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Samsung Galaxy Ace review

 Review: March 2011  

Last updated April 2013

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung Ace is a smart-looking Android phone with a larger-than-average 3.5 inch display, a decent 800 MHz processor, and a good camera. Other highlights include GPS with Google Maps, high-speed internet, and Wi-Fi. But its battery life and reliability are questionable, and it can't compete against the best Android phones.

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The Galaxy Ace is a little like the Galaxy S's little brother. It certainly has a premium look and feel, with its metallic looks giving it an iPhone-like appearance. The display is a decent size at 3.5 inches and with a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels it has exactly the same size and resolution display as the iPhone 3G S. But that demonstrates how far smartphone displays have improved over the past two years, as rivals like the Galaxy S and HTC Desire now offer substantially larger and higher resolution screens.

The camera is a decent 5 megapixel job with autofocus and an LED flash, but once again it's trumped by rivals offering HD video recording. The 800 MHz processor is comparable with mid-range Android phones rather than high-end phones with 1GHz processors, and sometimes just isn't quick enough. We're also disappointed by the minimal 150MB of onboard memory.

Certainly there are many, many good features about the phone. The aGPS with Google Maps is a favourite, not to mention the 100,000 apps available from Android Market. For email and messaging the Galaxy Ace is brilliant. The Social Hub integrates contacts with facebook and twitter apps really well, and we like the Android virtual QWERTY keyboard. There's also SWYPE, which lets you drag your finger over the keyboard and then works out which keys you "pressed". Samsung's TouchWiz 3.0 interface works well too.

Battery life ought to be good, with a reasonably heavy-duty 1350 mAh cell installed. But in practice, the Ace doesn't seem to deliver on its potential, with many users struggling to get through the day.

The web browser is good and fast, although there's no support for Flash video. Connectivity is excellent though, with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB and HSDPA offering downloads at up to 7.2 Mbps.

Despite its high-end feel look and feel, the Ace isn't really a high-end phone. At launch it was priced over-optimistically at £25 per month on contract. Now that the price has fallen to £15 per month it seems like a much better buy, but read the user reviews below carefully, as some users seem to be having trouble with this phone.

Better options might be the Sony Xperia E1, Motorola Moto G or even the Nokia Lumia 520.

Samsung Galaxy Ace features include:

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Samsung Galaxy Ace user reviews

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Average rating from 486 reviews:

Reviewed by nganga from kenya on 17th Apr 2016
had this phone since 2012,found out that is isnt for the tech savvy user.camera great,low internal memory means one can only have basic apps running. Generally android phones tend to slow up after a while so consider backing up(mobogenie backup app)and running the full o/s reinstallation(go into the service mode for this). Dont expect to usecknockoff chargers and still expect a full battery life-i've used more or less the supplied charger all along and cant complain.i got an outer covering which means the phone dropped countless times times with no major issues.
great phone.

Reviewed by dodol from malaysia on 7th Mar 2016
hate it

Reviewed by Beverley from uk on 12th Feb 2016
Yes it's horrific giving me a break down and all of the above😠. Touch screen is also disfuctional and not five stars of excellence but five stars of rubbish.

Reviewed by Barbara from uk on 1st Sep 2015
my first smart phone, and possibly my last. I make about six to eight calls just trying to speak to someone as the phone constantly shuts me off. I have been back to the provider and they told me it could be that I was hitting the end call with my cheek, held it further away and was told that the proximity button would cut me off, tried everything no luck, then was told that the SIM cards had a problem!,!! But it's still happening I know there is a contract but that relies on the product doing what they told you it would. Can I go back to a simple one that at least lets me make calls?

Reviewed by brown sugar from jamaica on 4th Aug 2015
This phone is rubbish cant download any apps from google.play store cause there is insuufficient space cant move any apps to the sd card smh stupid phone.

Reviewed by Steve from England on 11th Jun 2015
MENTAL HEALTH WARNING DON'T BUY THIS PHONE. Hurray, my contract is over and I now have an upgrade after suffering 2 years of absolute misery with this Galaxy Ace. My first and last Samsung. Here are just some of the bad points phone with a very small memory which is almost used up by pre loaded, useless apps that you can neither get rid of, or move onto an sd card, phone rings when text arrives and you have to switch off phone to stop the ringing, poor reception and conectivity, doesn't like wifi and goes to 3g even at home. Fault messages when I try to connect to Play store, wont connect to laptop to download pictures etc, so can't automatically transfer phone contacts to my new phone. I can't list any good points as it doesn't have any. I usually recycle my old phones but I have just had the pleasure of throwing this piece of junk against the wall and it has broken into several pieces, so no one else should suffer the stress that this phone has put me through.

Reviewed by jez lane from england on 17th May 2015
I love the negativity for the ace, all you have to do is learn how to use it, and that's pretty basic. Does everything I ask it+more. Brilliant little phone I can even watch full movies on it.

If you download an app called app manager you can move most apps to your memory card. If you can play videos download mx player if you don't like the keyboard download another... you can see where I'm going, just learn how to use the phone and its brilliant. Had mine 2yrs and have never been let down. If it turns off when you put it to your face turn off the proximity sensor! -

Reviewed by TONI from ENGLAND on 23rd Apr 2015

Reviewed by JANE FRUSTRATED from U.K on 6th Apr 2015

Reviewed by Luke from Australia on 18th Mar 2015
For god's sake, do not buy this phone. Here is an inexhaustive list of why:
- Appalling battery life (six hours or less on standby)
- Navigation does not work consistently
- Camera does not work consistently, often takes twenty seconds to start working
- Apps often take twenty seconds to launch (even basic ones)
- Phone calls drop out far more frequently than other handsets
- The screen has terrible resolution and sensitivity
- Flashlight doesn't work. At all.
- Last of all, there is 150mb onboard space. 150mb. The OS mine came with did not allow installation to the SIM card, so a music player + Facebook messenger were the only two apps it had room for.

