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Samsung F300 review

 Review: June 2007  


In a nutshell: The F300 is a music phone with an experimental flipper design. In our opinion the flipper design is a flawed concept and causes many problems with no real benefits. One to avoid!

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Samsung call the design of the F300 a "flipper" design, which makes it sound quite cute, like it's a cuddly dolphin or something. The idea is that on one side you have a "normal" phone with a small screen, keypad and navigation key, and on the other side you have a big screen and a minimalist user interface, which is intended for all of the multimedia functions. We have to admit that we're sceptical about the benefits of this design. What are the benefits exactly? We can't think of any right now, but maybe we'll have found some by the end of this review.

Certainly Samsung have created a very compact and lightweight phone, weighing just 77g and slimmed down to just 9.4 mm in thickness. But the U600 slide phone gets very close to that and the conventionally-designed U100 is even smaller and lighter.

Now, we have a problem - which side of the phone to review first? We've got to admit that in 6 years of reviewing mobiles, this is the first time that this question has ever arisen. Let's start with the keypad side (that's the side for making phone calls.) What we have here is a very compact phone with a conventional keypad and a nice 5-way navigation key. The screen is small, so the keypad can fill most of the space available, making it very easy to use (hey - that's a benefit of this flipper design, isn't it? Things are looking up!) Yet because the screen is so small, it can display just two lines of text, making the user interface cramped and clumsy. The construction of the phone is solid and it doesn't feel like it's going to break, unless you treat it really badly. Not much more to say about this side really - it makes phone calls - so lets flip the phone over and examine the other side.

The multimedia side of the phone looks like a slide phone with the slide closed. But with a really big navigation key. Hey, it is big! It's touch sensitive too, so we see a problem here. Touch-sensitive keys are great in iPods, but have a sad history when used in mobile phones. Samsung have done this before with the E900 and U600, both of which use touch-sensitive keys and received plenty of criticism from users. Samsung haven't learned their lesson here. And another thing - the touch-sensitive button alone isn't enough to access all the menu functions, so you have to use the side-mounted volume control too. It feels like a clumsy solution.

Apart from that problem, what does the F300 offer in the multimedia department? A 2 megapixel camera with no flash - nothing special. The big LCD screen on the multimedia side of the phone should have been an ultra-high resolution display to take advantage of the flipper design, but it's a below-average effort with a resolution of just 176 x 220 pixels (by contrast the U600 has 240 x 320 pixels.) The best feature is the F300's music capability. After all, the F300 is nicknamed the Ultra Music phone, so we'd expect it to make a splash here. The music player supports all common digital music formats - MP3, ACC, ACC+, e-AAC+ & WMA, and is easy enough to use with the touch-sensitive controls. A standard headphone is included in the sales package, or you can buy a stereo Bluetooth headset if you prefer. Audio quality is good, but not exceptional. You can transfer music using either Bluetooth or USB mass storage. The built-in memory of 128 Mbytes is enough to store a few albums, but if you're serious about music you can expand the memory to 2 Gbytes with a MicroSD memory card, which are available cheaply. An FM radio is incorporated into the phone too. There's an offline / flight mode for listening to music with phone reception switched off.

One thing that's worth commenting on is the battery life. Samsung claim a life of 4.5 hours, but in reality this is optimistic. If you use the F300 for making calls and listening to music (and if not, why did you buy it?) then you'll probably have to recharge it every day.

We did try to give the F300 flipper a fair chance, but really there are just too many problems to overlook. Rarely have we disliked a phone so much so quickly.

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Samsung F300 features include:

  • 2 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom
  • Video camera
  • Main display: TFT LCD, 262,144 colours, 176 x 220 pixels
  • Second display: TFT LCD, 65,536 colours
  • Music player (MP3, ACC, ACC+, e-AAC+ & WMA formats)
  • Stereo FM Radio
  • Bang & Olufsen's Ice Power Sound with 3D sound technology
  • 64-voice polyphonic ringtones / MP3 ringtones
  • Voice recorder
  • Messaging: SMS, EMS, MMS
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS Class 10, EDGE
  • Caller ID (Text / Photo)
  • Personal organiser functions
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 1.2, USB 2.0
  • Memory: 128 Mbytes plus MicroSD memory card slot (expandable to 2 Gbytes)
  • Tri Band (900/1800/1900 MHz)
  • Offline mode
  • Size: 103.5 x 44 x 9.4 mm
  • Weight: 77g
  • Talktime: 4.5 hours
  • Battery standby: 210 hours

