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Samsung G800 review

 Review: November 2007  

Last updated June 2009

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The world's first phone to offer a 5 megapixel camera with optical zoom, the G800 sets the benchmark for camera phones.

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Samsung have taken the phone world by storm by announcing at the end of October 2007 the release of the world's first 5 megapixel camera with optical zoom in a mobile phone. If the plan was to draw attention away from the release of the iPhone, then this has certainly done the trick! Launching in the UK on 12th November 2007, the G800 will be the most advanced camera phone in the world.

Samsung have pulled off both a technological and design marvel with the G800. Its closest rivals are the Nokia N95 and Sony Ericsson K850i, which both have 5 megapixel cameras. But the G800 trumps them with the introduction of a 3x optical zoom. An optical zoom is common in dedicated digital cameras, but is very rare in camera phones, because of size constraints. It enables the camera lens to zoom into a scene retaining the full 5 megapixel resolution. By contrast, the digital zoom used in the N95 and K850i (and other camera phones) loses resolution when zooming. The G800 is also the first Samsung phone to have a real xenon flash instead of the weaker LCD flashes usually seen in camera phones. Samsung are one of the key manufacturers of digital cameras, and they have clearly used their expertise in the field to create a world beater with the G800. Other new features that have been imported from the digital camera world are face detection, and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR). Face detection detects the presence of a face in a subject and adjusts the exposure and focus to optimise the appearance of the face.

However, we have to point out that judging from our user reviews, a lot of people have trouble getting good quality pictures from the G800, particularly in low lighting conditions. How can we explain this? One issue that Samsung really need to sort out is to make the highest resolution the default setting on their camera phones, because the default setting is low resolution. If you don't change the setting, you're effectively using a VGA camera! Another problem is that the G800 incorporates a lot of camera features (anti-shake, face detection, WDR, ISO settings, etc) and this means lots of settings to worry about and lots of things potentially to go wrong. So if you're looking for a point-and-shoot camera, look elsewhere. We've decided to deduct one point from our rating for this reason. Many of these comments also apply to the Sony Ericsson K850i, which has also generated a lot of complaints from our users about the camera quality - again in low lighting conditions. Our conclusion is that phone manufacturers should concentrate on making their camera phones as simple to use as possible, as juggling settings isn't really what you want to be doing with a camera phone. But for camera enthusiasts, we still rate the G800 as one of the top 3 camera phones of 2008 (the Nokia N95 and Sony Ericsson K850i being the other two.)

As you can see from the photos, not only is this the highest spec camera phone, but it's also a sexy-looking slider that beats its rivals hands down in terms of looks. It may not be the slimmest phone around, but it's certainly more compact than the N95 and is a good size for two-handed camera use. Turn the phone over and the back is like a real digital camera, complete with a sliding lens cover. The secret to making such a compact device is that the optical zoom is an inner zoom, where the lens does not extend outside the body of the phone.

The G800 also has a new camera Graphical User Interface which provides the same environment as a digital camera when using the camera function on the phone. An On Screen Display shows various camera indicators in a horizontal preview mode. The large 2.4 inch LCD display is ideal for viewing images. There's a built-in picture editor, and direct printing to a Pictbridge-compatible printer is supported. High quality video recording is also available, and a built-in video editor is provided too.

As well as the photographic functions, the G800 incorporates all of the features seen in previous high-end Samsung phones. The music player supports all major formats (MP3, AAC, AAC+, 3-AAC+, WMA formats) and wireless Bluetooth stereo headsets. A stereo FM radio is also included. The G800 is superbly equipped with memory too: 160 Mbytes of internal memory is sufficient to hold around 40 music tracks, and you can expand this with a microSD memory card.

Connectivity is excellent too, with support for Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0 and TV-Out. Interestingly the G800 is a 3G phone too, in fact it supports the latest high-speed 3G nicknamed 3.5G. Specifically, the 3G implementation is 7.2 Mbps HSDPA, which offers download equivalent to broadband speeds. A web browser is built-in, and the phone can handle RSS feeds and mobile blogging. Email with support for attachments is available and a document viewer can view most common file formats (Word, Excel, Powerpoint & PDF).

The G800 was an outstanding phone. After a year in which Samsung appeared to stumble, at the close of 2007 it launched a product that set the standards in camera phone for the year ahead. But looking back with the benefit of hindsight, the G800 wasn't a huge popular success and Samsung now seem to have abandoned the development of optical zoom cameras in their mobile phones.

Samsung G800 features include:

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I use to have a Samsung G800, and want to replace the one which was STOLEN from me!

Asked by Olgierd Ogden from GB on 20th Jun 2016
I've haven't used this phone for at least 3 years or so since my own phone was stolen!
So in conclusion aithough the Samsung G800 isn't perfect.. can you help me out.
Yours sincerely Olgierd Ogden

Y won't the phn come on what will cause it?

