange and their answer was to take a diffrent plan to include internet. WHY when we paid an internet provider and 02, tesco and vodaphone all connect to the home broadband WITHOUT charging???? phone will be boxed and returned as this was sold under false pretences

Reviewed by Amit Kumar Nagar from India on 16th Nov 2011
I use samsung fit. A booster mobile with android. But i didn`t know how to use 3G on its. If u know plz mail me on amitkumar.ak171„gmail.com

Reviewed by herreck from egypt on 9th Nov 2011
ihave its very nice but its no working skype whay tks

Reviewed by Ace Takwas from Nigeria on 7th Nov 2011
For a budget phone as this, I don't think anyone should be expecting any more from this phone than it already offers. Here's my review; dGood: Good browser and clear display for its resolution, Clear daylight photos, Good responsive capacitive touch-screen, Quite comfortable when typing in landscape mode, pinch and zoom works perfectly. dBad: Low memory - poor RAM and processor, most HD Android games are not supported, rebooting gets really slow at times, loading home-screens & menu gets slow with third-party themes installed. Every other thing is just okay. I don't have any problem with the sound, except that most YouTube videos aren't loud enough. They have to be played via headphones.

Reviewed by aimee from australia on 1st Nov 2011
TO THOSE WHO DON't KNOW HOW TO TURN UP TXT VOLUME!!!! Go to sound settings, volume, then it will come up with rington, media, alarm, sydtem volume- scroll down and you will see 'notification' volume. That is the TXT msg volume. And yes this phone is a piece of junk. My flatmate and I bought it and it is constantly saying 'messgae fail" and we have to turn it on and off again. Pain in the backside!

Reviewed by Suraj from Nepal on 19th Oct 2011
Cons: Poor Battery, Poor Audio Player, Less RAM, Application crash in SD Card, Slow and poor performance. Pros: Great Design, Great Camera but no flash

Reviewed by Chris from England on 4th Oct 2011
Bought my wife this phone for my wife 4 weeks ago and she loves it. However there are 2 unacceptable faults with it. firstly despite the ringtones being loud the message alert tones are the lowest i have heard on any phone we have tried everything to make them louder to no avail. The second problem is the phone keeps going dead you have remove the battery and re-insert it to bring the phone back to life. what makes this problem worse is the back cover is very stiff and hard to remove and my wife cant do it so when my wife is at work or out in car alone she is stuck without a phone. its a real shame about these problems. iam contacting the retailer today to see what options i have regarding replacement/repair.

Reviewed by Declan from Ireland on 4th Oct 2011
I am in Ireland and bought this phone today but it does not have 'FM Recording' - can someone confirm that the above review is correct and that the model does indeed have the 'FM Recording' feature when bought in the UK? Thanks ..

Reviewed by rupesh from india on 30th Sep 2011
when the gprs is open the mobile going on to verry warm

Reviewed by Saravanan from India on 18th Sep 2011
All d features r nice But very poor battery back up and screen resolution very very poor

Reviewed by Ramu from India on 13th Sep 2011
Hi, I have been using Samsung fit. It is very good and handy cell. But its recording the voice only 5 mts. I don't know how to increase the time level of voice recording. I am already enquired in various local shops. Nobody is able to suggest me. If u are able to help pl. give a mail ur suggestion : omkars_graphics@yahoo.co.in

Reviewed by Chris from england on 12th Sep 2011
Bought one of these a few days ago. Everything about the phone seems great until you hear the sms message volume which is unacceptably low despite being on full volume. I have checked this online and aparEntly both the galaxy mini and galaxy fit have this problem iam very dissapointed that a problem like this has not been rectified by samsung before release. as it spoils an otherwise great phone I would advise you to check this before buying this phone. Oh i would just like to add the ringtone volume on this phone is fine

Reviewed by mk from uk on 11th Sep 2011
outstanding phone better than the wildfire for perfect users

Reviewed by micheal from uk on 10th Sep 2011
outstanding phone

Reviewed by john from uk on 9th Sep 2011
outstanding mobile better than galaxy mini

Reviewed by Roy from UK on 4th Sep 2011
I was forced in to buying a new phone after dropping my Wildfire S in the River Stour! I tried to buy a refurbished smart phone from Three as the cheapest price for a new Wildfire S was £165. They were unable (or unwilling to assist) so I went in to Phones4U who suggested the Galaxy Fit. After using the Wildfire S for 3 months I think I'm in a good position to compare and the only benefit the Wildfire S has over the Galaxy is print on the Wildfire is sharper and that's not worth the extra £65. The advantages I have already noticed with the Galaxy Fit is better battery life and when loading a new app if it works on the SD Card that's where it automatically ends up, with the Wildfire S you have to move the app over to the card yourself. And one other massive advantage with buying the phone from Phones4U is it is network free, no longer am I committed to Three. I am though always cautious about buying anything from Samsung as I've not had much luck with Samsung reliability in th e past but as the phone comes with a 24 month warranty I should be OK, that is though as long as I don't drop it in a river!

