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Samsung E900 review

 Review: July 2006  

Last updated April 2007

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The E900 is one sexy phone with its touch-sensitive buttons! Available in black, pink or orange, and now very cheap to buy, the E900 offers fantastic value for money.

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Is the Samsung E900 the coolest phone of 2006? Possibly. Clearly derived from Samsung's hugely-popular D500-D600-D800 series of slide phones, the E900 takes the best features of every one of Samsung's previous phones and adds an uber-cool look to complete the package.

Just like the LG Chocolate, the E900 has touch-sensitive keys combined with a slide-up design. The outer buttons are invisible when not in use, and light up when touched. The glasslike touch screen with its glossy two-tone (black & slate) minimalist finish makes for a very sleek, very cool outer appearance. Touch the buttons and watch them magically light up! Slide open the phone and the main keypad is revealed - a standard keypad with good-size tactile buttons with a positive click response. The looks of the E900 are clearly derived from the best-selling D500, but brought right up to date with the latest technology.

Functionally, everything about the E900 is good. Starting with the display, this is a best-in-class TFT display with 262k colours and 240 x 320 pixels. The camera is a CMOS 2 megapixel camera with digital zoom and flash, plus a video recording option. Not the very best, when compared with the latest high-end phones from Sony Ericsson, but a good second-best. There's a handy mirror for self portraits. Wireless printing using Bluetooth is supported with a PictBridge-compatible printer. Like the D600, there's a TV-out connection, so you can view your recorded photos and videos directly on a TV.

The MP3 player is of high quality, and 64-voice MP3 ringtones are supported, as well as video ringtones.

The phone makes use of the same voice clarity technology used in the D500 & D600. The phone automatically senses the volume of the background noise and will increase the volume and clarity of the incoming call to make it more audible. In addition there is an integrated handsfree speakerphone.

Other notable features include Bluetooth and USB connectivity, and a generous 80 Mbytes of memory plus a memory card. A document viewer (PicselViewer) enables office documents to be viewed. The formats supported are Excel, Word, Powerpoint and HTML documents. The TV Out feature can be used to display documents on a TV screen if desired. Unlike the D600, the E900 is triband (not quad band).

The E900 has virtually all of the features that have made Samsung's slide phones popular, with a visual makeover that's stunning. Some may not like the touch-sensitive controls, so our advice is to try it and see how you get on. Compared with the LG Chocolate, the Samsung E900 outperforms on every level. The Samsung D900 lacks the touch-sensitive keys but in other ways is a better phone and is worth considering if you plan to buy the E900. The new U600 is also an alternative to consider as it combines the best features of the D900 and E900.

Samsung E900 features include:

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Samsung E900 user reviews

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Average rating from 1108 reviews:

Reviewed by Jean Luc from Rodrigues(MRU) on 14th May 2015
I have used this phone but it is difficult to find a new screen to change mine which is now broken now i don`t know where to find a new screen . What should i do?

Reviewed by allenruzvidzo@gmail.com from UK on 10th May 2011
e900 is a very good phone but my problem is they must be a contious play of music when using memory card and must be option of saving at once in phone or memory card well done the phone is best keep it up reply pliz

Reviewed by MD Delwar Hossain from UK on 22nd May 2010
I think is a excellent mobile Phone But i doesn't use internet. I am not Found the reason. Please help me?

Reviewed by sarah from UK on 15th Feb 2010
i think it is a good phone but the touch buttons sometimes put me of it. it has good games too, you can store more than 150 pictures

Reviewed by karl, Cardiff from UK on 21st Jan 2010
Easy to use phone, good camera but not steady on the super fine setting. Can tend to freeze. Touch buttons very sensitive. I've had the phone for almost 3 years, never broke on me and prior to that had a d500. Im a big Samsung fan, and this phone does the brand proud!

Reviewed by vlatko from UK on 15th Jan 2010
best in the klas

Reviewed by Hazel from UK on 17th Dec 2009
I've had this phone for 2 years. It is fantastic the picture quality is amazing! I'd highly recommend it. However, I recently turned on my phone to find just a white screen with a blue line in the corner. I cracked my phone a while ago. I don't know what on earth is wrong. Please someone help me with this! XxxXxxX

Reviewed by Charlet from UK on 8th Dec 2009
I've had this phone for over 3 years and it has worked well for me. The touch buttons can be annoying sometimes like when text but otherwisie ok. one bad thing is the camera is pretty rubbish. ^^

