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Samsung E840 review

 Review: September 2007  


In a nutshell: Ultra-slim slide phone with touch-sensitive keypad, 2 megapixel camera, video camera, music player, expandable memory & Bluetooth™.


The Samsung E840 is the World's slimmest slide phone, beating the Samsung U600 by a hair's breadth at 10.6mm. Usually it's the top-of-the-range phones that set these kinds of records, but the E840 is a mid-range phone. It's very impressive how Samsung have managed to cram so much into such a tiny phone at this budget. If you wanted a U600 but couldn't afford it, then this could be the one for you.

Although it's recognisably a Samsung, the E840 deviates a bit from the usual Samsung slider look and feel. Apart from its incredible thinness, it feels solid enough, weighing in at 99g (heavier than most recent Samsungs) and has a nice smooth glassy finish. The keypad isn't the best, but it'll be fine unless you have particularly large fingers. However, it does come with love-them-or-hate-them touch-sensitive navigation buttons. Our frank advice on this is to avoid the phone unless you've already had experience of touch-sensitive buttons (e.g. in the Samsung E900 or LG Chocolate). A safe alternative which now costs about the same is the Samsung D900i.

Sill reading? OK, well apart from the touch-sensitive issue, we like the phone a lot. It's got a lot of stuff packed into its miniature bodywork. First thing that you'll notice is the huge (2.2 inch) ultra high resolution LCD display on the front. The camera is less impressive, being rated at 2 megapixels and lacking a flash - it's for snaps only, and won't replace a proper digital camera. But the music player is fully featured, playing a wide range of formats and handling playlists quite nicely too. A built-in FM radio completes the scene. There's also a good amount of memory available - 70 Mbytes - which is enough for around 15 songs - and you can buy a memory card really cheaply these days to expand the storage. Connectivity is good, with support for Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0 and a TV-Out connection if you want to display pictures or videos directly onto your telly. It's quadband too, so you can take it anywhere abroad and it has a useful document viewer for viewing Word, Excel and Powerpoint files.

Although Samsung claim impressive an battery life, we are sceptical. You just can't fit a big battery in a phone this skinny, and the reality is that the E840 is challenged when it comes to battery life.

So, a lovely phone with plenty of features in a good looking superslim body, the E840 offers a lot for your money. Provided that you can put up with the touch-sensitive buttons and don't demand too much from the battery, this is a phone that you could really love.

Samsung E840 features include:

  • 2 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom
  • Video camera
  • Display: mirror-effect TFT, 262,144 colours, 240 x 320 pixels
  • Music player (MP3/ ACC/ ACC+/ e-AAC+/ WMA formats)
  • FM radio
  • 64-voice polyphonic ringtones / MP3 ringtones
  • Voice memo recorder
  • Speakerphone
  • Messaging: SMS, EMS, MMS, Email (POP3 / SMTP / IMAP4)
  • Document viewer
  • Java games & applications
  • Offline Mode (Flight mode)
  • Personal information functions
  • Caller ID (Text / Photo / Video)
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS Class 10, EDGE
  • Memory: 70 Mbytes plus MicroSD™ memory card slot
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0, TV-Out
  • Quadband
  • Size: 102 x 53 x 10.6 mm
  • Weight: 99g
  • Talktime: 4.5 hours
  • Battery standby: up to 360 hours

Samsung E840 user reviews

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Average rating from 88 reviews:

Reviewed by Hannah from Britain on 22nd May 2011
I bought this phone when I was 11 years old.. I'm almost 16 now and I'm still using it!! Nothing on it is broken, everything works it's perfect. (:

Reviewed by Joyce Burnett from Gibraltar on 20th Mar 2011
Love my phone. I have 2 of them and would buy another if I needed to !!

