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Samsung Galaxy Apollo review

 Review: August 2010  

Last updated November 2011

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung Galaxy Apollo is a cut-down Android smartphone with features such as a 3.2 inch touchscreen, aGPS, 3D sound, DivX video playback, fast internet access, and a good web browser.



The Samsung Galaxy Apollo I5801 is practically identical to the Samsung Galaxy 3 I5800, sometimes called the Galaxy 580. Confused? We certainly are! But whatever this phone is called (and we think that Apollo is the best), it's probably best avoided, as there are much better Android smartphones available, such as the Samsung Galaxy Fit.

The Apollo (or Galaxy 3 or Galaxy 580, etc) is thinner and shorter than the higher end Galaxy Ace, although not as slim. The front face is made of metal and glass and has a quality feel, which contrasts with the plasticky back. At least the plastic helps to keep the weight down. The LCD display on the Apollo measures 3.2 inches and compares well enough with other phones in this price range. The camera has a resolution of 3 megapixels, and with no flash it's a bit disappointing. The built-in memory is also quite low for a smartphone and the processor is relatively underpowered. All of these factors make the Apollo rather sluggish and prone to freezing and other software glitches.

The Galaxy Apollo runs the Android 2.1 (Eclair) operating system, plus Samsung's TouchWiz 3.0 and Social Hub software. This is quite old now, and isn't the smoothest or most reliable combination.

Features such as aGPS and the Layar Reality Browser which combine the camera, compass, and GPS to identify your location and then display information on your screen make the Galaxy Apollo seem like it's been beamed out of the future. More everyday features such as DivX playback of movies and a built-in FM radio provide all the entertainment you need on the move.

The battery has a monster 1500 mAh capacity, yet as you'll see from reading the user reviews below, the battery life of the Apollo is awful.

The Galaxy Apollo is looking very dated now. There are other entry-level Android phones available, such as the the Samsung Galaxy Fit or Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini which are definitely superior. And one final warning - don't buy the Apollo on the Orange network, as the Orange firmware seems to have seriously screwed up the functioning of the phone. Read the user reviews below, and notice how many of the one-star reviews point the finger at Orange.

Samsung Galaxy Apollo features include:

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Samsung Galaxy Apollo user reviews

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Average rating from 136 reviews:

Reviewed by Ihatemypone from uk on 21st Aug 2012
I top my phone up and my credit vanishes, without me even using it

Reviewed by Rose from England on 13th Jul 2012
I had this phone nearly a year, and initially I adored it. It was my first smartphone and and there were some features I really adored. Threaded messaging was nice, as I had never had it before and it made things a lot simpler. The music player was awesome, and it was genuinely the only reason I kept this phone as long as I did (that and the untimely death of my iPod) the choice of free apps and games was immense and originally I loved how I was free to choose apps etc. Also the unlock screen amused me, with the jigsaw pieces

But, around five months after I got it, the phone really started to bug me.
It freezes, and would refuse to revive text messages. Which surely is a basic phone feature?
It took forever, and I mean a good few minutes, to fully load - bad when it'd either arbitrarily turn off, or I'd have to reset it due to it freezing. This happened at least three times a week.
Some apps refused to work, Facebook I'm looking at you.
The lagging, especially when receiving a text message is laughable, I could literally tell when I was about to get one due to how sluggish the phone would become, no need for vibrate.
WiFi wouldn't work. I tried with routers, at WiFi hotspots, even when i had full signal i couldn't use WiFi.
Battery life was insane, it's the only phone I've ever used that can go from 60% to 5% in ten minutes.
also the lack of a camera button really annoyed me. I like to use my phone as a camera and I believe touch screen phones with a camera should have a camera button, my old LG viewty did and it made pictures so much easier. This is part of the reason I jumped ship to windows phone...

on the plus side, it does stand up to being thrown against walls out of sheer frustration.

I would only recommend purchasing this phone if it's to give a youngish child as their first smartphone, because some of the issues that dog this phone maybe wouldn't affect them. However, I wouldn't recommend it to and adult for their first smartphone due to the small screen (3.2 inches SERIOUSLY?!) and the ability to see how much potential was missed with this phone.

To give you an idea of how much I don't like this phone, it's given me android phobia and I'm now converted to windows phone, which is a shame because I can see it being a good platform, it was just implemented poorly on this device. And the only reason it gets two stars and not one is because of how strong it is, and how damn good the music player is.

Reviewed by James from Canada on 13th Apr 2012
Have had this phone about a year now.
My known issues:
Randomly resets or turns off on its own once in awhile.
Touch screen will sometimes glitch, not allowing you to slide the lock to answer a call or worse yet, the lock which lets you use the phone.
Does not have the power to multi task at all. In fact, if you open a few programs (gmail, facebook, music player), the phone becomes so laggy (even when you start closing/minimizing stuff) that it becomes unusable and requires a reset (if you can still use the screen) or you have to pull the battery.
The battery only holds a full days charge if you turn off wifi/gps tracking/cell tower tracking. I don't use google maps often, so it's not a big deal for me I guess.
The thing is pretty much designed to collect dust no matter how careful you are with it. Once it starts getting under the screen, it becomes difficult to read the screen in sunlight. This is a probably with many smartphones however.

Oh, and to take the cake, it absolutely will not let me connect to samsung kies to update the android OS. My PC meets all requirements yet it will not connect. Ever. I'm told updating my OS would improve these problems, but samsung/telus keeps telling me the problem is on my end, when I am 100% sure it is not.

Anyone that says this phone is awesome hasn't had it long enough or has never had a decent phone before. It. Sucks. 250 dollar paperweight.