Reviewed by Jazzmin from UK on 29th Nov 2009
OK. Here goes. The E900 is a good phone, but it has several flaws should you wish to buy it for a teenager or someone who likes music and games on their phone. I got mine for my birthday a year ago and at first I loved it. But after a while the touch buttons get a little annoying, especially if you're used to pressing proper buttons. Also, it is quite slow when you try and play games on it. I have to wait about a minute sometimes for Top Gear: The Mobile Game to load. It doesn't come with much memory, and if you try and download music onto it it won't do it. You have to buy a memory disc. Maybe not such a problem in some people's eyes, but the memory disc was expensive and those on a tight budget might want to reconsider. Another bad point is the quality of the music. Well. On mine it's so fuzzy and indistinct when it's playing some songs you can't even make out the words. On the other hand, if you are looking for an organised phone, this is the one to go for. It's more simplistic than other phones, and easy to navigate once you've done a bit of base exploring. It's cute and compact, although it does look a bit depressing if you buy it in black. The keypad is good, but I have had some problems with mine cutting out when it's not on low battery. Overall, it's a good phone, but if you want to play music or games, don't buy it. I was certainly disappointed. Hope that was helpful, albeit a bit long!

Reviewed by sheela from UK on 7th Nov 2009

Reviewed by Beth Uglow from UK on 22nd Oct 2009
I've had this phone for a couple of years now and it has NEVER let me down!! The battery life is 10/10 as depending on how much I use my phone it usually lasts for about four days - at least two, even with my addiction to texting!!!!! I would definately recommend this amazing phone to anyone. Reliable, easy to use, sexy touch buttons, and looks coolas an accessory. Another positive point is the colour. Mine is in hot pink and it looks really sleek! The only down side I would say is ... maybe the rubbish games? Other than that, a superb purchase. :)

Reviewed by - from UK on 10th Oct 2009

Reviewed by lauren from UK on 3rd Oct 2009
do not buy waste of money. mine deletes messages for no apparent reason along with songs and files. load of rubbish

Reviewed by D from UK on 14th Sep 2009
good reliable phone, easy to use, lacks autofocus and radio

Reviewed by Lauren from UK on 24th Aug 2009
I brought my samsung E900 about a year ago and now I have to charge the phone EVERYDAY!! Two of my cousins my sister and nanny have the same phone nd our batteries have all duffed up at the same time. DO NOT BUY! PLZPLZPLZPLZPLZ! The touch keypad is sooo annoyin!!

Reviewed by Cherry from UK on 3rd Aug 2009
For me, this phone is fantastic! It has a superb 2 megapixel camera with flash and the touch keypad is fantastic! I've had the E900 for 2 years now and have no faults at all. I would say that, for somebody who is not used to touch buttons, they are quite highly-sensitive, but if you are keen on touch buttons then this is the phone for you! It is an easy-slider, with a very attractive build. I definitely recommend this phone and it definitely beats the LG Cookie. I've had one of these and much prefer the E900.

Reviewed by Charlotte from UK on 12th Jul 2009
Ive had this phone for quite a while now and i would really recommend it, its touch buttons arent a pain at all unless u have large fingers but ive never had a problem! Its got a brilliant camera, good memory and it looks good!

Reviewed by Ian Gourlay from UK on 11th Jul 2009
The writer of the above review may not have actually had to live with this phone... I do, and would give it NO stars if possible since it's a masterpiece of bad design in everyday functional terms. Although I guess if your fingers measure 2 or 3mm across it may be possible to access the menus and submenus (subsub menus?) without hitting a wrong touch sensitive button and dumping a lengthy text, but for me, a normal sized person with perhaps slightly smaller than average guy-hands, it certainly is NOT. Previously I had a succession of Samsung's excellent clamshell phones and got on well with them all - but this thing is a total turnaround from the easily-used clams. This isn't my first slide phone, also had a cheap samsung slider that broke; it was less easy to use too - but not the masterpiece of terrible design like the E900. So it's not like Samsung don't know how to build a good easily used mobphone - they do; it's just that with this thing they forgot all the things that make a phone easily used and included all the stuff that makes it a pig in everyday situations. I guess it's pretty enough for a tar-black slice of plastic if you like your phones to look the same all over, but the fact that I'm looking for a replacement has to tell you that this phone has given no user satisfaction and has almost certainly meant I'll be looking at non-samsung phones for its successor. I certainly can't take any more of Samsung's new god awful head-up-its-own-arse design standards. BRING BACK CLAMSHELLS!!!

Reviewed by jade from UK on 15th Jun 2009
i have the samsung e900 and every tie sombody trys to ring me it says "It has not been possible to connect your call please try again later" ive tryed turning the diverts off but it does not save... does anyone know how to get it off ??

Reviewed by M.O. from UK on 8th Jun 2009
I've had the phone for over 2 years now and still love it. Even the battery is still good. Excellent design, size, weight and functions. 5/5

Reviewed by Martha from UK on 25th May 2009
I have had this phone for 2 years now and I LOVE IT!!!! the touch buttons were annoying for about the first week, but you soon get used to them and it really sin't too difficult. I have dropped it off a 8m balcony and it didn't break and it fell out of a dogem once. This is a great phone although the battery life can become slightly short.