Reviewed by Barry from uk on 12th Feb 2015
absolute rubbish. Only a month and a half of my contract to go and I cannot wait to throw it back.
Won't let me download music telling me the tracks are not comparable , has deleted irreplaceable photos and videos on its own. Always telling me that there is no network connection even when showing 4 full bars and battery life is short even though low usage. All in all a useless phone and no way will I get another one.

Reviewed by Jenni from U.K on 12th Feb 2015
Have one of these phones and cannot wait for the contract to be up in April. It's the worst phone I have ever owned. My husband also has the same and I can never ring him as we always being told no network connection. Iv lost photographs and contacts. It locks up. and I have to take out the battery to clear it's self . Then struggle to get it switched back on again.. It's a rubbish phone and should be taken off the market. What would happen if some poor women/child need help. Always poor signal. Roll on April.

Reviewed by Krissy from England on 16th Dec 2014
It's a rubbish phone don't get it !

Reviewed by Gareth Evans from uk on 20th Nov 2014
Hate it with a vengeance, very slow, poor memory, temperemental, rings itself for no reason, rings other people for no reason!

Reviewed by John from UK on 15th Nov 2014
This phone is absolutely useless on account of it's pathetic 158mb memory, mine came (secondhand hand) with pre-installed apps and as some of them got updates there was only 20mb left, I could not remove the pre installed apps which were mostly a waste of space and so could not install any new ones myself, it was a complete waste of money, now I have to sell it again at a loss.

Reviewed by mark from England on 4th Nov 2014
It was a good phone at first untill I lost all my music. But wait theres more, I found it BUT it wont let me make a playlist or even let me do anything while playing the songs. I am very disapointed with this as its not rocket sience for the people who made the phone but whatevr, I hope you guys can make a MASSIVE screen that looks stupid but can also take a photo of another stupid product you make for money.

Reviewed by cas from uk on 24th Oct 2014
within six months gone from loving this phone to hating it. despite deleting all ap's it still says memory is full. It constantly tells me inbox is full and message waiting despite deleting all messages will. precious pics have disappeared from the gallery and it's about as reliable as a chocolate fireguard. If there was a no star rateing that's how I would rate it

Reviewed by Noreen O from Manchester on 4th Oct 2014
What a pile of rubbish!!! I have had the Galaxy Ace for a year now and have had nothing but problems. I was in to my online provider within 2 days of buying it to get a replacement phone. I only got this phone So I could download and listen to music as I don't have a PC, and it has broken 3 memory cards (32gb 16gb & the free 4gb it came with) so I hardly use it but for the odd text and call. How can a phone download about 6 songs, then just cut out and decide it can't download any more?? Its not like it was hundreds which I could understand, but 6!!! Even now when I go into the 6 songs and try to play one it comes up with a message "not compatible with this phone" when they played when I first downloaded them. So basically I worked out, the message is code for "I broke another one of your memory cards". I should have just bought an MP3 player, it would have been alot cheaper, but I havent got the internet so that's why I opted for this!!! All the pics I took have disappeared as they would have been stored on the now broken memory card. Can't wait for the contract to end, paying money for nothin, really gutting. Please do not buy this junk, unless its for texts & calls only. Minus 100 Stars

Reviewed by rebekah from great Britain on 21st Sep 2014
Kinda good phonr however i have 3 apps all with low mb of data (instagram kilidoo and bill angel) however it is not letting me download any app over 10mb i want to get 94 degrees it wont let me help what shall i do

Reviewed by Kelli from Australia on 23rd Aug 2014
I regret buying it. not enough memory, cannot update anything. Battery life is poor, keeps going dead. Don't waste your money.

Reviewed by George Shepherd from Scotland on 21st Aug 2014
I have the Galaxy Ace GT-S5830i I regret buying it. It is slow, google apps keep stopping unexpectedly, the keyboard is pathetically slow.
It has put me off Samsung completely.

Reviewed by May from UK on 20th Aug 2014
had phone 18 months and loved it till recently
Photos disappeared from gallery, ie all files except camera files
This was ok as they were still in MY Files so could be loaded onto computer
However, and this doesn't make sense, the photos which ARE in the Gallery Camera file are not accessible to put on computer. In My files all my most recent pics do not have thumbnail pics down the side but have an artist palette symbol and when I try to open a pic the phone freezes.
I've whatsapped them to my son's phone. Going to try a new SD card, he can then send them back and we'll see what happens

Reviewed by marcus from England on 6th Aug 2014
My first and last Samsung, it does everything poorly and has deleted contacts and photos without any input from me. It can only receive WiFi within 15 feet of the router and struggles to stay on any mobile internet connection let alone 3G. The camera has virtually no zoom and only makes clear pictures in strong sunlight.
I cant wait for my contract too end. Two years of misery.

Reviewed by Phil from Uk on 3rd Aug 2014
This is a rubbish phone. Switches itself on and off, pictures and video record and disappear. Asks me to insert a memory card when there's one in. Camera, when it works, is rubbish quality. Icons and apps disappear randomly. Voice mail often unavailable. Completely unreliable. The last Samsung I will ever buy.

Reviewed by Martin from UK on 28th Jul 2014
I had just switched to this from a standard handset, I started getting used to it (apart from disliking virtual keypads) until my first incoming call. However many times I swiped and tapped the screen the phone kept on ringing until it tripped to voicemail, I also cut one call off by accidentally pressing the side button when taking it out of my pocket (a poor design surely?), it is really annoying and I have already lost two important calls. I have now gone back to my Nokia handset and am considering a Blackberry.

Reviewed by rosey from united kingdom on 26th Jul 2014
Worst phone ever!! Some of my home icons have disappeared im really worried!! Pllz someone advise me!! HELP ME!