Reviewed by Mia from England on 9th Apr 2012
Wow, this phone.is truly terible. I recieved it as an unwanted gift from my parents after i broke my iphone and have not been happy since. The screen is tiny and graphics are simple. Battery life is awful, it.willbe half full and suddenly go flashing red withing the space of ten minutes. It is sluggish and slow PERMANTENLY. And yeah if you pull this out in front of your mates expect to be laughed at. A tip for parently, unless you can bear the moaning of your child to get them a 'cool' new phone, do.not go for this one..

Reviewed by Liam from england on 3rd Apr 2012
i have had this phone since it came out and i have had no problems with it at all you lot don't no how to take care of a phone most probably learn and abc did you buy your phone brand new or off some one like cash converters places like that if so ahhahahahahahaha by it brand new trust me u can tell the diffrence in a bit nooobbbsss :@

Reviewed by abc from England on 1st Apr 2012
At first when I got this phone I was really impressed. It looked great, and the features were great too. But then after a few months the battery life decided to go rubbish on me. So I would charge it for a full night and then I would have had it on for about half an hour and it would go down to yellow, and after about 3 hours the battery life would go down completely and it would switch itself off. This was with minimal use, maybe sending the occasional text. Also it would take about 5 minutes to turn on and it would be really slow. Don't get it, get a blackberry or an htc instead.

Reviewed by nx from not telling u on 19th Mar 2012

Reviewed by Don from UK on 9th Mar 2012
I had nothing but trouble with this phone on orange but after taking the plunge and installing android 2.3 and rooting the phone it has been transformed. So much faster, longer battery life and no problems at all. Why on earth did orange have to mess with it? Im going to give it 4 stars, it would have been 5 but the lack of a camera flash is a draw back.

Reviewed by Hayley from UK on 2nd Mar 2012
I don't even know where to start!
I got this phone in Feb 2011 and for the first month I loved it! Then the problems started...
It takes about 2 minutes from switch on to be usable, sometimes more and sometimes it crashes and flashes "Samsung" over and over.
The screen blacks out on calls unless you use the speakerphone option which is annoying when trying to hang up or halfway through key entering for telephone banking.
Phone freezes on a regular basis, especially in the Android Marketplace.
Battery life is shocking, I have GPS and Wifi turned off and it lasts just over 1 day dropping from 80% to 5% then switches off drained within 5-10 mins of the 1st low battery warning.
The phone switches itself off randomly (in my bag, on my desk etc) and will not switch back on. I have to remove and re-insert the battery before it will power up again.
Sometimes people cannot hear me on phonecalls but I can hear them.
Signal strength is shockingly bad, I cannot move while talking at home!
If I have more than 20 text messages stored it takes 30 secs to 1 minute to access my messages so I have to weed them constantly.
Finally...the back button lags and jams a lot! It will either do nothing or do nothing then skip 5-6 steps at once.
Orange are refusing to replace it and tell me every single Samsung handset regardless of model randomly turns off and you have to remove and replace the battery to start up. I am sceptical of this so I have contacted Samsung directly and am waiting on a response. Unfortunately I am tied in with this god-awful phone until Dec 2012, please be wary!

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 4th Mar 2012
"Every single Samsung handset regardless of model randomly turns off." No, that read, "Every single Orange handset regardless of model randomly turns off." LOL.

Reviewed by Joe from Uk on 28th Feb 2012
Absoloutely great phone, rarely lags, fast internet connection and for such an affordable price!!! Admittably when it does play up it is annoyin but i find this is a rare occurance and overall it is the perfect phone for a high school pupil who doesnt want his allowance eaten into by a lengthy blackberry or 3gs contract :) very pleased but of course there are improvements which could be made to turn this from a mid range android into a challenger for the higher end smarphones :)

Reviewed by whoeveruwantme2b from whoeveruwantme2b on 21st Feb 2012
This is an awesome phone!! watz up with it? no problems what so ever for me! I have got lots of apps has android, I now have loads of free downloadable themes for the home screen and the background love it!! <3 traded mine in for a nokia E5 glad I did eventho I proper loved my e5 at first but then I missed my touch hav had mine about a week or less, no probs and I love it to bits it's not the latest of the galaxys' but it has loadzzz to offer

Reviewed by j williams from england on 24th Jan 2012
great phone cant fault it as yet and iv had mine 8 months???????? so cant understand why so many are having a problem with such a great simple to use phone

Reviewed by Aoife from Ireland on 22nd Jan 2012
Awful awful awful phone, had so many problems from day 1. First when i would connect to the internet i would lose connection after only 5 minutes the only way to resolve i found was switching the phone on and of. as a result carphoneware house gave me a new handset. the problem continued, i know there was nothing wrong with out router as the 5 other iphones in our house connect fine. The memory is awful.. It can take up to 2 minutes for messages to open, its difficult to hang up and the camera is terrible. the battery life after a while is horrible only lasting 8hours at most. sound quality isnt great. I have also found that the touch screen will sometime become out of sync which is extremley infuriating when your tryin to preform basic tasks. Also to connect to the kies software is difficult as it never seems to pick up on the phone connection. i have always had a samsung phone and always found them great, however this phone has made everything more difficult.. and stressful and i don't think i'll ever buy another samsung phone. i bought this phone originally as it was cheap and on a student budget its all i could afford however i would happily spend an extra bit if i knew i could get a phone that actually work.. HATE IT don't buy it

Reply by kevin from uk on 14th Feb 2012
i have this phone and have the same problems . would not reccomend it

