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Samsung F700 review

 Review: January 2008  

Last updated June 2009


In a nutshell: Samsung have made a splash with their iPhone-beating smartphone.


Samsung don't have a strong reputation in the SmartPhone field, but the F700 SmartPhone looks set to change all that. Marketed as an iPhone-killer, the F700 features a touchscreen user interface as well as a slide-out full QWERTY keyboard. Whereas the iPhone was just a cool user interface with no substance beneath the surface, the F700 is a high-spec phone with fast 3.6 Mbps 3G and a 3 megapixel camera with autofocus.

The F700 is the first Samsung phone to feature VibeTonz technology, which makes the screen vibrate when you touch it, to aid feedback, rather like the LG Viewty. The touchscreen is a huge 3.2 inch, ultra-high resolution display. Now, the iPhone user interface is still the best we've seen, but the F700 isn't far behind. It's just as usable, just less slick, if showing off to your friends is what matters. The QWERTY keypad makes the F700 easier to use than most Blackberries, and makes mobile email and texting very easy indeed. Our verdict on the user interface: well done Samsung, this is a fantastic design and we think this is definitely the direction that technology is headed in 2008.

The operating system is Samsung's own proprietary OS so it remains to be seen how much third party software will be available for the phone. Nevertheless, it does ship with basic applications including a web browser, email and a document viewer.

The camera is a 3 megapixel device with autofocus. It's certainly an iPhone beater, but can't match the best camera phones around. A second VGA camera enables video calling.

Musically the F700 is good, with a fully featured music player and plenty of memory (100 Mbytes plus microSD card support.) VibeTonz also adds vibration effects to games and ringtones, so you can literally feel the beat of the music. The phone is supplied with high quality Bose headphones. Disappointingly though, there's no radio.

In terms of connectivity, the F700 is once again ahead of the iPhone but lagging behind the best smartphones. It has full Bluetooth support and USB, but lacks infrared and WiFi. It has 3G with HSDPA, but only triband GSM support, not quadband.

Don't get us wrong, we do like the F700 very much, but it feels like a good phone rather than a great phone. It's exclusive to Vodafone and quickly became Vodafone's best selling phone after launch, and is definitely a phone that we can recommend. We hope to see more like this from Samsung in 2008, and if they can raise their game just a little, then they could seriously rival phones like the Nokia N95.

The F700 is no longer in production, but we are eagerly awaiting the Samsung Jet touchscreen phone.

Samsung F700 features include:

  • 3 megapixel camera with autofocus, 3x digital zoom
  • Video camera (VGA) for 3G video calling
  • Display: 262k colours, 440 x 240 pixels (3.2 inches)
  • Music player (MP3, MIDI, ACC, ACC+, WMA, e-AAC+ formats; OMA DRM 2.0)
  • 72-voice polyphonic ringtones, MP3 ringtones
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, email (POP3 , SMTP , IMAP4), Instant Messaging
  • Document viewer
  • Java applications
  • Memory: 100 Mbytes plus 1 Gbyte microSD memory card
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB 2.0
  • HTML web browser
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS Class 10, EDGE, HSDPA (3.6 Mbps)
  • Tri Band (900/1800/1900 MHz) plus 3G (UMTS 2.1 GHz)
  • Size: 112 x 56 x 16 mm
  • Weight: 139g
  • Talktime: 270 minutes
  • Battery standby: 350 hours

Samsung F700 user reviews

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Average rating from 97 reviews:

Reviewed by Chale from Zambia on 19th Jun 2011
Good fon but they got to improve on the covers coz they are prone to scratches

Reviewed by tahmasn from uk on 13th Feb 2010
it is such a cool phone

Reviewed by jack w from wilwal@yahoo.com on 8th Feb 2010
i had this phone for 1 1/2 year now , and boy , its great for texting , if it doesnt freeze up , for the rest , i,m very dissapointed , i have had to change the flexcable twice , the battery runs low quickly , and the chargersocket on the phone had to be changed twice.... sorry , looks great , but it isnt. i,ll just go blackberry next. sorry......

