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Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Neo review

 Review: February 2016  

Rating: 1 star

In a nutshell: You might think that the Galaxy Ace 4 Neo is an updated version of Samsung's popular Ace 4 smartphone. Instead, it's a downgraded version with very poor performance. Everything is below par, even when considering the phone's low price. There are a number of decent smartphones available for less than 100, but the Ace 4 Neo isn't one of them.


Design & looks

The Galaxy Ace 4 Neo looks very similar to the Galaxy Ace 4. In fact it looks like most low-end Samsungs. It's very compact and lightweight, and all plastic, with Samsung's familiar oval-shaped home button situated below the screen.

The screen is small, at just 4 inches, and it's quite basic, using low-end TFT display technology and a lowly 480 x 800 pixel resolution. It's not a good screen for, well, anything really.

Sluggish speed

The Galaxy Ace 4 wasn't a fast phone, and the Ace 4 Neo suffers a further cut in performance, with the number of cores reduced from 4 to just 2. The dual-core processor runs at a sluggish 1.2GHz, and is just about fast about enough to power a tortoise. The tiny 0.5GB of RAM makes the situation even worse, and you'll struggle to use this phone for anything other than the very basics.

Onboard memory is small too, at just 4GB, which means that there's almost no room for apps or data. You can, however, increase this using the microSD expansion slot to add a memory card up to 64GB.

The Ace 4 Neo comes with an old version of Android - version 4.4 (KitKat) - plus Samsung's usual TouchWiz user interface modifications.

Toy camera

The 3 megapixel camera should really be regarded as a toy. It has a flash, but no focusing, so you should expect to capture grainy, under-exposed shots. there's no front camera, so you'll only be able to take terrible pictures of your friends, not yourself.

3G connectivity

The Ace 4 Neo suffers yet another downgrade when it comes to connectivity. Instead of 4G, only 3G and GSM networks are available. It misses out on NFC as well, but does have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB and a headphone jack.

Battery life

After all the indignities that Samsung has heaped on the Ace 4 Neo, it could have at least given it a decent battery, but no, the Ace 4 has the smallest battery you can find on any current smartphone. 1500mAh to be precise. That's enough for just 6 hours of constant use.

Conclusion: Neo = Oh no!

Whatever went wrong with the Ace 4 Neo? Did someone at Samsung misunderstand what the word "Neo" means? Was this phone developed several years ago, lost in a filing cabinet, then rediscovered and rushed out, hoping nobody would notice? We can't say.

What we can say is that you should avoid this phone. Even if your budget is close to zero, this would be a poor choice. Instead, choose from the Huawei Y635, HTC Desire 320 or Motorola Moto E 2nd generation. Even the Samsung Galaxy J1 is better than this.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Neo features include:

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Why it dnt have a front cam and how to make it fast?

Asked by Qadir from Sri lanka on 2nd Mar 2017


Asked by spurling from england on 7th Nov 2016

How do I insert SIM card ?

Asked by Patricia Scarle from UK on 19th Feb 2016
Just bought Galaxy ACE 4 but unable to insert SIM card.

Reply by James from UK on 16th Jul 2016
SIM card goes under the battery; look for the word "SIM", and slide the card in (making sure that the cut off corner is always on the bottom left hand side). However, the phones uses mini-SIMs, which means that you have to use the smallest card size on the SIM holder; with new SIMS they should come in three sizes and should be able to be popped out. Hope that helps.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Neo user reviews

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Average rating from 2 reviews:

Reviewed by sharie from Trinidad on 25th Oct 2017
Great phone, in all aspects, but the slowness,... wish something could be done about it. I bought for my son for downloading/ storing music, he refused it due to speed and diminished sound. Now I'm stuck with it, using it just to make and receive calls. My 2 prior Samsung purchases are excellent, 5yrs and still going, battery gives no problem, but this...truly sluggish.

Reviewed by jazleigh from New Zealand on 27th Aug 2016
This is the worse phone i have ever had and ive had a few peice 0f junk. dont get meassages then the notification makes a sound then it doesnt. i could go for hours about it.

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