Reviewed by Chloe from UK on 28th Apr 2009
I've had this phone for a year now and i do love it but i am looking for a newer one. The battery life lasts ages! When you take the picture you have to keep the phone there for a couple of seconds after you ht the button otherwise the picture does goes blury. It can also be quite slow e.g. Going on to pictures you have to be patient to let the phone display them. I think the phone is good for it's price, i paid 50 for mine from Argos last year. There is nothing reallybad with this phone i am just looking for a newer one (touchscreen).

Reviewed by Becky from UK on 26th Apr 2009
Ive had this phone for 2years now and it hasnt let me down once. Lovely red colour, making it stand out from my friends phones! Although the camera may not seem as strong as other phones but it is suprisingly good! There are different flash options, timers, mosaic shots, a range of shooting modes, effects, frames... the list could go on forever! It includes everything I need too such as a calender where you can mark on anniversaries, schedule meetings, or tasks. The internet is available and the memory is good. Bluetooth is very quick. If you dont like a dark background when scrolling through the menu, there is even an option to change the 'skin'!! I truly recommend this phone as it has served me well and has not gone out of fashion!

Reviewed by Anmol from UK on 18th Apr 2009
i loved this phone. I got it as a present and I loved it! The touch screen was great, and the memory was amazing! A few disadvantages are the fact that it has no radio, and the speakers to thr mp3 are slightly muffled. Also, the headphone jack is specific (not the 3.5mm) so it was a hassle trying to find them. But overall, this phone's worth your money!

Reviewed by Hayley from UK on 16th Apr 2009
I have had this phone for almost a year now and it's a very reliable phone with a sleek and elegant design the touch sensitive buttons are fantastic. I found them really easy to use. The camera is brilliant for only 2mp and it has flash which is a bonus. I really enjoyed this phone and have only recently upgraded to the samsung U600. Great phone, affordable and a great design avaliable in a range of colours.

Reviewed by Jonas from UK on 16th Apr 2009
sound quality is rubbish....thats all i have to say

Reviewed by bob martharf from UK on 15th Apr 2009
i have had this fone 4 1 year and i have had 2 use my mums fone 4 most of the time coz this fone is rubbish and i think u shouldn't buy it (im not with LG by the way LOL)

Reviewed by kelsey , x from UK on 13th Apr 2009
I have now had 3 of these and all had same problems the music was rubbish , it didnt play as quickly as it should and the picturs was soo slow so i clicked them loads and then it started speading though them , and the picture when yu take it it takes about 1 min to achlie take the pic then when yu click it again thinking you must not have clicked it it take you to a messagin thing to send the pic when i type'd my message out on text i went to delite a letter and it dint delite 1 it delited the hole message soo i t5ook it bak to the shop theey gave me a new 1 then the same things happend i had to take it bak again after i though i'll just get a new phone 1 i have now is soo much better i did love the samsung but would never ever go back to 1 now after all this rubbish wiff it soo over alll i think f yu want this phone dont get it wait save up a lil more and get a lot better 1 ,

Reviewed by cherub flavoured cookie from UK on 10th Apr 2009
I hate this phone the touchpad is so anoting DONT buy this phone :(

Reviewed by Abi (-: xx from UK on 3rd Apr 2009
i had this phone for 2 years and thought it was brill! it was never faulty in the whole time i had it. the camera was good and the frames you could put on were mint. the touch pads are great! The only problem was that the screen got really scratched and it looked tatty after about a year. i would recommend this phone to people who have never had one before as it is easy to opperate and to controll. this phone is suitable for anyone and it is mint. the only problem is that is u are into fashion then this isn't really for u cos this came out 4 years ago. mint phone though. xxxxx (-:

Reviewed by Amra from UK on 3rd Apr 2009
The Samsung E900 is very, very simple and easy to use. I love it for it's simplicity.

Reviewed by M.Nouman Khan Mardanvi . from UK on 14th Mar 2009
Good mobile colours screen weight is good but sensitive keys is bad but i like it.

Reviewed by Jessica Frazer from UK on 9th Mar 2009
I had this phone last year and i thought it was very good and looks nice but i threw my phone in a rage and it stoped charging so if youre carefful it CAN be the best phone in the world. =] xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Reviewed by josh from UK on 27th Feb 2009
this phone is awsome and is really good for friends

Reviewed by Rose from UK on 17th Feb 2009
word of warning: DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE, SERIOUSLY, IT'S TERRIBLE! I have had this phone for a while now, seeing as my other old phone didn't have bluetooth. I wish I hadn't now! Around 80% of the time when I take it out to make a call then even though there is a full signal it simply says 'Limited Service'; and won't let anyone call me or me call them! Once I composed a very long text to my friend - one slip of my finger and POOF - all my work was gone. It doesn't even autosave it. I also pressed the volume down button when playing music on a train. A couple of minutes later I turned it up again - well, I pressed the button - and it simply didn't work! So now I have a phone that cancels whatever I'm doing when my fingers come within 1 cm of the buttons, that doesn't make calls and has no sound. IT IS THE WORST PHONE I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!! Really, really, really. Please, do NOT buy this phone.