Samsung F300 user reviews

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Average rating from 98 reviews:

Reviewed by prince aggrey from ghana on 3rd May 2010
i love this fon very much but it is very difficult to get a housing

Reviewed by NAIM from MAURITIUS on 10th Apr 2010

Reviewed by Ayub from Kuwait on 12th Jan 2010
I have made a big mistake in a life time to buy this phone. Next day onwards the leather case battery is not working, gone to showroow they advise us to go service center. As per warranty they have told me that Battery is not covered warranty. Moreover its not good for messaging and camera. Small screen and it not fit for web browsing. Even basic model of Nokia has loudspeaker. i don;t know how samsung broght this model. I have thrown the phone in the service center itself. henceforth i am not going to buy (not think) of samsung. Very bad model and very bad service centre. Samsung long live with your service centers and they are so pathetic . God will help you samsung.............

Reviewed by daniel from us on 5th Dec 2009
do not buy this i bought it and had to get it replaced several times now the back doesnt evan work

Reviewed by sajal kanti das from bangladesh on 21st Nov 2009
excellent phone but have not english version operational manual

Reviewed by Lyric from Uk on 21st Aug 2009
I've had this phone for over a year and a half and its still good. People arent so sure how to use which makes it all the more better

Reviewed by Moni from Bangladesh on 22nd Jul 2009
I love my Samsung f300. Hi man, just thinking f300 is not a phone with music player, it is a Ultra Music player with a phone. It is very very good in music nothing more should not expect from it. It is really the good music player in the music world!

Reviewed by fayaz from lebanon on 17th Jul 2009
This phone is not ready yet to be sold in market ,....it is a music player phone but its sound is so low ,,a nokia cellphone from 19 century is better

Reviewed by Kirk from Philippines on 3rd Jun 2009
The phone may look good at first glance, but the phone screen was such a bad choice to put on the phone.it's the 21st century and samsung should know more about what customers want! Would somebody please help me adjust the time? I got the phone without a freaking manual,and seriously,adjusting the clock gives me a lot of hardwork. And i haven't figured it out yet! I've checked the calendar,and the settings where date and time is,but it's not there.help me here pls.

Reviewed by Melvin from ghana on 14th May 2009
If you have a taste for style,design and uniqueness then this phone has lots to offer. the first impression leave your pals wondering what to think. Pros. 1.outputs stereo audio to 2 blue-tooth stereo headsets. 2.voice & video recorder are great for general purpose use. 3.support a good range of audio & video formats, i get to carry & watch my movies wherever i am (with my 2gig memory card) Cons. 1.battery life gauge isn't accurate, battery life may be far lower than displayed. 2.No java! lol I guess its more of a business phone(with no calculator!) 3.Flip battery case gets weak with time, disabling the 2nd battery(for those who use 2nd battery)

Reviewed by Azie from Malaysia on 13th May 2009
I've been using the phone for almost 2 years now and it is still in good condition. I love the unique double screen cos it always attracts people to look at my phone :) it also has a long lasting battery, it lasts for 2 days without charging (but with the leather case on) when I was in vacation. But the cons is, it doesnt have a loud speaker 4 calling and no 3G :( i'm gonna buy the new SonyC510 soon but i'll keep my samsung cuz i just love this one of a kind phone!

Reviewed by Natasha from SA on 29th Jan 2009
It's not bad, i've seen worse... It's small and thin and compact - fits in any pocket, great to be thrown around (a simple transparent film at a cheap price) allows it not to be scratched... excellent for making calls, music player great has well, i have 2GB memory and can listen to all my songs all the time, especially when on a plane. don't need an IPOD... Only problem is the touch screen is sometimes a bit to sensitive and sometimes not sensitive at all...