Reviewed by Lonzo from UK on 5th Jan 2010
I got this phone on pay as you go nearly 2 years ago and it's still going strong!!! I'm only posting here as I've been looking around for its replacement. I work in the building industry and trust me this phone has taken a proper beating! Only downside is the camera which is very average, also the battery life aint the best. It's been all over the Uk with me and to many a foreign country. Top phone! only looking to replace so I can get better picture and video quality. Happy days hope the next phone serves so good :)

Reviewed by richi from india on 5th Jan 2010
hi i realllllllly liked my fone but the music player is really slow n lack of flash only two minise points are there....a sleek and smart flap opeing fone...... thank you

Reviewed by Nick from uk on 5th Oct 2009
I loved this phone it was so ausome But i have replaced for a u600 and that for a tocco ultra all 3 are brilliant Superb phones worth every penny :)

Reviewed by were all bob......... from UK on 11th Aug 2009
I LOVE this phone!!!! its absolutely amazing. the only problem i have with it is that iv now lost it... :S but i had it for well over a year before i lost it and am now considering buying another one!! i love the way the screen handily doubles as a mirror!! the battery life isnt too great, but it'll last a couple of days without needing charging. it's really user-friendly, i find it really easy to use. the touch sensitive buttons take a bit of getting used too, but now iv been using them for so long i get really annoyed when i have to use a phone without!! i recommend you buy this!! its well worth it =P

Reviewed by Abi from UK on 22nd Jun 2009
I've had this phone for almost a year now, and generally it's a good phone, but it does lack some very basic functions that can get a little irritating, like the lack of profiles, the inability to turn off the low battery noise (which is a problem when you spend a lot of time in an environment where you need your phone on silent) and the fact you can't save numbers that have texted you into your phone book. With the exception of those minor gripes though, this is a great phone, and I really enjoy using it.

Reviewed by Sajan Grg from Nepal on 14th May 2009
Hi guys!!! i have been using this phone from 8 months... It is good enough.... good camera quality, good functioning.... The only problem is when i use music player, i cant see pics or access memory card.. Altotal lovely mobile.... nice...

Reviewed by Bethany from Uk (Scotland) on 4th May 2009
Had It For 3rs Now ! And No Probs What So Ever. Drop It All The Time And It Never Breaks ! Soo Bye It

Reviewed by Tamara from England on 14th Apr 2009
I have this phone and Ive dropped it loads and it works excellently. If you could just watch youtube on this phone it would be tops!!!!!!!!!! loving this phone but looking for a new. Got this phone when it was the january after i started year 5. In year 7 now

Reviewed by Jake from UK on 17th Mar 2009
This phone is simply the best. Nokia's have always been heralded as the easy-to-use, user friendly handset - well, not any more. This Samsung is so intuitive, and FAR more easy to use and with a quicker response time than any of the Nokia's. Just remove the stupid fountain pen/quill animation when you type numbers that's set by default, and you're good to go (Settings > Display Settings > Dialing Display > Font Type). There is a certain sensitivity of touch required by the top buttons to operate them perfectly every single time, but this can be picked up quickly and should not discourage you in the slightest. The camera does in fact take outstanding pictures in the day time, but when light levels drop the images start getting noisy (i.e. quality drops). Synchronising items with your PC is easy, insert the disc and install the USB Cable driver and Samsung PC Studio as prompted, and you're away. The battery is poorer than normal phones, but I use the thing non-stop and I only h ave to charge it every 2 days, so it should be fine really. The Verdict? This phone has so many little things that it does which makes it so much easier and faster to use than any of its competitors but in a way so you won't notice until you try and use a different phone. Personally, I had this phone stolen from me once, and after finding out Samsung discontinued it I bought it second hand from the Amazon marketplace, no thought required. It is truly worth its weight in gold.

Reviewed by George from UK on 11th Mar 2009
I've had this phone over a year now with unlimited issues. Without a fall, and within the 1st 6 months of having the phone the top half of the screen turned black so I couldn't read messages, see who was calling etc... Was advised that it wasn't covered under the manufacturers warranty and as didn't have insurance (I've never 'broken' a phone before) I had to pay for the repair. Since it's been returned to me it has a habbit of turning itself off. This can be at any time at all, whether in my pocket, bag, during a conversation...VERY annoying! Looking forward to upgrade!!!

Reviewed by Eve from UK on 15th Feb 2009
I love this phone! I've had it for almost 2 years and it's got so many features. The touch buttons take a while to get used to but thats fair enough. I never seemed to have that much trouble with the battery, it would last quite a few days untouched and when used last for about 3 days. The camera is reasonably good. I really like this phone.

