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Samsung G600 review

 Review: August 2007  

Last updated July 2009


In a nutshell: The G600 is a fantastic phone. It combines fab looks with a superb 5 megapixel camera, a fully featured music player and 1 Gbyte of memory. It avoids the touch-sensitive keys of recent Samsungs, making it a totally practical phone to use.

Best buy: Samsung SGH-G600 from Amazon Marketplace UK (£269.99)


The Samsung G600 offers the power of a 5 megapixel camera in Samsung's now-classic slimline slider format. Although it's two years old, the G600 has an amazing spec and a beautiful design to match. Samsung don't always make perfect phones - the E900 and U600 irritated some users with their touch-sensitive buttons - but the G600 gets everything just right and is a real classic. Whilst it lacks the wow factor of newer phones, it's just a fantastically good phone to use with nothing to detract from the experience.

At Mobile Phones UK, we like to start reviewing phones with a look at the outside. Samsung's slider design has been around for about 5 years now, and is tried and tested. The G600 opens and closes with an easy sliding action, and has a smooth silky finish that's glossy but not a fingerprint magnet like some. The G600 is not an ultra-slim phone like the U600, but at 15mm it's certainly not a fatty. It's a good practical size, and at 48mm wide it's a couple of millimetres narrower than some of the ultra-slims, which doesn't sound like much, but makes the phone easier to hold. The keypad is responsive when pressed and there are no touch-sensitive keys. The screen is large at 2.2 inches diagonally, and with 16 million colours and 240 x 320 pixels is Samsung's best screen ever. The camera is well protected behind the slide: to use it you open the slide to reveal the lens and flash. Frankly it's hard to see how the physical design could have been improved. 5 stars so far.

The G600's camera is a 5 megapixel beast with autofocus, LED flash and 4x digital zoom. The G600 is still an impressive camera phone and one of the best in the budget category. The G600 features two useful camera modes - panorama mode lets you take pictures of wide views such as landscapes, and macro mode lets you take close-up shots. There's a built-in picture editor, and direct printing to a Pictbridge-compatible printer is supported. High quality video recording at 640 x 480 pixels is also available.

After a camera, the next most important gadget in a mobile is a music player, and the G600 doesn't disappoint. Every major format is supported (MP3, AAC, AAC+, 3-AAC+ and WMA). There's support for wireless Bluetooth stereo headsets - in fact there's support for dual headsets, which means that a friend can listen to your music at the same time if you wish. The G600 has a music player interface with a dedicated music library. You can create playlists and organise your music by artist, album or genre. It's as easy to use as an iPod. An FM radio is also built in. Memory isn't a big problem either as the G600 has built-in user memory of 40 Mbytes plus a 1 Gbyte memory card supplied in the sales package. OK, this isn't a lot but it's enough to store a few hundred songs.

There are plenty of other features - highlights include a document viewer, offline mode, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, and quadband. Battery life seems to be quite good - you should get a few days' usage, depending on how much you use the multimedia features and the Bluetooth.

Can we find fault with the G600? Nope! Do we love it to bits? You bet! The G600 was a very strong contender for Phone of the Year 2007 and is still one of Samsung's best-sellers in 2009!

We've been surprised how many of our user reviews have criticised the G600. The main complaint seems to be the camera. We can only assume that people are using the wrong camera settings (make sure that you set the camera resolution to maximum). The G600 may not be able to match the picture quality of the best, but it's still a darn good camera phonefor its price!

One or two people have complained about the G600 freezing or cutting out when sliding the phone open or closed. Jay from the UK offers this advice: the battery on these phones is a little loose and so breaks contact with sudden movement off phone e.g sliding it up or down or placing it on a hard (or soft surface) too firmly. SIMPLY place a bit of sticky tape around the curved end of the battery at the opposite side of the gold contacts which will push the battery closer to the contacts on the phone. Problem solved, it works fine tho might need two pieces. hope this helps.. love the g600 again now!! Thanks Jay! - Editor.

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Samsung G600 features include:

  • 5 megapixel camera with autofocus, flash and 4x digital zoom
  • Video camera (640 x 480 pixels)
  • Display: TFT, 16 million colours, 240 x 320 pixels (2.2 inches)
  • MP3 player (MP3, AAC, AAC+, 3-AAC+, WMA formats)
  • FM radio
  • MP3 ringtones / 64-voice polyphonic ringtones
  • Voice memo recorder
  • Speakerphone
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, email (POP3 / SMTP / IMAP4)
  • Document viewer
  • Java games
  • Personal organiser functions
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0, TV-Out
  • Memory: 40 Mbytes + 1 Gbyte microSD card
  • Offline mode
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS Class 10, EDGE
  • NetFront web browser with Google search bar
  • Quadband (GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
  • Size: 102 x 48 x 15 mm
  • Weight: 105g
  • Talktime: 3.5 hours
  • Battery standby: 300 hours

Samsung G600 user reviews

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Average rating from 772 reviews:

Reviewed by debi from johnson on 24th Apr 2012
luv de fone but hav a difficulty...down loadin pics from it to computer. hav used cd that came wiv pack...also tried ( as was advised t use samsund kie but t no avail! wiv new desktop nd good camera phone...i canot do wot i wan...please can u help?

Reviewed by Katie from UK on 3rd Jul 2011
I have gone back to this phone as my Sony Ericsson W595 is too unreliable. I really like this phone and it is very reliable, perfect for what I want and not too complicated. I haven't experienced any problems at all with it; it has been dropped a few times and is still in great condition. The camera is ok, nothing special but at least it has a flash unlike the sony ericsson W595! It just lacks picture quality despite being 5mp. I also wish that it has proper emoticons but at least it doesn't give me any problems like my other phone.

