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Samsung F210 review

 Review: November 2007  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: Available in pink, blue or black, the F210 is a tiny device that acts as a phone and a music player.

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Samsung have done something interesting. They've taken the very popular but flawed X830 music phone, fixed all the problems and released it as the F210.

The F210 is a great phone concept. It's a phone/music player/camera in a tiny lightweight package. Weighing just 72g, it's fantastically light and it's so compact you risk losing it in your handbag! The secret to its tiny size is the swivel design. As you can see from the photo, when closed the F210 resembles an iPod Nano, with an LCD screen and metal jog dial showing. With the jog dial and side volume controls you can access the music functions even with the phone closed. When you want to make a call, you flick the phone and it spins open to reveal a full keypad. We're delighted to see that the keypad has a regular 3-column layout, unlike the F210's predecessor, the X830, which had a 2-column layout and was harder to use. It's narrower than typical phones, but the keys are a good size and pose no problems. Overall it's a really nice phone to use. The user interface changes depending on whether the phone is open or closed to display phone menus or music menus. The styling is gorgeous with the metallic edging and jog dial, and the use of specially-designed stunning screen graphics. If you want to, you can hang the phone around your neck, with the "lanyard", a kind of one-piece necklace that also holds your earphones.

The F210 is a great music player. It can handle all popular music formats including full Digital Rights Management. The Music Library makes it easy to manage your music and create playlists on the go. You can use the built-in equaliser to adjust sound quality. Audio playback through the loudspeaker can sound a bit tinny, but plug in headphones or use a set of wireless Bluetooth headphones, and you can listen to high quality music. The phone comes equipped with 1 Gbyte of flash memory, which is enough to store around 250 songs. In addition this can be expanded to a total of 3 Gbytes by adding a microSD memory card (up to 2 Gbytes). This would be enough for around 750 songs, making the F210 into a replacement for an iPod Nano.

As well as the music player, the F210 also has a built-in FM radio. This is equipped with RDS (Radio Data System), which displays the station ID, radio show name, song title, artist and more. Samsung have introduced a cool feature into the F210: use the built-in sound recorder to record a few seconds of any song that you're listening to, and the system will identify the artist and song for you. This is very similar to Sony Ericsson's TrackID™, used on its Walkman phones.

In addition to making calls and playing music, the F210 has a built-in camera. It's not a replacement for a digital camera, with a resolution of just 2 megapixels and with no flash, but it can take decent snaps and record video with sound.

The connectivity of the F210 is good too, with a choice of USB 2.0 and wireless Bluetooth for transferring music and data. Wireless printing of photos is supported on PictBridge-compatible printers. You can even connect to the internet and view web pages, although the small screen isn't the best for this. The battery life of the phone isn't the highest (as you'd expect from such a tiny device) but it's adequate.

Overall the F210 is a beautiful music phone. Available in black, pink or blue, it's highly recommended for anyone looking for a compact phone with a built-in music player. Buy the F210 and chuck your iPod Nano in the bin!

Samsung F210 features include:

  • 2 megapixel camera with 2x digital zoom
  • Video capture (352 x 288 pixel resolution)
  • Display: TFT, 262,144 colours, 128 x 220 pixels
  • Music player (MP3, MIDI, ACC, ACC+, e-ACC+, WMA formats) with equaliser
  • Digital Rights Management: WM DRM, OMA DRM 1.0
  • FM radio with RDS
  • 64-voice polyphonic ringtones / MP3 ringtones
  • Speakerphone
  • Messaging: SMS/EMS/MMS with T9 predictive text
  • Java 2.0 games
  • Internet: WAP 2.0, GPRS Class 10, EDGE
  • Web browser
  • Personal information functions
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0
  • Memory: 1 Gbyte built-in memory plus microSD™ card slot (expandable to 2 Gbytes)
  • Tri Band (900/1800/1900 MHz)
  • Size: 89 x 31 x 21 mm
  • Weight: 72g
  • Talk Time: up to 3.3 hours
  • Battery Standby: up to 265 hours

Samsung F210 user reviews

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Average rating from 124 reviews:

Reviewed by sue marsden from united kingdom on 9th Jan 2014
i love my samsung f210 have had one for years now ,infact i own 4 pre owned ones and a samsung X830

Reply by Jo from UK on 6th Jun 2014
How do you get the photoes off on to a computer, the information brought with the phone wont help, keeps saying it needs updating otherwise i love it

Reviewed by Adriana Antwi-Oduro from London on 2nd Dec 2012
Ihave once used this phone and i still love it. either to sell or get one to use.I mean second hands.Thank

Reviewed by tamale aloysius from canada on 22nd Sep 2012
i love the phone.

Reviewed by Yemi from Nigeria on 22nd Mar 2012
I love your phone, its really handy. my concern is that I can't play music or radio on it. each time i try it'll say 'now close swivel' but once swivel is closed it will not play. what is wrong with my phone, pls?

Reviewed by hoda from iran on 23rd Feb 2012
it is a sexy and attractive mobile with lovely appearence and unique designatinon that i love it really !

Reviewed by Sarah Meeme from UK on 28th Apr 2011
Latest lightest phone and stylish. I love it. I have had it for 2years with no problem.

