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Samsung F400 review

 Review: July 2008  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung F400 is a superb music phone.

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The Samsung F400 is a dual slider phone. Slide it up to access the keypad, just like a conventional slide phone. Slide it down to reveal an external speaker located at the top of the phone (see picture on the right.) Its obvious that the F400 is intended as a music phone, and it really does deliver on its promise.

The music capabilities of the F400 are truly outstanding. The external stereo speakers add significantly to the volume, and the Bang & Olufsen ICEpower technology means that audio quality is 100%. The Smart Bass feature pumps out extra bass too. Audio quality is superb both when using the external speakers, or through headphones, and with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack you can use any set of headphones that you choose - a feature that's surprisingly rare amongst other mobiles. The music player supports all common digital formats, including MP3 and WMA, and also supports OMA Digital Rights Management 1.0. You can set an MP3 track as a ringtone, or use 72-voice MIDI ringtones. As you'd expect, an FM radio is built in too.

The music controls are excellent too, with an iPod-like MusicWheel and a music hotkey. Using these controls you can easily access the music player with the slide closed and just the external speakers showing at the top. The F400 also comes with a music recognition feature similar to Sony Ericsson's TrackID™ - find out the track and artist information by recording part of any song.

The F400 is a compact phone, although not superslim, and fits snugly into the hand. The keypad slides open smoothly and the keys shouldn't cause any problems, as they are nicely sized with positive feedback. One advantage of not being superslim is that a larger capacity battery can be fitted inside, and in fact the F400 has outstandingly good battery life, which is very useful in a phone that doubles as a music player!

The phone is 3G and supports fast music downloads via HSDPA 3.6 Mbps. It also supports full Bluetooth 2.0 and USB 2.0 connectivity. SMS and MMS messaging are available, as well as email. A handy document viewer is installed for viewing attachments.

The camera is a good mid-ranger with 3 megapixels, autofocus and an LED flash. The camera can also record video in MPEG4 or 3GPP formats, and there's a second camera for video calling too. The display is typical for this kind of phone, with a standard resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and 262k colours.

There's just one thing that niggles us about the F400, and that's the measly 20 Mbytes of internal memory. However, you can add a microSD card up to 8 Gbytes for storing up to 2,000 MP3 tracks, so this is something that we are prepared to live with. We rate the phone 9 out of 10.

Samsung F400 features include:

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Samsung F400 user reviews

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Average rating from 77 reviews:

Reviewed by sam omenta nduko from Kenya on 22nd Dec 2011
I love this type of phone.its the one am using right now.i have stayd with it since 2007

Reviewed by Reece from England on 20th May 2011
had this phone for 2&half years and it still is a great phone a little bit outdated now with pretty poor internet using but what do u expect when its been around for more than 3years, no apps but still great and has video calling. very easy to use, the scroll wheel is top notch makes browsing through the phone very easy and quick. the keypad is gr8. once you put a memory card in there you'll never need worry about memory space. music quality is amazing equal with an ipod maybe a little bit better. its a bit outdated 2day but it is still a very very gd phone. want a basic and easy 2 use phone this is the phone 4 u.

Reviewed by dharahas from INDIA on 10th Jan 2011
this is a waste phone which i hav never seen....Apps r no supporting if we send them frm pc...Only v shld download frm mobile net...No battery backup.

Reviewed by Dharahas from India on 3rd Oct 2010
This is a daffer phone.dis is not supporting any apps.no battry life.Dual slide????????Thu waste..........i wasted my money Rs10,000........Jaffa phone.no +points to tell.do not buy dis (Daffer)phone.. 7 months down the line everythings wrong with it! the sound doesnt work because of the slide - beeping all through phone calls saying something about the headphone jack - its turning itself on & off constantly - and even the bluetooths not working! thats a phone that hasnt been water damaged or dropped!

Reviewed by Dharahas from India on 26th Sep 2010
This is a worst phone tht i hav ever seen.It does not support any Apps....No battery life.So pls no one shld buy Dis Phone...

Reviewed by rajan from India on 10th Sep 2010
worst phone i ever seen i changed this mobile twice still theres no battery backup

Reviewed by Saif from north pole on 31st Aug 2010
Amazing phone eva...awsme battery life and camera aint dat bad either, but regardles of files getting saved in phone memory in bluetooth transfers dis phone is awesme to use and really cool!