Reviewed by Anna from UK on 15th Jun 2011
Just read the reviews for the Samsung G600. I can honestly say that i have encountered none of the problems listed. Fair enough the camera might not live up to a 5mp expectation but if you want good pictures buy a camera ! Battery life is good even with heavy use can last up to a week. I love this phone so far the best one i have had wouldn't swap it for any new ones on the market

Reviewed by Laura from UK on 15th Jun 2011
Had this phone for over two years now and have hardly had any problem with it. The issues mentioned by other users below can be resolved by setting the phone up correctly and, in some cases, simply reading the list of features (!). I recently bought a Samsung Pixon, which was fine to begin with but had a couple of features that really irritated me so I have come back to this phone (yes, folks, I've gone back in time and returned to the land of buttons. I may be only 24 but I obviously have simple technological needs). If it is even still available to buy, I would recommend this phone.

Reviewed by zhao luo from UK on 25th Mar 2011
good phone

Reviewed by Kelsey from UK on 16th Dec 2010
Um, yeah. I really like my phone, and I have had it for a few years now. It is still in good condition, and still works really well. But I have one problem. I have lost the lead to connect it up to my computer, so I can't download any songs. And the internet is REALLY slow on my phone, so I can't get them off there. Plus, it costs WAAAY too much. I was just wondering if there is any OTHER way that I could download the music, because I really want yo before Sunday so I will be able to listen to music at my friends house without having to use her laptop or take mine or turn my headphones up max on my MP3. Please help? Sincerely, Kelsey.

Reviewed by Charlotte from UK on 24th Nov 2010
Owned for 3 years. I'm 17-I'm not stuck to the phone but I use it throughout the day. It's a really good phone, the battery life is really long. It's never slow, ,juddery or crashes. I've dropped it a billion times and it's fine. The only things I would say is the camera is pretty rubbish considering it says 5mp, you have to put it on a table for a non blurry pic, and the keys are flat which I just found a bit more difficult.

Reviewed by dun knoe from UK on 22nd Nov 2010
my fon is kinda sikk still but i hate sliding it up 4 da camera

Reviewed by pynk from UK on 10th Oct 2010
i cannot access thru internet. :(

Reviewed by Collin from UK on 29th Sep 2010
I've had this phone for a long time now and haven't experienced many issues with it. It looks nice and is very durable. The camera takes some nice photos, but don't expect too much - as with all samsung phones you get what you pay for. The interface works smoothly and looks stunning, although if you've never used a samsung phone before it may take a bit of getting used to. The battery generally lasts for anywhere up to 4 days, depending on how much you use it. I really like this phone, but don't buy it expecting all the features of a £200 smartphone. As I said - you get exactly what you pay for. Read the specs, and if it isn't for you then don't blame the phone when you aren't happy.

Reviewed by Cat from UK on 24th Sep 2010
I can't believe the bad reviews this phone's had... It's the best phone I've ever bought! It's survived everything from being buried in sand, drunken nights out and being left out in the rain. It's easy to use and to hold, the camera and music player are both pretty good and the buttons make texting easy. The battery life is really good, I'm constantly using my phone and it can last at least a week without charging. I've had this phone pretty much since when it first came out, and it's still working now. It's much better than the touch screens you get nowadays.

Reviewed by Lucy from UK on 23rd Sep 2010
i have had this phone since xmas 2008 and i am bord of it now. i like the music player and the camera is 5 mega pixels which is epic :) but the internet is rubbish and the games are ok (i like the football one) ;)

Reviewed by Pearl from UK on 22nd Sep 2010
Love the 5MP camera but it takes a while to focus, its slim and elegant but the flex keeps breaking! It slipped and fell a mere 2inches and the keypads wont work anymore. plus the sms memory fills up quickly, the speaker colume is low and so much more...expected a lot from this phone and got disappointed..

Reviewed by zhao from UK on 16th Jun 2010
good phones

Reviewed by Megan from UK on 5th Jun 2010
This is a really good phone and i would recommend it to anyone

Reviewed by charlotte from UK on 26th May 2010
i got the g600 when my lg cookie kp501 broke, and whilst the samsung is not a touchscreen, its a huge step up. i love all the features and even though the one i have is second hand, i have had no problems with it. i used to have the u600, and this phone is so much better than it!! with no touch screen buttons, a great camera, some amazing internet service and great storage, i love this phone and definitely recommend it to all.

Reviewed by debbie from UK on 14th May 2010
about the samsung g600, its the best phone ive had, the battery life is amazing i can go 2 weeks without charging. the camera is fantastic and saves me carrying another digital camera when on holiday. its light, slim and looks classy. in fact i'm quite annoyed that I love it so much as I love getting a new phone, but this has prevented me from buying a new one for ages because its so good. if anything happens to it i will buy another one.

Reviewed by Nicki from UK on 21st Apr 2010
I've had this phone now for about 3 months, and its an anamzing phone, the only problem i have had with it is the fact it seems to freeze every s often when i get a tt or a missed call when i go t read it, apart from that, the camrea is excellent, layout if reli good, an unlike other phones, u can actually designe ur own theme, by using the pattrns the phne has and hoosing ur own colours. This phon is probs the 3rd best phone I have had =D. With what the other person said, about the phone flipping backwards when u takeur hand of the keys, in what way, when ever i do it it seems fine and doesnt flip backwars, it wobles a bit bt hats about it

Reviewed by g600 from UK on 19th Apr 2010
its okay

Reviewed by tuko from UK on 18th Apr 2010
i love the fne no problem jus that i like games bt i cnt even get crime city nthng wt cn i do?