Reviewed by Rachelle from South Ayrshire on 28th Jan 2009
Have previously written a review which is down a wee bit on this page. My screen has gone again! I got it back from the retailer August 9th last year, they fixed it for free as it was still under warranty and I was well happy to get my lovely phone back after suffering my old Samsung flippy-thing that l@@ks like it came out of Noah's Ark(gutted 'though that I hadn't backed anything up & I lost whatever not on my memory card). Have had it this time, but not put me off my Samsungs.. my sister's is still going strong! Am going to buy the U600, the one I really wanted to start with but was too expensive at the time. The camera was probably my only gripe with the E840, takes good enough pics if you've got a steady hand but rubbish for night-time pics, the U600 has a flash. R.I.P my lovely pink E840.. you've let me down for the last time!

Reviewed by Pete from USA on 2nd Jan 2009
Love the phone, have owned it for 3 yrs. Only prob is now it will not charge and I cant find anyone to service it. Need Help, pdumond@commblue.com

Reviewed by senthil from india on 17th Dec 2008
very nice features. camera picture quality is splendid. speaker sound is low. apart from this nice phone to buy.

Reviewed by SUSANEE CROSSE(1) from ENGLAND on 27th Nov 2008
GREAT PHONE! this phone does nearly everything u could expect!! loads very very fast!! very very slim!! one of the most beautiful phones on the planet. battery lasts long . ive had it for nearly 3 years and work brilliant!! great MP3 PLAYER... EVERYTHING ON THIS PHONE IS GOOD! LOVE IT!! i will get this phone again!!! good price with orange!!!!

Reviewed by Myles from England on 22nd Nov 2008
Amazing phone

Reviewed by Lizi from England on 20th Nov 2008
seriously everyone, do not listen to all the reviews that say this phone is bad, it's by far the best phone i've ever had. The features were outstanding and i dont think i would change anything about it if i could. the camera isnt the best, but thats understandable as its so thin. its still decent =]

Reviewed by becca from england on 16th Nov 2008
i got this phone nearly a year ago and it was the best phone i have ever had i had the pink version! the camera is good quality the memory is ok but i had a memory card which is good it was workin great but a few days ago the speakers ranomly broke but don;t let this put you off buyin it because it is a great phone and i would still rwconmend it because i have had it for a good year so i was going to buy a new one anyway at christmas even though i loved it! so i would defontly recomend it and itss good for it money

Reviewed by Petar G. from USA on 2nd Nov 2008
Definitely one of the most beautiful slider phones out there. The features on it are also pretty impressive. However, the battery life is bad..just like most other samsung sliders and the touch sensitive keys on top are very annoying and easy to press and go through the menu onto things you did not want. The phone also locks itself while u are having a conversation which is annoying. I would not recommend this phone for anybody who texts a lot because it is very uncomfortable. Other than that, the music player is awesome and the camera is good (2 mp).

Reviewed by David from NewZealand on 29th Oct 2008
this phone is the best phone ever had it for a year and in perfect condition

Reviewed by Charlotte from Liverpool, England on 26th Oct 2008
I've had this phone for 10 months now and to be very honest I haven't had any major problems. The battery life isnt the best and it can only hold about 9 songs but other than that its an exellent phone. The camera isn't very good but that doesn't really bother me.

Reviewed by nicola from england on 24th Oct 2008
I have had this phone for a yar and a half and i have had no problems at all. To be honest i think that this is one of the best phones that i have had. The fact that it has a mirror as a screen makes it all that much better. I am only changing my phone as i am getting an upgrade and i will still only get a samsung as i think that they are the best phones

Reviewed by Michelle from UK on 9th Oct 2008
I'm not a phone geek by any means and actually asked my service provider to choose any phone at random for me when i upgraded. I personally have had no problems with this phone at all. Its small, has a super shiny screen and touch buttons which at first are annoying but you really get used to. The only bad bit is the camera, although 2megapixels, is more like 0.2! but other than that its a fantastic phone! If you want a mid-range phone thats not too techinical then i'd go for this phone!

Reviewed by zoe from uk on 20th Aug 2008
this is the worst phone !!!i had it for about a month and it stopped charging it wouldnt switch on again n the warranty was only a week so we couldnt get our money bak so they sent it off to get it fixed but u hav to pay more than the phone to fix it so i bought a new phone will never buy samsung phones agn!!!!!!!!!DONT BUY IT ITS MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN!!!if there was an option of giving it less than 1star id probably give it 1/2 n thats just cos it looks nice!!!