Reviewed by farrah malik from UK on 6th Mar 2011
A really like the Samsung f210 there great phones so light and easy 2 use.

Reviewed by Antonia Monyakane from UK on 8th Nov 2010
this is a fantastic phone to have, may i know where can i buy it from in durban

Reviewed by Lorna Jones from UK on 15th Sep 2010
My problem is that when I receive a text it comes up with the number and not the name of the person sending it! Why is that happening and how do I fix it? Really frustrating when you have to look up to find out who sent the text! Apart from that, it's a wonderful little phone :-)

Reviewed by mez from UK on 6th Mar 2010
I think this phone is amazing in every way. Its easy to carry and it fits perfectly in my pocket. Its the best phone i have ever had its brilliant.

Reviewed by Katrina from UK on 4th Feb 2010
I have the Samsung F210 I bought is as I Loved the X830.The F210 was one of the best phones ever and if you're looking for a small phone this 1 is the 1 to go for. Great clarity in music, fantastic looking, easy to use, compact to carry around- I would recommend this phone to anyone who is not looking for a 'smart-phone' type of thing. Mine has lasted me 2 years and I know a few people who have had theirs for the same duration.

Reviewed by Alisha from UK on 24th Jan 2010
its not as good as it looks at first its good then the battery goes quick so i dont reccomend it 2 any1

Reviewed by FMK from UK on 21st Jan 2010
Trust me this is a sweet phone.i have had for one and a half years without a problem.If i have to replace this phone,i will replace it with another samsung f210.If you want a big phone and are fussy with small ones,don't go for this one.

Reviewed by Karen from UK on 14th Jan 2010
I've had this phone for 2 years now, dropped it on many drunken occasions or just when its slipped out of my pocket because its that small! but i've got to admit its pretty damn good.. I mean its survived! Yes, it took a while to get used to the tiny keypad and screen, but it is really decent. HOWEVER! the camera is quite crap but what do you expect for a 2megapixel camera?? This phone is good if you just want to make calls, text or listen to some music (though the speaker can easily be drowned out by any other phones! and the ring tones quite quiet). My other little pet peeve about this phone is the fact I can't choose the text tone, so my fone pretty much remains on silent and vibrate all the time! as the samsung tones are to be honest.. poo. Other than that, this phones small with a quite a big personality, and after 2 years, if i do say so myself, its quite stylish, and I still get asked "is that a phone?!".. always good to be different. Would I advise anyone to buy one? no, not now, but then again i wouldnt advise anybody to get a touch screen either and theyre pretty popular!

Reviewed by hann h from UK on 28th Dec 2009
small light and easily losable. looks like a stick and is as quiet as one. the phone freezes and the headphones do break. there is only 2 skins/themes and not many message tones. this is a good phone as a temp but it gets boring and annoying if you have it along time. not good for teenagers. at least it doesn't smash when you drop it.

Reviewed by aysha from UK on 18th Oct 2009
not good at all. dont buy.

Reviewed by Sian from Wales on 2nd Oct 2009
This is the best phone I have ever had, theres no point in buying it if you know your not going to get used to the size of the screen, and going to be fussy about the camera. I have has this phone for 2 years, cant change it because its so damn good! In my opinion listen to all the good reviews and occasionaly the bad ones, bad ones put you off!! You need to sum out whether people are just being fussy or try to find out logical explanations why people are finding fault with their phones.

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 1st Oct 2009
great little phone! a true classic, bought it just after xmas 08 direct from orange for 18!!! yes thats right 18, they were selling them off, bargain of the century, best 18 ive ever spent.

Reviewed by Stef from UK on 12th May 2009
I had this phone for a year now. I bought it as I wanted something small and different BUT It's so quiet when it rings, the screen is tiny and you it gets a long time to get used to it. It's easy to type your message, no problem there. THe camera is bad...On the bright side, it's in perfect condition even after 1 year and the battery life is great. I will not recommend it though...

Reviewed by ridvan from turkey on 24th Apr 2009
I have black one. I bought yesterday $160 it is great design... and you can close the mp3 screen... ;) *#06# you will see imei no.. then close the phone... surprise:D:D but you should do this everytime:( ridoneorange@hotmail.com

Reviewed by Aami from united kindom on 9th Apr 2009
i am sooooooooooo annoyed i loved that phone and it was a cold day and windy i was sitin in the field and the phone just turned off. but i luv the style

Reviewed by SARA from UNITED KINGDOM on 22nd Mar 2009

Reviewed by Princess from UK on 6th Mar 2009
I bought this phone a few days ago and i Love it its easy to use and looks good. The MP3 always comes up when you close the phon ebut apart from this its a brill phone. i would def recommend it!!!

Reviewed by Ella from UK on 17th Feb 2009
I've had this phone for over a year now and i'm not very good at keeping phones in great quality. I have dropped my phone many times, smashed it off walls ect. and it still is in good condition but recently it started freezing and turning off if i drop it but otherwise it is still good. My main complaints are the volume of the music is very low and the texts tones are boring. It also annoys me how it makes a sound when sending a text.