Reviewed by Lynne from UK on 15th Apr 2010
There are a few flaws with the Samsung G600. The camera is rubbish and predictive text does not save your words so you have to keep inputting them. Other than that the phone is fine, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Reviewed by Dee from UK on 5th Apr 2010
Rubbish phone only lasted me a year! before the camera decided to start saying 'preview error' not long after the screen just went blank so i can't see anything, lost all contacts too! there is nothing really good about this phone

Reviewed by Hassy from UK on 30th Mar 2010
Do not even get me....STARTED!!! This phone is literally the worst < that is not even an exageration believe it or not my friends. The phone has serious flaws and is overall a poor edition of the Samsung series. Buy this at your own will. Summary: 1) 5MP might aswell stand for 'Most Poor' because for a 5mp it is merely like a 2 plus the camera mashed up roughly 4 months after i bought it 2) 'Extremely* slow interface 3) Disgraveful battery life 4) Not loud 5) No 3g, Wifi or instant messaging 6) Internet does not work 7) Sometimes when you attend a call and want to slide the phone up, you will 7 times out of 10 press the round circle which will cut off the call even before it has started 8) Alarm does not work half the time In other words: Only get this phone if your life is stressed and you need something to take it out on. Otherwise, this phone only equates to trouble.

Reviewed by sharon from UK on 20th Mar 2010
the foyn is quite gd. but the music sound is quite rubbis. and the web browser is quite slow. otherthan that its gd.

Reviewed by Sue C. from UK on 12th Mar 2010
As Pinky, Oct 15th stated, you can't change message tones, & battery life is poor. I bought a new one, & result was same, charge it up almost every day... Disappointing, but great camera, & a lovely phone. Sadly, my phone jumped out of my pocket recently & fell into water.... was gutted. But, hey, eventually, I'll get another... Sue, Stockton, Mch 12th 2010

Reviewed by tutey from UK on 3rd Mar 2010
everytime i try to open the music player it says updating then it freezes and restarts the phone. how do i fix this

Reviewed by MEIYUN from UK on 5th Feb 2010
good phone

Reviewed by Alex, Independent-Reviewers from UK on 26th Jan 2010
ive had this phone a decent amount of time now, its generaly quite amazing, although i do have problems with it, the camera isnt very good, it can be a pain sometimes due to compatibility with a computer, some video's arent compatible with the phone as i used to have an lg secret (not very good) and took alot of videos on it, and some were good memories, and they werent compatible. the battery isnt the best ive ever had but it is decent, the sound quality is quiet but very good. another little niggle i have with it is when its on loud, you cant turn off the confirmation tone so mostly it is on silent, when in silent, the alarm doesent go off properly, it constantly asks you for if you want the sounds on (games music etc). but overall it is a good sytlish phone, i cant give it 5 stars based on the problems but they are very affordable these days as well but they can be difficult to get a hold of.

Reviewed by Debbie from UK on 9th Jan 2010
Quite simply, I hate this phone! I thought it was just a faze (not keen on change you see) when I initially got it and hoped I would grow to love it, just like all the other Samsung handsets I previously owned. But 15 months on and I still hate it! The problems I have with it are firstly the usability and general interface. Granted I can be a little dizzy at times, but it took me forever just to work out a simple thing like changing the ringtone - aargh annoying! On many occasions I've received missed calls when the phone is sat right beside me, not hearing it ring at all! I've previously put this down to poor reception, but on reading other reviews - maybe not so. I found the predictive texting on this phone also really annoying. For some reason, when you change case or go to numbers, it seems set up back to front, thus taking me longer to text as I keep making errors. Again I thought I'd get used to it, but never have. Also, it never seems to store words in the di ctionary so it's a pointless excercise adding them! Lastly, the camera on this phone RUBBISH!!! 5 mega pixels - I don't think so!!! I can't believe there are positive reviews on here about the camera - are they deluded? It takes awful pictures, they're dark, out of focus and not even worth keeping! I have a 14 month old, so got this phone a month before he was born and hoped to take loads of pics of him. But the picture quality is so poor, I don't even use it. I use my husbands camera phone instead (Sony Ericcson C905), which incidently takes amazing crystal clear pics! A real disappointment from Samsung this one, so I'm jumping ship and giving Nokia a go!

Reviewed by Harish from UK on 9th Jan 2010
I bought one in deal from phone4u... Many problem - 1) Slider belt broken in a month itself.. 2) Phone simply get switched off automatically when you receive the incoming call 3) Photo quality is as good as VGA Camera 4) No clarity in Music...sound is very bad This was my second experience with Samsung... I promise will never go with Samsung again...

Reviewed by mike davies from UK on 6th Jan 2010
Ignore all the 1 star reviews made by people who can't figure out the simple things like how to work the phone camera. I had this phone for 18 months and loved it. There are some flaws which I I will list, but I should say that it is a great value all rounder of a phone. I am being critical by listing these, don't get the wrong impression. -ok for mp3s. Obv not an mp3 player as max mem is about 2gig or 4gig. -I don't use browser much as its not great -camera can be blurry drspite high resolution. Fine for using though. -camera can take a while to take pics -camera settings don't save when you close phone. A pain resetting if you are in a rush for apic. -my charge port broke but this is not common and I just used a mobile charger directly attached to the mains. -easy to scratch, but I stopped caring. I'm more about function, see. -predictive text memory was sometimes lodt but not often and I just got used to it. So you see, this is by no means perfect. However I still loved the phone bec@ause although you could find flaws when you looked for them, they rarely actuslly got in the way. If you are a perfectionidt then it is not for. You. If you want a good phone that can take substantial beating (mine was thrown at walls and I sheared off some of the front by riding over it with a bike by accident but it still is fine although the light on the green call button broke) and you only want to take the odd pic, listen to the odd song or view the odd site, theb this is your phone. Sorry about spelling, I'm writing on my new moto droid.