Reviewed by Marcia from UK on 27th Jan 2009
The Samsung website describes the F300 as "Smart Music The fully integrated music player supports all the most commonly used formats, Windows DRM, includes FM radio and superior acoustic quality with ICEpower® Technology by Bang & Olufsen " Which to me is a total con. I have just come to the end of an 18 month contract on a phone I could not use as an MP3 player. I was shocked to note that the MP3 player will not play songs from the memory card. I had to transfer the songs to the phone's own memory, which could only take about 6 tracks at the time. Since purchasing the phone at Carphone Warehouse and commiting myself to the lengthy contract, I have been in touch with the retailer many times as well as with Samsung engineers who told me I should delete some of my contacts in order to free some memory space for the music. Then they suggested I should listen to the 6 tracks and "swap" them for new ones from the memory card. So I imagined myself going for a run and stopping to swap tracks every 15 minutes. It defeats the object! Absurd and outrageous! As this was not a defect, I could not have the phone replaced and was stuck with it. It ended up in the bottom of a messy drawer. I transferred the SIM to another phone, Samsung, again, which despite the best feature being its 5 megapixels camera, had a reasonable MP3 player. So well done to the engineers at Samsung. Glad my contract is ended. I'm never buying a Samsung again.

Reviewed by Sepehrullah from Afghanistan on 11th Dec 2008
I have done a big mistake buy this handset, cause it is difficult to use GPRS in handset you are not able to type comfortabley.and you are not able to on the speaker while you recieve a call

Reviewed by Raymond Schuijt from Ghana on 3rd Nov 2008
I also thought it to be a very simple and formost functional mobile phone. Well it is not. I regret the purchase of this phone. Sorry Samsung.

Reviewed by Melissa from UK on 2nd Nov 2008
My Contract is almost up with this phone thank god.Don't know why people are moaning about the battery life, It comes with a lether case which has three bars battery in it (took it on holiday for a week, got used everyday and didn't have to charge the phone once! However the touch screen is bad and the screen on MP3 side scratches easily so not a good phone to throw in your handbag. Get's lot's of attention though people always asking is that your phone?! blah blah. Get's a bit irritationg after 18 months though.

Reviewed by titui from Indonesia on 15th Oct 2008
less than a week I bough this Ultra Music and I think that I've made a great decision for it. when I lookin' the case at the mall, the CS was confused with the design, "How can in one side is phone and MP3 player in another?" small screen? that is great for me, too.. small screen is remembered me with old phone, but the difference is: this is full color... when I wanna more, just change to the another side and, tadaaa... the very big screen with sensitive-touch pad. great phone for the world 1st phone with 2 'face' in 1 body!

Reviewed by Daniel from England on 27th Aug 2008
Just got one today and I absolutely love it. You don't need a big display for calling and texting so the keypad side is fine. But then, when you switch to the media screen, things improve further. The touch sensitive buttons seem fine to me. OK some people just hate all touchy things but I really like them. The camera is average (no phones have a good camera) but I have my Nikon D300 for photography. As a design experiment and a stylish product for consumers, the Samsung F300 excels.

Reviewed by Nisei from Netherlands on 18th Aug 2008
I like this phone. It does what it's supposed to do and is the slimmest I could find. I don't understand all the people here who are bashing it and saying it lacks features. Are you guys too dumb to read the specs before you buy? No-one's ever said it has Java support, a calculator, speaker, and what else so don't start complaining about that afterwards.

Reviewed by Jenny from Australia on 14th Aug 2008
6 months. I want a new one. Though my friends all think it's awesome. Still, I hate it.

Reviewed by Casey from england on 6th Jul 2008
i've got this phone and it is wicked this phone is really good for ringing people on great hearing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best phone so far for me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Terri from England on 6th Jul 2008
Pile of junk. I hate this phone. I swapped a Nokia N95 for this. BIG mistake. I swapped back a week later. Read the review, because its about the same as mine..

Reviewed by UMAR from GHANA on 22nd Jun 2008
What l like about this phone is that unique,everyone wants to see what am holding and it makes me proud

Reviewed by Jaco from South Africa on 2nd Jun 2008
I Hate it, do not support JAVA applications.

Reviewed by Andy C from UK on 22nd May 2008
Mad mad mad! The battery come case is insane as is the phone side with its tiny display. The music side wants to be an Ipod but the over sensetive touch bits make it fall down even here. The ear buds are top notch . I wont sell this phone because when this stuff becomes collectable I will clean up. I use a Sony K800i with a 2 gig mem stick, a earphone setup that is half borrowed sony bit and half samsung earbuds. That setup is cheaper and better than this mess

Reviewed by Anton from Uk on 16th May 2008
I hate this "phone".. with the bad touch screen and awefull battery life you might aswell be feeding the money to your dogs.