Reviewed by Jill from United Kingdom on 17th Jul 2014
I have had my phone for about 1 year and I am very disappointed with it! I have taken photos on it but when looking at them in gallery, they have either disappeared or the picture itself is out of focus! I have tried taking the battery out and putting it back in but this doesn't help. Also my phone switches itself off for no reason, but when I want to switch it off myself it won't.I clearly won't be taking any more photos or videos as I cannot view them successfully. I will have to put up with it though as I cannot afford a new phone at the present time, but I will not be buying another one of these.

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 19th Jun 2014
My first smartphone and initially I was pleased at the novelty and the fact that it was easy to use. Then the problems started.
The internal memory is way too low. Once Facebook is loaded you can forget about any other app. I'm not a big app user but it would be nice to have the option.
The phone rings for no apparent reason and cannot be answered nor stopped. When I turn off and on again there is nothing in the call log.
After a year it has become really slow. There is a 2 or 3 second delay between pressing the shutter and the picture being taken. Web access is incredibly slow even with a good 3G signal. I've stopped bothering accessing the web as it's just not worth it.
Lastly the battery life is nowhere near what the manufacturer says. If you are going out all day you will be lucky if it lasts until you get home again.

Reviewed by Maria from U.k. on 2nd Jun 2014
I have had the galaxy ace phone for15. Months now and I really got into using it at xmas we went to london and I took lots of photos. After about a week I thought I would show these photos to friends but they was,t there. I searched through my gallery and no photos of my holiday could be found. I blamed my husband as he had turned it on. Anyhow just recently a friend of mine was leaving so I took some photos of her and to my horror these are not in the gallery. I have read other reviews and it looks like the memory is at fault. I have taken 67 photos which are still okay but I,m frightened to use the camera again.

Can anyone out there help.

Reviewed by adele from uk on 24th May 2014
Worst phone i have bourght

Reviewed by Harry from England on 13th May 2014
Absolute rubbish don't ever buy this phone. Has little internal memory and wont let you transfer to SD Card. If I take a photograph phone freezes and only way to get restarted is to take battery out. If I clear my logs it also deletes some of the photographs in my gallery. Phone freezes when making a call and cannot get back to end the call. Battery life pathetic.

Reviewed by Aine from Ireland on 27th Apr 2014
Please don't buy this! Had this for about a year now, great at the start but constantly freezes. It deletes my photos when I turn the phone off and it is not compatible with many apps. Very slow and highly irritating, cant wait to get rid of it.

Reviewed by Chris from England on 23rd Apr 2014
At first, this phone seemed quite an exciting little piece of technology: it was the first smart phone I had owned and I was excited to experience the android operating system that I had heard so much about. However, the excitement of this 'honey-moon' period soon wore off.

Within a year the phone became slow, and unresponsive. The majority of apps crashed upon opening, and would have to be 'force quit' before being opened successfully at a second attempt. The poor internal phone memory meant that all-too-often I would be prompted to clear space on the phone because the memory was almost full. This was despite the fact that 90% of the apps I had downloaded were stored on my external memory card, itself nowhere near full. Rather annoyingly, certain apps were unable to be moved to the external storage, which exacerbated the internal memory problems. I found myself having to trawl through text messages, deleting the largest in order to make room for incoming messages (even though I had turned on the alleged 'delete older messages' setting that should have done this for me automatically).

I thought the above was something that I could live with, as was just a minor inconvenience rather than a serious issue for me: I am not a big app-user, but those that are should think twice before purchasing this phone. However, 6 months after this, the phone has become unbearable:

The phone frequently turns itself off for no reason. It goes from 90% battery to 0% in the space of a second. If I try to turn it on again 15 minutes later, or even try to charge it up again, the phone miraculously has regained 80% battery - as if to say 'why are you charging me?'. This could be a battery issue, but I've also been told it could be a software problem. Whatever it is, it is infuriating, and highlights that this phone was not built for longevity: it couldn't last the 2 years of my phone contract.

If you want a phone to last, don't buy this phone: time only brings with it a host of problems. Although having said that, this is admittedly in an age of ever-changing smart phones, where most people will want the latest phone as soon as it comes out or will want a change after 6 months at most anyway. I'm not one of these people. Before I bought this Samsung Galaxy Ace, my previous phone had lasted me almost 3 years before I dropped it and it broke. I had hoped this phone would last a similar amount of time (it hasn't been damaged in anyway), but was massively let down. This is not a good phone for people on 2-year contracts as it won't see you through to the end. Don't buy unless you want a cheap thrill for a short period of time.

Reviewed by ken from uk on 7th Apr 2014
had phone for 3 months. its my first smartphone. as other users say the memory is not great but it does tend to stop me loading rubbish apps. have put in 16gb card and have about 500 photos and several films stored. overall I am well satisfied with this phone. my wife has an identical one. black one is better buy as it comes with spare back and bigger sd card.
we have 4 batteries for our 2 phones and just take a spare with us if going out, snd also a seperate charger so the phone doesn't have to be tied to the mains. the batteries were about 3 each and the charger the same.
camera is good imo and I don't tend to take my big camera out with me now. when bluetoothed to my tablet the photos are really nice quality. connectivity is excellent, it works well as a mobile wifi or thethered unit, and fot the 99 that I paid I really have no major complaints. I have little experience of other smart phones but I use this as a phone a computer a satnav and diary and it performs these functions very well. my wife just uses hers as a phone, but its a shame because it really is just so much more. neither of us have had any reliability problems and I really cannot unddrstand how anyone who uses this phone can call it rubbish.

Reviewed by June from Uk on 3rd Apr 2014
I think it's a brilliant phone had it for 4 years now. No problems at all with it. I must be lucky.

Reviewed by Dave Black from UK on 20th Mar 2014
This is the worst phone i've ever had. I got it as part of a deal carphone warehouse were doing in which i got a free tablet with the phone (galaxy tab, which has been brillant).