Reviewed by m jane from uk on 7th Feb 2009
i was surprised how compact it was (ordered online from carphone for 79 inc 10 credit) i think mp3 quality is amazing! i like many others am wanting the mp3 screen off main screen when closed as i cant see when ive recd txts without opening phone-ive tried below but doesnt work for me-helllllllllp cheers

Reviewed by Annoyed from UK on 7th Feb 2009
Unfortunately I bought this phone today and I cant download any tunes onto it. I've installed the software followed the instructions chosen the option to download via USB and keep getting an error message telling me that the USB/phone is not connected. THEY ARE CONNECTED!! Have I just got a duff phone or is downloading music not as easy as it looks. Has anyone actually mangaged to download anything? Does anyone have any tips (apart from taking it back to the shop and getting a refund!!)

Reviewed by Nerii from UK on 16th Jan 2009
Yiu guys i was reading another reveiw place and all u have to do to get the MP3 layer off the screen saver is.. to go to settings, then security, then privacy lock, then tick files, u then input a password anything.. then when u close the phone it will ask you for the password but dont input it and then the light will soon fade.. then when u open in instead of inputting the pin and closing and openin it jus click cancel.. and itll save u all that hassle of input it. hope thats clear... not can sum1 help me... :D i jus put music and piccies on my fone from da comp but cant find them onda fone :( x

Reviewed by Leoni from Liverpool on 9th Jan 2009
I agree with Haze from Glasgow (posted 19/12/08). I don't want the mp3 function and everytime i close the phone it defaults to the mp3 user interface, and i can't get it off! Can anyone help?

Reviewed by Mobit from Blackpool, England on 3rd Jan 2009
The microSD card slot is actually expandable to 4 Gbytes (the review states that the max is 2 Gbytes). I have the F210 and use two 4 Gbyte cards with more than 1000 mp3 tracks (not forgetting the 1 Gbyte of memory on the phone itself. Sound quality equals the ipod. The neck lanyard is genius !

Reviewed by Hazel. from Glasgow. on 19th Dec 2008
Best looking and smallest phone about but I don't need the MP3, I can get it off the screen but you then need to put a password in all the time. Can I remove the MP3 completley and just have the phone screen and prompts showing all the time without ''enter password'' coming up ??? Help!! please (then I will give it 5 stars).

Reviewed by Arlo Clyne from United Kingdom on 9th Dec 2008
love it! the phone is small yes, but unusable no! i was surprised how quickly i was weaned off larger hand-sets. i used a Nokia N80 before the upgrade to the Samsung F210, and i have never looked back. the small innovative design coupled with great software gives it mage points! not to mention that the F210 is unbelievably easy to text, chat and listen to music with. my only reservations are small. You cannot assign you own msn alert tone and alarm sounds. also i would have liked to see it available in more colors, a red and even lighter blue would have been nice, maybe even striped and mosaic styling. the blue, purple and back are all dark shades and look very similar. all in all i truly think this little phone is a big hit! if samsung released a third gen 'swivel' phone its got my vote... just fix the sound function samsung!

Reviewed by jo from england on 22nd Nov 2008
does anyone else have any problems with the low volume coz i cant always hear the phone ringing.

Reviewed by Les from Reading on 11th Oct 2008
Luv it - but I'm such gr8 revu's. Hw do u put music on it! Tell me b4 I go mad. Aprt from tht, its brill.

Reviewed by Paige from Market Harborough on 9th Oct 2008
This fone is sick man i love it all u plebs who sayin it has a small screen well it aint gonna have a big screen if the fone aint big is it u freak nd also if u read ya lil book wot cums with it nd then change ya settings u will be able to turn it up so then u wont miss calls nd if u still do u will need a hearing test mate i aint bein stink but peeps r puttin bad comments bout this fone nd it is like the best so yeh sound blad x have fun wid ya fones u will have more fun if u got this fone bare that in mind wen u is lookin for a small fone wid everythin u could posibly want kk lol x

Reviewed by Trini from Estonia on 14th Sep 2008
I discovered a little trick how to turn off mediaplayer when closing the phone and also keep clock update and sms show on screen when doing so :)) I know one can disable it ,entering security password, but on that case time wont update, and also received sms wont show on screen. It only works if you can establish bluetooth connection with your pc ,though. I installed Blue Soleil software and under bluetooth places appear icon Bluetooth Serial Port - right-click there, 'connect' ,and now when you close flip of your phone, media player wont appear ;)

Reply by Pato from Argentina on 24th Sep 2008
Trini! please, explain in detail how you turn off de mp3 player when closing the phone! Thanks a lot!

Reviewed by charlie from reading on 21st Aug 2008
i love this phone. it has everything i need. i think that the memory on it is great and that you are able to put a memory card in it. the swivel design is great and makes it look sexy. i love the fact that it is small so you can put it in your bag or packet and not have to worry about it taking up space. i dont agree with people giving it a bad name. if you give the phone a chance. i like the metal swival aswell because on the downgrade (x830) it has like a jelly sort of stuff on it and it comes off. overall, i love the phone. its the best phone i have ever had and i dont plan on buying another phone yet. 1 more question, does it come in any other colours. i brought it the day come out in blue and i havent seen it in any others colours.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 21st Aug 2008
It's available in pink, blue, black and purple.