Reviewed by Kevin Mitchell from UK on 15th May 2008
I Hate it!!!!!

Reviewed by pete from england on 6th May 2008
my f300 wont turn on ive only had it for 3months it powerd down on its own and wont turn back on!!!

Reviewed by Andy from ireland on 27th Apr 2008
Terrible phone, no calculator, calender does show days of the week! no speaker phone,poor battery and signal, this phone is riddled with problems. it also lights up like a christmas tree when the battery is low draining the battery! and once the bat is low you can't turn off and back on the phone until it is recharged.

Reviewed by VillaGirl from uk on 26th Apr 2008
I have had this phone 9 months now and i love it, i'm very clumsy and am surprised at how many drops it can take and be completely uneffected, although it didn't survive being chewed up by my friends dog, hence the reason i'm looking for a new phone right now. The battery life is great, and the battery case is a good idea, i only needed to charge it every 4 or so days. it has a great memory and i like the fact you can take the memory card out and load it straight into the computer. the downside was, that it took a while to work out how to get the best out of it and get used to the many branches off the normal scrolling on the screen side and it can be very sensitive, it's very easy to press the wrong buttons. and it doesn't have a calculator but that only bothers me because i'm rubbish at maths! overall i think this phone is great, it looks good, sounds good, you can add different mp3's and photos to ringtones for everyone on your phonebook and the video camera and playback is clear. when you have got used to it and all it does it's great, flipping between screens to read messages or listen to music is easy and i'm gutted that the dog ate it!

Reviewed by Angela Wuche from England on 1st Apr 2008
I do not understand how some people have rated this phone as a 5 star and others as a 1 star. Personally, this phone is the worst phone I have ever had. I actally want to go and beat up the phone salesman!!! No speaker, no games, no calculator, earphones fall out, small screen, touch screen is ridiculous, and FM radio is nuts!!! I WANT TO BLOW THE PHONE UP!!!!!

Reviewed by Russell Harrington from England on 20th Mar 2008
Had this phone for 6 months, its awful! So hard to use, especially when youre on the move (as you tend to be when using a MOBILE phone) I got so sick of it I went and got an LG chocolate in the sale yesterday for £40, this phone is like a dream compared to the samsung. If you want a good mobile, dont get this one. If you want a good mp3 player, get an ipod. Great idea samsung, just needs more time researching the usability.

Reviewed by ROB from ENGLAND on 14th Mar 2008

Reviewed by beyonce from america on 12th Mar 2008
love it im beyonce gyes love me x

Reviewed by george from uk on 10th Mar 2008
the sound on this is realy loud i left music on upstairs in my room and could still here it playing downstairs. the qualilty is realy good and i got use to the sweep ui straight away overall a great phone

Reviewed by Tony from Uk on 7th Mar 2008
This phone is rubbish as the phone signal and battery life are extremely poor. No speaker phone and its doenst allow you to save text messages you send automatically and internet experience is dreadful worst phone ever. Avoid like the plague!!

Reviewed by sophie from uk on 5th Mar 2008
I've had the samsung F300 for over 9 months now and love every minute that I have had it. It is so compact and easy to use,,best phone Ive had for a while,, any suggestions for the next upgrades??

Reviewed by Andy Leyland from UK on 22nd Feb 2008
I have been using the Samsung F300 for the last 8 months and can honestly say i have been well pleased with its performance, good to handle, the battery pack is brilliant if you have forgot to charge the phone, just clip it in the battery pack and away you go. Navigation around the phone is easy (even the wife can use it!!!!)so, to sum this one up, BRILLIANT.

Reviewed by blokeinuk from UK on 20th Feb 2008
I really like this phone, you do get the hang of the touch pad on the music side, the other side is fine for texts, it looks good and it's well built with good battery life. You sometimes think you can't do what you want like set the clock, have alarms on just weekdays, use playlists and get the album art to work but you can do all this. get the manual out and use media monkey for mp3 managing. I don't want web or java on this device it's a phone and mp3 player and it sounds good. Unfortunately 1 week in just when I had all my music set up nice, cycled to work listeing to surprisingly good quality sound and after 1 journey it lost the ability to play mp3's from just the music side, must be a firmware issue so returned it to samsung for repair. suppose they will hopefully flash the firmware with a later version with less or no bugs. If it's ok when I get it back then I think I'll keep it for quite a while.