Reviewed by sheila from england on 24th Jan 2010
wow such a cool phone!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by mahmood from uk on 27th Dec 2009
great phone buy it no doubt people who say wrong about it dont belive them 5 out of 5

Reviewed by calum from uk on 9th Nov 2009
my phone is now 21 monthes old and now NOT fully functional ive been havin problems from about 3monthes ago with it freezing and doing really weird stuff jus out of the blue! its not really a long term phone so if you get it on contract make sure its a short one! i bort mine for 150 quid and what a waste of money that was to be honest im not to pleased because now i have to buy a new phone! only buy brand new then you may get longer than i did out of it because i brought it when it was already 9 monthes old BIG MISTAKE!

Reviewed by kayleigh sconderaguhn from australia on 30th Oct 2009
in my opinione i thought the samsung f700 was a brilliant phone the camera was great and most of the reviews are bad about this phone and say it breaks easily and it freezes all the time i never ad any of those problems with mine buh unfortunately i put my phone in the washing machine and i sent it back and i ahould be getting another one soon(: if your thinking about buying this phone, go on and buy it its a brilliant phone and well up to standard Thank You For Reading

Reviewed by atesham from kuwaqit on 15th Oct 2009
cool;osome just coooooooooooooooooool

Reviewed by talal from kuwait on 15th Oct 2009
best mobile ever had the camera is awesome with autofocus and those who say it freezes they dont know how to use any mobile

Reviewed by JAMIE B from ENGLAND on 29th Sep 2009
ive had it for about 2 years and its froze a couple of time and then iT wouldnt come on so i sent mine back to be repaired but overall one word can drescribe it brilliant

Reviewed by Holly from England on 9th Sep 2009
This really looks like a fantastic phone. I've had it for almost 18 months so I'm coming to the end of my contract with it but I'm seriously thinking of keeping hold of it rather than getting a new phone. The keyboard is fantastic and makes emails and texts so easy. It also looks really fancy when you flick in open and people always comment on how great it looks. The music player is of good quality for a phone at least. Now the negatives- as has already been mentioned the phone does seem to have a software fault which makes it freeze. Mine seems to freeze when I try to add a contact number to a text and also when I try to end a phonecall. However, I can live with that. How often does your computer freeze?

Reviewed by Saman from Berlin on 7th Aug 2009
I have The Mobile to since a week, it's very Good. It have a very Good Touchscreen and a very good Qwerty :) I Love this Phone, because then i show the Mobile My friends They get Scared about the style of the mobile they will the Mobile too :D. This Mobile is the best i ever had. I Loved

Reviewed by Bill from UK on 10th Jul 2009
I have just bought this phone and so far, am verry pleased with it! it has a great touchscreen and camera with its main feature - the qwerty keypad - performing very well! excellent phone! would reccomend to anyone!!

Reviewed by Martin from UK on 25th Jun 2009
Well, in the 18months that I've had this phone there have been ups and downs. BAtteries loosing charge for no reason, screen freeze as already mentioned. It was clumsy to start with and took a bit of getting used to, the leather holder and the call answering but thats OK now, My main complaint would be that it was totally unsupported by Samsung and update wern't available, and the chrger interface not adaptable with previous samsungs. Time's up for my F700 and it'll be retiring tomorrow when my new Jet arrives.

Reviewed by Kerry from UK on 11th Jun 2009
Ive had my phone for over a year! I love it! When you slide up the phone to get type on the keyboard, all of my friends are like ahhh i want to have a go!! Its snazzy with the touch screen etc :):) best phone ive ever had! Just looking at others comments, mine dosnt freak at all. i dont find it hard to end a call :S its easy. I would consider it to others to maybe thinking about getting one!! Hehe :P

Reviewed by Dom from uk on 21st Apr 2009
Had mine over a year now and STILL love it would reccomend anyone to buy it... amazing fone and always wows people with the sexy touch screen and the sleek qwerty... its my baby and i wouldnt have it anyother way ;P

Reviewed by Jaff from UK on 13th Mar 2009
This is a pretty good phone overall however: -the scrolling lags some of the time. -answering a call is more complicated than it looks. -the lock mechanism on mine has broken nearly a year in, itll be off to be repaired soon. -screen freezes all the time when on the internet and sometimes although rarely in the middle of an a text. however on the upside. -its a great looking phone. -qwerty keypad is excellent -nice standard of camera, not too techy but still allows you to take great photos. -nice inclusion of a 1GB memory stick allows you to get about 200 tracks on there. -nice sound play back. -very durable, ive taken it too packed gigs and its all nicely in one piece.

Reviewed by Tony. from UK on 1st Mar 2009
This phone is brilliant.I have used every feature on it with no trouble or glitches.I have had a nokia n96 but must agree this phone is much better.