Reviewed by Sophie from london, Uk on 8th Aug 2008
I think all of yoo whu say itz a rubbish fone seem lyk yoo have neva used a fone b4 coz itz lyk ne oda fone nd whu eva says a nokia is better let me jus tell yoo sumfin sum nokias dnt even hold 5 songs nd have rubbish camera worse dan diz nd is way bigger dan diz nd diz is a small fone wid a decent camera nd u complain nd so wat if yoo close it nd da mp3 player cums up all yoo ave 2 do is get a privacy code IS DAHT SO HARD? i jus gt diz fone nd it dnt bother me at all nd all yoo ppl daht are avein problems wid ur fone u need help coz diz is da easiest fone to use. One more thing if you only ave the t-moblie ringtone GO ON YOUR COMPUTER AND PUT SOME SONGS ON YOUR PHONE. nw was daht she hard.no it was SIMPLE. Da thing daht i dnt get is everyfing orn ma fone is legit nd it sounds lyk urs isit mayb u need 2 spend some time going throught ur manual and ur fone =] coz im jus 13 nd ma phone works perfectly =]

Reviewed by bob from engalnd on 30th Jul 2008
i love this fne but beeter in purple see if u can find any newer ones

Reviewed by D from UK on 29th Jul 2008
I chose this phone because of its looks and style but having previously owned the Samsung D900 I have to say its been somewhat of a disappointment to me in comparison. For example, I can't find the speakerphone option as listed. I miss the flash on the camera and a bigger megapixel option. I miss being able to down load games (phone has no JAVA 2.0 games option as advertised,not sure if this is a provider issue) and the constant MP3 player screen drives me mad because you can't tell if you have missed any calls or messages without constantly flipping open the phone, (yes I know you can change the settings but for some reason the phone won't accept the default pin code. This phone without the headphones lacks sound only reaching the highest setting of 7 when used as a phone. This means you often missed calls even with the phone on you. I have to agree about the scratching, having had the phone for just a few hours it marked very easily. Putting the moaning aside, as an MP3 player the sound with headphones is great and the phone is easy to use.

Reviewed by Darcy from England on 28th Jul 2008
All you morons who are giving it poor anfd saying its rubbish are morons. If you want a good pictures by a digital camera. And for all you dufaces who dont read the book it comes with, read it.Then you'll find out how to make the phone louder. My dance teacher has this phone and she doesnt even need to use a stereo,she can just use her phone. I have this phone aswell and i love it. It looks great and i like the fact that its small and compact. My friends are jeaslous of the swivil design and the memory is absolutely fantastic. And all you people complaining about the small screen, GET A BRAIN. Of curse its going to have a small screen. THE PHONE IS SMALL. Cant you see that.If you didnt want a small screen why the heck did you buy the phone then.

Reviewed by Emilyy from UK on 27th Jul 2008
I think this phone is great if you're after something that will catch people's eye. In addition to this, the internal memory is outstanding, and after nearly seven months I've had no problems. However, there are some annoying flaws that I can't get over. Firstly, the camera. It's simple enough to use, but at only 2 megapixels, the pictures aren't nearly as good as the pictures say sony ericssons produce. Another thing is that you have to choose from a list of four or five message tones, which is quite limiting. Also the mp3 sceen is very irritating, as is the solution wherein you have to enter a password every time you select something. It's a great phone on paper, with all the normal functions; picture messaging, bluetooth, mp3 capabilities and a large internal memory, but in reality it is quite irritating. I'm aware that to look for the perfect anything is foolish, let alone the perfect phone, (although my old Samsung E370 was brilliant) but I simply can't get along with it. I'm a Samsung girl, so I gave it a chance, but it's not the phone for me. Although the F210 is nice, I'm looking into getting the Samsung F490, which looks fantastic.

Reviewed by Archie from england on 24th Jul 2008
This phone is brill the only thing is the finger prints on the front and back.The momory is great the phone looks good it is ideal for people who text alot ring alot an liten to music.It has been very reliable for me so far and i have had it for 7 months now.This is one of the best phones i have ever had.like it hate it.GET IT!!!!!

Reviewed by keely from doncaster south yorkshire on 19th Jul 2008
this phone is fab ad it since xmas never ad a problem with it, cant wait 4 new 1 t come out,if any1 no ?

Reviewed by 666546 from ghdjdhjgh on 17th Jul 2008
yes you can turn the mp3 screen off follow these instructions. I had dis ph. from last 3 mths........ its a gr8 ....... added some more beauties to my list .... u can put PRIVACY LOCK to avoid MP3 Player. Settings > Security > Privacy Lock > My Files (Select/Check) > Save > Enter Password (U can Put the Numbers of ur Choice - B4 dat u can check d default password in Owners Manual) It realy works ............. When u close Swivel ... u will find "Enter Password" on screen .... but dont worry .... as you swivel the screen shut when the password comes on screen you can press the back button on the keypad and the password prompt will dissapear leaving you with your full screen background screen.

Reviewed by Kate from England on 17th Jul 2008
I've had this phone for 3 months now and i love it! The screen can be annoying when looking at pictures or videos. But then this is a phone not a digital camera!! Although, mine seems ot have scratched really easy, and the front is mirrored so shows finger prints. Does anyone else agree? Shame about the games, volume and not having loudspeaker, I also miss my text message counter that was on my sony, but it is worth it!!