Reviewed by Frank from UK on 3rd Jan 2010
A very good phone apart from the Camera Flash as you have to turn it on for every "session" it can be set to AUTO or ON but once you close the slider it reverts to OFF

Reviewed by Coco - Yorkk from UK on 31st Dec 2009
I have had this phone for nearly a year now and i hasn't messed up on me once :D I find that the camera is very good, although it does take a picture very slowly compared to other phones i have tried Rob Clark from Croydon - Youu said " More ridiculously, I have to keep the slider open until all recipients have been sent the text: if I close it sooner than this the remainder do not get sent and end up in the drafts folder " This is untrue, if youu go into your " settings " then " phone settings " and click on " slide settings " youu will find how to deactivate the slide saving your messages to the drafts folder. All round this phone is okay, but with a few slight imporvements, could be a hell of a lot better !

Reviewed by william from UK on 30th Dec 2009
For the first few years the phone was great but it is not very reliable! My phones screen broke and froze after 2 years. i would not recomend it. camera isnt that good, music player has very low volume, not a nice feel, camera isnt great. DO NOT BUY THIS PHNOE! LET THIS BE A WARNING. i am going to get the sony ericsson C902 now for an upgrade

Reviewed by Solitude from UK on 26th Dec 2009
Utter rubbish.

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 21st Dec 2009
Great phone and very RELIABLE! Does exactly what it say's on the tin! Nice ons Sammy!

Reviewed by Laura from UK on 4th Dec 2009
I loathe this phone. Worst mistake I ever made. The internal memory is shocking - it only retains words I had to its dictionary for about 2 hours, after which i have to re-add them. I can only store about 200 texts before deleting them all and about 7/8 photos. It does calls ok, but the lack of memory is very, very frustrating.

Reviewed by W W S from UK on 1st Dec 2009
I only need a mobile to phone send messages & take the odd picture the G600 fits the bill perfectly no fancy touch screen or extras that never get used if you want music get an mp3 for a mobile this model ticks all the right boxes

Reviewed by Colin - S.Africa from UK on 20th Nov 2009
Great phone, the camera is tops. E-mail works great.Great display. Gripes: have tried different ring tone, all are not loud enough except the old fashoned phone. The finish on the slide has started coming off, showing crome below. Switches off and reboots without password.

Reviewed by curtis garside from UK on 20th Nov 2009
this phone is a realy good phone i have had one since thay basicly came out i have had no probals whith it .

Reviewed by Jojo from UK on 16th Nov 2009
I love my Samsung G600! I've had it about two years and it's still brilliant that when I upgrade my Mum is going to have it. I have used Samsung phones for years, and the only problem I have had was when i switched to the LG Chocolate, I couldn't wait to have a Samsung. It's a lovely looking phone, texting is good, camera is brilliant at 5MP (though is low light it is poor, but it is a camera phone). My only real gripes with it are that the more pictures and videos you have, the slower it is too load, but I guess that's fair, I should delete some things. Sometimes it can lag when it's loading other applications, and the pretty purple on mine is chipping off o reveal the silver underneath. Not nice, but, my phone is two years old and the battery life is still pretty good, depending on usage. If I'm using the camerea lots on a day out, the battery is drained, but again, I think that is a fair issue. All in all, it is a great phone and I love the customisation of the themes, brilliant! Love it!

Reviewed by rach from UK on 11th Nov 2009
had 2 of these- the first one started to freeze after 2 days and the second attempt was even worse. the phone kept turning itself off and the screen developed a really annoying flicker. also i agree with blase the phone is very sharp and not very pleasant to use. my old d900i was loads better

Reviewed by Paige from UK on 10th Nov 2009
I have had this phone for over a year now and I love it. The camera is excellent and I have never had a problem. The only down side of it is the predictive text which even though is switched on it does not come on so that is a bit of a downer because it takes longer to write one word. I recommend this to anyone who likes good pictures and music but I would prefer it if the predictive text did work because I love to text my friends. 5 STARS

Reviewed by becca from UK on 10th Nov 2009
I have had this phone since February and oh my gosh, I loathe it. I have a memory card for it, but still if I put more that 90 songs on it, it says it's too much to cope with a re-starts. Don't get my wrong, the camera is quite good, but srsly it would be so much better if it didn't keep freezing and re-starting. The internet on it is slow, the corners of the phone dig into your hand. Tbh, I wish I never bought it!

Reviewed by ddt from UK on 10th Nov 2009
handsfree sound quality sucks very high pitch and bassless can any one help how to improve handsfree sound quality or its mobile fault

Reviewed by Nevaeh Cantoslavos from UK on 5th Nov 2009
I have the samsung g600 and overall i think it is a good phone and the camera is amazing. The only problem is, the volume.It is too quiet.

Reviewed by A phone fan from UK on 1st Nov 2009
If your looking for a cheap camera (phone) , upgrade your phone to the G600.It's a scratch magnet if you don't treat it well.

Reviewed by Annonymous from UK on 30th Oct 2009
The samsung g600 is a great phone, although it has it's disadvantages. If you are going to buy the phone you might want to get a memory card that holds lots of storage. The battery levels are really good although if you are taking videos, phots or listening to music it runs out pretty quick. This is a great phone to use. But others in their teens may not prefer it such as myself, who I am looking for another moment atm.