Reviewed by calum from u.k on 18th Feb 2009
i have just brought this phone it is incredible it really is. i have had no problems with it yet (touch wood). i bort it from ebay and it still works very well and its 9 monthes old aswell.

Reviewed by reiq from usa on 26th Jan 2009
i have had this phone for 3 months and i hate it screen freezes and hard to end a call.samsung (usa)would not cover warranty cause its from europe.dont buy it!

Reviewed by shinese from birmsz on 26th Jan 2009
OMG love this phone!! had it last yr and since then ive had 3 other phones after losin them all ive decided that the samsung F700 is the onli phone i want! been dicontined from voda so gonna buy it from ebay YAAAAY! deffinaly get this phone if u get the chance!

Reviewed by Margie from UK on 18th Jan 2009
I have had this phone for 5 months. It is the best phone i have ever had. the texting is so easy to use and the touchscreen is amazing, i love the brightness on the screen too. i dont mind the camera either, not the best but it is by far not the worst either. i was wondering though. why was it discontinued if it was such a big hit. was there problems with it or something? i have never had problems with mine.

Reviewed by Sue from England on 5th Jan 2009
Have had this phone for 1 year and I love it. So easy to use not too keen on the camera, but that isn't why I bought it. Love the touchscreen, the keyboard, the vibrate the ease of use, and it always gets comments when I use it out and about. Changed my contract provider at the end of 12 months because I like the phone so much and couldn't find another Samsung that matches it at all.

Reviewed by Dylan from South Africa on 29th Dec 2008
i have this phone for a week now. NO problems besides the fact the software SUX,i cant download any java games or programs "unsupported file"... took it in to my service provider & they told me to take it to Samsung for a firmware upgrade,will take about 2-3weeks. WTF? it says that it's supports WMV playback,but that's a lie.dont get me wrong,i LOVE this phone,just wished they havent fasely advertised some features. will give it another month or two to make up my mind,but right now,i love it.

Reviewed by Becki from England on 24th Dec 2008
I've had mine for 6 months now the camera could be better after 3 months it started freezing and last month my speaker broke battery seems to die quite quickly I have to charge mine every other day If your going to get this phone make sure you take out insurance because your going to need it

Reviewed by stjgjad from england on 18th Dec 2008
it is the best phONe ever and for the people who says it freezes u must not take care of it

Reviewed by shodown from small heath england on 5th Dec 2008
my cousins got diis phone its alright better than the i phone

Reviewed by Becca from England on 2nd Dec 2008
i love this phone.

Reviewed by Rhino from UK on 19th Nov 2008
Thought this phone looked good and a credible alternative to iphone...it is not. After three months of using this phone I reverted back to my Blackberry. This phone is a dud and lacks even basic applications. Even the phone dealer I bought the phone from said he changed to a new one (TOCO) when it came out. It seems Samsung have launched several phones in a very small space of time. The F700 is the DUD in the series.

Reviewed by Cara from England on 16th Nov 2008
this phone looks really nice and has a nice feel but can freeze and when it does you have to keep pressing the same button for about a minute. Also the camera is really bad as its really hard to take a picture without it being blury :(

Reviewed by Mike from England on 4th Nov 2008
For those who like the phone, I'm happy for you. It looks great but the camera is dreadful, the software clunky, it has selective Bluetooth connection and the PC software is a joke - try sync-ing your calendar with Outlook! I use it because it looks cool but took my Nokia N70 on holiday for the camera (2mp!) and reliability. F700 = style over substance.

Reviewed by wazza from brackley on 26th Oct 2008
i love this phone

Reviewed by adam smylie from northern ireland on 20th Oct 2008
i've used it alot and im not that old but even for me it was very simple and easy to use. I am quite a fan of samsung phones but it could do with a bit of a better camera.

Reviewed by Dan from UK on 5th Oct 2008
The phone has always worked well for me, you can answer calls by pressing the button at the bottom of the phone but unlock it first. The real issue for me is that Vodafone is canceling the My Mail service so i cant get my emails on the phone anymore. They wont provide me with a replacement which does work with emails so im stuffed!! i have been with vodafone for 13 years and this is definitely the last time i renew my contract with them. The customer service is awful how can they just cancel a service and not provide a replacement!!

Reviewed by mr.maj from chicago on 4th Oct 2008
its a good phone, but its not for every one, so try it be for you buy it.