Reviewed by Megz from Englang UK on 7th Jul 2008
I have had this phone for a while and I love it! Whenever I get it out everyone coments on how small and stylish it is! The features are great! The only small problem I have with it is that whenever I close the phone the music player switches on but now I use the privacy lock so its not all bad! I love this phone!!!!!

Reviewed by clare from england on 7th Jul 2008
the phone is not as loud as i thought that it would be but it is a nice phone but that is the only problem with the phone is that its not really loud when it rings

Reviewed by michelle from england on 6th Jul 2008
my boyfriend bought me the pink one yesterday and so far its been brill, i love it. u can get the music off the screen when closed just read the book. wouldnt want any other phone.

Reviewed by Gareth Smith from England on 3rd Jul 2008
I purchased my f210i today, after reading great reviews i am far from dissapointed, i had the x830 (previous version)being a guy i thought it would be girly but far from mines blue and by far a stunning phone.... blue and black limited edition..... great memory and features must buy phone, real head turner, all my friends are jealous of it!

Reviewed by Natalie from England on 28th Jun 2008
i bought this phone in March 2008 and so far had no problems with it. it's a great phone for many reasons, yet lacks in some other aspects. the memory is amazing, i've put in a memory card and have over 400 songs and god knows how many photos stored onto it. people have been complaining how small the photos are, if you go into settings on your camera, you can change the 'camera settings' and change the 'size' and the 'viewfinder'. this means the photo will be much larger and when i upload photos onto my computer, the quality is amazing. the only thing i dont like about this phone is the fact you cant have speaker phone on, and the volume of music isnt that great, but hey, you cant have everything. this phone is also FANTASTIC to text on, really really easy, a really nice keypad. i would recommend this phone to people with small fingers, and it can be quite fiddly :)

Reviewed by Rachel from England on 26th Jun 2008
Fab phone, but the wheel has got stuck and now doesn turn.

Reviewed by dean frisby from england on 26th Jun 2008
i think yhe samsung f210 is cool phone not only is it small does all u want from a phone and mean u dont have to carry a mp3 player with u always good the only problem is the small screen and slow internet connection but i like the phone i havent seen many men with them so let hope more bloke will buy this cool girly phone and use the female side of them what a cool little samsung it rulllllllllllllllllllles

Reviewed by meeeeeeeeeeeee from scoterland on 26th Jun 2008
Dean: you are right! it is an amazing fone, i have it and i am a guy! i dont see it as girly though, i just got it cos i broke my other one and it was cheap and im really glad i did. the camera is not amazing and has no flash and pics you get bluetoothed are sometimes small but that doesnt bother me. the memory is amazing! i copied everything off my 1gig card to th phone memory with space left and wiped the card and ive still not had to put anything onto th card! i got it in blue for my birthday last week and it came with free samsung speakers which are amazing! anyway i have rambled on long enuogh! overall, amazing fone, everyone buy it! and i agree with dean, more guys should buy it

Reviewed by Bob from United States on 22nd Jun 2008
Awesome phone u should get it. i havent got it but i no its ace!! GET IT IN PINK,PURPLE,BLUE OR BLACK!! GET IT!!!

Reviewed by Sophie from england on 20th Jun 2008
had this phone since christmas 2007 since then it has broken over 3 times so i have had to get a new one three times as the shop claimed they counldn't give me my money back dont buy this phone had no end of trouble with it and it is really fragile

Reviewed by Megan from Scotland on 12th Jun 2008
The camera isn't all that good and the screen can be annoying because you can't look at pictures that well. The memory on it is really good though, I have loads of pictures and songs on it :]

Reviewed by SHANNON MCINTOSH from scotland on 10th Jun 2008
This phone is one of the worst phones i have ever come accross i have it and the screen is 2 small and the volume is very low . The only good thing is the memory

Reviewed by nicole from ireland on 7th Jun 2008
love it

Reviewed by umair from Pakistan on 24th May 2008
Samsung f210 Outstanding Phone I like it.

Reviewed by beth from wales on 20th May 2008
had this phone 4 my birthday in feb, since then it has frozen 3 times and now wont work at all. has this happened to anyone else??

Reviewed by suzanne from scotland on 18th May 2008
i love samgungs phones i think they market the right people like with the f210,stylish,unique and girly without being over the top,but in saying that them have made a few flaws with this phone, a few things i don't like about it ,is the mp3 player being on the phone when closed, not being able to add message tone to exsisting file and having no loudspeaker when on the phone apart from that very happy with the f210 purple.

Reviewed by calllum the frog from muppet town on 15th May 2008
this phone is the best ever its cool n sexy

Reviewed by bazza from uk on 14th May 2008
got this from car phone warehouse lasted 3 months start going faulty took it back said it was a data fault. then got it back saying it was moisture inside? no refund. lesson never buy off carphone warehouse. they do there own repairs and can tell you anything. an dont use f210 in rain cold room or near the coast

Reviewed by mcbain from UK on 7th May 2008
Hey, I just bought this and its ace!! 1GB internal memorys fab. and I love the idea of a phone and mp3 in 1 like this (esp when they both work this well) as it saves carting two things round. Gorgeous phone! Very easy to use. Large, user-friendly buttons which surprised me as its a very small phone.