Reviewed by steph from England on 20th Jan 2012
I do like this phone but am getting an upgrade today so hopefully won't have as manky problems with new one. The problems i had with this is i have charge my phone twice a day. It switches itself off loads,takes forever to open a message when try charge my phone it thinks i have usb plug in and won't let me use the phone when charging and past few days i can't hear when making calls but they can hear me. Had my phone a year i getting a new galaxy i love the phone just pity so many problems

Reviewed by Alice xx from UK all the way xx on 19th Jan 2012
Don't get it. If you can afford this you can afford a blackberry or a samsung ch@t, which for some reason are much better and are a lot like blackberrys. They are fantastic however if you only have a phone for emergencies, but im a teen so i text a lot and have lots of games and music, and now its absolute rubbish. Depends what you're looking for. Good luck guys xx

Reviewed by Steve from England on 18th Jan 2012
Freezes, Switches itself off, Pathetic internal memory, Cant save apps onto SD Card so memory dwindles excruciatingly fast. Can take up to a minute to load messages from opening. Internet signal can just drop off during usage, even if the phone hasn't moved. Overall, pretty bad!!

Reviewed by Alec from UK on 17th Jan 2012
I have had this phone for about 8 months. As the review states I would not recommend it as there are better choices. Problems I have had are the home button ceased to function after 4months or so.I had put a custom ROM on it and blamed this at first . I have since assesed it was not a ROM fault but physical failure of the button. It can be glitchy switching itself off unexpectedly, playing music without activating the app, call volume seems too low to me. kies software is very hit and miss when identifying the phone. seemed like a lot of phone for the money at the time. This year i will be spending a bit more. It has taught me not to go too cheap on android ! Currently looking for cheapest price on a galaxy w will review that should I end up with it .

Reviewed by Alice from UK on 14th Jan 2012
I'll admit it's not the greatest phone, but for what I need it for (internet on the go and a lot of texting) it's absolutely fine. A lot of people complain about the battery life, and I can see why, BUT I think the battery falls from 100 very quickly but will last a couple of days at less than 20%. This is very odd given that other phones tend to work the other way round. So even though it may say 1% remaining, I've managed to use the phone for another 5 - 6 hours absolutely fine. (That's with wi-fi or data on permanently.) I don't really use apps except latitude and Gmail, and both work absolutely fine. I can understand why it could be frustrating for a lot of users, but for me it does the job well!

Reply by Hayley from England on 2nd Mar 2012
How strange, I have found the exact opposite with mine! Stays on 100-80% for most of the day then will suddenly plummet to low battery and be flat and switch off within the space of 10 minutes of the 1st low battery warning :(

Reviewed by Connor from England on 13th Jan 2012
If you only use this phone for basics such testing and phone calls it is excellent but if you want this phone for games, apps and web browsing it isn't too good.if you like to use the phone for ganesh and apps it tends to crash alot. If you like to use custom launchers it is not recommended.typing is slow too.so for basics it is fine, for more than basics don't get this phone..

Reviewed by Bulli from Australia on 13th Jan 2012
I've upgraded to 2.2 and still hate this phone. Why does the battery only last half a day while sitting on my desk receiving no calls, making no calls downloading nothing and being connected to nothing? Bluetooth doesn't recognise ... well much of anything really. When Bluetooth crashes, which is every connection, it freezes my car's audio system I have to enter Bluetooth via system, turn on Bluetooth, make it visible then press the device it is paired with to connect, I have no idea why it won't simply be recognised AND WORK like my Nokia. What is the go with Keis? and why will it just not do what is expected. How come I have to unmount the SD card for Keis work with my phone???? The phone is really poor as a small computer but it is a really excellent small computer when you consider its performance as a phone. Not just the blue tooth being shoddy, everything from freezing when trying to answer a call to being unable to readily updating contacts, it is slow, clumsy and likely to freeze up the machine by doing anything. Okay some things work: Kindle is excellent on it, ... no, that's about it. Oh, yes, the alarm clock with the android upgrade to 2.2 works mostly. Overall an exciting form factor but utterly frustratingly poor performance

Reviewed by badman from israel on 10th Jan 2012
I think its alright but mine completely broke down i got it fixed and its great. Android great and nice apps. Good value for price

Reviewed by Sue Fisher from England on 2nd Jan 2012
I love this phone it has all the qualities i need. Its simple to use has amazing Arty things great camera effects.good download system.i bought for the internet and APS. Which are good.Samsung have. Never let me. Down yet. So thanks

Reviewed by cheppy from uk on 29th Dec 2011
but it freezes ALL the time.

Reviewed by Justin from uk scotland on 28th Dec 2011
Had this phone less that two months and allready ive had soo many problems wirh this, first of the phone didnt except my memory card,i tried my memory card in another phone and it worked perfectly fine. it didnt save any of my contacts, poor camera and no flash, and you cant even download less that 6 apps without the phone being out of memory, also it keeps freezing constantly very poor phone

Reviewed by Ameliaa from uk on 14th Dec 2011
i got this phone for my 16th birthday n i was soo exicted. At first i thought this phone was amazing it worked perfctly. A couple a weeks later my phone constantly kept freezing, my phone randomly started out playing music out of the blue. The batter life is also very poor and lasts me about half a day and i barely use it. Dont get this phone kinda ruined my bday :(

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 11th Dec 2011
Never have I had such a poor phone. Simply do not buy or let any mobile sales rep from Orange talk you into having this phone. Trust me, you will regret having this phone.