Reviewed by Stevo from UK on 3rd Oct 2008
After reading these reviews I wonder if they have the same phone as mine. Texting and the internet are great using the slide out keyboard. Battery life isn't great, but then as the phones have got smaller so has battery life. No problems at all with freezing, or the touchscreen not working. Camera is excellent quality outdoors, not so good with flash. Video is great. Overall I'm delighted with it.

Reviewed by Tariq from South Africa on 28th Sep 2008
I have my F700 from May 2008 and for the first 2 months everything seemed fine because i thought i just needed to get used to it but now that i have i think this phone is just awful, not worth it at all. Answering the phone takes about 8 secs, u have to hit accept a couple times before getting it to answer the call plus the volume of the ring is so soft sometimes i mis the call completely. U can downlaod application from the computer plus the phone is not symbian ,does'nt allow for minimising..It restarts when it feels like and it freezes continuously. and i have to stick with this phone for 2 years, ' of pain'. Please donot buy this phone it is a real waste of 'your' time.

Reviewed by Becca from Lancashire on 26th Sep 2008
I have had my this fone now for a few months and i love it ! Best i think i have had camra isnt all that and battery doesnt last that long but thats why i have a digital camra But I Love the phone!

Reviewed by stef from cornwall on 16th Sep 2008
ive had this phone since january well actualy july, the first one decided to keep freezing then turn itself on and off then it didnt work at all, and this one is slowly goin the same, there are no applications that i can download eg sat nav like it says the onli reli interesting thing is the music player quite like that but the rest isnt too great, seems a shame because the phone did look soo promising, just needs to have more interesting things even programs that you can download because whhat the pointin a keyboard on a phone that doesnt need it, and the ability so scroll over things n copy n paste images that would be cool to

Reviewed by Kirsty from Weymouth on 11th Sep 2008
I have the F700 . im not getting along with it at all, i am forever dropping it but i suppose thats my clumsyness. after a week the screen has cracked. i am often finding that i have to turn my phone off and back on again, because it keeps freezing. the touch screen is pants! .. liek everyone else has said you have to tap the screen 5-6 times before it even decided to slowly do something. the internet doesnt exsist on my phone. doing file transfers from the compter is diabolical to. im so angry i brought this phone.

Reviewed by michelle from uk on 5th Sep 2008
i love it

Reviewed by Alex O'Connor from U.K. on 28th Aug 2008
This phone is absoloutly the worst example of a mobile phone i have ever had! even the Nokia 3310 far out does the F700. Answering a call is a game in itself, i often tap the accept button 5 or more times before it answers and sometimes i miss the call completly. The camera is totally awfull aswell, the resolution is terrible and it takes about 15 seconds for the picture to take during which time the picture has moved. The screen is difficult to navigate making using the internet a chore not morth doing. I would ohnestly rather not have a phone than use this one.....PLEASE save yourself the misery and get a different phone!!

Reviewed by Ian from England on 15th Aug 2008
I had this phone stolen when i was in spain (my apratment broken into and it was taken). Vodafone have now given me my simcard back but have not replaced the phone although I HAVE INSURANCE. They say that they will give me a phone but it is probably not going to be this one as they no longer make this phone as it is old and basically overall rubbish. I found this phone very stylish and i had just come to terms with it, although the scroll is not its best feauture, i personally adore the keypad. I am now no longer guaranteed this phone, and most probably will end up with a phone not any of my choice.

Reviewed by Luke from Ireland on 14th Aug 2008
i have been using this phone for around 8 months and it is driving me mad. the touch screen is unresponsive and the scrolling in the menus is either very slow or far to fast. the menu system is complicated and transition between screens is slow. the QWERTY keyboard is easy to use but it is almost impossible to text using the touch screen keypad. sometimes when the backlight turns off the buttons stop working and you have to open and close the keyboard to get it working. this becomes irritating after a while. it is also quite bulky. i would advise you not to buy this phone.

Reviewed by graham from uk on 13th Aug 2008
i had mine for about 3 months and it was ok apart from the screen freezing the odd time but then it developed a charging fault so it went back to vodafone and they updated the software and fixed it but then a day later it stopped charging again same fault so took it back to vodafone and they wont fix it and said its my fault due to abuse so i had to claim on my insurance and pay 25 admin fee i seriously would not reccomend this fone and i will be sending a very stroppy email to vodafone

Reviewed by baldy81 from uk on 6th Aug 2008
have mines 2 weeks now,its annoying to end call cos u CANT got it on pay as you go (279) and works with my 02 sim (hasnt been unlocked).apart from no radio and not being able to hang up its a great phone......