Reviewed by bulldog from UK on 28th Oct 2009
great phone

Reviewed by Jessica from UK on 20th Oct 2009
this phone is quite frankly an amazing phone for the price. i see a lot of people have criticised this phone. firstly, get to know the phone you have bought. you need to adjust the camera settings to suit your needs. dont expect to get high quality pictures and video from the box. just like you need to adjust settings on a digital camera, in order to get your preferred photograph, you need to do that with the camera on the samsung G600. you have to exercise a little patience. swot up on adjusting ISO settings, resizing settings and all the other options found in the camera menu and the options found at the bottom of the camera screen. i was nervous about the camera quality after reading up on some reviews of people complaining that the camera was more like a 2MP. i was delightfully surprised when my photos came out crisp, clear and with rich colour. they were the quality of a very good digital camera. i would call into question whether people who had awful picture quality with this phone had a lens that was intact, whether they adjusted the 'white balance' setting, and also where they had purchased the phone from. always buy from a reputable dealer, or buy direct from your favourite mobile network. ensure that you check all the seals that are supposed to be on the phone are there before you use it. when you buy it, the phone should have a little removable seal on the lens of the camera. you should remove this before using the camera. getting your perfect shot will take a little trial and error, but you can get there. a function i found useful was adjusting the focus by pressing the camera button once, when you are in camera mode and pointing the camera at your subject. the camera emit a single, high beep and the centre of the screen will flash green when the camera has determined a good, clear focus. if it has not determined a good focus, it will emit a single low beep, and the centre of the screen will flash orange. this will mean that you may have to step back a little from the subject you are trying to take a photo of and try the focus function again. keep trying till the screen flashes green. also people have noted issues with the phone turning off at certain times. one thing i will say is that it could be because of where your purchased the phone from. a word of advice would be to purchase direct from the store of a network you trust and have used before with no difficulty, instead of a store which sells products from multiple networks. however, i must say that the only issue i've had is with the phone restarting itself whilst surfing a web page with a VERY HIGH amount of information, graphics and media. but i resolved this issue for myself by selecting 'stop' when enough of the webpage has downloaded so i can read it, but cant see any images. still, the images that you are able to see from pages without a very high amount of things to be uploaded are clear and crisp, especially if you are looking for images on google images. i too had an issue with the balance of the phone. it will take more than a day to get used to, so hang on in there. once you get used to it, it is a pleasure to have. all in all i would definately recommend this phone if you're looking for a slide phone. excellent image quality, you can save high quality images to your phone from the internet browser on your phone, great gaming ability, document viewer (you can view pdfs etc and zoom in to read the document), great video capture and playback, magnificent sound quality, music player updates itself and radio is available, music playback and animation can be configured to continue playing when your phone is at the home screen and when you are doing other things on your phone, voice recorder, image stamp, image editor, bluetooth, memo, world clock, calculator, converter, timer, stopwatch, TV-out ability, alarms etc. if its a really good slide phone you're after, you've found it in the G600

Reviewed by Laura from UK on 17th Oct 2009
I've had this phone for a year now and looking to upgrade. It is a really easy to use. You can make your own themes which is really cool. The battery life for me is really good i have to charge it every 4-5days which i dont think is that bad. The bad thing about it is the camera...RUBBISH! it says 5 megapixels but its more like 2!

Reviewed by FRUSTRATED from UK on 14th Oct 2009
DON'T buy it!!! Just bought it last week, it's beside me now and I'm ready to SMASSHHHHH IT!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhh

Reviewed by me from UK on 14th Oct 2009
okay, so ive had this phone for over a year now, on a two year contract with orange. i use it 24/7 cos im a total text addict. im also very clumsy, and im only writing this review because i dropped my phone in the bath 2 days ago, and right now its working. im so pleased :) it's also been in the toilet O.o and is still working. the only thing i would say is that the text buttons occassionally dont press properly and it needs to be returned to home screen. but you can change all your themes which is real cool, and i chose it for the camera really but i dont use the cam that much because its hard to keep it steady, i also agree with some previous comments about it being out of balance, the top is heavier than the bottom because of the camera.the only problem i had at the start was that the centre button is for the internet,so i disbaled all my urls so i wouldnt accidently use the net, and now i cant use it at all :P but that was probs my not so smart move XD oh, somet hing else thats cool? you can set as many alarms as you want for whichever days you want, so you dont have to change it for your different daily routines :)

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 13th Oct 2009
i had one of these phones and for a while i loved it, its easy to use its good for most thing but then the keys stopped working and then the charger broke and then the battery gave up on me!

Reviewed by Bethany from UK on 12th Oct 2009
Overall good phone but i had quite a few problems with it. One of the phones strongest features is its quick response buttons - however when sending messages, i have had the same problem with many phones.. the need to wait before sliding the phone shut or else the message will be saved to drafts was slightly annoying. Plus, even with a memory card the phone did not store more than 150 messages, which was a big downfall for me as I like to keep messages for a legnthly period to refer back to. The camera is great for the price of the phone! I would recommend buying this if you would like a good camera and average messaging system.