Reviewed by Divya Sree from India on 31st Jul 2010
It got so many minus points,wat Narendra Varma told is absolutely right bcoz even I faced the same problem with it.I recommend u to not to buy this.

Reviewed by Narendra Varma from India on 1st Jul 2010
It is a good phone, it attracts imdtly, but it has some minus points, battery outs fast when using cam or net, we can't use any other phone features at slide down for speakers. It's big to handy. we can't use memory card for bluetooth transfers & must save all caller pics, wallpapers, tones, downloaded applications in phone memmory (24 MB) only. Ear pieces are annoying to have in. Can't send java apps through pc, must & should download from online. Great opera mini is also not fitting well. when using camera hand should be steady & lighting must be plenty. on call, earpiece produces very low sound which is difficult to hear in public. difficult to keep in pant's pocket (slides may damage). It is good at sound & look. Gives good battery life only at Voice calls. Screen resolution is good. If you like to buy remember these first.

Reviewed by Lisa from UK on 9th Apr 2010
I have used this for a year and half and have had no problems with this at all. Amazing speakers too and long life battery.

Reviewed by Cameron H from Bolton on 1st Jan 2010
This is an absolutly outstanding phone. I've had mine for a year and I can do nothing more than sing it's praises - a truely brilliant phone with which I would be lost. I've just turned away from several new phones, this is just the best phone and I will continue to use it for years to come.

Reviewed by Rosie C from Staffordshire on 31st Dec 2009
I have had this phone for just over a year now and I am one of the clumsiest people you will ever meet but this phone is brilliant!! I drop my phone all of the time and this phone still works! Its been in water which caused it to turn itself off but once it dried it it was like new! Love this phone!!

Reviewed by steven y from S''PORE on 20th Dec 2009
yes i love the f400 compare with nokia 6500s it''s look classis than the 6500s.

Reviewed by steve from worcs.england on 18th Sep 2009
had this phone 9 months. you can store straight to memory card. saw review about screen scratching easily so put new thicker plastic screen saver on.put keys in wrong pocket resulting in two scratches on screen saver which i can replace any time. it still looks brand new and the speaker on music player is brilliant.cannot find fault with this phone.

Reviewed by Jackson from Essex on 29th Aug 2009
I bought this phone based on reviews which were (at the time of purchase)all reasonably good, what a let down. I previously owned a samsung d500 but needed more memory for my music, so i bought a sony ericsson k800i both phones were great. Unfortunatly my k800i was eaten by my dog, so i went looking for a phone which would hold my music and be user friendly. I found the samsung f400 and thought it would be ideal, thinking back to my d500 and how easy the menu's were to use i figured this would be to how wrong i was. The memory on the phone is very small so when blutooth'ing pic's or music you can only transfer a few at a time before you have to transfer the pic's or mp3's over to your memory card because the phone does not give you the option of saving directly on to the memory card they are automatically stored on the phones memory. Then you have to figure out how to navigate the menu's to be able to play your music or view pic's there are so many folders it can be confusing it seems like nothing is straight forward as it was with the d500. I found this phone to be very time consuming, it wasnt what i hoped it would be, i wont mention all the other negative points as other reviewer's have done that for me ie the phone scratches easy and show's up every finger print, etc etc so i would not recomend this phone. I have since been able to purchase another sony ericsson k800i after trying a lg viewty which i found to be easy to use but not as good sound quality as the k800i .

Reviewed by adam from england on 20th Aug 2009
i love the phone but i disagree with the statemnt of battery life, i have to charge my phone everyday and just using the camera a few times will sap the battery.

Reviewed by Aaron from Scotland on 6th Aug 2009
My F400 is also turning itself on and off continuously. And I haven't even had it for 6 months, I like the design and the useful spinning directional buttons, but unless you're prepared to live with a phone which turns itself off when it feels like it, and also has one of the most shaky, unstable and weak slider mechanisms, please do not thinking about dishing out over 130 like I did for it!