Reviewed by essam from morocco on 15th Feb 2008
hi!! since 3 months i have this rabish phone. since one month i have problems about the multimedia face i can't listing to music that i have in the memory card even in the phone. if anyone know the solution of this probleme please contact me at ESSAMOMITO@MSN.COM .

Reviewed by Dimdog from UK on 10th Feb 2008
This phone is superb, sure it has some problems but it is superbly stylish and everyone comments on it and gaze with a hint of jealousy. The only problem for me is that i cant change the alarm tones all of which are pretty boring. If all u want is a phone then look no further.

Reviewed by George from UK on 7th Feb 2008
i bought this phone yesterday and so far i haven't had nay problems at all. the sweep control on the mp3 player side is very easy to use and it isn't as much trouble as people make it out to be. the only thing is that you can't use an mp3 song as a message tone, or atleast i don't know how to yet. overall this is a really good and easy to use phone

Reviewed by spiritual ninja from st lucia on 27th Jan 2008
no good phone tell's me memery full an it has nuting int 1 month old i hate this phone

Reviewed by Carlota castellanos from belize city on 25th Jan 2008
hi i believe that the f300 is a unique phonedue to its slender design and its weight. indeed its not too equippedwith necessary things such as a flash or maybe even a night vision mode. and the memory is not what i thought it would have been. the battery only last for a day so thats not too great but... what can i say..i foundout too late.

Reviewed by Lewis Housley from England on 11th Jan 2008
Well i have a F-300 some things are good but it came with some stupid video what was like 5 mins long takeing up loads of my phone storeage space so when i went to upload songs i can put about 5 on then it came with a 1g micro sd card i started to make albums and copy them to my phone only to find out that when i go to listen to my music the picture did not copy to my phone and because i have so much music i cant fit it all on and i have to flick from song to song they did not go into albums like i told it to -.- to be honest the phone is a nice looking differnt phone what no one i no has that is all i like about this phone that only i have it and i charged it up the case and the phone full the phone battry ran out in almost 1 day then it said i had full back up battery but it died.... i push the on button and it says recharge....... i mean why would it say full battry when it is not? whats the point in haveing this case with a battry in if it don't even work on the whole i wish i did not buy this phone and on the box it has the phone display on the mp3 side so it lookted like you can put your phone display on the mp3 screen that lookted very cool but then when it comes round to it you cant! so on the whole its not!a good phone at all unless your poser and like to flash your phone. I would be very happy if you got back to me if you have some infomation about what i have said Lewisrocker55@hotmail.com

Reviewed by suga daddy from UK on 3rd Jan 2008
F300 a waist of money dont get it it has a massivve screen on one side and a tiny one on the other. it dosent match up to the averige samsung phone i think it would be wearth getting a xspress music.

Reviewed by lauren from england on 31st Dec 2007
i have the samsung f300. and the only thing i use it for is the music sorage , i have not once tried to use this for anything else as the touch sensative side is a wate of time , you spen litrally half an hour trying to acess the internet as when pressing the buttons the phone has its own mind , also the text messaging is ridiculous , you forget what you have written because it only fits a coupls of words on the screen before you have to mess around scrolling down , the switch button to listeb to your music is annoying . all you see to do is flip this fone , i dont know why i havnt flipped it out of the window , BEYONCE KNOWLES on the advert makes it look great i would give her that its just a shame a beautiful face cannot be the same as this handset , overall score 2/10 ., this was really created by some technic person who really didnt put any thought into some human using this handset , i think i will stick to the very old handset the ones that first came out back in the day at least your able to use this . can you imagine in an emergency keep having to flip over to diffrent screen . you may as well give up on calling 999 and get yourv self trained on a firt aid course because this handset is not reliable in these situations

Reviewed by pulock from bangladesh on 26th Dec 2007
very nice

Reviewed by Shane from Netherlands on 24th Dec 2007
Yes, this phone is indeed rubbish. Some of the problems are unfixable: very short battery life, slow Internet access, ring far too quiet. A lot of the problems could be fixed with a firmware upgrade (for instance: there is no information about when SMS were sent; there is no way to tell the phone to default to storing messages on the phone rather than the SIM; the input for web browsing is painful and prone to accidental clicks; and so on). But it seems that Samsung knows that the phone is a lost cause, and has given up on it. Avoid it.