Reviewed by patty from UK on 12th Oct 2009
A very nice phone everything works well was given to me as a gift. apart from being a bit heavy the phone works well and the camera is fab

Reviewed by Colin from UK on 26th Sep 2009
Had this G600 over a year now, I like every other feature of this phone apart from the texting which lets this phone down in a big way for me, it's horrendous and not because I haven't had time to get used to it. It doesn't learn words, it's long winded and frustrating. To make it worse the command buttons are too close easily pressing the wrong one and you have to save to drafts or start again. Recently the cancel button has stopped working properly too meaning I now have to go into the "Edit text">remove" menus to remove an incorrect word making text even more difficult. A friend of mine who also has a G600 also agrees that the texting on her G600 phone is awful. I normally use predictive text and never had any problems with using Nokia, Siemens or Motorola phones. It will put me off of Samsung when I upgrade unless their designers have sorted out the texting part of their phones.

Reviewed by L.G Cook from UK on 24th Sep 2009
Great mobile ive had it for 2 years now and still working perfectly!!! The built in mp3 player is great and the camera is even better! Great buy best mobile ever GET ONE NOW!!! LOL

Reviewed by sarah from UK on 21st Sep 2009
Ive had this phone a month, i actually like the way it works and the functions it comes with, however, in the last two weeks when I have charged it, it wont come back on, I have taken the battery out for hours and still when I switch it on - nothing, you cant restore to factory settings or anything because it wont even let you get that far, I was going for a sony ericson phone, I should of!

Reviewed by Lucy from UK on 13th Sep 2009
I've had this phone for just over a year. And my overall experience was awful. Buttons start to stop working it restarts itself, not easy to txt with, i couldn't ever get the music player to load properly as it would just shut off, camera is absolutely appalling my 3.2 megapixel camera phone before was much better. My phone has now broke as the off button doesn't work. I doubt i'll ever buy a samsung phone again.

Reviewed by Bisera from UK on 11th Sep 2009
samsung is perfect phone for everyone

Reviewed by ~bob from UK on 5th Sep 2009
Very good phone...did go through a phase when it turned itself off but love it so could live with it...had it 2 years now and its only just failing on me-great phone but doesn't last more than about 18 months :S

Reviewed by Gary!!! who is 15!!!! from UK on 2nd Sep 2009
i don't know why people are giving it such bad reviews? it is a great working phone, i've had it for over a year and i've dropped it loads and got it wet and it still works in perfect condition. the camera is alot better than most other phone, example, the iphone 3g 8GB has 2.0megapixels where as the G600 has 5.0megapixels, the quality of the pics are excellent. this is the perfect little phone as it is light weight and is easy to get on with, so it's good for a variety of ages. my mum got one, then i got one, then my dad liked them and got one too and they all still work perfectly. my brother then got one but didn't last long because he's a builder and they cannot handle that much mistreatment.He has gone through a large amount of phones that all broke because of the same thing and one of them costing over £300. it's great for what you need and i would definately recommend this phone TO ANYBODY!!!!!!! hope this helped you pick the right phone for u!!!

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 31st Aug 2009
The phone looks ok, but the text input is absolutely beyond belief, in a bad way, and I don't mean the ergonomics, which aren't great either. Predictive text is a complete nightmare, any text is a complete nightmare, it is so difficult and time consuming to switch between input modes, and when you do it's like the phone is broken half the time as it just doesn't do what you want, like it has a mind of it's own. I could write an essay about how bad the text input is, but just trust me, it's not good, noooo. Definately worse than the first phone I had with predictive text about 12 years or so ago, really bad, bad text engine on all settings, not just predictive text, I wish my old phone still worked.

Reviewed by veronica from UK on 15th Aug 2009
i have the g600 and its been a great little phone i have had no problems with it just keeps on working i give it 5 stars

Reviewed by Sophie from UK on 12th Aug 2009
I bought this phone about a month ago. I enjoyed it very much and was a good for for about 3 weeks. I have had this phone before and had problems with it but i thought it was because it was a used phone. Now my new purchased G600 isnt turning on and when it is on it keeps flashing when im not even touching it. I would say it is a good phone but very,very poorly made.

Reviewed by Anon from UK on 10th Aug 2009
If there's one thing that annoys me it's people expecting cheap phones to sing and dance for them! I have had this phone for a year and a half and it hasn't played up once! It works well with my visor bluetooth, the camera is really good when using the right settings. The music player is reasonably loud when you turn up the volume and if you're holding the phone with the slide up and let go of the keypad - what do you expect to happen seriously?? Weight overbalance at the top end so the phone will fall backwards! I text, make calls and use the internet all day everyday and the battery lasts me a few days! Also unless you specify in the settings to answer when you slide the phone up, you will need to press the answer key. Grr!!! This phone does what it's supposed to do. Our nation has clearly got too lazy!

Reviewed by Jess from UK on 10th Aug 2009
its an ok phone, but not very hard wearing. i've had mine for 16months - it wont charge up to 3 bars, drains the batttery in a day, and wont let me take more than 1 photo without going onto 'low battery'. sucks man.

Reviewed by Hailey from UK on 9th Aug 2009

Reviewed by chris ball from UK on 5th Aug 2009
Performance does not match up to the specification. Main grips are: Photos taken with the camera are poor quality, nowhere near what the specification suggests they should be. They are better then my old phones 1.2 MB quality, but not by much. The flash is next to useless (it does not ‘flash’, it is more of a dull torch). The time taken for the camera to think before and after taking a photo is way to long. The format of the photos is stated as .jpg, but Microsoft photo manager will not read them, so you need another image manipulation package to alter them (apparently this is to do with Samsung file compression). The synchronisation software does not work (it will not sync outlook with the phones calendar). Only 200 SMSs can be stored (in all folders). The capacity for custom words in the custom dictionary for SMSs is very limited. Settings do not get remembered (e.g. saving images to the memory card and camera or video mode) and go back to default when you turn the phone off. The SMS predictive text settings revert to default when you exit the SMS function. The failure to store user changed settings is particularly frustrating, as one has to set the functions up each time you use it. Saying all that the phone has been reliable and it is easy to use. I do like the automatic facility to decrease an image size to fit an MMS message, but this does not always work. I have reverted back to an older phone and regret not sending the G600 back for a replacement when I had the chance.