My list of problems with the phone include..
1. Turning itself on and off randomly.
2. Taking pictures with the camera causing it to freeze.
3. Showing full bars for signal strength and then not being able to connect to a network (may not be the phone but the network to be fair)
4. Small keyboard.
5. The latest (which i haven't solved yet) not being able to answer incoming calls. No-swipe icons or anything.

I hate this phone and i have 6 months left on my contract. If i could give negative stars i would.

Reviewed by Kristina from Uk on 18th Mar 2014
Today my phone has been playing up! When I want to text someone the keyboard won't work until after 2 minutes and also my messages take bout 5 mins to send and that just happened today!! I was very annoyed with it today and because of that it is useless

Reviewed by chantelle from uk on 17th Mar 2014
I've had this phone since August and it tells me sometimes to delete apps just to listen to music and you can't get much apps on this phone its daft the only good thing about this phone is the battery life

Reviewed by Kristina from Uk on 17th Mar 2014
This phone is a very good phone, sometimes it is quite slow but other times not so much!! I have had this phone for 4 months now and I haven't had major problems with it! I would recommend it for defo!!! Love it!!!!

Reviewed by dave from uk on 8th Mar 2014
Rubbish phone since when have developers not tested these products for usability? every time i make a call afterwards loads of apps have opened, settings changed and screens modified! Complete waste of my time and don't get me started on the amount of calls dropped or loudspeaker turning itself on! Avoid avoid

Reviewed by Keith Robinson from UK on 2nd Mar 2014
Had the Galaxy Ace for 2 years now and been a great phone. Only problem I've had is with the amount of memory, so can't download any more apps. Due for upgrade in 2 weeks time and intend to get the latest Galaxy Ace 3, hope i'ts as reliable as this one has been

Reply by Sheogorath from England on 7th Aug 2014
Keith Robinson said: "Due for upgrade in 2 weeks time and intend to get the latest Galaxy Ace 3." I wouldn't. I have that phone and I can tell you it's also broken by default. You want to switch your user agent in the browser? Good luck with that when everything is preceded with chrome:// and you can't shut that off.

Reviewed by Maria from UK on 20th Feb 2014
The phone is really good but at times can be VERY annoying...
I tried 2 download gmail and didn't let me because of my age group. So I called my brother to help. We tried selecting a diff age group, but it didn't let us... We tried and now there isn't much help...

Reviewed by Ellie from UK on 19th Feb 2014
this phone is a pile of junk its one of the worst phones I've had and its broke loads of times and at the moment i feel like smashing it to pieces i will never buy this phone again and i advise no one else to I HATE SAMSUNG GALAXY ACE!!!!

Reviewed by Jen from Staffordshire UK on 11th Feb 2014
I have had my Galaxy Ace for a couple of years now and I love it, until today! My camera decided it didnt want to work, its thrown my pics out and replaced with a weird symbol! I have asked Samsung for help but can wait 48rs for that. Apart from that the phone it FAB, though the battery life is rubbish online and radio!! Shame that really.

Reviewed by Jools Thomas from UK on 5th Feb 2014
The problem with this phone is clearly the lack of memory and it's a big problem. Were you able to transfer the came with apps to the sd card this would not have been an issue. I have been left with a phone that rejects incoming messages with barely any other messages or pics stored with a virtually empty sd card that you can't use to any capacity. The camera is particularly bad I could go on however anyone who manages to get a days use out of before having to charge is simply not using it. The worst phone I have ever had. Best remember looks aren't everything this phone is a case in point.

Reviewed by aiden from uk on 31st Jan 2014
this phone is the worst phone i have ever had

Reviewed by yonatan solomon from ethiopia on 28th Dec 2013
i have a Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 and i liked it but it says internal phone storage is full,incoming message rejected but i have only 7 conversation in my message.how can i solvethis???

Reviewed by commenter from uk on 26th Dec 2013
a few of my friends have it and they say it does every thing u need from a simple smart phone, so I decided to get it its camera isn't great but its qwerty keyboard is very useful so to conclude it's a good smartphone and is about every penny worth

Reviewed by Kristina Broom from UK on 23rd Dec 2013
I have now had this phone for nearly 3 weeks. I think it is really good. But there are a few faults in this phone such as: the camera isn't properly focused and when u have taken a picture it takes a few seconds to get into focus. Also the internet is really slow so I use my ipad for internet instead. Plus the battery life is bad u have to charge it every day. Other than that it is a good phone. I have only one app I have downloaded because I have heard that the phone has bad memory. So all the apps I want to download I do it on my ipad. Mostly I just use the phone for calls and texts. I haven't had many problems with it so far. But it can't compete against the best android phones. It's is good for me and I won't be changing it any time soon.

Reviewed by matt from uk on 17th Dec 2013
ive had a nokia 6110 for the last 20 years everyone keeps saying why dont i get an upto date phone so i can use whats app an face book ect so i bit the bullet an got this phone i only have 3 contacts in the phone and deleted some of the pre installed apps only to find insuffiant memory even to update the pre installed apps or even receive a text so its not even usable as a phone i know nothing about phones only this is the most usless phone ive seen an now im stuck with it for two years not even able to text anyone

Reviewed by Jon Crowley from England on 16th Dec 2013
The most unreliable, and hence useless, phone I have ever had the misfortune to use. Constantly freezing up and needing re-booting (virtually once a day), constantly cutting out and needing re-booting, constantly saying "mobile network not available" when it is, radio reception poor, connectivity poor.
I will never buy another Samsung product as long as I live. I am looking forward to the end of my Contract so I can get a good phone.

Reply by Kate from England on 23rd Dec 2013
I totally agree with John Crowley and feel very disappointed with my galaxy ace which keeps letting me down when I most need it. I am on a contract for another year and then I will ditch it.