Reviewed by Natasha from uk on 5th Aug 2009
when i first got this phone i loved it everything was fine (apart from the screen scratching so easy) .. 6 months down the line everythings wrong with it! the sound doesnt work because of the slide - beeping all through phone calls saying something about the headphone jack - its turning itself on & off constantly - and even the bluetooths not working! thats a phone that hasnt been water damaged or dropped!

Reviewed by luke from england on 6th Jul 2009
best phone eva

Reviewed by Ian Donald from UK on 7th Apr 2009
I got this phone in response to my Sony Ericson giving up the ghost, and overall i am happy with it. 1:Design/build quality Although attractive enough from the front, things get quite bulky and plasticky when you turn it on its side. It feels generally a little cheap, and the slide mechanism isnt as smooth as onther samsungs i have had. This is probably something to do with the phones main selling point, its secret mini B&O speaker (ill mention this later) The screen is a decent size although it scratches really easily, so be careful! Mine already looks like a cat has been phoning home. 2: software The menu system is quick and easy to use and anyone who has had a samsung before will find it easy to pick up. Everything has a mysic/purple theme, which ties in well to the phones USP. 3:music and camera The music system can be accesed via sliding out the mini speaker, by pressing a button on the side or accesing it through the media menu. As an mp3 player i think it doeas a great job... not perfect, but quite usable as a daily music device. The only major gripe is that you cant shuffle your whole library without including the UNDELETABLE ringtone files! The slide out speaker system is a nice touch, and when set to POP eq, it produces enough bass for it to be not too annoying. Its never going to beat a set of decent travel speakers, and in fairness its probably only a bit better than most other phone speakers, but it does make a less tinny noise than most and can get quite loud whilst remaining clear. Obviously the best point about this phones music capabilities is that in has a 3.5mm headphone jack!!! The camera is also quite good, it takes a photo quickly and focuses well, althhough its a shame that its not protected by the slide. It does tend to take fairly poor contrast shots though, but plenty good enough for the occasional candid photo. 4: Conclusion With the 4gb memory card in it it will suit my needs as an mp3 player/phone for some time. My only concern is the build quality, i wish it was metal bodied with a better screen, i would be very pleased with it if that was the case and i would have probably given it 5 stars. Otherwise its a great phone/mp3 player which i can genuinly recommend.

Reviewed by kristian thorpe from england on 13th Mar 2009
i think this phone is amazing it is easy to use i've had lots of phones before and none of them compare to this one i recomend this to any people who likes to listen to music aloud and likes to take lots of pictures with the 3 megapixel camera so do buy this phone it isnt expensive i got it for 127.00 from my local o2 store.

Reviewed by priya from birmingham. UK on 6th Mar 2009
i reali lovve dis fone bcuz its gud for music, style is kool toooo. i give dis fon 10/10 all round. no1 fone to buy. priya ;-))) xxxxxxxxx

Reviewed by kev from uk on 16th Feb 2009
i am happy with this phone except the memory as i use to have a different ringtone for each of my friends and also a message tone and a ringtone and alarm tones but as i only have 20 mb of memory i cant do that now and i cant save to memory card as it says phone memory full also i cant beleive u cant delete ur preset ring tones that are taking memory up but are rubbish and i want to delete them

Reviewed by Ian from England on 5th Feb 2009
I bought this phone for the music player and I'm delighted. All of the issues mentioned by other people are easily sorted - you really need to read the manual and go through it to personalise every setting. The camera quality is fine for what I want, and the video is acceptable for clips. The phone works, what more is there to say. I'm not bothered about internet, skins or games. The menus are intuitive and comprehensive, and the music is excellent.

Reviewed by royU from ksa on 2nd Feb 2009
Just got this one last week, sound quality is good, camera not that much and the battery easily wears out, I have to charge it daily.. Over all this phone is good.

Reviewed by robbie from uk on 1st Feb 2009
i love this phone but it boring now i dont like the way you can only chouse between 2 thems lol but i love it it is the best phone i have evere had

Reviewed by Gibby from UK on 26th Jan 2009
This phone screams quality!!! The sound of this phone has to be the best out there. My last two phones were both SonyEricsson Walkman phones but the F400 blows them away in terms of sound quality, especially with the built in speakers... Superb phone!