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 16th Feb 2009
this phone is really good, the camera is good but then the night mode isnt very good but hat do you expect its only 2 megapixel. Ive had my phone for over a year now no problems with it exept the usb doesnt connect with my pc. The phone has some really good features! i qould reccomened this phon to anyone whos looking for an upgrade and who wants a cheap easy to use phone. overall good phone

Reviewed by Chris Bernard from UK on 13th Feb 2009
I've had this phone for 15 months and it works perfectly fine, they do a pink one cause i got mine from the o2 shop, however the camera blurs and doesn't always take a perfect picture but when it does it's brilliant quality, also a hint to someone who gets this phone the torch can be turned on by holding the volume button it probably says it in the manual but i didn't read it so i didn't know, i have dropped this phone countless times and got it wet on several occasions and it works just as well from when i first got it, it's a little sensitive at first with the touch screen but be patient you'll get used to it like i did.

Reviewed by aglyin from UK on 12th Feb 2009
i used this phone for around 2 years. it is very nice in term of functionality. but volume of the MP3 ringtones is a bit soft. but i lost it two days ago....i miss it so much now :(

Reviewed by poopoopants from UK on 9th Feb 2009
i loved this phone , first one fell in the toilet and got flushed, second one got stood on pmsl. oh and heather - how can it look great in ur bag if its in ur bag and no one can see it? get over urself

Reviewed by Elizabeth from UK on 25th Jan 2009
I loved my samsung E900 so much. It was the best phone ive ever had, and in my opinion its better than all the latest phones out now. Its also sooo much cheaper than other less quality phones. Unfortunetly my beloved E900 got washed in the machine:( i did buy a new one but it was far from how good the E900 was. A wonderful phone, id buy it again.

Reviewed by Alice from UK on 13th Jan 2009
I have this phone... the touch sensitive buttons take a while to get used to and the camera can be annoying at times but it's a really good phone :D

Reviewed by Bethan from UK on 11th Jan 2009
Ive had this phone for almost 3 years, i got it in 2006 and this phone has never let me down. It has never broken. my firend had the same one but she dropped it in water and it broke so we decided to see how easily it smashes. it never did smash just scratched and dented a little bit but thats all. If you want a new phone defo get this phone or a samsung they are brilliant

Reviewed by anonymous from UK on 6th Jan 2009
Do not buy this phone. Thankfully it has now been taken off the market as I had had problems with the software not being compatible like it should be which then rejected all sim cards amongst other hassles from the very beginning. It would freeze and crash then simply not charge or turn on. After it was fixed several times I got a replacement phone, along with a replacement battery and charger and the same happened again, showing that it was a universal problem. There were many other problems with it including the touch screen keys so when it was put in my pocket it would call someone and use up my money without my knowledge! In a nutshell...it's awful

Reviewed by Rory from UK on 29th Dec 2008
I was very fond of this phone: once i got used to it i could use it with my eyes closed. the camera's fine and there's enough memory for a few songs which can be used as ringtones. annoying that you can't use your own sounds as message tones though and i did have some issues with picture messagaes... good phone!

Reviewed by Abiee from UK on 27th Dec 2008
the samsung e900 is a good phone, very reliable. It has a decent camera, good memory space but usually a memory card is needed if you want a more then a few songs.The touch screen is good but takes a while to get used to it, i got my phone given too me as a present Christmas 2007 and is in good condition still now the screen is strong and even after a few drops its still in tact. I would definately reccomend the samsung e900 for anyone who wanted a phone with that added extra touch :) Great great phone

Reviewed by emma k from UK on 23rd Dec 2008
i give this mobile phone a ***** star rating because it is simply a fabulous phone. i am getting a new samaung for Christmas simply because i had the E900 FOR 3 YEARS and wanted a change. it has a really good camera, buh at night it isnt very good even with the flash.:( the internet is fast and easy, the mp3 player is fabulous because the sound is wow weee!!! stick with samaung phones, there're fab!!

Reviewed by Alicea from UK on 21st Dec 2008
i used to have this phone, i dont think its the best phone out there, its average. the camera with a 2mp + flash is not bad, + with a memory card i could fit around 300 songs on. the touch keys are a good idea, but can come quite annoying at times, if you touch it by accedent.overall i think its a good phone, with the size + shape aswel

Reviewed by harry from UK on 18th Dec 2008
gd phone. great memory, looks great, gd camera, mp3 is gd (shame the speaker is terible). on the down side though theres not a little buz when you press the touch sensetive keys and it gets very slow when sending somethin over bluetooth.