Reviewed by Kristina broom from England on 7th Dec 2013
I got the samsung ace yesterday for my birthday on December 6th I have had it for a day and a half and I love it. There are a few faults in the phone for example the camera is not completely focused sometimes and also I was on the phone to my mum a few hours ago and the line went dead, neither me or my mum hung up. Plus the internet is a bit slo but other than that it is a good phone. Would I recommend it then the answer is to that I don't know I will see in a few moths time, now there haven't been many problems with the phone, I am not very very high tech so the phone is just what I need, it is a good size and does everything u need it to do. So far so good

Reviewed by Kristina Broom from uk on 4th Dec 2013
I haven't actually got the Samsung ace yet I have ordered it on amazon it is coming next Tuesday a lot of my friends have the phone and they think it is excellent. It is a cheap smartphone I mean do u really want to pay 500 pounds for the newest iPhone rather than get a phone that pretty much does the same thing but is 90 pounds alright the iPhone is a bit better but 400 pounds better? If u are very very high tech I wouldn't recommend it, but if u are child like me or want a smartphone that isn't too high tech then it is the best phone for u. Watch the YouTube videos and decide ur self. It is a great phone and I can't wait to have it!

Reviewed by Lynne Jackson from England on 2nd Nov 2013
Sorry I chose this phone would not recommend it. Mine freezes for no reason - I am fed up turning it off & back on again. Also, camera takes great photo's but only stay in Gallery for a couple of hours and then dissapear !!!

Reply by Selena gomez from USA on 4th Dec 2013
Oh well that is a shame I have that phone and I think it is great

Reviewed by Archie from UK on 27th Oct 2013
I was due for a new contract phone on Vodaphone. I said that I wanted something really simple like my Nokia 6510 Navigater. So they sent me a Samsung Galaxy Ace 11. This is an absolutely awful phone. No instructions came with it. I found it extremely difficult to use, especially as it was a voyage of discovery on my own. Vodaphone did'nt want to know about it, as they had made a sale. So I have purchased a new Nokia 6510 Navigater on Ebay, I shall never purchase another Samsung as long as I live.

Reviewed by Annabel from Wales on 26th Oct 2013
I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace s5830 can someone tell me why the keypad disappears when one does texing? this is the only problem I have with this phone.

Reviewed by Sheila from Ireland on 19th Oct 2013
Refuse to waste any mor time on this piece of rubbish. Memory full after a week of using it.disgraceful


Reviewed by Jacqui Copsey from uk on 16th Oct 2013

Reviewed by Bob from UK on 7th Oct 2013
Totally agree with John - endorse totally his comments...the phone is mega rubbish. So slow, takes 20 minutes to send an email. Had it checked by the retailer 3 times, reset to factory defaults 10 times...and it is still rubbish!!!!! DO NOT BUY!

Reviewed by John from UK on 11th Sep 2013
Absolutely lousy memory made worse by preinstalled crappy apps on the inbuilt memory that cant be deleted. I have a sd card fitted but that only helps on apps you install. What happens is the unwanted apps get updated over time which gradually fills your memory. I have kind of got it under control by adding Clean Master to get rid of some junk.
Battery life is appalling so buy a spare battery.
Battery life on standby (Not using it at all) is about 3 days, NOT up to 640 hrs as advertised.

Reviewed by russel from uk on 1st Sep 2013
battery life is not good

Reviewed by Lorraine from UK on 28th Aug 2013
I have had this phone for 18 months and its my first ever touch screen. Absolutely brilliant. I have very few problems apart from the rubbish battery life, but I had already read the reviews and knew this was so before purchasing. Very impressed, easily access internet, added memory card so lots of space. No problems at all. Perhaps Im just lucky to have got a good one!

Reviewed by ch from uk on 21st Aug 2013
Had phone for just over a year. Not had any of the problems mentioned. Re ending a call, the poster who said they had issues ending the call with on screen red button. You can end calls using the on/off switch on the side of the phone.

Reviewed by Mrs Mia Wallace from La La land on 18th Aug 2013
I'm glad to see others are as lacking in love for this phone as me. I though the call drop off thing was just my crappy reception and come to think of it, I'm often getting answer messages without the phone ringing. Anyway, that's not what annoys me. The worst thing is battery life. I mean, you have to charge it every twelve hours or so. Rubbish! And the typing...god. I just can't type on this thing. Come back Blackerry, all is forgiven!!

Reviewed by saud khan from pakistan on 15th Aug 2013
I like galaxy smart phone

Reviewed by lim from Malaysia on 15th Jun 2013
Bought my samsung galaxy ace 5830 a year ago. Just slightly a few days after the warranty period the screen went blank. Sent it for checking .Was told that it wasn't the LED fault but it was the faulty hardware ...something like the IC. Was told that it is beyond repair. Kind of disappointed cos was so unlucky to buy a faulty set. I took very good care of it not letting it to fall etc yet the set has failed me. Very disapointed with samsung . Need to look for other brands for my next phone.

Reviewed by Sam Davey from UK on 8th May 2013
Agree with Katherine it is definately not a smart phone - I have been back to O2 and spoken to the in store guru at least 3 times and it has been back to O2 as it is less than 6 months old.My photos disappear the memory gets full even though I have not downloaded anything and am only using what it came with. Gutted I am in a 24 month contract but really not fit for purpose, rejects calls or you can't answer them.

Reviewed by katherine chapman from uk on 8th Apr 2013
I have been using my galaxy ace for about 6 months now this is my first touchscreen/ smartphone and im not very impressed. i have only downloaded whatsapp and 3 games everything else that i have was already on there, and the memory is nearly full. I always make sure i put everything that will go on the sd card on to it, i delete photos and messages regularly i am running the latest software but it is so slow its painful my old nokia was much quicker !! nearly everytime i go to contacts or messages i get a black screen for 4-5 seconds and everytime i see an app advertised and try to download it im told its not compatible with my device !! in my opinion its not a very smart phone.

Reply by Annemarie Nel from namibia on 12th Jul 2013
My phone is doing the same!!! It is really very annoying and it feels like I can throw it away!!