Reviewed by Sam from England on 16th Jan 2009
I love this phone. I've had it for a few weeks and i have already got used to the phone! The camra is good and the music quality is amazing. Just one little thing bugs me though. Only Lilac and White skins are avalable for the phone and it doent rearly apeal to male users. But apart from that, its outstanding.

Reviewed by C.S from UK on 14th Jan 2009
Got this phone for xmas and so far I cannot falut it, the camera is very good quality and the screen is very bright. i do have one downside however, the screen tends to scratch extremly easily, especially if you have it in your pocket.

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 25th Dec 2008
Just had a Samsung F400 for Christmas and have been very impressed with the phone so far. The speaker quality is excellent and the build and feel of the phone feels great in the hand, I love the scrolling wheel, it's really fun to use! If your after a great, stylish music phone this is one I recommend.

Reviewed by tyrone from Land of OZ on 24th Dec 2008
Over all i'm pretty happy with this phone the sound quality on it is great and with 8 gig its more then enough to replace my mp3 player. camera quality is also great just as good as all the sony ericsson phone's i had. the people who cry about this phone should pull there head in or stop being tight and pay for a high end phone

Reviewed by Ribs from uk on 23rd Dec 2008
hey this phone is quite good the music sound and quality is good and you can plug your own headphones suites me :)

Reviewed by f400 is the best from uk on 20th Dec 2008
this phone is the best phone i have ever had it isnt awful i would advise everyone to get this phone because it has brilliant quailty as what you expect from samsung. the speakers are brilliant i dont no how you could go wrong with this phone i have had mine for ages and have had no promblems with it at all so if you want a superb phone this it the phone for you the phone has a sleek style it isnt a bulky brick like phone but the keypad is simple like all phones . i love this phone and it is the phone for music lovers . so i rate this phone as outstanding.

Reviewed by Adam from Wales on 18th Dec 2008
I cant wait to get rid of this phone, I had it as an upgrade, the music player is good but thats about it, its quite a big and bulky phone, there are little or no decent features on it, the predictive text is a nightmare as it does not add a word to the dictionary, or if it does it lasts about a day. The silent mode is awful, the vibrate function is way to powerful, you cant personalise as you can only have one ringtone at a time...uch I hate this phone, keeps cutting out on me, line is crackley. Stay away from it!!!!

Reviewed by Cravena from uk on 18th Dec 2008
This phone is one of the best...great sound,nice and loud!! at last can personalise message tones on a samsung! i got 2gb with adapter included in mine so look around because some dont include it!!

Reviewed by Kim from UK on 18th Dec 2008
Have had this phone for about a month now and still cant decide whether i like it or not. Its much bigger than i expected it to be would have prefered it smaller but overall it works fine. Only problems i have with it is that the vibration in silent mode is nearly as loud as having a ringtone on,the camera isnt very good and when opening texts the page opens really slowly. I do regret getting this phone sometimes..would recomend researching and trying this phone before buying it.

Reviewed by Dee from NI on 17th Dec 2008
Awful phone, I have had it 3 months and as of today no one can actually hear me speak....DO NOT BUY..

Reviewed by Kate from au on 7th Dec 2008

Reviewed by Clara from UK on 18th Nov 2008
I have just moved from a Nokia to this fantastic fone. I had a Samsung years ago, and thought I would never go back to one as it was pretty poor. But this fone is really nice, they have improved so much with their fones. I love their memory layout, really bright. You can personalise the fone however you like. You can scroll through all your messages at one go, instead of going back out of the message to go into another one. It makes Nokia very boring now, but I will still rely on my Nokia fone if anything goes wrong with this lovely Samsung F400.

Reviewed by Sheryl from Singapore on 10th Nov 2008
Proud of my phone :) I can blast my music LOUD AND CLEAR! YAYYY!

Reviewed by brodie from au on 14th Oct 2008
love this phone great!!!!!!! dont no what every one else saids but its the BEST!!!

Reviewed by Michael Moran from England, UK on 5th Oct 2008
Great phone so far, having a little trouble with transferring songs over from my PC onto it though. It keeps issuing 'could not be performed because of an I/O error' when I attempt to put a song on the phone. Any help? Another thing... does it cost to use the Music Recognition feature? :S

Reviewed by Ribs from uk on 4th Oct 2008
i hate this phone i have had it for half an year and i made an wrong choice trust me DONT BUY THIS LOAD OF JUNK

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 25th Sep 2008
Changed my mind, I got a new unit and haven't had any of the problems I had previously.