Asked by pranesh from south africa on 28th Feb 2016

Samsung G800 user reviews

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Average rating from 237 reviews:

Reviewed by danny from united kingdom on 29th Mar 2012
i have this phone its got cool features and its got extended zoom so its really 9 megapixel and its beter then my blackberry torch

Reviewed by Sir Dennis from UK on 5th Nov 2010
In fact this is the best phone I have ever had in my life time, but the only problem am having is the battery.

Reviewed by Sam from UK on 2nd Jun 2010
This is the best phone I have ever owned. I got it two and a half years ago, my contract ran out after 18 months but I still have it now. I'm only looking for a new phone now because I want one with internet included in the monthly price, I could upgrade this one but I think two and a half years is enough time to have a phone for. Can't really fault this phone at all, it's been amazing! I love it!

Reviewed by ALISON WERNER from UK on 30th Mar 2010
Liked the phone at first, but bought it as it was described as "The Photographers Camera". At 5MP I found it a big disappointment with very poor photo quality. Now my husband needs to use it temporarily, we cannot figure out how to get the flipping back off to change the sim card. Not a great phone!

Reviewed by JANE AUSTIN from UK on 30th Mar 2010
Disappointing. The G800 was my 6th Samsung & I bought it for the camera, but was very disapointed. Got so fed up after 8 months that I bought out of contract & got Sony Ericsson Satio-Happy at last!

Reviewed by Jana Ridler from UK on 22nd Feb 2010
Well; I have loved! this phone for a long time. I had no errors with the camera, my battery could last up to 5 days without recharging. Overall I was 100% impressed. That was until lately when I think I may have dropped it at a low height and now when the slider is shut the only button that works is the "hang up" button. And now when I call/receive calls I cannot hear what they are saying at all. Very frustrating for parents who don't understand texting. Im yet to see if this can be repaired. Otherwise I've been 100% impressed with its features etc. I got the black version so I don't have that many visible marks on it.

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 19th Dec 2009
Very bad design for the charging port, I now can't charge my phone.

Reviewed by sheryaar sethar from UK on 18th Nov 2009
this is a very good phone because of optical zoom and mp3 player and xenon flash.

Reviewed by sweety from UK on 20th Jul 2009
nice looking, feels quality, decent options Negative's - Poor battery life, camera isn't great, no games is a bad thing but u can download it via web..n one thing i want to ask is there any answering machine built in in this mobile actualy i not found it plz tell me if anyone knows thxxx

Reviewed by mark from australia from UK on 20th Jun 2009
i have had the phone for over a year now and its a great phone,the camera is as good as it gets for a camera phone,what can really expect from a phone camera.the only down fall is its weight,a bit on the heavy side and chunky and the volume sound is limited even at the loudest setting,unlike the nokia,which seems to have a louder volume setting.all in all a good phone.

Reviewed by cliveb15@aol.com from UK on 18th Jun 2009
great phone, easy to use, was my main cell phone for sixteen months, but then the screen went blank, i sent it off for repair and was told it was unrepairable. very disapointed

Reviewed by Elias from UK on 6th Jun 2009
i have the samsung, it is aswome as, but after a while the screen stopped working but the phone itself would work. can you help me out.

Reviewed by hussaina from UK on 22nd May 2009
just how do i get my phone camera working,i love this phone but i hate that i can't us my camera.

Reviewed by Maria from UK on 21st May 2009
Ive had this phone for a year... no probs until now! the main keys have frozen and will not work... screen froze and had to shut the whole thing off - went to turn on again and cant because the confirm botton doesnt work! Have never got water on it or in it... never even dropped it ...great :-( all my calender info etc stored on phone... NEVER had a phone do this to me before and been using them for 17 years! Think i'll go back to the Ericsson again.

Reviewed by Rach from UK on 5th Apr 2009
Terrible phone. I went back to my se k800i a few weeks after getting this phone. Too heavy. Poor to text on. But worst for me as this is primarily why I got the phone... A terrible camera with pale colours, poor resolution and very slow shutter speed. I didn't want to replace my digital camera, just to limit how often I took it out with me. I have now used my k800i for nearly 3 years. The other issue was that the speaker on g800 went too so when I used it as a spare phone no one could hear me. This has put me right off samsung phones!

Reviewed by Jen from UK on 21st Mar 2009
I've had this phone for over a year now, and to be perfectly honest i've grown to hate it. Its too big, too clumpy and too heavy for a phone, especially when comparing to other phones which are very slim now. The camera is ok, as long as you can set it right and have the right lighting conditions. At first i liked the steel/metal casing, but it just shows more scratches and doesn't look that nice the more you get used to it. Its an ok phone, if your careful not to scratch the steel/metal casing, and don't mind your phone being referred to as a brick. Its not really a slide in your pocket phone, or even some jackets as the bulge it leaves it big for a phone. Its more of a slip in your handbag type, thats if you can get past the quite masculine design.