Reviewed by Uzair from UK on 14th Dec 2008
I have had this phone for about 2 years now and I have to say it is a good phone. That's it - good. Good: Robust, easy to use, looks good, battey life, torch/flash, menu. Bad: Thick, slow when looking at pictures, camera takes the actual picture 2 seconds after you take the pic, screen scratches easily, cant cancel texts, touch buttons get annoying after a while. Yeh, so I would say that now this phone is a failure compared to some others

Reviewed by Ellie from UK on 13th Dec 2008
I've had the Samsung E900 for a good 2 maybe even 3 years now and I love it! Even though its quite old now it still works perfectly. The memory is great, I have about loads of photos, music and messages and still lots of saving space to spare. The inbox memorey is also brilliant as you can store about 200 messages before it tells you that the memory is full, which 300 for me is quite a fair sufficent space and a half! The cameras quite decent too considering its only 2 megapixels. It also has loads of effects you can use with the camera i.e black and white, sepia ect aswell as editing and cropping kind of tools. The phone also comes with headphones which is handy as the phone could be used as an mp3 player as well as an installation disc and usb so you can put your photos/music ect onto your computer! Admittedly the touchpad can be a bit tricky for the first couple of days but you soon get used to it and it justs adds to the modern funky design of the phone. Its never turned off on its own or frozen at all either! However on the other hand the only couple of bad points about the phone is that you cannot assign your own recordings or mp3 songs as the message alert, but still you have a good 10 or so set ringtones you can have instead which are pretty decent. Another thing is that I think its a bit silly how you can't make your calls ringtone play and vibrate at the same time its either it vibrates then rings your just rings and doesnt vibrate which I found a bit annoying as the person calling has already hng up by the time your rington comes on! But oh well, its just one of the few set backs. All in all a lovely phone! About to exchange it for the samsung soul after having it for years!

Reviewed by mr x from UK on 13th Dec 2008
the samsung e900 is on of the best loking phones arownd it fechers 1.3mp it has one of the worst vido player in the would it can only tack a vido for 11 seks max.but its stilesh is slim it has all most one g memrey biltin is a grate phone my evice is by it. if yohave eney fever questuons emal me at y.crime@hotmail.co.uk ow yer ps the s.e w910i looks good

Reviewed by Gemma from UK on 11th Dec 2008
Tbh Id say this fone is average. yehh its good, but i cant think of one feature which makes the phone original, apart from the touch screen buttons which are a NIGHTMARE haha. i always fone people my mistake when my fones in my pocket, becase if i forget to lock the keypad, or dont reslise it isnt locked, the buttons will jus press in my pocket without me knowing, next thing ive lost about 1 credit because i foned the first person in my contact list. however, i think this fone is very stylish and althought the touchscreen is a bad poiint in my opinion, it still looks awsomee lol the camara is ok. it looks good when focusing your picture, but when you have taken it the photo almost always comes out blurred, even if youve been really still. the memory is really rubbish, but you can buy a memory card so thats ok (: the music player is pretty good aswell. the songs dont play very loud, but hey its only a fone, not a cd player. not susposed to be booming haa loadsa people gunaa say am just moaning now, but im not because i like the fone am just informing people who want to buy the fone of the downsides to it, so there not disapointed like i was when it came to browing the fone and looking at its features

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 8th Dec 2008
Had this phone for 20months now and I've never had any problems with it. The only problems are that the touch-sensitive keys are TOO sensitive...on numerous occasions I have been trying to take pictures and accidentally gone back onto the main screen which is really annoying!! Also, sometimes when I try to send a text message or connect with someone on Bluetooth, the phone restarts itself. The camera takes good pictures, however, you have to hold the camera very still and keep it there for about 3seconds after taking the picture to make sure it isn't blurry. The mp3 player is very good and I don't have any faults on this, although the volume could be a little louder. Overall, the phone is OK but nothing amazing!

Reviewed by ALICEEE. from UK on 7th Dec 2008
i loved this phone for the first couple of mounths, then it woudn't turn on or charge up. the charger would fit into the phone, but then woudnt do anything. i ended up chucking it away and bying a new one. also the touch keys can be annoying sometimes.

Reviewed by Georgia from UK on 4th Dec 2008
I loved this PHONE had it for a few years but now selling it AND I HAVE GOT THE SAMSUNG U900 but what can i say about this phone its sensitive ITS GOOD internal MEMORY and has an excellent camera

Reviewed by Melz !! XXXX from UK on 3rd Dec 2008
ive had my phone 4 2 years en i luv it 2 peieces its da bomb bt i must admit da touch screan is quite anoyen at da start bt i love my wee phone i wud reli reconmend it if u want da best phone eva en u hav used touch screans b4 !!!!!! kk !! ilym !! XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxX :L :L :L :L :L :L :L :L ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) :) :) :)

Reviewed by Dex from UK on 1st Dec 2008
wat can i say... this is the most amazing phone i have ever used. i have had it for a few years now so i think its time for m eto upgrade but i know i will miss my E900, for the price it has good internal memory and it supports my 2gig microSD which is also very cool. the only down side is that if u ave music on a memory card it cant b in a folder to add it to a playlist, and if its not in a playlist u have to change the track manually and u cant listen to music whilst doing other things on the phone but as soon as u get a very small 30 track playlist sorted u can do wat ever u want whilst listning to the music with its 2 mega picxle camera i think it takes better pics than my digital which is around 5 mega pixle.