Reviewed by Joe from England, UK on 22nd Sep 2008
For a Samsung phone, i was quite impressed. The sound quality is very good, but i think the headphones are a little weak. The camera is also not up to scratch. However, i love the 2 way slide and the general design of the phone, and the battery life is definately an improvement on most Samsung phones i have had, which is a fair few.

Reviewed by Ryan from Wiltshire on 14th Sep 2008
Amazing fone! battery life is a bit rubbish! especially listening to music, that just eats the battery! Good looks! Screen gets dirty really easy tho!

Reviewed by Naomii from england on 13th Sep 2008
I bought this phone about a month ago now and i have found no problems what so ever! I love it and wouldnbt change it! I got it for my birthday and i had been looking at so many other phones.l But i dont think any of them wulda lievd up to this F400 standards ! The speakers sounds are incredible and its really easy to use. I just wish it came with games ! But apart from that its a SUPER phone lol ! x

Reviewed by Alix from UK on 4th Sep 2008
I bought the Samsung F400 recently and found the speaker quality outstanding. I love the dual slide feature and also the 3.5mm headphone jack is very handy. I love the feel of it and the keypad is easy to use unlike my previous Sony Ericsson W880i which had very fiddly keys. All in all it's a very smart looking mobile and i am really impressed with it!

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 3rd Sep 2008
Fairly dreadful phone. The screen quality is not good, and though the phone purports to take 3mb images, it has such difficulty with large files it is not practical to use except in special circumstances. Ugly unwieldy menus, awkward texting and counter-intuitive buttons are hardly a selling point. There are a myriad of other niggling flaws, from the unreliable alarm to the fact it can quite easily come off silent mode when it's in your bag. Finally, the software is utterly useless making the music player little more then a joke. All of this wrapped in a bulky tacky scratch magnet.

Reviewed by michelle from uk on 29th Aug 2008
loving the phone,memery on phone needs sorting ous i have problems reciving files when i have enough memery

Reviewed by Little C from UK on 27th Aug 2008
Update, now I've had this for a few weeks. Loving the camera. Absolutely loving it. On holiday last week, took loads of pics both with a normal digital camera and my phone camera. On indoor pics where we couldn't use the flash, the phone camera came out on top. It is excellent at dealing with low light conditions. I was also impressed with the quality of the images - no obvious pixilation when displayed on a 42" TV screen. Battery life has also proved to be quite good, except when using the music player. 4 days away, over 100 photos taken, 30+ min phone call, web surfing, and listened to music, and my phone still had power. This phone is growing on me. Still don't think it's very user friendly (like not being able to find how to change the text message tone, despite reading the manual several times - thanks Superhoops for the answer on this), but once you get the hang of it it's quite fun!

Reviewed by Milo from UK on 14th Aug 2008
Outstanding phone and definitely stands out from the crowd. Speaker quality is fantastic and is the best sounding phone that I have had. Came with 2GB Micro SD card which is allowing me to put approx 500 songs on the phone which is a fantastic amount but if 2GB wasn't enough, you're able to put a memory card of up to 8GB in allowing you to have approx 2000 songs on your mobile! When you slide the phone down it reveals its music player which I think is equally as good as the Walkman players found on SE phones. The 3.5mm headphone jack is very useful and is rare on many mobiles. The FM radio is very useful and is of high quality! The scroll wheel is very handy and allows easy scrolling through your music collection. Camera quality is good, it's better than my previous phone's camera anyway and that was the Sony Ericsson w880i. My only moan is that is scatches VERY easily. I've been extremely careful since I got it on the 9th and I've already got a few marks on the screen! The on board memory is also very poor limiting you to very few personalised ringtones. Overall it does a fantastic job of being a super music phone, makes and receives calls faultlessly and takes great photos!