Reviewed by AndrewAsh09 from UK on 4th Aug 2009
Dont reccomend this phone, it was fine for 9 months then when i went on the camera or music player or even messages it gave me a red screen which then turned white, tried to take it back carphonewarehouse wouldnt accept it saying it was my fault! I know I cant blame the phone for carphone warehosue but still!

Reviewed by Adele from UK on 3rd Aug 2009
Had this phone for 18 months now. The ease of use for texting and calling is very good. Inbuilt speaker sound is also very good. Radio reception is fairly good but eats the battery life. Im a bit clumsy when it comes to phones and this has survived countless drops. I like how it saves text messages to drafts when one of those people who thinks they're oh so hilarious and original shuts it while your trying to text. The calender organizer is good with repeat settings so you can programme your timetable into it. There is however a list of things that irritate me about this phone. When texting the cursor will lag behind and you have to keep stopping to check you havn't made any mistakes. The predictive text dictionary seems to forget words that you add to it manually after about 2 days. It will only save messages to the phone memory and not very many at that. The internet browser is very easy to navigate with a virtual cursor but is painfully slow. The camera will take ok photos but you have to change the settings everytime you use it. The flash will not stay set to auto. The memory card is not properly integrated into use of the phone, its more used as external storage and it takes ages to open any files saved to it if its more than half full. You cannot set music files from the memory card as ring tones you have to save them to the phone. You cant edit photos on the memory card either they have to be saved to the phone. Overall i think the spec and quality of the phone is good and could be excellent, but theres to many things about its operating system that stop it being used to its full potential.

Reviewed by Soph from UK on 3rd Aug 2009
I've had this phone for a 18 months now and it has been reliable. The battery life is good and the phone has survived a few drops. The camera isn't as good as I thought it would be, especially for 5mp and one of the buttons needs to pressed harder in it's old age; but apart from that it has been a good phone.

Reviewed by Zoe from UK on 3rd Aug 2009
I love this phone it is great! But the camera could be better. It was really good until i accidently put it in the washing machine then it didnt work propaly!

Reviewed by Stuart from UK on 1st Aug 2009
i got this phone about a month ago and thought i write a review on it in my opinon it is fantastic phone does everything i want it to battery life is very good.

Reviewed by Anon from UK on 26th Jul 2009
I got this phone when it first came out and have had NO problems with it whatsoever ever since. I recently got a new phone (Samsung Jet) but I still find myself missing my G600 believe it or not! How sad I know but my G600 had a good battery life and was really reliable! With a decent camera. Obviously now there are a lot better phones around what with all the touchscreens and WiFi and resolution and speed .. but I decided to give this phone to my mum! As she needs a simple phone to make and receive calls and texts ... thats all. So its still in my household! But if thats all you need/want from a phone - GET THE G600! You can get it cheap too!

Reviewed by steve from UK on 18th Jul 2009
great all round phone!!!!

Reviewed by Russell from UK on 13th Jul 2009
I got one of these last week as part of a contract renewal with Virgin and after reading some of the reviews here worried that I'd made the wrong choice. When it turned up I noticed the camera settings are set really low by default and until you set the photo storage to use the memory card you cant get high res photos. I couldnt set a MP3 as a text notification and after a bit of reading up realised I needed to update the firmware so spent £7 on a flash cable and updated to the lastest firmware (June 2009). The menus are now faster and more functions are available. If you want a good looking, high end spec phone which can have its firmware modified (unlike my previous Nokia 6300 which was very dull) this may be the phone for you.

Reviewed by Blondie from UK on 5th Jul 2009
Do Not Buy! Samsung are having a laugh to dare call this a 5megapixel camera. Quality is awful, I had to take 14 pictures today of the same thing to actually find a half decent picture, and even then its still slightly blurred. My old phone had a 1.3megapixel cam and the quality was 100 times better than the G600. Screen cracked very easily within the first two weeks of buying. Listening to music, using the camera or having bluetooth on for any period of time runs the battery down stupidly fast. The flash often makes the picture turn out white with no image. If you have no protective cover the casing on the phone gets scratched off very easily just with everyday use. You cant use your own music for a message tone you're limited to 4 pre set tones. Texting is a nightmare because it's so slow to react you have to watch every word you text in case it lags behind and you miss words out. Predictive text is shocking! Even when I add a word to the dictionary the next time I come to type it, I have to do it again as it's "gone missing" Thank god my contract runs out 5 months. 18 months with this phone have been a nightmare. This is my second Samsung phone and my last! Going with LG or Nokia next time.

Reviewed by darren from UK on 5th Jul 2009
its a good fone but i think the quilty of the 5 mp isnt very good

Reviewed by Kevin from UK on 30th Jun 2009
Having owned the U600, I was eagerly awaiting to get my hands on the G600. On first inspection the phone looks and feels great. All of the buttons are layed out nicely and work well. The bad news begins when you actually turn it on. There's no other word for it, the menus and interface look dated with settings hidden where you would least expect them. The camera is ok, but not a huge improvement over the U600. One thing that's really irritating is the inability to set your own message tone, you're stuck with the rather poor 4 preloaded tones. It should have been a great phone, all of the pieces are there, it's just a pity Samsung dropped the ball when putting it together. Returned mine for an LG Cookie.