Reviewed by bella from england on 15th Aug 2008
ive had this phone for about 7 mounths now and i apsolutly HATE it, it is too big for a start, when yaa take pics they go all blury, touch sensitive gets on my nerves, sound is soo quiet, i have to have my calls on loadspeaker and theres no flash on the camra! i advise you not to get this phone

Reviewed by Kien from Australia on 5th Aug 2008
I like this phone a lot, the design and everything is good. Only problems are the sound is too soft, I cant hear unless the area I am in is quiet. The music player is also too soft. The camera needs a flash and the last problem is it cannot view large photos. So if I copy a photo from my computer or someone sends me one often I cant view it. Otherwise the phone is great.

Reviewed by Amy from England on 30th Jul 2008
loved this phone when i first got it- had it in pink and it was easy to use.had this phone since christmas and it just stopped charging last month. it hasnt been dropped or got water damage. taking it to a phone repair shop and they said it isnt the charger or battery its the phone. got intouch with samsung who said theyd send out an envelope for me to send it back and that was 4 weeks ago

Reviewed by Rachelle from Scotland on 25th Jul 2008
Have had this phone now for 8/9mnths absolutely luvd it n everything cumin up roses... until 3days ago when the screen started to malfunction (has this happened2 ne1 else??) Was ok after I switched it off/on again but next day it got worse, thought maybe it had just overheated and was ok 4a bit but it's a gonner this time!! Don't even know how I stand with this one if I can take it back or not.. The only good thing if it's unsavable is the p.c software which will allow me2 retrieve my pics n stuff from it. My sister's had same phone for longer than me n hers is still fine.

Reviewed by Sophie from UK on 23rd Jul 2008
I have had my Samsung E840 for about 4 months. So far I have had no problems with it at all. The memory is not too bad, I have purchased a 128 MB MicroSD card, and I have around 35 songs and lots of videos and photographs stored. There is one problem though, and it did make me change my mind about the phone. The camera is 2 Mega pixels which is not too bad, but with my model, after pressing the 'take photo' button, I have to wait around 5 seconds before it takes my photo. And also the speaker for the Music Player is not extremely loud, but of course you can not expect it to be if its not a Walkman. The touch-sensitive buttons are fashionable and modern but sometimes it can get extremely annoying. I end up phoning the first person on my contact list without even knowing it. But once you are used to the buttons, the phone is easy to use. Overall, for the price, this phone is good. If you want this phone for music I suggest you get a WalkMan phone. But I have been told the phone is very stylish so if you are buying it for its style and touch-sensitive buttons I suggest this you get this phone as you will not find one as good as it (touch sentsitive buttons) for the price. Enjoy (: Also I have no complaints about the battery life although as most phones do, I expect the battery life will get shorter the longer I use it. But I have been told that as soon as you buy your phone, charge it then drain the battery, then repeat this three times. I have been told by experts that this increases battery life (: Hope it helped. x

Reviewed by steve from engand on 16th Jul 2008
This Phone is POOR ! ive had it 11 montha into a 18month contract and the camrea is poor special on the B&W mode it looks all smudged. the battery life is poor and it lose's signal after ringing or receiving a call or even texts.the only ok thing on the hand set is the MP3 player. After getting this phone im never buying a Samsung.

Reviewed by Luka from Croatia on 7th Jul 2008
Samsung E840 is a very stylish and good looking phone.But also the main problem of Samsung is this>touch-sensitives keys,battery life and in some phones the flat conected to the screen.Samsung E840 is good,very slim,very COOL...but the touch keys just aren't so good,so it has a 3 star rating.

Reviewed by harriet walker from england on 27th Jun 2008
It is the best phone EVER!!! Buy IT

Reviewed by Trance Pacer from India on 22nd Jun 2008
SAMSUNG SGH-E840 awesome phone. nothing beats its cost to productivity ratio. stunning looks! (I stared at its shiny screen for a whole 8 minutes before understanding that this thing is for sale.lol!) ****makes nokia scirocco users jealous**** the sound quality is excellent, volume suits my needs. Other users' requirements may vary. The silver edge has now started peeling off a little bit, but that is entirely due to the humid atmosphere of Bombay. the touch sensitive buttons also start acting up according to the seasons. so may not be entirely appreciated for people in chilly regions. EXCELLENT INTERFACE. EXCELLENT BATTERY LIFE. 4hours talk, and almost a day and a half on standby. sucky earphones. EXCELLENT CHASSIS/SHELL. Excellent slide mechanism. Best Samsung I've used till date.