Reviewed by Neil from UK on 14th Aug 2008
I'm soo glad i bought this phone. I've wanted it for ages and ive had my hopes up; now ive got it, it certainly has not let me down. My main worry before getting it was the it was a bit brick-ish and heavy but it is surpisingly light! I prefer a chunkier phone as apposed to these flimsey little ones that you feel like you could break in half if you touched it. Very user friendly, great wheel like on an iPod. Cameras absolutely fine - just make sure you remove the protective film from it first or pictures may look bulry for that reason. Top Knotch phone, definitely gets my vote!!!!

Reviewed by Superhoops from UK on 12th Aug 2008
Sorry Little C you are wrong that you can't choose your own text message tone. Just go to settings, phone profiles, choose a profile from, the list, options and edit, the 2nd icon on the right at the top is the text message choices.

Reviewed by Little C from UK on 8th Aug 2008
I am very disappointed with this phone. I spent hours researching the best handset, and really thought I had found it in this one, but poor usability lets it down. Never before have I needed to refer to the handbook so much. Pros: Looks cool, like the dual slide, wheel is useful, takes 3.5mm standard headphones, reasonable music quality, very easy to transfer music and files (3 methods, I love the Windows Media Player sync). Call quality is good. Buttons are user friendly. Cons: Camera could be better, need a steady hand, location of lense could be better. Music player doesn't remember where you paused, unless you have it in background mode which then means shortcut buttons don't work. Fingerprint magnet - not just the screen but also surrounding the screen. Doesn't play wma files (at least gives me an error when I try). Can't choose your own text message tone. Doesn't appear to display anything on standby - my previous phones displayed the time. Doesn't have "flight mode" like the Sony Ericssons. Only comes with demo games that time out after 5 mins. Vibrate is a bit vicious - the whole office knows when I get a text. All in all, having just come from a Sony Ericsson I expect the same or better, and the Samsung just doesn't come up to scratch. If you want a music player, then this phone is fine. If you want anything else, then look elsewhere.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 8th Aug 2008
The F400 *should* play WMA files, and there *is* an offline or flight mode.]

Reviewed by Superhoops from UK on 7th Aug 2008
Screen scratches very easily. Have had the phone about a month and have 6 scratches already. The screen cannot be seen in bright sunlight. Doesn't support video streaming(except youtube) despite the advertising and specs saying it does (Samsung have confirmed this to me). You can tell the phone to always reject a number that has rung but then there is no way to unreject the number so be careful if you use this feature. Photos are v good outside but inside they are quite poor with or without the flash. Audio is better than the average mobile but not as good as they make out, still a bit "phone-like". The sound sent to a bluetooth headset is too quiet. My Nokia 6300 is much louder. When you are driving it is very difficult to hear anything. I bought this phone so I could g rid of my LG Viewty, which incidentally was the worst phone I have ever had. Despite the problems listed above the F400 is far superior.

Reviewed by declan from england on 6th Aug 2008
i cant belive you people are praising this phone, this phone is a lump of plastic , i work in a phone shop and can do countless comparisons so i know this phone is made rubbish feels rubbish and the music player isnt even loud , the earphones are pathetic, the cameras not acceptable , i would sell this phone if you paid me and coincedently i get paid to sell phones!!!!

Reviewed by Stephen from England on 31st Jul 2008
I've found one very irritating problem with this phone. The keypad autolock cannot be disabled. This makes changing tracks a 4 button operation. This can be avoided by having the speaker slid out when it is in your pocket, though this is somewhat unwieldy.

Reviewed by Eiein from Scotland on 27th Jul 2008
Absolutely outstanding phone!! I've got an 8gb card in it with my bose headphones and its so much better than my ipod nano! My only problem with the f400 is the keypad; I keep hitting the switch application button while texting and the backlight is a rather feminine purple colour. Is there any way of changing this?! Overall though totally cracking piece of kit.

Reviewed by Katy from uk on 27th Jul 2008
this phone is the best phone ever i think its gorgeous and stylish i love the scroll button you use to go down a list its like an ipod and the speakers are fab its a fittttttttt phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Roslyn from Scotland on 26th Jul 2008
i've had this phone for a few days now and i have to say so far so good. the screen is nice and big and the colours are great. The slide down function to operate the music player is really good with a clear sound. the keypad is easy to use and makes texting really quick. nothing bad to say about it.