Reviewed by Steve Brown from UK on 26th Jul 2008
I have to say that after years of feeling that each new phone I got was an improvement on the previous one, I hate my F700. Within days the interface wasn't working very well, especially to end calls, when internittently no end of pressing the symbols failed to end a call. For the mosr part it's not a problem, as the caller at the other end hangs up and automatically breaks the connection, but if I am ringing my voicemail, I often have to switch the whole phone off just to end the call! Also, the button on the front, which is supposed to reactivate the screen after a period of idleness, frequently doesn't work. I've sent the handset back to Vodafone and received a completely different one which has the same problems, so sounds more like a design fault than a rogue handset. As a generality, nice as the interface looks it can be a pain trying to get the keyboard screen back up if you suddenly need it during a call (such as coming across one of those dreadful "press 1 for X, press 2 for y" call centres. Also, there seems to be no way of having a ringtone that vibrates then rings and no way of altering the ringtone volume. Next time I'm definitely going back to a phone with 'proper' keys!

Reviewed by Elma from South africa on 23rd Jul 2008
Its nice. But cant download any java applications. No games, no maps nothing. One boring puzzle game. Thats it. Cant get java unlock codes.

Reviewed by Grace from UK on 18th Jul 2008
this phone is really rubish it looks great but it freezes and its really chunky to put in your pocket

Reviewed by AK from legend on 15th Jul 2008
reply to jeraine - menu settings profile normal(or whichever you have it on) you will see three tabs a phone with a speaker a mail message and a handset with a speaker(select this one) and slide the phone sound volume right down.

Reviewed by mathew from english on 14th Jul 2008
ive had it quit a while now its been relable and a very long battery life when people see it they think wow its a babe magnet boys.

Reviewed by Jeraine from singapore on 13th Jul 2008
I Cant figure out how to off the keypad tone. its really annoying!

Reviewed by elaine from england on 11th Jul 2008
had this phone 3 months!!! freeze screen like others mentioned!!! now the charging port has broken??? internally they tell us so not repairable!! unsure where we stand as its a contract phone?? wish i'd read these reviews first!!! can i cancel my contract? anyone been to trading standards? fit for purpose? dont get this phone!!!!!

Reviewed by Candice Scipio from South Africa on 28th Jun 2008
I hate the samsung F700 it the worst phone I have ever bought it make me sick. Nothing on this phone is easy to use not even answering a call you have to play tap tap on the screen most of the time I miss my calls just trying to answer it. Then the same goes for ending a call most of the time I waist my airtime just trying to end a call. The 3mega pix auto focus camera is pathetic I had a erricson with 3mega pix and believe me this phone could have like 1mega pix and no auto focus. Even though it has a keyboard don't try to use mxit you will get frustrated just trying a send 1 message. The F700 was a complete waist of my money I hate this phone....

Reviewed by jp from SA on 21st Jun 2008
its a great phone..i broke mine last night tho :(..the touch screen works fine even after the drop, but i just cant find where to get the lcd cover replaced..you should buy this phone if you dont plan on partying too hard..!

Reviewed by kevin wilkie from England on 20th Jun 2008
Good but fatally flawed. Often can't accept incoming calls on thouch screen key. Worst of all the screen has cracked (it was in my pocket at the time) and Vodafone say this is a chargable repair, despite the fact that other people in this review have had the same problem. I think I will be changing my business contract as well as my phone.

Reviewed by nicola from uk on 18th Jun 2008
i love this phone, on the odd occasion it may freeze but its like anything electrical - they do that! nothing with compare to the nightmare that wasa the n80 i had that kept breaking/overheating/not charging/freezing/wiping its own memory. only problem ive had was dropping something on it which has cracked the screen BUT the touch screen still works, i just need to find a replacement screen. as for the camera not working in the dark ... have you adjusted the settings? mine takes great pics and i ive the qwerty keyboard. its a bit of a show off phone, whenever im using it and friends have not seen it or have they comment on how slick it is

Reviewed by Gail from Endland on 13th Jun 2008
I LOVE this phone. My m8s friend has it and its absolutly gorgious. How much on pay as you go. I WANT IT.!!!!!