Reviewed by zakeer from leicester on 15th Jun 2008
this phone is amazingly skinny this phone is good, 2 megapixel is ok and the music player application is great however the bad points are its fiddly touch screen buttons and a pooooooooor very pooooooooooooooor battery life apart from that this phone is magnificent

Reviewed by me from uk on 11th Jun 2008
awful awful awful phone. it only gets one star because it is lovely to look at. so bad to use............ DON'T DO IT! save your money. buy 2 polystyrene cups and a long piece of string. much more effective.

Reviewed by Kate from England on 9th Jun 2008
My prevoius nokia 7373 kept turning off so I got this as a replacement from orange. I was not expecting much but have been very impressed by this phone. Its lightweight, has a dead nice finish and NOTHING has gone wrong with it. If you can cope with touch-sesitive buttons then its a good choice and I recommend it!

Reviewed by arun from india on 7th Jun 2008
this is a nice phone overall..but battery life sucks.downloading of java games is difficult.not worth

Reviewed by Katie from England on 28th May 2008
I had this phoine for one year and one day it just suddenly stopped charging...I cant take it back as its a been a year so I am going to have to buy a new phone. Its a shame as the phone was really good, I loved the bobby Carrott game. However the camrea was not that good but the phone is stylish and everyone said how much they liked it, if it hadnt just suddenly stopped charging I would give it 4 stars but phones should be able to last you years, I took good care of it so it is down to the actual phone. If you want a phone just for a year this is the one!

Reviewed by kay from england on 12th May 2008
love the phone to bits have it in pink BUT is rubbish battery has died 4 times in first 6 months and had to have it changed now on the 6th month they are saying they wont do anything and its not the battery the phone wont charge so unfortunatly cant use it any more unless i pay to have it fixed otherwise is a good phone except for the camera at night and not much memory unless you have a memory stick. its a shame the phone isnt better as its sooo gorgeous.

Reviewed by Sxc from lapland on 1st May 2008
I loved the phone I bought it however it broke in 4 hours I would defo buy another

Reviewed by vivek from india on 26th Apr 2008
i purchased my samsung e840 1 day ago and one of the 4 sensitive keys is not functioning properly. some times it works properly and some times it does not work at all.all the keys except this one are working properly. i have to press this key hard as compared to the other keys. this key is making all the problem. when i took it to the servivce centre they told me that the phone was fine. but how can i make them understand that it has the problem.. and it comes on regular use. the thing is that sensitive keys are named the same so that just a feather touch can make the key function. but one key just dosent have it... it is a manufacturing defect.. i want to go for a replacement.. rather than repairing ... how can i convince them that this is a problem i think you understand pleese reply soon help me!!

Reviewed by VICTOR from LONDON on 14th Apr 2008

Reviewed by H.W from England on 13th Apr 2008
I Hate this phone. i have it on contract and for only about 4 months now. it keeps turning off on me and overheats when it charges. The camera is okai but no flash. Yeah okai good memory if you get a memory card. It needs to be louder if your going to listen to music. I Cant Wait To Get A New One This Phone Is Pathetttic!!!!!!

Reviewed by BOBBY SIMPSON from AMERICa on 2nd Apr 2008

Reviewed by PH from uk on 31st Mar 2008
Hey there every1! I can see that u must b wanting a new phone or just having a browse! Well u have come 2 the right place! Don't even think about guys, JUST BUY THIS AMAZING PHONEEEEE!!!!! :P:P:P:P Well you asking 'what's so great about this phone?' And the answer to that question is 'it has loads of amazing features! The keys are great and easy to use depending on the size of your fingers! It has a great camrea in good light! Blue tooth! If u have poor eye sight there is a special zoom on messages to read messages up close!!! :D The battery life is pretty great! And the memory is absolutely fab and 4 a person like me its amazing because i want to store lots of photos and i like to keep messages(like a kinda dairy!) and i don't have to bother with messages popping up say 'your memory is full!' The mp3 on its amazing to with good sound that goes really loud! And best of all you can personalise your phone with your own background (e.g. flowers, Your cat, boyfriend/girlfriend,family,friends! You can get it in 2 different colours 2!! Great!' And now your thinking 'are there any down side to this phone' and i reply 'well i would be nit picking to find many bad points about this mobile, the battery life could be better and not a flash 4 the camrea and the touch pad can be slightly annoying but you do get used to it i promise' And compare the to with good and bad comments and there are far more good ones! SO GET SAMSUNG E840 IT WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN AT ALL TRUST ME!I appreciated kathie's comment but sadly we both have completely different points of view! AMAZING PHONE! basically!