Reviewed by Nicholas from United Kingdom on 26th Nov 2011
I've seen lots of reviews complaining about battery life, and when i got my phone about 8 months ago i also noticed the battery life was poor, but it was easily solved. I rooted my phone and got an app called CPU Tuner and it made a massive difference. The app sets different power states depending on what its being used for. Since installing the app on the rooted phone my battery life lasts 3 to 4 days without needing a charge and i'm constantly using it. The only complaint i guess i do have which isn't specific to this phone is the lack of internal memory and app space. When the phone is rooted you can move apps to the SD card, but the memory is stil very low to run all the apps i like to use. Overall i give the Apollo 5/5 :)

Reviewed by ben sting from eglish on 26th Nov 2011
My phone is best. Phone because free apps

Reviewed by Mags from Canary Islands on 25th Nov 2011
I have had my Samsung Galaxy Apollo about 5 months now and I have had so many problems with it. At first I thought that it was me turning it to "mute" for the ringing tone but then it was happening so many times whilst it was sitting on my office desk, that I knew that it was the phone. It has also put itself into "flight-mode" a couple of times too, so I know that it has a mind of its own.

Reviewed by BT from UK on 23rd Nov 2011
It's definitely not a bad phone, but the main things that drag it down are WiFi connectivity, sluggishness and terrible battery life. When using WiFi on the Apollo and my iPod Touch, the difference is quite obvious - the iPod can pick the WiFi up at 2-3 bars when the Apollo is struggling to pick up one. The resolution is also bad - My dad has a Samsung Galaxy Portal, on which the screen is much clearer, and the Browser also looks quite dated for a smartphone. However, it does do its job, and it was very cheap for a smartphone, so I'm not complaining that much.

Reviewed by Jet from UK on 23rd Nov 2011
Very disappointed. After 7 months I have to charge the battery every day if I hardly use the phone (no syncing, no wifi, no long phone calls, only bit of surfing/texting/apps). If I do use the phone normally (still no syncing, no wifi) I have to charge about every 8 hours. Sometimes the phone just spontaneously shuts down or thinks it is in flight-mode. Also, very often, the phone claims the network is down, but I suspect it's a phone problem and not a network problem. Wouldn't recommend. Am going to buy another one and this time it won't be a Samsung

Reviewed by Damo from uk on 20th Nov 2011
i have this phone and have had few problems with it but sent it back to samsung and they have sorted it but i still went out and bought a new samsung galaxy S II as dont trust it enough that it will keep going, but not bad for 45 will do as a spare or maybe let daughter use it

Reviewed by Sandra from UK on 16th Nov 2011
Disappointed with this phone. Changed from a Motorola Rzr. Screen message keeps telling me the SIM card has been removed (utter nonsense) and I keep having to reboot the phone to clear the message. I am looking to change to a different phone and won't be buying a Samsung again. Agree with others that it takes ages to start up after switching on.

Reviewed by shaz ball from England on 15th Nov 2011
Lots of features and cool apps but the battery is unable to cope with them. What is the point of having an android phone if the battery u are using is only fit enough to power a kitchen clock. Can't even use the security lock pattern as it means charging up the phone every night... c'mon Samsung,this is a great phone with fantastic features...but mobile doesn't mean having it attached to its charger on a permanent basis.

Reviewed by Shan from northern ireland on 13th Nov 2011
I bought the Apollo about three months ago and for about the first two weeks it worked perfectly, i couldnt fault it (apart from the battery life which i had to charge every night)! Then, it all went downhill. The pull down notifications bar at the top of the screen wouldnt pull down and the phone would freeze upon unlocking it or opening an app. Then, it stopped letting me answer calls (everytime i tried to slide the answer button across it wouldnt work)!!!! When i tried to text or call somebody, the phone wouldnt send messages and was constantly saying o2 network is unavalible. I would NOT recommend this phone to anyone, ive never had a phone worse than it in my life.

Reviewed by Ryan from U.K on 11th Nov 2011
I bought this phone and it is brill, once rooted, overcloked and all the orange firmware is gome this works like a dream. the reviewer seems to be very biased!

Reviewed by kevin from nedreland on 10th Sep 2011
i dont like this fone it turns his self off and dont want to turn on

Reviewed by Kate Stoddard from UK on 7th Sep 2011
I have had this phone for a couple of weeks and whilst it looks good and works fine, the battery life is ridiculously poor. It probably lasts 26-30 hours on stand by, without making a call, I do not have any apps enables and I don't browse the internet. The only thing I have turned on is the Wifi which must be draining the battery. What is the point of having a 'mobile' phone if it is not mobile because you have to charge it every day? I feel duped by the assistant at Orange who sold me it as an 'upgrade'!

Reviewed by Stoopy from UK on 2nd Sep 2011
Outstanding phone, outstanding value. If you're new to android, you'll be blown away. So much phone, for so very little dosh!

Reviewed by Bob Marley from UK on 2nd Sep 2011
This phone is amazing. Very Good value for money. If your thinking about buying this phone, please do. Its better than the htc wildfire (i used to own one) and i must say that the samsung apollo beats the htc wildfire hands down! HTC Wildfire - 3 star. Samsung Apollo - 5 star

Reviewed by Tom from Spain & UK on 30th Aug 2011
I have had mine for 6 months after 3 months I had to reset it, then ok. Updated to Android v2.2 (Froyo) this week using KIES. Security warning on the Orange web site if using v2.2 "recommend that users change their mobile access point settings". All ok but would like to use only wifi and stop it using 2G and 3G as it is expensive here in Spain. I have stopped all app upgrades, but sometimes it just tries to access the network when there is no wifi. Mine is not locked I use movistar in Spain and O2 in UK.