Reviewed by Stephanie Flynn from UK on 11th Mar 2009
I got this phone today. Took it out of the box, set it up.....camera doesnt work. When I open the slider or go to camera from the main menu a message 'camera failure' flicks up on the screen for half a second and kicks me out, back to the main menu. I've done some googling and it appears this is a common fault with the phone (among others) Highly disappointing will be trying very hard to get phone exchanged with a different brand rather than replaced.

Reviewed by danny from UK on 10th Mar 2009
had this phone for quite some time its an amazing phone can take ALOT of battering im a lorry mechanic so it gets launched about quite abit an never missed a beat !! when it gets wet the keys go all funny e.g 9 is hash key, cancel is 4, enter is star but just give it an hour an its fine again brilliant phone especially if u feel it will need to take some damage !!

Reviewed by G from UK on 16th Feb 2009
its a ok phone ...its not loud enough n the internet is slow

Reviewed by dave from UK on 15th Feb 2009
Battery could be better mine dnt last to long dont know why any suggestions good camera though and stunning look

Reviewed by jenny x from UK on 27th Jan 2009
well i bought this phone a couple of weeks back and it was excellent. nothing was wrong at all. it looked nice with fabulous colours and it was all good. just about 3-4 weeks ago it just froze in the middle of a text. i called the production company and they said to send the phone in and they would replace it. it took 2 weeks to get it back and they said it would take a max of 1 week. dont buy this phone. jen x

Reviewed by BRITTANY from UK on 20th Jan 2009
i hate hate hate this fone its lame ad sucks!!! it Freezes the WHOLE TYM!!!! i will never buy a smsung again .. . EVA!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by shannon mccallan from UK on 7th Jan 2009
i love this phone iv only had it for a month but it is the best i have friends with n95's and K850i and this phone over rules them all

Reviewed by sarfaraz from UK on 5th Jan 2009
I have just buy this mobile i am not a big fan of samsung but just because of its 5 megapixel camera i got this phone but the picture quality in dark is very bad.The pics taken in the room light is really very bad i am not happy with its performance. Although in sun light camera gives a good quality of image but the color of the images doesn't seem to be real. The zoom is really very good b'coz of its 5 megapixel

Reviewed by david from UK on 31st Dec 2008
well ive had this phone 6 months and its superb i was thinking of upgradeing but nothing out there takes my fancy after useing this one....

Reviewed by matt from UK on 24th Dec 2008
all i can say is when the phone actually works its amazing however iv had it about 2 months-ish because i had to send it off after about 3 weeks as the whole top slide bit was playing up including the display and buttons. i got it back and it was fine for about 3weeks again and now exactly the same has happened and i give up with the phone.

Reviewed by simonslim from UK on 9th Dec 2008
Rubbish phone.

Reviewed by Arturas from UK on 30th Nov 2008
Using it for a week already, and i think its great! totally satisfied and i feel that its a stable phone , i dont really complain about camera except that it might be bluring some shots that shouldnt be that way. Read the above and ill try to put SD in it to check if it changes the quality.

Reviewed by Yas Akht from UK on 22nd Nov 2008
When i got this phone i was very very happy after 2 months it broke, the screen just went white nd fuzzy i got it repaired now the camera dosent work, it dosent charge, and the bluetooth dosent work absoulutely poor phone DONT BUY IT!!!

Reviewed by Klaus Pendolo from UK on 16th Nov 2008
WHat a disappointment this phone! Really complicated to navigate around, not natural at all. Heavy and big, low life battery and a really lousy camera. That really disappointed, I think a 1,6 megapixel camera can take better quality pictures. Less i size, but better in quality. No, I WOULDN`T buy this camera again if I could go back and the only reason I keep it its because it was a gift from a person whom I really care about. This phone is trash and a pain to use. Lesson I learned ? Ill never buy a brand new phone again, Ill wait until reviewers give me a hint. DON`T buy it!

Reviewed by Luke from UK on 9th Nov 2008

Reviewed by Sally from UK on 29th Oct 2008
I liked the phone as soon as i received it but unfortunately within a month it broke! The phone wouldnt charge or switch on, Sent it back to dialafone who i purchased it off, it took almost 3 months to be returned and i had it another 2 months and its broken again! This time the screen turns purple then the screen goes completely black! I do not use this phone heavily and ive only had it for 5 months! I have never had such a modern phone so maybe this is why i am having problems with it..My other phones have lasted years without problems! Also i can state that the battery life is extrememly poor too!

Reviewed by layla from UK on 26th Oct 2008
rubbish: its too big, keys are horrid to text on, menu is difficult to get used to, battery life is poor and the camera way too hyped.