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 13th Jun 2008
Okay, I have read these reviews, there is a mixed bag here of good and sadly bad points. There are a few people I Would sadly frame and shame, e.g. Bella From the UK. The Apple Iphone was NOT ment to be sold for normal people, it was and still is ment for business men. The Iphone isnt great either, there are huge problems with it. It's good for music and thats it, its got a bad quality speaker and the touch screen brakes more times than a car brakes on the road at traffic lights or whatever. The samsung has no radio, I know I would class that as a minor problem, but other people might think its more important. It has 3.5G, unlike the iphone, you can video call on the F700. Its got a cute and classy design and its accepted as a phone as its got this great keyboard, making msging easier and faster. This F700 is a great phone, I have been looking and i havant found one like it, easy to use and great features. I recommend it, I think i'll even get it myself!

Reviewed by lisa from uk on 8th Jun 2008
this pjone is brilliant and it wil only brake if u dont take care of it properly like with my other pjone w580i everyone elses broke eccept mine i recomend this phone to everyone

Reviewed by rajaan from UK on 30th May 2008
i have had this phone for 2 weeks and i think it is really good but theres a couple of things missing .... WI-FI?..GPS?...STRONGER CAMEREA?...but still its an amazing phone :)

Reviewed by gareth kirkham from newcastle on 22nd May 2008
i think this phone is very very very very outstanding

Reviewed by stacy from dundee on 16th May 2008
i've had my samsung f700 for about 15 days, i love it but it broke after having it 3 days, it stopped charging, i wanted to get the same one again but vodafone arent getting anymore in so therefor i have to cancel my contract because i was going to go for the nokia n95 but have to pay more on my contract to get that which is appauling as it isnt my fault it broke neither is it my fault that they arent getting anymore in. But i loved this phone, the touch screen is really easy too use, has good memory, not a great camera but u have to remember its a phone not a digital camera, also like that you can change your message tone because on quite a few samsungs you can't. The flip out keyboard is great for people who love to text.

Reviewed by charli from england on 6th May 2008

Reviewed by Arnold Sseezi from uk on 4th May 2008
ya, had this phone for two days before the battery jus started acting up, what am i meant to use it for 4-5 hours and then plug it in again, come on!and apart from that nice phone.

Reviewed by amy from england on 28th Apr 2008
this phone ive had it for 2 mounths and i think its good but it could have been better

Reviewed by Josh from wales on 26th Apr 2008
ive had this phone for 5 months and i think it is excellent! never had any trouble with it! easy to text and the touch screen is great. looks good and all my friends want it! i have read in some of these reviews that the phone freezes i dont know why that is happening to theirs but mine certainly has never frozen its working exactly has it should be! Love this phone recomend that u get it!

Reviewed by Bella from uk on 25th Apr 2008
Well I have had this phone for about a month now...and to be honest it's the worst phone iv ever handled..If you ever consider getting it ... I actuali reccommend that you don't. The touch sensitive is really annoying and thats not because i don't like touch sensitive phones...it's just this one. It freezes alot! Extremely Bulky and gets scratched easily! It takes forever to take a picture! doesnt respond well. It should also have a 5MP camera...really does let it down! :(

Reviewed by Sophie from UK on 21st Apr 2008
After having the phone for 3 weeks it had to be sent for repairs after taking it upon itself not to make or receive calls and texts. The phone has been back in my possession for 6 weeks and now wont allow me to send or receive mms messages. Although it appears initially quite flash and always finds approval from others its bulky, unreliable and irritatingly slow when trying to get out of its various screens. Definately consider something else.

Reviewed by XeN from UK on 19th Apr 2008
POOR! Have had mine returned 4 times now due to poor response from touch screen, locking up and not be able to use the phone. Am trying to get it changed as it is clearly a design fault / software fault with the phone but vodafone dont want to know.

Reviewed by Ashley from UK on 18th Apr 2008
This is an excellent phone, but the camera could be better. If the camera was better, I would give this 5 stars. The keyboard feature is so cool. 8/10 :)

Reviewed by lucia from plymouth on 17th Apr 2008
i like this phone is very nice

Reviewed by Christopher Smith from Ireland on 13th Apr 2008
After 1 week of ownership I'm just about getting the hang of it's touchscreen controls it takes a bit of practise but it's worth it. The slide out keyboard is a revelation for anyone with failing eyesight & it works great. The only down side to this phone is it's music player the sound is great but the controls & menus are messy other than this it's agreat phone.