Reviewed by danny w from england on 15th Dec 2007
It is pure class but can it be used in the US????????

Reviewed by khan from canada on 8th Dec 2007
looks very nice and unique leathercase is very good with a battery. music quality is good all u need is get use to it its controls littlebit sensitive overall ilikeit

Reviewed by JOSHUA HANCOX from ENGLAND on 30th Nov 2007

Reviewed by Steve Evans from Wales on 30th Nov 2007
Not a fan mainly down to the lack of battery life. I do not want a phone which needs charging everytime a few calls are made which is what the F330 offers. The functionality is ok, but i feel this experiment won't be repeated by Samsung in the near future.

Reviewed by VIDIC!!! from SERBIA!!! on 20th Nov 2007

Reviewed by Petrov from Canada on 15th Nov 2007
it is great!

Reviewed by simon from uk on 13th Nov 2007
I use this alongside my HTc pda so i'm not gonna complain about the tiny screen. It's a great slim phone to carry around if you need a second phone. Music quality is exceptional and syncs perfectly with windows media player making music transfer extremely easy and painless. Lack of java is a disappointment but the sleek look makes up for it.

Reviewed by farhan from ur urs !KATY on 23rd Oct 2007
its the worst phone eva i had it for 4 hours and sent it back!

Reviewed by mat from englandd on 23rd Oct 2007
all u lot r stupid init this phone i wel good u oviusly treat ur fones rong there nt to be thrown around lol i think peeps think it rubbish gt re think ter descion

Reviewed by well good phone this is from new york on 22nd Oct 2007
this is the best phone out the 31 i have had it is the best i have had in ages!!!!

Reviewed by jake from usa on 19th Oct 2007
dis fone is really cool but the call screen is to small for stuff and i have an ipod so i sent it back and sold my ipod and got da iphone

Reviewed by Hasino from Nigeria on 17th Oct 2007
Samsung F300 is cool and trendy. I love the features in it. The colour is superb!!!!

Reviewed by Paolo from UK on 11th Oct 2007
I'm shocked by how many people dislike this phone! Although i note that half the people that rate the phones on this site don't even own the phone they are reviewing and by their spelling they must be about 10! So from a genuine user of this phone i can recomend it! It is a different concept which always gets attention from the moment i take it out my pocket! Everyone is amazed by it! It's so different from any other mobile phone that it will take some getting used to at first but you will soon realise that it is a quality product which comes with a lot of extras in the box, such as extra battery & leather case, cables & software. The small phone display doesn't bother me half as much as i thought it would and it means there's pleanty of space for the keypad which is more important in my opinion, being a lad i have large hands and hate fiddly little buttons on phones! I'll not go into detail about it's features because you can find out on the Samsung website, I'll just summarise by saying it's a quality well built fashion phone which will remain iconic for many years to come!

Reviewed by himanish from india on 7th Oct 2007
really pathetic!! u can't control the fone! keys r HELL! bad volume!:( its as guud as muted!! do not buy!

Reviewed by !KATY from Holland on 3rd Oct 2007
sick phone brevvv soo good :) xo

Reviewed by adam from england on 24th Sep 2007
Dont know what everyone's problem is. This is a design phone so if you dont like the concept than you shouldnt have got one in the first place. Yes it can be a nuisance switching between the two screens but the phone looks great, sound quality is superb and battery life is impressive if you put it in the leather case. If you prefer cheap plastic phones go buy a nokia or sony ericsson.

Reviewed by Louis Walsh from Ireland on 22nd Sep 2007
It's a definate NO from me.

Reviewed by Keenan from England on 13th Sep 2007
HA! A phone what a joke! It sucks

Reviewed by Tariela Laindon from England on 8th Sep 2007
I absolutely agree, there is no need for the "flip-side". It isn't user friendly due to small window for calling. I will definitely swap it when my nine months is at the Carphone Warehouse. It does play some other music file types, which makes it a same really.