Reviewed by alice from UK on 27th Nov 2008
this phone's alright, iv had it a year now and im having to get a new one already. the phone started to switch its self off, now it not turn on at all.

Reviewed by J from UK on 24th Nov 2008
A great phone; the battery lasts ages i'v had this phone for ages and it is soo good, music plays well, video recording is good, the only problem is the camera. You must have a really steady hand to stop the picture blurring, it blurrs lots of the time but when it works the photos look great. Easy to transfer files to and from the phone via Usb.

Reviewed by Hollz from UK on 19th Nov 2008
Right, this phone is UNBREAKABLE no joke. Im a young teenager and I drop it ALL the time haha, on the pavement, on the carpet, on the wooden floor and Ive almost had it 2 years and ive had no problems with it! Even though it has scratches on it it still looks smart!!! The photo quality depends on the lighting, but it does have flash so if its dark you can turn that on (I just use it as a torch to get out of my bedroom at night HAHA). It has a few cool games on it and the touch pad is not oversensetive, and you do get used to it VERY easily! Its a very straight forward, and easy to use phone, unlike sony ericssons! I still love it, even though I want a new pne for christmas. Even though its old-ish, some people still go, 'hey, nice phone!' to me :) you should DEFINATLEY get this phone. The only downside is it doesn't have themes :(.. the phone im getting for xmas is the Sony Ericsson K770i in black! Cool, huh? :D hope you liked my review and I hope it helped you. P.S . you can also fit phone-charms on it! :)

Reviewed by charlotte from UK on 5th Nov 2008
i am changing this phone for the samsung soul. in the next few days; its a good little phone. people are too fussy over the touch buttons on the E900. i particulary liked the phone and its amazing sleek design. the problems i had was the colour on the pink one chipped very easily, there was no radio and when i clicked to look at my photos it took a while to load. after a while the battery does go real quick and i bought a 6mb memory card and the phone cant even understand the format even though i bought the one it said. overall i give this phone a 3 star rating its a good for now phone but after a while it gets out of date and boring,

Reviewed by mary from UK on 4th Nov 2008
excellent simply excellent!

Reviewed by Dee from UK on 2nd Nov 2008
I've had this phone for a year now its ok, except for the fact it keeps on restarting itself and deleting all my messages in inbox

Reviewed by shuyeb from UK on 2nd Nov 2008
this phone is sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk....had this for over a year now and im loving every minute of it! but the only thing is i have 2 keep wasting 25pounds every month because the charge hole gets ruined every time and its sooo annoying!!!!! but overall lovely fone

Reviewed by GEE BABEH from UK on 26th Oct 2008

Reviewed by GEE &+ SHAZZ from UK on 21st Oct 2008
haha this phonee is sooo good but tbh the touchpad makes me want to stamp on it and the games are rubbish. the camera isnt too good either!

Reviewed by kruix from UK on 20th Oct 2008

Reviewed by donut from UK on 17th Oct 2008
ive had my phone little under a year and it is a well designed phone,the music player is very clear and loud,the camera takes great pictures. Not to mention the touch sensitive buttons it is a very smart looking phone,and indeed has a great array of cool features. however,i sometimes find that whilst either on the phone or sending a text etc,the slightest movement near one of the touch sensitive buttons can cancel what your doing (many times its ended my calls) not to mention that you are stuck with a set of text sounds and cant download a personal one,which considering the phones capability,id have thought you'd have been able to. overall i dont think the samsung E900 was one of samsungs greatest creations,heres hoping they tweak those issues in future.

Reviewed by Aaron from UK on 14th Oct 2008
I bought this phone 2 years ago, and its been stamped on droped of small buildings, set on fire and kicked across fields and has survived it all so i would recomend this phone if you want a phone that's reliable, the batterie could last about 2 weeks if i dont use it alot and about8 days if i do use it often only bad thing is the mp3 is slow, but i never used tht, best phone i have ever owned! the only reason i have to replace it with is becasue its not staple gun proof :P

Reviewed by Megz from UK on 14th Oct 2008
Ive had this phone for a good 1 1/2 years now. the first thing i would say is that it is very reliable. ok, so the battery life isnt very good, but ive never had any problems with it. i got bored of it very quickly too and want a new phone now.the touch screen can be annoying but its ok.