Reviewed by Nagarjuna from India on 25th Aug 2011
Its two weeks since i got this phone.An excellent phone in budget.Smooth touch,the 5mp camera takes awesome pictures(but lacks flash) and the battery is fine if we use it smart.One thing is the back panel is a bit hard to remove and the phone slows down if running multiple apps.If you need a faster processing device and something that supports high end graphic games you can go for a better one by doubling the budget.Hence 'fit' can be considered excellent among less budget android devices.

Reviewed by Manjunatha N from INDIA on 24th Aug 2011
I never face this type problems in other make mobile,Batter backup poor & automatically it will shutdown.One of worst model in the morket is SAMSUNG Galaxy fit 5670 model.I never sugget to any for SAMSUMG mobile.

Reviewed by Ian from England on 23rd Aug 2011
Bought two one for me one for wife , from phone 4 u only had them 4 days had to take them back fir refund could not send txt messages after setting up wifi . So not impressed by this phone don't buy it .

Reviewed by 2K from KSA on 20th Aug 2011
People!! Upgrade your Galaxy FIT to Android 2.3(Gingerbread)!! I've upgraded mine from 2.2.1 to 2.3.4 and its awesome!! Much faster, battery life extended, a lot of bugs fixed...my friends with Galaxy S and iphone 4 are so jealous on seeing the speed and smoothness of my Fit!! Fit is an awesome phone except for the screen resolution a bit low(which I don't mind as I paid much lesser!!!).

Reviewed by MJ from UK on 20th Aug 2011
I was looking for a budget android with a capacitive screen and this seemed to be the best bet on PAYG. Yes, the screen is mentioned as an issue. In truth, it isnt unless you are moving from an iphone or galaxy s with a HD screen. If you are new to android phones you wont be disappointed. I have quite a few apps on board and the phone hasnt slowed noticably, even though some are quite processor intensive. It plays imported video superbly - I have the complete father Ted on a 16gb card in divx format [MX video player I have found to be the best] It WILL run Skyfire 4 though they state that qVGA phones arent supported, so you can watch iplayer. Download realplayer and you can also watch live tv on m.catchuptv. Wifi is rapid , the pinch to zoom function smooth and responsive and we browsing hasnt been an issue. I have been using it as an mp3 player in the car with mobile winamp [I prefer it to the bundled music app] The camera takes great pics outdoors and the video is fine if you just want to take a quick video so long as you dont expect HD. On the whole I`m impressed. By the time I am ready to upgrade I hope the fancy HD screens and dual core processors will be within my PAYG budget , but for the moment this little phone has been an excellent purchase.

Reviewed by rahul from india on 13th Aug 2011
Battery and meomery iz low...but its a gud phone...

Reviewed by bharath from india on 1st Aug 2011
very nice mobile

Reviewed by Darren from UK. on 28th Jul 2011
This Phone is a brilliant budget phone. Some reviews say about the poor screen i dont know what there talking about ive had no problems at all. Battery life that seems to be an issue with some isnt at all bad, turn 3g off when your not using also wifi bluetooth etc and with heavy usage you can get through 24 hours with ease. Great phone.

Reviewed by Sebastian from UK on 28th Jun 2011
I love the phone. perfect size, does plenty and more. There is one major hiccup with it - very, very, very, very, very, very, very and very often it looses reception. Signal booster, anything doesn't help. It's O2 by the way. I've had O2 for years and only in basement rough reception. With Galaxy Fit it is really terrible. It losses signal everywhere!!! I'm going to replace it - hopefully it is only that - replace it and it will be all OK.It would be 5* otherwise. Had the reception be great as it was with other phones on O2 I would say 'iphone! you can stuff up' :)

Reviewed by Dmitri from UK on 21st Jun 2011
I can't agree with "something in my phone doesn't work after 2 weeks or so" review. Electronic faults is a different topic altogether. Another thing is the phone itself. And Fit is a great phone. It does everything and it has pre-installed app. manager that allows you to keep an eye on open apps and keep battery alive. One thing (but that comes with a word BUDGET)you need to be aware of, is the speed of the phone. The phone is 100 pounds, not 300-500 pounds. So, be ready for some delays when you press call button (for example). But the rest is all stellar. Camera is fine and results look worse on the cheaper (lower res) screen of the phone, than on the comp screen. One more and the last one - video is 320x240 and this is it! Not 640x480... pity. I wouldn't expect HD Video, but 320x240 is not much at all. However, we are talking about mobile phone not any video device, so, I rate it "outstanding". Suggestions: different video player like MoboPlayer to watch flash vids. ffom YouTube. Get it :)

Reviewed by Neeraj from India on 19th Jun 2011
Awesome phone...

Reviewed by Yash from India on 5th Jun 2011
Just one week old and the phone's speaker isn't working..That makes me unable to receive any calls..Sad..Getting spoilt in a week is just not acceptable!!

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