Reviewed by Ben from Wales on 25th Aug 2011
Useless phone! ok maybe im being harsh. For the first few weeks the phone worked perfectly. I was able to download apps and away i went. then all of a sudden the problems started. It would freeze all of a sudden and refuse to work (this resulted in resetting it everytime). i was told 'you run too many apps in the background' so i downloaded a task killer and it kind of sorted things out. But now after a year the phone is still doing the same freeze and no respone. Because im with oragne coverage is bad anyway, but the phone will now not allow me to recieve any messages for up to 5 days at a time. This phone on orange is terrible as stated above, DO NOT get this phone if you are on orange. The battery is terrible charge everyday. cant update it to Android 2.2 (or at least orange/kies wont let you). seriously just avoid it!

Reviewed by Adedotun Obilaja from Nigeria on 24th Aug 2011
this is the best phone ever, i bought it last year and it is yet to give me any problems. I would recommend this phone to anyone because its very easy to use and its also very light

Reviewed by Laura from UK on 18th Aug 2011
Love the phone but for the first couple of days I could not download any apps. It just froze. That righted itself and I read on forums that this is a problem with Samsung Galaxy phones. I love the instant e-mail, internet connection is good although sometimes the network goes down. Facebook access is very good, superior sound and vision on youtube videos. Two niggles, one, I would have liked a much bigger keypad, as texting is a slow process, and two battery life is abysmal. Have to charge every other day. Other than that, cant fault it.

Reviewed by pemberton johns from england on 13th Aug 2011
I have up graded to a samsung galaxy gt-15800 touch screen phone . My first touchscreen mobile , at first i thought it was brilliant but on checking my payg balance its eating it up when my not doing anything . I worked out that it will cost about 33 per month for doing nothing on it . dont know why , but the phone will be going , i cant afford that , thats why i have a payg phone .

Reviewed by Dobbers from UK on 12th Aug 2011
Awful problematic phone. Im now on my 2nd handset and 2nd SIM from Orange and there's still 8 months to run on my contract. Problems are namely: The answer button needs holding for ages b4 answering, it takes ages to boot up once switched on, quality of photos is dreadful, the screen goes blank so it's hard to hang up as buttons disappear, sound goes on some calls so they can't hear you, battery life is too short, internet pages are tiny and when enlarged enough it's hard to fit info you need on the screen, the odd choice of texting words it gives you e.g 'Oz' instesd of more usual 'my' and the apostrophe is so well hidden down in it's menus that you end up not bothering and txt lk tnagr.. I could go on. Orange have offered me a 3rd handset rather than admit this phone's not of merchantable quality and will not let me upgrade early.

Reviewed by Natasha from Scotland on 6th Aug 2011
This phone is brilliant I had it 3 months and not a single fault the graphics are great and you get loads of free apps to use on it. The only bad things are the battery life and for some reason my internet always seems to be used up when I haven't used it but I'm planning on contacting orange to see if this is an issue with the phone or if it's just orange being useless.

Reviewed by julie from uk on 2nd Aug 2011
I think this phone is excellent, so easy to use. I thought I would have problems getting used to it but I have had none and would recommend it to anyone. If I can master it in no time so can you.

Reviewed by Peter Houghton from UK on 2nd Aug 2011
Dont understand something.....How come this phone says its 4gb internal memory;;; downloaded 3 apps for it at av 3mb to 15mb,, and it says phone memory is full....! theres nothing on it apart from operating system! How big is the operating system on it??? 3.5gb??? Apart from this the phone is good, brought spare batteries for it as it drains the power in a day.. so now carry spares with me... s i dont miss the odd phone all...

Reviewed by codiee from Americal on 31st Jul 2011
Hello I got this phone a day ago and I no bow to use jt its so simpke to use and I think id rather have tbis phone than a iphone . Etc I had an I phone befote

Reviewed by Ray Howe from united kingdom on 27th Jul 2011
The samsung galaxy appolo, Is ok till I put my simmcard In, then no phone signal where I live, then I put the same simmcard in a nokia 6630 wow five bars, how can this be? The phone has been sent back to the carphonewarehouse.It is also saying cant conect to internet, Im 6" from my router.

Reviewed by JW from England on 26th Jul 2011
Got gallaxy apollo last sept,loved it at 1st but 2month's down the line the screen started to go blank, could'nt turn it off so had to take battery out. That still keeps hap now along with the battery life getting shorter each week! Im now down to charging it every night and even 2nd charge during day time. I have 1game on it (angry bird's) & just the app's it came with? ive considerd another battery but read simliar reviews that say it wont make a difference so i will suffer in silence & wait till contract is up with orange then do my homework to find another phone, it's a shame as my confidence in samsung has gone down.

Reviewed by someone from rochdale on 21st Jul 2011
its sick buy or die

Reviewed by Matty from United Kingdom on 20th Jul 2011
This phone was my first Android phone. It is an amazing phone! Since it is a mid range phone I expected it to be much less then the Galaxy S, but to my surprise it was nearly the same Plus with Android 2.2 it makes it a especially good phone. You will have no problems. Even if you do buy on Orange

Reviewed by James Stewart from England on 18th Jul 2011
Just bought this phone from Carphone Warehouse who set it up and ready to go. I am an Orange PAYG customer with 20 credit so stayed with them. Couldn't understand why I kept losing credit on the phone even when charging up and internet switched off. Carphone Warehouse suggested contacting Orange. Seems that GPRS is constantly trying to update the phone as long as it is live. Once they took that off my system (did this over the phone)no further problems. So far it's a great phone but just like previous reviews watch out for Orange.