Reviewed by Laura from UK on 24th Jul 2008
Wrote a review on the 30th of June and STILL love the phone, found one slight problem with it though, its scratches very easily when i am on the phone cos of my earrings. :(

Reviewed by Tony from UK on 22nd Jul 2008
Bought the phone as a birthday present for my daughter and am very impressed and more importantly, so is she. Only gripe would be that the user manual is completely useless and doesn't really tell you anything. This is ok for experienced mobile phone users but for relative novices like me it means spending hours trying to download music and organise files, when clearer and more detailed user instructions would have made it much quicker and easier.

Reviewed by AL from UK on 21st Jul 2008
Very pleased with the F400. After having a couple of samsungs, most recently the U600, the F400 does not dissapoint. Very well put together with a lovely solid slide mechanism. for a 3 megapixel, the camera is very good, with the video capture being the best I have seen on any of the phones I have used - Very smooth with no jerky or pixelated movements at all (Under normal indoor lighting). Excellent! The B&O speaker is awesome. nice and loud considering it is running of the phones battery and the sound quality is amazing. Dissapointed that the phone did not come with any pre installed games, even though I very rarely play them, they are nice to have. Agree with Paulette about the memory - Transferring tracks from the PC for example, fills up the phones memory with 3 or 4 songs which you then have to "Move" to the SD card, in-phone. Might be easier to stick the card in a card reader if you have one and drop all of the track straight on to it? Also, can only have caller Images from within the phones memory, not off the SD card? Menus are similar to my old U600 so quite quick to get used to. The thumb wheel is nice, though could scroll quicker TBH. Living world wall paper is nice - Anyone know if you can download others? All in, a very nice phone. Samsung have won me over yet again...

Reviewed by Lewiss from Uk on 17th Jul 2008
AWFUL AWFUL PHONE. Stay well away from it. The camera for a 3mp was very very poor and worse than some vga phone cameras that ive had in the past and the flash when using it in low light just turnes the captured image all a sky blue led colour so you can barely make out the image and the ipod like music wheel can be tricky to use. If you want a phone that can hold a good number of mp3's and just want to txt and call then the phones fine but if you want to take pictures and have a mid ranged camera phone avoid it like the plague.

Reviewed by Paulette from UK on 16th Jul 2008
I've had this phone for about a week now and I love it; fab sound quality from the music player, and the call sound is great. Also, the phone looks and feels just fine. There is only one thing I don't like about this handset and that's the tiny internal memory. It causes three problems that are niggling me a lot: 1. The almost non-existant internal memory doesn't allow you to select more than three different ring-tones for different callers if you use your own downloaded tracks for your ring tones, and 2. There isn't the option of saving blue-toothed tracks directly to the memory card, so with the tiny phone memory you can only send 2 or 3 tracks over at a time. You then you have to move them manually to the memory card before you're able to receive more. This is really time consuming if you're sending 120-ish tracks from an old phone like I did, but since I'll only do this once with the initial phone set-up it's not a major problem. 3. Because I'm using my own tracks for my ring tones - and therefore using up all the internal phone memory - I'll have to make room to receive any new blue-tooth tracks by deleting at least one ringtone first. I can reinstate it later on, but it's quite a nuisance to have to do this at all. On the whole I love the phone but the internal memory is a big, big let down and is pretty unusual for Samsung. What on earth were they thinking of?!

Reviewed by lewis scott from england on 12th Jul 2008
this phone is amazing buy one if ur in to music buy one if u love a good trendy phone

Reviewed by F400 Lover from India on 11th Jul 2008
F400 is a great phone ...... Definetely gonna buy one !!!!

Reviewed by Beeshmerse Colbur Kebia-Rownap from UK on 8th Jul 2008
Got it yesterday and love the loudspeaker! I love it!