Reviewed by clubzero1 from UK on 6th May 2008
Great phone the F210 however it does hold one annoying feature, the fact that when the swivel is closed the screen turns into an annoying mp3. this feature is so stupid, you cannot tell the time on the screen or when you have recieved a text message. Apparently its an mp3 combined with a phone, stupid idea really because nearly everyone has an mp3 player or ipod of some sorts. Lovley phone, but Samsung have messed up big time with this, i just bought one but i dont think i will be keeping mine for long

Reviewed by Raquel from UK on 4th May 2008
I love this phone, its so cool! I just cant seem to be able to upload any music onto it. When I plug the USB in it doesnt seem to be recognised as a removable disk or anything in my documents. Ive tried installing the disk that came with it but it always says theres an error. Can anyone help?

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 28th Apr 2008
I just got this phone last week but I absolutely love it! It looks great, it's easy to use and I love the MP3 on it. It didn't take me long to figure out all the features. I've always loved Samsung phones and this is the best I've had yet.

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 28th Apr 2008
Yvonne, UK. To get the MP3 to stop popping up when you close the phone, go to settings, security, privacy lock and select phone privacy.

Reviewed by Yvonne from UK on 28th Apr 2008
In answer to Clare's question on 25/4/08, in order to save your sent messages you have to select save and send (second option in sending screen) everytime you send a txt, don't think there is a way of selecting it permanently. Anyone got an answer to my query of how to replace the MP3 screen when the phone is closed?

Reviewed by Jen from UK on 25th Apr 2008
This pohne is amazing if you want a music phone! The design is brilliant and the memory never seems to get full! Only downside is the poor quality camera, but other than that a fab phone.

Reviewed by Clare..// from UK on 14th Apr 2008
I just got this phone and i love it... the memory is amazing...and it is just gawjuss haha....the only problem is on my messages it doesnt come up with my send messages and that can cause a problem as i have a short memory haha....anyone know how i can fix it??? apart from that it is a 10/10 for me =]

Reviewed by Hannah from Manchester on 13th Apr 2008
I got this phone two months ago and although I love it I have changed back to the Sony W580i. I find a sony ericson phone much better design and quality than any other. I do love this phone though. It looks AMAZING and people always say Lush Nice Phone!! But I prefer sony sorry! A very girlie phone I find too and so slick and fashionable loved to slip in into my back pocket then whip it out and flick it up when i had a text or phone call =) Amazing phone Highly recommended! =)

Reviewed by rocky =P from UK on 9th Apr 2008
a girl i know has this phone,and ive looked at it and looked at what kind of stuff it has.the screen is so small and it seems pretty rubbish.....

Reviewed by Yvonne from UK on 8th Apr 2008
I got this phone as a birthday presnt and love it, I had the Samsung X830 before this and loved that too until I unfortunately scratched the screen. The only downside to this is the MP3 player showing when you close the phone, I took it back to the shop to see if they could advise me how to change it but no joy :( I see from some of the reviews below some of you have managed to remove it could you tell me how please :)

Reviewed by Mufferz from England on 7th Apr 2008
Damn This Phone Is Good. Basicaly u dont need any external memory card because of its 1gb built in memory card. and u can put it about in any pocket u want, whether its full or not. 10/10 from me

Reviewed by Ryan from UK on 7th Apr 2008
This is a good phone if you realise that to be so small it has to sacrifice features of larger phones. If you want a really small phone that can act as a mp3 player for people who are too worried about having top quality bitrate and takes camera shots but isn't going to replace a digital camera. If you want a combo iphone/digital camera, then get another phone. I don't understand why other people are complaining that it doesn't take amazing pictures and that the screen is too small. The point of the phone is that it is small. Everything else has been designed around that...

Reviewed by maomao from england on 27th Mar 2008
i would recommend this fone to anyone i got it for christmas and i absolutely love it! it is such a cute fone as it will fit anywhere its got a really big memory so u can put loads of song on it lots of people have complained about the mp3 coming on every time you close the swivel the mp3 does appear but it doesn't start and i quite like that part of it because that that you can make your music play without having to go into my files the camera on it is ok but nothing special u can take pics and they come out alright but its nothing amaing but with all the other cool stuff on this fone you wont care! overall this is an amazing fone and looks great!!!!!

Reviewed by Lucii xx from England on 24th Mar 2008
hiya i luv this fone i got it 4 christmas n its ace i admit its sound isnt that gd but when u put hedfones in its great i luv how it swivels i would reccomend it most of my friends wanted it xxxluciixxx

Reviewed by Lara from UK on 20th Mar 2008
People!!!! Woah you can't say the phone is rubbish because it has finger prints on it! That's your fault! Also don't complain about it getting scratches, you obviously scratched it.

Reviewed by amy from uk on 18th Mar 2008
Have to say I really like this phone! I've had it a few months, had no problems whatsoever, it's been a lot sturdier than I had expected (boyfriend works in a phone shop and told me so many swivel phones get broken/returned) but maybe I'm not as heavyhanded as some of you! I agree the mp3 was annoying but have that sorted now, thanks for that! The buttons are small but I have small fingers so it's ok for me :) Menu system is easy to use, nice to be able to scroll but you have to be quite firm with it, it's a bit slow. Can't really comment on the camera or mp3 functions as I don't use them, I usually just choose my phone on how it looks as I'm happy with my ipod and digital camera, but have been happy with the phone, much easier to use than the E900 I had before - the touch sensitive buttons drove me mad! Hopefully I'll have more luck with my LG Viewty.