Reviewed by Doug from New Zealand on 9th Jul 2011
I lOve this phone. I replaced a Nokia x6 with it. It made the nokia look very clumsy. Easy to use. I tend to turn off the Internet functions both on the network and at home on WiFi unless I really need them. I get about 5 days without a recharge.

Reviewed by kaz from UK on 9th Jul 2011
I am on phone no.3 as main issue is receiving texts from 1 person yet when i open the text its from someone totally different! Highly awkward when i reply as never know who the text will go to!!

Reviewed by Costas Pittalis from Cyprus on 1st Jul 2011
Same, lovely phone (first adroid phone anyway), nice features, but awful battery indicator. As for lasting, it all depends on the features you have enabled, but still the indicator is not accurate. Mine needs a charging twice a day if I also use Wifi, GPS for driving and the rest, otherwise without gps it lasts a day and a half. Mind you I have full sunchronisation of facebook and google emails/calendars etc.

Reviewed by Robert Gullival from England on 25th Jun 2011
my back button stopped

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 22nd Jun 2011
I love the phone but the battery is terrible. For example, just checking email every hour and 2 phone calls depletes the battery. So, this feels more like a fixed line phone since it's constantly being charged. Great functionality but battery lets it down massively.

Reviewed by Eilidh from UK on 18th Jun 2011
I love this phone it is great. At the top you said dont buy it on Orange but my 1 is with Orange and its fine.

Reviewed by david from uk on 16th Jun 2011
i love it not slows down when on wap and the aps are funny dose me right

Reviewed by David from UK on 7th Jun 2011
Very poor. I used to love Samsung phones. I had a Tocco before this one and unfortunately they have both been big disappointments (unlike the many previous Samsungs I've had which were reliable and well thought out). The galaxy has good music and video players other than that it's a mess,slow,unintuitive and full of problems.The potential of the multifold Android apps comes to nought as this phone seems incabable of handling them. As a mobile telephone, and lets face it, this should still be it's core function,it is useless.If you are looking for a new phone - sorry to say look elsewhere ! Let's hope Samsung get their act together again soon, otherwise my next phone certainly wont be a Samsung !

Reviewed by Sophie from Wales on 6th Jun 2011
I got this phone a couple of weeks ago, after reading the reviews on here telling me NOT to buy it on Orange, however I went ahead and bought it anyway because I wanted to keep the same number and network. I have had absolutely no problems at all with this phone.. infact I love it! I think it is just a matter of chance that certain people had a problem on Orange. :)

Reviewed by Dee from England on 28th May 2011
My main gripe with this phone is the size of the icons and text. I'd returned the Galaxy Tocco to Virgin because I only realised, once I started using it, that it didn't have wi-fi. In all other respects the Tocco was great. I then ambled off to Carphone Warehouse and bought this for 79 (89 if you include the talk time I had to buy with it). Once I got it home and switched it on I was astounded to see how tiny the icons and text were (especially compared to the Tocco). I simply can't live with a phone where I have to strain to see things. I'd opted for the Apollo over the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro (which I'd been very tempted by) because I had wondered whether I'd be able to live with such a small screen. As it is, I think the icons and text on the Apollo are smaller, so I should have just opted for the Xperia all things considered. Anyway, the Apollo is now on Ebay. Shame, because other than the terrible size of things on there, it looks like a good phone...

Reviewed by Brent Elliott from New Zealand on 26th May 2011
Whilst the technology crammed into this phone certainly makes it good value buying, the downsides for use as a work phone certainly over-ride this. The phone is currently in the repair shop as I've had problems with it; turning on whilst on an aircraft having turned it off before hand, GPS switching on from time to time, switching off SIM card from time to time, battery life very limited even with APPS, GPS etc off and the list goes on. We have a few of these in the company and my colleagues have experienced similar problems but can't be bothered to send in theirs for repair. Maybe it's not a repairable issue but a fundamental with the phone. I would not encourage anyone else to buy this phone and I see that at some NZ stores the phone is no longer available.

Reviewed by Paul Constantine from UK on 24th May 2011
Allegiance: I am since 2002 a dedicated HTC customer (my favourite after the i-Phone), but needed something for the everyday use). Price: Just bought one for GBP 79.99 from Carphone Warehouse (+GBP10 for the SIM). First conclusion: Price-wise I reckon this is a great deal. Use: I needed this unlocked phone to use it abroad (use any operator's SIm in any country in Europe). Build Quality and Features: Quality build is flawless, functionality is excellent (covers every and any topic on my wish list, EXCEPT MS Office....like any Android phone would do). Size: If you need reading glasses (as unfortunatelly i need for a couple years now :-() consider the size of the screen! small fonts could be. Issues: Because of its memory limitations one should expect screen freezing if using simultaneously memory-hungry applications. Conclusion: By far the best phone you can find in the Market in the 100-200+ pounds range...for a bargain price. Benefits from Galaxy S system architecture and features in a smaller bundle. Two year-warranty makes it a great pick. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by sarah from england on 22nd May 2011
got this phone yesterday n am loving it, it got every at a touch n i can talk 2 mates and send texts and read them while am on the phone i culd not do tht with my tocco lite. Also i like it cos i can go on youtube any time i like n watch videos n the signal is very good few pubs i go into i culd nt get signal with this phone is can txt while in the pub n it's good value for money. I only buy sony ericcsons or samsung phones cos they are the best phones bit pricey but u paying for a good make of phone. love the voice search saving me typing it in google :) x

Reviewed by emmie from england on 21st May 2011
Its okay i mean i cant upload pictures from my phone to computer which is annoying and then i cannot seem to grasp swipe text or whatever and wen youu click a picture it is fuzzy for a while. but the goos points the camera is very good and then phone looks good and the memory i found was good and internet was fast i always have good signal and then the new text thing it cool :D

Reviewed by Luke from UK on 20th May 2011
DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!!! There are so many flaws to this phone. From the speed to the graphics to the quality of build everything is majorly tacky. I really really want something to praise about this phone but its just so poor. It can run a maximum of 1 function at a time so the when it takes minutes to close an application it get really really frustrating.