Reviewed by david from UK on 23rd Oct 2008
the best phone on the planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by David from UK on 20th Oct 2008
Had this phone for a while now and can honestly say that I can understand people's gripes but, I believe that it's a case of not knowing how to use it properly. As a phone it is easy to use and clear in terms of quality. Texting is easy, if very slightly longer than Nokias because of the number of stages you go through. However it is very quick when you are replying to a received text. Customisation is great! Wallpapers, tones and various other settings can be changed but the background in menus can't which is a shame but in truth it keeps the phone easy to read because of this. Finally the camera. It can be brilliant or average depending on you, the user. I took my digi cam(Olympus 5MP) on holiday and ended up using my phone! I do agree though, this is not a point and shoot, you need to set it right and so you need to learn how to do this, if you do it's a winner all round!

Reviewed by star100 from UK on 17th Oct 2008
well it is a lovly phone i want one

Reviewed by Sally Pearce from UK on 26th Sep 2008
always been a samsung fan....until now. My only reason for changing & choosing this phone was the camera which I never use as you have to hold it still for so long to get a photo -after 8 months the battery will only last 24 hours when charged & I am stuck with an 18 month contract & told the battery/charger is only guaranteed for 6 months. After many years with T Mobile & samsung I will be moving elsewhere as soon as I possibly can.

Reviewed by Carlos from UK on 22nd Sep 2008
I think this phone is horrendous. I have never known anything like it. The camera is horrible, blurry pics, not very good in low-lit conditions. The menu is OK, wouldn't recommend it to novice users though. Apart from that, the phone on a whole is rediculously sluggish, and takes some considerable time to load anything compared to other phones within the same group. I personally can't wait to get shot of this phone as I think it's the biggest pile of rubbish that I have EVER used! I can't wait to trade it in for a Nokia or Sony Ericsson, as least the phones that I have used have never been ANYTHING like that!

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 21st Sep 2008
my advise is never buy this phone. i have had the phone for around a year, i have sent it back 6 times for the phone to be replaced. The phone heats up when charging, i have had error messages and the phone freezes!

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 21st Sep 2008
rubbish, had it 3 days and it broke. Been sent back to samsung 4 (yes 4!) times and still not fixed. will not buy samsung again

Reviewed by sam from UK on 18th Sep 2008
I have had this phone since xmas 2007 and cant wait for my contract to expire. As others have mentioned it boasts a 5mp camera - hmm. It takes unsteady shots, has a terrible flash and does not maintain your default settings for the camera - even when you say SAVE SETTINGS. Most annoyingly it has predictive text which cannot be turned off - and no way of deleting any entries from the predictive text. If anyone knows how you can delete the annoying predictive text entries I would be very glad to know. So fed up of typing words like A N D and getting 2md! Help? The only plus side is the video - great quality, however dont use use the zoom when using the video as all you get is a loud clicking noise!

Reviewed by Danny from UK on 11th Sep 2008
i have it,,its great :D

Reviewed by Lynda Clark from UK on 7th Sep 2008
I wanted to love this phone (bought for its promise of a 'great photographer's phone') but I'm afraid its not all good news. I like the quality feel of it and the size doesn't bother me, infact I probably prefer it to a slight phone but it has some really disappointing faults that have brought it down in my regard. The camera is adequate. The best feature being the really effective zoom. I haven't had too much problem with blurry photos which is just as well for the menu is a pain to navigate and antishake needs activating every session. The delay from click to the actual frame means you don't always get the image you thought you chose, not always a disaster but still... my major bugbear though is the loading to my pc or laptop. Its exceptionally hit and miss. More often than not it won't even recognise the connection and when it does 5 or 6 images in it tends to error and i have to start again hoping it will connect this time. There is no real pattern to it, someti mes it works but if I'm really not feeling patient its less frustrting to bluetooth my images to my daughters inferior samsung, connect that t my laptop with the same softwareand cable and whoosh uploaded in no time. Anybody got the same problem or a solution? I should really send this back but I hate being without my phone.

Reviewed by dan from UK on 7th Sep 2008
the camera is good, the battery is excellent. However, i've had software problems where it kept freezing and isnt very durable. I work in construction and so my phones get knocked about sometimes and this fone cannot cope. I also hate the sounds and I was used to the Nokia way of texting. I wouldnt have a Samsung again, I had no problems with 3 nokias (apart from poor battery power after a few years), and they cant stand a bit of rough and tumble.