Reviewed by Bunny from UK on 14th Mar 2008
Sort yourselves out people!! The majority of u are deaf, retarded, fat fingered and moaning old coots!! why buy a small phone then moan about it being too small? DUH!!!!!! it's not difficult to see it's a small phone. I got this phone a couple of weeks ago and i absolutely love it

Reviewed by chazzzzyyy from u k on 7th Mar 2008
i had this fone 4 xmas and i loved it. the fone is super 4 music but it has a tiny screen and the bluetooth doesnt work

Reviewed by Tink from Mrkt Drytn on 2nd Mar 2008

Reviewed by lauren from brum town on 2nd Mar 2008
really wanted this phone as it looks really nice, BUT as they say looks can be decieving!! eveyone says "wow is that ur phone i want it" and i'm lyke er no u dnt,lol. i got up one morning after bout 2 wks of having it and somehow the screen was cracked.i had to send it back,also every tyme i put songs n videos n photos on i took the battery out n they wud dissapear.the camera was rubbish and scratches started appearing frm nowhere!!! Samsung sent a new one out and i have had no probs with it lmao. all data stays on no matta what, the camera photos cum out pretty good and 4 sum weird reason it sounds slightly louder!! 4 ppl who dnt want the mp3 screen on when u close the fone heres how: go to menu;settings;security;phone privacy;then simply type in a password! but this means whenever u wanna use the phone u just type in the password lauren xx

Reviewed by Asma from Manchester on 24th Feb 2008
I just got this phone and its rubbish it just broke after 1 week and im feed up of that and the camera is a absoulte rubbish.. NEVER BUY THIS PHONE

Reviewed by Lola from London on 23rd Feb 2008
I got this phone about 2 weeks ago, having bought so many phones over the years, i decided enough was enough and wanted a phone that i could stick to.. how wrong i was! lol This phone has to be the based on just looks. The camera, like all samsung camera's is rubbish. All photos come out blurred, and only the odd few come out right. The MP3 player is ok with the headphones on (and even then it should have been louder) but rubbish when used as a loudspeaker. MP3 ringtones are rubbish too cant hear them! Like many others, i always get missed calls and sometimes i am only in the other room! The Player always coming on when you close the phone is irritating. The phone is always covered in fingerprints. The screen is oh so tiny, and reading and browsing through with the jog dial is way too slow and i always end up just using the dial as i would any other button. Another irritating feature is the fact that you cant choose your own messags tones..You have like 5 to choose from, none of which i can hear, what's wrong with samung in this department?! Menu is old looking and basic. It seems that the icons have been squeezed together to fit in that ridiculous small screen. There are no 'silent' options like with Nokia., where u get a simple vibrate etc, whats the point?? You may as well switch it off! The volume is the absolute worst! Its too low and i dont understand why Samsung wont just make them high and let people choose how loud/low they want their ringtones/MP3 player. I cant even put in in my bag for fear of being scratched to death! Its so delicate. Its annoying when you have to take the bottom part off to put the headphones on! What hassle! I showed this phone to family and friends and they were gutted that i paid that much for it!! I am not expecting much out of a phone, just the basics that keep a person happy, but i cant even find that in this phone. I would have easily overlooked ONE bad thing, because u know no phone is perfect, BUT this has so many that i have ended up hating it! I decided to go back to basics and got a Nokia 2310 which is far better than this junk. At least it is loud, robust,and does the basics well! NO more Samsung phones for me! If you want a phone to look at, get this, if you want one that works, get another!!

Reviewed by L from North Wales on 19th Feb 2008
Had This Phone At Christmas Time. I really Wanted it ! But Now I Got It I Hate It. I Always Have Missed Calls Because I Never Hear It ! The Music Is Very Very Quiet. Not Enough Message tones, And Only Two Skin Colours ! The Pink Doesnt Even Look Pink, It Looks Red ! And Very Annoying When You Have To Take A Part Off The Phone To Put Your HeadPhones In. But Very Good Memory ! Camera Isnt That Good Either. Would Not Recomend It

Reviewed by Rachel Cox from England on 15th Feb 2008
i bought this phone a month ago after desperatly wanting it, and the screen has now cracked from just being in my bag and i cant get it repaired anywhere!! am very angry.

Reviewed by Lutty from UK on 14th Feb 2008
I got this phone this morning, and have already arranged to send it back! It's rubbish! The Camera is lame, the menu is very dated, would have been good 2 years ago. I will say the design is nice with the flip around and the pink version which I got looks nice in a deep metalic pink, and is nice and small but thats all it has going for it. The phone is not user friendly at all, I am fully aware you need to get used to a phone etc etc... but the music player coming on every time you shut it is not good. It might be easier for someone already used to a Samsung but I am not impressed and after getting a 18month contract I want a phone that is not gonna drive me mad after a few months. I would not recommend this phone to anyone, the ringtones are hidious (obviously u can add your own music to it - i think), u have a choice of only a few message tones... Distinctly Average... I've tried to be honest so I hope this helps if your making your decision - I wouldnt bother with the other phones on the market - i'm now deciding between the Samsung G600, Sony Erricson W910i and LG Viewty.