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 9th May 2011
Further to my review two weeks ago, have now had the phone for three weeks, and it is incredibly good value for money. Even comes with a translation app, and as I am a liguist, I can say it's very accurate. Obviously others have bought faulty models, perhaps on Orange. Mine on Vodafone does everything perfectly.

Reviewed by Georgina from Uk on 7th May 2011
Never ever ever buy this phone, mine crashes and doesnt respond, just like veryone elses but when i went to the store where its from and they said it has "no space left on my phone" even though i had a third of a gb left, they did nothing, sending me home to BUY myself a bigger memory card! But by the responses that others have said on this website,me and my dad have come to a conclusion that is a MANUFACTORING default,I have had the phone 3 months and now i am having to buy myself my own phone and then put it on this contract, i have to be on this contract for 24 months! The apps take up alot of room on the phone but when i delted 4 apps it said it still had a third free, buy this phone and you are going to be upset with the consequences like me!!

Reviewed by Declan from UK on 4th May 2011
Mixed feelings. In regard to battery life, Android isn't really battery friendly. I found an app which lets you turn HSPDA off when not needed. That has worked. Will do until I can afford a HTC

Reviewed by Derek Smit from Uk on 30th Apr 2011
It's not very user friendly,difficult to handle without turning the volume down, hard to end calls because the screen goes black.

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 26th Apr 2011
For only 80 you get a lot for your money. Upgraded from the LG Cookie, mainly because the Galaxy Apollo has youtube, which works most of the time, and faster internet browser. Miss using a stylus to text but as the keyboard is reasonably big in landscape mode am getting used to it. Downloaded plenty of apps from the Android Market, and think it's a great phone for the price. Camera is about the same as the Cookie, with the advangage that you can zoom in, video camera likewise. Early days yet, but am very pleased with this smart-looking smartphone.

Reviewed by Jessica from uk on 25th Apr 2011
i love this phone and i have it and i am keeping it forever! It will never get old because everything about it is wonderful and it has google, notes, clock, apps and many MANY MORE!!!

Reviewed by iain macdonald from Britain on 24th Apr 2011
this mobile is useless. its not as good as its made out. Im totally let down now I have a 18month contract. cant wait till its over...defo not have another samsung mobile if this is the standards... I hate it... wish I got a Nokia instead or something...

Reviewed by Bilal from England on 18th Apr 2011
The phone is great. The only problems being the very short battery life and the absolutely useless battery life indicator. Apart from that i have no problems whatsoever.It is easy to text, browse and use the apps. no problems with network as most orange users have complained about. Great on T-mobile. Overall probably the best phone you can buy for the price.

Reviewed by Jason Litherland from UK on 17th Apr 2011
Got this phone on Orange, had no real problems with it as a phone, most problems are with the Samsung support, Samsung Kies is useless. have updated the phone to Froyo2.2, which seems to make it better than the standard Orange issued phone, all in all a good budget phone, does all I need, calls, texts, E-Mail, hundreds of Apps available (Market, not Samsung). Guess I must be a lucky customer, as having looked at the other reviews have experienced none of the problems listed, all in all a good phone, on a budget, guess you get what you pay for, I for one am a satisfied customer of the I5801

Reviewed by Daniel from UK on 16th Apr 2011
I love this phone. Its packed full of features for the price, no problems with it so far, I think some people are having problems because of the Orange firmware, I am with Vodafone and have never had a single network issue. I reccomend this phone to anyone :)

Reviewed by Fay from U.K on 12th Apr 2011
Looks like a really flashy phone with loads of cool features and that to begin with, but after a couple of months it's a complete nightmare! Some of the apps don't work, it takes a good 10 minutes to turn off and on again, it deletes contacts, you actually can't hang up when talking to people because the touch sensitivity is so dior. Generally really frustrating to use, and I would not recommend it if you're a busy on the go type person, as you need quite a bit of patience to deal with this phone. However the good points are that the facebook feeds & updates always work pretty well and the keyboard is relatively easy to use, but I hardly think that this excuses it for the amount of grief that comes with it.

Reviewed by lomond82 from Scotland on 11th Apr 2011
Had this phone for 6 days and HATE it. Used Nokia for 16+ years and needed a change. not sure at first of a touch phone so borrowed my friends daughters old TOCCO samsung to get to grips with touch phone. Loved her phone so bought this. On hers I could email, facebook, text, make calls and use the calendar. On this the calendar is pants, it took an hour to download the android facebook and nearly 4hrs for the game angry birds!!!. Android facebook doesnt work right as my status disappear and are only on my wall so nobody sees it. I have had to charge the phone at least once a day. The internet is slower than a wet weekend. So much slower than my old nokia and it was a classis 6303! battery says its full then looses charge. The phone takes at nearly a min to boot up. Its difficult to switch on takes 3 or 4 goes. it loses internet connectivity saying retry. loses signal. I am on the 02 network but it was an ORANGE payg phone Summary: slow, pointless and waste of money

Reviewed by Alice from Scotland on 4th Apr 2011
The best phone i have ever had easy to use good camera lots of free aps.