Reviewed by chady teeny lebanon from UK on 4th Sep 2008
ur samsung mobille is more then perfect but the touch needs some perfection and the smart search is w0w perfect he saved my life i get use to it im stuck in the sumsung series because of the quality and the sexy smart search it saved my memory

Reviewed by vixilou from UK on 30th Aug 2008
I am appalled with this model. i got this from vodafone on contract in feb, it went wrong within a month its buttons didnt work so i got it repaired and they gave me a new phone because they couldt fix it. then after a few weeks, the new phone went wrong, the screen began to flip arond and go purple and green, making it impossible to use. i took it in for repair again, it came back and was still messed up so they gave me another new phone. now in august, this phone has done exactly the same thing. however vodafone refuse to repair it as apparently it has physical damage and i cannot get it repaired, and they say i have to buy a new phone for the contract!! im disgusted with this, i took out the contract for this phone and i want to have one working! no other phone offers what i like about this phone and the only one that does will set me back 300. i shouldnt have to pay. anyone wanting to buy this, please reconsider, so much has gone wrong im frankly suprised it even sold.

Reviewed by joachim from UK on 26th Aug 2008
this phone is rubbish. ive had it for half a year and it has been repair once the battery runs out after maximum 2 days. the camera is nothing much as the n95 for example got better picture quality

Reviewed by Emily Hadland from UK on 22nd Aug 2008
I've just bought the phone from a phone exchange, and it is fantastic, the camera does better pictures than my mums 7.2 megapixel digital camera, and it is so easy to use! I havent got it on contract though, but it is still probably the best phone i've had!

Reviewed by james from UK on 22nd Aug 2008
to be honest, i dont see the rave with this phone. i have had so mnay issues with this phone it is unbelievable. have had to send it for repair twice. the first time i sent it away was because the battery life would not exceed 6 hours. the phone returns and not only is the battery life still awful, everytime the camera is used it cause the phone to freeze, the buttons decide to work when they want to, not when i press them. this is a poor phone, and im not even impressed by the quality given the rave for it!!!

Reviewed by Dave Beyl ,South AFRICA from UK on 21st Aug 2008

Reviewed by Bex from UK on 20th Aug 2008
I upgraded from a sony ericsson k800i which i had problem after problem with from the joystick, to the samsung g800 and have got to say that this phone is 10 times better than the k800i. Ive had no problems with this phone and find the music player and the camera brilliant aspecially as its the only phone camera which i know of with a 3x optical zoom which is its best feature. Its very easy to use, and looks nice and stylish, it is a little chunky but i find this better than a phone been really slim, theres more to hold.

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 12th Aug 2008
This fone is so bad its heavy, huge and it dies constantly!! its got a good camera - when it works but thats rare!! Im on dial-a-phone and they are sooo sooo rude just dont go there!!!!! I like the fact the fone is soild but its far to big!!!

Reviewed by diab from UK on 12th Aug 2008
it,s very bad mobile phone.i hate it. FROM:england

Reviewed by conz from UK on 11th Aug 2008
my sisters bf has this phone, its a really good phone i must say!! he likes the bulky ness because it fits well in his work trousers and he always can feel its there. beccause he always looses/breaks thin phones, so if your looking for a good sturdy phone this is the one!

Reviewed by kieran from UK on 5th Aug 2008
the g800 is a brilliant phone but i peeled the protective stickers of and the bruhed steel always needs cleaning i compared the g800 camera with the sony ericcsson k850i the k850i won tops with its fantastic zoom other than that buy buy buy

Reviewed by Bruce of Sydney from UK on 4th Aug 2008
Worst phone ever. Horrible user interface. Camera is terrible. Appalling battery life. Enormous and heavy. Avoid at all costs.

Reviewed by Sammi C from UK on 4th Aug 2008
okay seriousley, all theese folk saying the camera is rubbish, get real, if you wanted a really good camera youd buy a digital. dont rely on a phone for a camera, a phone is for contacting folk. its a really nice phonee, but a bitt to bulky for my liking.

Reviewed by Susan from UK on 21st Jul 2008
Had it for six months now and love this phone. For those that have a problem with short battery life - turn the phone off and charge it. Battery will last twice as long.

Reviewed by Phillip Ashdown from UK on 11th Jul 2008
I couldnt wait to get this phone when I first heard about it but I must say I am slightly disapointed with the camera (main feature). Dont get me wrong, Pictures are better then my Old N73 but still BLUR with anti shake and autofocus on. Most annoyingly You cant not view video files on a pc unless the 3GP option. MP4 dont work and you get an error message. Big pain. Battery Life isnt as bad as what people say it is and the phone is nice. Phone just seems to lack features I feel.

Reviewed by Dimen from UK on 8th Jul 2008
No T9 removal default setting for txt msgs. Camera does not set auto no shake, keeps re-setting. My phone front section has actually warped in 6 months. Pictures not consistent in quality. All the pro's do not outweight the cons for this phone I'm afraid.

Reviewed by gary from UK on 8th Jul 2008
this phone is great

Reviewed by obiwan from UK on 8th Jul 2008
Good phone only drawback is the life of the battery, why does it need charging every other day is there a problen we should know about?.