Reviewed by Tracey from Ireland on 11th Feb 2008
Gorgeous looking phone. not mad about the music player coming up every time you close it. camera is terrible and hasnt got a flash which is so stone-age its unreal. Had a nokia 6111 and it was like a fisher-price phone, took every knock and bump, i doubt that this one will. very delicate and i'm terrified to put it in my bag in case it gets scratched to bits. Only got it yesterday.hate the menu. Its a great-looking phone but thats pretty much it.

Reviewed by LUCY from ENGLAND on 7th Feb 2008

Reviewed by Jess from Preston on 4th Feb 2008
Gr8 Fone Looks Well Nice

Reviewed by hero from UK on 30th Jan 2008
to save your sanity... you can stop the mp3 player from launching when you close the swivel.. go to settings and security, choose number 5 on the list, and set a pass code for the 3rd option in the privacy settings, this removes the mp3, but locks your phone so if anyone wants to be nosey they cant access without entering the pin.. bonus if you ask me! and no mp3 on standby screen, it can be accessed in the menu..

Reviewed by Bronagh from UK on 28th Jan 2008
I have to admit i find the mp3 player launching everytime the phone is shut a bit annoying, but you can put the 'hold' button on at the side to stop the mp3 player from activiting when it is closed. The only other thing is that is doesnt display smileys in the text messages. Apart from this the phone is excellent, i love my phone. Its small, neat and easy to use. The phone functions are basic as well as the camera. For the size of the screen it has excellent picture quality.

Reviewed by Banny from U.K on 27th Jan 2008
Just got my F210 Pink today! Its an amazing little phone, very compact (for those of you who like small phones) Looks wise, very sexy, and great glossy finish. Memory is fantastic giving you 1GB of space! The menu is the usual from Samsung, no exciting icons but workable! Its easy to browse through the options and settings. The MP3 player is excellent with great sound quality, however i would personally would have liked it to be a bit louder! And the fact that you cant swicth it off when the swivel is closed is a bit of a downfall but i guess its not a major problem for me. The extra accessory that allows you to waer it around your neck is just well thought out and extremley cool! I dont know if its the songs i have chosen or what but ringtones could be a little louder too, i would doubt i could hear it in my handbag, unless i really concentrated! lol SO thats a let down for me anyway. Its also a shame that you cant choose the message alert tones yourself, Samsung really need to MOVE IT in this department! Overall i am really impressed and love it to bits, despite its faults!!

Reviewed by jimbo from UK on 27th Jan 2008
There are some good things there are some awful things - all I can say is style comes at a price

Reviewed by jubaer from uk on 25th Jan 2008
dis phone is ok i guess but u get used to the size...unfortunatly u cant use the camera in a landscape format and the speaker is on top of the screen

Reviewed by samy from england on 23rd Jan 2008
i think there is no major diference between the 2 fones

Reviewed by John from UK on 21st Jan 2008
There is no speakerphone. The screen for taking photos is smaller than a postage stamp - why can't the screen be used landscape like a widescreen? Instead it's widescreen but you have two large black blocks top and bottom of the screen. This is the same for watching videos - it's so pointless you won't even bother because they're so small. All in all this phone is just rubbish, gets covered in fingerprints easily and the most entertaining thing, and only redeeming feature is the swivel function, which will impress you and friends for all of five seconds before you want to throw this phone out of the window. The ringtones are also poor and annoying - just as well there's only about 6 to choose from. Also when you put the phone in 'Silent' mode you can't select to have a discreet 'beep once' function for when you're in the office or bed say, it's either full blast ring-dings or completely silent? What's the point in that, you may as well switch it off. The Nokia had profiles that you could customise, like 'Silent', 'Work', 'Pager', 'Loud' etc. etc. Stay away from this phone, and don't get tied into an 18 month contract like I did. I'd have my four year old Nokia 6230 over this any day. Mr. Samsung should have given a few of these phones to monkeys to road-test first and sort all these annoying things out before selling it - it has such potential to be a good phone - but it isn't. And I read the reviews first, including the FIVE STARS given by this site... PAY NO ATTENTION. If you do get it, make sure you live with it and use it loads for the first few days - then you can always send it back before it's too late. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Reviewed by Richard from England on 19th Jan 2008
This phone is absolute rubbish. After using a Nokia for years going to this is terrible. The keypad is one moulded piece of rubber and you end up getting the number next to the one you wanted to press - highly irritating for texting especially. There is no clock on the screen when closed, why? It always defaults to the MP3 when closed - this is annoying, I don't want to play music ALL the time (never in fact). Settting the alarm takes forever, why can't it be simpler? The charger and other accessories are fiddly to insert. There is no case available for it. You can password protect your files but every time you close the thing you have to open it up and enter your code (as it defaults to the MP3 player and therefore accesses the music files - I don't want to protect these, just my messages, pictures and phone from being used in general for phone calls when my back's turned) It only saves 15 text messsages in any given folder.

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