Reviewed by Tobii from UK on 27th Mar 2008
I think this is a great mobile the only thing that draws it back a bit is it's width. it may be the slimmest but it's not small.

Reviewed by kathie from uk on 26th Mar 2008
worst phone i have ever owned, battery life is as good as useless, don't believe the sales pitch. stopped charging altogether and when returned to samsung they tried to charge for the repair even though it is only 6 months old, they still have it and they are welcome to keep it. bad phone worse company!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by et from uk on 21st Mar 2008
This phone is the best phone i have ever had! I got it a while a go and so far it has not let me down once! If i could change something about this phone it would be the battery life! I have the pink version of the phone and as soon as the guy in the shop showed it 2 me, i loved it!The screen is fab and the camrea is great but a bit of a let down at night...It has a good feel. I love the mirror effect so i can check my hair if i don't have a pocket mirror! hehe! The touch keys are great but i sum times ring ppl by mistake...but that's not a major problem. The music player is fab! I the memory is absolutely amazing!!!!! u can have up 2 1000 messages on it! Its amazing, love it! trust me, its really good and any1 who says it does not work properly is just not working it properly! LOVE IT :P

Reviewed by Kt from England on 4th Mar 2008
I love this phone its the best i have ever had! i got this phone a month ago and nothing has gone wrong SO far, the battery life could be a little longer but it doesnt really bother me. This phone also looks amazing i have it in pink and as soon as i saw it i knew i just had to have it. the screen is really really good and so is the camera! Unlike the samsung e250 it feels like a real phone not plasticy (like samsung e250) A good solid feel. The mirror effect is really handy to. The touch buttons wernt a problem 2 me apart from the fact i keep accidently ringing people which is a bit of a pain. The music player is amazing i didnt think it would be that good i have got 8 songs on my phone and i can still put more on and it can go really loud to. This phone is amazing and i recomend this to anyone (with small fingers)

Reviewed by jay ashcroft from liverpool on 3rd Mar 2008
i have a samsung e840 and it has started to turn its self of after just 6 months

Reviewed by tracey from england on 3rd Mar 2008
Ok phone but mine stopped charging and had to be replaced,starting to get dodgy to charge again would not recomend this samsung other models i have had been better

Reviewed by Erinn from Scotland on 29th Feb 2008
I Havee Had This Phone 4 months now.. been great i got a memory card and i had a about 80 songs on it. Millions of pictures aswell. Until A Couple of days Ago It Stopped Charging. Cann Anyone Help ?

Reviewed by Yara from The Netherlands on 29th Feb 2008
wauw, this phone is amazing! i'm really happy with it, i used to have a motorola but i like samsung better. I would say ;but this phone and enjoyy :D in het nederlands is hetlekker leukerder

Reviewed by Jodie from UK on 22nd Feb 2008
nice phone scratches really easy bit wider than other phones, the charger input is on the side which is really stupid other than that its good no problems with it at all

Reviewed by Red from USA on 15th Feb 2008
Absolutely brilliant! Never gone wrong even though iv dropped it hundreds of times no scratches either! Love it

Reviewed by janice from uk on 3rd Feb 2008
absolutely gorgeous phone !! you can find it under £100 on payg which is a real bargain. ok, so the battery isnt too great but it does have radio, excellent music player, 2mp camera, nice browser and a good display. definitely one of the sexiest lookin phones of all time !!!

Reviewed by Kari from Australia on 21st Jan 2008
At first the touch buttons were quite confusing but after just a day getting to know this phone you get to love it! The battery has been fine and I've been messing with the settings and playing games and running media player all day. Now, the camera, its a phone peoples. Not a fully fledged camera. If you want a phone with flash & mega pixels and macro get an actual camera, not a phone! And if people are having problems with their slider they've obviously dropped it or pushed it too hard or forced it. Just give it a nudge and let it sliiiide. As for its looks... I fell in love at first sight. It's beautiful. For me, it's the perfect phone.