Reviewed by Emily from UK on 9th Oct 2008
This phone is extremely good with excellent qualities to it. The buttons on the top part of the phone are really easy to use and i had no problems. The only disadvantage to the phone is that the camera is a bit poor but it can take some lovely photo's in the light! I highly reccomend the phone as it has been extremely useful to me so i think you will find it very useful too (: x

Reviewed by Joseph from UK on 2nd Oct 2008
I have just ordered the fone and i think it is greeeeaaaaaat, i have had absolutely no problem what so ever with the touch buttons so i give this fone a 5 star rating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by ... from UK on 29th Sep 2008
this phone is good and has the best camera i've ever seen on a phone, also the memory is fanastique without a memory card. however there is only 2 problems i have with this phone, one is the touch screen, i often press the cancel button by accident, it gets infuriating. m the other problem is when i want to look at something on my memory card is the speed it goes, it takes ages to go through pictures or videos on the memory card. apart from that it is a fantastic phone.

Reviewed by matt from UK on 27th Sep 2008
absolutely rubbish, i cant touch the thing without making a phonecall to china, thanks to those absurd 'buttons.' stupid. gimmickey.

Reviewed by G from UK on 25th Sep 2008
I had this phone for one year and it is absolutely awesome. Now it has broken. Sent it back for replacement, and the damage is "not under warranty" - I was so careful with it, but no, the broken screen is MY fault!! Basically, slide phone screens break easily due to the slide mechanism been worn out, affecting the screen quality. An awesome phone, but if it lasts just one year, then don't bother...

Reviewed by Michael Malapitan from UK on 23rd Sep 2008
I have this phone and I just love all it! I have been looking for the right phone which will cater to all my needs from basic to complex, from hi-tech features to the coolest design. I guess E900 just captured everything. It is I guess the phone everyone should have and I am just so happy Ii have it! Cheers!

Reviewed by Terri xx from UK on 7th Sep 2008
Great phone. Not all people like it coz of the touch pad. I have put an SD memory card in mine and my phone has 100 songs and over 500 pictures. Buy it !!! The only bad thing is my up button doesnt work and niether does my down button.

Reviewed by Rob Tripp from UK on 1st Sep 2008
this phone is was goood i boughht it and since then its been going downhill and it says it has internet it dosent work. cant work in other countys it cant get picture messages evan no it says it can and it has a rubbish memory relly dont!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! buy this phone

Reviewed by Ash from UK on 29th Aug 2008
Had this phone for a year and a half and LOVED it!!! The wanting to replace it, i opted for the Samsung D900. I really miss the E900-the camera was AMAZING (2 megapixals on this phone is Way better than the 3 megapixals on the D900.) The key pads just needed a little getting used to. I don't understand what happened to the battery on some of the other comments...i could leave my phone for about 4/5 dayz without charging it...AND as a teen i am a text and talk-a-holic!!! If it wasn't for the fact i wanted an upgrade, I would definately go out and buy this phone again! I recomend this phone 100%!

Reviewed by Emmma from UK on 28th Aug 2008
Ive had this phone for 18 months now and not once has it had to be sent back. Ive dropped it sooo many times but its still not broken. It looks a right state now though, with the chipped paint work and scratches and broken camera glass thing. But it still works. However it does sometimes freeze randomly then crash then come back on and I did get a text come through today from the 19th August when the date is 28th august :-s Not seen anywhere where you can buy these phones in the shops anymore but Im so glad I bought mine when I did because Its lasted me so long and Im still in love with it. Ive been deciding to change my phone for months now (I dont usually have a phone for more than a year) but I dont want to part with it. Ive coped soo long without a memory card, its very good internal memory I think. The cameras good but smudges easily (especially after a few drinks) But when the time comes and it breaks for good I will be devestated :-( If these phones were still popular Id recommend it to everyone.

Reviewed by natalie from UK on 27th Aug 2008
Bit slow at responding.. When sending a text can be a bit of a hassel cos it deletes the last number on the number =[

Reviewed by Nicole from UK on 26th Aug 2008
I have this phone for a year.It isn't superb infact its rubbish. the touchscreen won't work untill you press it twice and then if you do you press it twice it goes wrong. DO NOT BUY! Scratches very easily. Not practical! I don't no why evryone is saying its amazng coz trust me it rely ain't!! DO NOT BUY!

Reviewed by trev arnold from UK on 25th Aug 2008
i bought my samsung e900 a year ago and still works fine apart from the battery only lasts two days. i like everything about it,like its two mega pixel camera but i think it should have themes because the main menu is a bit boring.it is also very easy to unlock to different networks as you only have to type in *#9998*3323#.i am pleased i bought it and i would give it 7/10

Reviewed by MOKOLa from UK on 24th Aug 2008

Reviewed by Amy from UK on 23rd Aug 2008
Ive had mine for 2 years now and i love it its got to be the best phone ive had yet and its so easy to use. Once you get used to the touchpad its fast, easy and looks pretty good too. I just got a samsung soul though and its rubbish. Im going changing it as soon as i can. DO NOT BUY A SAMSUNG SOUL

Reviewed by Xenia from UK on 19th Aug 2008
Ihate this phone the touch buttons are WAY to sensitive . I have lost count of the times i have accidently hit the cancel button.Save yourself and do not buy this PHONE!