Reviewed by Zara from Chelsea on 3rd Apr 2013
I love this phone with a passion, Samsung continue inexorably bringing afordable quality to the less well off such as me myself.
Why waste 500 on some other phone that is nearly the same as this apple of my eye?

Reviewed by Harry from England on 16th Mar 2013
I`ve took delivery of the Galaxy ace last month as an upgrade, I tend to think its a down grade, I have missed numerous calls, the phone doesn't ring they either go straight to answer phone or it appears to the caller I`m unavailable its absolute rubbish, its connectivity is beyond poor, calls drop out as well for no reason, and so does the internet, I took it in to Carphone Warehouse on the advice of Talk Mobile, who say this is a problem with the ace, there is an upgrade provided but Carphone warehouse will tell you that its only about 50% successful, so as a phone its rubbish I could think of better words to be honest. Oh by the way the bloke at carphone warehouse said it was the seventh one in this week with this problem.
I am now in argument with the phone provider that the handset is not fit for purpose.
You have been warned.
Sorry on the star rating it doesn't go lower than one

Reply by gina dee from england on 24th Jun 2013
i am unable to view any videos taken they say because it has a nokia sd card fitted from my previous phone. How are you progressing with your 'not fit for purpose' I am considering goin down this road with my provider. Thanks

Reviewed by vicki from nz on 4th Jan 2013
I hate the galaxy ace gt, i cant lock picture folders, for some reason i cant input anything into the calendar anymore and have yet to find a solution and the swype input some of the words it tries to put in does not even make sense. I would not recommend this phone n yip the battery life is rubbish and sometimes it doesnt let me charge i have to keep at it till it lets me. Overall its annoying to use

Reviewed by james from Ireland on 10th Dec 2012
got 1 the other day it's the 1st android phone i've ever bought an also the 1st phone i've bought since the "samsung tocco lite" 3 years ago and i have to say this phone is way better it's really good for the internet and it's fast for downloadin apps and the camera is class aswell so anyone lookin a good android phone for 100 or less this is the 1

Reviewed by marina from england on 16th Nov 2012
good mobile but battery goes so quick

Reviewed by Kyle Barton from England on 22nd Oct 2012
This phone is a decent mid level smartphone- true it has its faults but I piad 120 pounds and it has excedded my expectations.
The internet browsing is good, the gps is good, the apps work fine, calls and texts are easy + it looks very professional and has a great feel in your hand.

Downsides: Poor battery and poor internal memory- both which are not too bad considereing the price I paid

Summary: Great if you want a smartphone and don't want to pay over the odds.

Reviewed by Joanna from United Kingdom on 21st Oct 2012
I brought this phone with my mum and dad to day! It is a very good so far, but it takes ages to connect to the network. I bought it because of the camera, the easy texting, the radio and the music. So far it has impressed me! I think that this is a great phone as it is only my second!

Reviewed by unitysounduk from england on 15th Oct 2012

Reply by breakdown from manchester uk on 1st Feb 2013
have just bought galacy ace from argos its going back....what a complete waste of money,the Samsung toco light is a masterpiece compared to this compilation of errors,which are too many to mention. IT IS A CRAZY PHONE NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE (pass me the anadin)

Reviewed by Gavin from Scotland U.K. on 27th Sep 2012
My first Android phone and we are not a match made in heaven, Not since 1993/94 have I owned a phone that the battery struggles to get through a long day, then it just completely shuts down, whilst it suffers this problem I care not a jot about any fancy stuff it cant do as with this battery this phone is worthless.

Reply by kneedown from england on 27th Sep 2012
I guess when you say long or hard day you mean lots of calls ' text or lots of web use or sat nav . I can gheck email few calls ' read the paper's a bit and get 2.5 days to 3 days .Perhaps there is poor service where you are 'or pehaps you are asking to much of it all smart phones are heavy oon the power they use

Reviewed by M from UK on 5th Sep 2012
Has anyone in the UK had a problem with Google Maps on their Samsung Galaxy Ace? 9 times of 10, my phone is not able to locate my current location, even when GPS is turned on. It's really, really frustrating. If anyone has a suggestions on how to fix this, please let me know?

Reply by kneedown from uk on 5th Sep 2012
Great phone in many way 'i get 2-3 days out oof the battery with juice defender . Ido find it keeps getting cut off useing google maps every few mins lost the signal even in mid surrey where not far from towns etc

Reply by dave from england on 21st Oct 2012
I've had the same problem, sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt, but then quite a lot of the phone works most of the time but not all. Other problems include no sound sometimes very slow internet sometimes, screen disappearing so very hard to end call. Had the phone for about 6 months and when it works properly i quite like it, but its so unreliable and has a dreadful battery life i cant wait to ditch it!!

Reviewed by Alan Burgess from scotland on 2nd Sep 2012
I am not one for spending megabucks on the newest and most expensive phones, but decided as the Ace had been out a while and was down to 115 in Argos that I would treat myself to it. I've got to say on the whole I am very happy with it, once again however I am disapointed at the ridiculous internal memory that a lot of the older mid to low range phones seem to have. I just don't get why this problem has been allowed to continue from one model to another. Anyway that aside I never intended to use this as an extension of myself, as what I was really looking for was having something handy on me, that I could take photos of the kids when out and about without having to always worry about charging the camera, but with the added bonus of being able to check Facebook, email, ability to check websites on the move, obviously having a phone and ability to text...OK I'm stating most of the obvious here, but what I'm getting at is, I have a tab at home that I use for most things and really just wanted the ace to be a handy little companion ......and it just is. It does all I want it to. Only complaints have to be battery life and internal memory (which is not specific to this phone) its not the fastest, sometimes I have to wait a good 10 secs for an app to open or gallery to view photos. Apart from that, I am very pleased with this phone, and love the way it looks and feels in my hands. Its big enough without feeling like I'm carrying a a small laptop in my pocket, but small enough and light enough not to bother me when I'm out and about. I know this phone was initially in region of 200 plus, and if I'd paid anything like that for it, I would be left with a bitter taste in my mouth right now, however for just over 100, I'm more than happy.