Reviewed by arno from uk on 30th Mar 2011
this handset after the 2.2 froyo update is simply fantastic samsung have ironed out all the problems mines running as sweet as it can with ndrive loaded it rocks the htc wildfire is twice the price with a sreen thats worse you can get the sense stuff off the market

Reviewed by Mari from UK on 25th Mar 2011
Had this phone for 14 days on Orange, overall quite good, easy to use, but the battery level indication is useless. Keeps showing 70 - 80% then going completely flat in an hour or so, & that's without using it.

Reviewed by Taylor from UK on 25th Mar 2011
This is a good phone, but is it meant to come with a setup disc? If not, how do you put music and stuff on it?

Reviewed by paul from UK on 21st Mar 2011
Got one of these and hugely dissapointed. Problems include - callers not being able to hear me......bluetooth not working......voicemail sometimes works, sometimes doesnt.....battery indicator worthless....poor battery only lasts 1 day.....loses signal and only way to get back is remove battery.....android updates taking forever from samsung... PC does not recognise .... a disaster of a handset. Going back to my old one.

Reviewed by Nicholas from England on 16th Mar 2011
Just got this phone. found the sim card would click into place in all directions except for the direction its supposed to go, i sorted it though but ramming a tiny bit of card on top of the sim card, holds it into place nicely. the phone is really fast and other than the sim card locking mechanism being rubbish, the phone is great to use. the qwerty keyboard is a little small, even when rotated and is a little hard to get used, but after a day i'm more confident using it, the swipe feature makes it easier.

Reviewed by lionel messi from argentina on 11th Mar 2011
its the best fone ive had i updated the rom into 3.0 honeycomb

Reviewed by baz from uk on 4th Mar 2011
this is a decent android phone providing you dont get it on orange o2 is much better,if like many of us you are counting the pennys its a good choice to get into android for the first time only let down i can find is the cheap looking battery cover on the back otherwise a good buy.

Reviewed by Char from UK on 28th Feb 2011
TERRIBLE phone. I am now on my third and will ring up orange AGAIN tomorrow to battle getting a different make as now my signal drops and can't get it back until I turn it off and on again. Its ridiculous! The first 3 phones sent messages to the wrong people (namely my Dad instead of my friends), called people without pressing anything, hung up in the middle of phone calls (think my record was 9 times in one conversation) and were all exceptionally slow.

Reviewed by Nad from Uk on 24th Feb 2011
got this phone from Orange because I wanted an Android phone.The OS is great alot of apps available for free just a shame about the phone. The touchscreen is OK pretty responsive except sometimes the keyboard didn't register my touch and when it finally did only half of what I typed appeared on screen. Kept dropping the signal so I was phoning people I could hear them they couldn't hear me and best of all I was paying for it! After 4 months I had to get a new phone as it kept switching itself off and I had to long press the on button to turn it back on. In the end it refused to load past the Samsung screen. Took ages to get a new phone from Orange. The new phone was much better but once I had a certain amount of apps on it told me the phone memory was getting full and started rejecting text messages despite the inbox being empty! In the end I decided to go back to my old Nokia. It was my first touchscreen phone and has put me off them. Good phone if you want the Android experience on a budget but slow and unresponsive at times.

Reviewed by Kate from UK on 16th Feb 2011
I am also on Orange, and its an all together alright phone... although Im on my second one already because the first ones battery was a dud. This one turns off because the sim card goes into the side of the phone, and comes out. Also the battery just falls out? I have found the free covers orange give you for this phone, dont actually fit the phone and fall off, with the battery. Its also a bit on the slow side, but maybe I am just impatient?

Reviewed by LJWILD from UK on 10th Feb 2011
so!! i am not the only one with problems. it seems to be mostly orange phones than any other networks. Do not buy this phone. my phone freezes, deletes contacts, no network coverage, my screen is slow and doesn't respond, sometimes my back button doesnt work etc .... the main one is when i plug in my head phones i put my phones in and the music comes out of the speaker every now and then i constantly have to take the ear peice out to see if its comeing from the speaker.

Reviewed by Priscilla from UK on 10th Feb 2011
No one is mentioning if they find it easy to text. I am a big texter and this is a nightmare for me. Are there any ways you can make the keyboard bigger? As even if you rotate the phone, it's not really making much difference....

Reviewed by Sander from Netherlands on 10th Feb 2011
I keep having auto reboots and it shut itself off today...for the rest a very nice telephone, swiping rules!

Reviewed by Josh from NZ on 8th Feb 2011
I have many of the same small problems that others have mentioned on here..but for the price and the fact that it is an awesome wee handset, it doesnt bother me in the slightest. Had a Vodafone 845 before this and I cant describe the difference! Would recommend.

Reviewed by Akram from uk on 24th Jan 2011
terrible phone DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE to maney problems to tell and no answers just take my advoice do not buy this phone

Reviewed by kianah from USA on 23rd Jan 2011
This is one of the greatest phone in the world its hard to find out how to do things but after a while you get used to it .. it a amazing phone buy it now !!

Reviewed by Emma from England on 20th Jan 2011
terrible phone on 3rd handset, many many mny problems, phone calls cut off if I am receiving a text, ring people on handset or on speaker phone I can hear them they can't hear me, runs really slowly when I have nothing hardly on memory, was saying i had sent a text to somebody, when I had not, orange blamed the 3G connection which is rubbish!Could not get calender working, had problem after problem! Had samsung handses before and been really pleased with them, but not this one, Now in battle with orange to get a replacement handset, not the 4th one of these!

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