Reviewed by nithya from india on 21st Jan 2008
bad model awkward camera clarity gets heated touch screen is bad

Reviewed by ashish rathod from india on 11th Jan 2008
mobile is to good but service is to poor

Reviewed by Alaina from USA on 5th Jan 2008
I tottaly love this phone! THe only concern I would have about it is the INternet/Browser takes to long to get to, and I have been sitting here for hours trying to figure out how to change the ringtone! CAn somebody help?

Reviewed by Steven Murray from U.K on 3rd Jan 2008
I thiink it is a great phone but has not got the best camera lacking a flash.Needs charged every day bluetooth is faulty. Other than that a good mid range phone!

Reviewed by kelly from england on 30th Dec 2007
first of all forget wot evryone else has said, because this phone is superb, i charged my phone all niht and it lasted 2 weeks the camera is brill and its clear its good 4 taking snapshots the only downside is that it hasnt got a flash but you can live with it. secondly the music player is excellent and its easy to put songs on there from the pc. also it looks and feels great its a stunner and its got a mirror like screen so you can look at yourself whenever lol. lastly if you think that this phone seems good then buy it because at the end of the day you either love it or hate it if you like touch screen buttons and good looking phones then buy it. p.s i love it and its just right 4 me

Reviewed by Sarah from England!!! on 27th Dec 2007
i Got This Phone Today And i Already LOVE IT. it Not Only Looks GAWJUS But The Touch Sentisive Keys Are Much Easier To Use Than The Lg Chocolate's And The E900's And its Just Basicly PHABB!!!! :O

Reviewed by Aimee from England on 25th Dec 2007
Got this phone 4 xmas 2day. Have had it less than two hours and already it needs to be replaced cause the touch-screen buttons wont work. I was expecting a lot more. I am going 2 get the same phone again but will not be buying with samsung again. But it does look great and ultra-stylish

Reviewed by dan from England on 9th Dec 2007
the phone is great however there are some points that let it down. I have been using samsung mobiles for about 3 years now and have had other touch sensitive samsungs (e900) but the buttons on this seen to be less responsive than those on the E900. although the phone does look great the camera is very poor quality and i don't feel that it is 2 mp as i have had 3 other 2 mp phones from samaung and this is very poor, the resolution seemed similar to the extremely out dated VGA cameras not impressed. as for all these comments saying the phone hangs up due to the sensitive buttons is rubbish because the phone locks the keypad when making a call so the buttons are not even active unless you make them so really that is their faults not the phones over all i think it is a average phone but if phone not the best from samsung oh and also battery poor even for a slimline phone has to be charged every other day.

Reviewed by eva from uk on 8th Dec 2007
Absolutely gorgeous!! What more can i say. Looks absolutely stunning and feels great in the hand. The screen is amazing and didnt take me long to get used to the touch sensitive keys. Not the best camera out there but packs in an impressive feature set for a phone this slim with fm radio, cool music player and great video playback. If fashion phone's your thing then you definitely won't regret getting this.

Reviewed by punch from jamaica on 30th Nov 2007
worst phone ever, the e900 is better than it by far, samsung is still the number one phone company, thumbs up SAMSUNG

Reviewed by shaun from england on 23rd Nov 2007
The worst phone i have ever owned bar none. The touch buttons are rubbish and end the call because of the heat from your cheek,and the functions are cumbersome and way more complicated than needed. Dont even start on the battery life or signal reception !

Reviewed by danny from u.k on 18th Nov 2007
This phone is great,looks great and feels great too. The tec on it is realy outstanding 2.0m cam is fab mp3 sound is totaly good, and even the vidio sound and view is also ooutstanding. Ive got to say i am a samsung freak, i love the way they look also the slide tones lol. If u are thinking off getting one off these phones then go ahead nothing rong with them just the. p.s when fully chared its lasts 4 days with mp3 being used and other thing .

Reviewed by Sophie from England on 15th Nov 2007
Ive had this phone for about 4 months now & it's not as good as i thought it was going to be. The touch buttons don't work that good & the slide wobbles everytime its pushed up. Poor phone & if i was able to get a new one i would.

Reviewed by Vicky from Portugal on 9th Nov 2007
awful sound, text is a nightmare.