Reviewed by brendan from uk on 31st Aug 2012
my galaxy ace keeps saying that internal memory is full,but i have deleted everything i can.i cant even recieve texts anymore as the phone keeps saying internal memory is full! can anybody advise me whats wrong???

Reply by Alan from UK on 3rd Sep 2012
Try a factory reset

Reply by Mike from Holland on 3rd Sep 2012
Uninstall all your updates for Google Maps - it works fine without them. Delete all the Cache from the applications. Also try downloading Autokiller Memory optimiser from Google Play. It works at making the battery life longer and speeds up the phone several times over

Reply by Ray from UK on 5th Oct 2012
Hi, have you cleared the "cache" for all your apps? & for your e-mail accounts? Apps like Facebook/Twitter/Whatsapp & certain games store huge amounts of cache on your phone! + e-mails & attachments/photo's need clearing from cache. Go into settings, then applications, then "manage applications", then "All", select each app one-by-one & clear data/cache etc... Hope this helps. Have you turned the phone off & on again recently? this clears unwanted stuff too! Even apps added to your SD card still add a small bit of data to your phone to make them load quicker. After you have cleared all the cache, dial *#*#9900#*#* on your keypad, select "dump to SD card" from the list & this will dump all unwanted data onto your SD card. On your SD card look for a new folder called 'dump state' or something like that & delete it. Good luck.

Reviewed by K from uk on 29th Aug 2012
NOT GOOD! i bought the ace yesterday and it is going back tomorrow. Wont recognise my virgin sim even though it was from a virgin store. complete rubbish!

Reply by Poolio from UK on 4th Sep 2012
Not really the phones problem, sounds more like your service provider...

Reviewed by banks from Gb on 29th Aug 2012
Cool phone..
Horrible battery life..

Reviewed by bernie from ireland on 29th Aug 2012
I have difficulty when ending a call, their is a red button which says END CALL but it disappears off the screen before i get time to press it and i end up being connected to my caller and sometimes it moves on to voicemail.

Phone is brilliant but needs charged every day.

Difficult to press keyboard letters when texting messages if u have poor eyesight because letters are so small.

I love the camera, the internet, google maps, facebook etc. I just have to get more familiar with using this phone.

It has a few problems but still I think it is brilliant.

Reply by peter from uk on 19th Sep 2012
the keyboard letters can be enlarged on the screen if you rotate the handset 90 degrees.

Reviewed by Ann from England on 26th Aug 2012
So sorry I bought this phone, battery needs charging twice a day,keeps shutting down by itself and I have to remove the battery and replace before it will work again,internal memory a joke a lot of apps will not transfer to sd card,so I can not have all the apps I want on my phone. Saving up to buy a new phone and sell this one. People that say its an amazing and brilliant phone must not expect much for their money, I on the other hand expected much more than I got from Samsung.

Reply by Janet from England on 9th Sep 2012
Ann I thought it was me, after reading so many good reviews on this phone. I totally back up everything you have said on the galaxy. I have only had my phone 6 months and this weekend I'm changing it. I just can't put up with it anymore. I have really tried to like it but it just lacks so many features. Lots of apps but quite a few say 'this is not compatable with your device'!! Grrr! After being out for the day and taking lots of photos I went into a cafe with free wifi. Seen I had an update for Facebook but the phone said I didn't have enough memory to get the update. Can't wait to go phone shopping at the weekend.

Reviewed by Dave from U.K. on 24th Aug 2012
Had this phone for about a year now, it was good when i got it, but liked to shut down for no reason, however one year on, i cant watch one youtube video without the battery going flat. Shocking.

Reviewed by mickey from england on 18th Aug 2012
Apart from the battrie dying after a day its an amazing phone :)

Reviewed by Matilda from England on 10th Aug 2012
When I got this phone, I realised that it was basically the same as my htc.
I advice you to get it...

Reviewed by Lily from GB on 8th Aug 2012
Got my samsung galaxy ace (in purple) I think it's A.M.A.Z.I.N.G
Battery life brill,great camera very good touch screen. I would
recommend the phone to everyone looking for a brilliant smart phone :)

Reviewed by Azure from Arizona on 6th Aug 2012
Galaxy Ace is great but has a few flaws. For example, sometimes when I am using it, it will shut down by itself. I freaked out the first few times but got used to it irritates me greatly. It also has slow response but overall, good phone!

Reviewed by Richard from England on 25th Jul 2012
This phone is merely okay. It is my first Android phone and my feelings are a mixture of good and bad. The phone generally works well BUT it can be quite slow sometimes. Even a delay of a few seconds soon gets frustrating. My main annoyance with this phone is the small internal memory. When I chose this phone I did not think this would be a problem as I would install everything to an SD card.

If I had done my research I would have realised that there was a flaw in my plan. On android, not all apps can be installed to sd card, and even when you do install to sd card the apps still use some internal memory when they are used. Since getting this phone I have been wanting to install loads of apps from google play but the phone very quickly gets full up. I now have to be very selective about the apps I install and have to leave so many off the phone I am very fed up with it.

I even installed the android software development kit (in windows, not phone) and altered the default install location to sd card but it doesn't help much. I then tried rooting it and flashing the cyanogenmod 7 rom which freed a bit of space by not being loaded with unwanted junk from the outset but you are only saving a relatively small amount. I am now back on the default rom image from my backup and I am counting the months to my upgrade (17 months to go).

I will get a phone with a much larger internal memory next time.

In summary, not a bad phone. It does all the buit-in stuff well enough (web browsing is better on my ipod touch though). If you keep things simple then this phone will be fine. If you want to install loads of apps from the store DO NOT GET THIS PHONE.