Reviewed by Poppy from UK on 30th Jun 2009
Have had this phone for just over a week now and I must say it's brilliant. True, the camera isn't the best in the world but it is supposed to be a phone after all so no complaints there. Have been pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to use. Loads of great features and looks the business too. I've found the battery life pretty good - it's on 24/7 and I've only had to charge it once and that was only because I was messing around with the special effects on the camera. I love it!!

Reviewed by simone from UK on 29th Jun 2009
an anoying feature about this phone is when you are texting in T9 dictionary mode if you select the option to add a word it does not always save the word to memory, so I have to type it in agan and again! and also another silly feature is when you are in T9 mode the word selecting is in no particular order of alphabet! for example if lets say you want to select the word "no" it will offer you the word "on" first which makes no sence as the letter "N" comes before the letter "O" in alphabetic order, and this happens a lot of instances, I find it very stupid and annoying, I mean it's not rocket science is it! did the manufacters not go to school!!!!

Reviewed by Jt from UK on 28th Jun 2009
missing essential things, such as mp3 message tones, seeing fullscreen images from your memory card and only able to hold 200 messages! (inbox sent box and drafts!) very disappointed...

Reviewed by P.Luhman from UK on 28th Jun 2009
Great phone has trouble holding Bluetooth connection with sony Radio

Reviewed by claudine from UK on 25th Jun 2009
i know it is one of the best phone ever, its cool stylish it is user friendly, i love it bad,

Reviewed by maria from bournemouth from UK on 25th Jun 2009
I have owned a samsung E370 for about 4 years now and would not choose any other as I fell in love with all the features it has, more importantly the memory on it, that is until now when I saw the samsung G600 basically its the same but with a 5 megs pixel instead of 1.3, the home screen is big ben with london sky and if someone texts you during the day a plane flies by, in idle mode theres birds flying by, at night the sky goes dark and you see a shooting star, and if someone texts you, you get fireworks how cool is that. its simple to use, smarter and quite simply a very good buy for the price. all the reviews that came up being not pleased with it I suggest they look for a dearer phone.

Reviewed by JACK from UK on 24th Jun 2009

Reviewed by Jack from UK on 20th Jun 2009
This is one of the worst phones i have EVER had the only thing i like is the camera i have to charge my phone EVERY day evn when bluetooth is off . not impressed At All

Reviewed by M Bailey from UK on 17th Jun 2009
It is a great phone except for one thing. You can only use 4 stupid tones for message alerts instead of being able to use your own sounds. This is a huge step backwards and the designer needs to come out of the dark ages! It would be 5 stars for me except for this problem which makes it a 2 star phone for me.

Reviewed by Stacy from UK on 13th Jun 2009
everytime i try to listen to music my samsung G600 goes off! why?

Reviewed by gurjit from UK on 7th Jun 2009
love it

Reviewed by - from UK on 6th Jun 2009
I have this phone, and my camera is completely broken. Every time i go onto the camera it comes up with 'preview error'. If i restart the phone, it will work for about 2 minutes, and then start saying 'preview error' again. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Reviewed by Gillian Duncan from UK on 6th Jun 2009
this is really bugging me. I admit I am not a technological genius but I have been reading the instruction book and following instructions from the net website and I still cannot transfer a picture from my phone to my laptop. Easy to work! what a joke! Still on the plus side I have only 16 months of my contract to go!!!lol guess its back to the good old fashioned digital camera..... anyone can help email me on thewomaninblack@msn.com it would be greatly appreciated!!!

Reviewed by exiled-busker from UK on 4th Jun 2009
Anyone know if there's a screen fault with these? Had mine for 2 weeks and the screen cracked. Looked around the net and it seems to be a common problem.

Reviewed by anny from UK on 3rd Jun 2009

Reviewed by Ohene from UK on 27th May 2009
This phone is superb. But the problem I have is that 1. I can't use the earphone to communicate. When a caller speaks, I can hear but he/she can't hear me. 2. I can't change to speaker phone when I call. I can only change when I receive a call. Is there any solution to the above problems? Ohene email address (Sohene-Boateng@AngloGoldAshanti.com.gh) or (so_boateng@yahoo.com)

Reviewed by sally from UK on 27th May 2009
Not a bad phone but edges are sharp and it's uncomfortable when texting, playing games, etc. My biggest gripe is the fact that you can't personalise your message tones/alerts, there are just 5 of these to choose from and are very basic and annoying sounds!The camera however is excellent it takes lovely sharp pictures. The memory card is sufficient too.

Reviewed by Anna from UK on 25th May 2009
I am on a contract which is 24 months long, which means I still have another 19 months with this Samsung. At first it was a lovely phone, but recently it has been turning itself on and off at inappropriate times and not activating keys when I'm sure I pressed them. And sometimes when I accidentally go on the internet, when I exit it hangs on to that little 'G' symbol which drains my battery - not that it has a very good battery life in the first place. But... the good points utterly out-weigh the bad. The music player is awesome, even though it doesn't go that loud and the headphones that actually came with the phone didn't fit in it, and the whole layout of the phone is really easy to use! The camera, however, is certainly good in some lights, but dreadfully disappointing in others. My Mum's 1.3MP camera can sometimes take better pictures than this, and the very rectangular shape of the camera isn't practical. Also - I would prefer to take pictures holding the phon e the right way round! So I am going to rate it 4 stars, and I would recommend this phone to anyone who sticks by Samsung but maybe not to people who have previously has Nokia's.

Reviewed by Charlie2e1dxy from UK on 25th May 2009
Excellent all round, worthy upgrade from the d900!

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