Reviewed by fone nutter from UK on 29th Jun 2008
lv the fone easy to use get this fone if you want a bril camera fone

Reviewed by trev from UK on 11th Jun 2008
just getting my 4th g800 in 4 months changed for a Nokia n95 8gb, i have nothing but problems with it, the camera is awful as it's either too dark or too light. as commented below nothing special at all, same as an old school Samsung, does look good but scratches and dents are easy to accumulate

Reviewed by G. Hall from UK on 7th Jun 2008
I have almost always used Sony Ericssons, and was trying a Samsung for the first time with this G800. Got this phone almost 48 hours ago, and have found no faults in it so far. Opened the box to find a sleek looking front, very nice looking. When I picked it up I was so glad to have a phone who's width feels like a phone and not a stick. Slid it up and down a couple of times and for once the slider felt like good quality and next tried out the buttons (after my last phone, Sony Ericsson s500i buttons falling off 9 times), turned it on and went onto the menu. The menu is easy to use, and I managed to change all my settings just fine. Next I went onto the camera: Honestly, I don't know why people have been having so many problems with the camera. I am 13 years old, and I have managed to change the settings to get a perfect picture as I would expect from a digital camera. Zoom is great and keeps quality, the Anti Shake has helped me greatly. I can literally shake the phone around whilst taking a photo of this computer screen and the words come out just fine. At first some pictures came out dark and blurry but after 10 minutes of setting changes it is working fine. This is NOT just a snap-and-go phone camera, you have to set it up correctly to get a high quality picture, as you would a digital camera. All the other features of the phone have been outstanding so far. I haven't put any music on it but will be soon. Thank you Samsung.

Reviewed by Emily from UK on 6th Jun 2008
I got this phone a while back and ad no idea what to expect, all I knew was that it had a 5megapixel camera. When I first got it out of the box the first thing I noticed was its size. I prefer bigger phones personaly, but some of my friends refer to it as 'the brick' but even they have to agree it does look good. The camera works best when you're outside, the pictures are truely amazing. But when i'm inside I find the pictures look a bit blurry. I do like the self portrait camera though, it's really good quality pictures and it's easier to take pictures of me and my friends. I love the MP3 player on this phone, it's really good. As soon as a song is put on you're phone its added to the player (whilst with the Nokia Music Xpress phone 5600, you had to turn the phone off for the song to be added). The sound is clear with no annoying buzzy sounds you get from some phoes. Txting I find easy on this phone because I use my nails to type, but all my friends who don't have nails and use their fingers say its a pain. You can scroll as well to adjust the size of the text when you recieve a message which I thinks really good. Overal one of the best phones i've had, it suits me and works brilliantly, if I were you i'd get this phone!

Reviewed by Kelly from UK on 6th Jun 2008
i have had the phone 7 months and everything has been fine with it until about 2 day ago when u just decided to turn off and now it turns itself off every 10mins. thank god i have insurance

Reviewed by Lynn van Rooyen from UK on 31st May 2008
Had the phone for 2 weeks and everything that can go wrong with a phone did. Sent for repairs, would have thought the Company would have replaced it after having it for such a short time.

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 22nd May 2008
This phone was good at first but then i had to send it to get repaired about 6 times it just breaks when its not even your fault!my friend has got it too and theyve had the same problem!! don;t get this phone, it;s not worth the hassle! vodafone have now given me the samsung soul phone and it's amazing, a lot slimmer, the 5 mega pixel camera looks better and i have had no problems with it x

Reviewed by user from UK on 18th May 2008
i would say G-800 is not up really to (my) standard. i mean you can find better phones out there. it boasts to be a 5MP camera but people say that its just that its prints are clear. though i do not understand how prints can be clear if the picture you take doesn't seem to be. its anti-shake isn't really anti too. or probably i just suck at taking pictures. another thing is its huge and heavy body. the good thing about it is its cool classy design. it could do better with a WLAN though. buttons are fine to press too.

Reviewed by Ian from UK on 17th May 2008
Awful phone, camera is very poor, K800i is a better camera phone

Reviewed by Katy from UK on 17th May 2008
Only had this phone a few hours and i love it already the camara is great for a mobile phone and is a perfect weight don't know why people are complaing at all.

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 17th May 2008
Iv had this fone just over 3months and its broken already, the camera has died!! Not really worth all the money just hope the replacement works!!!

Reviewed by Sue from UK on 17th May 2008
This is a lovely looking phone and had good battery life, signal etc. Disappointingly I had to send it back as it was so heavy it kept bouncing out of the holder in the car. I bought the recommended one but the only way I could get it to stay in was to press it tightly - then it wouldn't work - sigh. I also found it heavy and uncomfortable for texting and the predictive text defaulted to strange words which was frustrating. Not for me I'm afraid...