Reviewed by zap from UK on 25th Jul 2012
I've had my phone for a few days now and I have experienced no issues apart from steep learning curve which I am happy to tolerate until I am familiar with all the features. I instantly loved the look and feel of the device and sure my stubby fingers are going to need accuracy training but that's what angry birds is for surely? (lol) I've already pimped mine with a shell case and a screen protector.
I shall definitely leave it on charge overnight as suggested although I'm hardly surprised the battery goes flat I can't stop playing and fiddling with my new toy!

Reviewed by Jim from London, U.K on 23rd Jul 2012
A total pile of useless rubbish.

I bought this phone a week before Christmas 2011. I'm not always after the latest phone, but I thought I'd treat myself. I narrowed down my choice to a Blackberry (I really wanted this) or the Galaxy Ace. Unfortunately I was talked into the Galaxy by a friend and little did I know, I was about to throw 150 straight down the toilet.
The screen has a mind of it's own while scrolling, and the most infuriating problem is when it keeps cutting calls off. It can happen from 1 second to 5 minutes into a call. Oh yeah, when it rings you have to swipe the green button on the screen and sometimes when you swipe, the phone goes to answer but then keeps ringing. Now you have a ringing phone, while the caller on the other end is talking to themselves and you have no buttons to answer it.
I'm very very disappointed in this phone. I should've kept my little LG Pop... seriously.
I urge people not to part with their money for this plastic contraption. At the end of the day you can't call it a phone because you can't have a conversation with anyone on it.

Reply by frankie from uk on 16th Aug 2012
the reason its like that is because ur lagging or your phone is a rouge malfuntionary

Reply by Sam from Britain on 18th Aug 2012
It's just your phone. The model is great. Swap it for a working model.

Reply by Paul from England on 23rd Aug 2012
Stop pressing the end call/hold button with your big ears and you won't get cut off mid call.

Reply by Mike from Holland on 3rd Sep 2012
You must be doing something wrong. I've had mine for over a year and not one of the problems you describe has happened. It's a touch screen phone so don't be so manic.

Reviewed by the cod sweater from UK on 21st Jul 2012

Reviewed by Immie from UkImmieU on 20th Jul 2012
I have just got the Samsung Galaxy Ace and I am very pleased with my buy.
Easy to use and good battery life.

A must buy!

Reviewed by hugh from uk on 7th Jul 2012
If you're having problems with this phone, either connect it to kies via a computer and make sure you've got the latest updates. If your tech savvy, I recommend rooting it and trying cyanogenmod 7.2, the phone flies then! Its amazing how much rubbish service providers and manufacturers try to force onto your handset. Read into it!

Reviewed by Ray Watterson from Isle of Man on 6th Jul 2012
I think that I have been conned by Manx Telecom by buying a Samsung Galaxy GT-s5830 , the battery does not last 36 hours on stand-by never mind 420-640 hours. It is permanently on charge.

Reply by chris from U K on 16th Jul 2012
i think you must be doing something wrong not had my ace long but it lasts 3 days + standby 3g on check email etc;did you give it long charge to start with ? i did 3 times 12 hours plus

Reviewed by Michelle from UK on 5th Jul 2012
This phone may look fantastic but it is very poor quality. My screen also freezes when using certain applications, swipe is delayed and unresponsive quite often, the touch is unrecognised on the first few attempts (not always but for a new phone it shouldn't be doing this) and the worst problem of all is the fact that it cuts off calls that are made and received. I have been waiting to get this phone for ages and bought accessories for it too. Total waste of time. I just hope o2 will offer me the S2 for the rigmorole of going through 5 brand new phones with the same problems. There is also evidence of bad pixels underneath the screen and occassionally the screen freezes. My last Samsung was a good phone but broke in the end do to software malfunctions and no response to any button being pressed. Is it Samsung that should be avoided in future, or is it a case of bad luck for one and a bad design in the galaxy Ace?

Reviewed by Hollie from England on 3rd Jul 2012
This Phone is absolutely useless. The touch screen is slow and often unresponsive, it freezes and can't seem to handle even the most basic of requests. The keyboard is difficult and the phone doesn't remember any word choices, so keeps suggesting ridiculous words in place of reasonable ones. The whole set up is infuriating, it seems they couldn't decide whether they were making a phone or a computer and ended up with a mish-mash of all of the wrong bits of both.

Reply by Mike from Holland on 3rd Sep 2012

Reviewed by Sue from UK on 2nd Jul 2012
I bought this phone recently, had it set up for roaming abroad, when I got to Cyprus it wouldn't work, absolute nightmare. I had to buy a local sim card and use that in the end. I have been back and forth to talk mobile and each time get a different answer. I need to know that this phone is going to work when I travel abroad, what am I doing wrong, any suggestions please. This is a quadband phone which is why I bought it.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 2nd Jul 2012
Sounds like your problem is with Talk Mobile, not the phone.

Reply by MAK from UK on 15th Aug 2012
I think your phone is not unlocked so it wont work abroad. Try buying an unlocked version of it.

Reply by mike from uk on 15th Aug 2012
Its your providers fault not the phones fault. You better off getting a local sim anyhow, usually cheaper. blaming the phone, fgs.

Reviewed by daniel from uk on 26th Jun 2012
I bought this phone 2 weeks age ago and am pleasantly suprised in how good the ace actually looks. Its just the right size for a smartphone and must say its a bargin for the price i paid. The battery life for this phone can be better but there are things you can do to reduce battery consumption, such as turing off gps, wifi, background application, changing to 2g mode, all can be found n settings.
I strongly recommend anyone to charge the phone for 8 hours for the FIRST TIME OF CHARGING THE PHONE. even if the phone says fully charged on first time charging, ignore and do so for 8 hrs. This is done so that the phone recognises its battery capacity. The phone should be charged as normal after that..

i give this phone 3.5 stars. For a budgetphone, it has most things you need in a phone though it lacks wmv and flash support, which annoyed me,that said can watch most videos online such as you tube, overall good value for money.

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