Reviewed by mujahid from UK on 19th Aug 2008
its very coooool!!!!

Reviewed by Winnie Wangare from UK on 18th Aug 2008
this phone is a five star phone just the fact that it has a touch screen doesnt mean that its a hard thing this phone has it has it pros and cons and has a very good way of communication

Reviewed by danni from UK on 18th Aug 2008
This phone is the best phone i have had to date, sexy looking and so easy to use, to anyone who is thinking about getting one of these - DO IT! The only downside is that Samsung still put shite default ringtones on it. Not so much a problem for those of us who download tunes, but if you don't then you are stuck with crappy ringtones!! All in all, BRILLIANT!!

Reviewed by courtney from UK on 16th Aug 2008
Look people. Ive had this phone for 2 years. i loved it when i bought it. and i still do. Yes the touch pad can be a pain at times. But you get that with all touch phones. The spec of this phone is outstanding. Good points; 1> camera 2> music playing facilities 3> menu etc. 4> Easy to hold 5> slim 6> you dont get nervous whilst getting it out your bag or pocket incase people think its a rubbish phone. 7> Proud to own it. 8> graphics 9> free games 10 > Texting Not so good points: 1> touch pad 2> Internet surfing. 3> texting ------------------- This phone is simply the best! You wont get let down by this handset TRUST ME XX

Reviewed by wyn andrews from UK on 16th Aug 2008
i bought the e900 two months ago, the good points are the camera which is first class,and the easy downloading to a pc. the bad points out way the good things with this phone, the control buttons are to sensitive and you can be into a programm and accidently touch a touch sensitive button and find yourselve back where you started from. the battery gives an hour of warning that its going flat and you can find yourselve with a dead phone. the raised front button operates the phone in your pocket draining the battery.

Reviewed by blud from UK on 13th Aug 2008
BOOORINGGGG i have had this fone for almost a year and it is sooooo boring now and the touchscreen somtimes does not work

Reviewed by erin from UK on 12th Aug 2008
this phone is really good and is really easy to work. I have the pinkisk red one and i love it. also my younger sister who is 9 has a black one and she alredy knows how to work it. it is for anyone who likes a fancy posh phone. It is absolutely gorgeous. Everyone should buy one.

Reviewed by Tings tings fan from UK on 11th Aug 2008
this phone is ok. I have had it for almost a year and i have found that is scrathes very very easily. The email dosent work. The memory is ok but nowhere near as good as sony ericssons! I have found that the touch sensitive buttons are OK but I always am phoning my friends by mistake. I would not recommend this phone unless you have never had a phone before and arent expecting much it is an OK phone.

Reviewed by GEE from UK on 10th Aug 2008
Well, what can i say, it's a very good phoe but i've found that i've wasted all my credit once or twice by the keypad not locking..

Reviewed by koolfonesltd from UK on 3rd Aug 2008
Its a cool phone, no probs with it, easy, fast and effective!! Ups: OK Camera 2mp fine for quick snaps, good video, Good music player, good games, a few demos, and you can add games from websites too. Stopwatch good, Nice loud alarm, easy access to files, easy texting, clever touch sensitive keypad Downs: 3D Sound on music player is useless, not much video time, sounds good memory but not(reccmend a memory card) Overall: Very good phone i really do reccomend it

Reviewed by Jess from UK on 23rd Jul 2008
At first when I purchased this phone I was really, really pleased with it. BAD NEWS: less than a year on and the phone will not recharge. I took it to a repair shop to find out if the problem had something to do with the recharger and apparently it was simply the phone! SOLUTION: I have had to buy a new mobile as no one is able to repair it. I am absolutely furious as that was a lot of money for a complete let down!!!

Reviewed by rr6633 from UK on 18th Jul 2008
I am very pleased with this phone. It has clear menus and a slick design Camera quality is good although focus is appauling in low-light. Takes a couple of days to get used to the touch-buttons but once you do they are great to use. Personally this phone is fantastic for video recording with its supurb MPEG-4 quality. It is let down by the music player where a limited amount of songs can be played when using a memory card and only four playlists are available. If you are looking for a music phone, this is not for you.

Reviewed by Leah from UK on 17th Jul 2008
Loved this phone! I only got a new one because i dropped it in a cup of water :S Camera is great so is the music player and easy to text with! If your going to get a phone i would suggest getting a samsung because they are probably the best make you can get and they last the longest ... Sony ericsons are great for music and camera but they dont last very long at all without breaking!

Reviewed by yassine essaih from UK on 16th Jul 2008
im very hapy

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