Reviewed by al101 from united kingdom on 5th Nov 2007
ive had this phone for a while it is the bestest phone that i have ever had. good memory,games and camera and radio 10/10. a nice slim touch sensitive phone which is a brilliant value for money. WELL DONE SAMSUNG 10/10

Reviewed by Denny from UK on 2nd Nov 2007
WoW, really impressed. Another great phone by samsung and it FEELS and WEIGHS exactly RIGHT!!!! the best and slimmest fone ever! highly recommended

Reviewed by JANETTE from NORTHYORKSHIRE on 29th Oct 2007

Reviewed by Sophie from Scotland on 24th Oct 2007
ive had this phone for 2 months but it stopped charging! Orange were really helpfull and sent a replacment and i got it the day after speaking to them! the 2nd 1 seems fine now so hopefully nothing will happen 2 it!

Reviewed by Cory Harrison from Jamaica Kingston on 21st Oct 2007
the lots have failed to realize this phone is the thinnst in the world and obviously so expected features would have been minimised as its more features to fit in less fone....so dnt expect to c flash jus yet prob in the next thin slider for now the tech isnt there so stop all your complaining obviously with a smaller fone they had to cut back on battery so cmon ppl im sure the fone has exceeded your expectations as the thinnest slider in the world..honestly i cant wait to c the next great phone samsungs going to come with....im getting my e840 on the weekend ive read alot and im really excited...i have one prob with samsung though...THEY DONT LET YOU PERSONALIZE YOUR FONES AS U WOULD LIKE...ericson keep it up samsung u need to work on that..anyway good fone samsung keep up the great designs

Reviewed by Liam from England on 20th Oct 2007
This is one great phone, looks good and is good. The camera excellent 2 mega pixels just what I need. Also this phone is not a must money as the U600 or the G600. Overall an excellent phone, well worth the money.

Reviewed by lucy from UK on 12th Oct 2007
its an alright phone apart from the problem with the messaging it doesn't like you wright a very long message until it has to go onto 2 messages which just costs more money and the problem with transfering things from the p.c onto the phone i cant get music onto my phone from the p.c and when i try my computer freezes does anyone know how to transfer music to the phone?

Reviewed by Terry from england on 7th Oct 2007
Not impressed with this phone. It is advertised as battery life of 15 days which is a big joke, have to recharge it every other day and that is without using features like camera and music! I have replaced the phone, battery and charger and it is still the same- i am getting very fed up with it! It accidentally makes calls far too easily, and texting is not easy. On the positive size it looks good but for all the other hassle it just isn't worth it,do yourseld a favour and don't buy it!

Reviewed by Demitrius from France on 6th Oct 2007
This is a great mobile phone, and it looks superb. The features are great too.

Reviewed by joe from canada on 4th Oct 2007
wow! this phone is amazing! i have ahd the samsung u600 and the samsung d900. and this must be the sexiest! it is defenitely the slimmest! the touch sensetive buttons are not over sensetive like the u600! sold that one after a week1 on the e840 i have yet to press the button by a mistake! the camera is actually pretty good and i went down from a 3.2 mp camera to this. and accept fro at night this camera takes amazing pictures! it has all the featuress the u600 has which is more then the d900 and it has a sexier look then them all. i love it!

Reviewed by Ish from India on 30th Sep 2007
good phone. i have bee using it since one month. i find no problem with the touch sensitive button. yes the left top button (MENU)plays games at times. but it is not a major problem. battery lasts for three days with moderate use.it is a phone for those who know how to handle gadgets sensibly. not for tyros and rough users.

Reviewed by tom from england on 30th Sep 2007
this phone is a reall dissapointment! i bourght this thinking good features stylish and wicked but the extra wide look is very annoying to use. also the keepad is hurrendous the 2 megapixel camera is below average in my oppinion as it does not inclued an led photo light or flash auto focus should of been considered the large colour screen with mirror is ok but it gets a bit annoying when you think it is off or you cant find it sliding it up can also be rather stiff but over all i would say this phone is below average i will probably swap it for a sony ericsson K800i or samsung G600 tom harrison england, essex

Reviewed by bayy chuckle from uk on 29th Sep 2007
i have had this phone 4 a week and it has so far not fulfilled my needs. the 2 megapixle camera is dodgy and i think auto focus should of been applied also the battery lifew is poor and the Mp3 sound quility disgraceful, i am now going to the shops tommorow snd replacing it with a samsung G600

Reviewed by ant from england on 27th Sep 2007
awful camera dosent work or bluetooth

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