Reviewed by J. Fernandez from UK on 12th Apr 2008
I got this phone 3 months ago and find it quite a bad choice. is bulky and menus are not good at all. If you are thinking about getting this phone, look for an alternative. It is the best advice i can give you! If you still want to go ahead... well.. don't say i din't warn you!

Reviewed by Lewis from Singapore on 12th Apr 2008
Samsung is a brand which i truly support but they are not able to anticipate or rather know what the general market wishlist is. Although they are strong in terms of the other electronic field, when it come to the design and the demand for smart phone features...they are still way behind the rest fot he competitors. They need to do a better market survey on the Asia market and not be contented within their own world. There are much more than the view from the "well"...if you climb out of your little enclosed well, you will be able to breath and smell more things....

Reviewed by Max from Canada on 9th Apr 2008
Awsome phone, couldnt be better. This phone is great and i would suggest it anytime over the iPhone

Reviewed by Andrew from UK on 8th Apr 2008
I have had this phone for 4 months. Phone interface is clunky. Even hanging up is 2 keystrokes, let alone accessing a number pad for accessing call centre options. The adress line for texting does not allow instant access to the phonebook, so selecting contacts is slower than it should be. The screen shuts down mid call, and while you can still speak, it is impossible to hang up without taking the battery out. This problem persisted even after Vodafone 'repaired' the handset, and it has been sent for another repair. Overall this phone is pretty disappointing, given the potential it had to be great.

Reviewed by paul from uk on 5th Apr 2008
poor, unfinished, very low suport on software, poor battery life, screen freezing, and lots more...

Reviewed by Graham from England on 3rd Apr 2008
Poor Poor phone, Samsung should be done for false marketing as this thing is no smartphone! I did try and explain in detail but this site kept telling me not to swear, I've had 4 people read it and there is no swearing in the review???????? in short Media player is quiet and fiddly, internet explorer is so annoying I've cancelled my line rental till I get a new phone, camera's worse than the 2mp one on my Vario, no sortware support even from Samsung, can only use up to 2mb SD cards......etc etc my old Sony Ericsson T68 in 1999 was as advanced and better laid out than this. Roll on the Sony Ericsson X1 so I can get a proper smartphone again!!

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 2nd Apr 2008
Upgraded and sent it back - very poor battery life, touch screen terrible compared to an iphone, couldn't make it synchronise and little help from Samsung and vodafone. User manual pathetic.

Reviewed by frenchy from uk on 18th Mar 2008
i bought this phone after i bought the 8gb n95 i'm very happy with the f700 great phone it's so easy to text with it never had no problem i've been using the phone with glove during the cold and it work not like the iphone i'm sorry but the f700 for me is the best touchscreen phone out for the moment

Reviewed by Aaron from UK on 11th Mar 2008
I have a f700 and have hadfor sometime. I find the phone looks very slick but thats as far as the "Good" features go. The internet decides for you if it wants to show WEP pages or full internet. The music player is rubbish, you don't even get a next track button and have to fast forward all you tunes. The volume is very low either with or with the Bose headphones. The memory can only hold 200 text which is a nightmare in todays texting enviroment. The only good thing I've found is themusic quality when plugged into an amp, its the only i-phone killing feature. My old nokia e70 far performed this nightmare that I'mnow stuck with, help....

Reviewed by Gary B from England on 9th Mar 2008
Got this after returning the Viewty after 6 days; this is going back too. Like the Viewty, it has many good features but for what I need, it doesn't reach the mark. Good points; easy to use, QWERTY keypad nice touch (if you're sat at a table/desk,) internet very quick in 3G areas. Not so good; as with Viewty, poor battery life, poor reception, very fiddly navigation to get to basic functions, touch-screen can be unresponsive. Fancy the N95 although some say that's not great so could be sticking with SE.

Reviewed by Colin from UK on 8th Mar 2008
Looks very cool and generally works well - BUT the touchscreen has a habit of freezing - the receiver down button sometimes will not respond and its VERY frustrating. I am stuck with this now as I am on contract. If the touch screen worked I would be happy

Reviewed by Azam from UK on 6th Mar 2008
I copied a wmv video and a avi video but the phone dont play them, its a great video phone and you could play videos if it allows it. The head phones maybe bose but the quality is not as good as w800i music which i have. The sound is not very clear, you cannot hear every note as you could in w800i. So music is not so good, video is well not good, the screen is 100% great and feels like iphone but just 1GB memory.. i mean which planet are we from now? I am going to return it and get a sony phone again. sorry samsung but its not just there..