Reviewed by Karian from UK on 8th Sep 2007
Brilliant phone!! Use it as a fone AND an mp3 player! listen to music for at least 2hours a day as well as calls and have no prob with battery life at all! If you do, then use the black case it comes with (from orange anyway) cos its a second battery!! only gets charged about once a week and lasts really well. you get 2 lines of text on the small screen which is fine, even for my old memory, and as for the SMS tones, i never have been able to use personal tones on Samsungs anyway! If you think this fone is heavy then how do you manage to lift your head off the pillow in the morning as my girlfriends 5 year old thought it was light!! The headphone adaptor is great as i can use any standard small jack headphones with it. There is reasonable phone memory but mine came with a 1 Gb t-flash card (+ adaptor for SDMMC) anyway, so i guess that wouldn't be that much of a problem. There are the usual applications on it except for a calculator. But then i can add 2 + 2 in my head anyway! Keypad is great and easy to use but the music player touch pad takes a lot to get used to. Or is that me getting old? Brilliant phone recommend to anyone! Had it 3 months now.

Reviewed by matt from sweden on 7th Sep 2007
best mobile, good looking, good batterylife, highclass sound.

Reviewed by greg alison from england on 3rd Sep 2007
all i can say is it broke before i even got it out of the box!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by emma from ireland on 31st Aug 2007
dis fone is absolutly rubbish it used 2 always sutdown and the screen wud always freeze!!!!

Reviewed by justin, time from England on 29th Aug 2007
i was expecting better with this phone, i have had this phone for 3 months and couldent wait to get rid of it. i must say it looks and feels great but that is the only good point about it. the screen on the front is to small for texting or doing eney thing,the battery life is very poor.the camera is rubbish and videos and is all pixely. there is alot of better phones which you could get for your money instead of this so i would recommened not to buy this phone.

Reviewed by Oleh from Canada on 23rd Aug 2007
Not what i expected! Hard to use and to work with. The PC studio sucks !!! (transferring the data). Dialing screen is too small, also very few options in the menu. I hate to use multimedia side of the phone, keys are very sensitive. The only good part is MP3 player. I have to admit great sound quality. In general, phone is over priced

Reviewed by Thomas from USA on 23rd Aug 2007
i have had the phone since April when it came out and so far i have had little complaints about it i see a lot of negative feedback but no reasons... if you are going to write a review about why the phone is bad put what is bad about it not "people should buy a U600 instead!!!!" despite prior reviews it DOES have a speaker phone and i agree the media interface is slightly difficult to get used to being as it is very sensitive (which is adjustable) and the battery is very inconsistent but that just may be the software issue that was mentioned earlier overall i find the phone to be excellent

Reviewed by jamie from england on 20th Aug 2007
Have to agree with Rachel. This phone is fab!! Very unique and very sleek. Ppl dont stop glaring at it whenever i take it out of my pocket. Sound quality of the mp3 player is superb and comes with loads of accessories like 3.5mm adaptor and leather case with extra battery. Even the camera is pretty descent for 2mp. Only negative aspect is it doesnt have java support but other than that this phone is pure class!!

Reviewed by Rachel from England on 16th Aug 2007
God. .. Whats With All The negative point's this phone is mint ...

Reviewed by smes from uk on 16th Aug 2007
this fone is absolutly usless i hate it its horrible

Reviewed by tim from south africa on 15th Aug 2007
I would rather buy a simple, cheap phone and stick it to the back of an ipod using celetape to be honest. it has pros but cons flood all over this "beyonce" phone.

Reviewed by edward lockyer from england§ on 14th Aug 2007
this phone is terrible, wait , let me turn over and check that.....

Reviewed by Rik Bovens from Netherlands on 9th Aug 2007
I had also a problem with battery life of my F300. After a software upgrade, done by Samsung, the phone is working fine. Strange that this is not mentioned on website Samsung!

Reviewed by mikeymike from UK on 3rd Aug 2007
I can understand some of the criticisms in the review, but think the overall summary is harsh. I've had this phone for 3 weeks now and find little to criticise. The build quality is superb, battery life good, music quality excellent and call quality also very good. As a correction, Samsung ship this phone with a 1GB Micro SD. I'd highly recommend it for anyone who would like a good music player and slim, well built, stylish phone. Camera is OK, but only useful for impromptu snaps and not real photography.