Reviewed by gary from UK on 17th May 2008
am now on my second g800 with o2. have to take it due to screen troubles, flashy coloured lines and fuzzy screen alot. thats twice so my guess is its rubbish. the pictures on this 5meg pix are not as good a quality as my last se k800i which is only 3.2 meg pix. dont bother with this phone, its bulky, heavy and hasd its faults

Reviewed by Hannah from UK on 14th May 2008
I have had this phone for just over 2 months. Everything was fine until 2 days ago. I had experienced no problems whatsoever with the phone until I tried to turn it on yesterday. The colourful Samsung screen appears, but then stays! I cannot get into the phone any more. Has anyone else experienced this with theirs? Is it a common fault? Does anyone know how to overcome this? The only option I have at present is to send the phone for repair - This can take up to 3 weeks, with Muggins here still forking out for the line rental! Any suggestions would be welcomed!

Reviewed by mouh_bmw@houtmail.fr from UK on 14th May 2008
love mobile g800

Reviewed by Louise from UK on 13th May 2008
Ive just brought this phone can I cant find anywhere to change the text tones I want to silent my texts and can find the setting anywhere, can anyone help me out here???

Reviewed by Riva from UK on 12th May 2008
I love everything about this phone, but one, there is no option for adding certain mobile numbers into block list to prevent them from sending me text messages. I use to have this feature on a Samsung D900.

Reviewed by marlebo from UK on 9th May 2008
I find my self polishing my G800 every time I pick it up and put it away, could they make a more dirt/print atracting desyn? The front panel (slidy LCD part) is a bit shacky, maybe that's just mine. It is BIG and HEAVY and with 2x sliding panels makes it difficult to slip into tight pocket, what to do with it on those sunny jacketless days? Thier is a metal hoop at the botton for optional strap, this is very anoying because it prevents the camera from balancing on its base for a steady timer shot. The software/options are VERY limited maybe to enfisize that it is 90% compact camera 10% phone, I think it is a little disapointing in that, simple things like menu transparency and individual folder passwording. As for the camera, fantastic i'm in luv with the 3x opticle, it's not a simple point and shoot so you must have an apropriate set up for each condition. Most grief is indoor-medium-range shots, were exposure time is long due to low light and out of flash range, this is a recipy for motion blur.

Reviewed by bill from UK on 5th May 2008
very good , but i find it crazy that you cant turn predictive text off permantly?? major downer ,if your not a predictive text fan !!!!

Reviewed by Oliver Fox from UK on 4th May 2008
Not so pleased with this mobile when i got it, i prefered my K850i. The camera and flash were loads better. I am also very dissapointed with the txt length. With the k850i i got 150 characters before a second txt, with the G800 i only get 70. The settings are exremly annoying, there is no way of turning of predictive txt off and i would seriosly get the N95 or K850i. The battery life is also really bad and the signal not as good as i would of expected

Reviewed by Freddie & Heather from UK on 3rd May 2008
Awesome piece of kit :) had this phone for a short time & love the camera/video stuff, & all it's other specs - love its style (definitely a man's phone as its big & chunky :) ) Not sure we like the idea of a small instruction manual though - we found ourselves without info & had to look elsewhere :(

Reviewed by Akbar from UK on 1st May 2008
I just got the phone was really looking foward to it until i took a picture what on earth is that all about it takes pics like a 1.3 pix camera never been so dissapointed with a phone like this takeing it back tommorow.

Reviewed by the orch from UK on 1st May 2008
i have a g800 three months old which wont charge, no its not the charger or battery its the port where you stick the charger, i know of 3 people who also have had this problem and had to send there handsets away, of course you cant connect to your pc either, any one else having this problem ????

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 30th Apr 2008
When messaging to turn off the T9 dictionary hold * for 2 seconds.

Reviewed by Gary from UK on 24th Apr 2008
I thought i'd leave this review for 2 or 3 months after i got this phone, after the "honeymoon period" After having Nokia's for years, this thing was a huge learning curve menu wise! Battery life is very good even if i use my bluetooth stereo headset to listen to music. It has some clever submenu's but thats where my enthusiasm for it ends. You cant theme it like a Nokia, it has no games, not that i would play them but why is there none with it? No wi-fi, the camera is poor unless your outside in the sun. Its to big and to heavy, this would be ok if the 'toys' added up to its baulk but they dont, not by a long way. I guess ive got used to it now which is just aswel and it does the job but there are better phones out there.

Reviewed by AMRAAEZ from UK on 22nd Apr 2008

Reviewed by Shad from UK on 20th Apr 2008
A big ~disappointment~!!Heavy, Poor menu system and a dis-innovative product(I mean not up to date).