Reviewed by Graham from UK on 8th Jul 2008
Bought my f400 on virgin mobile contract to day and so far i am very impressed. The sound quality is much better than the average phone and louder too. The screen is clear and bright and it is fantastic for watching videos. The camera is good to and the video quality is amazingly good. Also the spinning scroll wheel is really good and makes scrolling through menus easy and fun. The build quality is good too, it feels solid. The only bad points is the shiny front of the phone is a bit of a fingerprint magnet. And when you receive a file via bluetooth you can't save it directly to the memory card. You have to manually move it. Apart from that its a fantastic phone, I give it 5 stars

Reviewed by Maria from uk on 7th Jul 2008
Got the Samsung F400 in the o2 shop on the 28th of june, it wasnt in display yet but still got it as it was in the office. Cool, cool, cool. love this phone. Miss the vivid mode in the txt section just like the U600 had, yet again no sliding sound, sigh not in PINK, (thats me being fussy) But still a very good phone. Love the extra speaker. One word SUPERB.

Reviewed by David Stevenson from Scotland on 5th Jul 2008
Overall this phone is good not excellent but still a good quality good priced phone from samsung. I like how the phone is a dual slider push it downword to reveal a bang and olfsen speaker for playing ll your favorite music. It has a good quality 3 megapixel camera with built in flash and autofocus. Unlike the samsung sould which has the toch sensitive keypad the f400 has a klick wheel like you would find on your ipod which make going throgh the menus quick and easy. The phone is built for storing lot of music with a large memory capacity and wit the option to add a micro sd card to store thousands. Overall this phone geta a 4 out of 5 from me because it is simple to use and the sound quality and screen uality are outstanding as in all samsung phones.

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 3rd Jul 2008
Okay, ok tech, bad everything else, iit's ugliy and the keypad is a nightmere please move on from this phone!

Reviewed by Missy from UK on 1st Jul 2008
Awesome! Got this phone today and its outstanding. Classy looks, sleek design and sounds top! crystal clear speakers and the music recognition application is cool! I had a Nokia 6500 slide but retured it as it was faulty, it was the second i had returned. i usually use samsung and wont be using anything else again. Above all samsung phones are best for people who actually use there phones for more than a gadget its for people that talk and text and need something reliable! You can't go wrong!

Reviewed by Laura from UK on 30th Jun 2008
Love it, Love it, Love it, Love it! Great phone! Not much else i can say. Was lookin at the Soul as well but SO glad i went for this one. AMAZING! Great for music, speakers are excellent and the sound quality is super! Camera is MORE than adequate. Had SE's and samsung D900 in the past. This phone is idiot proof but so classy. Love the circular 'swivle - thingy' in the middle. Not sure its going to be used that much but a cool gimick all the same. No stupid touch screen (why start adding things that serve no real purpose other than to break). Feels really sturdy, nice smooth slide both up and down for the music player. Great size, fits confortably in the hand. (Not HUGE like some on the market at the mo. Looked at a few other review websites and a few people said it could be a bit quiet, noticed a few songs are while others are REALLY loud, i think thats down to the different downloads rather than the phone itself. Really cant fault it. If your looking for a phone that looks the part and does exactly what it says on the tin, this is the one for you. Its what i expected from samsung and more. Well done.

Reviewed by Steve from England on 21st Jun 2008
Got one of these a few days ago. Nearly every phone has a few minor niggles, ive never found anything to be completely perfect. That all changed with this phone. It is truly faultless. Every single thing about this phone is perfect. The main feature of the phone is the music player, and the sound quality is truly outstanding, easily beating my ipod nano which is now on ebay, both with the headphones and loudspeaker. Camera wise the photos are excellent for saying its only a 3megapixel, however you do have to change the setting to high as low quality is the default. Well done to Samsung, this phone has truly blown me away and has to be the best device i have ever purchased.

Reviewed by Martyn from UK on 20th Jun 2008
Amazingly managed to get one already (sim free as well!) from O2 for 209, even though it's not yet in store. I think this is 'the special one'. I have an N95 8GB, but got this to replace my wife's aging D900 (which has been very good, but now getting a bit tired). The B&O sound is good, not quite up to the amazing speakers in the N95, but Samsung have managed it from a much slimer phone. Of course it's 3G so I will now be able to video phone her! Fortunately there's no touch sensetive keys to annoy her (She threw away a U600 that I had previously got her as an 'upgrade' for the D900!) Only minus points (on first impression): A bit plasticy, esp. the keys. A new power connector yet again! (compared to D900)with a flimsy plastic lid over it. Not a proper flash, just LED. Good points include a top entry 3.5mm jack for third party headphones.

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