Reviewed by dan from england on 31st Jul 2007
this phone is great especially as it comes with the portable charger case which protects the phone and gives it a mega long lasting battery also the phone it self is easy to use. overall very good easy phone

Reviewed by kiz from england on 26th Jul 2007
the battery last only 12hours !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so if you need to make a call the phone will die

Reviewed by Teri Maa Di Puddi from Pakistan on 25th Jul 2007
Twadi Peyn Nu Lun, Phone is ok, but not to hot for the Puddi's around here. I love the Music Panel, nice to get my Puddi Dancing :)

Reviewed by rhys from uk on 21st Jul 2007
Just bought the phone because I love how slim it is and how good it looks. Problem is I bought it without testing it. Oh my god it is tricky to use. The MP3 player controls are a nightmare, way too sensitive so I'm always accidentally pushing a button and the menus are very hard to control. Wouldn't matter so much for normal songs but I use long files and getting back to where I was is very slow.

Reviewed by Syed Imtiaz Ali from Pakistan on 17th Jul 2007
Dears, I review of your this presentation and I think it's outstanding presentation. Phone Rating 100-Stars Regards simtiazc21@yahoo.com

Reviewed by purplemoondoll from UK on 6th Jul 2007
The F300 has lived with us for 3 days and I have to say its a brilliant phone and certainly one of the best i have had from samsung for a long time - downloading from media player is easy - vista loves it - sound quality is excellent and its easy to use once you get the hang of the controls on the media player...the radio is brilliant to - battery life i woudl say good compared to others - ihad the media player running for about 15 hours before it ran out (was in the special battery case).One criticism - no games but thats it - so i guess all i all samsung have done well with this one - it will be staying here for a while

Reviewed by amrit from UK on 5th Jul 2007
Had the phone for 4 hours....then sent it back and waiting for my U600. Horrible to text on (my contract has unlimited texts so this isn't good) has no speakerphone, so this isn't good, and has no games.....so this isn't good!!! Great phone to look at and hold, and got to admit the music player is quite cool, but it's just not practical! IF u want a music player, buy an ipod, as i don't see this being a replacement for it. If you want a mobile phone, to text and make phone calls on......don't buy this either!!

Reviewed by robert from uk on 4th Jul 2007
got this phone on line rental had it for a day and sent it back. not nice to hold bit on the heavy side. mp3 is great thats about it the phone screen is way to small. when you need a new battery it has to be opened up as its not removeable by the user. horrible to text with also. so its a big mp3 player rather than a phone. wont be a popular

Reviewed by Neo Slater from Uk on 3rd Jul 2007
This phone is a very Exellent phone its very unik phone

Reviewed by adam from bristol on 30th Jun 2007
Just goes to show that the reviewer hasnt even held this phone to be rating it in the first place. In fact, F300 was rated above Sony Ericsson W880i for music audio quality. The phone comes with a 3.5mm adaptor so you can use your own headphones. In addition, there's a special leather case with battery attached included in the box to provide extended playback. Also, the keys on the music side aren't touch-sensitive in the normal sense. They can be pressed as regular keys or you can use the touch-sweep feature by dragging your finger up/down or left/right to scroll though the menu or playlist. Great phone if music quality is your number one concern!

Reviewed by hammad from pakistan on 30th Jun 2007
people should buy a U600 instead!!!!

Reviewed by jot from UK on 30th Jun 2007
The Best Ever

Reviewed by rob from UK on 30th Jun 2007
got this phone on line rental had it for a few hours then sent it back the phone screen is way to small for text or indeed anything else. the mp3 side of the phones looks good. the phone is far more and mp3 player than a phone so if your a text buffin like me you will not like it. sound quality is very good indeed from the mp3 player. in a nutshell if you want a mp3 player get it if you want both a phone and mp3 dont bother. its also a very heavy phone and not that nice to hold

Reviewed by Luke Mitchell from England on 29th Jun 2007
Thought I would write a review seeing as I have this phone, and yes I can agree with your comment about the actual point of the flipper design. But at the same time, you can argue the same about the slide when you have a flip that does the same job. In effect this is just an alternate way of having a huge screen on a smaller phone. I like it as at the end of the day its a fashionable phone that gets people talking. I think the camera is very good but only in good light (as mentioned) the no flash is a big disadvantage, music is fantastic but for some reason the phone doesn't have as much watt outage as my Z540. The interface on the phone side is really nice for such a small screen and you have the option to view big messages on the other side anyway. But yes i understand your review points, but I think its a great phone!

Reviewed by 77 kev from f on 28th Jun 2007
this fone is *******(sorry) but it is absolutely appaling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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