Reviewed by Neil from UK on 26th Feb 2008
A heap of junk. Gotthis from Vodafone in December and the email has never worked. Vodafone keep sending me settings but the email does not work on sending, only receiving. Touch screen is unreliable and often does not respond. Other irritations are that the contact database does not accept alpha characters in postcodes and it is impossible to do two things at once (eg look up a number whilst making a call) I understand from Vodafone that they have now discontinued this phone.

Reviewed by not impressed from england on 25th Feb 2008
really wanted to like this phone, unfortunately it is the first phone i have ever had to return. problems include: - touch screen unresponsive - camera requires people in photo to be completely still for 5 seconds (doesn't work with kids) otherwise you get a blurred photo (happens most of the time) - short cut button often stops working whilst on a call making it impossible to hang up unless you open the phone to activate the terminate key - answering a call takes about 5 seconds, which if you are already on a call makes it very difficult to hang up and accept the next call- which is very annoying

Reviewed by Bill from greece on 21st Feb 2008
overall a very nice phone. Impressive design and astonishing 3.2in of touchscreen are more than enough..... if what you want is to show off to ur friends. I am a wannabe buyer of the f700 but it lacks certain main characteristics this type of cell should have: no wi-fi (for free netsurf as the GPRS and HSDPA cost a lot!) no possibility of third-party software. anyway, still a great Phone. I would aprreciate it if someone owning it,posted its SAR levels, i can't find then on the net.... [Reply from Miro Gomsi from Slovenia on 11th Aug 2008: This link says that the SAR value is very small!! :) It's: 0.079 W/Kg source: mobile.softpedia.com.]

Reviewed by darren from england on 21st Feb 2008
bought this as an upgrade, great phone to use great touchscreen shame about how long the battery doesnt last so takin back and gettin something different.

Reviewed by Shell from UK on 19th Feb 2008
Very good. Although after a few weeks, the button on the screen caused the screen to crack 4 times, but has been sent for repair and due back any day, hopefully all sorted. Found the slide out keyboard great, really easy to text with.

Reviewed by Kiera from CANADA on 14th Feb 2008
OUTSTANDING! Best phone ever I've had it for 3 months and nothing bad as happened! WOW! LOVE IT! It is big,bold and very beautiful!Oh yeah and great MP3 love it and love the touchscreen!

Reviewed by Danny from UK on 22nd Jan 2008
i have had this phone for 5 weeks and WOW,i love it.its big,bold and beautiful.the touch screen is great as is the qwerty.downloads very quickly.Its easy to use and so cool to looh at.I am normally a SE user but after the nightmare of the W910i no more.Battery on F700 needs charging a lot but the phone does a lot.Great MP3,a shed load of memory and no tie up with the cash cow that is Apple .yeah I mean Itunes and the iphone)not for your grannie but a fabulous phone

Reviewed by Dave from England on 18th Jan 2008
I got this phone as an upgrade with Vodafone from a Sony Ericcson K800i. I got the first one on 7th December....it lasted 10 days before the touch screen froze. It would not respond to any functions or keys. It went back, and the new one worked fine all over Christmas. Today (18th Jan) it pulled the same trick. Its going back, considering a G800. The big screen is good for internet but its very fiddly to hit the hyperlinks as they are so small. Shame, because I thought it was better than the iPhone. Camera is a nightmare to use in dark conditions because of the time it takes to auto focus then there's a shutter delay; you've got to have a very steady hand to get good photos.

Reviewed by Richard from UK on 10th Jan 2008
This phone is big but thin it is fiddly too start with but once you use it for a day or two it becomes much easier too use. I wouldn't say it is the quickest to make phone calls but txting can be easier with the qwerty keyboard. I have found most functions so far on the phone work but again getting too the them takes longer than other phones! I have been using the SE 810i for 18 months and for me that is the still the best phone around as it works after some heavy usage! This phone is not as good as the LG Viewity but is a good alternitive for a vodafone customer is you want too look flash.

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 8th Jan 2008
On the whole okay but i have sent mine back due to the size and fiddly nature of the navigation combined

Reviewed by abdi from usa on 4th Jan 2008
it's not as good as the LG Viewty KU990 but it a good phone overall

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