Reviewed by Dewi from UK on 18th Apr 2008
I had this phone FREE on orange paying 20 a montg for 18 months, great deal really for a good phone like this one. It looks great, and nice and chunky, personally I like chunky phones so this is ideal for me. It's got 2 CAMERA's, one on the front and a 5MP one on the back...The zoom is AMAZING as is the camera itself. The menu is the same as the U600 and the security on the phone is excellent. I would definatly recommend this stylish phone to anyone that likes chunky, great looking phones! GET IT...DON'T WASTE TIME THINKING ABOUT IT!!!

Reviewed by Ash from UK on 16th Apr 2008
first of all to those moaning about it being a poor camera... deal with it, its a phone not a camera...... if you want a good photo go out and buy a canon D400 for 500 quid, that will get u good photos as for being a phone i think its good, the memory is uncluttered so you can add what you want, yes its a bit big but what do your expect with all the future tech inside of it, and it does what its supposed to, makes calls and texts

Reviewed by Mark, Nottingham from UK on 16th Apr 2008
I recently up-graded my Sony Ericsson W850i for the Samsung G800. What a mistake! It has taken me nearly three weeks to learn how to load music onto the phone (maybe I am just plain stupid). The phone simply refuses to synchronise with Windows Media Player. And, the handbook is completely useless and of no help. After phone calls and E-mails to my provider (Vodafone, who were clueless) and Samsung, I have managed to work it out. But, now I find that you can not use WMA files as ring tones or message alerts. I have had to use mp3 files. It also does not seem possible to change the theme, which is boing and black. And, it's useability (e.g. finding how to change message tones, etc.) is far from straightforward. I have not had a chance to rate the camera yet, but I will report back when I have. In my opinion, this phone does NOT compare well to the W850i, and I simply can not recommend it.

Reviewed by Melanie from UK on 14th Apr 2008
Before this I had the Samsung U600 which I loved, although the camera quality was not great. This phone has all the same features which I loved from the U600 and a much better camera. Its very easy to use, although quite bulky. Indoor pictures on the camera are a little dark, but think this just means fiddling with the menu options. I love it but just wish it was a little lighter and smaller

Reviewed by big boy ov orford from UK on 14th Apr 2008
best fone iv eva ad

Reviewed by Howler 3704 from UK on 12th Apr 2008
While the phone is an exceptional phone there are some drawbacks 1: Volume needs to be louder. 2: Games - There are none! Does anyone knows where to go to download any? The camera is not that impressive. Otherwise the phone is very good

Reviewed by Kate from UK on 12th Apr 2008

Reviewed by lydia from UK on 12th Apr 2008
I got this phone a few days ago and its good but i need help, my flash wont turn on, with pressing the star key at bottom * it wont switch, can some one help me!!!!

Reviewed by David from South Africa from UK on 11th Apr 2008
I have had this phone for just about a day now and yes it is great. I still think a Sony Ericsson has better features... It's so complicated just loading songs and video's on the Samsung. Why can't Samsung just "steal" some idea's from Sony, then we will have a kick A$$ phone !!!

Reviewed by L from UK on 10th Apr 2008
Disappointing, i thought they would come up with a better camera than this. 5mp? I dont think so. Looks more like a VGA!

Reviewed by Gavin from UK on 9th Apr 2008
This is easily the worst phone I have ever owned. To begin with, the moron charged with developing the camera on this phone decided it would be a good idea to let it take two pictures and merge them to create, if the camera is not held perfectly still (can't put on tripod without duct tape), a massive blur. True, it could catch detail with its impressive 5mp, but I've never managed to catch an image that has little enough blur for the number of pixels to make any difference. The camera was probably the best part of the phone still, though. Say you want to listen to music on it, with DAB radio and potentially 8gb of memory (which I have), you can only listen on the terrible Samsung headphones that come with it because Samsung have devised some sadistic 8 pin connector for everything. This also means you can't listen to music when you're charging it or route the sound into anything (speakers, cars, decent headphones...). My Samsung headphones broke, incidentally, one week after I bought the phone. None of this really matters because to get your photos onto your computer and to put music on your phone you have to connect this phone to your computer. Mine must be broken because the software simply refuses to believe the phone is there. Despite my computer already detecting it and installing the drivers. Now, these are merely the extras, this is a phone on top of all this. However, I've rarely noticed this, because it appears to have the weakest antenna in the world. Also if I leave it in the best place in my house for signal and just wait for a text message to arrive it takes roughly half an hour. Every time. This doesnt really matter though because the battery is so small, sitting in the middle of the battery case surrounded by potential space, the phone can barely stay on more than two days. Which means if you forget to charge your phone one night, its completely useless the following night. And this is when Im not playing music, because I can't, or taking photos. All in all, just a series of disappointments in a chrome case. Although, when you're not using this phone, or when its a long way away (permanently charging at home) it does make the world seem a better place by comparison.

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